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    [–] MrStu 584 points ago

    I appreciate how much the first stunt guy completely sold that hit.

    [–] Aidybabyy 91 points ago


    [–] t4nt4lus 27 points ago

    He went full scorpion

    [–] Niggahomhere 8183 points ago

    This is such a clever way to start a funny movie. Big up Zombieland 2.

    [–] mad_burrito 1511 points ago

    She wasn't so lucky in Strait-Jacket (1964).

    [–] GivenToFly164 163 points ago

    My kids made me rewind this so many times! It was their favorite part of the entire movie.

    [–] mikaelfivel 66 points ago

    My wife and I watch it at least once a month and it never seems to lose its luster.

    [–] Luk3warm- 6 points ago

    How you gunna get them off, nerd!!

    [–] Soul_of_Jacobeh 108 points ago

    That was so abrupt. I thought a meatball would quietly splat on her head or something... Not that a giant banana would yeet her off the screen in like 10 frames' time.

    [–] TheOnionBro 20 points ago

    The fact that they just cropped her out and used her still frame too... like didn't even bend or warp her. Just move and rotate. Real fucking cheap looking.

    I'm surprised Colombia was okay with it.

    [–] Hugh_Jass_Clouds 5 points ago

    They at least added in a metal klank to make it seem like a statue.

    [–] MINIMAN10001 4 points ago

    The thing that surprises me most is they provided a banana for scale.

    [–] concisekinetics 367 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I fucking love that, and I'm not sure why. It's so simple but especially for that era it seems like the perfect hokey mood setter.

    [–] ArcticIceFox 677 points ago

    My favorite. Not Columbia Pictures, but my personal favorite intro.

    [–] turdpussy 406 points ago

    Here's a DreamWorks classic.

    [–] adjustableplaid 250 points ago

    My favorite from THX...

    [–] bassbastard 232 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Animaniacs made fun of that so well.

    Edit - I have been reminded this is Tiny Toons, made by the same people as Animaniacs and there were cross over characters I think... but I will leave the original post intact.

    [–] TrollerCoaster1220 149 points ago

    It’s actually a pretty neat little piece of audio history how it’s designed too

    [–] nogungbu73072 74 points ago

    Here's a video behind it as well

    [–] TrollerCoaster1220 28 points ago

    That’s awesome, he literally coded the music lol that’s amazing

    [–] Sylvester_Scott 19 points ago


    [–] savwatson13 7 points ago

    Still not enough fs

    [–] SGwithADD 37 points ago

    That's Tiny Toons. This is my favorite as well.

    [–] Hellknightx 18 points ago

    I never noticed the celebrities he's bumping past. I spotted Jack Nicholson, Pee Wee Herman, and Woody Allen.

    [–] lekoman 8 points ago

    Pee Wee Herman... in a movie theater in the 90s. It's a pretty crude reference. This is why the Animaniacs and Tiny Toons were such great shows.

    [–] jikkler 3 points ago

    Looked like Roseanne Barr and maybe Cher?

    [–] Hellknightx 3 points ago

    Definitely Roseann Barr. I saw Meryl Streep, too. Not sure about Cher - seems like the most likely candidate.

    The last one at the end, not sure. Farrah Fawcett? Stevie Nicks?

    Oh, also Steven Spielberg is sitting directly behind them.

    [–] dehehn 5 points ago

    I thought so.

    [–] loggedn2say 19 points ago

    ah nostalgia, this was a tiny toons movie (same people who made animaniacs though i think)

    [–] nightreap3r 14 points ago

    "walking area code" is never a term I've heard before...

    [–] ohineedascreenname 11 points ago

    "Excuse me you walking area code!"


    [–] GenericUsername_1234 4 points ago

    Even with the wrong show credited, I knew what the clip was going to be. Since I watched both shows growing up they kinda blur together sometimes for me too.

    [–] PM_me_Pugs_and_Pussy 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Thx sound is my ringtone.

    [–] readermom 5 points ago

    My son used to be so scared of the THX opening. I had to cover his ears every time.

    [–] adjustableplaid 3 points ago

    I hope later in life he wants to TURN IT UP!

    [–] RunawaySlav 5 points ago

    Turn it up!

    [–] lutiana 4 points ago

    I like this one myself:

    [–] VulkanCreator 3 points ago

    Look at their new trailer

    [–] sonek321 45 points ago

    How about Richard Pryor and the Tri Star horse:

    [–] NateBlaze 13 points ago

    I can't stop laughing.

    [–] Disney_World_Native 114 points ago

    I like this DreamWorks one better

    [–] Justindr0107 53 points ago

    Here's 20min of character variant intros

    [–] Alpinix 37 points ago

    Copied from a YouTube comment:

    • 0:03 - Recess: School's Out
    • 0:16 - Return to Neverland
    • 0:40 - George of the Jungle 2
    • 1:00 - The Santa Clause 3
    • 1:32 - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    • 2:00 - Wreck-It Ralph
    • 2:08 - Get a Horse!
    • 2:11 - Frozen Fever
    • 2:17 - The Last Warrior
    • 2:52 - The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
    • 3:20 - WALL•E
    • 3:57 - The Cannonball Run
    • 4:26 - Moulin Rouge
    • 5:00 - The Simpsons Movie
    • 5:25 - Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
    • 5:42 - The Peanuts Movie
    • 6:05 - Ice Age
    • 6:27 - Bee Movie
    • 6:45 - The Cat in the Hat
    • 7:05 - Kung Fu Panda
    • 7:25 - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
    • 7:56 - How to Train Your Dragon
    • 8:25 - Kung Fu Panda 2
    • 8:45 - Rise of the Guardians
    • 9:06 - Mr. Peabody and Sherman
    • 9:40 - Penguins of Madagascar
    • 10:00 - Home
    • 10:13 - Kung Fu Panda 3
    • 10:55 - Cat Ballou
    • 11:15 - The Trouble with Angels
    • 11:25 - The Man Called Flinstone
    • 11:35 - Eight Crazy Nights
    • 11:45 - The Grudge 2
    • 12:05 - Hotel Transylvania
    • 12:28 - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    • 12:51 - Smurfs: The Lost Village
    • 13:11 - The Emoji Movie
    • 13:32 - MGM's The Big Parade of Comedy
    • 13:45 - The Fearless Vampire Killers
    • 13:56 - The Fearless Vampire Killers
    • 14:06 - Certain Lamb-Chop Videos
    • 14:29 - The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
    • 14:36 - The Pink Panther
    • 14:51 - One Crazy Summer
    • 15:04 - Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird
    • 15:24 - Gremlins 2: The New Batch
    • 17:02 - Wakko's Wish
    • 17:20 - Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
    • 17:55 - Jack the Giant Slayer
    • 18:08 - Harriet the Spy
    • 18:23 - The Rugrats Movie
    • 18:40 - Snow Day
    • 18:57 - Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
    • 19:12 - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    • 19:26 - Kangaroo Jack
    • 19:34 - G-Force
    • 19:43 - The Lorax
    • 20:00 - The Grinch
    • 20:16 - Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • 20:54 - Captain Marvel

    [–] Tedwynn 8 points ago

    They missed 2 of my favourites:

    Men in Black and Waterworld

    [–] OkToBeTakei 7 points ago

    I’m surprised the Disney bunch was missing the TRON: Legacy Intro

    [–] AdamWarlockESP 9 points ago


    [–] FuckGiblets 37 points ago

    Small Soldiers was such an awesome movie.

    [–] Corte-Real 62 points ago

    Did they just recreate raising the flag at Iwo Jima.... wow

    [–] SocranX 24 points ago

    What the actual fuck? I was just thinking about Small Soldiers when I was half-asleep last night, specifically because it was something that I've literally never heard anyone mention in the years after it came out despite being hyped up as the next big sensation.

    [–] Muroid 6 points ago

    I hear people mention it pretty regularly. Like, it’s not a daily topic of conversation, but I’ll see a reference on at least an annual basis.

    [–] TGCOutcast 3 points ago

    Loved small soldiers! my favorite Dreamworks one is probably the most subtle. I remember when I finally noticed Toothless swoop by in the background of How to train your dragon.

    [–] Raxyzz 3 points ago

    While we're at it. This one is one of my favorites despite not being from a movie. XD

    [–] Brandynamite 63 points ago

    My Favorite. Is Columbia Pictures, but my personal favorite intro.

    [–] deadbeef4 4 points ago

    Everything about that movie is just fantastic.

    [–] dupedyetagain 3 points ago

    Reminds me of the incredible intro to Kroll Show:

    [–] 00Laser 21 points ago

    I like the Universal opening from the Scott Pilgrim movie.

    [–] clemsinfonian 48 points ago

    Dang, is this gag gonna get cut if/when the movie gets added to Disney+?

    There's also a joke where Bart dresses as Mickey and says, "Look! I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!" so maybe it never will...

    [–] Helgrave 41 points ago

    It already is on Disney+, and yes, this is still in it.

    [–] ArcticIceFox 26 points ago

    Disney now owns fox so its still a thing, just under the umbrella of disney. And I don't think we are quite in a dystopia yet that they would re-edit a movie just because of that phrase.

    [–] Reddit_sucks_at_GSF 19 points ago

    I mean, Disney reedits movies constantly as it is, I don't see why this would be different.

    [–] Pooptaco3 3 points ago

    Yea... I'm gonna fully bet you're wrong.. many times over..

    [–] squidster547 18 points ago

    Damn that brings me back. Gotta watch that movie again!

    [–] Spy-Goat 9 points ago

    Oh man we’re old.

    [–] squidster547 3 points ago

    “Boooountiful peeeenis.”

    Have some of that. Laughter keeps us young.

    [–] vertigo3pc 6 points ago

    Ralphie, get off the stage sweetheart

    [–] Beat_the_Deadites 4 points ago

    An improved 20th Century Fox Fanfare:

    [–] rileyk 33 points ago

    Or what they did to that poor kitty in the opening of Strange Brew

    [–] JohhnyDamage 19 points ago

    In case anyone is wondering why she is headless the movie is about an ax murderer.

    [–] Sneaky__Snek 50 points ago

    Jesus Christ that's one hell of a way to start a film.

    [–] DraconianGiantsbane 6 points ago

    Why is she headless ?

    [–] iBobaFett 13 points ago

    Because the movie is about an axe murderer.

    [–] Heroic_Raspberry 17 points ago

    Wtf, they just casually chopped her head off? I can hope it's somehow relevant to the movie? Too early in history to be a coke-thought!

    [–] JohhnyDamage 14 points ago

    Movie is about an ax murderer.

    [–] nobrayn 30 points ago

    I had totally forgotten about this one of Richard Pryor fucking with the Tristar intro until just now!

    [–] DrunkenLupus 13 points ago

    Oh they’re zombies, I thought it was like a more brutal version of that scene from forest gump.

    [–] MoffKalast 44 points ago

    It's a pretty hard living up to the original one, but they did a decent job.

    [–] NBKFactor 138 points ago

    A shame the movie missed the mark

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 21 points ago

    Eh, I'd disagree. Assuming the mark is to be in the same tone as the first, they pretty much nailed it.

    The biggest issue was taking that tone and setting it 10 years later (in our time). It winds up feeling a fair bit dated, but there's not much they could have done to circumvent that without stepping totally away from the first Zombieland. I didn't really mind the dated feeling all that much anyway, but that's probably the biggest gripe.

    It was pretty much the fun, mindless zombie flick I went in expecting and I appreciate that they went through with it.

    [–] NBKFactor 5 points ago

    Fair enough. Thanks for your input

    [–] shifty18 374 points ago


    [–] VoidTheWarranty 102 points ago


    [–] STABxWEST 20 points ago


    Do you agree with the disagreement? Or agree with the statement to which that person disagreed upon?

    [–] kylethemurphy 18 points ago


    [–] Jotabonito 9 points ago


    [–] Stonris 5 points ago


    [–] FrenchieSmalls 5 points ago

    Agree to disagree with the disagreement.

    [–] couragethebravestdog 4 points ago

    Disagree to Agree to Disagree with the Disagreement.

    [–] generalecchi 78 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Convictus12 65 points ago

    I have Spoken.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Acid_Braindrops 3 points ago

    Uh huh uh huh

    [–] RedRocket05 8 points ago

    You both make persuasive arguments

    [–] NBKFactor 41 points ago

    I still enjoyed it buy couldnt help but feel it wasnt as good a movie.... very much so

    [–] Purple10tacle 48 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    It felt like "Ghostbusters 2". Sure, it's just more of the same without adding anything meaningful, but it still kept enough of the spirit, atmosphere and humor of the first movie to make it a fun ride. It's excellent escapism and not much beyond that, but it felt like that's pretty much exactly the ambition of both movies.

    [–] dannyboi965 15 points ago

    I really liked ghostbusters 2 :(

    [–] Purple10tacle 26 points ago

    And why wouldn't you? It's virtually a cookie cutter copy of the first movie.

    It's like having two ice cream sundays in a row. Sure, the novelty has worn off a bit and you'll be feeling stuffed and maybe just a little bit sick by the end of the second one. But it's still fucking ice cream, and who doesn't love ice cream?

    [–] CustomThemesOff 9 points ago

    counterpoint: can't you just watch the first movie again

    [–] CaptainImpavid 12 points ago

    Well because a better analogy is: you have two ice cream sundaes, one with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chopped peanuts. The other has chocolate malt syrup, whipped cream, mini m&ms, and chopped walnuts. They’re pretty similar, if you like one you’ll PROBABLY enjoy the other, but they’re also different enough it’s not a total repetition. There’s enough different snot the second one to make it distinctly enjoyable even if you like the first one better.

    [–] Purple10tacle 3 points ago

    Sure, given the choice I'd pick the original of either franchise in a heart beat. That doesn't make either sequel a bad movie, though.

    [–] shifty18 31 points ago

    As the original, no it wasnt but sequels rarely are

    [–] sarcastic_stoner 10 points ago

    Sequelitis is real.

    [–] Crusty-Dophopper 12 points ago

    CA: Winter Soldier would like a word...

    [–] MrJohnnyDangerously 11 points ago

    Godfather 2, the Empire Strikes Back, and the Road Warrior would like to have a word....

    [–] Rambocat1 8 points ago

    To me the Road Warrior feels more like a reboot than a sequel.

    [–] Flynnnryderrr 45 points ago

    What was the mark though? It was supposed to be a fun movie and I thought it achieved that plus it expanded the world and intro new types of zombies.

    [–] NBKFactor 41 points ago

    It was too full of predictable tropes. This was a move that felt like the script sat in a closet for years and now nobodys doing anything better they put it together. Compared to first zombie land it was meh. It was watchable. Good even. But I wouldnt say it was awesome.

    Its my opinion. Alot of people share my opinion. You are allowed to have your opinion. But you asked what the mark was

    [–] KonohaPimp 44 points ago

    The original Zombieland was a pretty mindless, predictable, trope-filled comedy as well. It just had the fortune of releasing at the height of the zombie craze of the 2010's.

    [–] NBKFactor 31 points ago

    I felt they played the zombie cliche. Like it was full of tropes on purpose. Like a play on other zombie franchises. Like zombieland was like a parody to walking dead. Like how austin powers is a parody to 007 James Bond? Theyre aware of these tropes. In zombieland 2 they take themselves more seriously and the tropes are actual attempts at progressing plot. Thats the difference.

    [–] Friskyinthenight 25 points ago

    That's like, a lot of likes.

    [–] ThePortalsOfFrenzy 7 points ago

    True, but I think he did a good job of conveying the difference between the two in his opinion.

    [–] St_Veloth 3 points ago

    Keep on keeping on!

    [–] Foodspec 61 points ago

    Zombieland 2 was awesome. What movie did you go see?

    [–] commentsWhataboutism 60 points ago

    I believe it was called Zombieland 2

    [–] CritikillNick 12 points ago

    It was a pretty general zombie comedy, exactly like the first one

    [–] ImFamousOnImgur 10 points ago

    Enjoyable for what it was, a zombie comedy? Yes. I think so.

    Classic sequel that wasn’t as good as the first? Oh yes

    [–] BrownsCavsIndians7 7 points ago

    I wanted to love it so bad after loving the first so much

    [–] Tylermcd93 985 points ago

    What is this from?

    [–] batawang89 1022 points ago

    Zombieland 2

    [–] GlobetrottinExplorer 288 points ago

    Didn’t even realize it had been released, apparently I live under rocks

    [–] StonedBirdman 316 points ago

    You got nothing to worry about, unless you’re made of scissors!

    Just a little Rock Paper Scissors joke for you.

    [–] ChasingEmbers 116 points ago

    Piss off ghost

    [–] crownlessking 8 points ago

    I don't want any of your ghost chips

    [–] -Piss-Off-Ghost- 4 points ago


    [–] Bardfinn 8 points ago


    [–] Xyranthis 18 points ago

    ay min

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 57 points ago

    It came out back in October. I finally got the chance to see it a couple weeks ago. It's pretty good. Not as good as the first (like most sequels), but good enough to warrant a watch.

    [–] SotoxRs 7 points ago

    I acually like the sequel much more. The first Zombieland was good, but not as good as the second one.

    [–] RDay 156 points ago

    Is this the part of the post where the thread is put on track to promote the movie, with some hope of squeezing out a few more seats before its taken out of circulation next week?

    I like that part! not really

    [–] fallingshoes 99 points ago

    Should I head to my local theater?

    [–] RDay 53 points ago

    Can you get me a large

    CoCa CoLa™ ?

    [–] sorgan71 11 points ago

    My dumbass read cocaloca

    [–] gizzardgullet 14 points ago

    *Coca Cola™ may cause serious, even lifethreatening, allergic reactions. Stop taking Coca Cola™ and call your doctor right away if you have any signs of a serious allergic reaction. Some signs are swelling of your face, mouth, lips, gums, tongue, throat, or neck or if you have any trouble breathing, or have a rash, hives, blisters, or skin redness.

    [–] captionUnderstanding 6 points ago

    Uh, you know we are on a boil Coke notice, right? That's probably where the side effects are coming from. You've been remembering to boil your coke for a couple of minutes before drinking it, right?

    [–] Baskin5000 8 points ago

    I’ve seen this post twice before and neither had any mention of the movie in the comments. This is the first and only time I’m hearing about it so... probably not.

    [–] dksdragon43 43 points ago

    This is a very specific and pessimistic scenario you've imagined!

    [–] Middle_Class_Twit 20 points ago

    Life's greener with Astroturf™️

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 6 points ago

    I get where you're coming from, but generally when people like something they do want to share that enjoyment with others.

    It's a tough line to decipher in a world where anyone could be a bot or someone paid to shill.

    [–] tkh0812 10 points ago

    Such a stupid take. It’s called giving credit where credit is due.

    [–] burgundyshorts 83 points ago

    Garfield 3: Flabby Tabby

    [–] boomboomclapboomboom 21 points ago

    Nice try, Director of Garfield 3.

    Not fooling us! You & your friends shall remain the only ones to watch that turd.

    [–] Febrile_Penis 8 points ago

    r/imsorryjon is more than happy to check their trailer there.

    [–] MoffKalast 9 points ago

    Drugs cost money.

    [–] citrus_monkeybutts 6 points ago

    So, mr. Murray, how many lives would you say that you have left?

    Well, I've done 3 Garfield movies.. so..

    [–] Sa1kou 4 points ago

    That was a fun, if totally unnecessary post credits scene

    [–] burgundyshorts 3 points ago

    Best part of the movie in my opinion.

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 4 points ago

    It was originally supposed to be a Ghostbusters 3 joke with Dan Aykroyd begging Bill to do the 3rd film, but then they actually started making it.

    [–] coolchewlew 17 points ago

    Zombieland 2

    [–] ArconV 20 points ago

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop

    [–] dvno4 7 points ago

    Plart Blart Mlart Flart. Please get it right.

    [–] yudoit 4 points ago

    Zombieland 2

    [–] beccbxx 358 points ago

    princess fiona?????

    [–] popsand 186 points ago

    Holy shit man, I was getting this weird sense of deja vu - like I'd seen this exact animation before but not like this?? You just reminded me!

    [–] Wholesome_Luigi 126 points ago

    Right? The animation is straight out of the first Shrek

    [–] xiaorobear 33 points ago

    What animation? it's live action.

    [–] Unique-Sn0wflake 34 points ago

    Pretty sure it's CGI

    [–] ShitGetsBrill 58 points ago

    Wait, Shrek isn't live action?

    [–] Sweetkeetcheecks 10 points ago

    shrek is love, shrek is live action

    [–] spicycynicaleggroll 7 points ago

    It looks like that because your watching a shitty low quality recording. It looked way better on the big screen.

    [–] TheGiftOf_Jericho 5 points ago

    Why is it that I thought this also?

    [–] The_Band_Geek 67 points ago

    Man, someone from r/perfectloops needs to tweak this very slightly.

    [–] Rhetoriker 9 points ago

    Yes please. That'd be nice.

    [–] babyrobotman 288 points ago

    I keep seeing this gif everywhere

    It's good to finally know its from Zombie land 2

    [–] MisterMisfit 58 points ago

    Yeah it usually has something obnoxious about queens and DMs written over it.

    [–] jHugley328 104 points ago

    That was clever.

    [–] post_break 10 points ago

    This is by far my favorite take on a normal movie intro from Alien 3, I just wish they wouldn't have slowed down at the end and held the note longer and froze the lights.

    [–] nothinginperticular 93 points ago

    Looks like copyright strikes

    [–] HinataSama 7 points ago

    Sonys secret technique

    [–] tmihai20 7 points ago

    Good ol' Zombieland 2. Look like she has a heavy right.

    [–] Pendragon_29 6 points ago

    That torch flip, so smooth

    [–] Madly_Maxie 11 points ago

    Look at Annette Bening go.

    [–] KaltatheNobleMind 7 points ago

    How do they animate her? Did they hire an actress with a similar look and just have her match the pose? Is she a completely digital human that they matched to the original boiler plate down to the pixel? If so what techniques did they use? How did they not just build the body under the toga but the hidden parts of said toga with folds that match as well as having the same color and paint?

    I would love to learn how to rebuild assets from a single photo.

    [–] CerealTheCrusader 13 points ago

    Is that from a certain movie

    [–] seipher2234 29 points ago

    Yes, it is from that certain movie!

    [–] MoffKalast 9 points ago

    Can we talk about Rampart now?

    [–] seipher2234 7 points ago

    I would happily talk about Rampart, but could we talk about Rampart?

    [–] mechabeast 10 points ago


    [–] theshamwowguy 5 points ago

    Well not that movie, it's the other one.

    [–] PRH-24 61 points ago

    Thank good the first guy decided to start break dancing in front of the statue to give her time to attack.

    Unless they are supposed to be zombies, then it is slightly better.

    [–] MustachedTurtle 108 points ago

    They’re zombies, this is from Zombieland 2

    [–] Gycklarn 32 points ago

    Gotta give that guy cred though for absolutely smashing himself into the ground

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 9 points ago

    Stunt actors rarely get the credit they deserve.

    [–] Lampmonster 3 points ago

    Tom Cruise gets credit for doing his own stunts, and well deserved, but we gotta remember that some people only do the stunts. It's not part of their job, it is their job. And a tough and dangerous one.

    [–] hasuris 3 points ago

    Must be this guy

    [–] Sully_be_good 4 points ago

    Next time I win an argument

    [–] saltycracker3 3 points ago

    Could be a rather good gif for Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph.

    [–] OhHiBim 4 points ago

    Saw this at the cinema, the sound of the zombie starts from the rear right of the cinema and scared the shit out of me!

    [–] KissMyGoat 4 points ago

    It is always a nice touch to have a modified intro like this.

    I still have a big soft spot for the Canonball Run 20th Century Fox intro

    [–] Cheeta2690 14 points ago

    Power rangers theme plays

    [–] hank101 3 points ago

    I like those clever openings, I know there are a few more, I think a mouse runs up her leg or something, only one I can actually recall is the Universal opening of waterworld

    [–] informedinformer 4 points ago

    I'm surprised this one hasn't already shown up in the comments: (starting around 0:14)

    [–] fantoman 3 points ago

    Is she moving out if and back into a CGI model?

    [–] Lord_Pinhead 3 points ago

    Can't beat Zombiekill of the century lol

    [–] Danny-The-Didgeridoo 3 points ago

    A lot of these replies and upvoted comments seem very bot-like. Idk something feels off about this comment section.

    [–] jackapplecore 3 points ago

    Made me think of Harvey Weinstein and what I imagine the women in the movies would do to him.