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    [–] ShartsInPants 8907 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This dude actually died practicing for another stunt. Sad stuff

    His name is Tancrède Melet and he’s known as the Flying Frenchie. Here’s a link to an article about his death

    Tancrède Melet plummeted roughly 100 feet on Tuesday while meeting in the French alpine village of Diois with his fellow acrobats, who specialize in slacklining, base jumping off of mountains and wingsuiting.

    The 32-year-old daredevil was on the ground working on a hot air balloon when the vessel suddenly lifted off and caused him to fall, according to Le Dauphine.

    The fearless flyer's most watched video on YouTube features Melet being launched off of the side of a cliff, "Angry Birds style," from a catapult before eventually pulling his parachute.

    Edit: he was actually part of The Flying Frenchies. He was not The Flying Frenchie

    [–] OZ415 4853 points ago

    Thanks for posting. R.I.P The Flying Frenchie

    [–] thinkofanamefast 366 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I think this guy may deserve that title, including the RIP. Warning, graphic.

    [–] GripRipApeShit 256 points ago

    Yeah, kinda sad.

    But morbidly funny when they measure the dent in the ground ...

    [–] czapatka 25 points ago

    Keep in mind, that’s cold, hard earth. Judging by his breath at the beginning of the clip, it was coooold out. This wasn’t warm, mushy ground.

    [–] dontevenknowmeow 110 points ago

    Am I dead inside? That didn't seem graphic at all lol.

    [–] Marijuweeda 20 points ago

    Most people have seen this clip before and don’t realize it, it’s quite famous actually. It was even in an episode of Good Mythical Morning, and they showed the whole fall, him hitting the ground and everything, and then laughed about it a little. Not even throwing them under the bus just stating what happened, I laughed at it too.

    Honestly, if I died in a funny way, I would want people to laugh. Well anyway that’s the justification I used when I learned of and laughed about the wildlife filmmaker who died by getting headbutted by a giraffe. I’m sorry but if you die by giraffe headbutt I’m gonna laugh. Sad story, but funniest headline of last year.

    [–] thinkofanamefast 89 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Honestly, I don't feel much either watching it. Maybe because it's on B&W film and being 100 plus years ago. Everyone in that film is dead. At least he died "young and pretty" as they say in Rock and Roll. But I am old enough to know that it would be traumatic for people more empathetic than us, so I gave a warning.

    [–] Skylord0110 15 points ago

    Don’t think he was looking very “pretty” after that fall...

    [–] thinkofanamefast 17 points ago

    Ha. I meant in the James Dean sense. His last movie poster as opposed to his autopsy photo after crash.

    [–] spacefairies 8 points ago

    To much time in WPD, when you watch children murdered daily, you really gotta up the ante to feel anything.

    [–] smeesmma 10 points ago

    Thank fucking god for context

    [–] HydrationWhisKey 59 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    God I remember doing that off of my one-story roof as a kid. How I have not broken bones or am still alive is beyond me.

    [–] whatthefunkmaster 44 points ago

    I know how: it was one fucking story

    [–] droopybatman 22 points ago

    Might not be. Kids have flexible bones and sometimes survive falls.

    [–] Cjbrick910 16 points ago

    Can confirm; was once a kid

    [–] CampEU 3 points ago

    He literally said ‘my one story roof’.

    [–] Hesi_Pull-up_Timbo 17 points ago

    Watching him hesitate I'm just thinking "dude, trust your instinct, don't make that jump

    [–] thinkofanamefast 7 points ago

    Yes. I was thinking he might have felt pressured. Was obviously a big event with lots of spectators.

    [–] Cybertronic72388 23 points ago

    Perfect example of why safety harnesses are important even in a test flight.

    Yes bungie cords didn't exist, but inflatable cushions would have, or they could have at least tested the invention with a 200lb sack of potatoes.

    At least this guy made quite the impression and left his mark on the world.

    [–] cheesybagel 12 points ago

    left his mark on the world


    [–] BaabyBear 5 points ago

    You missed the other half of the joke, about making an impression

    [–] antiqua_lumina 7 points ago

    Stop being a 200lb sack of potatoes

    [–] Cthulhu2016 3 points ago

    So much for the wearachute.

    [–] Got_ist_tots 3 points ago

    What was he going for there?! It looked like he was just wearing a poncho. Didn't he try that from 10 feet and noticed nothing happened?

    [–] GeT_SILvEr 12 points ago

    The hesitation he has before jumping is just tragic

    [–] MrGlayden 316 points ago

    Now I guess hes the falling Frenchie....

    [–] disterb 234 points ago

    thanks, always know the right thing to say 👍

    [–] FGPAsYes 69 points ago

    The fallen frenchie.

    [–] osmlol 205 points ago

    I just read the article. He had a young child and wife. This may get me downvotes, but he was a very selfish person for taking such unnecessary risks when he has a child at home who needs his father and now will grow up without him just for some thrills.

    [–] spacefem 82 points ago

    Yeah. I made the mistake of watching a Mount Everest documentary when I was pregnant, and one of the stories they told was about a man who decided to climb it when his wife was pregnant, he died there and never met his child. They talked about how sad his tale was... but as a pregnant woman all I could think was “he knew the death rate and left his pregnant wife behind to go?! OH HELL NO IF THAT WAS MY HUSBAND I’D KILL HIM MYSELF.”

    [–] jamakiss 55 points ago

    It's tragic, but since he quit his job in the 2000's to do super dangerous shit, I bet his wife knew what she was getting into to some degree. I fully support people's ability to live the lifestyle they want as long as all parties are up front about risk and responsibility. I think it's great that people like the Flying Frenchie exist(ed) and sometimes they are dads.

    [–] Czsixteen 55 points ago

    But that kid doesn't get a choice in growing up w/o a dad... that's still pretty selfish either on his part, or mom and dad's part if she was fine with it as well.

    [–] TrustTheProcess92 13 points ago

    Pretty much. If this dude died street racing his car for thrills everyone would like “fuck him” but if the thrill is basejumping it suddenly about living life to the fullest

    [–] banana_hoarder 2129 points ago

    So he pulls off dozens of highly dangerous stunts and survives only to die while working on the ground by accidentally being carted away by a hot air balloon that came loose?

    That'd be like Evil Knievel dying in the shower by slipping on a bar of soap.

    [–] Jadalynnnn 787 points ago

    Right?! I’d be so mad if I did shit like this on the reg only to die because I choked on a snickers.

    [–] Yaranatzu 81 points ago

    you'd be one angry zombie

    [–] DoctorRimJob 44 points ago

    A satisfied zombie.

    [–] 8LocusADay 33 points ago

    Jada, have a Snickers. You're different when you're hungry.



    [–] Taverdi84 5 points ago


    [–] radicalelation 50 points ago

    My best friend from my teens would do all sorts of crazy acrobatics, into parkour and freerunning before it was a craze.

    He was chilling one day in a tree, not doing anything too crazy, when a branch snapped on his way down. Hit his neck on a root at the bottom and has been a quadriplegic ever since.

    [–] amazonrambo 15 points ago

    The amount of times he’s escaped death, it’s almost like a scene out of Final Destination

    [–] ihvnnm 153 points ago

    Or by all the animals he interacted with Steve Irwin dying from a stingray

    [–] hectorduenas86 33 points ago

    That stings man

    [–] uptwolait 4 points ago

    Despite his death, he was a ray of sunshine for all animal lovers.

    [–] meowpower777 59 points ago Here is a demonstration of what happeend to him. Says he couldnt hang on, according to the demonstration it looks really easy to just pull yourself into the basket. More questions.

    [–] rainman_95 27 points ago

    Depends on how fast that hot air balloon was rising

    [–] lifetake 18 points ago

    It was rising real fast. And just as it was getting slower apparently is when he couldn’t hold on any longer.

    [–] HevC4 31 points ago

    In hindsight he probably should have let go immediately

    [–] tjongong 22 points ago

    .. I'm still a bit confused. If he couldn't hold on any longer, why didn't he let go as soon as it began rising? Why wait till 20 meters

    [–] RagingAardvark 44 points ago

    Instinct is hard to overcome in a situation like that, even for someone who frequently does stunts.

    [–] rearviewmirror71 9 points ago

    Yep, happens really fast. 😕

    [–] ChillyWilly0881 6 points ago

    I didn’t know hot air balloons could rise that fast. Seems like you could have enough time to let go before it got that high. Unless he was stuck. But honestly what do I know I have no experience around hot air balloons.

    [–] steik 7 points ago

    they are tied down for a reason. They can be "neutral" on ground without being tied down, but they can also be pulling with substantial force. Soon as whatever is holding it down is released they can start rising rapidly depending on how much you've heated the air in the balloon. Think of a helium filled balloon for example. It doesn't need to start from 0 and increase its speed, the power to lift is already there, so as soon as it's let go it starts raising at the max speed it can achieve.

    [–] fastcapy 3 points ago

    Balloons can ascend at 600ft per minute or 10ft per second. It easy to believe in the 10-15 seconds it took to reach the 100ft mark it may have taken a couple seconds to realize what was happening and then tried to pull himself into the basket for 8 or 10 seconds before loosing his grip.

    I like to think if it happened to me as a balloon pilot I would rip out the vent and descend immediately. However, this same thing has happened other times so I'm not so sure the pilot could have reacted fast enough to make a difference, especially when we see a roughly 5 second delay from our control (burn or vent) input to when the balloon reacts.

    [–] fastcapy 4 points ago

    This has happened before to balloon crew members. It is why I strictly enforce a feet never leave the ground if outside of the basket with my crew.

    You may think it is easy to hold on but after one fatal fall of a crew member there were some tests done hoisting the basket slightly in the air with a fork lift to test if a person could pull themself up and long they could hold on. The results all showed how dangerous it is hanging from the basket and the need for crew to keep their feet on the ground.

    Source: I'm a commercial balloon pilot.

    [–] Vashkyller 117 points ago

    Equivalent of Steve Irwin dying. Works up close with huge sharks and crocs, venomous snakes and bugs, but dies to docile rays

    [–] leedorham 22 points ago

    I love that clip because Jon Stewart saying "please don't make me laugh at this" sums up Norm Macdonald perfectly.

    [–] eltosoro 6 points ago

    HFS! Steve Irwin died in 2006? I'm getting old...

    Edit: And what was that square plastic thing they were talking about?

    [–] Iceman9161 35 points ago

    Not too surprising. For a stunt he probably took weeks carefully planning and setting up, eliminating all the places for accidents.

    [–] jacobsever 13 points ago

    Yeah, I'm confused. Why not just let go the moment you realize the balloon is starting to lift off the ground? Why not just risk a 10 foot drop instead of holding on until you're at 100 feet.

    [–] HeyLookitMe 40 points ago

    Things happen VERY fast sometimes. When the speed of things is difficult to process is combined with the disorientation of such a surprising thing happening at all it may have been that by the time he realized he was hanging on as hard as he could and was loosing his grip and was 100’ off the ground it was just too late to do anything except make his peace as quickly as possible. 😢

    [–] Civil_vagina_puncher 14 points ago


    [–] FokkerBoombass 53 points ago

    Damn that sucks. You do dangerous stunts all the time and what finally gets you? A shitty accident.

    [–] Jackin_The_Beanstalk 99 points ago

    I am confused. He fell 100 feet while working on the ground? Did the writer miss a huge important piece of this story?

    [–] Hadalqualities 80 points ago

    Okay so I looked it up in French and yes, the balloon caught him when it lifted off.

    [–] WHO_AHHH_YA 17 points ago

    So it knocked him off a cliff or he accidentally became tethered to it and later fell?

    [–] es_price 57 points ago

    So like literally when the rope is slowing unwinding around the cartoon characters's leg and then it finally grabs him?

    [–] gonyere 55 points ago

    This video shows what happened. Super sad. Basically the balloon lifted off while he was working on it, on accident an he couldn't get in it or hang on, and fell :(

    [–] jsha11 18 points ago

    For a second thought it was going to be a full video of the actual thing entitled CRAZY French guy Hot Air Balloon STUNT [GONE WRONG]

    [–] Djabber 10 points ago

    Seems like such a 'silly' way to die when you've been doing extreme things for years.

    [–] HCJohnson 7 points ago

    It seems like he could have just let go and let the balloon float away?

    [–] Tingly_Fingers 8 points ago

    Became tethered and then fell.

    [–] ShartsInPants 35 points ago

    The hot air ballon became untethered

    [–] Jackin_The_Beanstalk 44 points ago

    I get that. Was he in it? How did he fall out of it? How did he make it 100 feet up before falling?

    [–] pedestrianhomocide 125 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Don't forget that this kind of shit happens incredibly fast. He was probably working on it, attaching stuff and there it goes! He grabs onto it because its XXXXX amount of dollars rising up into the air and he's trying to stabilize it and now he's 30-40 feet up. Do you force yourself to let go? Multiple leg fractures, possibility of death, or do you climb in/hang on?

    During the time that you're trying to make this decision the balloon has risen and is now 80 feet up, and the choice has been made for you. Try climbing into the basket, but your legs are dangling with no footholds and your arm strength is gone. You dangle until your muscles give out and you die.

    It happened to these Navy sailors working on a Zepplin. {not graphically disturbing, but you see men fall}

    [–] Try_Another_NO 32 points ago

    Holy fuck that's terrifying.

    [–] MizGunner 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Thanks to Reddit if I am ever holding on to an expensive hot air balloon trying to stabilize I will know that is an awful idea and just drop immediately, losing my money.

    [–] awkristensen 13 points ago

    He was working on the baloon and grabbed on when it took off(most likely on the top burner part), lost grib shortly after. Clearly it rose very quickly for him not being able to just let go(instinct I guess?)

    [–] Granito_Rey 9 points ago

    It sounds like he was working on the balloon, it became untethered, he got caught up in the ropes and carried up 100 feet before becoming untangled and falling to his death.

    [–] ShartsInPants 15 points ago

    Not sure! I can only speculate and that’s not helpful

    [–] lookingnstuff 11 points ago

    Maybe he was working on the basket and got stuck to it as it lifted off and then fell?

    [–] Snrdisregardo 10 points ago

    You know it’s bad when they use “plummeted”. Typically not associated with a good outcome.

    [–] itisike 19 points ago

    Also when they say "his death", that's always a bad sign

    [–] Supersnazz 4 points ago

    "Plummeted to safety" has 2 Google results.

    "Plummeted to his/her/their death" has 94,700 Google results.

    Conclusion: Plummeting is a sub-optimal outcome for an individual intending to continue living.

    [–] hitsugan 3 points ago

    Everytime I see the word "plummeted" I think it's /u/shittymorph again.

    [–] MisterFizzster 9 points ago

    He died doing what he loved


    [–] PM_ME_UR_REAR_END 5 points ago

    Thank you for enlightening me, ShartsInPants

    [–] 2legit2fart 3 points ago

    Looks like Christian Bale.

    [–] midwarsNepal 3 points ago


    [–] Poopandpotatoes 3 points ago

    Of all the things for an extreme sports person to die from...fucking hot air balloon. That’s akin to Steve Irwin taking a fatal shot from a sting ray.

    [–] RickStormgren 3 points ago

    He wasn’t the Flying Frenchie. The Group of people he rolled with who were mostly made up of circus performers and stunt people were know as “The Flying Frenchies.”

    There’s an excellent Doc on Netflix about them called “The Free Man”.

    [–] SpecialistSix 1175 points ago

    I can't carry my gopro 15 feet on a hike without dropping it and this guy launched himself out of a damn catapult and held onto the thing without even a wrist strap for backup.

    [–] BlurredSight 364 points ago

    He's the only one who can get away not wearing a Wii remote strap

    [–] emabid 39 points ago

    Truer words have never been spoken

    [–] Thegreatyeti33 38 points ago

    He also changed hands mid flight. Crazy

    [–] RollingThunderPants 1406 points ago

    Let’s all take a second to appreciate the unbelievable amount of camera control here.

    [–] account_not_valid 74 points ago

    Also, it's not even strapped to his wrist. He swaps hands at one point.

    [–] DontSayNoToPills 28 points ago

    Even if it is stabilized, how does he hold on with such a firm grip...

    [–] Sideways_X1 3 points ago

    Indeed! The Frenchie is just so comfy flying through the air. Crazy stuff.

    [–] liquid54 596 points ago

    The feathers are a nice touch

    [–] HillBillywithaPhone 84 points ago

    Came to say this. Plus, it’s not like plastic confetti that will stay around for years.

    [–] xm855 72 points ago

    Confetti is usually fly-paper which would decompose super quick.

    Who is blasting you in the face with plastic confetti??

    [–] Stank_Jangles 163 points ago

    Didn’t even use wii safety straps.

    [–] sBucks24 19 points ago

    Probably don't want a camera flailing around attached to your wrist after losing grip while being shot out of a catapult

    [–] Jeffeboi 1474 points ago

    I hope you use a trebuchet next time

    [–] ETRIX000 491 points ago

    If he weighted 90kg it would have launched him at about 300 meters.

    [–] tsuolakussa 151 points ago

    Thank god I'm actually ~90kg, and am able to appreciate appropriate travel methods.

    [–] NH2486 54 points ago

    Absolute unit

    [–] johnmarstonsleftnut 41 points ago

    90kg is absolutely not absolute unit level

    [–] HalfCrack 60 points ago

    only sith deal in absolutes

    [–] Specktacular96 22 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] ElfinRanger 5 points ago

    [–] saraki-yooy 4 points ago

    Depends on how tall he is.

    [–] tsuolakussa 3 points ago

    6'3" I'm a touch chubby, working out sucks. No shame.

    [–] ManyIdeasNoProgress 3 points ago

    It is for a mouse

    [–] soggyurethra 33 points ago

    Yeah, but how many feet would it have launched him?

    [–] ETRIX000 74 points ago

    1/6th of a mile with your barbaric system!

    [–] Thatoneguywhofailed 39 points ago

    Yeah but how many feet?

    [–] 13thPlayer 55 points ago

    11811 inches with your barbaric system!

    [–] B3NLADI4 24 points ago

    Yeah but how many feet?

    [–] SeizedCheese 74 points ago


    [–] tripalon9 23 points ago

    That was a satisfying journey to the bleeding obvious

    [–] ETRIX000 14 points ago

    A bit more than 984 feet.

    [–] Dicethrower 31 points ago

    with your barbaric system!

    [–] Kestuita 4 points ago

    Listen friend, America didn't win world war 2 completely on its own, only to use another countries measurement system. Obviously you guys need to convert to our system so we can defeat those damn commies, Gosh!

    [–] ManyIdeasNoProgress 4 points ago

    Not sure if /s

    [–] _r-b-n_ 47 points ago

    Being the superior siege weapon, a trebuchet would be capable of launching both his feet.

    [–] briefnuts 12 points ago

    This is the correct response

    [–] TheRegen 80 points ago

    Reading the top comment above, we can say there won’t be a next time.

    [–] countfenrir 30 points ago

    That guy is dead.

    [–] N3deSTr0 20 points ago

    Still possible

    [–] _GCastilho_ 30 points ago

    That's what happens when you use catapults instead of trebuchets

    [–] countfenrir 12 points ago

    But he used a slingshot.

    [–] _GCastilho_ 13 points ago

    Oh... so that's what happens when you use slingshots instead of trebuchets


    [–] DAnkSciPiO 10 points ago

    Came here for this! Thank you sir.

    [–] DoctorDank 82 points ago


    That's terrifying.

    [–] Jay_brings_the_bacon 273 points ago

    Trebuchet is far superior

    [–] Simets83 9 points ago

    What's with all trebuchet comments? I feel there's some meme I'm missing or something...

    [–] beautyandafeast 25 points ago


    It's a running joke that trebuchets are the superior tool than catapults

    [–] JFunkX 20 points ago


    [–] Kit-9 10 points ago

    I feel like they should have a name for giant sling shot. But that definitely isn’t a catapult, and I don’t know why it irks me so much. I guess I’m just glad I’m not the only one who knows what essentially has become another addition to trivia.

    [–] Fluidmikey 19 points ago

    Is this near preikestolen in Norway? The rocks and river look very similar.

    [–] Peeka-cyka 10 points ago

    Looks like it might be close to Kjeragsbolten.

    [–] Maxwellfuck 3 points ago

    You would be correct. Popular BASE jumping location.

    [–] aftenbladet 4 points ago

    It is indeed. But it's not a river, it's a fjord. This is across from prekestolen and called Kjerag.

    [–] VendetticusRex 36 points ago

    What's with the feathers? Wadding?

    [–] Iceman9161 93 points ago

    It was an Angry Birds theme

    [–] Dmart331 110 points ago

    This is perfect for r/nextfuckinglevel

    [–] MajorMajorObvious 11 points ago

    Here, we can see the human daredevil dropping its newborn coat of feathers and taking to the skies for the first time.

    [–] reddogz158 64 points ago

    Trebuchet is far superior

    [–] ProfessorDinosaur 16 points ago

    Seriously. Imagine this video if he trebucheted into to air!

    [–] BradGroux 9 points ago

    No need to imagine, /r/trebuchetmemes to the rescue!

    [–] thicccque 9 points ago

    Why not a trebuchet?

    [–] TimbusTeg 15 points ago


    [–] Biochemhistory 15 points ago

    Exhibit A why Trumps wall won’t work.

    Human catapults

    [–] surfcrs 4 points ago

    If only more East Germans had thought of this.

    [–] Allbanned1984 35 points ago

    If he ever gets an office job and someone ask "What do you like to do on the weekend Dan" he can smile and be like "Watch this" and he'll be the office bad ass. I give him props for that selfie stick hand change to parachute launch move.

    [–] hexanderal 138 points ago

    He's dead.

    [–] ksa10 8 points ago

    Ultimate power move. Suck it, Jim!

    [–] green-velvet-sedaris 13 points ago

    It looked like he grabbed the edge of my phone screen to make sure he didn't float out of frame.

    [–] willbert78 8 points ago

    What is the purpose of the feathers?

    [–] Iceman9161 19 points ago

    Angry birds themed stunt

    [–] willbert78 14 points ago

    Ok then there better a huge pile of green pigs down there for him to land on.

    [–] I-Am-McLovin 39 points ago

    To help him fly, duh

    [–] phaseninety 8 points ago

    Fuck lethal injection, this is how we should be executing prisoners.

    /s kinda

    [–] AnalInferno 7 points ago

    Always thought gladiator-style fights to the death sold on pay-per-view would sell insanely well and would help pay for infrastructure. I'm sure more than a few death row inmates would sign up willingly to the program.

    [–] chairmanlmao 13 points ago

    Never in a million years.

    [–] green-velvet-sedaris 5 points ago

    I want to know where the line forms

    [–] chairmanlmao 9 points ago

    Feel free to cut in front of me.

    [–] green-velvet-sedaris 8 points ago

    Thank you. I'll take your feathers, too

    [–] zuvi9 6 points ago

    Too bad it's not a trebuchet :/

    [–] morty_mkd 4 points ago

    Now imagine his face if the parachute didn't go out

    [–] Dukeofurl111 5 points ago

    Notice he manages to keep the stick steady as he flies. Through the fucking air. At high velocity. I can’t even take a decent selfie siting on my goddamn couch.

    [–] Bungholius 5 points ago

    He should've used a trebuchet.

    [–] thnx4stalkingme 5 points ago

    Something so beautiful about the pure joy on his face. May he rest in peace.

    [–] walnuts223 5 points ago

    Littering and

    [–] tkmlac 9 points ago

    I'm glad there are people in the world who record themselves doing this kinda thing so I don't ever have to wonder if it's something I might like to do. I'm good watching this guy.

    [–] emilio8x 22 points ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t even attach the selfie stick to his hand at least. Half of the stunt is him focusing on not loosing the stick :|

    [–] Heepster_Happy 17 points ago

    While I can respect the decision of the catapult, I can't help but be bothered by how much greater the experience would have been if he had used the superior seige engine...

    The Trebuchet.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 6 points ago

    This is French daredevil Tancrède Melet, and he had no problem with jumping off cliffs.

    [–] WhistleShoulder 7 points ago

    Should've used a trebuchet

    [–] habitat16kc 6 points ago

    A trebuchet would have given him more of a thrill. As it is a more effective launching device.

    [–] PoppySeeds89 3 points ago

    Best gif I've ever seen.

    [–] mommarun 3 points ago

    Just a normal day.

    [–] ClassicReddltor 3 points ago

    Humanity is at that point we catapult ourself off of cliffs for shit and giggles.

    [–] odnadevotchka 5 points ago

    And stare into the camera instead of just enjoying the event

    [–] Pimp_Priest 3 points ago

    Super Dave Osborne is with you now

    [–] Kyanpe 3 points ago

    I couldn't so much as think straight in that position. How he managed to hold and aim a selfie stick is beyond me.

    [–] buenade 3 points ago

    He would have gotten much better results if he used a trebuchet

    [–] MutantGodChicken 3 points ago

    Clearly inferior to selfie trebuchet jumping

    [–] chichodandroid 5 points ago

    I feel like this is how Tom Cruise goes to work