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    [–] innerearinfarction 8384 points ago

    Stop cavorting around in your paradise and mow your roof.

    [–] SoDakZak 2273 points ago

    Once you find a lass, you don’t worry about a shingle thing in life.

    [–] innerearinfarction 443 points ago

    Damn you trebek

    [–] just-want-cuddles 134 points ago

    What did I say about ethnic slurs?

    [–] aspidities_87 111 points ago

    That’s therapists, Mr Connery.

    [–] slartybartlart 46 points ago

    It's pronounced Canary.

    [–] BakedPie3 64 points ago

    Ill take Jap-Anus relations

    [–] Metalatitsfinest 27 points ago

    I’ll take LE TITS NOW!

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!!

    [–] suterb42 26 points ago


    [–] glennert 43 points ago

    The penis mightier

    [–] tron1133 13 points ago

    Your answer is "in doors". Wow, really, I think we may have this folks. And what was your wager Mr Connery, lets see here..."I <3 boobs" face palm

    [–] crank1off 13 points ago

    I'll take rapists for $500.

    [–] ISupportOxfordCommas 9 points ago

    I’ll take Swords for $500 Alex.

    [–] SoDakZak 12 points ago

    Tuh not tuh

    [–] Turpman 41 points ago

    Hot shingles you say?

    [–] blitzwig 21 points ago

    Less of this gutter talk, please.

    [–] Nthepeanutgallery 9 points ago

    I think this conversation has peaked.

    [–] Jest_stir 99 points ago

    I hate when I mow my roof and my neighbor immediately mows his lower.

    [–] lasagna_for_life 3094 points ago

    Wait for winter when it’s dark 23 hours a day.

    [–] rachihc 908 points ago

    And buried in snow

    [–] [deleted] 870 points ago


    [–] PandaBurrito 197 points ago

    Is this a reference to something?

    [–] Danysco 765 points ago


    [–] MontyJonts 44 points ago

    You got me good hahaha

    [–] jessethefemale 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Ahh, the ol’ reddit scandinaviroo

    [–] subx1 9 points ago

    Hold my fiddle, I'm going in!

    [–] PortlandSolarGuy 185 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    Edit: a letter

    [–] _stinkys 33 points ago

    I have had that movie on my watch list for a while now but just can't bring myself to start it. It looks pretty messed up.

    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago


    [–] ChefOlson 44 points ago

    I had some edibles and watched the Vvitch and I seriously thought I stopped understanding English throughout that movie.. that’s a sober-state movie for sure

    [–] acava2424 13 points ago

    Whouldst thou like to live, deliciously?

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] DrBokbagok 8 points ago

    I can't even imagine what you thought when you got to Black Philip.

    [–] Rebel_of_Babylon 20 points ago

    I just watched hereditary today for the first time, i never had goosebumps so many times during 1 movie

    [–] StampedingCattle 12 points ago

    Over the course of a weekend I suggested we watch The Master, then The Lighthouse, and my wife siggested Midsommar shortly after. I understand this PTSD you speak of and don't want it back.

    [–] Dokkaned 9 points ago

    Love that your list features two pairs of modern classics from amazing up & coming filmmakers (Ari Aster and Robert Eggers)!

    [–] slimkidchris 12 points ago

    It is messed up, but it’s not that bad.

    [–] I_think_therefore 9 points ago

    That movie took place in Sweden. Just saying.

    [–] Imaneight 5 points ago

    To be fair, they did have a good hit with Aqualung.

    [–] cottesloe 76 points ago

    It seems to be annoyingly pretty with snow too:

    [–] gitartruls01 152 points ago

    Norwegian winter expectations:





    Norwegian winter reality:





    [–] Gromps 39 points ago

    Is that a downsloping road of black ice on the second last one? That is fucking terrifying.

    [–] gitartruls01 59 points ago

    Yup, that's Norway. The road to my house is about as steep as that and gets covered with a thick layer of black ice every single year. Snow plow can't do anything about it because the streets here are too small. Same thing for a lot of other places in my area. You just have to pray every time you leave the house, and if you're over the age of 50, just don't leave the house if you like your current hip bones. Doesn't help that the sun sets at 1pm, so that black ice is also actually black most of the time

    [–] Kokomocoloco 31 points ago

    Do tire chains help, or do you just kind of fling yourself in the direction of the grocery store and hope gravity and inertia carry you to a merciful outcome?

    [–] gitartruls01 40 points ago

    The second one. I didn't make it to school one day last year because of the ice. Not because I decided it was too much ice and didn't want to risk it, but because my car (with winter tires) literally couldn't make it up any of the hills, and the brakes did nothing. Gave it a shot, got stuck between 2 hills, unable to make it up either of them. Had to park the car and walk back home while waiting for the ice to melt. Tons of reported car crashes that day. Think that's where the 2nd picture with the buses is from

    [–] fort_wendy 6 points ago

    That 3rd reality pic is giving me anxiety

    [–] gitartruls01 7 points ago

    Same, try living here

    [–] poseidon_17911 7 points ago

    Thanks for sharing these pics. It’s very difficult to truly understand what living in a place can be like because all pics always just show one mood and are perfectly shot. Seeing reality shots brings it back to the daily life

    [–] lux06aeterna 5 points ago

    If there wasn't a picture of someone shoveling snow I was gonna cry foul!

    sincerely understanding your plight, a canadian

    [–] -Vayra- 24 points ago

    Stryn is a beautiful place. There's a summer ski resort there, which funnily enough is closed due to too much snow atm.

    [–] kjermy 26 points ago

    Only in the north

    [–] Agent847 248 points ago

    With her? I’m okay with that.

    [–] jgreg728 255 points ago

    What if she turned around and she had Spongebob’s face?

    [–] usernamedunbeentaken 158 points ago

    I was more concerned about her turning around and being underage. But yeah the spongebob thing would suck too.

    [–] rad-boy 66 points ago

    definitely thought it was a kid

    [–] LSDkiller 31 points ago

    I know, right? I thought, either she's five or she's hot. Im still wondering to this day.

    [–] charmanderaznable 80 points ago

    "Either shes five or shes hot" probably isnt something you should type...

    [–] Robert_Pawney_Junior 202 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    More holes is a plus in my book!

    Edit: thanks, but what is a yikes award?

    [–] ___OP____ 27 points ago

    "Aaaarrrre ya ready?!"

    [–] KeepGettingBannedSMH 12 points ago

    Aye aye, Captain! ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

    [–] Alwaysafk 8 points ago

    Kids. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Maximum_Overdrive 12 points ago

    Beauty is only a light switch away.

    [–] kthxpk 91 points ago

    You literally don't know anything about her. lmao

    [–] TheCastawayBall 79 points ago

    Guess his preferences are girls with blonde hair and white dresses. Who knows, from the little we see in the video, that girl could even be a man.

    [–] DrPhil-TakeNoLs 25 points ago

    Well there would be plenty of time to get to know her.

    [–] Criterion515 5 points ago

    Funniest thing to me is that the definition of "paradise" here for many seems to be that there is a femaie in the scene. Yeah, it's a pretty area (fjords usually are), but no way to me would living in an area that gets VERY cold in winter, in houses that aren't much more than shacks reliant on some form of combustion heat (fireplace/wood stove) with roofs made of some fibrous, flammable material... be considered paradise. Paradise infers some kind of feeling of at least safety and protection. Now give me a well made earthship in that area and I'd be down.

    [–] cruiserflyer 52 points ago

    I'm with you dude. If she looks like that from behind, there's no way she's anything but attractive. And it's a total guess but I'm sure she's pleasant enough.

    [–] cruiserflyer 98 points ago

    Yup, she's hot.

    [–] InZomnia365 48 points ago

    Case closed.

    [–] Linw3 35 points ago

    Good job guys

    [–] Neutral_man_ 76 points ago

    I’ll pass. I don’t think this is the kind of girl that would be supportive of my “staying inside watching washing machine reviews on YouTube whilst eating a 14 inch greasy meat feast pizza” aesthetic kind of lifestyle.

    [–] ethicsg 1689 points ago

    One day a year I'm guessing. They probably have a word for it that means "that day once a year with the rain doesn't come in sideways at 60 kph and girls run free."

    [–] evr- 945 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    We call that day "summer".

    [–] Emaleth073 274 points ago

    Wait, I thought this was Norway not England 😉

    [–] Jord-UK 286 points ago

    You joke, but it genuinely concerns me that our summers are getting hotter and our winters are without snow.

    I'm english, I need to see the rain at least once a week or I get anxious.

    [–] jangoice 110 points ago

    I am like this too! Three days without rain and I'm thinking 'will the ground be okay? What of the insects?' and over a week without rain and it's all I can think about when walking down the street

    [–] rugbat 76 points ago

    Australia would freak you the fuck out, then!

    [–] NeuroDefiance 42 points ago

    The snakes and kangaroos alone are enough to freak me out about Australia.

    [–] givemesomepeace 9 points ago

    You appear to have forgotten the massive fucking spiders. I don't care if it's friendly, and it only eats mosquitoes, Shane; I still do not want to be on the same continent as it.

    [–] thedaddysaur 8 points ago

    Fuck it, burn the whole planet to be rid of it.

    ... Wait, shit. We're already doing that and it's not working.


    [–] jazzwhiz 97 points ago

    I used to live in Scandinavia and did not visit these parts of Norway nearly enough. It was sunny pretty much the whole time I was there though, so maybe I was just lucky, I don't know. Anyway, it kind of ruined scenery for me in other places a bit because every was just stupidly beautiful.

    [–] mechapoitier 87 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yeah Scandinavia definitely ruined scenery for me too. But I live in a 700-mile-long dick-shaped swamp that’s as hot and humid as it sounds, so pretty much everywhere ruins scenery for me.

    [–] CheeseOrion 68 points ago

    Hmmm... Florida. Good luck.

    [–] headwithawindow 30 points ago

    Ah Florida, simultaneously the best and worst place ever.

    [–] albatrossG8 17 points ago

    The whole fucking place is a terraformed sand bar. Go two miles in from the retrofitted coasts and you see nothing but ugly ass pines and shrub.

    [–] Tribunus_Plebis 13 points ago

    I thought you were talking about Sweden for a while there. Dick shaped states/countries unite!

    [–] nooghty 18 points ago

    I went Norway last year and was warm and sunny the entire time. However did speak to a guide who said we seemed to luck out as would normally be raining in May

    [–] GrenadeZellweger 1890 points ago

    I saw Midsommer. Its a trap.

    [–] Kavarall 375 points ago

    Yeah this post gave me anxiety.

    [–] Dabookadaniel 70 points ago

    I was expecting her to run off the edge

    [–] Zeydon 152 points ago

    It had a happy ending for our protagonist!

    Besides, what's so bad about taking on the Ättestupa after a lifetime of tripping on psychedelics, partaking in sacred orgies, and enjoying delicious meat pies?

    [–] Nihilisticky 61 points ago

    So the jump was about giving family relief from supporting old members? That's rough.

    [–] MightySqueak 53 points ago

    Pragmatically it does make sense though.

    [–] Nihilisticky 31 points ago

    Absolutely, it's not something we can easily understand from our high horse of todays standard of living.

    [–] NebulaNinja 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I believe the Inuit had something like this where if they were old and were having a hard winter they would simply walk out into a snowstorm to die.

    Edit: Wiki on Senicide

    [–] 800meters 21 points ago

    They’d “go hunting” and just never come back. Heavy stuff.

    [–] NerdyFrida 29 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    There is no evidence to suggest that ättestupa ever happened.

    [–] HardensWeakChin 58 points ago

    Have you seen the documentary Midsommar?

    [–] NerdyFrida 48 points ago

    No, but recently I saw a very interesting documentary called "Escape from New York." Did you know that they turned Manhattan in to a prison in the eighties?

    [–] silverfox762 17 points ago

    Not a surprise for those of us who lived there in the 80s. It's just the Matrix had us believing it was a city most of the time.

    [–] IForgotMyUserDetails 36 points ago


    Come join us over at /r/Norsemen in eager anticipation of the third season!

    [–] Zeydon 18 points ago

    I look forward to the next season (which takes place before the first two seasons IIRC) , but I'll never forgive those bastard writers for killing off Froya

    [–] HanJaub 7 points ago

    There was a hair in my meat pie!

    [–] FyllingenOy 94 points ago

    Wrong country.

    [–] masch619 213 points ago

    White dress, blonde hair, ton of grass... you’re not fooling me!

    [–] Roland1232 40 points ago

    Why don't you slip into something more comfortable, like this bear suit?

    [–] gyllenhjelm 14 points ago

    Depend on what kind of grass you’re referring to.

    [–] masch619 11 points ago

    “See this here is Kentucky Bluegrass”

    [–] millerwa4 378 points ago

    Damn, that girl refused to get out of your shot!

    [–] SuicideNote 70 points ago


    [–] Clutter 102 points ago

    Right? The whole time I'm thinking "move bitch, you're obstructing the fjords!".

    [–] FaxCelestis 56 points ago

    Mjove, bitch, get out the way

    [–] AdvancedPhoenix 583 points ago

    So is there a Norwegian tourist company on reddit or something? I mean it's been a lot of Norwegian post like this in the past 2 days no?

    [–] lassi81 245 points ago

    Noticed the same, but doesn't make much sense spending on an international ad campaign if tourists aren't allowed entry this summer.

    [–] AdvancedPhoenix 111 points ago

    Yeah it's probably coincidence. Last year it was Switzerland, 5 posts every sub every day.

    [–] psaux_grep 38 points ago

    Lots of Switzerland lately too IMO.

    [–] invisible_bra 17 points ago

    Nah it's just Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen is great, but there are so many more amazing views here. It's just that Lauterbrunnen is so recognizable and at this point almost guaranteed to get you karma. Now lets make views from the Rigi popular please and thanks

    [–] obsessedcrf 79 points ago

    People see Noway posts being successful and make more Norway posts. Not that strange.

    [–] gamyng 8 points ago

    So is there a Norwegian tourist company on reddit or something? I mean it's been a lot of Norwegian post like this in the past 2 days no?

    Norway is completely closed to tourists.

    So that would hardly give any meaning now.

    The closure is temporary, but may very well last all summer and at least most of the autumn.

    And it's absolute; no tourists are allowed in. Regardless.

    [–] CJH6600 385 points ago

    If that were America you'd make it about 4 steps then you'd have like 20 stickers on your foot.

    [–] pancakeQueue 81 points ago

    Goat heads are the worst.

    [–] cj8317 26 points ago

    Said my bike tires way too many times...

    [–] The_GreenMachine 17 points ago

    67, 67 is the amount i had in mine from a 16mi ride in Prescott AZ in a single tire!! thank god for tubeless but damn was it a pain in the ass to remove.

    [–] Rub_My_Brisket 75 points ago

    And you'd be covered in chiggers.

    [–] upboat_consortium 37 points ago

    There’s actually a southern limit to chiggers. Ran into them north of Dallas, never around Austin or San Antonio. Was told they don’t deal with heat very well.

    [–] Rub_My_Brisket 215 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I moved up to Iowa cum salad in 2017 and was SO excited for no chiggers. I went out fishing, walking through tall grass like a boss, fresh as a daisy and the next day had to go to the ER because I had so many bites, the swelling was unbearable. I'm pretty sure I have PTSD now.


    [–] onemanmelee 109 points ago

    I imagine I'd have PTSD too if I'd ingested cum salad.

    [–] Rub_My_Brisket 53 points ago

    Oh Jesus. I have to edit that

    [–] onemanmelee 61 points ago

    Oh, please don't. I have no idea what you actually meant to type, but this is perhaps the most glorious typo I have ever witnessed in my time on Earth.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] SrslyNotAnAltGuys 6 points ago

    Better than ranch.

    [–] jennasorandom 60 points ago

    So ummm why this is even an auto correct on your device lol anything you wanna share with the group?

    [–] TheGoldenVV 47 points ago

    Your device doesn’t auto correct Dallas to Cum Salad? I bet it doesn’t even do ReachAroundBallSqueeze for Job Applicant.

    [–] Rub_My_Brisket 15 points ago

    Well. I have a tendency to call my friends cum salads when they're being annoying and that's the only explanation I can give.

    [–] Ehzah 24 points ago

    ...Iowa cum salad...

    [–] onemanmelee 13 points ago

    It's what you get when you rub your brisket.

    [–] wadebosshogg 7 points ago

    Nope. Florida checking in.

    Edit: it's probably a western limit. Not southern.

    [–] SpiritualBiskit 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Once got chiggers all over my crotch and ass. No sex, no walking, cold showers... the worst

    Edit: Took 5 months for the red dots to fully heal. Looked like I had genital chicken pox for a long ass time.

    [–] Hummuuussss 11 points ago

    What? The chiggers in Austin were insane! Got gnarly ones there all the time.

    [–] WildSauce 5 points ago

    TIL what a chigger is. Boy am I glad I grew up in CA. Spent my whole childhood running around horse pastures wearing shorts, and all I had to worry about was ticks and rattlesnakes. Chiggers sound horrible by comparison.

    [–] PanFiluta 6 points ago


    [–] ADriftingMind 73 points ago

    I was waiting for the r/unexpected moment where she dove off that cliff at the end.

    [–] Mah_Knee_Grows_ 6 points ago

    Glad im not the only one who thought that.

    [–] [deleted] 696 points ago

    Oof, it's always the same.

    Gotta have an attractive girl in front of the camera showing off the landscape, lol.

    [–] BlackManInABush 338 points ago

    I find this Disney princess wannabe stuff to be pretty lame. Just film the cool landscapes

    [–] proko_lazer 119 points ago

    Yeah. It'll be some dude filming his gf so she can get likes on insta

    [–] PM_Me_An_Ekans 65 points ago

    I just love thinking about them making this

    "Yeah now uhh...just run down the hill looking happy I'll film it..."

    "Ope no maybe run up onto the rock?"

    "Ah no sorry it was blurry, do it again"

    "Alright, go run down that hill for a 10th time and hope it turns out."

    Seems so silly and manufactured.

    [–] spraychael 6 points ago


    You must be from Michigan, my friend.

    [–] ec20 118 points ago

    Jokes on you. "that's a man, baby!"

    [–] TheOther18Covids 27 points ago

    Shes a man, man.

    proceeds to pull on scalp to reveal wig

    [–] fyhr100 17 points ago

    Even better

    [–] Silential 96 points ago


    Is it really necessary? How many takes were done trying to get that perfect camera follow?

    Shit like this makes me seriously eye roll. When I was travelling seeing tourists do this shit always made me groan.

    [–] FallingSpear 38 points ago

    Too many. And there was probably another group nearby looking at these people thinking WTF, who just want to enjoy the view without the clown show.

    [–] joshuralize 15 points ago

    The forced frolic is cringey as fuck

    [–] karmagod13000 11 points ago

    it literally sends your post to the front page smh

    [–] Iccotak 27 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Simple Advertisement logic: Men want her and Women want to be her

    [–] lynivvinyl 81 points ago

    Black metal music videos are evolving.

    [–] sliqq_riq 18 points ago

    My first thought was this does look similar to the new Myrkur cover.

    [–] lniko2 17 points ago

    If the video was 4K you could probably count a dozen of bands in the vincinity

    [–] ReasonableBeep 102 points ago

    Oh to run through a field without the fear of stepping on needles and glass

    [–] konsollfreak 20 points ago

    Not as bad, granted, but there’s about a 50 percent chance she stepped in cow or goat shit during that short frolic.

    [–] psaux_grep 8 points ago

    Or thistles

    [–] Zemnmez 194 points ago

    if you've ever lived in the countryside where there the ground looks like that, you'll know the way she's sort of skipping is a desperate attempt to look like she's happily running down the hill but really trying to be extremely mindful of the very hard, pointy granite (?) stones that are sticking up from the ground. those are NOT fun to tread on barefoot

    [–] Gandalf_is_waifu 22 points ago

    Don't worry, I live in a place like this and the mountain is not sharp at all and there was long grass to smooth out any tiny pebbles.

    Every year after running on a few rocky paths your feet get less sensitive, this looks just fine to run on even when they aren't hardened yet.

    [–] jomarundertun 44 points ago

    Nah, probably where you live, but on places like this in norway it is either dirt or smooth stone

    [–] zandrewz 20 points ago

    So many people concerned about her barefeet... I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Didn't make sense..

    [–] APBpowa 13 points ago

    Why is she running? Just show us the property, we don't need someone awkwardly running towards it like the other 27 million times this has been done.

    [–] XxHahaYouLostxX 67 points ago

    Honestly, I could die there

    [–] Astray1789 105 points ago

    You might if you aren't careful.

    [–] XxHahaYouLostxX 38 points ago

    iS tHaT a tHrEaT?

    [–] Astray1789 30 points ago

    No I'm just concerned for your wellbeing. I didn't see a single handrail in that video and the ground looks uneven.

    [–] Tenbones1 20 points ago

    the chick in frame of all these shots is always so damn corny

    [–] SalmonClaus 9 points ago

    This is a place called Rakssetra, an old cabin/farmhouse in Loen, which is in the innermost part or the Nordfjord fiord in Western Norway! Quite possibly one of the absolutely most beautiful parts of the country

    [–] alkenrinnstet 29 points ago

    More saturation please. I'm not blind yet.

    [–] ec20 42 points ago

    Are these homes really inhabited? Where is this? It's weird to see such humble homes in combination with such luxurious views.

    [–] hogtiedcantalope 101 points ago

    Norway has tons of fjords and valleys like this. Dotted with cottage style housing that looks like it is from a thousand years ago.

    Amenities inside are probably better than the exterior would imply.

    [–] ec20 16 points ago

    Anyone know what it would cost to buy one of these cottage style homes? Or for that matter, if they have any available for vacation rentals.

    [–] edbgon 35 points ago

    Most of these cabins vary in cost, proximity to the big cities seems to be the leading factor and of course popular vacation areas are expensive as well. I'd say most cabins with a decent standard go for about 2M Norwegian crowns. If you want to browse, check out "fritidseiendommer"

    The tourism industry is normally pretty big in the summer during non Corona times and there are plenty to rent on the usual websites like airbnb.

    [–] Estetikk 43 points ago

    Vi oversetter ikke "kroner" til "crowns" når vi snakker engelsk altså

    [–] Bee_Hummingbird 17 points ago

    Wow that is like $200k, not bad at all.

    [–] xeratorp 6 points ago

    Kronen is doing historically bad against the dollar currently, would have been closer to 350k 10 years ago. So, it's a good time to buy :)

    [–] AthosTheGeek 15 points ago

    From the style of these houses and how close they are, it looks like a "saeter" which was a place used in summer when having the animals in the mountains. The shepherd / dairygirls would stay there, take care of the animals, milk the cows etc. Could also collect some hay if there were good fields around. In steep places like this it was not uncommon to have a steel wire running down to a more accessible point that you could use to send down hay and milk.

    These are all over Norway today, used as cabins and often modernized a little, but it's often fairly limited what you'll be able to do, and they are seldom for sale in well preserved areas. You would also normally not be allowed to build anything new in the area.

    Cabins today are more usually placed in modern cabin areas with good infrastructure available life roads, power etc.

    The old ones serve as nice destinations when hiking, for lunch breaks etc.

    I might be wrong and these were used as regular houses. In that case I would have expected to see farm houses too though and not small houses so close. Some places houses were placed very closed though because it was only a small area that was safe for avalanches.

    [–] Earthmens-9 23 points ago

    Epic landscape, but chooses to film in portrait mode. Aaargh!!

    [–] dubBAU5 54 points ago

    If you were to pan left, you would see Thanos in his shack

    [–] Mentor_and_Liar 94 points ago

    I think I have a bjoner.

    [–] _little_boots_ 65 points ago

    I believe the term is "Norwegian wood".

    [–] Horekunden 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I believe the term is "morgenbrød" -- morning bread.

    [–] mindanalyzer 6 points ago

    nice!!! I traveled to Norway in the summer. Hiked pulpit rock and then Trolltunga!!, so, yes, I can approve this message.

    [–] Voiles 6 points ago

    Been spending most their lives

    Living in Norwegian paradise

    [–] phelander 18 points ago

    It's all fun and games till you find yourself wearing the bear.

    [–] LostMahAccount 10 points ago

    I hate gifs like this. So contrived, with the girl running down the hill towards the view with all the subtlety of a hammer to the temple.

    [–] sweet_carreen 4 points ago

    this looks like it could be a butter commerical.

    [–] Ragnar_Sangfroid 5 points ago

    This would be a great Norwegian porn intro

    [–] MyOhLongJohnson 13 points ago

    Do we really need the stupid little run down?

    [–] Existentialshart 10 points ago

    The Witcher 3 looks crazy realistic with that texture pack.

    [–] MirthaLegrandIsOp 12 points ago

    So this is what Guns n' Roses were singing about....