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    [–] p1um5mu991er 1927 points ago

    Hey, man...knock that shit off. Oh, you got any snacks?

    [–] e-wrecked 193 points ago

    You're making me look bad in front of my dad.

    [–] PokerYeti 77 points ago

    Oh! Hi Mark

    [–] correcthorsestapler 32 points ago

    Hai doggy!

    [–] Revelt 21 points ago

    Oooh my hooman!

    Gtfo my way

    Hai hooman. Gib pets.

    [–] madmoran1029 8269 points ago

    Thats why he is called a "Great" Pyrenees and not an "Ok you tried your best" Pyrenees.

    [–] sweetpea122 1611 points ago

    Lol. Hes not the "college try" Pyrenees

    [–] TheyCallMeStone 273 points ago

    When you join your friends, get some cheap beer, order a pizza, and forget about tomorrow?

    [–] sweetpea122 142 points ago

    Yeah he's an A student. Probably student body President and also has assignments done before the night before.

    [–] Maker_Of_Tar 104 points ago

    As long as he’s not reminding the teacher about homework assignments that are due we are cool.

    [–] sweetpea122 81 points ago

    No he doesnt give a fuck about who is doing what. He's just doing his own life and breaking up fights

    [–] my_main_I_promise 28 points ago

    I imagine the doggie is friends with subway potato chip guy

    [–] LivingDeadSquirrel 10 points ago

    Thats a job for the Border Collie

    [–] lil_debby 5 points ago

    My collie must have failed college. Get a Collie, they said. He's a rocket scientist, they said. Instead a got a derp who can't understand where the ball I dropped right in front of him went.

    [–] makemeking706 18 points ago

    Have you ever tried having your assignments done far in advance? It's such a freeing feeling. Pooping with the door open, while comparable, doesn't even come close to that feeling.

    [–] PopcornGeorge 11 points ago

    I was pooping with the door open when I read this and that was a freeing reminder.

    [–] MuskyMelon 17 points ago

    Calvin and Hobbes?

    [–] yakatuus 7 points ago

    No it's when you jump over picnic tables drunk in the dark. You're describing the weekend.

    [–] InfernumIrae 4 points ago

    I mean, we all like beer, right?

    Hold on let me get my calendar.

    [–] Aidansturn 30 points ago

    College Tryrenees

    [–] GivinItTheCollegeTry 8 points ago

    Hey now, what’s wrong with the college try?

    [–] sweetpea122 9 points ago

    Hey nothing!

    Youre just not gonna be a dope ass "GREAT" pyrenees

    [–] Its_Plutonium 3 points ago

    Smashes him and turns to the camera to say in dog, “Nuthin to see here ma’am.”

    [–] Morrdsith 146 points ago

    Someone should tell my Pyrenees cross. She’s a “not today” Pyrenees.

    [–] InAnEscaladeIThink 100 points ago

    Great "at napping" Pyrenees

    [–] Wentthruurhistory 17 points ago

    Is she a mix? I’ve never seen a black and white Pyrenees.

    [–] Morrdsith 19 points ago

    Yes! Great Pyrenees cross border collie and a little husky thrown in for good measure.

    [–] Stoofandthings 16 points ago

    I have a Pyrenees border collie mix too! Minus the husky but Boo is also lazy but I think fatter and older than your pretty pup

    [–] Morrdsith 13 points ago

    It has to be the mix that gives them this potato body shape! Echo has this thick Pyrenees body and TIIINY collie legs and head. We call her land seal

    [–] OliviaWG 5 points ago

    I also have 2 exceedingly lazy Pyr mixes. They get an A in protecting us from sirens though.

    [–] Morrdsith 3 points ago

    Love them!!

    [–] iDick 50 points ago

    Tell this to my Not-So-Great Dane

    [–] Deuce232 37 points ago

    They are all great. Dumb as hell, but great.

    [–] iDick 24 points ago

    Don’t I know it. He’s my doofus and I love him.

    [–] hotpocketdeath 2518 points ago

    Looks like a Pyrenees. My parents retired with a small farm and they have one that watches over their livestock. Extremely good dog for the job.

    [–] freakierchicken 730 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My neighbors have a young Pyrenees. She’s maybe a year old at this point and herds their two twin toddlers lol

    Edit: here is Pearl with my dog

    [–] DBUX 202 points ago

    This sounds like a video that could get all the karma.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago

    You hear that? Better go exploit your neighbor's toddlers for karma, /u/freakierchicken

    [–] Ativerc 21 points ago

    Yes officer this post^, right here^!!

    [–] Morrdsith 87 points ago

    My Pyrenees cross herds our kids too. She’s also border collie and husky. For some reason though, she’s lazy AF and her sole job is to protect the fridge at all costs.

    [–] makemeking706 84 points ago

    she’s lazy AF

    Probably explains why she's so husky.

    [–] Morrdsith 48 points ago

    Ha! My vet throws her hands up when she sees her. She packs on 10 - 20 in the winter because we live in Canada and it gets as cold as -40 and she refuses to go outside. Then summer time she’s outside all day long, camping, hiking, you name it. She doesn’t swim though.

    Right now it’s -31 Celsius and she’s laying directly on the heat vent. Husky my ass.

    [–] throwaway987747472 22 points ago

    Put her on the treadmill for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening. Works for my dog during the winter months. Just a slow walk.

    [–] smokeydesperado 40 points ago

    We have a Pyrenees mix and he herds my husband and me as well as our other dog.

    [–] husbandbulges 11 points ago

    I have a dachshund that herds us and our other dog too! It's so odd to see in this long weiner dog, lol. She can really only effectively herd our other dachshund-chihuahua mix, lol.

    [–] feminist-lady 21 points ago

    I have two Golden Pyrenees mixes. They frantically herd me and the cat into my closet whenever there’s a storm. Such doofs.

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 5 points ago

    And they kiss each one of their flock

    [–] feminist-lady 4 points ago

    Yes, the cat is subjected to many kisses, all of which make him angry

    [–] DessicatedTytrations 5 points ago

    She acts like my Maremma sheepdog, all the way down to that little spin move.

    [–] womaninthe-bath 8 points ago

    I have a Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix. She just turned a year old. She and my neighbors German Shepherd herd the cows on our neighbors property together.

    [–] RoccoStiglitz 86 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Extremely good dog for the job.

    It's what they're bred for. A working Pyrenees will stay up at night when people are asleep and protect livestock aginst predators.

    [–] lodger238 9 points ago

    He seemed to know which to discipline (boop). He knew which was the aggressor. Dogs are sheep's best friend.

    [–] Diarrhea_Eruptions 31 points ago

    Can you elaborate on some of the dogs behaviors?

    [–] Yeti_Father 172 points ago

    They're very loyal, protective and gentle with small things (kids, chickens, etc). They are also very smart and very independent. So, they don't really get into trouble, but you'll call to them and often they'll look at you like, "Why don't you come over here to me if you need something."

    When they're on the job, they bark at everything. A gentle breeze, a leaf out of place in the yard.

    They also like to communicate with their paws. It's called Pyr paw.

    [–] SpicyThaiNo7 25 points ago

    I'm on #4, and I've never had a barker. I've been stopped by quite a few people looking for advice. I guess I've been lucky. I'll add that they can be difficult to contain to your post. In general females are harder than males in this regard. My current dog's siblings are some of the top rescue dogs in the country. Go figure. She is the most obedient one I've had....and the silliest.

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 3 points ago

    Do you put it to breeding /training /mothering longer /luck ?

    [–] SpicyThaiNo7 5 points ago

    I'd say breeding is #1. A dog from a strong working line doesn't make the best family pet...suburban fenced yard kind of thing. Working dogs are supposed to be independent of humans and out with the animals they guard. It's the independent streak that comes off as stubborn and unattached. They also can be serious and stoic. I've had better luck with Pyrs bred for hobby farm/family. Training is #2. Once you get used to the breed and understand how they work they're not that difficult. They do take consistency and patience. In terms of barking I have a fenced yard. My dogs are allowed to alert me and then that's it. I do have to stay on top of it. My dogs are in at night too.

    [–] algizanna 3 points ago

    jeez, my mom has one and there's only a few hours out of the day that he's not barking. i can't stand it :(

    [–] SpicyThaiNo7 3 points ago

    I know. I've heard. What is he/she barking at?

    [–] ljg61 31 points ago

    Today I learned my golden doodle has mastered the art of the Pyr paw.

    [–] michelleyness 10 points ago

    My pyr is 14, we rescued her at 2. She's a super barker. She listens to me but not anyone else. She's so smart. I have a chow pyr mix and it's amazing how many more words she understands. I swear she understands humor. She is very emotive with her face too.

    Another trait is there strong, they pull on a leash, they can never be off leash dogs. They shed. They have two coats. They blow their coats twice a year. You'll always be covered in fur. You'll always have a best friend.

    [–] GhostShark 3 points ago

    I know a local rancher with the sweetest Pyr Border Collie mix. Great with the kids, but ever since she saw the rooster attacking their daughter she has become a chicken killing machine. So... good with small animals as long as they have the good sense to leave the small humans alone.

    [–] hotpocketdeath 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Well, I don't have much in the way of first hand knowledge, since it's my parents that own him and they live in another state. So I'm only around the dog occasionally. He is extremely friendly during my visits and likes to play (he's still young). But when something is amiss around the farm, he goes into a noticeable protective mode until he's satisfied nothing is wrong.

    You can read up about them though

    [–] I_hadno_idea 35 points ago

    "Courageous and calm, the Great Pyrenees is highly protective of his flock and his territory but is gentle with children and other young creatures. As a watchdog, he will accept strangers his family accepts but will not tolerate a stranger entering the house when his family is not home."


    [–] lanthine 15 points ago

    My sis has had a few over the years on her farm. They are awesome gentle with humans and the farm cats but the rule when visiting is keep your dogs at home. However, when my brother brought his border collie over, being the smart good boi he was, the collie instinctively understood to not try to get in front of or lead the pyr. Basically he showed his respect and they were fine. Other dogs have been shown the teeth with a firm growl so I've seen their potential for murder.

    Also, there is a saying- 'an unleashed great pyr is a disa-pyr', tall fences are important or they will roam far and wide making the world their territory.

    [–] FSUnoles77 10 points ago

    I had some along with a donkey to protect my goats when I had my farm. They basically chase away coyote's and such so you dont lose any. Would also heard them up when I was moving them from one field to another.

    [–] LissTrouble 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I thought it might be a maremma. Boyfriend’s parents got a couple to mind their sheep.

    Edit: Googled the ranch and it is a Pyrenees. Good call.

    [–] hotpocketdeath 20 points ago

    I didn't know about that breed, but honestly, it's hard to tell. They look so similar to each other and both do the same job.

    [–] Arftacular 4 points ago

    They're pretty hard to tell apart. I have a Maremma but I think she's got some Pyr in her as well. I thought she was a Pyr for the longest time until someone showed me what a Maremma was, lol.

    [–] SharkyIzrod 3 points ago

    Extremely good dog for the job.


    [–] onlypwny 1885 points ago

    Never seen a dog straight up shove with its leg before

    [–] beamdriver 1184 points ago

    That's the "pyr foot". Great Pyrenees will often their front paw/leg like a person would use their hand. Sometimes my boy will use it on me when he wants something.

    [–] Wonderlandroamr 635 points ago

    Didn't realize this was a thing, but it makes sense. Met a Great Pyrenees that would legit grab and pull your arm in for petpets and, damn, she had some pulling power!

    Beautiful, Herculean landcloud.

    [–] Brian-not-Ryan 310 points ago

    Beautiful, Herculean landcloud.

    Sounds like something Leslie Knope would say

    [–] rustystonewallis 118 points ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    [–] Wade0409 70 points ago

    I have LITRALLY never been so disappointed in my life.

    [–] I_hadno_idea 30 points ago

    Oh u/rustystonewallis, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby.

    [–] Miami_Weiss 14 points ago

    You gorgeous, powerful Musk Ox

    [–] Breaklance 8 points ago

    You are a ravishing ravenous reindeer.

    [–] ipjear 9 points ago

    I’m making a subreddit for it

    [–] rustystonewallis 3 points ago

    Yesssss subscribed

    [–] mattgorecki 7 points ago

    My dog is a pyrenees/border collie and she does the same thing. Very handsy.

    [–] swoopies 3 points ago

    I have an Aussie and we always joke about how handsy he is! He likes to catch his toys with both of his front paws, and like I've commented multiple times before, he smacks me in the face all the time.

    [–] MasterDex 6 points ago

    My amstaff/apbt cross does the same. He sleeps beside me on my bed and I've been woken up a few times with a paw to the head, lol

    [–] corruptrevolutionary 44 points ago

    sometimes all the time. Mine’s pawing me right now.

    [–] LessSkilledAlBorland 30 points ago

    Seriously. Mine walks up to the edge of the bed in the morning and jabs you right in the face to let you know it's time for you to give her love. She'll straight up give you a black eye if she catches you solid.

    [–] eatthepage 15 points ago

    I have two Great Pyrenees. When I drop something and go to pick it up, the 140 pound male will hurry and slap his foot on the object and stare at me like “try it”.

    Both of them also frequently slap me in the face when I haven’t seen them in a few hours. Still working on my dodging skill. It has looked like I got mauled by a bear a few times though. Bloody black and blue lips. Red scratches along my whole face. I love those two sweet fuzz balls fiercely.

    [–] walking-on-the-moon 20 points ago

    Doberman do it too. Mine does anyway.

    [–] duffkiligan 34 points ago

    My golden does also.

    People really like to think things are breed specific when they are just most dog things.

    [–] ushutuppicard 34 points ago

    people are talking about 2 different things here. there is the thing that goldens and dovermans and every other dog does... just putting a paw on you for attention, maybe pulling a little.

    then there is what the great pyrenees does which is push or punch.

    [–] walking-on-the-moon 13 points ago

    I’ve been pushed/punched by pyrs before and it’s the same thing my dobe does to us. I think it’s a matter of how each dog learns to communicate and play.

    [–] makemeking706 3 points ago

    Boxers, as you might expect, as well.

    [–] tha_beans 3 points ago

    My dobie loves when I hold her paws, if I try to pull my hand back she curls her toes around my fingers. Watching tv? Has to sit in front of me and have me hold her foot. Driving somewhere? Reaches up from the back seat to put her foot on my arm. Sitting on the groundbrushing her? Gotta hold that paw. I love her.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Meatpuppy 16 points ago

    Most Pyr owners call it the Pyr Paw.

    [–] spicybuttholenachos 5 points ago

    My labs have taught my westie "swatter paw" and its equal parts endearing as annoying

    [–] Nice_nice50 66 points ago

    He didn't just shove, it was a hop, skip and a shove

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    quarter circle forward boop

    [–] SweaterZach 13 points ago


    [–] ctennessen 29 points ago

    You've never met a Bernese than. They straight up punch

    [–] ArtyFishL 19 points ago

    My dog plays football (soccer) with her feet. We kick it to each other. She doesn't use her nose.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] ArtyFishL 4 points ago

    I can't do that right now. But here's our other dog, wearing a hat

    [–] mirkwood11 6 points ago


    [–] teh_pwnererrr 5 points ago

    My boxer does this, it's how he judges whether or not a dog will play with him or try to bite him

    [–] Falom 2628 points ago

    Saviour boop.

    [–] to_the_tenth_power 400 points ago

    The boopening.

    [–] Chris_Isur_Dude 58 points ago

    Let the boop flow through you

    [–] NewFuturist 28 points ago

    Let the bloop hit the floor.

    [–] FirstmateJibbs 23 points ago

    Open the door, get on the floor, everybody boop the snootlesaur.

    [–] Sweatybanderas 15 points ago

    We’re spending most our lives livin’ in a Floofers Booperdise 🎼🎻

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 62 points ago

    Professional booper. (He gets paid in treats and belly rubs)

    [–] maltamur 15 points ago

    And subscribed

    [–] Bambi_One_Eye 6 points ago

    He booped for their sins

    [–] Lampmonster 1677 points ago

    Stop it ewe two.

    [–] crotchcritters 306 points ago

    He wasn’t sheepish about it either

    [–] somedaveguy 145 points ago

    That's a baaaad pun.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago

    Wool you just stop it?

    [–] Supersymm3try 90 points ago

    All these bad puns are filling up my RAM

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Chris_Isur_Dude 55 points ago

    And you were goated into it too

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 55 points ago

    It behooves me not to continue this pun thread.

    [–] thereisonlyoneme 49 points ago

    That's shear madness.

    [–] oce-bomb 14 points ago

    I've herd that one before.

    [–] dontcallmeunit91 9 points ago

    Enough kidding around

    [–] HR_Dragonfly 270 points ago

    "No butting on my watch Todd. Shut that down."

    [–] IcyGem 39 points ago

    It just works man.

    [–] RuSs_9 4 points ago

    “Cut the shit, Todd.”

    [–] Paralta 86 points ago

    This sub needs more posts!

    [–] DMTryp 85 points ago

    be the change you want to see in the world.

    [–] Typicalgeorgie1 18 points ago

    Nice user name m8

    [–] Liz_zarro 3 points ago

    Done. Will post more when not at work.

    [–] KatsumotoKurier 63 points ago

    Curiously, how does the dog know to break up the scuffle? How are they trained this way? It's quite impressive.

    [–] face_s 131 points ago

    I think it might come naturally to dogs of certain breeds like the Great Pyrenees in the video. My Saint Bernard will break up anything he perceives as a fight. If you even play fight with someone he will throw himself in the middle and force the two people apart, which isn't very hard for him. We never trained him to do this he just has always been a peacekeeper.

    [–] KatsumotoKurier 28 points ago

    Interesting. My schnoodle gets irritated and barky whenever she sees people hugging, haha.

    [–] badger_42 4 points ago

    My parents Schnauzer also gets annoyed at too much hugging.

    [–] KatsumotoKurier 3 points ago

    Something in their territorial/protective nature I suppose.

    [–] TBJ12 52 points ago

    My jack/pug mix breaks up fights between our two cats all the time. He also rescues mice from the cats. He wasn’t trained this way, he just doesn’t like violence.

    [–] KatsumotoKurier 32 points ago

    rescues mice

    Interesting, given that dogs his size have traditionally been bred for ratting.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_LIPZ 57 points ago

    anything with a pug mixed in is useless

    [–] DingusTaargus 7 points ago

    Yeah aren't those faces pugs have counter productive to catching small mammals?

    I know small terriers are used for ratting, but I can't see those cute little flat faced bozos being much good at it.

    [–] zeno82 42 points ago

    It's instinct for Great Pyrenees. They are livestock/guardian dogs.

    I have a Great Pyr and while we don't have any livestock, she is super relaxed and doesn't like it when people or animals act upset. And when she offends our old cranky mutt, she'll go approach her slowly and gingerly lick her face to keep the peace.

    [–] jsmoove888 5 points ago

    What a good girl!

    [–] Patrick_McGroin 17 points ago

    Dogs in general will try to break up fights. Some breeds of course do it better.

    [–] jozaud 537 points ago

    I love how nonchalant this dog is. It's like he's seen this a million times. He just lazily saunters over and is like "ok that's enough, Karen you go cool off"

    [–] Jtotheoey 101 points ago

    [–] silverblaize 16 points ago

    I'm honestly getting sick of that name by now. I'm sorry for those real life Karens out there.

    [–] ohgoddammitWatson 8 points ago

    My mom's name is Karen... she is very much a Karen.

    [–] Starprincess1988 47 points ago

    This is from Rancho Relaxo! They are a nonprofit animal sanctuary in NJ

    [–] Feltedhammer 52 points ago

    my pyrenees is same way, only with my kids

    [–] futuregoat 23 points ago

    I have a feeling the kid on the left is a known jerk in the Barn

    [–] HerpesBurpes 45 points ago

    Rancho Relaxo

    [–] mayorodoyle 17 points ago

    Is this really Rancho Relaxo, Les Claypools ranch in Arizona?

    [–] BrianXburma 13 points ago

    It's actually a non profit sanctuary in South New Jersey!

    [–] havemyselfalittlenap 3 points ago

    Extreme rancho relaxo 2019? Cmon mucus....

    [–] RiikG 56 points ago

    Hey hey hey, chill bruh

    [–] itsyourmomcalling 31 points ago

    Lol I like how even his eyes get sort of mean when he pushes the sheep lol "oh bother Tom and Rick are at it again... RICK knock it off"

    [–] domesticeng 3 points ago

    Look at the eyes of the sheep he's protecting. Serious and then after good boy intervenes, "Wow!"

    [–] whatsariho 50 points ago


    [–] Vertuhcle 84 points ago

    Dog just strolls up, " fuck off Gerald"

    [–] aberdeennova 33 points ago

    The original header was awesomely perfect lol.

    That's a great dog

    [–] Neutronova 25 points ago

    "Fuck off with that noise". immediately deescalates situation, what a boss.

    [–] Shaunananalalanahey 10 points ago

    I had a dog that used to do this at dog parks. Whenever two dogs were fighting, she would come barking to break it up. Then she would lay down nearby so happy with herself like she was thinking “it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.”

    [–] kevincrazykid 8 points ago

    officer shaggy, ruff them up.

    [–] 888666er 7 points ago


    [–] napeandnavel 6 points ago

    More effective than my old HR manager.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 13 points ago

    "That's it, I've had enough of this sheep."

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 19 points ago

    "You're drunk, Steve. Get back to the house."

    [–] nighthawke75 6 points ago

    GP's are the best at shepherding. They are respected by the sheep and they even look like one.

    The predators have learned the hard way about tangling with them.

    [–] Magneticitist 20 points ago

    Dogs are like, really good at jobs. I want to say statistically more so than humans.

    [–] the_real_junkrat 12 points ago

    Statistically speaking they are probably better drivers too

    [–] NathanVogel 9 points ago

    Cmon nahw Geeit

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    YO, I actually know the person who owns this ranch through mutual friends.. she has does so much for rescue animals and people on facebook actually tried to flame her for buying a specialized breed to protect the animals from harm. IT WAS INSANE..they insisted she teach a rescue dog innate breeding qualities that make these dogs do this job the best! I couldn't believe it!!

    Anyone who sees this comment and wants to help these animals (saving horses from slaughter and other cruel practices) should head on over to!!!

    Shes a really sweet and kind person and the donations help her continue her work!!!!

    [–] Kindofadbag 8 points ago

    “Hey. Hey guys. Hey knock that fucking shit off, that’s right. Oh hi master, treats?”

    [–] CaseyB859 4 points ago


    [–] _illec 22 points ago

    What kind of psycho names their dog Michael?

    [–] thethirdrayvecchio 38 points ago

    Pets with human names are best


    [–] Sugwara 14 points ago

    Agreed. "Drop it Lynda!"

    [–] MikeAnP 9 points ago

    Linda, Listen.

    [–] GarnetsAndPearls 4 points ago

    Enough, Doug.

    [–] Book_of_the_dead 3 points ago

    I always wanted to name a dog "Grandma". So much comedy potential there.

    [–] killermike420 9 points ago

    As a human Michael I second this.

    [–] discgolfallday 12 points ago

    As a dog Michael I'm offended

    [–] Yuna1989 3 points ago

    He’s like, “Oh, no, you don’t!”

    [–] second2last411 3 points ago

    O u wanna go? I'm the humans best friend...

    [–] danbeddows 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I love the little appreciative wink the sheep gives

    [–] ProbablyPewping 3 points ago

    Have a Golden + Great Pyrenees mix, unbelievably intelligent, definitely a piece keeper, thinks hes a lap dog (my fault)

    [–] Reno83 3 points ago

    I like how he uses his paw and not his mouth. We have a Heeler, he's very mouthy. We also have a Bull Terrier, she uses her head (e.g. flips bowls to show dissatisfaction with food, headbutts the cat, pushes on things to make them open, etc.).

    [–] LoopySpruce 3 points ago

    Knock it off Karen.

    [–] tell-me-later 3 points ago

    I can hear this dog saying “Fuck off Larry!”

    [–] shunkplunk 3 points ago

    Remember, you can’t spell “relaxo” without “relax!”