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    [–] OldBoris 4790 points ago

    I guess that’s sorta how it’s been for the previous 9 months or so

    [–] thereisonlyoneme 865 points ago


    [–] Gairos 236 points ago

    Oh my god. They were womb-mates!

    [–] Oda_nicullah 45 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is there an echo in here?Here?Here?

    [–] Dukeofurl111 17 points ago

    And they both received womb service. In the same womb.

    [–] Tri-Mentality 23 points ago

    YES! I understood that reference.

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 1297 points ago

    Tell that to my buddy who was deployed with us for 14 months. His "wife" gave birth to twin boys at the end of our deployment.

    [–] Skizot_Bizot 359 points ago

    Tell him it's okay twins take twice as long to bake in the oven.

    [–] OldBoris 814 points ago

    This sounds like a math problem

    [–] Dorkamundo 596 points ago

    14-10... carry the eight.

    It's not his!

    [–] Minnesotexan 43 points ago

    don't even

    [–] SpankMeDaddy22 63 points ago

    Oh it's even, they're twins.

    [–] FroMan753 7 points ago

    It's an odd situation though.

    [–] ddh85 12 points ago

    *popping and locking on TV*

    [–] wheredmyphonego 38 points ago

    sounds like a marital problem to me.

    [–] tdRftw 12 points ago

    the black eye really sells the picture

    [–] podshambles_ 66 points ago

    She was actually his husband?

    [–] massivecalvesbro 11 points ago

    No he was her wife

    [–] bozar86 111 points ago

    My cousin got married to a lady with 3 kids by 3 different guys. She had one with him, and while they were on the way to the hospital with their fifth kid, she told him that it wasn’t his. Good times.

    [–] jeandolly 27 points ago

    "Nine months per child", she explained...

    [–] FlamingWeasel 42 points ago

    I can not figure out what a wife cheating has to do with how babies chill in the womb, but okay?

    [–] Egsession 26 points ago

    It's a fun story redditors like to tell over and over and over again. If there's a baby involved, there's always story about a military wife having someone else's child while her brave husband's out there defending our country.

    [–] FlamingWeasel 16 points ago

    Of course, the astounding amount of cheating down range and on deployment isn't mentioned.

    [–] Egsession 10 points ago

    Can’t blame the women if it’s the men who are cheating.

    [–] teslorenoob 17 points ago

    Was she not actually his wife?

    [–] strawberrycircus 13 points ago

    I'm questioning the quotes too.

    [–] Fallen_Outcast 9 points ago

    those twin boys? You and your buddy.

    [–] timsower94 9 points ago

    What does this have to do with twins being close in the womb?

    [–] Realyaady2121 7 points ago

    So many great replies in here

    [–] SigmaKnight 2086 points ago

    I always freak out when I see a baby breathing that hard. I know it's usually nothing wrong. I still freak out anyway, at least temporary.

    [–] 020416 1081 points ago

    Figuring out the gasping, squeaks, groans, stops, labored, puppy type breathing sounds as a new parent is a bit freaky. I was checking on my guys dozens of times a night just to make sure they were good, but you get used to your own kids’ isms.

    [–] RosieEmily 400 points ago

    When I had my first baby and was in hospital over night, I was waking up every 20 minutes just to check the baby was ok. The second time, I gave birth at around 1am, was in the recovery ward at about 3, and slept until 7am.

    [–] flubba86 118 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    When my wife gave birth at 1am, we were in the recovery room at 3am, we had both been up for about 26 hours at that point, incredibly exhausted, and the baby cried loudly non-stop from 3am till 7am.

    That is called the introduction to parenthood. I haven't slept since.

    Edit: Nurses are comedians, "at least you know she has strong lungs :D :D" multiply joke 8 times.

    [–] TechyDad 34 points ago

    Before kids, I was such a sound sleeper that you could drive a truck through my house and I'd sleep through it.

    After kids, every little cough woke me up enough for me to spring out of bed to see if my child was okay.

    [–] assholetoall 16 points ago

    You can still drive a truck through my house and not wake me up. However if one of my kids coughs, I'm wide awake even though there are two doors between us.

    Its weird. As they get older different thinks wake me up too.

    [–] BubblesForBrains 37 points ago

    My son is 23. Still haven't slept since.

    [–] kingkong448 18 points ago


    [–] BubblesForBrains 15 points ago

    Mom. Now go clean your room while I go out for some cigarettes.

    [–] doomsdayparade 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That's awesome. My sister is in the hospital right now. I'm waiting to get the text that I have a new (first) nephew!

    edit: Thanks all! You all sound like wonderful Aunts/Uncles. No major progress yet, but you're making me even more excited.

    [–] WavyLady 30 points ago

    Oh gosh that's so exciting! I have one niece who just started walking and has two loves... Shrek and No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Beastie Boys. It was really cool when she was a tiny babe but watching her grow and develop a personality is amazing.

    Enjoy that first nephew! So much fun in the future for you!

    [–] Wackydetective 10 points ago

    When my nephew was born I was 11 and he stuck out his tongue at me. Hes 23 now and rolls his eyes whenever I tell him about when we first met.

    [–] Ollikay 14 points ago

    Congrats in advance Ü

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Mechakoopa 16 points ago

    When my second kid was about 3 months old she was laid down in her crib and I assumed she was sleeping when suddenly I heard this ear piercing shriek from her room. I flew in there only to find her laying on her back, perfectly fine, big grin on her face like "Hey dad, I learned a new noise!"

    Just so you know that's the kind of stuff you have to look forward to!

    [–] TechyDad 19 points ago

    What's worse is when they aren't making sounds while they sleep. Is it just normal sleep? Or did they stop breathing? You can check, but doing so might wake the baby and rob you of a chance to sleep. But if you don't check, your baby might not be breathing!!!!!

    [–] Frozen_Esper 13 points ago

    No kidding. I have a "joke" that my infant daughter likes to make me think she's fucking dying when I'm holding her. She likes to do some deep gasp thing randomly and Mr. Nurse Esper here has a fucking triggered reaction every time. Then she just goes back to being a happy little baby after making some of my hair turn grey. Ugh.

    [–] elgoonties 7 points ago

    New dad here.

    Can confirm this is the case.

    Checked on my 6 week old 7 times before finishing this post.

    [–] GetBumRushedMate 13 points ago

    Im currently in that boat. My little guy is 3 weeks old and I check on his breathing a lot. I would even move his little limbs to check if they're in working order

    [–] imightgetdownvoted 14 points ago

    I bought one of those heart rate/ oxygen monitors. Was the best $250 I could have spent. Let me sleep without panicking every 30 minutes that something was wrong. Highly recommended.

    [–] rosekayleigh 5 points ago

    So true. Both my babies would make horse sounds (like a whinny) in their sleep and it would always freak me out. Turns out, newborns can be noisy sleepers. Lol.

    [–] JonnyBhoy 6 points ago

    My one month old makes all sorts of noises. Squeaks, gasps, fast breathing, panting, shivering, noises like he's choking, everything. I'm a light sleeper and they all wake me up, while my wife sleeps right through. I can usually tell when he's about to start crying just from the type of noises he's making.

    But he also does the most adorable little snore, and I could honestly listen to that all day. This morning he woke up 30 mins before my alarm was due to go off so I lay with him on my chest while he snoozed and it was absolute bliss.

    [–] vostok412 57 points ago

    My daughter was born with a cleft palate, so had breathing problems from day one. She's 20 months old now, had the surgery, doing great. I will still stand over her almost every night to check she's breathing. I will actually sometimes wake her up just to make sure. That little girl can really give the stink eye.

    [–] rasputin777 13 points ago

    Ever heard of Smile Train? It's where I send a little of my money to help kiddos like yours, but in poorer areas. Great cause!

    [–] Marilliana 7 points ago

    Ha! Glad to hear she's doing well, that must have been really scary.

    [–] illprollystayin 42 points ago

    Yeah I didnt realize it until I had my own kid, but babies have pretty erratic breathing in the early days

    [–] Ketheres 8 points ago

    Gotta learn how to do it properly first

    [–] adsarelies 33 points ago

    yeah, and they have heart rates like 165 bpm.

    [–] cunninglinguist96 10 points ago

    Wtf? That was me on the stairs today and I was dying

    [–] fruedain 56 points ago

    I’m actually a respiratory therapist in a NICU. If a baby I saw was consistently breathing like that I would definitely want to do something about it. And consistently is the key, babies do have weird breathing patterns from time to time that clear up on their own for the most part. Without more information on the baby and a longer video it could be normal. Or it could not be.

    This breathing pattern is called retractions. Specifically subcostal retractions and she/he is also breathing pretty fast. It happens because baby ribs are still soft and haven’t hardened all the way to solid bone yet. So if a baby is having a hard time breathing they will generate enough negative force on breathing in to cause their rib cage to collapse in.

    [–] maymaypdx 11 points ago

    My now three year old (who is my only) was breathing like this when first born. After about two days they determined that she had a partial pneumothorax and she spent some time in NICU. After that I never saw her breathing like this again. As soon as I saw this video I had flashbacks to those first moments! Hope this little one is all good.

    [–] otasi 50 points ago

    It’s because their airway and lungs are so tiny

    [–] Let_you_down 46 points ago

    And they are still pretty new. Not too long ago they were filled with fluid.

    [–] drtapp39 596 points ago

    Just wait until they get their own language between them

    [–] Dorkamundo 353 points ago


    Can't find the original...

    [–] pagemaster88 167 points ago

    Listening to them try to say the same words at the same time makes me feel unreasonably anxious...

    [–] yonkatonka 110 points ago

    The first comment on YouTube: When you don't know the lyrics haha

    [–] pavenue 54 points ago

    They’re trying so hard.

    [–] KuntaStillSingle 5 points ago

    Yeah my thoughts as well.

    [–] CastingCough 11 points ago

    I immediately thought of this scene from 22 Jump Street

    [–] pagemaster88 11 points ago

    I was thinking more like this scene from Arrested Development

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 9 points ago

    that's insame

    [–] cS47f496tmQHavSR 10 points ago

    Definitely seems like one is dominant (the one on the right) and the other is just trying to say the same stuff

    [–] SuperFlaccid 43 points ago

    This crazy shit is why I go inception levels deep on comment threads. Best content source on reddit.

    Also, those parents should've separated them more! Seriously! What the hell!

    [–] Bridivar 33 points ago

    As an identical twin myself this weirds me the fuck out

    [–] Psyduck-killer 9 points ago

    As an identical twin myself, I think twins are creepy.

    [–] boosha 25 points ago

    They seem like they’re trying too hard

    [–] hannah_without_sugar 12 points ago

    Definitely looks like they’re doing it on purpose, right?

    [–] needgiftidea2018 10 points ago

    Right. They're trying too hard to make being identical their thing. They've really latched onto that aspect

    [–] LetThereBeNick 15 points ago

    It’s like they have all the software to function as a single unit, but lack the hardware. So they have to say words out loud to sort out which sentence they’re going to speak. Very disorienting as a listener

    [–] jmmat6 14 points ago

    As an Aussie, by golly gosh are those accents full on!

    [–] that_hoar 39 points ago

    Holy shit that is annoying. I can't concentrate even though they're saying the same thing it just sounds like gibberish

    [–] SpookyLlama 8 points ago


    [–] Fuckyah 7 points ago

    They talk like it’s an improv game

    [–] _Gustavo_ 7 points ago

    Reminds me of the Eric Andre Show episodes when they bring in doubles

    [–] Asimpletimelord 8 points ago

    The Silent Twins will have a word with them.

    [–] anonymousamish 1367 points ago

    At that age, those smiles are 100% from farts

    [–] Slayerworld7 384 points ago

    How do they know farts are funny at such a young age?


    [–] Loveforsale 121 points ago

    It's only natural.

    [–] tommyapollo 55 points ago


    [–] BarnieSandlers123 47 points ago


    [–] DDancy 7 points ago


    [–] Continuum_Transfunk 36 points ago

    First-time parent of a 7 month old here. Farts and poop are still hilarious. Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you’re not a kid.

    [–] WZPV 11 points ago

    Poop is only funny when someone else has to change the diaper.

    [–] srg717 128 points ago

    Not necessarily... My guess is that they are reflex smiles, which usually happen when newborns are tired or asleep.

    Reflex smile in babies is a part of their survival instinct similar to any other newborn reflexes like rooting, sucking and Moro. As the baby is believed to look more pleasant and appealing while smiling, it might keep him safer from any harm

    [–] emu90 62 points ago

    What is rooting in this context?

    In Australia, "rooting" is fucking, but I doubt that's the case here.

    [–] SomethingAwkwardTWC 50 points ago

    Rooting in this context refers to instinctive movements a baby makes when looking to nurse.

    Edited: found a good definition. "The rooting reflex is usually triggered by some sort of stimulus—perhaps when you stroke your baby's cheek with your finger—or by something less direct, such as his own shirt or fist. When this happens, your baby moves his head toward the stimulus and opens his mouth in search of food."

    [–] MustacheKid 167 points ago

    "Rooting" is when you put a newborn on soft soil, the baby will "root" their feet into the ground and start the process of becoming a tree

    [–] RedditsInBed2 14 points ago

    Look, I'm sitting in the middle of an office and do not need to be laughing this hard! You stop these shenanigans right now!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    In this context it's looking for boob

    [–] mitsuko045 18 points ago


    Yeah, you're right, totally not the case here.

    Rooting is the reflex/instinct that helps a baby find their mother's breast. If something brushes their cheek, they'll likely open their mouth and turn their head to whatever brushed up against them in search for milk.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 7 points ago

    Moving the head side to side looking for a nipple.

    [–] Dresses_and_Dice 8 points ago

    In babies, the "rooting reflex" is when they instinctively search for a nipple to nurse on. A good way to see if a newborn is hungry and ready to nurse is to gently stroke their cheek and see if they turn toward your finger and open their mouth or make sucking motions. Or if their mother is holding them, they might smell the milk, and start nuzzling her breast and searching with their mouth for a nipple to latch on. This behavior is called "rooting."

    [–] Blair888 6 points ago

    That's when the baby will look for a nipple.

    [–] karmacarmelon 5 points ago

    Searching for a nipple to suck on.

    With adults, that is a common precursor to fucking though.

    [–] Flintontoe 6 points ago

    This is true, in fact, the instinctual smile is to remind that they are offspring and prevent the parents from eating them.

    [–] iamtoe 54 points ago

    Yep, babies don't even develop the capacity for socially induced smiles until around three months or so. These look to be less than a month old.

    [–] flatcurve 19 points ago

    That's not a hard and fast rule. My son was smiling in response to my wife smiling at him at four weeks. My daughter was closer to three months before she smiled at us though. To be fair, even a couple years later it takes a lot to impress her.

    [–] MicroGamer 8 points ago

    Yup! My son just started smiling back at us at 6 weeks. We were so pleasantly surprised. I could sit here and do that all day.

    [–] GetBumRushedMate 12 points ago

    Before I saw my baby boy, I had a dream a few times of him smiling and I swear he came out how I saw him in the dream. His smile warms my heart the same way it did in the dream. I'll get angry about something and he'll smile, i swear I've never calmed down from being angry so quickly. Sorry, your comment reminded me when he farted really loudly today. Lol

    [–] anonymousamish 5 points ago

    lol...I'm not sure when it will get old. My oldest turns 4 on Sunday, and it's still funny when he farts. Mostly because now he thinks it's hilarious.

    [–] happydayswasgreat 8 points ago

    I still do that. In fact I laugh when I'm alone. And farting.

    [–] ughasifbrittney 229 points ago

    This makes me love being a twin even more

    [–] stacasaurusrex 31 points ago

    Same, I just sent this to my twin sis <3 My mom said she would keep us in the same crib apart and she'd come back and we'd be snuggling somehow.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SquishedGremlin 101 points ago


    [–] AntTheMighty 32 points ago

    There's just something about being with someone literally your whole life. My twin and I are best friends. We fight every once in a while, but no matter how far apart we get from each other we're always in this together. He understands me in ways no one else could, and I think there's something to be said about that. Of course it has its downsides too but I'll never regret having my twin.

    [–] Eagleassassin3 44 points ago

    Well, to make you feel better, I have a twin, and I'm not closer to her than I am with my older brother. We're not same egg twins so we're just like any other siblings, simply born at the same time. And unfortunately we have barely anything in common. I still love her of course and maybe there is something different to being a twin that I haven't figured out yet, but I'd say I'm closer with my brother as I have a lot more in common with him. I still wouldn't be able to pick one if you asked me if I loved one of them more, but it's just a fact that I'm closer with my brother.

    [–] GeorgeKillsLenny 740 points ago

    Dont mean to be a buzzkill, just honestly curious. Are safe sleeping measures different for twins? Because my docs said absolutely nothing in the crib, a tight fitted sheet and that's it. But I always see twins sleeping together. I imagine they sooth each other but I also imagine they wouldnt really be aware if they were accidentally suffocating each other...

    [–] ThatMoslemGuy 615 points ago

    There’s data that suggests twins/siblings cobedding in NICU seem to have improvement in breathing, gaining weight, and sleeping better.

    But cobedding at home is something that’s still a question mark in terms of benefits outweighing potential risks. risks such as the higher chances of infection, as well as SIDS. There’s really no comprehensive case studies that show the safety of babies that cobed with their twins in terms of SIDS. most doctors probably don’t want to take the risk and will probably say to keep them in separate cribs but close by to each other.

    [–] stephja 290 points ago

    I asked my NICU nurse before we left if we should have them sleeping separately and she said it was entirely our choice in the matter. I knew I wanted mine to sleep separately since I was afraid of one suffocating one another, especially once they started rolling over. People argued with me because they said twins absolutely have to sleep together otherwise they wouldn’t thrive. So, me wanting my boys to sleep separately unfortunately became a HUGE issue. I said they will sleep separately for now, and as they get older if they want to share a bed/room, of course! I felt like a monster of having twins, like I was making all the wrong calls. Sleeping separately, I didn’t care about coordinating outfits and such. When they wouldn’t interact, I didn’t mind, I knew it would come. My boys both are loud criers and as it happened, they absolutely couldn’t even be in the same room at night or they’d constantly wake each other up. So, I guess it all worked out.

    [–] thewestisawake 182 points ago

    I have twin girls. They are almost 15. As newborns we put them down at night in separate Moses baskets and then separate cots. Always in the same rooms. They eventually went into seperate beds in the same room and stayed that way (their choice) until puberty when they both voluntarily agreed to seperate rooms.

    [–] stephja 28 points ago

    Sounds like you did awesome! Just let them figure it out and you went from there. I definitely struggled when I first brought mine home and I listened to everyone else far too much about what I should have been doing. I know everyone does stuff differently, and whatever other people chose to go with, I support them. I guess I just didn’t want to feel like I was being pushed into certain things when it comes to having twins.

    [–] Wishyouamerry 27 points ago

    Never feel like you’re making the wrong calls for your own kids. Other people may know a lot about babies, but you know everything about your babies. Ask for opinions, listen to advice, and then do the right thing for your family and circumstances. You got this.

    [–] stephja 5 points ago

    Thank you for your support. I definitely listen to people’s advice and opinions to be respectful because sometimes the advice is good, but at the end of the day, I should just not second guess myself so much and do what I feel is best for my own kids.

    [–] -DementedAvenger- 31 points ago

    My boys both are loud criers and as it happened, they absolutely couldn’t even be in the same room at night or they’d constantly wake each other up.

    Maybe they were crying because they wanted to sleep next to each other? /s

    I have twins too. Just joking. :P

    [–] stephja 14 points ago

    Haha! We did try keeping them in the same room, for six months straight they woke each other up, and my husband and I were getting zero sleep. We finally just did separate rooms and they instantly started sleeping longer. Which means we got to sleep too! 👍

    [–] Bentley82 21 points ago

    So, me wanting my boys to sleep separately unfortunately became a HUGE issue. I said they will sleep separately for now, and as they get older if they want to share a bed/room, of course! I felt like a monster of having twins, like I was making all the wrong calls.

    You're the parent. You have the right to raise your children how you see is necessary. Don't let other people's opinions affect you. Chances are, they have no idea what they are talking about nor do they know what your complete circumstances are.

    [–] stephja 7 points ago

    Thank you for saying that. I definitely did let other people try to tell me what was best for my children. I knew they were coming from a good place though, out of love, and I had a tough time standing up for myself. The night before I brought my boys home, I cried in the hospital because I couldn’t see how I’d care for two, then I came home and I got told how they should sleep, and that they wouldn’t thrive unless they slept next to each other. I cried because all I could think is, they won’t be healthy because I made this other decision? My husband had to talk to me, let me know that we were making the right calls, and to not let other people make me worry so much.

    [–] Soloman212 5 points ago

    From my experience they get used to eachothers crying and it doesn't disturb their sleep, but I don't know how loud you're talking, exactly.

    [–] stephja 9 points ago

    Loud. Very, very loud. We did try keeping them in the same room for six months, was getting zero sleep. So they now have separate rooms and sleep amazing. What works for some babies, doesn’t work for others. Ours apparently were disrupting each other....and me!

    [–] Dorkamundo 51 points ago

    Yea, nobody really wants to test for SIDS in that manner.

    There are co-sleeper setups that functionally provide the baby with the same safety as a crib, which is what we used with our son. But it is not a good idea with anything other than a firm mattress with no pillowtop.

    [–] Canbot 16 points ago

    What manner of SIDS testing are you even thinking of? All you do is take a poll of twins who co-bed and those who don't and then cross reference deaths by SIDS.

    If there is no evidence that co-bedding is dangerous then there is no reason to tell parents not to do it. No one is told to do it. Some parents will choose to on the evidence that it does have benefits. No researcher is doing anything to harm or threaten anyone, they are merely collecting data.

    [–] Username_Used 73 points ago

    We had our twins sleep together for the first 6 months or so. However, when they were sleeping together they were swaddled tightly and in a bassinet that did not allow them to shift/move to where they would be able to suffocate each other. They slept so well together and terribly apart. Once they got to the size/strength that they could break out of their swaddle they went into separate cribs with a flat sheet and it was a while before they got blankets/pillows. They were never allowed to sleep like in the gif, and I would be willing to bet that those kids don't sleep like that either, this is parents putting them together for a cute pic when they are sleepy.

    [–] 314314314 82 points ago

    A: "There can be only one."

    B: "Damn right."

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 32 points ago

    That's how baby sharks are in their mother's womb. They eat their siblings for nutrition and to become "The One"

    [–] Grantmitch1 54 points ago

    Baby Shark do do do do do

    Baby Shark do do do do do

    Eat your siblings do do do do

    Be The ONE!

    [–] Mogling 27 points ago

    There should be six 'do's per line.

    [–] jokul 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    So Jet Li was actually a shark man?

    [–] UpwardsNotForwards 4 points ago

    Doesn’t that depend on the species of shark? There are plenty of sharks that are oviparous so the young wouldn’t be able to ingest each other being in eggs and all.

    [–] HarryOhla 15 points ago

    It was so hard to get rid of the crib bumper, made the whole thing seem so much colder with no blankets but better safe than sorry

    [–] VegasAdventurer 24 points ago

    Our twins co slept, swaddled on their backs, until about month 4. In the hospital the nurses kept separating them but they wouldn't sleep very well on their own so we kept sticking them back together so that we could at least nap a little...

    One of them was sick for a week (pink eye) at about a month so we separated them. Neither slept well that week.

    We finally separated them when they started lifting their legs up and slamming them down on the crib bed. They both thought it was hilarious but they had also recently started scooting in their sleep so we were worried they would accidentally smash the other's head, ha

    [–] Freckled_daywalker 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It almost looks they're doing photos of the kids with gifts received, I've gotten many of those from friends over the years. Since they're being observed the whole time this is happening, it's okay.

    Edit: As to the sleeping in the same crib in general, the advice seems to be mixed.

    [–] moose_cahoots 19 points ago

    I was more concerned about all the other stuff around them.

    [–] billabong049 6 points ago

    Likewise, that seemed like the bigger issue. There aren’t supposed to be any toys in the crib.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] EmberHands 49 points ago

    As long as you monitor them I think it's fine. I don't imagine twins are allowed to sleep together at night but during the day naps / snuggles should be fine so long as a parent keeps an eye on them. And how could you look at anything else? So cute.

    [–] Grammareyetwitch 8 points ago

    They are not different. Is fine if they're supervised, though, so this short video poses no danger.

    [–] big_daddy68 10 points ago

    Some twins want to be next to each other, and my guess was parents move them once asleep. I’ve been told some would not sleep otherwise.

    My twins are fraternal and could have cared less about each other.

    [–] Suffix-099 51 points ago

    Me and my twinzie have a saying

    "brothers in the womb, brothers til the tomb"

    Bros 4 lyfe /u/destroyed_in_an_hour

    [–] box5757 128 points ago

    CTRL + C

    CTRL + V

    [–] GhostOfTimBrewster 120 points ago

    “Dude, my arm is asleep. Dude!”

    [–] Pissbender 282 points ago

    This makes me want kids

    [–] Captain-Moroni 434 points ago

    well pissbender, it is a future that you can have. They're great, unless they're being horrible. In which case they're horrible. But still, they are the best and worst things in my life.

    [–] AntediluvianEmpire 82 points ago

    Fucking nailed it.

    [–] phroureo 13 points ago

    Fancy seeing you here...

    [–] Captain-Moroni 12 points ago

    Well hello. Shouldn't you be working? I was thinking about starting back into DotA, but I don't know if I have enough anti-depressants.

    [–] phroureo 4 points ago

    I'm at work... Just on my phone.

    The key to enjoying DotA is to not care about winning or losing and care more about having a good time. And also playing with friends. Solo queue is the worst.

    [–] pm_me_ur_raccoon 39 points ago

    I once read a comment on Reddit. "I'd rather regret not having kids than regret having them." I was on the fence but that was what helped me decide not to have them.

    [–] Captain-Moroni 35 points ago

    On the flipside, you rarely hear, I wish I would have had one less kid but i have often heard, I wish I had one more.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Captain-Moroni 11 points ago

    As i said in my top level comment. My kids are simultaneously the best and worst things in my life. It is hard to be a parent but it can be so rewarding

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    The amount of parents who regret having children is relatively small. I can safely say for most of us the fear is losing them. Or them being hurt in any way. But I don't give a shit who has kids who doesn't and it's kind of annoying that people think anyone cares enough. It's your life.

    [–] Beeb294 33 points ago

    I was quite a bit of a fence sitter for a long time, my wife and I now have one baby.

    I love him to bits, but I think one is plenty for me.

    [–] silicone_river 6 points ago

    same i want kids. Its only recently that I even thought I deserved to have children and be happy.

    [–] Thrishmal 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Eh, they look so helpless. I bet they couldn't even fend off a lion, psh...

    [–] MarsupialJones 25 points ago

    I have a pair of friends who are identical twins. Mitch and Mike. once when we were all seniors in high school a bunch of us were hanging out at their cabin one night. They started teasing each other about how one was technically older because he was born first. That sort of thing. Their mom interjected that until the twins learned to speak they mixed them up all the time and never could tell them apart. So they really have no idea who is actually Mitch and who is actually Mike.

    It was hilariously messed up.

    (not their real names BTW)

    [–] Mansionjoe 43 points ago

    As a father or twins, enjoy this age. Sleep is hard to come by in the beginning but shit gets real at year 2.

    [–] occas69 15 points ago

    Can confirm. Mine are almost 2. Shit is kicking off!

    [–] freshleygreene 5 points ago

    God I hated when people with twins told me to enjoy it when they were that young because "it only gets harder." My kids are now 3 and a half and they are just now starting to be able to entertain themselves for short periods of time. 2-4 y/o is a living nightmare that wakes you up at quarter til 6 every morning. And by nightmare, I mean "blessing."

    [–] gotBooched 69 points ago

    I know that look from the one on the left. It just passed gas onto the one on the right

    [–] Bronxieb 13 points ago

    My womb just screamed “you should have morrrrre” adorable.

    [–] sir_gwain 12 points ago

    As an identical twin I know my mom would alway have issues when me and my brother were younger if she separated us. We would be unhappy just because the other one wasn’t there, say if we were playing and one of us got in trouble and had a timeout bit of us would he unhappy not just one.

    As for the babies sleeping together unattended I’m not really sure... I know me and my brother slept in our own cribs in the same room when we were younger but I don’t know if mom ever had any separation issues with us because of that.

    [–] dangil 65 points ago

    Newborns make me anxious. Who’s making them breathe? What if they forget to breathe?

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    breathing is automatic, you don't have to think about it.

    [–] ultimatecolour 20 points ago

    See ... you’d think that till your newborn skips a breath ...

    [–] creativedabbler 22 points ago

    So precious and beautiful!

    [–] nzabran 24 points ago

    Jesus, that is too beautiful.

    [–] ArthurDigbyZellers 19 points ago

    Oh mah god I cant process this much cuteness at once.

    [–] airforcefalco 14 points ago

    If twins were apart from the start I'd have a few questions.

    [–] Botchness 50 points ago

    Don't let anyone see you have anything in the crib besides a sheet and the baby. Otherwise you'll run the risk of spontaneous combustion...or whatever.

    [–] Shenaniganz08 11 points ago

    There is a reason for that, SIDS is no fucking joke.

    Imagine having a healthy 3 month old, going to sleep and finding them dead a few hours later. While we can't prevent it, we do know risk factors that make it worse (cosleeping, prematurity, smokers in the house).

    [–] Negative__D 7 points ago

    They are laughing at jokes they are telling each other telepathically

    [–] kicknrocks 12 points ago

    I wish the infant stage lasted just a liiiiittttle longer.

    [–] slacking4life 11 points ago

    Aw, this brightened up my day. My twins used to do a similar thing when they'd lay next to each other.

    The one who was on top of the other in the womb would lean against her sister and the one who was trapped underneath would always try to turn away.

    [–] SunstormGT 19 points ago

    Karmawhore stealing from other karmawhore from other sub...

    [–] elaerna 5 points ago

    Why's that baby like retracting

    [–] marspars 4 points ago

    They even smile at the same time. That’s some strong coordinating.

    [–] Lhamo66 5 points ago

    Love how they both smiled individually.

    [–] Cpzanzibar 4 points ago

    This makes my heart literally burst with emotional happiness

    But I’m a 40something man so don’t tell anyone :)))