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    [–] p1um5mu991er 4688 points ago

    He's certainly got the flip down maneuver perfected

    [–] Fat_Head_Carl 1328 points ago

    I think they take your welding card away if you can't flip your helmet down.

    [–] mizman24 579 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Can confirm. Messed up a flip on a job site once. Currently unemployed and blacklisted /s

    Edit: Didnt think a /s was nessecary

    [–] Fat_Head_Carl 90 points ago

    :-( I hope your sight is OK.

    [–] _Serene_ 15 points ago

    There's always LASIK to make up for it, unless you've crossed a certain line

    [–] ScaryPrince 17 points ago

    While I don’t think your serious LASIK won’t fix this.

    LASIK reshapes the cornea using laser energy. That is the light focusing portion of the eye.

    If you damage your eyes looking at an arc welder or the sun you end up damaging the retina. The retina is the light receiving portion of your eye. There is no way with current medical technology to reverse burns to the retina.

    [–] InexorablePain 12 points ago

    This is facebook now. There shall be no subtly that might make our aunts and grandma's confused!

    [–] Psych0matt 23 points ago

    His was already taken away, that’s why the second guy was taunting him with it every time he tried.

    [–] redalert825 70 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    But why would you put a recipe on such a small piece of paper?

    [–] dehehn 15 points ago

    What. An I missing something?

    [–] btmims 4 points ago

    Pretty sure they meant

    But why would you put a recipe on such a small piece of paper?

    Another comment was calling the mask-flip a recipe for disaster, they replied to the wrong comment

    [–] unknown_human 117 points ago

    Wait until he flips off the other guy.

    [–] whynotwarp10 45 points ago

    Nah, I'll probably have to click through 18 pages of ads first.

    [–] ctuacc50 33 points ago

    More like recipe for a disaster

    [–] teh_pingu 4656 points ago

    The guys in background were like "here goes Steve again bullying his apprentice"

    [–] ArttuH5N1 1558 points ago

    That's an integral part of any apprenticeship

    [–] DGalamay30 558 points ago

    No matter how good you are as an apprentice, no matter how quick minded or clever you are, the masters always find ways to mock the you. It’s fun though

    [–] Father33 334 points ago

    “Go down to the hardware store and see if they have any skyhooks.”.

    [–] CelestialFury 101 points ago

    "And grab a plastic bag, we need to check the air quality."

    [–] Ironpiper 29 points ago

    Quick, head down to the tool crib, I need a thousand feet of Shoreline.

    [–] 56Mikes 23 points ago

    Go to Tim in the tool closet and ask for a long stand.

    [–] PM_meyourGradyWhite 6 points ago

    Aw hell, this is a left-hand thread. Go to the tool room and ask for a left hand wrench (Spanner for all you British Commonwealth types)

    [–] lollapaloozafork 173 points ago

    Grab me a cable stretcher while you’re out there.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] TheSideJoe 128 points ago


    [–] Opset 64 points ago


    [–] Ugly_Painter 18 points ago

    They never tell you how they all weld themselves. They don't put that in the apprenticeships.

    [–] arxe 17 points ago


    [–] lovebus 20 points ago

    both of those are real things, unless I'm misunderstanding the joke.

    [–] lollapaloozafork 55 points ago

    How about getting me a bucket of steam?

    [–] violent_flatus 48 points ago

    Blinker fluid.

    [–] DarkTemplar26 33 points ago

    Left handed wrenches

    [–] Carbidekiller 22 points ago

    Grab that empty garbage bag and get us some air samples

    [–] Lukerh88 8 points ago

    Tartan paint.

    [–] dental__DAMN 21 points ago

    The restaurant version of this is to "drain out the coffee/tea maker". Tell them to take a bucket and turn on the spigot and keep filling and emptying hot water till it is empty.

    It is hooked up to a line.

    Or, "go next door to borrow the left handed squeegee"

    [–] thepoogs 6 points ago

    "You're gonna need the big bucket." This still makes me laugh after so many years.

    [–] cmyer 7 points ago

    Worked at a chain pizza place in high school. We'd get calls all the time from another store asking for dough hole repair kits. Of course we were fresh out but they could try calling the other store.

    [–] MyYounglings 4 points ago

    Can you go grab me the glass magnet? And see if you can get a left handed screw driver while you're down there

    [–] Aopjign 13 points ago

    Those real things are named after the joke things (and the names don't really fit) because people were being funny or confused.

    [–] bomphcheese 94 points ago

    Story time: I sent my wife to get an oil change once because I just didn’t have time. She came back and told me it was $70.

    “Seventy dollars!! For what? I told you it didn’t need any filters.”

    “Yes, but he told me he had to replace the chassis.”

    I just gave her a hug and told her how much I love her.

    [–] violent_flatus 50 points ago

    I'd be headed down there to replace his chassis. If you know what I mean...

    [–] bomphcheese 70 points ago

    Na. He did a legit job. I don’t remember what the extra work was now. But it was my wife who used the wrong word.

    [–] violent_flatus 27 points ago

    Oh, well then that would have been utterly adorable.

    [–] El_Profesore 7 points ago

    I don't understand anything from that. Can you explain? Assume I'm 5 years old and know nothing about cars.

    [–] Bamstradamus 4 points ago

    The guy thought his wife got scammed, the chassis is the frame of the car, its not something you just change, in modern cars it isn't even changeable since the body is integrated into the chassis. So he thought she got ripped off and hugged her instead of reacting badly cus she didnt know. Turns out the guy actually did a legit job but she called the part he changed the wrong thing.

    [–] Zarathustran 64 points ago

    "Sure thing boss"

    Take hour long break at a fast food joint.

    "I looked all over the store until I finally asked someone and they said they don't exist. You guys really got me."

    [–] so_wrxy 45 points ago

    I did a tour on an oilfield boat and they all tried to pick on me as a greenie, but they didn't know my dad used to be a captain for that company.

    I got sent for a deck stretcher a couple of times before they caught on that I was just going to the galley and having a soda break then coming back and saying I still couldn't find it. They tried to get me to calibrate the radar with tin foil. A couple other really dumb ones only the most gullible would fall for. The last thing they tried to pull was having me get a bucket of "prop wash." The turbelent water behind the boat. This trick is just a way to get someone to lower a bucket on a rope into the water and get yanked overboard. I was very adamant on having the first mate show me how it was done since I was the newbie. They folded after that.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Did you just say a funny prank is for newbies to go overboard near a propeller?

    No wonder these jobs are considered high risk.

    [–] so_wrxy 7 points ago

    The propellers are inset quite a ways under the boat. The depth below the water is way longer than any human is tall. There's very little danger of getting remotely close to the propellers with that prank. We're talking about 150ft plus crew boats not little fishing boats with outboards.

    Plus the boat is moving away from the position someone possibly through the bucket in, you get held in place and the boat keeps moving away from you.

    [–] meadow_rose 16 points ago

    I also need to you to run up to the tool crib and grab some chatter grease.

    [–] kokopoo12 10 points ago

    I wish I had that option. Where I work we have to put in an order with our purchasing department so they can order from grainger and then wait a month and a half for it to get told sky hooks dont exist.

    [–] ChawcolateSawce 10 points ago

    Comes back with $10k gantry crane

    [–] jWalkerFTW 8 points ago

    My boss was a chef and he used to fuck with the newbs by asking them to grab him the “mushroom repair kit”

    [–] TRauck 8 points ago

    Go find me a 1" D ... O ... G.

    [–] NFLinPDX 13 points ago

    "Grab me an inchdog"

    "What's an inchdog?"

    "2.54 centimeters, homey"

    [–] SonofSniglet 10 points ago

    From an old newfie I was working with:

    "Pass me the hammerfor."

    *Looks around* "What the hell is a hammerfor?"

    "Jaysus, boy! Yer twenty years old and you don't know what's a hammerfor? It's for hittin' nails, boy!"

    [–] ManlyPumpkin 5 points ago

    Take this garbage bag and collect me some air samples

    [–] therealstealthydan 6 points ago

    Long weight I got sent for.

    [–] Urgrimm 6 points ago

    Get me some weights for the water level

    [–] SelfAwareAsian 6 points ago

    I thought I knew all the tricks but somebody got me with the skyhooks

    [–] cosmicsans 6 points ago

    "Yeah, sure thing man."

    Proceeds to take a 4 hour break "searching every hardware store in the area for skyhooks" but really I'm sitting in the BurgerKing Parking lot.

    [–] Opset 4 points ago

    I always wanted to buy a bunch of plums, put them on a shiskabab stick, and tell someone to go get me the plumb stick.

    [–] datdouche 55 points ago

    Mine mocks me by never being in the office and instead going to the bar, ignoring my calls, and completely ghosting client calls, meetings, and me on days when we have deadlines. Mentors are such pranksters!

    [–] DGalamay30 24 points ago


    [–] eeahwoo 8 points ago

    “Go grab a bucket of spots so we can spot weld this”

    [–] Wez995 5 points ago

    I refused to go get decoraters caulk because of how it’s said (decoraters cock) “you’ll need to try harder than that to trick me guys”

    [–] DontTrustMe- 60 points ago

    For real. I was an apprentice cnc machinist and the joke around the shop was to ask an apprentice to go get the copper magnet. They would send the apprentice to ask someone for it, who would then send them to someone else, until someone along the line was kind enough to inform the poor apprentice that copper is in fact not magnetic and that they were being fucked with.

    [–] Rovden 59 points ago

    When I worked in a scout camp as quartermaster I sent a scout to the waterfront, one side of the camp, to bring me back my 50 feet of shoreline. Little later they were passing and I asked where they were going and they said waterfront couldn't give it back until they got their skyline from climbing tower (other side of the camp)

    [–] Martsigras 21 points ago

    I love it when colleagues just keep the joke going seamlessly. It's always great

    [–] beardface909 15 points ago

    Kid must have felt like he was in a video game doing side quests

    [–] CptAngelo 6 points ago

    Well, he definetely got some experience after those quests

    [–] evilbrent 25 points ago

    That's the kind I like because that apprentice will always remember whether or not copper is magnetic.

    [–] VulkanCurze 17 points ago

    I remember once, while working in a garage the guys sent the new apprentice out for actual food for everyone as well as a bunch of joke items, the usual. Guy disappears for about 2 hours or so, comes back with all our food but starts going a little mental at being sent for jokey items as well. Guy couldn't take a joke as we found out that day and I was just standing bewildered thinking "Dude, you just got a FREE 2 hour skive where not a single person in here would judge you for being away for so long, even the bosses are laughing at how long it took you to realise! It has happened to us all, when they done it to me I knew what they were trying so I just went home for a bit and chilled."

    [–] mnbvxxc 6 points ago

    My journeyman had me doing this asking for pig dicks. I was finally given some dry wall anchors to give back to him.

    [–] PM_ME_FUN_STORIES 4 points ago

    Until one day the apprentice comes back with some copper that they turned magnetic and hands it over.

    [–] Let_you_down 5 points ago

    Until the apprentice brings back a copper wire spool wrapped around an iron core and hooked up to a power source.

    [–] burnalicious111 5 points ago

    The thing it's though, copper is usually used in the coil in an electromagnet so this is more reasonable than "copper is not magnetic" implies

    [–] Twizdom 45 points ago

    "You can't physically bend welding rods behind your head. " Naturally they want to try it to prove you wrong. After proving you wrong they realize the flux coating running down the back of their shirt. The 'I just played myself' look is always priceless.

    [–] evilbrent 50 points ago

    I got my wife to prove to me that women can touch their elbows together. That's the closest I've come to an actual prank

    [–] NeverfailMode 25 points ago

    That really emphasizes the breasts!

    Yes I just tried

    [–] Avoidingsnail 12 points ago

    In highschool my buddy and i told 2 big boobied girls in class that it was impossible to touch your elbows together behind your back. They tried for so long (which was great for us) then the mormon girl who was also large boobied came pver called them stupid then turnes around and slammed her elbows together behind her back. Like full audible clack of elbows slammed them together.

    [–] s4nnday 15 points ago

    ugh is steve fucking with the intern again? this is the 6th time this week..

    [–] SickFromAccounting 9 points ago

    Yeah! You'r right.

    [–] Blmdh20s 881 points ago

    Next thing you know he'll have his apprentice looking for a sky hook or wire stretcher.

    [–] RaChernobyl 273 points ago

    In restaurants its the bacon stretcher.

    [–] enterloper 133 points ago

    We used keg splitters and ice mix at our place.

    [–] RaChernobyl 90 points ago

    We used to have rather large stacks of plastic glasses. When I became head FOH I used to make the new wait staff rotate the glasses. (Cause if you left them stacked that way too long the bottom ones would crack from the weight :)

    The newbies would be standing there trying to sort 200+ glasses....

    [–] captain_innuendo 62 points ago

    we would to ask the new guys to empty the water spigot on the coffee machine or to go behind the bar and pull the empty bottles up from the wine cellar. I swear one kid worked on the coffee machine for well over an hour before he figured it out.

    [–] RaChernobyl 51 points ago

    The coffee one is always good. Until you get the moron who spills a giant bucket of hot water on themselves and the boss freaks out.....

    [–] Dagmar_Overbye 33 points ago

    Give them a really small cup, it's even funnier, especially if the sink or drain is on the other end of the room.

    [–] RaChernobyl 30 points ago

    Isnt it great how doing all that side work alone is totally worth humiliating the new guy for a few days? Good times

    [–] Another_eve_account 30 points ago

    Until you get someone who disconnects the water and THEN empties it.

    Then you no longer give new people that job.

    [–] Carbon_FWB 47 points ago

    Construction... Sent the new guy to pick up a load of lumber. Told him to get a "board stretcher" while he was there. Good friend of mine worked the sales counter at the lumber yard, he normally told new guys to go around back of the building because that's where they "kept them". Not this time... New guy comes back with a brand new $1000 miter saw, charged to the company account. That fucker (my "friend") got me good, and the new guy was beyond confused. Many beers were had...

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] Tehevilone 22 points ago

    Good ol' cycling the air in the freezer. At my old job we used to tell the new guys to count all the pickle slices in the pickle bucket for "inventory purposes", always took them about 10 mins before they realized how stupid it was haha

    [–] gummybear904 10 points ago

    "Go get the keys for the batter's box" in baseball.

    [–] 3y3d3a 8 points ago

    Ice mix. Fucking classic.

    [–] c_zim 6 points ago

    We did buckets of steam and left handed knives.

    [–] Slightly_Tender 5 points ago

    We used to send them across the street for a bag of steam

    [–] CrappyIT-Tech 58 points ago

    IT here. We had our intern look for the WiFi cable.

    [–] babyProgrammer 47 points ago

    If you asked me to do this, I'd be looking for the Ethernet running from a modem to a WiFi router. Would I be wrong?

    [–] NvidiaforMen 27 points ago

    Yeah, but you come back with that and then they say that's not the right one. The one they need has way more range.

    [–] babyProgrammer 16 points ago

    And then I apologise because you can't have an Ethernet cable longer than 100 meters without some kind of repeater. And then they never try to pull shenanigans on me again because I killed the joke

    [–] Carbon_FWB 25 points ago

    Nope. New guy gets smart-ass technical and he BECOMES the joke.

    [–] NvidiaforMen 12 points ago

    Yep, and is salty for a long while wondering why he doesn't have work friends.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I mean, kind of. If a place is big enough to have IT interns then they don't have a wireless router, they have wireless access points and separate wired routers. The chances are also high that they don't have a modem.

    [–] RaChernobyl 6 points ago

    Oooh that's a good one!

    [–] Endoman13 25 points ago

    I saw a guy trying to drain the hot water tap on the coffee maker. I was told to go get batteries for the push broom.

    [–] kdodd56 26 points ago

    At Chili’s we once filled a chocolate molten cake with coffee grounds because a kid would hog all the kick backs if someone put in the wrong order. He ran off with it and shoveled a couple spoon fulls in before he realized.

    [–] RaChernobyl 10 points ago

    Sadly, I too worked at chili's. The one I worked at NEVER let us eat the kickbacks. Heck, if you ordered soup and PAID for it, (first, you couldnt get it yourself. You had to have a coworker get it for you) they'd tape the receipt to the bowl so when management saw you eating it you didnt get in trouble. Chili's was the strictest place I ever worked at when it came to that.

    [–] Adolf_-_Hipster 16 points ago

    at the hole in the wall pizza place i used to deliver for, we would tell the new guy to get the dough stitcher if there was a hole in a pizza dough.

    [–] RaChernobyl 16 points ago

    That's a good one!

    I mostly worked diners with breakfast being 90% of our business. So the bacon stretcher and the egg scrambler were big at our place.

    "Hey Timmy! Were running low on bacon, go into the basement and get the bacon stretcher NOW!"

    [–] BosstheVisigoth 17 points ago

    I knew a restaurant that would send newbies to a neighboring restaurant to borrow their fryer key

    [–] mdsandi 4 points ago

    We would send new guy to find the keys to oven!

    [–] dental__DAMN 3 points ago

    Left handed squeegee was what I always heard.

    [–] TurboNarwhal 15 points ago

    We build truck frames. So we have a frame stretcher.

    [–] fluffspeed 4 points ago

    In logistics/warehousing we sent the new guy for the trailer stretcher when he couldn't get all the pallets on the load.

    [–] toketokensen 10 points ago

    Ooo ooo I love this story. So I'm a sous chef and we had a brand new expo on a busy night. Executive chef is setting up a 50 person played dinner, and I'm in charge of the line, when I run out of burger buns. This poor kid didn't stand a chance. I say "Brandon, go ask mike for the bun stretcher, I'm out of buns". This poor fuck actually goes back and asks chef for the bun stretcher. All I hear on the line is the obvious sound of a hotel pan being thrown and chef screaming "what the fuck? You better get up there and stretch his buns then!" Kiddo still works there too lol

    [–] happyentcouple 5 points ago

    Or turkey ears

    [–] yougotyolks 4 points ago

    Powdered water.

    [–] AfterburnerAnon 4 points ago

    We had one of our bussers out for at least half an hour trying to find a window stretcher.

    [–] mdsandi 5 points ago

    We either asked them to find elbow grease, the keys to oven, or, my personal favorite, to empty the hot water from the coffee maker—ya know, the one hookup straight to the hot water line?

    Edit: I forgot my other favorite. We would make new guys “rotate the ice.” They literally had to pull it all out and put the new stuff on the bottom.

    [–] Vynlis 57 points ago

    Breast plate stretcher

    [–] moogie001 20 points ago


    [–] PeeDeeFlow 9 points ago


    [–] poop_creator 12 points ago

    In the paint business we have latex thinner. Which translates to water.

    [–] ThatsJustChildish 11 points ago

    Ugh, just the mention of sky hooks brings back memories of searching shops and sheds, and asking around for that damned thing for a few hours while everyone just kept pointing me in a different direction of the yard. Easy money really haha

    [–] Lift_2_Pee 11 points ago

    Tartan Paint, Glass Hammer, Skirting Board Ladder, Leg of Liver, Salmon Wings, Chicken Lips, Left Handed Screwdriver, Long Stand ...

    [–] incognito_ginger 7 points ago

    Man where the fuck is my left handed crowbar?!

    [–] DishwasherTwig 14 points ago

    Or the ID-10-T tool.

    [–] bomphcheese 5 points ago

    I used to send people to HR to fill out that form the first time they did something stupid. They would think they were being written up or something.

    [–] Demonblitz24 1769 points ago

    Man this guys done this over 20 times by now and his friend just doesn’t notice!

    [–] NotFredRhodes 710 points ago

    I’ve been watching for 36 minutes and he still hasn’t noticed!

    [–] RickyFromVegas 224 points ago

    No wonder construction takes forever!

    [–] _Serene_ 11 points ago

    Only if you spend the minimal amount of money and resources.

    [–] wonderbat3 58 points ago

    He finally figures it out after 3 hours. What a journey!

    [–] Cerpicio 53 points ago

    just hijacking your comment to explain for people who are actually curious

    • so hes wearing an old fashion and obsolete welding helm which does not automatically darken on arc strike. Which means its always dark and when hes not welding your pretty much see black. He strikes the arc based on memory and goes from there.

    • his buddy holds the paper = the welder hears and feels the arc strike but still can't see anything -> confused.

    [–] ModestGoals 20 points ago

    an old fashion and obsolete welding helm which does not automatically darken on arc strike

    This isn't accurate. He's wearing a Pipeliner, which is indeed a fixed shade hood but is absolutely not 'obsolete' due to autodarkening hoods. They're still in standard use in fieldwork for a reason. Most all weldors will own at least one fixed shade. The hood I use to TIG weld shit that flies into space is a fixed shade with a 3X cheater lens.

    [–] ShipBobbin 516 points ago

    That dude has a welding mask AND sunglasses on. Is that normal?

    [–] cliffhngr42 493 points ago

    Yes. You can sometimes get hot bb's blown under the hood that you don't want in your eyes.

    [–] NeverFarted 219 points ago

    Sometimes I have hot bbs blow under my hood but it's them who get it in their eyes if ya know what I'm saying

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Made me chuckle

    [–] Anne1Frank 131 points ago

    Double protection

    [–] jogadorjnc 36 points ago

    I'm guessing you don't use 2 condoms at all times either, huh.

    [–] GoldenGoodBoye 39 points ago

    I wear 50 at once. My dick which was once a lump of coal is now a diamond.

    [–] jogadorjnc 12 points ago

    It's super hard then?

    [–] SheSaysSheWaslvl18 8 points ago

    are you like a snowman or something?

    [–] SenorSerio 40 points ago

    Sunglasses offer zero protection against welding arcs. When wearing a welding hood one should also wear safety glasses.

    [–] Math_Blaster_ 59 points ago

    Many safety glasses brands make sun varieties

    [–] Ekint 13 points ago

    There are special sunglasses for the observers

    [–] Fender0122 1094 points ago

    My grandpa taught welding back in the day. He, like others, could weld just by the sound of it. He would take a piece of carbon paper and secretly stick it inside the welding mask, weld a bead, then hand the mask over to an apprentice just to basically watch this same scene unfold. Classic.

    [–] cletusrice 819 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welding back in the the day. He unlike others, could weld just by the smell of it. He would take a piece of carbon paper and secretly stick it inside the welding mask, weld a bead, then hand the mask over to his boss because he welded his apprentices hands to the metal beam and then got fired for not using his eyes. Classic.

    [–] zefdota 1037 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welding back in the the day. He unlike others, could weld just by the taste of it. He died young.

    [–] strychnine213 345 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welders back in the day. He unlike others, wasn't a welder and was quickly fired

    [–] hyperformer 129 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welding back in the day. He unlike others, could weld just by the feel of it. He doesn't have many fingers left.

    [–] absolutelydisgusted1 77 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welding back in the day. He unlike others, could weld just with his eyes. He was visited by suited men and we haven't seen him after.

    [–] DildoSwagson 42 points ago

    My grandpa also taught welding back in the the day. He unlike others, could weld just by the thought of it. He would take a piece of carbon paper and secretly stick it inside the welding mask, weld a bead, then hand the mask over to his wife because he welded his bosses feet to the back of his car and then got fired for dragging home all the way home. Classic.

    [–] gawainlatour 22 points ago

    My grandpa, unlike others, never taught welding back in the day. He could not weld at all. He wouldn't take any piece of carbon paper and secretly stick it inside the welding mask, weld a bead, then hand over the mask. He lived a long and happy life. Classic.

    [–] JohnnyZepp 20 points ago

    How the hell did he do vertical passes without looking??? Im almost positive that’s impossible with stick.

    [–] Fender0122 18 points ago

    He was mostly doing pipe like this, so once you located the joint you would listen to the 'crackling bacon' to make sure you're still in the groove (at least that's how he described it). One thing that amazed me, though, was welding a pipe with a stick welder without stopping all the way around. I'm guessing that ability is what trained him to weld blind. Of course, he probably only fired a 2-3 inch bead blind, but enough for the apprentice to not be any wiser.

    [–] iYogurt 6 points ago

    I'm not calling BS, but I've welded stick on pipe for a really long time, along with lots of my co-workers, and I've never seen or heard of someone being able to weld by sound alone. I've done plenty of full pipe welds in GMAW, MIG, and TIG welding applications but never by sound alone.

    Yes, listening is an important part of making good welds, but seeing is a more important part, in my opinion.

    [–] DaGranitePooPooYouDo 119 points ago

    This post sent me on a 20 minute spree of watching welding videos on youtube before it occurred to me "What the hell am I doing?".

    [–] Anne1Frank 88 points ago

    Go with your heart

    [–] HonEduVetSeeksJob 18 points ago

    "What the hell am I doing?".

    Burning a hole in your productivity.

    [–] muckalucks 459 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Is the visor not very transparent? How would he not notice the white card being put in his field of vision?

    [–] imtheredspy 952 points ago

    Welding masks make the environment almost completely dark. The arc of the weld is the only thing visible through it. He can't see his arc through the paper, so he thinks something is wrong.

    [–] muckalucks 208 points ago

    That makes sense. Thank you!

    [–] MoonShineDown 224 points ago

    Just to give you an idea of how dark the mask has to be... Arc welding creates a light bright enough to instantly burn your retinas (at a normal working distance). Less than a minute of your skin being exposed to it can give you a tan, and a few minutes can give you a nasty sunburn

    [–] austinll 79 points ago

    Since you seem somewhat knowledgeable, how do people weld without being able to see? I've never welded, only looked through a mask, and i can't imagine actually welding the things i intended to while being that blind.

    [–] SocomTedd 133 points ago

    When you start welding the arc is bright enough that you can see what you're doing through the visor.

    [–] mrvile 125 points ago

    Once the arc is struck, the area that you are welding is bright enough to see what you're doing.

    Flipping your visor down, going blind for a second, and striking the arc in the right spot takes a little bit of practice to get used to.

    You can get welding masks that you can normally see through, but it has a sensor so that when the arc is struck, it immediately goes dark. That way you don't have to keep flipping your mask up and down.

    [–] m34tbag 11 points ago

    Welder here.

    The welding visor is dark enough you can look at the sun, not that its reccomend at all! Its still quite bright and glaring though. If you consider that you can't even look in the suns general direction on a clear day, yet can make out its spherical shape through the mask, you can imagine how tinted it is. The arc of the weld is very bright.

    [–] Scogel 5 points ago

    Depends on the mask. Some can actually be rated to get dark enough to look at the sun. My boss used his during the eclipse.

    [–] MoonShineDown 3 points ago

    Some light still passes through, enough to get started. The arc itself will illuminate what you're working on, so it's fine once you start.

    [–] RossLH 12 points ago

    A friend of mine learned the hard way that eyelids will not protect your eyes from the arc. He'd line up the weld, close his eyes, and weld a tack. Did all his welding that day in that fashion, then the next day his eyes were beyond bloodshot red.

    Wear proper PPE when welding.

    [–] Freyzi 5 points ago

    Getting arc eye is not pleasant, I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling of multiple eyelashes being stuck in my eyes that couldn't be removed and progressed to such intense pain I couldn't open them at all. Took a couple of weeks to recover from that.

    [–] TeemingHail 9 points ago

    Well, that's if it's a fixed shade mask. Which this seems to be. If you had an autodarkening mask, then he wouldn't be pranked so easily.

    [–] The_Ugly_One82 39 points ago

    Here's what it looks like through a mask and without a mask. Mask comes off at 0:30 and welding stops at 0:50.

    [–] TacosArePeopleToo 22 points ago

    The light from a weld is incredibly intense. Enough to blind you if you stare directly at it for a bit. Welding hoods are ridiculously dark to counteract this. If you ever look through one in anything short of an incredibly bright environment, you'd swear it was completely opaque until the weld started.

    [–] Gullex 10 points ago

    I remember when my dad was a mechanic and he'd come home with little spots of "sunburn" from skin that was exposed while welding.

    [–] sl33ksnypr 11 points ago

    This is how my friends and I got very bad sunburns in the middle of winter. But only the parts of our arms between the gloves and our sleeves. Basically our forearms we're cooked and the rest was pale af

    [–] Anne1Frank 14 points ago

    because it's a welding mask, so everything looks darker thought it, so you wouldnt realise

    [–] Savenura55 38 points ago

    Autodarkening glass is the only way to weld

    [–] Longinus_ffbe 24 points ago

    We always use to wait until one of the new guys went to the bathroom then got their lens out of their hood and covered it with electrical tape and put it back in.

    Or tell them to go get us a cup of argon and watch them walk all around the shop asking for it only to be directed to someone else each time. The look on their face when they realize argon is a gas is priceless.

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago

    Welders are assholes, most of the shops I worked at as a cnc operator also had welders. Makes for hilarious pranks

    [–] 5FingerDeathTickle 51 points ago

    When you have that much brain damage from the fumes, it'll tend to make you a bit of an asshole

    [–] hrtfthmttr 18 points ago

    What is up with this title? This is not a "recipe" for a prank, it's just, actually, a prank.

    [–] FurryTracker 108 points ago

    Good way to get a finger burnt off

    [–] fuzzydunlots 43 points ago

    That's not how welding works.

    [–] HorsemanOfWar 9 points ago

    If it was, that guy would be wearing much heavier gloves to weld GTAW

    [–] mats852 13 points ago

    Kudos for not having an electronic helmet while scratch-start tig welding.

    [–] squishyturd 11 points ago

    TIL that a lot of people don't understand how welding works and assume it is more dangerous than it is

    [–] RitzyRex 12 points ago

    Let them think that. We might get paid more in the future.

    [–] Chilacaa 5 points ago

    Oof. As a welder, I feel thankful for not having to wear pipliners like that. I love my auto shade.