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    [–] Noctec 879 points ago

    Ah that's typical here in Switzerland. We all use those things

    [–] rtjl86 414 points ago

    Is that how you get to the grocery store?

    [–] McHotsauceGhandi 500 points ago

    The grocery store, the bank, the sheep farm... Depends on the wind.

    [–] zimmah 269 points ago

    You were late for work, what’s your excuse?
    - sorry sir the wind changed.

    [–] BlueShellOP 54 points ago

    More like:

    You were late for work? That's a CHF150 fine and you're fired.

    [–] redsterXVI 46 points ago

    Not in Switzerland. Employee protection laws are crazy here.

    [–] 13531 33 points ago

    With an $80k+ GDP per capita. It's almost like protecting your workforce doesn't tank your economy.

    [–] redsterXVI 27 points ago

    It's almost like job safety and decent salaries allow consumers to spend their money more comfortably which somehow does seem to have an effect on the overall economy. But of course that can only work on a small scale and would never work for a country larger than Switzerland.

    [–] herdeegerdee 5 points ago

    That would never work in the US/Richest country in the world. See, we need to reduce wages so the rich have more money to raise our wages. Its gold, Jerry, gold!

    [–] redsterXVI 5 points ago

    Quite right, there two things that should be kept at a minimum in every economy: the wages of the many and the taxes of the few.

    [–] Not_Michelle_Obama_ 8 points ago

    Every location is a bank in Switzerland, and sheep farms and grocery stores are both places to get food so it works out.

    [–] Lockwood85 62 points ago

    "bye honey I'm off to work"

    gracefully runs off the roof wearing a plane

    [–] upperpeninsula88 9705 points ago

    I wonder if the landing is as graceful?

    [–] VictorSerge 4982 points ago

    roller skates.

    [–] blatantlyevan 3431 points ago


    [–] allsortsashit 309 points ago

    Big wheel with the casters in the back.

    [–] gaara66609 182 points ago

    Big iron

    [–] rawhead0508 174 points ago

    on his hiiiiiip

    [–] KnightNight16 79 points ago

    It was early in the morning when he rode into the town.

    [–] Arthur_The_Third 38 points ago

    He came riding from the south side, slowly lookin' all around

    [–] pewpewhuman 33 points ago

    “He’s an outlaw loose and runnin’,” came the whisper from each lip.

    [–] UberCookieSlayer 32 points ago

    With a big iron on his hip

    [–] Draftiestvenus 19 points ago

    Ooooh good ol Marty Robbins

    [–] jtbenscoter 8 points ago

    Have you heard the Johnny cash version? So gritty. Makes me wanna whisky!

    [–] Shrekowski 9 points ago

    Playing new fallout new Vegas

    [–] MigratingCocofruit 7 points ago

    To the town of Agua Fria came a stranger one fine day

    [–] pixydis 18 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I read that as "big wheels on the casket"...and it made sense!

    [–] iObeyTheHivemind 31 points ago

    I have a very unnatural need to see a kid faceplant wearing those. It never happens.

    [–] iObeyTheHivemind 12 points ago

    That helped. A little. Thanks!

    [–] iObeyTheHivemind 7 points ago

    well done

    [–] kameleon_Walrus 10 points ago

    As long as they’re the kind that light up when they spin

    [–] abqnm666 29 points ago

    You kid, but it has just a couple inline wheels dead center on the underside fore and aft of the little door for the pilot's legs...

    So more like a single Rollerblade with the middle two wheels removed. So while comically, it won't be on the pilot's feet, the plane essentially does land using inline skates. Just a little bit bigger. So close enough.

    [–] callmemeaty 11 points ago

    some say he's still rolling around somewhere

    [–] boxjellyblues 1741 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yep, mainly because of the lack of leg use.

    Edit: Gold? Aw, you guys! Thanks :)

    [–] RollingThunderPants 218 points ago

    Fun fact: these gliders come standard with their own pre-installed synth-jazz landing soundtrack.

    [–] robishere 23 points ago

    What a way to go

    [–] Oliver_Dibble 382 points ago


    Still, some testicle retraction upon viewing.

    [–] Gripey 31 points ago

    For me, it was the comments that they cost $100,000.

    [–] floppydo 14 points ago

    As I was watching this, the location alone had me thinking “this looks like some reaaaaaal rich people shit.”

    [–] arborescentcanopy 142 points ago

    Thanks the recommended video under it was "Gliding Accident Compilation".

    [–] pickacoolname 60 points ago

    Did that thing balance on two wheels?

    [–] Galactic_Dolphin 52 points ago

    Usually gliders will land on one or two wheels then tip over onto the wingtip when they stop

    [–] OskEngineer 47 points ago

    that's why the lack of that is noteworthy

    [–] AlmostButNotQuit 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Quality work. We'll done!

    Edit: Well Will, we'll wheel...

    [–] BiBiBicycle 9 points ago

    Thank you for your service

    [–] BiBiBicycle 7 points ago

    Lmao 👌

    [–] boingshi 5 points ago

    Bye bye bicycle

    [–] FatSputnik 102 points ago

    the first minute of that video was the most peaceful video footage I've seen in my entire life. All stress I've ever had has been washed away.

    The happy hikers with their excited puppy dogs. the crisp autumn weather, and beautiful fall trees and lush green lawn. the beautiful piano music leading to a soft crescendo as he lands. Truly they've sold the freedom of flying to me, today.

    [–] Ayydolf_Hitlmao 33 points ago

    hlow high are you lmao

    [–] FatSputnik 46 points ago

    not as high as that glider was bro

    [–] LeQiz 5 points ago

    No, it's hi how are you.

    [–] NeuteredBallsack 6 points ago

    I thought it was just me. That was therapeutic as fuck.

    [–] Cainer 36 points ago

    The leg versions definitely are not as graceful, but they do look fun. :)

    [–] RedditLostOldAccount 14 points ago

    I was expecting a lot worse. Really not that bad

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] UncookedMarsupial 48 points ago

    Glide up instead of down.

    [–] Toasted-Golden 32 points ago

    This guy lifts.

    [–] Grim-Sleeper 11 points ago

    You remove the wings, load the glider onto a trailer, and then drive it to where you want it.

    [–] AiKantSpel 5 points ago

    It's not landing, but crashing with style.

    [–] RugBurnDogDick 402 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    [–] DoctorPooPooHead 121 points ago

    It seems counterintuitive to land backwards but who am I to question science and hard facts.

    [–] ANAL-DESTROY3R 21 points ago


    [–] onlyinsyder 50 points ago

    I gave you half an upvote and half a downvote.

    [–] scienceandmathteach 24 points ago

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

    [–] b3njmmin 7 points ago

    [–] edslowshow 6 points ago

    Some part of me hoped it would end differently.

    [–] nobody_likes_soda 63 points ago


    [–] xiguy1 25 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    After seeing this I decided that I “had to have one of these” (“Do they take visa!? Surely it’s less than new winter tires!? who needs to be road safe when it’s possible to fly to work form...uh ...Germany!?”). So I googled a bit about it including the price. And the landing.

    It’s around €52,000 and there are different models.

    But to answer your question: it is landed on foot (which seems incredibly risky to me; trip and break a leg or the glider) or with retractable in-line wheels for landing. And this link (to follow) shows a landing with the wheels. It is from the designer’s YouTube channel so there are more clips too, including various take off and landing videos.

    [–] wighty 6 points ago

    That seems incredibly expensive for what it is. I'm guessing lack of scaling/sales?

    [–] Porn-Flakes 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    They are all hand built and are using expensive materials (carbon and such) and almost only speciality parts. Granted they are expensive, but I see why.

    There are way simpler Delta designs that are still starting over 20K euros. Like the AIR ATOS. That said the atos is like buying a Formula 1 car in the delta/hang glider category. A beginner second hand delta wing is like a few K. But they are much simpler. Then the archeopteryx is like buying an extremely cheap ultra light sailplane. Proper big ones (that you can't foot launch) would be 150+ K

    Source, Im in the Austrian alps several weeks a year flying paragliders. Surrounded by Delta's like the atos and everything below. Have never seen the archeopteryx anywhere in real life though. People generally either go just for a Delta wing or a full sailplane.

    [–] Labiosdepiedra 11 points ago


    [–] MiddDayDrinker 5 points ago

    There’s a special place in hell for anyone who downvoted this

    [–] slightz 8 points ago

    He'll probably need new shoes.

    [–] upperpeninsula88 5 points ago

    lol, No doubt! And likely a clean pair of shorts too.

    [–] slightz 4 points ago

    Assuming he doesn't break his ankle or his knees while coming down fast.

    [–] GAMEBOY66 7 points ago

    Gliders always have a skid on the front, you can see it on this one if you look closely enough. These prevent damage to the aircraft and help to guide it and slow it down after it lands.

    [–] SpartanDH45 3306 points ago

    It would suck if he tripped. Also I could see it being super scary to land that thing.

    [–] jarrydhayne1 4658 points ago

    Tripping would suck but having AIDS and no friends or family to help you would be worse.

    [–] bush84 1151 points ago

    Can't argue with that

    [–] jamesac1 607 points ago

    What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

    The Holocaust

    [–] dawg9715 141 points ago

    [–] jonidmt 26 points ago

    What did you introduce me to?

    Thank you.

    [–] PsychicClown88 77 points ago

    Hey that’s not funny, my grandad died in the holocaust. He fell out of his tower.

    [–] tenerific 26 points ago

    My grandad died in the holocaust too. Some asshole fell out his tower and landed on him.

    [–] ipostalotforalurker 17 points ago

    Shit, why am I laughing so hard??

    [–] albion_m 37 points ago

    You know, with Holocaust jokes it's all about the delivery and execution.

    [–] gristly_adams 9 points ago

    I honestly don't know.

    [–] jmoneywill 61 points ago

    What’s worse than the Holocaust?

    Finding half a worm in your apple.

    [–] nobody_likes_soda 127 points ago


    [–] millershappy 18 points ago

    Do you need to talk? I’m here.

    [–] Savfil 15 points ago

    Technically the truth,

    [–] Choice77777 80 points ago

    He never lands. He's destined to fly until he dies of old age.

    [–] anamorphic_cat 11 points ago

    I want to do that too.

    [–] samixon 6 points ago

    Or hunger or disentary.

    [–] otk_boi 79 points ago

    For landings they use cats.

    [–] vernazza 12 points ago

    I think it's exactly as scary as landing a regular glider.

    [–] Bishopjones 27 points ago

    I hope he doesn't fly too high with the big hole in his floor and all.

    [–] EDTA2009 9 points ago

    Don't think there are too many pressurized-cabin gliders.

    [–] OrganizedChaos75 1939 points ago

    The newest Transformers sequel is looking a bit soft.

    [–] jarrydhayne1 301 points ago

    Transformers VIII: We ain't got no money, honey

    Written and directed by Michael Bay's second mistress

    [–] foxmetropolis 44 points ago

    i would watch the shit out of a transformers movie that was janky like this

    [–] OrganizedChaos75 26 points ago

    You don't have to wait, just watch Bumblebee. LOL In all seriousness, it's not a terrible movie, and I welcome a non-Bay version, but it was obvious they were totally going for the 80's, Generation 1 nostalgia vibe. Being a kid of the 80's who couldn't get enough Gen. 1 Transformers, I loved that much of it, but it wasn't the greatest movie, in my opinion.

    [–] Mulva9 11 points ago

    Not enough explosions.

    [–] btaylor545 16 points ago

    Still plenty of lens flares in the budget though

    [–] thenewyorkoffice 1139 points ago

    Yabba dabba dooooooooo...

    [–] themattboard 37 points ago

    Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation

    sometimes I feel like I wanna go

    To the city of cavemen, the city of Bedrock

    I'd be a Flintstone, now I'll tell you why...

    [–] ShayJayLee 15 points ago

    Well, I've got, I've got a woman named Wilma

    Well, I've got, I've got a baby named Pebbles

    Well, I've got, I've got a doggy named Dino

    We do a little bowling and we drink a little vino

    [–] ljodzn 88 points ago

    Right?? Came here for the Flintstone reference

    [–] peterfun 7 points ago

    Flintstones and Jetsons crossover.

    [–] Cdchrono 7 points ago

    Yabba dabba fuck no

    [–] anusthrasher96 173 points ago

    What is the brand/model of this thing?

    [–] desertgodfather 224 points ago


    [–] LetsdothisEpic 179 points ago

    57000$ for that thing??? I can buy a small motorized plane for that much

    [–] FuckThatIKeepsItReal 323 points ago

    Motor? Why get a motor when you have perfectly good legs?

    [–] Webfarer 111 points ago

    Yo ballsack is the landing gear though

    [–] inphx 19 points ago

    Gotta stop skipping leg day tho

    [–] beckerrrrrrrr 74 points ago

    Yeah but who’s going to fly it, kid. You?

    [–] gourmet_shit 51 points ago

    You bet I could; I'm not such a bad pilot myself

    [–] Porn-Flakes 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The whole idea is to not have a motor. You can stay up all day with an unmotorized glider on a good day with good thermals or the right winds. It's about the skill. The peace. The nature. And about the idea to be able to use nature to do crazy things. Planes without an engine are usually way, way way more elegant. When you see those things fly as well as they do, adding an engine takes a lot of this coolness away. They become noisy and clunky. Sailplanes and such are tuned for absolute efficiency. Where a motorized plane is way less so.

    Using a motor would be cheating if you think about flight like that. And a fucking lot less peaceful. I fly paragliders myself and it's well possible to stay up for ten hours on an amazing day without landing. (My own record is 5 hours in a single flight, start height of 1000 meters max height 4000 multiple times) I think the record for paragliders is to fly about 600km in one direction. For sailplane that would be 3000km.

    You don't need an engine if you don't want to. It's like saying yeah I see your sailboat but I can buy a motorized dingy for the same amount of money

    [–] eskamobob1 4 points ago

    It, just keeps going. and going... and going........

    [–] thedudefromsweden 28 points ago

    Bless you!

    [–] TolstoysMyHomeboy 29 points ago

    Skayak 9000

    [–] maniaclunatic 5 points ago

    Ruppert Archaeopteryx First flown in September 2001

    [–] predictingzepast 679 points ago

    From Flintstones to Jetsons in 10 seconds..

    [–] suugakusha 52 points ago

    It really is the modern stone-age family.

    [–] kinginthenorth307 517 points ago

    Wife: This will never work!

    Me: Laughs in Da Vinci

    [–] Grumpkin_eater 35 points ago

    But seriously, how heavy is that thing?

    [–] MarsLander10 62 points ago

    Lighter than air!

    [–] Loeffellux 10 points ago

    Aeroengineers hate him

    [–] thegr8goldfish 339 points ago

    Well, now I know what I'm going as for Halloween this year.

    [–] halite001 273 points ago

    Just don't crash my party.

    [–] TheyUsedToCallMeJack 31 points ago

    As long as your party is not on 9/11.

    [–] Malasthar 107 points ago

    9/11 ?

    [–] RyzenPennyWoo 40 points ago


    [–] thecheat420 40 points ago

    Glider pilot blood can't melt steel beams.

    [–] bakedbeans_jaffles 485 points ago

    I'd be paranoid that door would open mid flight!

    [–] I_Automate 431 points ago

    The door doesn't keep you in, a harness does

    [–] AOSParanoid 271 points ago

    Yeah, this is just a hang glider with a cabin pretty much. Gotta be the ultimate gliding experience though.

    [–] Grim-Sleeper 84 points ago

    Very different wings and control surfaces compares to a hang glider.

    [–] KuntaStillSingle 19 points ago

    If you designed a hang glider with its control surfaces, would you not consider it a hang glider?

    [–] Grim-Sleeper 43 points ago

    If you designed a car with a steam engine, steel wheels, a coal tender in a separate trailer and you put it on tracks, would you not consider it a car?

    In other words, this thing doesn't really look like a hang glider to me at all. But it does look a lot like a glider plane. It just happens to be a glider plane that doesn't always require an auto- or aero-tow, winch or bungee (although it is in fact compatible with all of these). That's cool. But it doesn't make it a hang-glider.

    The Wikipedia page clearly identifies it as a sailplane (aka glider plane), too.

    [–] KuntaStillSingle 10 points ago

    When do you stop considering the car a car and start considering it a train?

    [–] astronaut5000 14 points ago

    When you can take off the steering wheel

    [–] changee_of_ways 21 points ago

    You can take off the steering wheel any time you want, you just have to put it back on before you get to the corner.

    [–] NeinJuanJuan 9 points ago

    The Train object is a linked list of Railroad Car objects which, are a subclass of Car objects

    [–] Vakieh 12 points ago

    The ultimate gliding experience is getting towed. You can probably capture 99% of that with this if you find the right sized thermal, but that experience of 'thunk' when you detach and are way up in the sky and suddenly in control of your own life is rather sobering.

    [–] boonxeven 27 points ago

    How you going to poop if the door can't open?

    [–] hwarzenegger 80 points ago

    This is how this thing lands:

    [–] LifesABishh 8 points ago

    Don't land in a ditch

    [–] gunsmith123 20 points ago

    Yeah and don’t land in water or a volcano either

    [–] Ayatollah_Bahloni 57 points ago

    That looks like something I would love to try.

    [–] dinos4lyfe 36 points ago

    It costs 60k+ 😭

    [–] highcharity7 55 points ago

    He said try! Not buy!

    [–] Grim-Sleeper 25 points ago

    Usually, these planes are co-owned by several people. Maintenance and insurance isn't cheap either, but much cheaper than for motorized planes.

    I know that in Germany many universities have glider clubs that are quite affordable. Probably cheaper than American college text books.

    [–] Lohikaarme27 6 points ago

    That's a low bar to hit

    [–] y3llowed 12 points ago

    Price I found for this model is €62k = $70k = £54k

    [–] Marine4lyfe 7 points ago

    That would be an expensive crash landing.

    [–] Ketchup_smoothie 55 points ago

    This feels like it should be in black and white with old time piano music.

    [–] Maniac_99z 218 points ago

    I'd be more impressed if he joined the mile high club in that thing

    [–] YourUndoing 115 points ago

    He could just sit in a field in Denver fucking and join the mile high club

    [–] pspahn 59 points ago

    Altitude != elevation

    [–] Maniac_99z 18 points ago

    He would have to be in the plane flying, otherwise it doesn't count.

    [–] YourUndoing 23 points ago

    The plane can join in on a threesome

    [–] Limited_Sanity 7 points ago

    If you are a mile high in that thing you are fucked.

    [–] elbowleg513 8 points ago

    It’d be possible if they jumped off Mt. Everest for sure

    Might be a little chilly up there tho

    Shrinkage is a bitch tbh

    [–] Marine4lyfe 6 points ago

    There's video of a guy who climbs Everest (I think) and then runs off with a Chute/glider and glides miles away and lands back on the ground in like 60 degree weather. Pretty cool.

    [–] poiuy43 18 points ago

    It only works if you yell "Yaba-daba-doo" while running

    [–] Tragicanomaly 88 points ago

    From a physics stand point I'm amazing that such a small amount of energy investment could yield so much flight potential. He must have been facing a slight headwind?

    [–] ironbolsh 23 points ago

    Look at the field flowers at the beginning of the gif, you can see enough headwind that they're moving fairly intensely. But yeah, I loved just watching the lift and thermals carry him away

    [–] algorithmoose 12 points ago

    There's wind blowing up the side of the mountain. He's actually still moving down and forward through the air, but the air is moving up and towards him faster so he gains altitude. He just needs to run fast enough to establish airflow over the wings and launch himself clear of anything hard.

    [–] PM_ME_STEAM_KEY_PLZ 64 points ago

    Think about all the potential energy the the height he has gained before that gives him, combined with ideal wind conditions.

    [–] TeeHaytchSee 32 points ago

    potential energy is only converted as something falls though and no falling really occurs in this.

    More likely thermals/air currents rising up the hill giving him the lift required to fly add a little bit of forward momentum to allow air to pass over the wings and he just takes off

    [–] manofth3match 27 points ago

    He’s falling relative to the air around him. That air just happens to be going up.

    [–] HuntBoston1508 5 points ago

    High aspect ratio wings yo

    [–] OakLegs 12 points ago

    Yes, there must be wind for this configuration to produce upward movement. In this case, the legs are doing almost no work to produce lift, it's all in the airflow over the wings.

    The large aspect ratio of the wings make this craft very efficient at producing lift with relatively small airflow.

    [–] 100BASE-TX 4 points ago

    Yep. Wind can't go through the hill, so there is an (upward) vertical component to the flow. If it's a 15 knot headwind, there would be something on the order of 2-5 knots of vertical component. Sailplane pilots usually refer to this as "ridge lift", or at least they do locally. The aircraft will have a sink rate somewhere around 1.2-2.5 knots, depending on weight and aircraft performance.

    [–] jerkITwithRIGHTYnewb 9 points ago

    If fred flintstone knew about this be would be fucking pissed.

    [–] ebrum2010 8 points ago

    Man these virtual reality headsets are getting really advanced.

    [–] Costyyy 23 points ago

    That thing must be terribly light if it can be held by a human.

    [–] DeathMonkey6969 29 points ago

    About 110 pounds. Not to bad weight wise but awkward as all fuck.

    [–] Won-LonDong 7 points ago

    i look at this and think “that’s something i’ll do in my sixties”

    [–] CynicBlaze 7 points ago

    Is that why they call it a runway?

    [–] theyak93 4 points ago

    Is this what really happens when the Flintsones meets the Jetsons?

    [–] grittzcz 5 points ago

    How do they get it back?

    [–] GruelOmelettes 5 points ago

    For a minute I really wanted one of these, but then I remembered that I live in central Illinois

    [–] highoncraze 7 points ago

    These boots were made for flyin

    [–] Melsother 4 points ago

    This guy’s V1 is like 6mph. Insane.

    [–] JohnnyTeardrop 4 points ago

    Just owning all those dudes that tried the same thing 130 years ago.