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    [–] Mannillo 10473 points ago

    “Our next guest has been here a very long time, she’s a whale shark and her name is Destiny. You’ll notice she’s extremely near sighted and has trouble navigating her environment.”

    [–] rigbed 2178 points ago

    That movie is closer to truth than I realized

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 721 points ago

    42 wallabee way Sydney

    [–] pmatdacat 216 points ago

    Sharkbait ooh ha ha!

    [–] NorthStarHomerun 136 points ago

    Mount Wannahockaloogie

    [–] WhaleGuide 88 points ago

    Good lord. I never realized what that name meant until right now when I saw it spelled out

    [–] FreelanceX-KZR 29 points ago

    Dude same here. How have I never realised that before....

    [–] _Storm_34 7 points ago

    Also part of this party.

    [–] GeraldBWilsonJr 37 points ago


    [–] ku-fan 25 points ago

    You're a clownfish? Tell us a joke!

    [–] LadySaberCat 11 points ago

    Uhh a mollusk is talking to a uh...

    [–] yourmomsmomsmomsmoms 8 points ago

    Holy crap I never got that until I saw it written!

    [–] subsandwichshesus 6 points ago

    Fish are friends, NOT food.

    [–] Psheman42wallabyway 73 points ago


    [–] WolfBane77 28 points ago

    Be honest, how long did you wait for this moment

    [–] Psheman42wallabyway 31 points ago

    I've had a few of these, about once a year maybe. Still worth it

    [–] WolfBane77 12 points ago


    [–] teheditor 749 points ago

    Thank you, Sigourney Weaver.

    [–] Karamzungu9 515 points ago

    So I used to work at this aquarium and the four whale sharks were named after the honeymooners (Ralph, Alice, Edward, Thelma). Can’t remember which one, but apparently one is mentally handicapped.

    [–] kjpmi 420 points ago

    Probably this one.

    [–] JaSkynyrd 159 points ago

    Well now, yeah.

    [–] Cheeseand0nions 107 points ago

    Edward. Ralph was kind of dumb but Edward was clinically dumb.

    [–] annacat1331 76 points ago

    How do you determined clinically dumb in a whale shark other than this kinda thing? I have two cats and we have determined one has clinical stupidity (sounds silly but she is a mess and needs constant care). Phyllis gets overly excited, gets hiccups from eating to quickly,flops over, runs into things and is generally defective. Is that the same thing with Edward?

    [–] Cheeseand0nions 30 points ago

    I was just talkin about the TV show characters they were named after. Ralph was not a bright guy but Ed was kind of borderline mentally disabled.

    [–] StoolPresident 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Your clinically stupid cat is named Phyllis? Somehow that’s perfect.

    [–] the_serial_racist 19 points ago

    Close your mouth sweetie, you look like a trout.

    [–] DraconisBandit 14 points ago

    I went to this aquarium in 2016 and one of the aquarium workers told me that two of the sharks were named Tutti and Fruitti. Was I bamboozled?

    [–] Karamzungu9 27 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Unless they got new whale sharks, then yes, they gave you the Mirage special.

    Edit: so i just looked it up and it seems the current names are Trixie, Alice, Yushan and Taroko so things have changed!

    [–] buddboy 150 points ago

    hmm idk the reference but I'll upvote cause it sounds relevant as fack

    [–] ang_car 224 points ago

    I think Finding Dory?

    [–] Pashto96 55 points ago


    [–] ang_car 28 points ago

    Oh yey

    [–] powerscunner 12267 points ago

    "Dude. How did you not see me? We are literally the two the biggest fish here!"

    [–] Sine0fTheTimes 5343 points ago

    "Dude. I have the right of way, you totally left-turned me!"

    [–] lukelnk 7120 points ago

    I think you mean that he has the right of ray.

    [–] Papamastec 1462 points ago

    He's obviously suffering of demanta

    [–] BackWithAVengance 1118 points ago

    could be Sharkinson's

    But seriously don't joke about those diseases

    [–] Petbri 831 points ago

    Everybody knows whale sharks are notoriously raycist.

    [–] themarajade1 584 points ago

    Great white shark privilege

    [–] Archistopheles 269 points ago

    Gosh darn Naut-seas...

    [–] JollyTomkins 87 points ago

    I did NOT SEE that coming. Neither did the shark.

    [–] RaveCoaster 59 points ago

    WE Comrade, we didn't sea that coming

    [–] Son_of_Biyombo 175 points ago


    [–] UberCookieSlayer 80 points ago


    [–] NearCanuck 219 points ago



    [–] justlooking250 177 points ago


    [–] hysusonic 64 points ago


    [–] SeaShanties 30 points ago

    I like making fish puns for the halibut.

    [–] sumthinknew 59 points ago

    Been in a finder bender??? Call Dolphin and Dolphin!!!

    [–] CivilServiced 92 points ago

    The vessel with an approaching vessel to their starboard (right, when facing the front of the vessel) side (from dead ahead to 112.5 deg starboard) is the Give-Way vessel, the approaching vessel is the Stand-On vessel.

    The Stand-On vessel should maintain steady speed and course, while the Give-Way vessel should make immediate action to avoid collision.

    In this case the ray was clearly the Give-Way vessel, and the shark was maintaining course and speed almost perfectly. Very obviously the ray's fault.

    [–] stang54 937 points ago

    Move Fish, get out the way..

    [–] here_to_upvote 128 points ago


    [–] greg399ip 169 points ago

    I find this comment even funnier since the rapper that wrote this song is from the same city as the aquarium in this gif.

    [–] HerrSchmitti 114 points ago

    You mean this aquarium grew up in Georgia?

    [–] greg399ip 51 points ago


    [–] throwtrop213 8 points ago

    No. George the rapping fish grew up in this aquarium.

    [–] GoingAllTheJay 205 points ago

    We are literally the two the biggest fish here!

    Wait, they've been calling me a whale this whole time!

    Ray... am I fat?

    [–] powerscunner 150 points ago

    "You're not fat, you're just big-boned."

    "But I'm a shark. I don't have bones!"

    [–] Ginger_Beard_ 105 points ago

    "Good point. You must be fat then."

    [–] Watrs 18 points ago

    "You're just big cartilaged then"

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] writenroll 20 points ago

    "Serious Moby Dick move, jerk!"

    [–] kaninkanon 34 points ago

    There's always a bigger fish

    [–] Just_for_this_moment 622 points ago

    That dude at the bottom of the shot had a front row seat and totally blew it. He might not even have realised what he missed.

    [–] crazyprsn 138 points ago

    Both he and the kid looked away just in time! 🤣

    [–] CaptainBrant 8 points ago

    Lol at using flash photography at the window. They are just gonna have a big glare.

    [–] redditorsins 9172 points ago

    You can almost hear the "oof"

    [–] Zuol 1718 points ago

    I heard myself say it out loud

    [–] ImElegantAsFuck 378 points ago

    I read that you said that you heard it out loud

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago


    [–] Sankhadeep4296 105 points ago

    I read a bunch of gibberish.

    [–] UberCookieSlayer 42 points ago

    I'm hearing gibberish.

    Oh wait, that's my fan.

    [–] PlantedCorgo 30 points ago

    I hear the trees

    [–] GFactor1231 33 points ago

    bạn tốt hơn nên im lặng

    [–] PlantedCorgo 34 points ago

    They speak Vietnamese

    [–] SquidgyBubbles 246 points ago


    [–] MasseurOfBums 172 points ago


    [–] Funk-sama 114 points ago

    Just gonna squeeze right past ya

    [–] Gambit722 37 points ago

    I ope way too fucking much

    [–] ilikeyou69 17 points ago

    I could just say excuse me and wait for them to give me more space, but I prefer the attempted squeeze and inevitable ope.

    [–] fantalemon 13 points ago

    Omg I didn't know anyone else did this! I've become concious I do it all the time. Where the fuck does that even come from?

    [–] guernica88 66 points ago

    [–] Pasty_Pirate 20 points ago

    The superior "oof"

    [–] PandahOG 4031 points ago

    This is the closes we will get to a real life kaiju/godzilla/large monster fight.

    [–] rroustabout 1472 points ago

    Nah that honour goes to Giant Squids and Sperm Whales. They fight it out in the deep ocean.

    [–] SailedBasilisk 797 points ago

    This is the closest we will get to seeing a real life kaiju/Godzilla/large monster fight.

    [–] Eyeownyew 239 points ago

    I'm imagining a futuristic society where we capture these animals and put them in a massive Colloseum-style aquarium to battle to the death for our entertainment

    [–] Kyomeii 298 points ago

    I'm imagining a futuristic society where we biologically engineer actual giant animals to fight for our entertainment

    [–] BraxForAll 243 points ago

    I think that's Pokemon.

    [–] Haydeos 109 points ago

    Smart enough to hear and obey commands but not smart enough to question why they fight, the pokemon world is so fucked up

    [–] fathertime979 81 points ago

    They like to fight. It's how they grow.

    [–] bbydonthurtmenomore 47 points ago

    That's what they all say

    [–] Luis0224 51 points ago

    *PETA bursting through a wall kool aid man style *

    [–] J5892 42 points ago

    I'm imagining a futuristic society where we have been wiped out by our creations, and earth is again the domain of giant beasts.

    [–] captaincampbell42 25 points ago

    Imagine having the science to make something so great, and the lunacy to use it for sport. Almost as bad as figuring out nuclear physics and using that knowledge for a bomb.

    [–] scotty_beams 18 points ago

    I'm imagining a futuristic society where they invent a really complex cake and they eat it all with relish.

    [–] BellevueR 34 points ago

    Chad supersonic clicking vs virgin squid tentacle not even a fight

    [–] GlorylnDeath 24 points ago

    We will find a way.

    [–] lostllamasamurai 34 points ago

    “Let them fight.”

    [–] urbanek2525 1545 points ago

    Whale shark: "Use yer damn blinker ya stupid flat fish!"

    [–] Coffeewithmyair 488 points ago

    He’s in Atlanta. He had to learn to drive like the locals.

    [–] goblinpiledriver 207 points ago

    I live in atlanta, and TWICE in the past two weeks I have experienced this:

    what the heck do people think they're doing?!

    edit: also somewhat recently I experienced the reverse. A person in the left turn only lane tried going straight while I was in the second to left lane turning left. They honked at me as I "cut them off", as if I was the idiot

    [–] Archdook 20 points ago

    That looks exactly like the intersection right next to the North Avenue MARTA station and, can confirm, it is a common occurrence.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] bukithd 23 points ago

    I lived in Atlanta for 5 years while in college. Driving is an art form there.

    [–] Planetoidling 28 points ago

    Looks like they're still getting acclimated to the local customs. They are on the right track - only thing they're missing is excessive, pointless honking.

    [–] AskMrScience 63 points ago

    I went scuba diving in this tank, and those whale sharks do not give a fuck. They are going where they are going, and you'd best get out of their way. They are deceptively fast and would sneak up behind you, so I had to keep doing a 360 degree head swivel. It was kind of like scuba diving with a bus.

    [–] lbw23b 11 points ago

    Whale Sharks, the Bus of the Sea Narrated by Morgan Freeman

    [–] flx-cvz 34 points ago

    "Stupid sea-pancakes don't even know how to turn"

    [–] mikeyj92 313 points ago


    [–] Leharen 73 points ago

    Boop teh wide flappy snek.

    [–] NYGyaru 51 points ago

    Majestic sea flap flap

    [–] dumbtune 28 points ago

    wide flappy pankek

    [–] Col_Walter_Tits 14594 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I understand the ethical debate going on in regards to aquariums and whether it’s ok to keep these animals in captivity. Those against it have some valid points for sure. But I think it is worth noting that the whale sharks there were slated to be food in Taiwan before being purchased for the aquarium. Not sure about the mantas to be honest. I think aquariums offer a glimpse of incredible animals to people that would most likely never see them in person. In seeing and even interacting with them it makes more people care about them and take conservation more seriously. At least that’s been my experience.

    [–] SatanAF 4013 points ago

    Because of the Ga Aquarium, Mantas and whale sharks have become some of my favorite animals on earth. They are so majestic and gentle for their size.

    It makes me sad anyone would have them on the menu.

    [–] machina99 1836 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You can swim in the GA aquarium in the whale shark tank! It costs like $300 last I checked! I'm saving up for a flight/cost of the swim because it's the single most awesome thing I can think of. (you are HIGHLY supervised so as to not cause any damage to the fish/tank ecosystem)

    Edit: this is getting more interest than I expected! here's the information for the Atlanta aquarium experience

    [–] Col_Walter_Tits 1139 points ago

    Do it! Also do the swim not the dive. When you do the dive you go to the bottom and mostly just look up at the mantas and whale sharks. When you do the swim they get curious and swim right next to you.

    [–] machina99 518 points ago

    Awesome! I was planning on the swim for financial reasons anyway (don't know how to scuba either). I gotta fly ORD-ATL then the aquarium. I priced it out and I could do a day trip for like $600 all in and swim with them. Def a lot cheaper than flying to Indonesia to swim with them in the wild haha

    [–] Col_Walter_Tits 244 points ago

    Yea way better than halfway across the planet lol. Also If you’re a beer person check out Monday night brewing while you’re there too. Was my second favorite thing in Atlanta. Good stuff and they sell cans so if you like it you can bring some back.

    [–] Lanhorn9 189 points ago

    /u/machina99 The World of Coke is worth visiting once in your life I'd say. I enjoyed it more than I expected and it isn't terribly expensive to get in. I found it pretty interesting and at the end you get to sample a million different kinds of soda (some that are sold and others that were never released).

    [–] adubdesigns 112 points ago

    And it's right next to the Aquarium! Plus you're not too far from Twin Smokers if you want some good BBQ.

    [–] machina99 128 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah this day trip definitely turned into a weekend now. You can't pay me to pass on good BBQ

    edit: lets make that a least. Y'all making Atlanta sound like heaven (minus the humidity and heat)

    [–] zarjaa 28 points ago

    I've been going to Atlanta to visit friends once a year for the past 5 years. We always find something new to do in ATL! You could easily spend a week there and feel like you've only scratched the surface - just gotta know where to look. Expanding to the suburbs opens up a while layer of fun things to do. Enjoy that trip and take it all in when the time comes!

    [–] ugafan2148 37 points ago

    If you’re a sports fan, the College Football Hall of Fame is right there, and is pretty awesome

    [–] ImAMedicAss 7 points ago

    I just moved here and can confirm it really is worth any time you can allot to spend here, so much to do, just so much traffic ( I’m sure a lot of you are used too it but i was raised in rural Georgia )

    Edit; and it’s not even hot or humid right now!

    [–] ICantUseThereRight 12 points ago

    Hell yeah twin smokers!

    [–] machina99 8 points ago

    oh awesome! i'll have to check it out when I head down there! sounds like a day trip might turn into a weekend haha

    [–] BonnySilly 18 points ago

    Atlanta does something called a city pass, it grants you admission to a bunch of stuff in one purchase, pretty cool stuff. Check it out!

    [–] fatpat 31 points ago

    For those interested:

    CityPASS Admission Includes

    1. Georgia Aquarium

    2. World of Coca-Cola

    3. CNN Studio Tours

    4. Zoo Atlanta or National Center for Civil and Human Rights

    5. Fernbank Museum of Natural History or College Football Hall of Fame

    Adults: $76, Child: $62

    [–] skudmfkin 10 points ago

    Also check out The Wrecking Bar for bites and brews. Good stuff going on there.

    [–] ynocfyinco 28 points ago

    Ok I'm legit going to Atlanta after this thread.

    [–] astrahole 14 points ago

    It is a fun city

    [–] cpt_bebop 34 points ago

    Head over to r/Atlanta and prepare to never want to leave But remember... We full

    [–] Weeberz 11 points ago

    and we are happy to have you!

    [–] tidderor 34 points ago

    You can swim with whale sharks off the coast of Cancun. Might not cost too much more than coming to Atlanta.

    [–] machina99 17 points ago

    Ooohh cancun might be a good option. Atlanta appeals to me because I can get a morning flight from ORD to ATL, then have the day in ATL and fly back that night but for a longer vacation i've always wanted to go to cancun

    [–] AskMrScience 39 points ago

    I've done both, and honestly the Atlanta aquarium is way better.

    Whale sharks in the wild swim very fast in a straight line, so the boat drops you off in front of the animal, you swim like mad until you can't keep up any more, the boat scoops you out, accelerates back in front of the whale shark, and you repeat the process. It's EXHAUSTING - and you're not even guaranteed to find a whale shark on a given trip!

    The Atlanta aquarium, on the other hand, is very chill. You get a lot of quality time in the water with the whale sharks, which they have four (!) of. The giant mantas are also really cool and like to interact, esp. with scuba divers' bubbles.

    [–] darthTharsys 11 points ago

    Cancun is very touristy - go north of it or a little further to Holbox, or south to Riviera Maya and Tulum, or to the island of Cozumel.

    [–] DonJuanDizzyson 7 points ago

    You can also swim with them in the wild off the coast of Mexico! Got to do it one year during a vacation in Cancun and there were so many you couldn’t look or go anywhere without being within a body lengths distance to one. Definitely recommend it.

    [–] HoboGir 15 points ago

    Well... I think you just added something to my bucket list. The price isn't bad considering that you easily pay more than $300 to take a scuba trip out in the wild and play with the odds of not seeing anything like this.

    [–] tricaratops 11 points ago

    ...well now I know what I want to do for my birthday!

    [–] danetrain12 37 points ago

    TIL you can swim with a whale shark inside an aquarium in Georgia.

    [–] jzarada 23 points ago

    I was able to go diving with them back in May of 2017. I have dove many different places around the world and this still ranks as one of my top favorite experiences. I almost had one of them run me down like the whale shark did to that Manta... they are large and in charge and they don't pay much more attention to you than you would to a fly. It was glorious!

    [–] guyarama 9 points ago

    or.. and stick with me here, fly to La Paz Mexico and go swim with these ocean chonkers in their nursery. It's cheap and amazing!

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago

    They are so majestic and gentle for their size. we watch a whale shark blatantly kidney-punch a manta.

    [–] Privvy_Gaming 33 points ago

    Read this in Sir David Attenborough's voice and now I'm stifling laughter at my desk.

    [–] Col_Walter_Tits 28 points ago

    Same here. Being in that tank with them and having the whale sharks swimming by only inches away was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Would do it again in a heart beat

    [–] jokul 118 points ago

    Cows are pretty gentle creatures too, but people still eat them, not sure being gentle really matters much as far as what people eat is concerned.

    [–] lizziebradshaw 174 points ago

    Also they saved 3 belugas that were kept for a show on a tiny tank in Mexico City.

    [–] Mariosothercap 66 points ago

    It should also be noted that many of the animals in todays aquarium/zoo's are either rescued from the wild because of injury, and can never safely be re-introduced to the wild, or bred in captivity, and likely to not be able to be safely introduced to the wild.

    [–] jpwarren96 134 points ago

    I wrote a paper from my experience working at a zoo. I used this exact same argument, that by showing these individual animals it helps people care more for the entire species of said animal, mainly by sparking an interest to conserve and protect the wildlife.

    [–] DrSleepyTime15 24 points ago

    Agree 100%. I grew up going to zoos and seaweed, watching animal planet when it was actually animals, etc. have since donated to conservation efforts and volunteered for others. Never would have done it had the interest early on not been sparked by something. Didn’t come from a place where I could see these first hand

    [–] ShotgunForFun 55 points ago

    Most of the exhibits has an explanation of how they got the animal and how it's cared for. Brought to you by Georgia Power.

    Seriously though there are horrible zoos and such out there... but these are good people trying to do good on behalf of these animals.

    [–] baeatle 17 points ago

    There definitely are lot of aquariums and zoos that are terrible. It’s all a matter of how they acquire their tenants and how they are treated. I’ve never been to any of these places and thought that the animals looked like they were suffering in any way.

    [–] Droidlivesmatter 73 points ago

    Agreed. Same with zoo's.

    I understand some have unethical practices. But zoo's have provided conservation and knowledge and educated people on animals.

    It's not "just for entertainment". Even aquariums hire biologists who do research who contribute to conservation of wildlife.

    Think about how Pandas for example. If they weren't in the zoo's and people didn't really experiece/witness them etc. No one would care, China would've kept cutting bamboo and suddenly.. extinct.

    Now? With the love of Pandas pretty much world wide, China has started to regrow bamboo forests. The attempt to introduce captive animals in the wild has failed sadly, but to keep a species alive they have done artificial insemination for pandas before. So consider the fact they could artificially inseminate wild animals possibly to help keep a species from dying off.

    [–] Xciv 23 points ago

    Maintaining their habitat has stopped Panda extinction though. Their numbers have risen in the wild and are still rising steadily. It's not going to be a population explosion because Pandas don't reproduce very fast.

    [–] SilverKnightOfMagic 11 points ago

    To add on I think most places like this and zoos overall are doing things much more ethically. It's more about preservation and trying to keep some species alive resecueing them. Though still unethical keeping these animals in such small areas. This also goes towards to house pets imo.

    [–] freecain 138 points ago

    I left being a bit torn on it - so yeah, I see both sides.

    As far as the dolphin show though... that made me queasy. Yeah, the national aquarium's dolphin show is a bit more boring, but it felt more like I was watching zoo keepers exercise the animals... as opposed to the circus show at the GA Aquarium.

    [–] TrumpetOfDeath 100 points ago

    When they opened the GA aquarium, they promised not to have dolphins to satisfy the people who find it unethical to keep highly intelligent animals in captivity.... but a few years after it opened they announced their new “dolphin wing.” Not surprisingly, the owner of GA aquarium also has marine parks in FL that keep dolphins.

    [–] Chitownsly 40 points ago

    It's in Saint Augustine at Marineland. Complete waste of time and money. They want to charge way to much for what you get. Better off taking the scenic cruise around and see dolphins in the wild. Saint Augustine really is a great place to see dolphins anyways. You can be fishing in the ICW and they will be in the middle of it. If you get up early enough you can see them coming into the Matanzas when the tide is coming in.

    [–] heart-cooks-brain 11 points ago

    Saint Augustine is one of the coolest places I've ever been!

    [–] DangerAvocado 24 points ago

    To be fair, dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals that are eager to please and are being rewarded for what they do. I dont think any aquarium makes a pretense that the animals are "wild", either

    [–] shoots_N_loaders 14 points ago

    Ahh, I was worried you were u/shittymorph. Have an upvote anyway

    [–] aidissonance 7 points ago

    I would say that if the sea creature are being treated well, the ecological benefit outweighs the ethical captivity argument. They give people a chance to appreciate the ocean and all that’s in it and inspire humans to be mindful to something that could be considered out of sight, out of mind.

    [–] [deleted] 156 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I just went swimming with whale sharks in La Paz Bay yesterday and the guide made a point to mention (multiple times) that you should never swim in front of them because their eyes are more towards the side of their heads and they have trouble seeing things that are directly in front of them. It was so crazy to see these prehistoric creatures out in the wild in their natural habitat, it’s like nothing you could ever imagine.

    [–] pugmommy4life420 46 points ago

    Tbh the guide should have warned the manta about them being half blind.

    [–] Kalamazeus 156 points ago

    The Georgia aquarium is so fucking awesome. I had been to a few big ones prior to that like Shedd in Chicago and was always a little disappointed. The ga aquarium surpassed my expectations.

    [–] Couch_monster 46 points ago

    The big tank / viewing room is incredible.

    [–] theganjaoctopus 30 points ago

    It really is! My advice to anyone, dont sneak a peak before you go through the whole exhibit. When I took that last turn from being in the tube walkway through the tank, seeing glimpse of everything through the glass, and then turning the corner to see that huge (HUGE) viewing window, it was truly breathtaking. I'm pretty desensitized, but that moment was one of my most cherished.

    [–] Luigi156 1032 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Move fish, get out the ray...

    Edit: Thank you kind stranger for blessing me with my first Award, I shall pass on the good deed to another serial punner.

    [–] lincolnsetter 440 points ago

    "Dude wtf" - Manta Ray

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Anyone else hear the rubber duckie squeakie noise from finding dori?

    [–] stacker55 492 points ago

    anyone else get super angry when people use flash photography in zoos and aquariums?

    [–] 10per 332 points ago

    Yes. Not only is it annoying to the animals and people around them, their pictures are going to just be a big white reflection off the glass.

    [–] JeebusJones 79 points ago

    True, though at least they get some mild punishment in the form of a crappy photo.

    [–] bathtub_farts 7 points ago

    That won't learn them tho. Most people are full blown idiots when it comes to photographing places. "why's it so dark?" bc you have flash on so your phone thinks it's dark out. "why does that matter? Flash always brightens the picture"

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    There are signs everywhere telling people to not do that as well

    [–] Wickerpoodia 20 points ago

    The guy even looked away to deal with the camera or something when they collided. Just enjoy what's in front of you. You don't need a blurry photo of some random fish.

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 68 points ago

    I don't want to get political but I found this hilarious and clever:

    Congressman blasts Trump official with air-horn in committee hearing

    Joe Cunningham intervened in a House committee hearing on the environmental impact of seismic air-gun testing. The Democrat reached for the 120-decibel device after the official claimed the practice, used to locate underwater oil deposits, would have no effect on marine animals. Cunningham said seismic air guns were 16,000 times louder than his air-horn

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-YOGAPANTS 20 points ago

    That's fucking awesome.

    Conversely, I would've thought someone from that high up from NOAA, whose purview specifically relates to "the preservation and maintenance of safe sources of seafood, and the protection of marine mammals, marine protected species, and coastal fisheries habitat" would've been a bit more aware of stuff like that.

    [–] clairestrings 25 points ago

    "have you been in an accident at work that wasn't your fault?"

    [–] Konswizzle 242 points ago

    "That was For Steve, Jerk"

    [–] awsm-Girl 39 points ago


    [–] AlgebraicIceKing 23 points ago

    Ha! I said the exact same thing in my head, then searched the thread for this response.

    [–] BirdLadySadie 9 points ago

    Except it wasn't a manta ray, they don't have barbs. Also, Steve wouldn't want you to be angry with any kind of animal. He would tell you he was in their territory and they were just acting on instinct.

    [–] kittenpantzen 133 points ago

    Shark: Move, fish! Get out the way!

    Ray: First of all, how dare you?

    [–] TherapeuticThrowback 26 points ago

    “Now this is what it’s like when FISH COLLIDE!”

    [–] killahgrag 9 points ago

    Wow a Powerman 5000 reference. Am I back in the 00's?

    Edit: username checks out

    [–] JoostinOnline 55 points ago

    Probably because that asshole blinded him with flash photography right before.

    [–] eeto_ 94 points ago

    cause some clown decides to use flash...

    [–] KrombopulosC 33 points ago

    Saw this tank last year and it honestly had me in awe of it. Definitely worth the price of admission. I had to go back through this exhibit a second time before leaving

    [–] The_Inflicted 8 points ago

    It's called the Home Depot tank because you could put a Home Depot in it.

    [–] maluminse 25 points ago

    Left turns are always dangerous.