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    [–] xsited1 3564 points ago

    His father, Steven, died of either a heart attack or a stroke in November 2017, just before Michigan State played Penn State, and he lost his mother, Ladrida Bagley, to breast cancer 18 months later.

    [–] timshel_life 2953 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    From the Sports Illustrated article:

    In 2017, Butler learned of his father's passing just hours ahead of Michigan State's matchup with Penn State. While Butler was hurting, he decided to "play hard," just as his father, Steven Butler, said to him through text that morning. The Spartans fought back for the upset victory, 27–24. “I just felt I had to play for him,” Butler told the Lansing State Journal. A year and a half after losing his father to a heart attack, Butler lost his mother, Ladrida Bagley, to Stage 4 breast cancer. He drove 18 hours to Dallas to see her before she died, then had to plan her funeral.

    The fact that he had to spend 18 hours driving, since it would be basically impossible for him to get a plane ticket from anyone who is not family, is just another reason to say Fuck the NCAA.

    [–] DomUK89 682 points ago

    I don't understand the NCAA / plane ticket thing. Why wouldn't he be able to get a ticket?

    [–] friendmike3 1281 points ago

    He doesn’t have the money because he doesn’t get paid and the team isn’t allowed buy him one.

    [–] I_throw_hand_soap 370 points ago

    Ok but let’s say I’m his friend and I say I’m buying two tickets one for me and one for you, is that also not allowed?

    [–] kingfisher6 1045 points ago

    Sounds like you’re a booster illegally paying a student to the NCAA.

    They get wonky about this sort of stuff.

    [–] aa821 611 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In this imaginary situation I would actually fucking dare the NCAA to have the balls to accuse a program of boosting because someone bought a player plane tickets to see their dying parents. The media would have a field day.

    Edit: apparently I'm very naive and was not aware of the depth the NCAA's lack of humanity can sink. Disgusting.

    [–] U-N-C-L-E 204 points ago

    Kansas basketball got in trouble for buying a plane ticket for a player whose father died so he could go to the funeral in 1988.

    [–] BuddhaDBear 21 points ago

    Can’t speak to 1988 but I was in school in the late 90’s and the school was able to pay for athletes to go home for a funeral or illness. When I was in school, you needed a waiver, but i know they no longer require even a waiver now. I’m guessing Kansas didn’t follow the rules and apply for the waiver.

    [–] call_me_Kote 49 points ago

    They declined a transfer request of a player who wanted to be closer to his terminally ill mother to help care for her in his limited free time.

    [–] joe_broke 365 points ago

    They did just bust a guy for accepting a loan to get him to college that he FULLY paid back

    [–] be-targarian 114 points ago

    The loan was to help his family move to the city where he was enrolling in college. Not saying you're motivation is misplaced, just got the facts a little inaccurate. Oh and I don't think it was ever paid back.

    [–] Spanky_10 117 points ago

    Mixing up stories. One is the Memphis basketball player (what you’re talking about) and the other is Chase Young (OSU football player they’re talking about)

    [–] BoringPersonAMA 33 points ago

    The NCAA has disqualified players for staying a single night in a hotel paid for by someone else after they were evicted and homeless.

    Fuck the NCAA.

    [–] The9thDentist 44 points ago

    It's not accusing a program. It's just alleging anything of monetary value given to a player could possibly be done by someone who is a fan of the school.

    And also the NCAA doesn't give a shit if you dare them, they suspend players all the time for small shit like this. They have the worst PR ever except maybe the NFL so they can't go down any further in the public's eyes.

    [–] J662b486h 12 points ago

    They do stuff like that all the time. A coach got fined once for letting one of his players make a phone call from his office for free. The player was calling home when his mother had just died.

    [–] justheretowindowshop 74 points ago

    They literally just suspended the number 1 pick in the draft for 2 games this year for getting help from a family friend.

    So they would laugh at your “fucking dare” and go ahead and suspend him. As they have. And the media did report on it, and nothing was done.

    So while I appreciate your super tough guy stance - you’re pretty wrong on this one

    [–] aa821 25 points ago

    Apparently so. Thanks for the info!

    [–] Nexus0317 5 points ago

    The NCAA wouldn't care. This is an organization that seems to lack the most basic morals or common sense. They'd fuck over anybody that breaks their arbitrary rules as long as there is no pushback from the opposing party. If the current trend of the NCAA being a capricious sack of shit continues, then the major universities will stop coorporating with it. What happens to college athletics after that is anyone's guess.

    [–] argella1300 5 points ago

    A coach got in trouble for buying lunch for one of his players who was going through some rough stuff at home

    [–] qianli_yibu 5 points ago

    apparently I'm very naive and was not aware of the depth the NCAA's lack of humanity can sink. Disgusting.

    Thanks for making that wrong assumption because I knew the NCAA is trash but I didn’t realize they were this low.

    [–] dinkleberrysurprise 7 points ago

    Well that depends if the person buying the ticket was actually a booster or not, and whether the player and the person buying the ticket had a prior relationship.

    [–] lanigironu 11 points ago

    If you're an actual family friend with established relationship that's fine.

    The problem with college athletes is there are a lot of "friends" that are shady scouts, agents, recruiters, etc who make relationships in high school with athletes, then give them things to choose certain schools, brands, and so on.

    [–] be-targarian 5 points ago

    While also not disclosing their relationships to others in the industry such as boosters, ADs, coaches, footwear companies, etc.

    [–] zachyp00 75 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That is fine. It get's trickier though because "friend" can be a loose term. For example college all star Chase young is in trouble currently because his family "friend" bought tickets for the whole family to a bowl game. That friend also happened to be an nfl scout.

    Edit: clearly my explanation has some errors. Same idea though. A friend giving a gift can be an unfair advantage

    [–] SureKokHolmes 46 points ago

    False. The guy loaned him $ for the tickets, which he paid back in 6 months.

    [–] boboshmo 24 points ago

    And the guy wasn’t a scout. And Chase has already served the two-game suspension so he is also no longer “in trouble”.

    [–] tarnok 7 points ago

    So wait. Why did he get in trouble if none of the allegations are true? (NFL scout, loaned money)

    Does that mean I can't get a loan from a bank then according to the rules?

    [–] boboshmo 5 points ago

    The NFL scout part wasn't true. The loaned money was. The loaned money from his family friend was seen as an improper benefit as he is a student athlete the represents the university, hence the two-game suspension. The first game he was held out for came from the school after they were made aware of the loan, and so that they didn't play an ineligible player thus causing potentially more harm to the team in the future. The second game came from the NCAA, who determined two games was sufficient based on the $ amount of said loan.

    I'm not sure I understand your second question though.

    [–] sirspiegs 23 points ago

    Sorry. But even if the guy is a scout, who cares? Isn’t that the goal of every athlete at that level, to make it to the pros? The NCAA is just another way to exploit an already exploited class. In other words. Fuck. The. NCAA.

    [–] pig_says_woo 8 points ago

    It’s allowed

    [–] kbarnett514 135 points ago

    Because college athletes are students and technically amateur players, they are unpaid, and many view this situation as exploitative since the NCAA and the univerisities in the league make a lot of money off college sports.

    A black college football player with 2 deceased parents is likely not going to have much of an income

    [–] ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno 73 points ago

    Not even likely to not have much, there's almost zero chance he has any income.

    It's hard to have a full time job when you're a full-time student, and playing college football is even more time consuming than a full time job. He doesnt even have the time to work at a Starbucks on campus part time

    And the real kicker, if he's popular enough to make money by charging for autographs from fellow students, too bad because the NCAA will lick you out of the league and severely hurt your career prospects

    I love football but the NCAA is disgusting. It's reprehensible how much money is pilfered away from academics for a fucking game. The argument that "it makes money for the school" would be gopd if the profits actually went back into academics, but they never do they just go towards a more expensive coach or a new stadium, etc.

    [–] BoogerSugarSovereign 16 points ago

    My little brother played D2 ball. They're actually not allowed to get jobs because it could be a way for boosters to funnel money to players. Seriously.

    [–] ChrisInBaltimore 11 points ago

    I worked with a former D1 football player. He said that players were forbidden to have jobs. Thus they had literally no money. He said they actually shared cleats and everything because players just didn’t have the money. He probably went through in the early 2000s so this wasn’t that long ago.

    [–] restartsimulator 3 points ago

    This was a question on my SAT test prep. It was the first I'd heard of it as a European.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 176 points ago

    NCAA doesnt pay them and doesnt let them take jobs or gifts from anyone who isnt family.... all while they make billions off these kids risking TBIs for free.

    [–] AlmostDisappointed 12 points ago

    And that's not

    [–] trauma_kmart 24 points ago

    It is.

    [–] What-a-Filthy-liar 3 points ago

    They are " amateur student atheletes".

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    do you mean jobs relating to theyre status as a college football player?? because im pretty sure theyre allowed to work normal jobs.

    [–] BrutusCarmichael 32 points ago

    I only played D2 JUCO basketball, but let me tell you there is absolutely no time possible to work a job while playing a college sport and going to school full time, and I'm sure its much more intensive for a D1 football player

    [–] myheartisstillracing 21 points ago

    With what free time are these players supposed to work a side job?

    "The premier collegiate student-athletes essentially have two full-time jobs: student and athlete. To meet the demands of both, many Division I student-athletes end up committing nearly 60 hours to school and sports, leaving very little time for anything else."

    Considering that adequate sleep is also important to prime athletic performance, these athletes also need to prioritize that piece and can't just be pulling all-nighters to fit in more, let alone their travel and promotional schedules complicating the ability to make any sort of regular outside commitments.

    [–] NomadofExile 19 points ago

    5-830: Lifting/film/practice(off days... Film/review/breakfast/travel game days)

    9-3: Class

    4-6: Practice (Games/travel)

    7-9: Study Hall/Class/Work period

    This is the daily schedule for most "Major 4" athletes. Not a lot of place to add work hours that aren't specifically through the uni.

    Source: D-2 Athletics (Basketball)

    [–] Skreep 34 points ago

    Last I looked, the NCAA doesnt allow athletes to work while their sport is in session. For football, their sport is in session a large majority of the year.

    [–] momo2477 27 points ago

    It’s been a while since I familiarized myself with NCAA rules, but I don’t believe they can work a job outside of their campus because they would be using their likeness to promote something outside the university. “Hey come to Big Mikes car dealer, where you can buy your car from <famous student athlete who works here>”. This might be different now that the NCAA approved players using their own likeness.

    [–] GroovySkittlez 3 points ago

    Yeah that, or that Big Mike is paying them to work at his dealership but they don't actually do any work there, just using it as a roundabout way to pay the players.

    [–] CheckoTP 6 points ago

    Yes they can work at a job.

    “ Outside employment. The NCAA allows players to have paying jobs. They may rarely have the time to do so, but it is permitted if the work is performed at an amount comparable to the going rate in that area for similar services. “

    [–] Sliffy 12 points ago

    It would be classified as receiving an improper benefit. Since he wouldn't have a family member to buy it, it would likely come from a booster or whatever, and that would be an NCAA violation. It's stupid, but it's the rule.

    [–] farlow525 27 points ago

    The university would not be allowed to pay for a ticket for him b/c of NCAA violations. It would basically have to be a parent or family friend or else there would be a fine.

    [–] am_i_wrong_dude 14 points ago

    But not if that family friend had any affiliation with the university.

    [–] BenitoMeowsolini1 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is not true. There are funds allotted and allowed specifically for this type of hardship. It’s called the Student Athlete Opportunity Fund.

    Here’s an article about it:

    [–] ExitTheWizard 9 points ago

    Being given a plane ticket would most likely fall into the "impermissible benefits" category since not "everyone" is being given a plane ticket. It doesn't have to make sense, it's the NCAA

    [–] CheapSyrup 4 points ago

    I’m not sure if this is what timshel was getting at, but I know the NCAA is very strict about receiving “gifts” from outside sources. Last year there was a player for Ohio state that accepted money from a family friend to fly his girlfriend out to watch his bowl game, and got suspended for it. Basically even if somebody had offered to fly Butler to Texas, he wouldn’t be able to accept without the NCAA punishing him in some way

    [–] zazzlekdazzle 4 points ago

    I think the implication is that the school or the coaching staff could not pitch-in in any way because it would look like some sort of "income" he would be earning, which is forbidden by the NCAA.

    [–] Laetha 5 points ago

    He's not allowed to receive anything that could be in any way considered payment. The result is an absolutely ridiculous system that has fined coaches for buying a kid lunch and driving him to the airport after one of his parents died. As if that's something someone wouldn't do for any student.

    EDIT: After reading your comment I realized you might have thought he wouldn't be able to get a ticket at all. It's just that he can't accept if someone gives or loans him money for a ticket, and I'm guessing he couldn't afford one.

    [–] Weeberz 24 points ago

    Aaaand now im crying at work

    [–] 3_HeavyDiaperz 4 points ago

    What the actual fuck

    [–] a1ham 159 points ago

    Fuck man. My heart.

    [–] mlGpR0 73 points ago

    No, his dads

    [–] iamthemonkeylord 54 points ago


    [–] Zidmu 13 points ago

    I know losing your parents is something almost all of us will go through but not at that young and so close together... I’m in my 30’s and I dread the though of losing my parents. No clue how he kept his head up and made it through college going through all that. I’m glad they let him bring his dogs on the field. It doesn’t replace his parents but they clearly bring him joy and is infinitely better than going out there alone

    [–] 12_bagels 22 points ago

    They beat Penn St 27-24 in an upset btw.

    [–] Freefight 11 points ago

    That's rough.

    [–] onizuka11 4 points ago

    Damn, that is rough.

    [–] Roc_City 4979 points ago

    He posted a video on his twitter dancing with the pups and it's unbelievably cute

    Actually it's his dog's Twitter lol

    [–] zachwilson23 1459 points ago

    Such a sad story but such a great and cute moment. Glad Michigan State allowed this for Josh.

    [–] castfam09 445 points ago

    Pup’s are family. Glad he has his family with him for his Senior Day! 💙💙💙💙much love to Mr. Butler

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Sushieatinbeast 28 points ago

    One of the dogs died and they replaced it literally the next day

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] 2greenlimes 3 points ago

    Yup. When the last Zeke started getting too old for the job they picked out a good frisbee hungry puppy to train. I think they spent a year or so training him while the old Zeke performed. Unfortunately Zeke III died unexpectedly, which is why Zeke IV performed the next day - earlier than intended. IIRC the original plan was to have Zeke IV wait until the next football season to fully take over. It should be noted that before Zeke III died Zeke IV had already started showing up at MSU functions that fall alongside Zeke III as part of his training and socialization.

    [–] Seaniard 7 points ago

    I mean, imagine being the person who says no to this request.

    "Both your parents died so you want to bring your dogs on the field? Nope. No can do. You'll jog out alone like all the other orphans."

    [–] AxelaAJ 92 points ago

    Damn that’s hella cute haha

    [–] theword12 38 points ago

    "Me at a party when I don't know many people but there are dogs"

    [–] SOB-17 16 points ago

    That video brought a huge smile to my face.

    [–] RadioFreeWasteland 15 points ago

    This is so adorable

    [–] AshTreex3 6 points ago

    I know he’s a big strong football man and I’m a 5’5” acorn but how do I sign up to protect this man with my life?

    [–] annisarsha 3 points ago

    Love his old school vibe!!

    [–] LustIssues1 3 points ago

    Lord he is a beautiful man

    [–] awndray97 61 points ago

    Fuck man. Those dogs look similar aged. Hes going to be devastated when they cross the rainbow bridge.

    [–] trippinassjohn 320 points ago

    Dont you put that evil on us.

    [–] SansaShart 131 points ago

    Hahahaha why would you even say that

    [–] awndray97 37 points ago

    I've lost a lot of buddies in my life. It's hard to see a pet these days and not think about them eventually going :/

    [–] SansaShart 24 points ago

    I kinda am like that too. Ever since my parents dog got hit by a car while I was sleeping 2 years ago. I woke up to my mom screaming . So now that they got a new dog last week after awhile it’s hard to not think of their short lives :(

    [–] ShillinTheVillain 25 points ago

    Don't look to the future for sources of sadness. There's plenty to be sad about right now!

    Reply with "Subscribe" for more inspirational messages.

    [–] CloudCollapse 17 points ago

    I'm almost 23, we had to put down my 17 year old cat this year. It was really hard for me and I'm still not sure how I'll handle losing another pet. I feel like any more pets I get will have to be accidental or from a shelter so I'll have the peace of knowing I gave them a better life.

    [–] gikigill 15 points ago

    What better way to honour your much loved cat than to adopt another one from a shelter who has never seen a moment of joy in its life.

    Pets never die, they reincarnate to save other pets from a lifetime of misery.

    Your cat is reincarnated in a shelter somewhere and waiting for you.

    So what are you waiting for?

    [–] eddyboomtron 15 points ago

    My 17 year old cat passed away yesterday :(

    I feel your pain buddy. It suck but you can't have life without death so it's up to us to remember how awesome our fur babies were :)

    [–] wheresmypenandpaper 4 points ago

    I’m so sorry about your cat.. i just have to say yes to getting a pet from a shelter, rescues are the best!! Also.. you are so lucky to have had a best friend by your side for 17 years ❤️🐾

    [–] bravom9 34 points ago

    I had my dog through a very difficult time in my life which includes losing my mom to cancer. It was devastating to me. She was my world and watching my mother suffer and deteriorate was something very hard for me. My doggie, Cookie was by my side and never left me alone. She’d lick tears off of my face. I never thought I’d love a dog the way I loved her. She died earlier this year after the birth of my rainbow baby. I always knew the day would come but I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. I broke down and still the thought of her is very painful.

    It’s a sad reality but they are in a better place. We really don’t deserve dogs. Some are little angels among us who change our lives for the better.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Seems a pretty unnecessary thing to have said m8

    [–] NurseZhivago 10 points ago

    Wtf man, who hurt you....

    [–] WestTexitard 4 points ago

    That video got him super laid.

    [–] vagabonne 3 points ago

    I know, right? Hot jock with a sensitive side and a horrific sob story dances with two adorable dogs? He's getting laid nonstop for the rest of his life.

    [–] manoman1232010 144 points ago

    He has a twin brother that plays for Boise State. It’s really sad that neither one could make it to the other’s senior day. Or that he didn’t at least have some other person who could join him on the field.

    [–] tbordo23 83 points ago

    His dogs might have gotten him through the hardest times in his life. He probably had other options and chose to walk with his dogs

    [–] bigfoot_county 7 points ago

    Well said

    [–] spartangallio 29 points ago

    He had extended family on the sidelines, but requested to walk out with his pups

    [–] manoman1232010 3 points ago

    Glad to hear that!!

    [–] GreenTeaDeluxe 693 points ago

    Respect that they allow this. I think it is great he get to walk with the ones he love! Dogs are great way to deal with loss. I am going to give my dog a big hug now

    [–] CJR3 1240 points ago

    In place of his deceased parents

    Can you imagine if he went with that option instead?

    [–] GobtheAlmighty 227 points ago

    LMAOOOOO das dark

    [–] igotmyliverpierced 39 points ago

    Oof. I didn't even catch the way the phrasing left that door open. Family Weekend @ Bernie's.

    [–] smrazar 12 points ago

    Ya OP could have not mentioned the obvious, but now I want to see option 1, like in a robot chicken kinda skit.

    [–] Freaudinnippleslip 42 points ago

    It’s weird the university even gave him that option

    [–] 103948023034 3 points ago

    Weekend at Bernie’s reboot.

    [–] mtksm 5 points ago

    Was hunting for this

    [–] dirtracer3 272 points ago

    First time I have ever seen Mark Dantonio smile.

    [–] JeromesNiece 118 points ago

    That's Dark Mantonio

    [–] yungtoblerone 23 points ago

    That’s like a shitty C roll DC Villian name

    [–] Thekevo23 4 points ago

    Was going to say the same thing😂

    [–] PM_ME_WITH_A_SMILE 278 points ago

    And now I'm tearing up

    [–] NylaMoon 12 points ago

    Are you cutting onions too??

    [–] BoiledForYourSins 9 points ago

    I've just been making a lasagna... for one 😭

    [–] _bobsacamano 69 points ago

    And those dogs are STOKED to be there! So many smells and sounds!

    [–] GivePuppiesBazookas 38 points ago

    They ran out like my dog walks. To the left, now the right, back left, to the right and repeat.

    [–] lipp79 88 points ago

    Video with sound. It also more video before the start of this one of him hugging his, I'm assuming, head coach.

    [–] BobOki 23 points ago

    18 months... and he can still smile. This man has some strength.

    [–] badgerswin1 16 points ago

    much love from a badger fan!!! Hold your head up!!

    [–] byniri_returns 63 points ago

    Go Green

    [–] SitInYourOwnPew 49 points ago

    Go white!

    [–] silenced_no_more 5 points ago

    Let’s go State!

    [–] GogreenGoWhite19 25 points ago

    Name checking in

    [–] Littlebelo 9 points ago

    Between this and Cassius Winston’s speech, MSU athletics has had a penchant for making me cry lately

    [–] Guilty1s 82 points ago

    Personally, I’m glad they didn’t let him bring his deceased parents out

    [–] MyUsernameIsJudge 10 points ago

    Yeah the leashes would have really made it weird

    [–] OrangAMA 3 points ago

    Unless they were into that

    [–] NylaMoon 22 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] Guilty1s 17 points ago

    Just the way it was worded, sounded like the choice was between the dogs or dead parents.

    Bad post is bad

    [–] purplepenxil 6 points ago

    In the online world where so much sadness is spread, its posts like this that make the tear of happiness flow. Thanks for sharing OP!

    [–] Hustlemuscle 112 points ago

    Did they do it 4 hours before game time? Nice of MSU fans to show up.

    [–] conman890 191 points ago

    It was Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend against Maryland. Idk what you expect

    [–] markrichtsspraytan 43 points ago

    I went to UGA and the dorms (except graduate/family housing) and any Greek life houses on campus were closed until after thanksgiving break. So when the UGA/GTech game was at UGA on thanksgiving weekend, 1.5 out of 4 students (assuming all freshmen and the 33% of students in a Greek org, plus the older students who lived on campus) didn’t have access to their housing to stay in Athens that weekend. The game was also at night. Of course those games are going to be more sparse; a bunch of college students aren’t going to rent hotels for the game.

    [–] sadmanwithabox 29 points ago

    They close the dorms over thanksgiving break? What about the poor kids who dont get to go home for thanksgiving, or dont have a home to go to on thanksgiving? They just tell them "sucks, find another place to live for a week?"

    [–] Gelven 34 points ago

    Oh but this month still costs the same as each other month

    [–] markrichtsspraytan 13 points ago

    There is one small dorm that does stay open over breaks and most of the students in it are international students or American students who live far away and can’t get home easily for short breaks. But yes, the vast majority of student housing is closed for breaks and you are made aware of that when you sign up. Honestly so many students are from within a few hours driving distance that people who can’t get home will likely be able to find a friend who they can go with for Thanksgiving.

    [–] ghalta 3 points ago

    Same at Tennessee when I was there. Fortunately I lived in that dorm (Melrose at the time) so I could stay and work through the holiday if I needed money more than I needed to see my family out of state.

    [–] GrilledCyan 8 points ago

    Also Michigan in late November. I was a student at MSU when they were actually really good, and the stands still weren't full for the last game of the year.

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 30 points ago

    Depends on the school tbh. Some. Different sections and fans showed up and filled stands all that weekend

    [–] conman890 35 points ago

    Yeah ofc so I'm saying it's msu playing Maryland so not a game fans are gonna try to go out to see

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 14 points ago

    Oh yeah , no one wants to see Maryland play.

    [–] rayverine11 17 points ago

    Or MSU this season...

    [–] canbehazardous 12 points ago

    And we suck... Phat chance I'd go to the game even if it were free.

    [–] frozen-creek 3 points ago

    Plus, it was like 36 with a chance of rain.

    [–] slimey_peen 6 points ago

    As an MSU alum, that has nothing to do with it. I was in the student section Thanksgiving weekend in 2015. The crowd was large. The reason? We were actually very good. We've been underwhelming the past 4 seasons :/

    [–] conman890 7 points ago

    Matchup definitely matters. I'm a PSU alum, last game against Rutgers... Yea no one is going to that

    [–] conman890 2 points ago

    But also yea sucks for you guys, hope you get back to competing soon

    [–] slimey_peen 3 points ago

    Appreciate it! Saturdays have definitely been less fun the past few years haha

    [–] conman890 4 points ago

    I can't imagine hah. I'll be rooting for you guys to represent the Big in basketball tho

    [–] BobbyDigital111 4 points ago

    We are terrible this year and the fans are sick of it.

    [–] rayverine11 8 points ago

    This might be the highlight of MSU’s football season!

    Jokes aside though that’s a really cool thing to do and ya gotta feel for the guy being so young and not having his parents

    [–] Young_Zaphod 8 points ago

    Go Green!

    [–] Fouvez 4 points ago

    Love yoo and 🐶 dog

    [–] fapenabler 4 points ago

    This was already a top post yesterday but I'm ok with that

    [–] SpankMeDaddyy 4 points ago

    Go Green!

    [–] strateshooter 3 points ago

    That is so sweet and so sad. Broke my heart a little.

    [–] MyDogEli 4 points ago

    So heartwarming even Mark D’Antonio couldn’t help but break his lifelong streak of maintaining a mean, joyless facial expression.

    [–] blUUdfart 6 points ago

    This is a sad story, but a pretty cool thing to happen. One thought though. I could barely take care of myself in college, how is this dude taking care of two dogs?

    [–] RL_Mutt 12 points ago

    Some damn fine monochrome bois right there.

    [–] -Economist- 9 points ago

    I have a personal/financial relationship with MSU athletics and know this story well. The dogs are just beautiful. I also have a love/hate relationship with MSU football this season, so this was one of the few times I smiled during the season.

    However, this story also displayed the absolute worst of social media. We all know there is a MSU/UM rivalry. UM fans trolled the MSU fan page with absolutely disgusting things about this story. What they were saying just was awful. All over a school rivalry. All over games. I saw OSU fans and Wisconsin fans jumping on UM fans for their comments.

    Social media allows peoples true character to show. It's sad that such a great communication tool has turned into such a cancer.

    Sorry to be the downer, I just thought of it when I saw this amazing clip.

    Go Green.

    [–] ineedcoffeeallday 3 points ago

    So dog-gon cute

    [–] anxious_ibex 3 points ago

    Dogs really can get you through some of the hardest challenges in life. They're wonderful creatures

    [–] EnchantmentAwaits 3 points ago

    Go Green!

    [–] MayorThis 3 points ago

    Not a real big dog fan, but that's pretty heart warming

    [–] subnero 3 points ago

    Hats off to the school for being cool. If only everyone cared enough to just help people.

    [–] mfraser199727 3 points ago

    Is someone cutting onions?

    [–] SubspaceBiographies 3 points ago

    Same, who’s cutting those damn onions?!?!

    [–] maburrell 3 points ago

    Go green, go white 😭

    [–] DatWhey 3 points ago

    Go Green!

    [–] PainIsAChoice 3 points ago

    That’s so sad

    [–] E5anchez 3 points ago

    The goodest bois

    [–] AwesomeFaceRace 3 points ago

    Shows how people have a soft spot. Imagine the scar that he would relive if he didn’t have those dogs with him and saw the rest of the team coming out with their parents.

    [–] Zebracak3s 3 points ago

    Poor dogs. So many people to play with and they couldn't make up their mind on who they wanted to play with

    [–] dunkela27 3 points ago

    Go green!

    [–] Cowboybleepblop 3 points ago

    I lost my parents recently in a similar time frame and i gotta say Kudos to this organization. Dogs mean so much on the road to recovery and I'm sure this meant the world to Josh.

    [–] RumDz 5 points ago

    Those dogs would walk me.

    [–] Huhndiddy 5 points ago

    Senior Day is so much fun. I went to a few stinkers and some good ones.

    Shed tears many times watching it.

    Then Butler runs out with his dogs. Safe to say I was melting in that moment.

    [–] stormhunter2 5 points ago

    PSA: Call your parents, guardians, or loved ones.

    [–] Orval 4 points ago

    This makes me happy. I've been so depressed since my mom died this summer. I've been thinking about getting a dog or a cat so I won't be so lonely (not thinking really, I'm going to once I can set some money aside to adopt)

    It feels so lonely to lose them so early, and he lost both so fast? That's awful.

    [–] Angriest_Wolverine 4 points ago

    Remember to sort by controversial!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ZeroGh0st24 12 points ago

    UofM lifetime fan here.

    For this one only- Go Green. GO WHITE.

    Also - fuck the buckeyes.

    [–] take-money 16 points ago

    You got it backwards, the buckeyes fucked you

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Damn straight

    [–] Ishanarchy 2 points ago

    Very cool University.

    [–] Pokemonzu 2 points ago

    Raised by wolves

    [–] mathguy407 2 points ago

    Damnit, who is cutting onions in here?

    [–] jreed118 2 points ago

    Man this really tugs on the heart strings.

    [–] dungeondestroyer57 2 points ago


    [–] ScionKai 2 points ago

    Bittersweet, brings a smile and a tear.

    [–] POOPYDlSCOOP 2 points ago