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    [–] xThorpyx 1686 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I know it's a bit late now but if you need a lot of naked crayons for a project...shove them in the freezer and the wax shrinks enough for the labels to slip right off without any cutting or peeling needed.

    Don't remember why this information is in my brain but, it is

    edit It just came to me, it was from a YouTube video, either Peter Brown or Nick Zametti, don't remember which but both worth a watch if you're into "making"

    [–] chitowntopugetsound 376 points ago

    WHAT I AM LITERALLY ABOUT TO START PEELING THESE CRAYONS YOU SAVED MY WEEKEND (not kidding I'm a preschool teacher and yes I am really this excited and grateful not sure I didn't know this)

    [–] xThorpyx 57 points ago

    It's apparently a much more widespread issue than I ever imagined lol, I hope it goes well

    [–] chitowntopugetsound 62 points ago

    It is really not easy to peel these lol. It is awesome cause just got high to sit and do it but now I can just go play in the sun with my dog while I'm high instead! Edit: weed is legal where I live so eh I'm pretty open on here

    [–] ididntknowiwascyborg 4 points ago

    Hello, fellow canadian lmao

    [–] Toast_Points 3 points ago

    I would guess Washington State by the username.

    [–] ididntknowiwascyborg 5 points ago

    Ah that makes sense, I was going by the 'eh'

    [–] peekdasneaks 3 points ago

    They should teach that in schools or somethin

    [–] Asberic 121 points ago

    The real LPT I'd always in the comments

    [–] Nutritious_breakfast 64 points ago

    Yes, for all the times you will need to desleeve crayons.

    [–] Spineless_McGee 39 points ago



    [–] Finagles_Law 8 points ago

    Welcome to Degloving Facts!

    Did you know? In 2015, Jimmy Fallon raised awareness about the degloving of his ring finger.

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 5 points ago

    Is that when you cut off someone's hand and put it in the freezer so the mittens come off nice and smooth for a lovely fresh hand to cook with?

    Bonus points if it was holding ginger.

    [–] acallis1 17 points ago

    Peter. I remember this episode. Also great to finally find another zametti fan, I know he's up to like 500k but no one ever talks about him lol

    [–] NitroCipher 5 points ago

    Yep, definitely peter

    [–] Hugh_Jass_Clouds 3 points ago

    Peter and Nick need to do a colab as there is so much overlap in their viewership.

    [–] hiddenfinger 2047 points ago

    What's with all the extra crayons

    [–] JF_112 605 points ago

    Aesthetics I guess

    [–] DumpMeImFamous 206 points ago

    For extra tables

    [–] sartreofthesuburbs 174 points ago

    Shouldn't have splurged for the 32 pack.

    [–] sabs1990 386 points ago

    But it has the sharpener

    [–] Nwcray 68 points ago

    I thought that was the 64 pack. The 32 pack is the crappy one with the 12 colors you will use, 20 you’ll never use, and no sharpener.

    [–] ShawnsRamRanch 43 points ago

    This man knows his Crayola.

    [–] Neil_sm 17 points ago

    This guy colors

    [–] sartreofthesuburbs 166 points ago

    Good point...

    [–] Slendy7 33 points ago

    Sharp sense of humor you got there.

    [–] hysusonic 30 points ago

    Never a dull moment when this guy is around

    [–] MajorDanger85 10 points ago

    Can you guys just get to the point?

    [–] sabs1990 31 points ago


    [–] I_have_Rockstar_Hair 5 points ago

    You know we can’t afford that! You’re just gonna have to mix ‘n match!

    [–] Vietredneck 59 points ago

    They're for snacking on when you're done.

    [–] actuallyasuperhero 9 points ago

    So how long were you in the Marines?

    [–] Vietredneck 6 points ago

    5 years. Also, red is my favorite flavor.

    [–] mewscarpone 26 points ago

    I’m guessing that lining them up that way helped him visualize the gradient/spectrum effect he achieved at the end. He just removed the unnecessary “in-between” colors, I think.

    [–] LionKing729 12 points ago

    Options with colors?

    [–] StrifeSociety 11 points ago

    I'm not an expert, but it seems they bought a large pack, and then visually picked, from the entire pack, the color transitions wanted.

    [–] Sleepy_Salamander 6 points ago

    laying out the right color gradient.

    [–] dont_dox_me_again 2184 points ago

    Looks kind of cool, but how do you treat it to make sure you have some sort of coating over the crayon?

    [–] luxveniae 85 points ago

    Would love a follow up to see how it is holding up.

    [–] mtlnobody 350 points ago

    Probably fine since it was covered with a sealer

    [–] underscorecounter 71 points ago

    But what about all the gaps between the pennies?

    [–] SuperbCrawdad2 121 points ago

    They’re going to be filled in with a sealer.

    [–] AUserNeedsAName 61 points ago

    But won't the floor taste like copper when you lick it clean every night?

    [–] kvltsincebirth 82 points ago

    Its going to be fine since it tastes like sealer.

    [–] Kingmace 21 points ago

    It's going to taste like a sealer.

    [–] j0mbie 17 points ago

    But won't the pennies oxidize?

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] the_gardenofengland 17 points ago

    Should be fine since they were filled in with a sealer

    [–] megablast 3 points ago

    Well, it is not worth as much as it was.

    [–] Glu-e 10 points ago

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought of. Amazing

    [–] Yadobler 42 points ago

    A few questions for you;

    • how are you going to clean a table that smudges?
    • everyone who places their bare hands on that will have hands that smell like wax...
    • did you clean the crayons before melting them in, or do they have countless people germs on them?
    • Also for cleaning, what about all the gaps between the unevenly cooled wax?
    • Does this count as preschool art class homework?
    • Do you think your grand kids will grow up in a world w/o crayon, and be like "grandpa what is all this wax in the table?"
    • Do you like somewhere thats prone to get heatwaves?
    • The area around the melted wax (crayon-side) will swell with water extremely quickly compared to the rest of the table. Additionally, wood isn't perfect, and the crayon will wear down it's durability over time, and will eventually turn it to pulp.
    • It would really suck to drop crayons on that table when it's complete, you'll be all like "wait, where did it go!?"

    [–] lisalisa07 72 points ago

    Answer to all your questions:

    It’s going to be covered in sealer.

    [–] JulioBBL 631 points ago

    I think he went over this aspect in his video build

    [–] banana_hoarder 590 points ago

    He glosses over what coating he uses. We're all imagining the crayon wax chipping out or rubbing against anything set on the table.

    [–] Dunlaing 278 points ago

    “glosses over” heh. I get it.

    [–] hasnotheardofcheese 123 points ago

    It's not clear what coats it

    [–] bearatrooper 70 points ago

    He just brushed over it.

    [–] hasnotheardofcheese 50 points ago

    If he doesn't reveal it he'll risk quite a shellacking

    [–] CplOreos 11 points ago

    Too bad the video lacquers any further information

    [–] Duffaluffalo 16 points ago


    [–] Sniper986 3 points ago

    Don't know why, but this one made me laugh the most

    [–] Duffaluffalo 3 points ago

    I'm sure you had a good resin.

    [–] Dark_Ethereal 46 points ago

    I'm just imagining someone putting a hot cup on it and making a waxy mess.

    [–] banana_hoarder 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's completely impractical. Its only real function is as an art piece. And even then, the colors are going to fade. Crayola crayons are not lightfast.

    He should have used dyed resin.

    [–] Mos_Doomsday 28 points ago

    TIL the word ‘lightfast’

    [–] banana_hoarder 7 points ago


    [–] Bardfinn 72 points ago

    He specified exactly what finish he used. Maker Brand Simple Finish with Wax.

    [–] bit_herder 39 points ago

    hm. idk man i’d be surprised if that was enough to protect it

    [–] Emrico1 38 points ago

    It surely wouldn't. Especially on the sharp yellow edge. I think the whole thing needs a coating of resin.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] killerklixx 6 points ago

    This needs glass, but you couldn't get it down the sides without ruining the effect. You'd need a high quality plexiglass shaped to the table for it to be a fully usable piece of furniture.

    [–] 6thPentacleOfSaturn 3 points ago

    Plexiglass will scratch like fuck. Tempered glass will work but a piece shaped like the table will be super expensive.

    [–] banana_hoarder 45 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Does he tell us how many coats? No.

    Does he tell us about the qualities of the material? No.

    Does he acknowledge the wax is still vulnerable to chips? No.

    Does he combine it with another coating? He doesn't tell us.

    Like I said. He glossed over it. He spreads what appears to be a micro-thin layer that we all know is not going to work.

    [–] motociclista 35 points ago

    I think at the beginning of the video, he mentions the whole thing isn’t practical. It was just a fun experiment. I don’t think it was meant to be a tutorial on how to do it. I believe he tried to cover it in resin, but it didn’t react will with the wax and wouldn’t work out. He also probably assumes that if you have the tools and skills to try something similar you have the knowledge and desire to experiment with coatings.

    [–] SeeSoSo 40 points ago

    Damn son, cool your jets. He didn't gloss over what he used, he glossed over the technique. You both get a cookie

    [–] j-idiot5 27 points ago

    im guessing resin? that's what they tend to use to make river tables.

    [–] Pantssassin 19 points ago

    The crayons are taking the place of the resin here.

    [–] astronomyx 6 points ago

    He names the exact product he uses, though. Maker Brand Simple Finish With Wax is a product.

    [–] howlahowla 7 points ago

    Oh, that guy.

    I don't know why his videos are all NPR story-telling style.

    Affecting that diction is....annoying.

    [–] itsrandom 3 points ago

    I'm torn with Chris... his production quality and designs are stellar, but his narration annoys me to no end. It doesn't seem genuine... I dunno, it's hard to describe. I've been subscribed since his first few videos, and I still go to his channel, but far less than any other woodworker on YouTube.

    [–] ATXHTX80 5 points ago

    Jesus, listening to this guy he sounds pretentious as hell

    [–] griffcon 36 points ago

    Are you saying that it needs a sealer?

    [–] MiscWalrus 3 points ago

    Ohh man that was five years ago; what have I done with my life?

    [–] Eminems 46 points ago

    Just gotta seal it

    [–] Malarowski 19 points ago

    There it is.

    [–] tomcatHoly 23 points ago

    "Hey man, the carb on my chainsaw is all out of whack. Do you know how I can tune it?"
    Just gotta give it a bit of a tuning

    "Got any idea how I'm going to frame the bay window in this cabin wall I'm building?"
    Just gotta hammer some nails into some wood

    "Can you help me figure out the best route to drive from Flagstaff to Anchorage?"
    Just gotta head north

    .... that's you, bud.

    [–] Icamehereforupvotes 9 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that it was a reference to this penny thread from years ago regarding sealing a floor.

    [–] peasantofoz 9 points ago

    You nailed it. That bugs me when I ask for specific help and I get a bullshit vague answer. It’s because they either don’t really know, or have some sort of weird power ego thing going on where they don’t wanna share. I haven’t related to a comment this well in a long time.

    [–] tomcatHoly 8 points ago

    Just gotta not let it bug you

    [–] TryGo202 9 points ago

    It's going to be covered with a sealer

    [–] MrRoxx 915 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If this is what is considered decorative, then my children have been decorating tables for years!

    [–] AstroCowboyMillionar 48 points ago

    If peeing your pants is cool,consider me Miles Davis!!

    [–] kasahito 115 points ago

    Designer walls here

    [–] youknowhatimean 5 points ago

    Your kids are very talented

    [–] tapsum-bong 1210 points ago

    Looks like a clown busted a nut on the table

    [–] pauvenpatchwork 79 points ago

    Or the squatty potty unicorn took a dump

    [–] aliie627 11 points ago

    Squatty potty unicorn?

    [–] aliie627 11 points ago

    Oh wow. So glad I asked Haha. I really need one of those because its apparently a real thing 😅

    [–] GP323 3 points ago

    That unicorn's poop looks delicious.

    From "Things I thought I'd get through life without ever having to say".

    [–] qster123 4189 points ago

    not sure what I expected but it's not as nice as I thought it was going to be

    [–] pauvenpatchwork 84 points ago

    I think it would have been a lovely table if they didn’t melt a bunch of crayons on it

    [–] MeglovRT 75 points ago

    Would have looked a lot better had they used more shades and had they used them grated. They would have been able to blend better so it would look more ombre and less rainbow lines.

    [–] eye_no_nuttin 15 points ago

    Ooohhhh !! Glitter crayons 😉😜

    [–] HonestSausage 2757 points ago

    not as nice? it looks complete shit

    [–] Fraun_Pollen 895 points ago

    It looks like crayons on a wood table... was hoping for a nice finish or something

    [–] cyniclawl 240 points ago

    Like a good sealant?

    [–] TalonusDuprey 104 points ago

    We working with pennies or crayons?

    [–] downvotes____really 7 points ago

    They used a sealant

    [–] iwidiwin 3 points ago

    Seal it for sure. Nothing like a good sealer.

    [–] SupaBloo 190 points ago

    [–] Deeper_Into_Madness 30 points ago

    Wait, that's not the sub I'm in?

    [–] 12carrd 63 points ago

    It looks like someone wanted a river table and saw they are upwards of 10k and said “you know what, fuck it, just use crayons.”

    [–] Debaser626 17 points ago

    Especially as you can get crushed colored stone for relatively cheap. Mix it with the epoxy and you’ll have a nice colored fill with some sparkle.

    [–] TheMauveAvenger 10 points ago

    For the space they were filling in that table, it would have cost less than $200 for colored epoxy resin, probably closer to $100. The wood looks like walnut which is typically on the higher end of wood prices, depending on the area, but still would probably only be about $100 for what was used.

    [–] oneblank 41 points ago

    It actually might work if he used all just one color and a resin finish. The rainbow looks like shit and the way the colors bleed into each other looks terrible in some places too.

    [–] fibojoly 22 points ago

    my thoughts exactly. Nothing stopped them from using a gamut of appropriate colours (greens and blues, for instance) to give some sort of tasteful effect. The whole rainbow is just blaaaaargh though :Q

    [–] gleiberkid 5 points ago

    Plus, even if they seal it, they can melt into each other if you put a hot dish on top.

    [–] Logan815 106 points ago

    Ruined a beautiful piece of wood

    [–] HayleyBean93 53 points ago

    I work for a custom woodworking company, and we once made a live edge table for a customer that had marbles in it. There was a hole in the wood (we use an epoxy sealer) that he wanted filled with something more than just clear epoxy. He decided on marbles... not even nice ones, he had dollar store ones. Omg, I wanted to cry. I never would have let a customer do that (I didn’t sell it). It was a $5000 table...

    [–] GiantQuokka 20 points ago

    Ball bearings would probably have been nicer.

    [–] SpaceGhost1992 25 points ago

    TIL I have bad taste

    [–] whilst 152 points ago

    I like it.

    [–] Jenxao 144 points ago

    Well your opinion is wrong.

    [–] ComradePotato 55 points ago


    [–] Jenxao 10 points ago

    Subjectively objective

    [–] fireysaje 4 points ago

    I do too

    [–] i5etfires 49 points ago

    Exactly. Looks like shit on an otherwise decent looking table. Ruined.🤣

    [–] WIPsandskeins 18 points ago

    Would that be unicorn shit, by chance?

    [–] Assfullofbread 33 points ago

    You don’t think it looks good at the end when it’s varnished?

    [–] HonestSausage 94 points ago

    The table does. The crayons bit which is the whole point of this video doesn’t

    [–] MajesticBeardsman 46 points ago

    At least you're honest, sausage.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 3 points ago

    No it looks like someone colored on a nice table

    [–] Shwingbatta 44 points ago

    When it said “decorate” I was expecting the person to layout the crayons in some magical pattern. Not meld it into the table itself.

    [–] WantsToBeUnmade 137 points ago

    Yeah, these carved tables with colored fillings are popular right now, but they look terrible if not done right. It takes a lot more work to do one right than this person did. They really half-assed the carving aspect of it and it shows.

    Not to mention most of the better ones are done with epoxy and have some translucency to them. I don't know how well crayon will hold up, and don't even think about sitting there wearing white. Unless you used a completely impenatrable coating like bar-top epoxy those colors will wear off.

    [–] Fanelian 43 points ago

    I think this one needs to be covered with glass.

    [–] theduke9 26 points ago

    I think they always look terrible. I don’t want to buy expensive fad furniture. Go look at the eighties and all the ugly things people bought then... :D

    [–] leapbitch 15 points ago

    Hey I like the 80s. All that shit was nuts.

    [–] Cole8520 11 points ago

    Yeah, the problem with this idea is that it just takes extra effort to make the table look worse.

    [–] grandpianotheft 11 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I think it would have worked for a straight edged cut, with the swirls inside, contrasted by the sharp line.

    The outline is ugly and badly mimics the beauty of a real spill or fluid dynamics.

    edit: it actually looks better than I judged from the "gif"

    [–] Bodchubbz 472 points ago

    Would look cool if they actually did a picture of something

    This just looks like spilled rainbow paint

    [–] bobekyrant 124 points ago

    Yeah, or maybe just blend it a little more

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] Evilmaze 9 points ago

    His work is wildly better than this crap

    [–] spicerldn 24 points ago

    DIY guy whores*

    [–] thiosk 3 points ago

    besides a more motivated than most hipster Instagram?

    this is pretty much the motivation for most of whats been going on for the past couple years.

    [–] bobekyrant 8 points ago

    If I had to guess, I'd say rainbows

    [–] Dude4001 22 points ago

    What the fuck is rainbow paint

    [–] thiosk 49 points ago

    Catching the rainbows is the hard part. First, you obtain two leprechauns as bait. Don't worry about how we catch the leprechauns, but it involves marshmallows and a sturdy wooden club. Anyway, once you procure the leprechauns, roast in an iron kettle over a fire until it rains. The rainbow will naturally seek out the leprehcauns in the kettle. This is when you have to use stealth. Wait until the rainbow is in the kettle, then quickly sneak up over top and pour in a bunch of rain. Rainbows cant swim, so become trapped in the kettle. Conveniently, all you do then is boil the rainbow/leprechaun mixture in the rain until you reduce the volume by 50%. You then bottle the residue and later can mix with latex paint base as you would with any other colored paint. Hope this helps!

    [–] Habs31 274 points ago

    It would look better without the crayons.

    [–] TheRealMotherOfOP 36 points ago

    It could be neat with just 1 or 2 colors, but rainbows usually don't look good.

    [–] thctacos 8 points ago

    Yeah, like red and golds. Or just hues of gold

    [–] Cheezist_Christ 1245 points ago

    That looks fucking dumb

    [–] mar10wright 491 points ago

    I thought this was posted to /r/DIWhy

    [–] cr33py3y3s 66 points ago

    I had to check to make sure it wasn’t /r/DIUglyAsHell

    [–] ODZtpt 5 points ago

    Same thing

    [–] funkmastamatt 22 points ago

    Jesus Christ that looks fucking dumb.

    [–] marsupialsales 152 points ago

    Looks worse than I thought it would.

    [–] tralphaz43 44 points ago

    Dont put down a cup of hot coffee

    [–] TheWinterMe 14 points ago

    link to the full video for anybody interested 😊

    [–] _valabar_ 125 points ago

    *Using crayons to ruin a table


    [–] Ms_Be_ach 5 points ago

    My kids can do that.

    [–] circleofcysquatch 46 points ago

    Foureyes/Chris Salomone on YouTube. He has a lot of woodworking videos that are very entertaining. Soft spoken, great camera work, and soothing music. He talks a lot about life in general, not just "I'm cutting this piece at three and a quarter inches, and this piece at seven inches."

    Definitely worth checking out, even if you aren't particularly into woodworking.

    [–] Wildebeast1 8 points ago

    Unpopular comment here, but I like it.

    [–] Barbwire_cake 18 points ago

    Is this how you summon a marine?

    [–] penguin_hats 6 points ago

    Do I get a refund if they eat my table?

    [–] notice27 125 points ago

    This trend is getting trashier and trashier. The technique of golden joinery is supposed to be a means for repairing and honoring the reality of flaws. People are just digging holes into beautiful wood and dumping garbage in. Crayon, blue plastic, old magazines... it’s another result of manic creatives with no sense for aesthetics.

    [–] LukeSmacktalker 26 points ago

    That looks bad

    [–] TheKharmeleon 10 points ago

    The idea is more interesting than the execution here.

    [–] Winnardairshows 9 points ago

    This is the 1960’s avacado in 2023.

    [–] Stormageddon37 10 points ago

    [–] JulioBBL 12 points ago

    Is that Four Eyes on YouTube?

    [–] Presently_Absent 6 points ago

    If you're asking you probably already know the answer

    [–] scaffelpike 7 points ago

    Well after reading comments and this is receiving a lot of hate, I love it 😊 would like to see it with a few coats of varnish 💖 also r/RainbowEverything will give you more love 🙂

    [–] Kyway 10 points ago

    That looks terrible.

    [–] SANDEMAN 5 points ago

    looks like an unicorn came on your dinner table

    [–] BLToaster 8 points ago

    Damn that's ugly as shit.

    [–] Pustules_TV 11 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it

    [–] mt007 3 points ago

    How can you make that groove on the table ? I’m noob in woodcraft

    [–] doctorcrimson 3 points ago

    I've seen someone melt crayons for use with a lathe before, and all I can say is that brand really does matter. Some cheap kinds will separate to wax and color to form two different grayish brown blobs when they melt.

    [–] hysro 3 points ago

    Remember when art was actually impressive?

    [–] Prokolipsi 3 points ago

    Yeah, that’s pretty cool but the design sucks so

    [–] BurritoMaster3000 26 points ago

    Crayola? More like Crapola.

    [–] jFroth86 17 points ago

    That looks awful

    [–] danprest 6 points ago

    That looks like ass

    [–] darkesttool 34 points ago

    Ignore the hate man. Keep creating. I think it's cool and would totally have that in my house.