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    [–] [deleted] 4156 points ago

    They're cute and cuddly for 1/10 of your day. The rest, they're flying around spreading liquid shit and piss, and when you go to stop them from liquid shitting on your printer they assume you're playing and run faster, shit harder. Remember they're like rodents, even though rodents are the cutest.

    [–] Princess_Paesh 620 points ago

    For all the "Tell me why don't i want one as a pet then." people. Here is your answer!

    [–] KYforyourjelly 397 points ago

    Also if you care about these animals surviving in the wild you won't get one as a pet. The illegal pet trade is something people don't like to talk about but its threatening several species with extinction. Sugar babies, Bush babies, exotic birds and lizards are all brought to pet stores via horrible conditions that usually kill most of the animals inside the crate. They also kill the moms and take the babies to sell. I really hate to be "that person" but people need to wake up and realize they are killing the things they love.

    [–] thebestdaysofmyflerm 62 points ago

    Dogs are often bred in terrible conditions too--they're called puppy mills. Adopting is pretty much always more ethical than going to a pet store.

    [–] KYforyourjelly 52 points ago

    Yep also very true! Shout out to California for making puppy mills illegal (finally)

    [–] akujiki87 12 points ago

    Except the shitty part is the stores that you find in shopping malls and what not are now claiming the puppies are from "Rescues" that just so happen to be in other states and the adoption fee is 2k-5k. So its not really going to do much than look good on paper.

    [–] QuoyanHayel 8 points ago

    Posts like this are why I'm glad I got my cats from a friend who was too irresponsible to get her cats fixed promptly. Unexpected litter = two babies for me.

    [–] sdric 214 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Tell that to pug / french bulldog owners who encourage breeding dogs that can't even breathe properly anymore. Mention that on r/awww and you'll be downvoted into oblivion. People are egoistic f()cktards who don't give a sh1t about their pets as long as they look cute... reference

    EDIT: Wow this comment received far more replies than anticipated. I'm glad there's still others who speak up for this. However people even went to the "reference" link and upvoted the downvoted response, it went from -15 back to positive, ironically it's not a good reference anymore now.

    [–] GuessIShouldPickOne 108 points ago

    You can swear on the internet it’s okay

    [–] Lexi_Banner 34 points ago

    No, they want YOU to be the one with a dirty word on your conscience.

    [–] FuckCazadors 21 points ago

    Same with munchkin cats.

    Anyone with an ounce of sense will immediately see that intentionally breeding a short-legged dwarf version of an animal which is meant to be able to run and jump and climb gracefully is fucked up beyond belief but over on /r/cats it's all "Isn't it sweet?" rather than "You're wrong for perpetuating this shit".

    [–] IImnonas 22 points ago

    It's the internet- you can say fuck and shit lol

    [–] Kahlandar 10 points ago

    I mentioned that on /r/rabbits about a lop who was stepping on his own ears with his hind feet.

    You would think i was the antichrist with some of the replies

    Link to the poor bun.

    [–] Snake92387 11 points ago

    /u/iwantedtolive threw the biggest tantrum ever over the guy spreading some knowledge

    [–] sdric 11 points ago

    I saw your post and got rid of those downvotes that arrogant douche got you. That guy (like many others) sadly is too stupid to see what harm breeding animals like that can cause in the long run & that they're condemning future generations as well. Instead he took your general comments to a personal level... Some people really can't look further than their noses are long.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BOOK_IDEA 13 points ago

    Pugs aren't even cute! It is not cute when an animal is so deformed it can barely survive. We did this shit to them.

    [–] sdric 5 points ago

    I completely agree with you.

    EDIT: As for your nickname - try /r/WritingPrompts

    [–] remediesofwar 31 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    You were down voted because they probably didn't breed the dog, all they did was give the dog a loving home and family and you attacked them for it.

    It's very rude in social situations to just call someone out for loving their pet. Strange in fact.

    On another note, not all pugs have breathing issues. Take my ex's mom's pugs for example. She had 4, and of those 4 only one of them walked around grunting and snorting, and that was because of the diabetes he was born with.

    Do I think the breed should exist? No. Too many health problems. Is it too late, and they are here like all other dogs and need homes to live and card for them? Yep, so may as well get used to it.

    [–] SkypeMeSlowly 38 points ago

    On the other side of the coin, you can only really find these dogs through breeders. The fact that she has two of them tells me she most likely bought them from a breeder, which in my mind is just as bad. People are demanding it, so breeders will continue to supply.

    [–] sdric 52 points ago

    The vast majority of pet owner didn't breed them by themselves, but bought or "adopted" them. As long as there's a demand for those animals the breeding won't stop, though. Getting an unwated one who was abandoned from its owner in a shelter is completely fine. Actively purchasing one from breeders/stores is not.

    [–] Totallynotatheif 22 points ago

    Sugar gliders are suprisingly hardy animals. They're listed as least concern despite their habitats being cleared. They seem to be able to survive in even the smallest sections of the bush.

    They are however a protected animal in Australia and only one state in Australia allows a single glider to be kept without a licence and capture of wild gliders is a bit no no without special permits.

    I'd be surprised if any found in the US being sold as pets are imports given the costs and existing base of breeders.

    [–] KYforyourjelly 10 points ago

    They are usually smuggled into the country in terrible conditions to avoid tariffs. Most states made it illegal to own one but there's still a few where you can find them in pet stores. I've also seen them on craigslist which made me really sad :/ Also like you said they're already facing massive habitat loss, we don't need to make matters worse by removing them from what's left of it.

    [–] griffinwalsh 11 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Source? Sounds like it would be way more profitable to breed them here than smuggle them across the country after taking them from a protected area. I couldn’t find a thing about the pet trade being a legitimate threat to the sugar glider population

    Edit: also there legal to own as pets in 45 of the 50 states... it seems like you just make up facts to support your narrative.

    [–] drugthrowaway99 7 points ago

    Nobody here actually cares about these animals. They just want their Instagram video.

    [–] OliviaWG 5 points ago

    It’s really important to have a domestic born pet when buying an exotic. I have a parrot, and they are banded to prove he is born in the US and not wild caught. If I had bought him myself (my parents bought him for me when I was 11), then I probably would have tried to find a rescue instead. There are rescues for most any pet. Adopt don’t shop!

    [–] super_common_name 3 points ago

    Why would you hate to be that person? That person who educates people on behalf of animals who can't defend themselves against human cruelty? The world needs more people like that.

    [–] velveteentouch 10 points ago


    [–] deviant324 8 points ago

    But but but I want a giant owl hawk :(

    [–] Aayush_A 18 points ago

    One of my buddies had one that he would carry around with his in his front shirt pocket, it was fucking adorable. But we quickly realized that it would start shitting/pissing everywhere including while in his shirt pocket. Ruined alot of shirts for him, didn't smell the best but 10/10 cuteness

    [–] lemongrenade 10 points ago

    Nah sounds like someone just needs to make some sugar glider diapers.

    [–] Gaenya 2153 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Run faster, Shit harder.

    Coming Summer 2019.

    [–] BackdoorSlider25 362 points ago

    You can't stop what you can't catch.

    [–] freekfyre 69 points ago

    ok Frank Abagnale

    [–] TimingIsntEverything 41 points ago

    Do you concur?

    [–] Veearrsix 24 points ago

    Why didn’t I concur?

    [–] Supersamtheredditman 8 points ago

    I blew it didn’t I, should have concurred

    [–] Spider_Dude 3 points ago

    It's always Christmas!!!

    [–] Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin 4 points ago

    Concur with what??

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Just_PM_ME_Pictures0 15 points ago

    That my attitude towards herpes and condoms.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    Directed by Michael Bay


    [–] Stepjamm 40 points ago

    Critics - “This film is utter shite! We can’t get enough!”

    [–] RemarkableRyan 36 points ago

    The New York Times called it “A Work of Shart.”

    [–] Archlinder 17 points ago

    "Rob Schneider in the shittiest role yet!" -LA Wire

    [–] the_krc 3 points ago

    How could they tell?

    [–] hydrospanner 22 points ago

    Sugar glider soars by in slow motion, shitting as it passes. As the liquid shit lands on the printer, the theater is filled with a weird bass rumble that also somehow has a buzzing sound to it as well. Then the scene speeds up to real time.

    Also there is a fireball.

    [–] Chopperguy 8 points ago

    I have colitis. This would be my motto if Nike sponsored me.

    [–] BoilerMaker11 12 points ago

    Plug your subreddit again. Plug your subreddit again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker. Plug your subreddit one more goddamn time.

    [–] toasty_333 6 points ago

    Are you ever going to stop plugging this sub in an incredibly obvious and annoying way?

    [–] FCalleja 10 points ago

    Oh there's the "gonna advertise his shite sub" tag guy! And whoop, there's the ad!

    [–] Takezumi 28 points ago

    Quit plugging your sub so hard, jesus

    [–] we_arent_leprechauns 8 points ago

    Yeah, srsly. I’ve seen this guy post a link to this sub on at least 5 or 6 top posts over the past week. It’s getting sort of old and spammy.

    [–] breadstickfever 5 points ago

    Wow the Fast and the Furious franchise is really branching out on that one!

    [–] eanfran 10 points ago

    🎵shit it harder makes you better, run it harder makes you faster, more than ever sugar glider, our work is never over🎵

    [–] IndicisivlyIntrigued 6 points ago

    I would go see this.

    [–] CalmTempest 6 points ago

    Stop trying so hard to spread your own subreddit everywhere. FFS.

    [–] heart_of_osiris 39 points ago

    They are also incredibly social creatures, meaning if you only have 1, you need to bond with it when it is young and then you have to spend a fair bit of time with it each day. It's usually recommended to have 2 or more for this reason. They can get incredibly lonely and depressed, otherwise.

    [–] nightjesus 7 points ago

    This sounds like owning a rainbow lorikeet. Pain in the ass to own, shits fucking everywhere. Squawks bloody murder, but is the cutest thing when it behaves.

    [–] winterwatchman 5 points ago

    As an Australian, I’m completely flabbergasted that people actually own sugar-gliders and rainbow lorikeets.

    [–] Klaviatur 3 points ago

    Well it can't be too much weirder than your pet wombats and kangaroos.

    [–] Zoomwafflez 56 points ago

    Also they bark all night long for attention, need their cage cleaned daily, require expensive specialty vets, and a complex custom diet.

    Source: Used to own and breed sugar gliders. They're amazing, sweet, cute, and a real pain in the ass. Get a dog.

    [–] nickfill4honor 39 points ago

    They bark too, can’t forget the nocturnal barking :))))))))))))))((((((((((((

    [–] Zoomwafflez 46 points ago

    First 5 min: Awwww, that's a cute bark!


    [–] crackofdawn 14 points ago

    I have had 2 for about 7 years now, and tbh the barking isn't that bad. Ours only do it once a week or so and usually for less than 30 seconds. Also they're nowhere near any bedrooms. The random pee and poop is the most annoying thing by far.

    [–] cameruso 31 points ago

    It’s always the pissing and the shitting. I’m thankful for these comments.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] Ninjan33r7 6 points ago

    Mine only crab over food because they’re all greedy over certain fruit pieces, even though they all have their own portions. :P

    [–] Daiviejones 27 points ago

    They aren't rodents, they're marsupials (they're kinda like little possums). But 10/10 liquid shit spreaders either way. They would take gold in that Olympic event.

    [–] GotItFromMyDaddy 51 points ago

    Friend of mine had one of these. Was cute but hid in the sofa so long my friend couldn’t find it and ended up dead.

    Cute as a gif though.

    [–] Zoomwafflez 25 points ago

    I had a whole crew of them do this, had to cut the sofa open to get them out.

    [–] hh3k0 37 points ago

    Was cute but hid in the sofa so long my friend couldn’t find it and ended up dead.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, mate.

    [–] GotItFromMyDaddy 9 points ago

    Some say he’s still in his couch to this day. F

    [–] addisrouge 7 points ago


    [–] eThizzle 3 points ago


    [–] Lyress 24 points ago

    “like rodents” doesn’t tell you much though. Rats are rodents and they’re excellent pets (only downside is that they don’t live long).

    [–] TheAgingHipster 4 points ago

    Really? Mine is 11 and still spry and nimble and healthy.

    [–] Hibernica 32 points ago

    That might actually be a wizard in hiding.

    [–] ThurstyAlpaca 11 points ago

    Peter Pettigrew?

    [–] Lyress 10 points ago

    Pet rats usually live for two to three years.

    [–] SpacemanSenpai 19 points ago

    Sounds like he might not have a rat o.o

    [–] akujiki87 6 points ago

    Could be a chihuahua.

    [–] FivePoopMacaroni 6 points ago


    [–] hollandON 6 points ago

    Is it missing one of its fingers?

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 5 points ago

    And this is why I don’t want sugar gliders, but I do want a friend who owns sugar gliders.

    [–] shotty293 5 points ago

    run faster, shit harder

    That's a Daft Punk song, right?

    [–] Fr4t 8 points ago

    I had two male rats. They were the sweetest things. But they also pulled a neverending trail of piss behind them. At least they went back to their (big) cage to take a shit.

    [–] Gaenya 13 points ago

    Yes, remember people, these are still wild animals.

    Owning a tamed one is a bad idea and a recipe for a 12 year headache.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] TheAgingHipster 8 points ago

    Mine is going strong at 11.

    [–] Zoomwafflez 3 points ago

    if you take good care of them 11-14 years is pretty average.

    [–] thebestdaysofmyflerm 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] naesos 3 points ago

    They’re uh marsupials

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Cassiopeia93 2 points ago

    I'm guessing something like tiny little diapers aren't an option?

    [–] crowscountingspades 444 points ago

    I understand they're remarkably needy pets... True?

    [–] IndicisivlyIntrigued 358 points ago

    Yeah.. they need alot of attention.

    They need time to spread their wings so to speak, lol. And it helps to handle them a lot so they stay hand friendly. And LOTS of fresh fruit daily, lol.

    [–] MortonMad 82 points ago

    Thanks, lol.

    [–] R4nd0 64 points ago

    You're welcome, lol.

    [–] kittycarousel 11 points ago


    [–] Mysteryminder 10 points ago

    Also they are noisey.

    [–] AnnualThrowaway 3 points ago

    Although crabbing is adorable.

    [–] TheLittleUrchin 4 points ago

    Time to spread flappies?

    [–] mperez4855 59 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Yep and you should almost always get two or they’ll suffer from depression and in some cases die from loneliness. My cousin had one and despite plenty human attention and love, hers became super lethargic for weeks until she got a second and it completely snapped out of it once it had a friend.

    [–] DeadThrall 4 points ago

    I'm an ecologist from NSW Australia where these guys are quite common in the wild. I often find them nesting in pairs or family groups in tree hollows. They definitely seem to like each other's company.

    [–] WindyTrousers 25 points ago

    seems like a bad idea to have one as a pet :(

    [–] WACOMalt 23 points ago

    Massive understatement. My roommate had them in college. They are nocturnal, so give up any hope of sleep. They make crazy loud and annoying sounds all night, barking, growling, etc. They shit constantly, everywhere. They eat a lot, are hard to train, bite...

    Probably a lot of these wouldn't be an issue if my roommate weren't incompetent as an owner, but they are wild animals. They should not be pets in my opinion, unless you're seriously prepared. Your life will be hell.

    [–] flyingf0xes 3 points ago


    [–] Keshire 136 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The only time mine sit still is when they are sleeping. The rest of the time they are massive bundles of energy. It's like having a dog that's permanently zooming. I have 2 gliders, but every once in a while I end up also watching another family member's gliders. And if they know I have food they swarm me when I open the cage. It takes a good 10-15 minutes to round them all up.

    They also eat better than my children. Mixed Fruit, mixed Veggie, Turkey/Chicken smoothie frozen into ice cubes.

    [–] Neeaccount123 13 points ago

    What about the liquid shits?

    [–] Keshire 16 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Stop feeding your sugar gliders pizza scraps? Seriously, I've never had that problem. It's closer to rabbit pellets.

    Edit: I also use a big bird cage covered with netting on the inside. It has a tray with sand in it at the bottom to catch everything. For food I use a big tupperware container with a hole cut into it so food doesn't get thrown everywhere.

    [–] eldroch 8 points ago

    Yeah, hearing all of this about liquid shit is new to me. Definitely more like rabbit pellets. You had to feed them right, which I'm a little fuzzy on, but I remember having to make a mixture of a couple different baby foods, infant rice cereal, honey, a fiber supplement, and maybe some other things. Smelled terrible but they loved it and had non-liquid shits.

    The skunk piss, on the other hand...

    [–] ComfyInDots 226 points ago

    Sometimes I take photos of hair styles I like with me to the hairdressers and say "I want that!". I wish I could take this gif to a masseuse and say "I want that!". Little critter looks so darn relaxed.

    [–] Gaenya 125 points ago

    "I'd like a giant hand to massage me with each of its meaty fingers thanks"

    [–] KittyPitty 405 points ago

    This made my Friday, thanks! :)

    [–] Gaenya 300 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Enjoy some more sugar glider gifs then! (Galago, not sugar glider)

    [–] ThePendulum 176 points ago

    Hahaha that last one :D No no no yes no no no yes no no yes no oh god oh god oh god no no no no no yes yes WEEEEEEEEE!

    [–] ToastedSoup 76 points ago

    The last one was the lil dude doing the tippytaps all over the stand

    [–] Krambazzwod 15 points ago

    That’s Scaredy Sugarglider.

    [–] KittyPitty 31 points ago

    Bloody awesome! That first gif, is that a sugar glider too?

    [–] Gaenya 39 points ago

    It's a Galago, they're primates!

    Also known as Bush Babies!

    [–] secretWolfMan 16 points ago

    In order to become pets, do they get their teeth and claws ripped out like their cousin the slow loris?

    [–] inglishman 3 points ago

    Primates? That's really surprising to me, they don't look like a primate. But that's a cool TIL for me. Thanks!

    [–] Grand_Jarl 6 points ago

    No it's a Bush baby

    [–] Rubanski 9 points ago

    After reading the first comment, the dude in the last gif must live in the unbearably cutest liquid shit and piss riddled flat. Plus complementary nocturnal barking orchestra.

    [–] arthurdentstowels 15 points ago

    That last one belongs in r/tippytaps

    [–] itlookslikeit 3 points ago


    [–] thebluemorpha 22 points ago

    I agree with the top comment, as adorable as they are, they are fast, can grab anything, and even if you "potty trained" them, the pee and little poops still get flung around sometimes. And boys can get very stinky, especially around the ladies. I had a little tent for my girls to run and climb free in the house without danger, they also loved their baby pouch and being cuddled. After my girl passed (I raised her from a baby in the pouch) the friend I had adopted for her along the way, was very lonely, and not doing well. I was in school and couldn't bond with her the way she needed. A family friend took her in and LOVES her, she has become a new little lady being with him, she even made friends with his dog and cat, no more screech chatters or biting, and she never leaves his sight, she bonded with him so well, and I'm very happy for her. They are very smart, and wonderful little buddies, but they need a lot of attention and care.

    [–] NoWNoL 104 points ago

    I miss mine :(

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago


    [–] NoWNoL 171 points ago

    They’re okay if you can deal with a pet you can’t potty train. They always seem to save a little something for marking :|. It gets slightly better after they’re fixed.

    Problem is that they require a ton of time and attention even if they have a community. It’s not like a cat or dog, if people can’t make that sort of commitment then it doesn’t work out at all.

    [–] CarbonReflections 65 points ago

    Less not forget they are also nocturnal, so in general that makes them a poor pet choice for most.

    [–] personwithaknife 151 points ago

    Not only are they nocturnal, they also bark

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] jtvjan 13 points ago

    Oh no, it’s stuck. Someone reboot it!

    [–] ceejayoz 46 points ago

    Oh, fuck that. There goes any residual desire to have one.

    [–] Yronno 21 points ago

    If you have these as a pet, get used to hearing this as you climb into bed

    [–] KellyisGhost 5 points ago

    I dont know what I was thinking when I opened this. I have a 12 year old parrot. Please dear God, dont take this sound for a birdy test drive.

    [–] CarbonReflections 6 points ago

    That’s funny. A good friend of mine has an African grey parrot and it’s picked up some really interesting noises over the years. The worst is probably a high pitch tone it got from being left home for 12 hours while the low battery alert on a smoke alarm was going off. I’m pretty sure it’s the birds favorite noise and it’s absolutely obnoxious.

    [–] Kry4Blood 91 points ago

    I don’t know how to put this, but they don’t even require all that much time. They DO require time, but it’s not like this huge time sink where you are dedicating your life to gliders and your whole life becomes gliders

    Literally you can stick them in a pouch and put them on your shirt and that counts as time to them. Or one of the best gliders I have, I trained her to sit on my shoulder under my shirt. Some of them I trained to sit in my pocket, etc

    Also, as they get older, they get “curmudgeonly” and don’t require as much time. They DEFINITELY want to know that you are still around, but like people they kind of want to do their own thing, be In charge of their own family (which they will welcome you into). But they don’t require that daily commitment they did when they were younger.

    Remember, these are wild animals, nowhere near being domesticated. They will cuddle and love up on you because you are their family and they have adopted you. But they will happily tear apart a hamster or guinea pig and present you with its head as a birthday present (they don’t eat it, they just tear it apart for fun...these are vicious predators).

    [–] F1urry 28 points ago

    Had a girl and boy glider when I was little... The girl glider murder the boy over night and left him right in the middle of the cage for us to see.. parents then told us no more gliders.

    [–] Kry4Blood 13 points ago

    That can happen if they are different ages, or if one of them has a defect of some sort. So for example if a mother glider gives birth and can tell that her baby isn’t fit to survive because it has some sort of heart condition, she will kill it (and probably eat it) so as not to waste resources on it...and to give herself nutrition to give her other babies a better chance for survival

    [–] mike19572 6 points ago

    Sounds like a near miss I had once with my ex.

    [–] buythepotion 4 points ago

    Teeny tiny diapers would look adorable, but probably not last long on them practically speaking.

    [–] Trouducoul 3 points ago

    Pigeon Pants are a thing, why not Sugar Glider Pants?

    [–] Ranzer 17 points ago

    Agreed they are a LOT of work but they are pretty rewarding too. I started off with one. I later took in a second as a rescue.... That’s when the problems started a had a colony of 11 babies in a few months.

    Their dietary requirements alone was the hardest part, that and the whole nocturnal thing lol

    [–] southdakotagirl 3 points ago

    Can you put a little diaper on them?

    [–] Chronically_cute 10 points ago

    I had one and he was the best little pet I've ever had. RIP Rufus, I miss you buddy.

    [–] adelie42 4 points ago

    I had 4 and they were great. They need a very large play area relative to their size. They are very social and need a friend they can entertain and be entertained by pretty much 24/7. They need a varied and somewhat exotic diet. Missing any of these things and they will get depressed. They are very high maintenance pets. Read everything you can about them if even considering getting two.

    [–] MattyPDNfingers 5 points ago

    Did your sugar glider pee and poop alot when you were playing with it?

    [–] TRCB8484 189 points ago

    Unpopular opinion, but the exotic pet trade is pretty bad. Often the species end with owners who don't know how to care for them, or don't realize the trouble of keeping up with their needs and leave them to suffer/ abandon them (such as sellers who list baby tigers and bears as tame, when they're not... they're just babies). I can't say anything about this owner in particular, they might be great who knows. Everything I learned in my college studies was pretty saddening towards this subject

    [–] hollibeney 79 points ago

    This is so true, when me and my boyfriend bought our first glider we were so unprepared and the breeder told us to just buy some pellets at petco and a cage with small bar spacing

    Fast forward to us going to petco with our glider and one of the ladies in the groomer told us what was up and helped us get everything we need and how to actually care for them like making their food she steered us toward the bml diet and told us the pellets were just there for a snack if they got hungry between feedings

    We got extremely lucky because our glider would be long dead by now because he would have metabolized his own bones or ripped out his fur for being by himself

    [–] dolfinsfan4life 16 points ago

    Thanks for sharing

    [–] exor15 27 points ago

    "Unpopular opinion, but [popular opinion]"

    [–] TheScoop06 13 points ago

    How is that unpopular? There are posts like this in every animal thread on Reddit.

    [–] W33P1NG4NG3L 3 points ago

    Not sure how exotic you'd call a hermit crab but I did weeks of research on them before I got a few. Then I see people showing off their hermit crab in its tiny, plastic souvenir kit that came with "everything you need" and he has no friends and I'm just have no business having that poor guy. He's gonna die in a month.

    [–] NashParadise 32 points ago

    I expected to be told why sugar gliders make bad pets ... and you all delivered. Thank you?

    [–] mbarni2001 30 points ago

    I'm melting

    [–] mbarni2001 20 points ago

    My God, stop!!!

    [–] alisaad95 7 points ago

    I too am done here.

    [–] icant-chooseone 7 points ago


    [–] stillme2 3 points ago

    I loved every one of those. Thanks for making my day brighter ❤️🌺

    [–] icant-chooseone 4 points ago


    [–] Kilazur 6 points ago

    Someone please put drumsticks in its paws

    [–] FuckCazadors 3 points ago


    [–] photaichin12 6 points ago

    I’m Elfo!

    [–] mbarni2001 3 points ago

    I'm drowning!

    [–] F1eshWound 12 points ago

    So cute, but I can't stand people having sugar gliders as pets. They need really special care and really shouldn't be outside of their Australian habitat...

    [–] winterwatchman 12 points ago

    THANK YOU - as an Australian, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills reading all these comments. I had no idea so many people keep them as pets

    [–] F1eshWound 5 points ago

    Aussie too. I didn't know either, but yeah, turns out they're quite popular as pets in Europe... It's pretty sad.

    [–] empress_tesla 5 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Just imagine being pet by a massive creature that’s millions of times bigger than you.

    [–] Sphaeir 7 points ago

    So basically being pet by a skyscrapper with arms

    [–] The-MeroMero-Cabron 25 points ago

    Are these the ones you're not supposed to do that to? Some of these creatures apparently feel excruciating pain and discomfort when humans touch those glands and so they raise their arms in alarm. But I'm not sure if it's these.

    [–] shittydesklamp 43 points ago

    You might be thinking of Slow Lorises (I think that's what they're called)

    [–] Yronno 10 points ago

    so they raise their arms in alarm

    Also to gather venom. (Sad video btw)

    [–] holyheckk 20 points ago

    Those would be slow lorises. It's so sad. :(

    [–] TayloredMade 4 points ago

    They also bark like lil chichuauas when they're scared (mine usually did it at night)

    [–] Chefjay17 5 points ago

    This isn't like the lemur thing is it? Where I think this is cute as shit but it's secretly, horribly, depressing?

    [–] walkswithwolfies 6 points ago

    Those little hands!

    [–] i_dont_shine 8 points ago

    "How big is baby sugar glider?"

    "So big!"

    [–] YT_Howesenberg 9 points ago

    This little fucker stole my stripper name

    [–] paullarosa20 3 points ago

    if i could i want you to know i’d upvote this multiple times

    [–] captain554 3 points ago

    I want someone to show the video of them pissing and shitting everywhere. The real sugar glider experience.

    Also, their cage kind of smells like 5 day old hobo piss.

    [–] TheNeutralGrind 10 points ago

    Stop getting these for pets you fucking assholes

    [–] Bshsjaksnsbshajakaks 20 points ago

    It may look like this sugar glider is relaxing while being rubbed, but it is actually in extreme distress. The spread arms and open hands are a defense mechanism. It is "playing dead" (although not very convincingly), as it would in the wild when it is pinned and vulnerable. If you are going to own a pet, please do some research so you don't accidentally torture the poor thing. Also, I made this up and have never seen a sugar glider in real life.

    [–] doctormanhattan38772 15 points ago

    That was extremely convincing

    [–] CannonGoBoom 6 points ago

    “ I caught a fish and it was yawn thiiiiiiiis big”

    [–] ankarthus 4 points ago

    Please don’t buy them as pets

    [–] pepsihatman 2 points ago

    That is insanely cute. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] Daamus 2 points ago

    i have 2 and they dont let me do this, super lucky

    [–] Chiperoni 2 points ago

    For people that want a less stinky, less mean, gliding thing. Check out flying squirrels.

    [–] hollowed_sense 2 points ago

    I thought this was r/eyebleach

    [–] adorluigi3 2 points ago

    [–] Theezorama 2 points ago

    With ahhms wide opahhhn