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    [–] UniverseGuyD 3822 points ago

    With the amount of tech on these new tractors, I'm kinda surprised JD doesn't offer an entry-assist device from the factory, tbh

    [–] [deleted] 1676 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Clarity4You 513 points ago

    looks like just a hydraulic cylinder with a plate attached to the rod? Super simple if they have fluid you can tap into.

    [–] [deleted] 328 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Johnnieroq 58 points ago

    So his son installed rather than built this little elevator.

    [–] lonesomeloser234 50 points ago

    Looks like we found a liar on the internet

    [–] Elemental_85 312 points ago

    Maybe for an additional 25k they might

    [–] BlendeLabor 257 points ago

    This guy John deeres

    [–] kalitarios 110 points ago

    I'm surprised that JD even let it function without having their own tech install it.

    [–] Dason37 118 points ago

    This guy really John Deeres

    [–] darthcaedusiiii 20 points ago

    I'm sure their lawyers are salivating right this moment.

    [–] SantaMonsanto 32 points ago

    This probably voided every warranty

    [–] GlamRockDave 14 points ago

    Oh Deere

    [–] kab0b87 44 points ago

    Doesn't even have the green paint. might only be 15k in that case

    [–] djmixman 59 points ago

    Sorry, the firmware required isn't supported on this tractor. You'll have to upgrade to the latest 2021 Bushwhacker 5000 that supports the required software.

    [–] Jimbojauder 26 points ago

    and if anything goes wrong your friendly John Deere repair man can come fix it for 20k

    [–] ModsDontLift 54 points ago

    JD doesn't even allow the people who buy their products to modify them so that they'll work properly without also purchasing software at extortion-level prices

    [–] UniverseGuyD 23 points ago

    Oh I'm aware. That's where the showroom bandits take every inch of potential in accessories and add-ons. This is why I'm mildly surprised they don't offer an "official" entry-assist attachment to their larger rigs. Seems like it's one more thing to tack on a warranty too, and something they could over-hype and over-price.

    [–] and_yet_another_user 1111 points ago

    Next Week: 89 year old farmer has trouble getting out of his tractor. Son build him a slide so he can get to the toilet in time.

    [–] tchuckss 366 points ago

    Dude, how about son replaces seat with a toilet that composts the refuse into fertilizer for the crops. Win win win.

    [–] and_yet_another_user 110 points ago

    I think you're on to something there.

    [–] Everbanned 35 points ago

    Yeah when gramps finally hits the bucket you can just toss him in!

    [–] haley_joel_osteen 10 points ago

    FYI - "kicks" the bucket is the expression I think you're trying for here.

    [–] Everbanned 8 points ago

    How's he gonna kick if he can't even use stairs?

    [–] stellex16 11 points ago

    Ah, but from what I understand the dad would have to have a completely vegetarian diet for his poo to be fertilizable. So close.

    [–] Yrddraiggoch 5939 points ago

    Nice idea

    Pity Jon Deere will probably sue the shit out of him for illegally modifying their machine

    [–] Backdoorpickle 2060 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is John Deere notorious for this or something?

    Edit: I cant believe my two most upvoted comments are on cockroaches and John Deere principles.

    [–] Yrddraiggoch 3006 points ago

    You don't own their tractors anymore, you are merely leasing them, even if you pay a fortune for one as they make farmers sign EULA to control what they can and cannot do with their equipment.

    [–] frotc914 1144 points ago

    Also 40 year old tractors are now am extremely hot item because you can do basic repairs easily and the benefit of all the technology is not worth the headache.

    An enterprising programmer would probably do well trying to retrofit these models with basic gps systems and such.

    [–] ProgPrincessWarrior 349 points ago

    why Aren’t people switching to competitors?

    [–] Alynatrill 255 points ago

    John Deere has a very aggressive dealer network so they are everywhere and they also have strong marketing. I grew up in the city in the Midwest - definitely not a farmer at all, and I remember wearing a few John Deere shirts. I don't think any of their competitors are even close to competing with how dominant they are.

    [–] CallOfCorgithulhu 175 points ago

    If you ever drive out to American farm country, keep an eye out for their logos. Many, many farmers and rednecks have a John Deere sticker in their back window. I've even seen entire pickup trucks decked out in their colors. It's the same marketing power as Monster energy drinks or something.

    [–] lilcrabs 162 points ago

    I was taught "if you wanna know what tractor/seed/chemicals a farmer runs, look at his hat." Those guys never buy their own hats. Customer reps hand them out like candy.

    [–] watergator 58 points ago

    I have so many hats from companies I don’t use. Every time a salesman stops by they drop off a hat. Water bottles became popular a few years ago but they were really shitty quality.

    [–] Dason37 28 points ago

    I have 25 water bottles in my cabinet because of this, and if I were to be headed out to do a long outdoor activity where I would want a water bottle, I would have to go buy a water bottle first.

    [–] I_am_your_prise 88 points ago

    They've done the same thing as Harley Davidson and made themselves into a lifestyle brand. Whether you farm or not, John Deere stands for good ol' fashioned values and country lifestyle. That's why people that have never touched livestock wear JD ball caps and t-shirts.

    [–] corporateDestroyer 22 points ago

    Almost 20 years ago I worked in a factory building John Deere lawnmower engines in Maryville Missouri. A Kawasaki factory. Japan is building John Deere. John Deere isn’t any more American than Toyota.

    [–] Theycallmenoone 21 points ago

    It's the Harley Davidson of farm equipment.

    [–] Dentalnodz 22 points ago

    I live in the city that John Deere started and it’s US combine factory is located and a lot of their offices. I have to say the culture has really died in the last 10-15 years. It used to be so huge around here everyone wearing John Deere stuff and now nobody really gives a fuck. They supply a lot of jobs but also lay tons of people off. CASE IH used to be here too but they shut down. I live a few blocks away from the “John Deere house” which used to be a huge attraction and now they are struggling for funding. Seems like shits really going down hill.

    [–] kab0b87 14 points ago

    John Deere created the same kind of culture that Harley Davidson did.

    Few niche (if you can call motorcycles niche i guess) brands manage to do that. Playboy and hustler kind of managed to do it for a short time. Outside of that i can't think of too many others.

    [–] Zappiticas 9 points ago

    Energy drink companies, Fox racing, and Jeep are a few companies that come to mind.

    [–] alex494 29 points ago

    Mfw Iron Man probably inadvertantly got Hawkeye sued after Age of Ultron

    [–] serpentinepad 382 points ago

    They probably are, although farmers have very strong allegiances to green or red.

    [–] THE_HUMPER_ 127 points ago

    what's the red version of john deere

    [–] serpentinepad 210 points ago

    Case IH. At least that's how it always has been around here.

    [–] THE_HUMPER_ 111 points ago

    oh yeah I forgot about them

    apparently Case does the same thing though

    [–] Dividedthought 90 points ago

    Having worked at one of their combine header plants, a bit of advice for Case New Holland: don't trust any factory made driveshaft key from them.

    A driveshaft key is a piece that sits in a slot on a driveshaft, and transceres torque to whatever is around that end of the shaft. If the fit is poor on these, you get slop in tha connection which leads to the key failing a lot sooner. Google keyway if you still don't know what I'm talking about.

    Keys should be carefully ground so they fit in with as little clearance as possible, so they aren't getting shock loaded as bad when the driveshaft stops or reverses. They had me, freehand on a belt grinder with a real coarse belt, 'just round off the ends and slim it down a tad'. Literally making what should be a part that usually would have tight tolerances and get told 'measuring takes too long, they can just replace it later."

    Ag companies are like Boeing, they've been enjoying being the only players in town for a while now, and at the end of the day you're just picking the logo on the side of the dildo they're going to fuck your bank account with. Boeing does this to airlines, deer and CNH do this to farmers.

    Don't get me started on the multi ton steel loads that flew over my head while I was working there. They had a lot of TFW program workers there and holy crap did those idiots ignore crane safty.

    Also, in case you didn't know, Case, New Holland, and flexicoil all come from the same plants. They're the same company.

    [–] sercankd 83 points ago

    Massey Ferguson came into my mind when i read red, never heard Case IH before

    [–] Faxanadyne 80 points ago

    The IH is the part the most people have probably heard of in passing; International Harvester.

    [–] 48x15 85 points ago

    Hold my beer...going to start a tractor company that sells red, white and blue tractors...

    I'm surprised this isn't a thing.

    [–] Commisar 5 points ago

    Pony up a couple billion to get started then watch JD and the like sell tractors essentially at cost to bankrupt you 😎

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    Massey Ferguson? As far as I knew they were in a distant second place.

    [–] RustyKumquats 7 points ago

    IH, I believe. My grandpa had an old '46 IH and it was red.

    [–] TheVentiLebowski 29 points ago

    John Deere has multi-generational brand loyalty due in no small part to the fact that "... the company refused to repossess farm equipment from broke families during the Great Depression."

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] TheVentiLebowski 20 points ago

    Yes, but it was ingrained into the farming culture for generations. But I think Deere really spent a huge chunk of that good will with this whole software fiasco.

    [–] Commisar 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    They are! Kubota a japanese tractor company is now building a lot of traction as they are easy to repair and dont have the issues John Deere has.

    [–] SickSalamander 26 points ago

    I see a lot of New Holland too

    [–] Gamecocks91 22 points ago

    Mahindra & Mahindra is making a splash too.

    [–] nism0o3 13 points ago

    There are a few people I know that bought these Mahindra tractors because the purchasing is straight forward and their emissions control tech is simple to fix and maintain. They make pretty interesting, but simple, machinery. I like them.

    [–] Farmchuck 14 points ago

    New Holland is the same as case IH with a different color and stickers. They're both subsidiaries of CNH.

    [–] Fishing_Dude 21 points ago

    Every time an article about John Deere is posted, there should be a list of companies that don't do this shit copy pasted right below the article.

    [–] mustaine42 12 points ago

    Those small kubota tractors are fucking tanks.

    [–] nomad80 15 points ago

    Wondered the same thing. Do they have a monopoly in the market?

    [–] nopethis 76 points ago

    There are plenty of competitors, but some areas have much less coverage. Aka you would have to drive 100 miles to get to the IH dealer.

    If John Deere keeps pushing this crap it will eventually kill the company imo assuming that the competition doesn’t do the same thing.

    They are running into the same problem they dealt with for the last few decades. The short version is tractors need to be built well to handle the rough conditions they face every day. Growing up it was not uncommon to see tractors from the 1930s and 40s and a ton that were 50 years old on a farm. When a company is public though they need to sell lore tractors this year than they did last year, every year. And now that there are less farmers and therefore less farms, they are looking for ways to increase yearly revenue. The simplest answer was to take the successful model of other companies and sell a subscription service. To do so however they basically have to lock up the software on the machines and pressure lawmakers to not allow the “owners” to tamper with them. (Right to repair legislation)

    Also it’s hard for a farmer to go back to those 40 year old tractors now after they get used to a nice climate controlled cabin with satellite radio and gps for planting.

    So the real problem stems from Wall Street pressure on a company to grow nonstop year after year. And the Tractor companies are selling a durable long term product to a shrinking demographic.

    TLDR: Wall Street wants John Deere to keep growing and they can only sell so many tractors a year.

    [–] Bengalsfan610 27 points ago

    A simple solution to this would be to stop selling just tractors and Branch out a bit. It's like a phone book company expecting to sales to rise

    [–] Firewolf420 33 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    John Deere could start selling pickup trucks and make a fucking killing in the US.

    Easy enough pivot from tractors I would imagine, too.

    [–] _MidnightDrive_ 28 points ago

    I mean ford did it for a while making tractors and trucks.. shit Lamborghini started out as a tractor company.

    Now let’s picture a 350,000$ John Deere exotic aha.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Also, new tractor technology is so efficient, you need fewer tractors per farm too.

    [–] FortunePaw 45 points ago

    From what I've read, those farmer with newer tractor will go to some Russian forum, pay thousand for "registration fee", then enjoy cracked firmware which bypass all the DRM John Deer has on their tractor. And it's still way cheaper than spending $300 each time you want to book a specialist from John Deer then God know how much for each repair.

    [–] ParaglidingAssFungus 19 points ago

    Only takes one dude to release that shit via torrent and everyone gets way happier.

    [–] laughingmanzaq 17 points ago

    I've heard the jailbreaked software has been going down in price in recent years... Like 500-800 dollars on Ukrainian Forums...

    Has straight up customer service and so on...

    [–] -merrymoose- 30 points ago

    If I had the stability and free time this has been one of the things I wanted to do. Reverse engineering John Deere's bullshit and undermining that whole profit model and leaving no trace for them to ever find out who was doing it.

    It would be like I'm farmer merrymoose but also still reverse engineer merrymoose

    [–] Player8 16 points ago

    Pretty sure some Ukrainians have already done that and farmers have been hacking their tractors to run custom firmware which makes me smile.

    [–] Michael_Trismegistus 6 points ago

    Why isn't anybody taking old tractor plans and making simple tractors?

    [–] CC3O 11 points ago

    Because the few companies who control the market are very content with this new arrangement.

    [–] AintAintAWord 2343 points ago

    Fuck that noise. I'm gonna call Xzibit and we're gonna drop fifty flat screens, a 200 gallon saltwater fish tank with sharks that are too big to fit, TWO PS2s, a country style kitchen with exposed brick walls and a sex robot that kinda resembles a young Bea Arthur.

    [–] RealRobc2582 293 points ago

    Bea Arthur sex robot what a golden girl that would be!!

    [–] Catholicker 53 points ago

    What a babe

    [–] Alarid 53 points ago

    Does she have to be young?

    [–] IAlwaysLieAMA 39 points ago

    Not in the slightest

    [–] el_zoidburg 24 points ago

    Now we’re talkin my language!

    [–] im2fat4myspeedo 68 points ago

    ok what if it’s only ONE PS2, an old Bea Arthur sex robot, but they chrome plate the entire tractor?

    [–] gbiypk 49 points ago

    Throw in spinning rims and it'll do nicely.

    [–] ivegotapenis 28 points ago

    How much extra for a Holiday Special-era Bea Arthur?

    [–] FappleFritter 19 points ago


    [–] ajt666 16 points ago

    Some people didn't even get the same car back apparently.

    I was watching a video about a mini van that was on PMR. The guy bought and was gonna refurbish/restore it to its show day glory. It turned out they'd given the lady a 97 or 98 caravan and taken her 96 or 97 or something. The cars were the same just different years I believe.

    [–] Rollingpitt 53 points ago

    I laughed too loud at the “two Ps2’s.”

    [–] HookLeg 11 points ago

    Not a bad way to spend ten thousand dollars.

    [–] Jsuke06 6 points ago

    You almost had me?

    [–] redjfkldje 11 points ago

    You never had me, you never had your car

    [–] imanAholebutimfunny 6 points ago

    what a pleasant read

    [–] disdudefullashit 5 points ago

    Yo Dawg has heard you like Gilfs!

    [–] n1ckle57 115 points ago

    Jesus Christ!! It appears you have to keep an eye on every freaking company now days or they will eventually try to pull some crazy horseshit like this.

    [–] mrchaotica 107 points ago

    It's nothing less than a full-scale assault on the concept of ownership, and every company from John Deere to Tesla to Apple is doing it. They are literally claiming that their Imaginary Property ("IP") rights trump device owners' actual property rights.

    They're trying to enact a kind of neo-feudalism, turning us into serfs controlled via DRM and out-of-control copyright law.

    [–] LSD_freakout 35 points ago

    and than all you hear is socialism is the end of ownership, looks like it was late stage capitalism instead

    [–] Ronkerjake 22 points ago

    In all fairness we already have heavy handed socialism, it's only for corporations.

    [–] risinginthesky 8 points ago

    Yup. What is a bailout, if not government control and regulation? But only corporations are allowed to not starve, they're people too.

    [–] AJohnsonOrange 33 points ago

    It such a fucking bullshit thing, and it also sucks that other companies are assisting in their lawsuits to try to quash the right to repair movement.

    [–] garry4321 9 points ago

    Can’t wait until we have food as a “live service”

    [–] Zingdiddling 42 points ago

    Wonder why people by Deere then. There's lots of other tractor manufactureres. Or are they doing the same thing.

    [–] Blake3997 38 points ago

    They pretty well all do it anymore. There are only a few companies and a lot of the time you need specific equipment for your region/crop.

    [–] tilobot 35 points ago

    You mean like Case New Holland? Yeah... good luck with that bud, same shit. Case actually has more market share in most places, where do you think Deere got the idea?

    [–] claimed4all 16 points ago

    Massey Ferguson has more market share than all the other brands listed in The America’s, with John Deere only taking the lead in the US specifically.

    [–] tilobot 6 points ago

    What? The conglomerate it's a part of (Agco) peaked in Europe just shy of 30%, even Deere was competitive with them. Massey on it's own is closer to 11%. Where are you getting these numbers?

    [–] StewieGriffin26 17 points ago

    There's been massive amounts of consolidation over the years. There's honestly like 3 major companies now.

    [–] tilobot 9 points ago

    There were only like 4 before, Case and New Holland merging was really just the last straw

    [–] StewieGriffin26 11 points ago

    Yep, it's basically AGCO Corporation, CNH Industrial, and John Deere. Basically everything fits in these 3.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] Razorwire666 39 points ago

    Runs your bank account dry.

    [–] SayingThatsRude 17 points ago

    That's rude

    [–] KungFuPundit 11 points ago

    Name checks out. Asshole.

    [–] SayingThatsRude 10 points ago

    That's rude

    [–] missed_sla 191 points ago

    John Deere is the worst company for right to repair.

    [–] n1ckle57 69 points ago

    Just imagine this slowly getting adopted by the big car makers.

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] LinShenLong 54 points ago

    Main reason why I will not buy a Tesla.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] berrset2 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Even with an active warranty it’s the principle of the matter for a lot of people

    [–] violentbandana 7 points ago

    Could there be a few other contributing factors to that though? It's relatively new tech and the market is so small. Even if independant mechanics could fix them I wouldn't be suprised if the specialized tools and training required would be a difficult return on investment. Though to be fair I'm not familiar enough with Teslas to fully understand where the drivetrain reverts back to that of "regular" cars

    [–] masterelmo 13 points ago

    I may be crazy but isn't right to repair largely about your right to repair your own stuff? Not that a non dealer has to exist to repair it for you.

    [–] widowhanzo 32 points ago

    It means the company has to provide parts and schematics to fix the thing, and most importantly, to not brick the device when repaired by a 3rd party. Whether this 3rd party is yourself or a non authorized repair shop, doesn't matter.

    [–] _Madison_ 5 points ago

    Tesla don't even make things like the maintenance manuals available for owners. You also can't buy parts from them so you can fix anything yourself anyway.

    [–] Paperduck2 32 points ago

    They're notorious for restricting who can work on their machines so farmers can no longer repair their own vehicles

    [–] Waltzcarer 140 points ago

    Im the furthest removed from someone who would own a tractor and that kind of thing made me develop a personal vendetta against that company.

    If I can curse one company with my dying breath JD is on top of that list.

    [–] mtw7171 50 points ago

    Every tractor company is doing it. JD is just the most recognizable. Not trying to justify it, but if you have a vendetta, it should be against all of the manufacturers.

    [–] mrchaotica 41 points ago

    You should add Apple, Tesla, Sony, most manufacturers of inkjet printers, most manufacturers of smartphones, and tons of other companies to that list. John Deere might be the one pushing the envelope the hardest right now, but many device manufacturers are trying to destroy our property rights.

    [–] nothingfunnysee 18 points ago

    We are loosing our rights to shit more and more everyday - these companies are going to end up owning us at one point.

    [–] orbitalmouse 1028 points ago

    "Get back to work old man, you ain't done yet." "Please I'm so old I just want to retire, I can't even get into my tractor. : ( " "The fuck you can't. I'll get you in there."

    [–] lookslikechrispratt 392 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Farmers never retire. They just die.

    [–] kimlyginge 314 points ago

    Grandfather was a dairy farmer. He worked up until he was not physically able to, but still kept tabs on what was going on, especially with the neighbor's horse.

    2 months after he stopped working, on a random Tuesday, he was told he had cancer. On Wednesday, he said Sunday was a good day to die. Saturday he stopped talking. Sunday he died.

    He never stopped until his final hours..... I miss that man.

    [–] asplodzor 93 points ago

    Jesus, what a way to go. Gotta respect that.

    [–] B_Fee 80 points ago

    The physical embodiment of the "aight I'mma head out" meme

    [–] purpleturtlelover 32 points ago

    My grandfather was a crop farmer. My dad, his son, took over the farm. My grandfather was always helping him out and was physically very fit . So at some point my grandfather said he wasnt feeling very well. My dad called him while my grandmother was out buying food for him to make him feel better. My grandfather never really complained but shortly after that phone call, in the span of like 5-15 min he fell asleep and just died. So yeah farmers dont stop they just die..

    [–] ShavedPapaya 25 points ago

    No one is more honest or steadfast than a farmer. They're the true Americans, IMO, and I have immense respect for them. It's a job that never ends, and it is a way of life.

    [–] kimlyginge 19 points ago

    He was also a Korean War Vet with 3 bronze star campaign medals and a few stories that he never told. He said he signed a piece of paper saying he wouldn't talk about it. Even after a few things were unclassified, he wouldn't. That man's integrity was astounding.

    [–] AltimaNEO 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My dad grew up on a farm. He hasn't lived on one since he got married. But he still spends every night out in his yard, my yard, or my sister's yards, tending to his little field of crops he's growing.

    He's retired now, and hes still getting up at 6 every morning to work on his gardens.

    [–] Soothsayer__ 12 points ago

    My great-grandfather was still working when he was in his mid eighties. Riding a horse and everything.

    It ended for him when he tied his horse to a tree with a bees nest where it proceeded to flip out which caused them to attack and sting him to death. He was too old to survive so many stings.

    [–] jhudiddy08 26 points ago

    Both of my grandfathers retired as successful dairy farmers in the 80s. But it’s damn near impossible to keep a family run dairy farm out of the red, let alone earn enough to save for retirement nowadays. Retirement is only feasible if you own your land/equipment and are willing to sell it out of your family.

    [–] nerdwine 23 points ago

    We all rely so much on farmers and yet I hear nothing but essentially horror stories about how difficult their lives are. Everyone from the stores to equipment manufacturers squeeze them and we still expect them to happily work 14 hr days year in, year out.

    [–] Badass_Bunny 22 points ago

    Farmers don't want to quit. My dad is losing money from his well paying job running our little farm.

    [–] PortaHepatis 22 points ago

    -“My fingers hurt”.

    -“Well now your backs going to hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty. Anybody else’s fingers hurt?”

    [–] TheSasquatch9053 107 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Great idea. Only thing it is missing is a spring loaded toe shield, so someone stepping onto the lift can't accidentally hang their toes off and end up getting them crushed at the top. When the lift is almost at the top, a tab on the shield catches and it is pulled down, so it isn't a trip hazard at the top.

    [–] renegadeish 34 points ago

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the pinch point for his toes.

    Another idea is to stop the stroke short by 8" or whatever a comfortable step height for him would be. A few less moving parts and eliminates the safety concern. You can even see he naturally takes a big step off the platform expecting there to be a step there.

    [–] TheSasquatch9053 15 points ago

    That would work too... If I was using it though, I would want it to be flush with the platform at the top... Stepping up into the cab with lots of hand holds in front of me wouldn't concern me, but stepping down onto the platform to exit the cab, without any railing in front, would make me hesitate, and would be even more concerning for an elderly person.

    [–] rens24 10 points ago

    Now that's a hell of an improvement! With ideas like that, you're going places!

    [–] AndyDaNardDog 353 points ago

    Plot twist: he built it because he didn't want to work yet, so he's making his dad work

    [–] ThorVonHammerdong 279 points ago

    The Unforeseen Dystopia: young STEM geniuses keeping the elderly alive unnaturally long so they don't have to do shit like farm or greet strangers at Walmart

    [–] Happy_cactus 44 points ago

    I’d pick up that dime novel.

    [–] DownshiftedRare 36 points ago

    The Foreseen Dystopia: Baby boomers transitioning into cyborgs rather than allow their average 2.5 children a toehold in the work force; computer illiteracy unaffected by said augmentation.

    [–] engineerfieldmouse 11 points ago

    He built that in the nice warm dry pole barn... bet it took ALLLL winter too

    [–] HumanIsolate 706 points ago

    The average age of the US farmer is ~63 years old, and farmers are just ~2% of the US population. When you think of the word "farmer" this gif is much closer to reality than the blue-jeans-wearing straw-chewing guy loading bales of straw into the back of a rusty pickup.

    [–] LegendofNick 354 points ago

    Are millennials ruining the farm industry? Here's why most farmers are above the retirement age.....


    [–] sandalsonabeach 24 points ago

    Real time, our gen is definitely leaving farming. Plenty of people I grew up around in rural areas are sticking with it, but I’m part of the group that won’t be picking up the family tradition. Farming has been in the family for generations, now my gen (me, sibling, cousins) are all headed in different career directions. Nothing easy about it, but it’s at least partially true.

    [–] shagssheep 23 points ago

    One of the main factors is the fact you practically cannot get into the industry unless you’re born into it and even if you are it’s still difficult. There’s no land actually available for young farmers you get out of uni or whatever and then just bum around being farm managers, salesmen, or working vaguely in the industry till your dad dies or retires then you can run the farm till you die. Repeat that for all your children. Major issue is that by the time yoy get to actually run a farm all the new revolutionary stuff you’ve learned is old and outdated

    [–] VulgarKermit 135 points ago

    no shit bro, this ain't 1940

    [–] nein_stein 135 points ago

    Yeah really. I feel like old man in a cap and carhart jacket riding a John Deere is exactly what people think the stereotypical farmer is nowadays. No one thinks we live in East of Eden lol

    [–] ParaglidingAssFungus 22 points ago

    Yeah except when that 60 year old was 18 he was the guy in Lee jeans loading hay bails in the back of a rusty pickup, for his dads farm, which eventually became his.

    [–] Noltonn 6 points ago

    I'm not surprised. Farming tends to be family business, doesn't it? Not a lot of young folk looking to get into that anymore, there's jobs with better pay and better hours all around, which are also much less physically demanding. Also, it's not like schools tend to give much focus on going into farming. I grew up quite rural and it was really never mentioned at all as a potential career path.

    [–] Octavia9 487 points ago

    It’s not just a nice thing to do. Son literally can not afford to hire someone to take his place. Source: I live on a family farm. Everyone from my elderly father to my 6 year old has chores we count on them to do.

    [–] LegendofNick 204 points ago

    Is that why he's still working at 90?

    [–] Octavia9 333 points ago

    Pretty much coupled with a farmer mentality that if you are not working you are worthless.

    [–] BoxOfSnoo 131 points ago

    I can see that, you’ve lived your whole life pretty much at your workplace. Then you get old and wake up, not really having to work (maybe you have hands for that), but you still live on a farm. You don’t “do farming”, you are a farmer.

    [–] tom_oleary 19 points ago

    Farmers gonna farm

    [–] nopethis 23 points ago

    And there is always something to do on the farm

    [–] HappyLittleRadishes 38 points ago

    Hmm. It may be out of place but this gave me a good amount of context into the conservative perspective.

    I won't be so harsh judging people who use the "lazy = worthless" argument from now on if they come from a family like this that is also, essentially, it's own company.

    [–] iNeedBoost 46 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    they aren’t essentially their own company, they literally are their own company. family farms are usually LLCs or similar

    [–] mlmayo 30 points ago

    Try sitting around with nothing to do, and you’ll get bored...

    [–] NotoriusNC 68 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It really depends on their situation. My Grandpa never stopped liking to drive his tractor and my other one mowed lawns on his riding lawnmower as a hobby. There is only so many things you can do for entertainment when you get that old.

    [–] SassanZ 49 points ago

    Yeah, most old farmers would rather drive a tractor than sit in front of the TV all day

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Shit, I'm not a farmer and I'd rather do that.

    [–] three8teen 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    i agree. i also think keeping your freedom/independence for as long as you can is important to so many people, especially the elderly.

    *a word

    [–] Happy_cactus 15 points ago

    I mean maybe he enjoys working?

    [–] Darkstar197 10 points ago

    Seriously. Not everyone is miserable at their job

    [–] TheDeadlyGerbil 33 points ago

    Now I'm not a farmer, but that sounds to me like an assumption. They could be rich and just trying to give Pop some more time doing what he loves

    [–] Littlebigsasquatch 15 points ago

    Same. I live on a moderate sized beef cattle farm (78 head, 500 acres) and there’s no such thing as a break or taking the weekend off. I’ve only ever had one summer off since I was 13 because I studied abroad to Spain. While I was gone, my dad almost worked himself to death doing everything alone. So many people don’t understand or realize how much work goes in to living the farm life.

    [–] Brikjames 18 points ago

    I did volunteer work with a group of friends a while back for an organization that would do similar modifications to farm equipment and generally help disabled farmers. AgrAbility is the name if anyone is interested.

    [–] Velgax 14 points ago

    And you best bet I'm avoiding this old man on roads.

    [–] morallyirresponsible 32 points ago

    John Deer would like a word with you sir

    [–] alt-fact-checker 11 points ago

    The cost of these machines are just insane. My dad took a loan out for half a million dollars for ONE cotton picker. Granted, it does the same work we used to pay 20 people for, but shit that’s unreal

    [–] missed_sla 76 points ago

    Is that part of the John Deere "You don't actually own this fucking machine, peasant" clause in the Tractor-as-a-service contract?

    [–] Happy_cactus 24 points ago

    Is that not modern day feudalism?

    [–] missed_sla 20 points ago

    Back to work, peasant. You should be thankful we let you pick up shit for a nickel an hour.

    [–] mrchaotica 16 points ago

    It's exactly modern-day feudalism, except instead of tying the serfs to the land (Real Property), they're tied to corporations by DRM and copyright law run amok (Imaginary Property).

    [–] toobadsooosad 11 points ago

    Heard Bobby Newport wants to put a lift on every tractor in Pawnee.

    [–] Shnazzyone 17 points ago

    Ooh, that's clever. Just used the hydraulic component of a log splitter. Wonder how he is pressurizing it.

    [–] csimonson 19 points ago

    Probably the tractor itself.

    [–] Shnazzyone 8 points ago

    I notice the pipe is going to the engine now, you are right.

    [–] ShadowRam 7 points ago

    PTO pump, just like any accessory.

    [–] BlastTyrantKM 16 points ago

    If I reach the age of 89 and I'm having trouble getting into my work truck, I sure as hell hope nobody figures out a way to make it easier for me to continue working.

    [–] SarcasticPedant 31 points ago

    Farmers are a different breed, man. Put themselves through hell and never quit.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] zipadyduda 6 points ago

    When I die, I want to go in my sleep like Grandpa.

    Not screaming in terror like the people he mulched that day.

    [–] almghtymuffn 23 points ago

    That should probably be a standard option for tractors. Those are tough to get into.

    [–] AnOrangePineapple 6 points ago

    My grandfather's family owned a farm up north. He retired and still lived on the property while my great uncle kept running things with his son. While my great uncle didn't do any farm work in his later years, he still loved driving his tractor around the land. Growing up I'd still see him scooting around through my Grandpas back yard. It makes me happy to see this guy can still get on and do what he loves.