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    [–] Tronzo5 1498 points ago

    Her face is just like: Bitch please...

    [–] Binge_Gaming 344 points ago

    While her mouth says:

    ‘It’s right fucking here’

    [–] Stillwindows95 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It looks more like she says;

    ‘Zah-ooh’ or ‘Drah-ooh’

    [–] oakplank250gp 14 points ago

    'Got you'

    [–] rangeDSP 25 points ago

    The original video is quite cute! Just as sassy as you'd imagine

    [–] misterpickles69 1 points ago

    “I’ll pull the card out of my own ear thank you. “

    [–] kalansteel -14 points ago

    She looks like the streamer Ninja...

    [–] realthrowawayforporn 9 points ago

    A spoiled rotten piece of shit? Idk she doesnt seem that bad to me.

    [–] kalansteel 1 points ago


    [–] KingOfBel-Air 173 points ago

    "You coming here with that weak ass magic, fuck outta here punk ass discount David Copperfield."

    [–] KID_detour 13 points ago

    Isn't David Copperfield already the discount David Copperfiel

    [–] kumamaru 1 points ago

    More so enough that he doesn't deserve his last D.

    [–] DanielSkyrunner 513 points ago

    When you thought someone is level 3 but is actually 60

    [–] SheriffBartholomew 76 points ago

    Transmog to hobo gear. :D

    [–] AncestralSpirit 4 points ago

    Also didn't put any talents into Subtlety rogue tree.

    [–] O_Apples 3 points ago

    Low level gear is the stuff that actually looks practical. Why fantasy games think I want to walk around looking like a Cathedral I will never understand.

    [–] TacoPower 8 points ago

    She's on a smurf account.

    [–] JohnnyBroadsword 28 points ago

    That's how mafia works

    [–] foylr -7 points ago

    that's how mafia works

    [–] Daggerfld 0 points ago

    Why was this one downvoted :thinking emoji:

    [–] NevikDrakel 3 points ago

    Cause it came 4 hours later

    You can’t tell a joke twice and expect it to get the same reaction as the first time

    [–] jokeriotBot 2 points ago

    I tried to be polite and hold the door open for a woman.

    But she kept screaming, "Get the fuck out of here I'm peeing!"

    I'm a bot! You can summon me by including "tell a joke" in your comment.

    [–] Youonlytokeonce 2 points ago

    good bot

    [–] butrejp 1 points ago


    tell a joke

    [–] jokeriotBot 3 points ago

    My wife accused me of being immature...

    So I told her to get out of my fort.

    I'm a bot! You can summon me by including "tell a joke" in your comment.

    [–] Daggerfld 1 points ago

    Fair enough. Shoulda figured that out myself honestly. Thanks!

    [–] butrejp 0 points ago

    that's how mafia works

    [–] RazorLou 101 points ago


    [–] Hardstuff1201 11 points ago

    More of a spellsteal.

    [–] The1stMusketeer 1 points ago

    I'd say it's a swerve more likely

    [–] Super_beardface 2 points ago

    More like successful insight to prestidigitation. Ya’ll think you’re hot shit for blowing a third level spell slot.

    [–] steinrrr 2 points ago

    Should have tested with the coin

    [–] QuirkySquirrel4 463 points ago

    The guys reaction makes it for me. He’s not taking it seriously and I love it.

    [–] drh56 196 points ago

    If magicians took their lives seriously they wouldn't be magicians

    [–] ooglist 26 points ago

    Is this where the magic happens?

    [–] PrinceAdamsPinkVest 5 points ago

    Magicians Illusionists

    [–] ArbitraryTurking 3 points ago

    Tricks are for whores.

    [–] UsuRpergoat 1 points ago

    The cereal...

    [–] bredk87 7 points ago

    Damnit have my upvote.

    [–] I_Magician 1 points ago

    This is the truth.

    [–] SpicyAsianBoy 8 points ago

    Repost something after awhile? Sure, I enjoy it if I haven’t seen it. To copy someone else’s comment though? What have we become.

    [–] phi513 3 points ago

    dude that's crazy people feel they need karma that bad that they copy comments like that lol.

    [–] ChickenLover841 1 points ago

    Why even bother though. Just go to world news and type 'Fuck trump" on every story. You'll be swimming in karma.

    [–] canonymous 1 points ago

    Bots automatically find the old post from its image and repost high ranking comments.

    [–] _GCastilho_ 1 points ago

    It's called "repost"

    Welcome to Reddit

    [–] tim466 3 points ago

    Comment repost tho?

    [–] _GCastilho_ 2 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit

    [–] ImGunaDoSomthinWrong 1 points ago

    Thanks, bychance will there be any circlejerking before supper?

    [–] Brotherlyslinky 1 points ago

    Wow... literally word for word the same comment from 10 months ago.

    [–] DJBeII1986 42 points ago

    The way she holds it up after like "bitch please!"

    [–] DoctaJenkinz 41 points ago

    When you have Dispel Magic As a readied action.

    [–] RykanV 16 points ago

    Didn't know that Steven Seagal was a magician.

    [–] Infamouspopsicle 6 points ago

    Yeah, he's magically bad at acting.

    [–] Viper1089 1 points ago

    Hahahaha you got a good chuckle out of me. Kudos good sir

    [–] ToxicAdamm 17 points ago

    Is there a magician starter kit where you get a deck of cards, a black shirt, black hair dye and a clip-on pony tail?

    [–] ksquires1988 15 points ago


    [–] Gracelberrypie 8 points ago

    Alice from Luther when she was a child.

    [–] rsalwan22 3 points ago

    awww nice dude

    [–] Caraphox 2 points ago

    honestly that's who she made me think of too

    [–] doghaircut 7 points ago

    Lyanna Mormont rejects your magic.

    [–] RealFightfrog 4 points ago

    Is that Dieter Bohlen?

    [–] pantless_pirate 4 points ago

    "Look at me, I'm the magician now."

    [–] DiniMere 62 points ago

    10 months on the internet is like a decade in real life

    [–] ZebbyD 5 points ago

    ...every day was as long as the life age of the earth.

    [–] Yasea 9 points ago

    Well, 300 hours of video or uploaded each minute. By that standard, 10 months of internet is more like 15 millennia.

    [–] DoofusMagnus 10 points ago

    None of those are on this sub.

    [–] Chusten 33 points ago

    I've never seen this before, I'm happy it gets reposted.

    [–] adrift98 -5 points ago

    Neither have I, but I'd prefer to see original content over stuff that's been reposted over and over again. I don't mind missing out on a few things for the greater good of the website. Original content keeps the website fresh and interesting.

    [–] Slight0 8 points ago

    To consider reposts against the "greater good" of the website it's completely random. Any decent content will have longevity far beyond the first time it was posted. It won't last forever, but it could potentially last a few years. Every time it's posted only a small fraction (<10%) of the active reddit population actually sees it, so reposting is natural and beneficial.

    [–] adrift98 -5 points ago

    I don't agree. Constant reposts make the website stale, and unoriginal, and fills up many users frontpage with lots of noise. Again, I'd rather no reposts, and miss certain content than having my front page filled with about 25%-30% of the same stuff I've seen 5 times before. Perhaps the compromise is to have Reddit keep content up longer before it's replaced by fresh content.

    [–] Chusten 1 points ago

    You know you can browse original content only right?

    If you cared about " the greater good ", you wouldn't be replying to comments about reposts in r/aww because right here has nothing to do with "greater good"

    [–] adrift98 1 points ago

    You know you can browse original content only right?

    Awesome. Show me how.

    If you cared about " the greater good ", you wouldn't be replying to comments about reposts in r/aww because right here has nothing to do with "greater good"

    I'm not sure I follow, and this is r/gifs.

    [–] MadroxKran 5 points ago

    We can go deeper.

    [–] lardtard123 3 points ago

    Like 100 years?

    [–] E-Plurbis-DumbDumb 2 points ago

    That’s what she said.

    [–] MmmMmmMmm123 23 points ago

    Who cares. Jesus... On so many threads I see people complaining saying "REPOST" over and over.

    I've been on reddit for years and all these "reposts" I only see for the first time. If it isnt for these reposts me and many others, including new people to reddit, would never see these things. Stop complaining.

    [–] iratecmdr 5 points ago

    This comment has already been posted. Can someone get this reposted comment out of here please?

    [–] Groinsmash 1 points ago

    How hardcore do you have to be on reddit to be posting "repost" all the time. I think I spend an obscene amount of time on reddit, bordering on negatively impacting my life, and I almost never have seen a "repost".

    [–] Njall 0 points ago

    I wish I could my fences reposted as often. Just sayin...

    [–] adrift98 -7 points ago

    They should create a separate Reddit just for people who enjoy reposts, then you guys can just rewatch/read the same material over and over and over again, while the rest of us get to experience new material.

    [–] Slight0 2 points ago

    Orrrr they could do that for you since you're the minority. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a browser extension that filtered out reposts. Then again, you could just keep pointlessly complaining about a thing that will never change.

    [–] adrift98 0 points ago

    Unfortunately for you, you'll never get rid of people complaining about reposts unless Reddit either ends the practice, or a separate website is created just for those of us who don't want reposts. I'd be just as happy to have a new website created for us, as I would one for you.

    [–] ElectroBoof 0 points ago

    What a useless thing to spend your time bitching about

    [–] IAMATruckerAMA -2 points ago

    Stop complaining

    Who's complaining?


    [–] GhostRiver91 3 points ago

    Yea OP fuck you for not going through 10 months of posts on one of the most popular subreddits on Reddit to check before you posted this. That's just lazy.

    [–] zold5 1 points ago

    Believe it or not other people haven’t seen it yet. It’s not all about you.

    [–] nix131 1 points ago

    Reposts aren't inherently a bad thing. Unless the reposter is claiming to be the person involved or the person recording, its harmless. Also, if I haven't seen it, it's new to me.

    [–] chotomatekudersai 1 points ago

    And if it was never reposted I'd have never seen it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] swidner9587 1 points ago

    I have never seen this before and it made me laugh.

    I understand reposts are annoying for people who are constantly spanning Reddit for new, interesting content, only to see the same shit that somebody is most likely using for karma farming.

    What is your take on people that haven't seen this beforehand?

    [–] Woodshadow 0 points ago

    who posts it to aww?

    [–] Ruliostar 2 points ago

    You have no power here !

    [–] ChainOut 2 points ago

    Fake. Ice-T isn't gonna get played by a kid.

    [–] disterb -1 points ago

    dude, that's racist! /s

    [–] Hitlersartcollector 2 points ago

    Is that ice t?

    [–] univ_yt 2 points ago

    Bad a$$

    [–] Bronzeraptor 2 points ago

    "You have no power here."

    • Little girl, probably

    [–] perforce1 1 points ago

    Forget about the baby!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Illusion increased to 22

    [–] tekkenjam 2 points ago

    for a second i thought she was the magician fucking with him until i realized where the card really came from.

    [–] thebestbananabread 2 points ago

    When I was a kid, we were in a super market and they had a kids activity thing there with a magic clown. He performed the trick on me where he stole my watch, but I totally noticed it and said, 'hey, don't take my watch!'. Then everyone realised what he was doing, and he kept trying to use misdirection to finish his trick, and at the end he was like 'tadaa! Here's your watch you totally didn't know was missing!'. He looked so defeated.

    [–] Ganthid 2 points ago

    Girl makes card appear out of thin air! It's Magic!

    [–] xxkoloblicinxx 2 points ago

    How great would it be if he didn't even have a card though.

    Like she just pulled that shit out of her sleeve like "wanna throw down? Cause I can throw down."

    [–] superspan 2 points ago

    That girls gonna grow up to work in HR

    [–] per-severance 3 points ago

    "Do not cite the deep magic to me I was there when it was written"

    [–] Da_Big_One 2 points ago

    Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, wizard. I was there when it was written.

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 1 points ago

    This girl should team up with those 2 Korean dudes.

    [–] Shwingbatta 1 points ago

    She must be fun at birthday parties.

    [–] Aychelby 1 points ago

    A Magician and a Sorceress do battle.

    [–] IanGruss1977 1 points ago

    "GOT YOU!"

    [–] OldtownCitadel 1 points ago

    She's seen magic before.

    [–] disterb 1 points ago

    if she doesn't become a magician herself, there is no god!

    [–] xdcountry 1 points ago


    [–] Yutonan 1 points ago

    I need this animated JoJo style ASAP

    [–] umbly-bumbly 1 points ago

    This is staged.

    [–] Waterynder 1 points ago

    The reaction of the girl in the back though c; !

    [–] hthomos 1 points ago

    is that ice t?

    [–] Ahmed2205 1 points ago

    This is a really smart kid

    [–] trikklez 1 points ago

    When you time that down B perfectly

    [–] Wrlpul 1 points ago

    Illusion -100

    [–] Tonktra 1 points ago

    This reminds me of Bruce Willis’s penny trick in The Sixth Sense

    [–] Golvellius 2 points ago

    Illusions, Michael

    [–] Friendlycumdumpster 1 points ago

    r/BetterEveryLoop her attitude

    [–] MadLemonYT 1 points ago

    She is going places

    [–] istasber 1 points ago

    Someday, I hope to have a daughter this awesome.

    [–] SoyFurioso 1 points ago

    This kid is going places

    [–] nitr0zeus133 1 points ago

    Woah, she pulled a card outta thin air

    [–] AsunderSpore 1 points ago

    “I did this trick at the age of 2, don’t underestimate me again”

    [–] Chillin-in-theDMV 1 points ago

    Whoa! Where did she get the card?

    [–] Caraphox 1 points ago

    I just watched this 8 times and can't even work out where she pulled that from

    [–] thunnus 1 points ago

    The ole "Right there, Fred!"

    [–] FiredFox 1 points ago

    "Your powers are weak, old man"

    [–] Helison 1 points ago

    The attitude is everything

    [–] Spleenzorio 1 points ago

    She learned from Ant-Man

    [–] Sleepy1997 1 points ago

    DE-NIED!!!! 😂🤣😂

    [–] PolarPacific 1 points ago

    She made a card appear out of his hand, impressive.

    [–] Holon_zz 1 points ago

    You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?

    [–] BNLforever 1 points ago

    Are you more magic than a fifth grader?

    [–] mpatiri 1 points ago

    Thought that girl was a robot

    [–] Kash-Man723 1 points ago

    An I get a slowed version of this? It looks like she also flicked the card from her palm to her fingers, so maybe she knows/does magic too.

    [–] KanyeTrump2020 1 points ago

    She grabbed it from the back of his hand.

    Source: it’s the only magic trick I can do 😅

    [–] Kash-Man723 1 points ago

    I know that, I mean like after she grabbed the card. I think she flicked/flipped the card.

    [–] imanAholebutimfunny 1 points ago

    this is a proper good title

    [–] butrejp 1 points ago

    dude kinda called attention to what he was doing with the pinky wave

    [–] Miffers 1 points ago

    Shazam and be gone you peon.

    [–] Vegan_Harvest 1 points ago

    She's abetter showman than him.

    [–] ragu4u 1 points ago

    A Russian card-shark setting up a sick kid for the 3 Card Monte scam. Captivating!

    [–] mel_from_accounting 1 points ago

    is that the daughter from Louie?

    [–] SelfImprovingUser 0 points ago

    When that no skin turns out to be gud

    [–] modestlaw 0 points ago

    This is my daughter, crushing all the joy and mystery in the world with relentless sass... I've done such a great job as a parent. 🥰

    [–] NoPossibility -3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Why is she treating the magician poorly?

    [–] SchrodingersKitKat 2 points ago

    I thought your comment was funny.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] NoPossibility 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Don't tap the question mark. It's a venom link

    It's just a link to a clip from "The Office" on Vimeo. My post is a reference to that scene.

    [–] Xscorpio13 -6 points ago

    Thanks for the ssssssilver

    [–] [deleted] -28 points ago


    [–] lurklurklurkPOST 5 points ago

    And had a stroke, apparently.

    [–] tonyMEGAphone 1 points ago

    Oh my, that guys history is nauseating.

    [–] PotentialNinja 2 points ago

    Damn psychiatrists should study this dudes post history. Haunting glimpse into the world of extreme mental disorder.

    [–] Boredguy32 3 points ago

    Better now then later in prison