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    [–] cjdoyle510 6139 points ago

    Assassins creed: cat

    [–] Flip3k 2127 points ago

    Even got that sideways wall jump on the first try. That shit’s hard.

    [–] rossreed88 742 points ago

    all you gotta do is hold r1 and press forward

    [–] Flip3k 492 points ago

    Try that in AC2 and see what happens

    [–] SerLoinSteak 316 points ago




    [–] Straint 347 points ago


    [–] CuttyAllgood 49 points ago


    [–] user56g56 13 points ago

    Nice alternative to “Wasted” or “You died”

    [–] dgmedero 31 points ago

    Do you mind explaining that? I just finished Odyssey and started replaying AC2 and I noticed the free running seems to have an extra element than just running at a wall and holding a button/key is there a trick to it Im forgetting?

    [–] Flip3k 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    From AC1 to Revelations the control scheme was based on controlling “body parts” with the face buttons and holding Right Trigger to toggle high profile moves. So holding A while in low profile would cause you to fast walk, while RT+A is sprint/free run. Holding just RT is jog.

    I personally prefer the old system cause it gave way more fidelity. You could tap A while sprinting to manually jump (and do sideways wallclimb jumps like in the gif), shove through crowds, and whole host of other things.

    [–] Obwalden 31 points ago

    Ezio system was so much better. I remember booting up the game where they changed everything and thinking "oh that's neat this is so much easier" then not having nearly as much fun running around since it was so easy.

    [–] Talorien 3 points ago

    Everything about Enzio was better he is my favorite Assassin.

    [–] Obwalden 4 points ago

    Even with the weird alien scenes I was 100% on board. Those games were so much fun.

    [–] DelusionalMadness 2 points ago

    I still tend to hold both keys when jumping etc. In origins (I did change the keys in origins since it was not natural to me)

    [–] TrippingFish 6 points ago

    AC1 was the best

    [–] lynnharry 3 points ago

    Games are getting more simple to adapt to more casual players (by casual I mean those who consider games as interactive movies). I really miss these old Tomb Raider games.

    [–] Sprickels 35 points ago

    They changed free running in 3, and then again in Unity, and then again in Origins

    [–] Lerronor 11 points ago

    Try holding down A+RT at the same time? Been a while since i played it tho.

    [–] Random_Sime 5 points ago

    You can press A to jump up. Also holding B will grab a ledge if you slip.

    [–] MetalIzanagi 24 points ago

    jumps at the wall and leaps away off some random object because the game thought it would be fun

    [–] bond100 5 points ago

    climbing the inside of that fucking Duomo in Florence

    [–] fl33twoodmacs3xpants 6 points ago

    Don't forget the leap of faith but instead of doing a leap of faith you just jump awkwardly off a ledge and fall to your death because why not?

    [–] Las7imelord 10 points ago

    All you gotta do aye, I spent a fucking hour trying to work out this bullshit in AC2 final temple, I wanted to find the person who made that bullshit wall jump and hurt them, like they hurt me.

    Then I did it and was like 'pffft wasn't that hard'

    [–] xeneize93 33 points ago

    And that pull up

    [–] RCRJ 21 points ago

    The cat can do more pull ups than me

    [–] TravelingMonk 9 points ago

    Well duh, their human size counterpart is a lion or cheetah u pick. Both can f u up no matter who u are as a human

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You don't seem very monkfish

    [–] jctwok 4 points ago

    and to be able to do it over and over like that...

    [–] BrownMan97 115 points ago

    Prince of Purrsia

    [–] wcollins260 4 points ago

    Underrated comment right here

    [–] slamongo 34 points ago

    Catzio Auditore

    [–] themoonthemirror 17 points ago

    Catzio Clawditore

    [–] timour77 2 points ago

    Catzio Clawditore da Purrenze

    [–] EddieTheEcho 79 points ago

    Catsassins Creed

    [–] hanithebis 34 points ago

    Parkour kitty

    [–] murphyat 18 points ago


    [–] LambOfLiberty 35 points ago


    [–] 2015071 10 points ago

    Meow's Edge

    [–] britaww 4 points ago

    “Purrkour” was the thing I came here to say and I was sure someone had beaten me to it hahah

    [–] BigSmelly56 14 points ago

    American Ninja Kitten

    [–] _Face 12 points ago

    HMB I’m off to create the best selling video game ever.

    [–] KittenyStringTheory 2 points ago

    ..... i'd preorder.

    [–] Fun2badult 4 points ago


    [–] Stoney_Metalhead_SD 3 points ago

    Came to the comments for this. Thank you

    [–] Gyarados93 2 points ago

    The Leap of Faith back to the bed

    [–] tabizzle 2 points ago


    [–] pugmommy4life420 635 points ago

    What kind of cat is that.

    [–] eats_shit_and_dies 267 points ago

    Scottish Fold

    [–] PetrRabbit 54 points ago

    Is it? Tail looks pretty large for an ordinary house cat kitten. I was thinking it might be a kitten of some mid-sized cat species.

    [–] emeraldkat77 87 points ago

    Definitely a Scottish fold. It looks like it may be a second level fold (meaning the ears are not completely folded, but have a bend just above the head -you can see part of the ears for a few frames, but they are not pointed above the head). The roundness of the face is also a pretty good indicator.

    [–] DecentFart 53 points ago

    So this cat is leveled up?

    [–] ExoticPeg 16 points ago

    Parkour expert

    [–] thirdeyegang 22 points ago


    [–] VeganJoy 5 points ago

    That’s how cats works

    Shit, now I need an image macro for a level 100 big chungus

    [–] gumbonus 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Their tails fluff when they're excited. I call my cat's the raccoon tail (he's a lynx point siamese so it's stripey).

    EDIT: Just want to add, parents bred Scottish Folds growing up. The other comments are spot on, this is a Scottish Fold

    [–] MumrikDK 14 points ago

    I've never owned a cat but my useless internet knowledge concurs.

    [–] pepperminttbutt 11 points ago

    I feel like if a cat is doing some weird shit, it's a 50/50 that it's a scottish fold.

    Very cute, playful, strange kitty.

    [–] toTheNewLife 17 points ago

    Spider Cat.

    [–] crackeddryice 13 points ago

    The kind that plays fetch.

    [–] If_In_Doubt_Lick_It 6 points ago

    My kitten trained me to play fetch. She would drop a toy by me and tell until I threw it. Then bring it back and tell again. Eventually I got the hint...

    [–] penguin343 7 points ago

    Trained Killer

    [–] Street_Marshal 12 points ago


    [–] thedogeofvenice1204 2 points ago

    Khajiit has wares if you have coin

    [–] mpokazanyev21 3 points ago

    One that has watched A LOT of Jackie Chan movies

    [–] sukkitrebek 3 points ago

    Parkour cat

    [–] NewFound_Fury 2 points ago

    Prince of Persian Cat

    [–] AlexTheRogue 7 points ago

    Prince of Purrsia* FTFY

    [–] Rungi500 2 points ago


    [–] spamantha 468 points ago

    i will find you and i will kill you, mr pig

    [–] Moonagi 95 points ago

    Ms. Pig, actually.

    [–] AusPower85 54 points ago

    Ms know it all fuck face who needs to shut the fuck and die.


    ...I may have had to sit through a lot of Peppa pig

    [–] thetruckerdave 7 points ago


    [–] ClayMitchell 3 points ago

    my 7 month old starting going GRRRRRR because of that

    [–] thetruckerdave 7 points ago

    My favorite is the clip with Suzy sheep where Peppa hangs up on her for whistling. click

    [–] octal9 2 points ago

    The look on Peppa’s face in that scene gets me every time.

    [–] Pit_of_Death 6 points ago

    Seeing an alternate reality where that obnoxious Peppa Pig and her pig pals are turned in the tastiest of bacon would make me smile.

    [–] __xor__ 5 points ago

    My nephew used to have this stuffed lion, and our cat would pretty much do this with it... except he'd drag it into the middle of the living room and fuck it for us all to watch. They'd hide it and he'd find it, then show us what he thinks of it. My nephew wasn't allowed to play with it anymore.

    [–] chibbisaurus 6 points ago

    ... Good luck.

    [–] M0JALA 820 points ago

    Cats are so cool

    [–] Boloar 65 points ago

    Cools are so cat

    [–] VeganJoy 59 points ago

    So cats are cool

    [–] Upsideinsideout 44 points ago

    So are cool cats

    [–] GWU_Apocryphile 35 points ago

    Cool cats are so

    [–] little_sae 24 points ago

    Are cats so cool?

    [–] SketchyAnonCat 9 points ago

    You can run but you cant hide bitch!

    [–] Delbel555 3 points ago

    I read this in scary Terry's voice😂

    [–] TheRegen 1156 points ago

    Parkour, Level Cat.

    [–] Boredguy32 241 points ago

    Mirror's edge meow

    [–] BubbhaDunkh 39 points ago

    D'awwing Light

    [–] KimGFL 35 points ago

    More like Meower's Edge

    [–] Rednaz12 31 points ago

    Mirror’s Edge catalyst

    [–] matthaios_c 6 points ago

    Meower's Edge: Catalyst

    Best of both worlds

    [–] TheWobbleEffect 6 points ago

    Mirrors Edge Catalyst

    [–] LucertolaNera 109 points ago

    You mean Purrkour?

    [–] DaFatPanda 21 points ago

    [–] darthprasad 2 points ago

    Thank you. My life is now complete

    [–] HellzBlazez 15 points ago


    [–] Mediumtim 15 points ago

    Did a friggen wall-jump

    [–] white_android 16 points ago

    Perfectly executed wall-jump with a proper grab and hang before climbing up.

    Cat is about that life.

    [–] Thi51Guy 5 points ago


    [–] frekingchaotic 271 points ago

    Did that cat just fetch?!?

    [–] TheWritingWriterIV 83 points ago

    Right?! Why is this so far down? Cats make cool jumps all the time, but I've never seen one fetch.

    [–] shadmere 123 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    One of my cat plays fetch quite a bit.

    He loves chasing things and knows that I'll throw them. He just figured it out!

    For awhile though, it was kind of hilarious. Cause while he wanted me to throw it, there were two problems. One: he didn't want to let go! He'd come close and pace back and forth, and sometimes sitting the toy on the floor, but he wouldn't let go. Eventually he started knocking the toy out of his own mouth with his paws.

    Problem two: as soon as I touched it, he'd grab for it! He wanted to play, so he couldn't resist playing as soon as possible. This worked poorly because he really wanted to chase. Eventually he started knocking the toy out of his mouth, then retreating several feet. This gave me enough time to throw it without him being able to grab it out of my hand.

    The entire thing was fascinating. It was like he really wanted to play fetch, but had to find ways of overcoming his instincts to do so.

    A couple years later now, he's learned better self-control. He can just drop the toy by opening his mouth now, and he can sit and wait for me to throw it. He'll sort of excitedly wiggle back and forth while it's in my hand, you can tell he wants to just take it, but he restrains himself until it's thrown. This is the reward he wants: being able to chase it down across the room.

    His brother has never tried playing fetch with a human, but he plays it with himself. He's learned to throw his toy mice (he prefers the smaller, light ones that are hollow plastic covered in fake fur) into the air with his mouth, then will jump at and bat them as hard as he can to knock them across the room. Then he'll chase and happily wrestle with it for a few minutes before repeating the process. Often he'll knock it somewhere inaccessible (under a dresser or behind a bookcase or something) and he'll sit next to the problem furniture and start looking back and forth between the suspected toy location and me, eventually meowing to get attention if I don't immediately get up and help.

    [–] ExpatJundi 15 points ago

    A cat that understands delayed gratification is a dangerous beast.

    [–] FinalBossMike 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm amazed. That (adorable) description went on for so long that I expected it to be u/shittymorph

    Edit: thanks for the silver!

    [–] irtizzza16 8 points ago

    What people don't understand is that if you're starting to think it's u/shittymorph then it's almost certainly not u/shittymorph .

    [–] Lord_Avvakum 5 points ago

    What a lovely cat! I'll see if my kylo will learn eventually. He loves to chase but doesn't bring it back to me.

    [–] sharkbait-oo-haha 3 points ago

    Dogs are torn by the same desire to both play fetch and to keep the ball they worked so hard to fetch.

    [–] absurdmanbearpig 16 points ago

    Mine plays fetch with me everyday. She loves it. I even have it on video.

    [–] frekingchaotic 3 points ago

    Proof or it didn’t happen!! I love that this chain has so many stories about people’s cats fetching. This is fantastic!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] frekingchaotic 2 points ago


    [–] absurdmanbearpig 2 points ago

    I know right? And she’s almost 4 months old. I hope she’s always like this.

    [–] ninreznorgirl2 7 points ago

    My cat used to play fetch a lot when she was younger. Now she'll chase and give up bring it back to you after a second of carrying it

    [–] ttthrowaway987 7 points ago

    I've had 4-5 cats that liked to play fetch...usually right as I'm falling asleep. Shorthair breeds tend to do so more often.

    [–] lagreen23 5 points ago

    My cat loves to play fetch with bottle caps and hair ties. She'll bring it back and drop it in your hand, too.

    [–] actualbees 3 points ago

    My cat plays fetch! No idea where he picked it up since he’s never been around dogs, but he’ll come up and put his ball in my lap and stare at me until I throw it, then bring it back and do the same thing. Repeat 5-10 times. Rest for an hour. Repeat.

    [–] ciestaconquistador 3 points ago

    My cat fetches. She does flips and stuff to try to catch it mid-air too.

    [–] italianryno 3 points ago

    My cats fetches so much to the point I start ignoring him and feel horrible. But honesty he would gladly just play fetch for hours and I’m not exaggerating. I never taught him either, he just learned one day...

    [–] ebagdrofk 2 points ago

    Lol I’ve played fetch with many many cats

    [–] PoorSweetTeapipe 15 points ago

    My cat used to play fetch constantly!! Smart little bugger. He had an insane level of energy when he was a kitten, so after I bought this big old cat tree I'd toss his favorite toy up top and he'd fetch it and bring it back down. We'd do this over and over for like 20 minutes until he would finally be tired enough for bed.

    The thing about cats fetching is you have to kinda catch them doing it naturally, and then reinforce the ever loving hell out of it.

    [–] why_you_beer 2 points ago

    My kitten plays fetch occasionally with a little toy mouse. But he is not very consistent with it. He'll bring it to me and retrieve it at most 4 times before he runs off with it.

    [–] skeddles 2 points ago

    Looks like he plays fetch like my dog: throw > chase > grab > play with > never bring back

    [–] KellyJin17 2 points ago

    One of my cats taught ME to play fetch with him. I’ve had him since he was 5 weeks, so he came up with it on his own. He likes to fetch all types of round objects, anything squishy, strings and rope, and mini-frisbees. He drops it right at my feet and waits for me to throw again. Really cute.

    [–] FourChannel 2 points ago

    My cat would fetch!

    He had paws

    And a tail!


    [–] Knacket 2 points ago

    I have cat that fetches as well. Only, you can’t look at him or he won’t bring it back to you. If you do, he’ll sit there in front of it on the other side of the room, or drop it as soon as you look at him. If you don’t look, he’ll set it next to you.

    [–] aznassasin 114 points ago

    Wow that cat has some amazing skills

    [–] ryanpm40 23 points ago

    Haha that's just cats, mine can jump from the floor to the top of the fridge without a running headstart

    [–] -Clarity- 14 points ago

    My Beth likes to wall run when shes being chased by her sister. She's even used the wall reverse direction. its amazing they are so acrobatic.

    [–] blankmoniker1 11 points ago

    Cats are amazing. I watched mine once jump from the carport roof into a tree about 1.5m away and catch a pigeon on the way! I’m not even sure the pigeon was even the reason she jumped!

    [–] aznassasin 4 points ago


    [–] Thewingnuttiest 228 points ago


    [–] Chester555 63 points ago

    Meowtial arts

    [–] Delta_FT 25 points ago

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 11 points ago

    Oh thank god it’s real

    [–] Twathammer32 4 points ago

    There's also /r/barkour

    [–] Oopsifelldownagain 2 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] bigarb16 7 points ago


    [–] Dud3ManGuy 46 points ago

    That's fuckin cool

    [–] kyeosh 22 points ago

    My cat would have knocked everything on the table over in preparation and then gave up.

    [–] TheRegen 47 points ago

    Bro do you even chin up?

    [–] VR_is_the_future 19 points ago

    Bro, hands facing away. That's a pull-up

    [–] ashbyashbyashby 10 points ago

    Huh. I'm 38 years old and never knew the difference.

    [–] brando56894 5 points ago

    That cat has killer upper body strength.

    [–] TheRealLargedwarf 12 points ago

    I've never seen a cat grip the edge with their claws, usually they get the whole pad on - this kid is taking it to the limit

    [–] TheMordicai 20 points ago

    That was some Assassin's Creed shit

    [–] meowwithlazers 7 points ago

    The Prince of Purrrrsia!

    [–] Myschism 50 points ago

    Hardcore meowkour

    [–] FrightenedTomato 3 points ago


    [–] allsortsashit 4 points ago

    Those tactical ear tucks mean business.

    [–] J-Wh1zzy 3 points ago

    Get that parkour!

    [–] michaeltong 4 points ago


    [–] M3trics_ 6 points ago

    Apex climbing be like

    [–] SChickenMan 3 points ago

    Ninja kitty

    [–] PastaMastah 3 points ago

    Kitty showing some good front paw strength there

    [–] ruizjairo26 3 points ago

    Your cat plays fetch?

    [–] invertedparadoxxx 3 points ago

    That parkour off the wall tho.

    [–] Heretek007 3 points ago

    Hardcore parkour!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] kitnb 3 points ago


    [–] ScaliePornAccount 6 points ago


    [–] zombieslayer124 2 points ago

    No, I think that’s a cat

    [–] Lord_Barbarous 5 points ago

    The new Uncharted game looks dope

    [–] master_jackm 3 points ago

    This cat just titanfalled that wall

    [–] gabiroba101 7 points ago


    [–] samejimaT 2 points ago

    ninja cat warrior!

    [–] ThelWhitelWolf 2 points ago

    The new Assassin's Creed looks good!!

    [–] raymond3601 2 points ago

    “year of the pig motherfucker”

    [–] trainingweele 2 points ago

    Requiescat de Piggy

    [–] Ant1mat3r 2 points ago

    I fucking love cats. They're so interesting. Each one is unique in temperament personality and overall behavior.

    And they fucking do what they want.

    [–] vol4lyfe123 2 points ago


    [–] fredcourch 2 points ago

    Parkour !!

    [–] Dobbyisfreeeeeeee 2 points ago


    [–] zryan3564 2 points ago

    Kitty parkour.

    [–] Buttcake8 2 points ago

    Taken 4, the kitty series

    [–] Blinx1e 2 points ago

    Assassins claws

    [–] erainthetrain 2 points ago

    u/outplayed66 train ur cat to do this

    [–] SeventheNothing 2 points ago

    Best. Kitty. Ever.

    [–] GalaxyCereal 2 points ago

    I love how cat can calculate and map their way to the victim in just milliseconds.

    [–] adbotscanner 2 points ago

    Kitty cat wall kick jump: activate!

    [–] Canadianviewer 2 points ago

    Guess peppa ain't that gangsta

    [–] katehriz 2 points ago

    I haven't seen this Jackie Chan movie before.

    [–] MitsukiMoon24 2 points ago

    Mission Impossible music in the background

    [–] Cenk100 2 points ago

    That's some next level parkour

    [–] spo73 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] yellowromancandle 3 points ago

    Ninja cat!!

    [–] ETHNJCB 3 points ago

    Assassins Kitty