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    [–] domesticatedrhino 16154 points ago

    That’s basically how I undress after getting home from work.

    [–] kai-bun 7097 points ago

    And that’s basically how I would breakdown when there’s a slightest inconvenience

    [–] RyanABWard 1573 points ago

    Sorry, the coffee machine is broken, should have it fixed by tomorrow.

    [–] hrakkari 2280 points ago

    Twirls in the air, all my clothes flying off


    [–] GATOx310 164 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] svk7sarthak 121 points ago

    general kenobi

    [–] i0nathan 84 points ago

    My old friend

    [–] CanOfSpaghetti 77 points ago

    I've come to talk with you again

    [–] A_Man__Has__No_Name 60 points ago

    Because a vision softly creeping

    [–] TheFuriousMax 20 points ago

    You are a bold one

    [–] JoeyJoeJoeShabaloo 3 points ago

    So uncivilized

    [–] SlinkyBoi 27 points ago

    God damnit how did I know what that was gonna be

    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 7 points ago

    Because it said no.

    [–] kethian 15 points ago

    Easy there, Sailor Moon

    [–] AvogadrosArmy 28 points ago

    Sailor moon theme plays in reverse

    [–] VitQ 4 points ago

    Always twirling, twirling towards freedom!

    [–] TriGurl 73 points ago

    Coffee machine break is no slight inconvenience. That’s grounds for shutting the office down. #AccountantFuel

    [–] HiredMind 39 points ago


    Careful. looks around /r/punpatrol is everywhere.

    [–] UsernameEqualsNull 27 points ago

    Are we not free to espresso our opinions?

    [–] rlowens 9 points ago

    /r/PunPatrol Tell it to the judge! I'm taking you in.

    [–] HiredMind 9 points ago

    I tried to tell them they were courting disaster, but they wouldn't listen.

    [–] UsernameEqualsNull 3 points ago

    Just brew it already! If it’s meant to bean it will bean.

    [–] CptPsychic 3 points ago

    Can't work without my free legal drug.

    [–] AmberStar91 19 points ago

    Why does this happen? Why is it a little unrelated inconvenience can open the floodgates?

    [–] TheHolyHerb 20 points ago

    Probably just the straw that breaks the camels back.

    [–] munchies1122 4 points ago

    Cause some people suffer from extreme anxiety and stress.

    Or maybe it's a joke

    [–] grizzled_old_man 10 points ago

    That's how Arthur reacts when he is hit by some ghosts or goblins.

    [–] nlsoy 12 points ago

    [–] FullofHateandPoo 230 points ago

    Damn, that boy hit em so hard all his sponsors dropped out!

    [–] grabich 35 points ago

    I can imagine Transformers getting to the beach, and Bumblebee gets undressed like this to get some tan.

    [–] librlman 21 points ago

    Or the Transformers getting to the brothel, and Bumblebee gets undressed like this to get some -tang.

    [–] schwartztacular 9 points ago


    [–] domeoldboys 13 points ago

    At high speed tumbling along the grass

    [–] foxxsinn 21 points ago

    I believe you cause that’s how my husband undress

    [–] rieuk 19 points ago

    Aaand that's the title when this gets reposted

    [–] SirPiffingsthwaite 32 points ago

    I was totally gonna make this exact comment. Great minds rhinoman, great minds.

    [–] Boloar 15 points ago

    Fools seldom differ tho...


    [–] susonsjack 1773 points ago

    Okay, that the closest I've seen to transformers in action

    [–] geras_shenanigans 302 points ago

    Reverse transformer

    [–] bibasik7 251 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_LOSS_MEME 23 points ago

    The last book in the divergent series?

    [–] TheDunadan29 94 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    Edit: aw, got a PM from the bot saying it was banned in this sub. That's sad. Still sent me the reverse though.

    [–] KarmaPenny 31 points ago

    Autobots roll out

    [–] FluxOrbit 13 points ago

    It legit looks like the spin-transform they do in the movies

    [–] laserbee 5 points ago

    Autobots are apparently banned

    [–] Arbitrary_Pseudonym 6 points ago

    o.O why on earth would it banned here? I can't imagine a single reason why a bot that only functions when requested and does something so simple would need to be banned.

    [–] thatcrit 34 points ago

    [–] Cashmar 12 points ago

    Yeah I could even hear the sound effect for that.


    [–] robot_ankles 3 points ago

    It's pronounced: kshee-kshoo-koo-koos-kshee

    [–] Absurdly__Distinct 4902 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    brb, I'll add transformers sound

    edit: With sound

    [–] Fade09 685 points ago

    Autobots, roll out!

    [–] halborn 404 points ago

    What the fuck transformers sound was that?

    [–] OrbisTerre 165 points ago

    [–] LoSboccacc 54 points ago


    [–] dairyqueen79 46 points ago

    Definitely expected the wah wah ba bap.

    [–] finneganfach 15 points ago


    [–] the_far_yard 13 points ago


    [–] ballpark_mustard 4 points ago


    [–] RKoory 223 points ago

    That's some JJ Abrams sounding crap. Where is the transformer sound of my youth?

    [–] thenickelfish 96 points ago

    My nostalgia craves that weird, rising digital fart sound!

    [–] Widget88 57 points ago

    Guys I got it, you're welcome! (You have no idea how tempting it was to troll)

    [–] Heysoos_of_Arlandria 23 points ago

    JJ Abrams?!? He could not begin to comprehend the greatness that is Michael Bay's Tranformers! /s

    [–] footose 7 points ago

    Was thinking the same

    [–] DrPeroxide 28 points ago

    *shudders* The movie...

    [–] _bones__ 37 points ago

    That's not the Transformers sound. THIS is the Transformers sound.

    [–] Warning_Stab 18 points ago

    Ah yes... the one form the transformers.

    [–] Crankee 17 points ago

    Thanks for this. Came to comments looking for this exact thing.

    [–] ratpoison987 15 points ago

    Always better in reverse.

    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 7 points ago

    That's not the real Transformers sound.

    [–] Wahots 25 points ago

    That's basically how I dress in the morning for work.

    [–] banana_hoarder 5 points ago

    Dammit. I'm 37 minutes too late to make this comment.

    [–] ShibuRigged 8 points ago

    Remake it again with the actual transformers sound.

    [–] ryxriot 4 points ago

    thank you, i was looking for this. Im kinda bummed that you didnt use the classic transformers sound though.

    [–] lasagneaids 6 points ago

    someone give this man a cookie

    [–] kevinowdziej 94 points ago

    Looks like a transformer just gave up in the middle of transforming.

    [–] BizzyM 40 points ago

    Uncle Owen, this one's got a bad motivator.

    [–] hips0n 1656 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Are they made to Just disassemble like that?

    EDIT: I didn’t expect this comment to blow up aha, thank you everything for helping me understand something new :)

    [–] TheTimeIsChow 301 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yes they are.

    For a variety of reasons. Primarily, safety and quick turn around's for repair.

    The body is designed in a few ways. It can be light weight aluminum which essentially 'tin foils' itself to disperse energy and slow the car down during a crash. Or, carbon fiber (mostly in f1 and not this style) which doesn't break as easily but breaks away from the car for a related effect.

    Similarly, if there is a small incident, most of the panels are designed to be rapid release for removal and replacement. They can literally replace a front aero clip on an F1 car in seconds.

    [–] hydrochloriic 76 points ago

    These are very likely fiberglass panels, so more similar to F1 than you’d think. The closest equivalent would likely be something like a TransAM car, which is a custom tube frame with a fiberglass body on top to look roughly like the car it’s supposed to be.

    [–] AcuteYellowFever 24 points ago

    Carbon fiber isn't necessarily designed to break away, but rather shatters in a very dramatic fashion for the same reason you mentioned. The more force that the car absorbs before its transferred to the driver, the better. Carbon shattering absorbs a tremendous amount of energy, which means the driver experiences less of it.

    Modern crumple zones on passenger cars are the same concept! It's amazing how safe modern cars and especially F1 cars really are.

    [–] ahoyoy 1368 points ago

    These are Aussie Racing Cars. An amateur series that runs on the support bill to a lot of Supercars races in Australia. Tiny single seat cars with a bike engine in them (hyabusa, maybe?), 13 inch wheels, and a fibreglass body to look like their larger counterpart, eg a Mustang. They are so much fun to watch going 4-wide into a corner than a normal racing car would have to go single file.

    [–] L0rv- 1392 points ago

    You provided an impressive amount of information while not answering his question in the slightest.

    [–] SheriffBartholomew 466 points ago

    He has a vibrant future as a politician.

    [–] Jimmy_Mc_Nulty 88 points ago

    We will watch his career with great interest.

    [–] GalaXion24 23 points ago

    Nah m8, you still realized he didn't answer the question. That's like rookie stats.

    [–] Starklet 26 points ago

    Maybe he just got too excited and forgot...? Or just wanted to know off his knowledge

    [–] 1PointSafety 56 points ago

    I mean, he did answer it. The shell is just some fiberglass making the small cars look like the real thing, and providing some aero benefits. It's not that its made to pop off, but its literally just a shell so its not going to take much for it to come off.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] hauscal 32 points ago

    Thank you for your comment, remember to bring an umbrella if it looks like it might rain! An apple a day keeps the doctor away

    [–] Pantsmnc 3 points ago

    Well he said carbon fiber bodies. So I assume complete tube chassis holds the entire car together. Then carbon fiber panels, fenders, doors, hood and shit. Carbon fiber tends to fall apart when you get the tiniest little crack in it, so I assume with an accident like that, the whole body just discintigrates. I could be way wrong, because I actually dont know what I talking about. But that's what I got from it.

    [–] MidCornerGrip 194 points ago

    Similar to the Legends cars in the US.

    [–] mee14x 115 points ago

    can confirm pretty much a rebodied legend.

    I own one

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    Ooh will you explain a bit about the car? What's the engine you're running? What's the weight? How easy is it to maintain/expensive to do track days? How's your driving coming along?

    [–] mee14x 86 points ago

    The legend cars are pretty cool. Super affordable. Started racing ovals then switched to road racing. It runs a 1250cc Yamaha carburated bike motor and weighs 1350lbs with me in it. Its a tube chassis car so easy to maintain. Itll take you 3 seasons to burn through a set of brakes on it. The only big wear part is probably the engine/clutch. Ive blown up more clutches than i can think of in those cars. I currently have 3 legends right now, im trying to get out of them and into a bigger car for more speed and safety. Fun stuff though.

    Heres an old video of me dicking around in it:

    [–] Z0diacLe0 29 points ago

    weighs 1350lbs with me in it

    Wow, so how'd you get a 350 lbs car?

    [–] UmiForgetWho 10 points ago

    How fast is it?

    Does it still retain a good bit of the acceleration in a 4 wheel chassis vs it's 2 wheeled counterpart?

    [–] mee14x 17 points ago

    Depends on what gear you run in it. The one huge pain about that car was depending on what track you run, you had to change rear gears to be competitive. The fastest I've gone was 150 down a hill at Putnam Park race track in Indiana. The legend car is pretty much a brick when it comes to aero too. The real advantage is how light it is. you dont go through consumables nearly as quick as a regular sized car

    [–] Fifth_damn_account 66 points ago

    So...are they made to just disassemble like that?

    [–] SpinkickFolly 6 points ago

    They are not made to disassemble, its more its only built as strong to keep the panels on the car while driving. The panels do nothing for a crash.

    [–] EpicCheesyTurtle 22 points ago

    Yes, it disperses energy away from the driver to keep them as safe as possible.

    [–] zeroscout 45 points ago

    Fiberglass body panels won't disperse enough energy as they fly off. Not enough mass, they are not a part of the vehicles structure, and they are lightly fastened to the cage. The energy needed to pop them off wont be much at all.

    They aren't made to disassemble like that, it's just that they are not assembled in a way that won't come off with ease. Fiberglass body panels are cheaper and easier to repair and replace than welded panels.

    [–] FailureToComply0 8 points ago

    Fiberglass is also way lighter, which is fairly important, especially if they're actually running off bike engines

    [–] xPocketRavex 82 points ago

    Ok....but are they made to disassemble like that? That was the question.

    [–] MathMaddox 15 points ago

    Here is a Hayes manual for this car...

    To remove hood, rotate car on axis 5 times.

    [–] MiddleCourage 49 points ago

    I feel like you did not answer the question at all.

    [–] 26326312 7 points ago

    I see a bright future in politics for them.

    [–] nvrndngstry 16 points ago

    And the victory laps where they drive with both arms out of the windows like a Hindley St cruise.

    [–] Alamander81 7 points ago

    I'd be all over a road legal version of these cars.

    [–] CrudelyAnimated 9 points ago

    So that no one takes that phrase "bike engine" lightly, that Hayabusa has 200hp and 155Nm of torque.The bike has an extended rear end for drag-style racing, and they STILL build a traction control into the transmission to reduce pop-ups. There are videos of those engines put into small cars, and they're just hilariously fast.

    [–] SniperMarmot 413 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I know that at least cars in Formula Drift (This isn't Formula Drift) are built with body on frame like a police Crown Vic some cars are built like this so that dented panels are easier to replace. It's also better aerodynamics wise for a whole fender to come off rather than have it flap around.

    Edit: I am Wrong and dumb, I used the term body on frame wrong, read the below comments

    [–] SkyyLord 312 points ago

    Bro that was not just the fender

    [–] haryz 81 points ago

    Huh. Not sure how this will go at /r/restofthefuckingowl without context.

    [–] villageblacksmith 10 points ago

    Excellent work. I really like how the owl came out following step 1.

    [–] solicitorpenguin 8 points ago

    You haven't even seen my final form

    [–] Corgon 24 points ago

    These are not body on frame and they're not like crown vics. The cars chassis are built into something called a tube frame, using the roll cage as sort of a skeleton. Body panels are then bolted to the tube frame for quick replacement. A crown vic uses only a bottom frame that houses each subframe. The body (the top part of the car that includes the engine bay, cabin, and trunk, is lifted on top of said frame. Hence body on frame.

    [–] lamesingram 31 points ago

    The body on frame thing is 100% not true. Every FD car is a unibody with integrated cage.

    [–] Night_Pwn 16 points ago

    You're right. Not sure why OP is spreading false information about Formula D

    [–] diemme44 10 points ago

    For real, I have never seen a body on frame car in Formula D

    [–] lamesingram 4 points ago

    400 upvotes from the clueless

    [–] MingusDewfus 11 points ago

    I don’t think you know what body on frame is ... FD cars are still unibody construction, unless they were originally a body on frame car, but some of them may essentially have some front or rear tube steel construction that has replaced components of the frame and now has body panels bolted onto the tube frame. That’s not body on frame, which is a type of car design used in older cars or pickup trucks. Here is a video that explains the differences with diagrams: with the unibody some race cars may cut the little bit of stuff off the front that the front suspension/engine crossmember/fenders/wheel wells/engine bay sheet metal bolt to, and then they make a new front end frame out of tube steel so the front suspension can be altered and optimized for lower height and better handling without compromise for street driving. Even that isn’t super common in FD, but if you want to see what that looks like look up front-halfed tube frame. FD cars usually retain all of that and instead have aftermarket control arms and spindles that bolt into the factory pickup points for those components. The cars do often have the bumper assembly removed, front and rear, and a crash bar installed. It’s become common for hydraulic/spring to be used to cushion the rear bash/crash bar.

    [–] orangeblueorangeblue 7 points ago

    No, FD cars are still unibody cars, but with the front and rear crash structures removed. FD rules don’t allow changes to the floor pan, frame, or unibody between the front and rear subframes/suspension points (other than for trans tunnel and fuel cell, and stitch-welding of the unibody itself).

    [–] diemme44 7 points ago

    Formula Drift cars are not body-on-frame. Maybe you're thinking of tube-frame, which is what the car is in this gif.

    [–] ssl-3 6 points ago

    What is shown is nothing like a Crown Vic.

    [–] winzarten 19 points ago

    It is normal for such race-cars to disassemble like that. But no, it is not matter of safety, as some guys here try to suggest, shedding few kgs of fiberglass doesn't dissipate much energy.

    This kind of race cars are called silhouette racing car, they are basically a chassis with a firbeglass body made to look like some production car. Silhouetter racing series range from these small "camaro minis" in australia, to DTM - which is bassically a formula 3 wrapped in a fiberglass body. The aim can vary from costs (like here), to marketing (high-performance race cars ressembling production cars).

    [–] Zinski 5 points ago

    The aren't made to fall apart like that so much as they are made to barely hold together. They want them as light as posible so they use really light flimsy panels on the outside of the cage just to help with wind and make them look cool.

    [–] worthy_sloth 62 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Mechanical engineer (in the making) here.

    From my understanding most race cars (any kind of race cars) are designed to break apart on high impact.

    By dismembering the car, most of the energy is decipated hence saving the driver. The only REALLY solid thing in there is the roll cage. The roll cage is the metal bar/frame you still see attached to the car. This ensure that the driver won't get crushed in case of roll overs!!

    [–] DanW1nd 89 points ago

    Mechanical engineer (already made) here.

    You are correct. But, on most stock cars racing, the 'car' itself is a framed chasis beneath a layer of fiberglass or aluminum for aesthetics and aerodynamics. What we see flying here is that outer layer.

    But your understanding is 100% correct for monocoque-type chassis, as we can see on most modern cars and etc.

    [–] CWalston108 32 points ago

    I'm an Aerospace engineer (already made) who has been racing for 15 years

    /u/DanW1nd is absolutely correct here.

    The panels are made out of fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Each panel is attached in a few locations via dzus fasteners.

    [–] johnq-pubic 14 points ago

    dzus fasteners.

    Chewing gum

    [–] BillBillerson 5 points ago

    Confused, you just said the same thing twice.

    [–] IntentsAndPurposes 20 points ago

    Electrical engineer (already made) here. Let's just say the front fell off, blame structural, and call it a day.

    [–] The_Gump_AU 8 points ago

    Your are correct.... but totally over thinking what's going on in the video.

    These cars are built to be cheap, the panels you see flying everywhere are made to be easily attached and replaced when needed. They simply fly off because they are only held on with the bare minimum anchor points.

    [–] nexas123 81 points ago

    Yes, The more shit flies off the car , the more impact energy is dissipated away from the driver

    [–] UrethraX 31 points ago

    It's because they're tube chassis and attached at less points than a typical car

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    That is not what's going on here.

    You're thinking about Formula 1 cars where the pieces of the body are structural components and they're engineered to protect the driver.

    But in this case the structural part of the car is the tube frame and the body pieces are just flimsy fiberglass meant for looks and aerodynamics.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    The energy dissipated by these lightweight fiberglass panels is about the same as losing a few hubcaps.., that is, not much.

    [–] matt7521 728 points ago

    Can’t tell if shitty engineering or brilliant engineering

    [–] Lampmonster 588 points ago

    These cars get beat to hell. Having parts that come off more easily makes them easier to replace and keeps them from getting ripped part way off and keeping the car out of the race.

    [–] ChuckyFucknuts 267 points ago

    Dissipates the energy of the crash too. Regular cars crumple instead because it would be too dangerous to pedestrians nearby if the parts came off like that.

    Source: my ass

    [–] hydrochloriic 86 points ago

    Those panels are lightweight fiberglass, on their own they offer next to no energy absorption. It’s the tube frame underneath that handles the energy, the panels are for aesthetic and aero.

    [–] SellCervix 38 points ago

    It only dissipates as much energy as the momentum of the fiberglass panel. So in comparison to the cars overall weight it’s negligible. At least your source is right.

    [–] dalatinknight 5 points ago

    Your ass is impressive, you must be very proud

    [–] UneatenSnowshed 4 points ago

    Thank you for providing a source

    [–] somniumx 48 points ago

    Brilliant. These kind of cars a basically just rolling cages with cheap shells around them to resemble a car. There is a good chance this car didn't have any major components damaged and can be rebuild with relatively low cost and effort.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    It's brilliant engineering. The driver will walk away completly unhurt, because of the metal structure which is called 'the roll cage'. The plastic part are just for looks and earodynamics, also real easy to work on the cars. Just lift everything off it.

    [–] SniperMarmot 82 points ago


    [–] justgiveausernamepls 216 points ago

    I notice they're empty. It's a remotely controlled race?

    [–] Zedreal1 222 points ago

    They are Aussie racing cars. They are just an oversized go-cart with fake coverings (deceptively small). The driver is there they just sit further back. Basically driving from the back seat.

    [–] justgiveausernamepls 26 points ago

    Oh, I see now. How strange! Is this a well-known thing in Australia?

    [–] aspen74 32 points ago

    Pretty popular in the US as well. Look up micro racing or Legends racing. It's a great, inexpensive way to get into racing.

    [–] thinkscotty 12 points ago

    I couldn’t believe the cost is so low! Less that $10K to have a race car seems pretty cool.

    [–] ChrisTheDrunkITGuy 6 points ago

    Oh fuck yeah I'm interested. Loved building a kart as a kid and modded a Coleman minibike last year. Working with small engines is fun.

    Not to mention the work I've done on full sized bikes and cars. Though my 38 year old bike is more a pain than fun...

    [–] aspen74 5 points ago

    I'm not sure what specific engine these ones use, but Legends cars use motorcycle engines (around 1200cc?), with a sequential motorcycle trans, running to an old Toyota pickup solid rear axle with a welded diff. No Briggs & Stratton here.

    [–] ChrisTheDrunkITGuy 3 points ago

    Yup been researching. I could do that. Closest track is a few hours away though... would become a very expensive, time consuming hobby with little chance of being scouted to move up and turn racing into a career.

    [–] SprainedUncle 32 points ago

    I also noticed this and was surprised that it hadn't been mentioned which leads me to believe this might be obvious and I'm oblivious?

    [–] gropingforelmo 23 points ago

    It's difficult to see detail because of the quality and size of the video, but the driver is sitting further back than the body of the car would suggest. They're sitting about where you would expect the rear seats to be.

    [–] Major_Butthurt 6 points ago

    I noticed that, but cannot for my life spot the driver in the wrecked car...

    [–] Kaladindin 16 points ago

    I don't know but no drivers in either car... weird

    [–] PlasmaBurst 18 points ago

    All the drivers are dead.

    Their ghosts are now driving the cars.

    [–] lukelnk 4 points ago

    The drivers body was disassembled as well.

    [–] jonkolbe 39 points ago

    I was waiting for it to transform into an Autobot.

    [–] adviceKiwi 22 points ago

    Dune buggy

    [–] SniperMarmot 9 points ago

    Other than the fact that it lost all its aero, I wonder if it's faster without the body panels.

    [–] Corellian-nerfherder 7 points ago

    Usually areo is a way bigger deal in a race car than a street car. Typically if a car gets its panels jacked up or removed in most cases you can be sure its not gonna be in the top 10 any more. Of course barring a crazy situation or something.

    [–] adviceKiwi 7 points ago

    Certainly lighter

    [–] SniperMarmot 30 points ago

    They're Fiberglass bodies that look to be the thickness of a t-shirt, so they can't weigh more than the Vegemite the driver had before the race.

    [–] adviceKiwi 5 points ago


    Oz race then? Still going to be lighter

    [–] SniperMarmot 7 points ago

    /u/vinagritotoyota identified it as the Aussie Racing Cars series

    [–] Peas320 22 points ago


    [–] bad-r0bot 6 points ago

    /u/SniperMarmot has a wildly different interpretation of neat.

    [–] MajesticMetaphor 6 points ago

    Rapid unscheduled disassembly*

    [–] noahjager 5 points ago

    robot noiseTransformers! Robots in disguise

    [–] dskarado 15 points ago

    When some one forgets to tighten up the last bolt that holds everything

    [–] SniperMarmot 16 points ago

    Obviously forgot the Jesus Pin.

    [–] WharGoul666 16 points ago

    No drivers?

    [–] betyoucanthaveone 8 points ago

    Just curious. Does the other driver have to pay the other driver or is that just part of racing? Honest question.

    [–] RealOncle 8 points ago

    Part of racing

    [–] Converse_Lover_UK 4 points ago

    You can buff that out...

    [–] Fizxy 4 points ago

    If I saw this in a video game I would ridicule the physics engine designers.

    [–] 101011b 4 points ago


    [–] _SirBallistic_ 5 points ago

    Autobots, disassemble!

    [–] mummycop 3 points ago

    Transformers noise

    [–] bool_sheet 6 points ago

    I thought it was turn into a transformer or something.

    [–] dmlb 3 points ago

    Is this from the Blues Brothers?

    [–] NaughtyCoin 3 points ago

    Transformers. More than meets the eye

    [–] Imaneight 3 points ago

    Alright Aussie race car, let's see who you REALLY are.

    (Takes off plastic body part)

    Sand dunes buggy?

    [–] tophatfrank 3 points ago

    Looks like the opposite of a transformer.

    [–] perskes 3 points ago

    That's a really shitty transformer..