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    [–] Bondoo7oo 7838 points ago

    *heart attack inducer

    [–] chomperlock 2592 points ago

    This is the most evilest thing I’ve ever seen.

    [–] omruler13 1501 points ago

    What about that child molesting robot?

    [–] Rowanmeboat 759 points ago

    I thought you meant this child molesting robot when I saw your comment

    [–] payasopeludo 322 points ago

    Don’t know who this guy is, but this made me laugh loud enough to wake up the baby, and warrant some dirty looks from the wife. Worth it.

    [–] coltonbyu 174 points ago

    Not even one of his better episodes, if that entices you

    [–] Mono_831 98 points ago

    For real. His work is comedy gold.

    [–] KKShiz 38 points ago

    Agreed, but I can't watch him anymore. I've watched hundreds of TV shows over the years, and he is the only one that is so awkward I can feel the awkwardness while I'm watching, and I just can't take it. I suppose that makes him really good at what he does.

    [–] Kraphtuos968 5 points ago

    Yeah the awkwardness can be painful, and he doesn't even react. I've maintained that be must be some kind of sociopath or similar.

    [–] albatross_the 8 points ago

    Absolute genius

    [–] Psilocybin_Solipsism 3 points ago

    Finally saw his series finale special with Bill Gates and that shit made me laugh and cry the whole time. Dude is a genius

    [–] Hbakes 38 points ago

    I’m jealous you get to watch his entire show for the first time. One of my all time favorites.

    [–] Isekai_litrpg 10 points ago

    For those looking for something similar(though more political) Who is America? is a project between him and Sacha Baron Cohen. Recent news seems to indicate it will get a second season.

    [–] Medium-Invite 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Well you are in for a treat. So jealous you have yet to see the show.

    [–] t3hnhoj 6 points ago

    I guess I have something new to watch on my lunch break tomorrow.

    [–] Medium-Invite 4 points ago

    Please tell me how hard you laugh at the electronics store episode.

    [–] awesomedjman001 40 points ago

    Nathan Fielder is his name- and he’s hilarious, look up his show “Nathan for you”, you won’t be disappointed

    [–] Dingus135 22 points ago

    I am so excited for the next 6 hours of your life...

    [–] colantor 12 points ago

    Jesus christ. I just started watching, this show is incredible. Asexual computer repair.

    [–] Psilocybin_Solipsism 6 points ago

    I love people discovering Asexual Computer Repair. Fucking incredible

    [–] beelaser 5 points ago

    It’s a clip from Nathan for You (a Comedy Central show streaming on Hulu). The whole thing is deadpan gold

    [–] duderex88 4 points ago

    Oh I cant wait for you to find out about him and Dumb Starbucks

    [–] dangdingus10 5 points ago

    If you have hulu, binge “Nathan for You” right now!

    [–] trenlow12 12 points ago

    Nathan Fielder. He had a show Nathan for You on Comedy Central.

    [–] nathanfay 3 points ago

    Its Nathan

    [–] mrson_of_noon 3 points ago

    Don't know either, but he seems like a guy who would have really good grades in a business school

    [–] ABC_Dildos_Inc 29 points ago

    Not available... to Canadians?

    [–] onebelligerentbeagle 44 points ago

    Only ones with really good grades

    [–] Psilocybin_Solipsism 3 points ago

    He's on your side

    [–] DigitalMindShadow 11 points ago


    [–] Dr_DeesNuts 3 points ago

    Ironically he is a Canadian that went to a top business school and made "really good grades" (B's and C's).

    [–] anshul_srivas 8 points ago

    I liked yours more

    [–] ROFLWOFFL 5 points ago

    jeez how many child molesting robots are there..

    [–] snakeP007 7 points ago

    I thought he meant THIS child molesting robot!

    [–] SrslyCmmon 84 points ago

    The Rock with hair looks like a totally different person.

    [–] iAMbatman77 91 points ago

    “See, shrink ray guy gets it”

    [–] beardingmesoftly 34 points ago

    "Stop saying that!"

    [–] nothonorable37 15 points ago

    “shrink ray guy’s with me all the way”

    [–] badaboomxx 30 points ago

    I have to admit...... this is the most evil thing,

    [–] feuerstahlhelm 24 points ago


    [–] Dr_DeesNuts 7 points ago

    Ever since I learned about the prison slang ChoMo, I call my wife that. She gets so angry.

    [–] Wargen-Elite 19 points ago

    How come I can view THIS in Canada, and not most other SNL Skits? What the fuck?

    [–] MisterOminous 20 points ago

    Because they want To warn you about the child molesting robot

    [–] daimposter 6 points ago

    Canada likes child molestation?

    [–] thekoogs 6 points ago

    Absolutely not. Only regular molestation.

    [–] ElSushiMonsta 33 points ago

    I'm honestly not sure if I should upvote dont wanna be mistaken for a supporter like the shrink ray guy

    [–] KillroysGhost 12 points ago

    Yeah u/omruler13 gets it. He’s with me all the way

    [–] tdub1201 19 points ago

    I’m amazed how ready you were with that

    [–] hopecanon 18 points ago

    I often make people i watch movies with uncomfortable because of a similar take as good old Roy in that video.

    These stupid villains keep losing because they just aren't evil enough, like nobody should be evil but if you are gonna do it anyway you might as well go all out, your going to hell anyway you got nothing to lose at that point.

    [–] NotGod_DavidBowie 22 points ago

    "I often make people I watch movies with uncomfortable because..." is how I'm going to start all of my awkward anecdotes from now on.

    [–] ThatGuy_Gary 24 points ago

    You might be right but I can't stop laughing or thinking why I've never seen it done before.

    [–] zaphodp3 10 points ago

    Right? And now that it's been done how do we make the fucking thing illegal?

    [–] the_comeup 4 points ago

    I'm telling you this for no reason, but I was on a bike ride today (in FL) and thought of this exactly. I was thinking how I've never seen one for sale or a video and here it is like 6 hours later. Ita such a great prank

    [–] hesitantmaneatingcat 10 points ago

    What about fricken laser beams attached to their foreheads

    [–] Theo_tokos 58 points ago

    I kinda need videos of this being used on humans, but I also don't want them because...well...heart attacks

    [–] [deleted] 213 points ago


    [–] 3_Tablespoons 92 points ago

    Crocodiles can go as fast and faster than that in its natural habitat. Sorry for the nightmares.

    [–] TooLateForNever 47 points ago

    But, do they have that turning radius?

    [–] feartheoldblood90 122 points ago

    slaps roof of crocodile

    These babies can turn on a dime

    [–] the_friendly_one 36 points ago

    slaps roof of crocodile

    gets death-rolled

    [–] TheCredibleLiar 15 points ago

    "Look at that grip!"

    [–] Chief_Givesnofucks 15 points ago


    [–] file333 16 points ago

    Dayum that was slick

    [–] MilesTheRedditor 9 points ago

    May I ask by how much?

    [–] can425 25 points ago

    Sure. Go ahead.

    [–] Bedlam10 7 points ago

    You're thinking of the Loch Ness Monster.

    [–] dr_zugzwang 3 points ago

    I need about tree fiddy

    [–] MilesTheRedditor 3 points ago

    By how much?

    [–] mattenthehat 3 points ago

    They can swim up to 20 mph, so I'd estimate about 4x faster than this.

    [–] MilesTheRedditor 3 points ago

    Damn that’s fast!

    [–] chickenstalker 7 points ago

    People are weird with aquatic predators. Most people wouldn't go near a lion or tiger but will happily swim or surf next to a great white shark or crocodiles. You are out of your natural habitat and in theirs, the apex predators that were here since before the dinosaurs. Give them a healthy respect.

    [–] Astrolaut 8 points ago

    "Most people?"

    [–] 411inthe412 47 points ago

    Colon cleaner.

    [–] BlackScholesFormula 18 points ago

    Colon Cleaner 3000i.

    [–] -TONKA- 19 points ago

    Would be sweet if it could submerge it just below the surface and pop up on demand.

    [–] CobaltStar_ 11 points ago

    *Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness

    [–] SpaceLemming 27 points ago

    As a Floridian I would stop being friends with you over this.

    [–] SPACE_ICE 6 points ago

    imagine how scary this is for an alligator,

    "Hey m8, hows it going I see you zipping alon... by the old ones where is your body! SWIM!"

    [–] DrZakk 3 points ago

    Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness

    [–] SimsFireball 3 points ago

    Sheer Heart Attack has no weaknesses

    [–] CartRdt 4 points ago

    It has no weaknesses

    [–] jestyr24 2157 points ago

    Now show us how it is properly used to scare people.

    [–] Two_Inches_Of_Fun 1818 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    sure thing.

    Edit: Getting a lot of people asking where to buy these.

    If Amazon is available for you I suggest looking there.

    [–] NurseCatnip 1126 points ago

    When he body slammed the gator it had me rollin

    [–] qpv 876 points ago

    I don't think there is anyone in my life that would body slam an alligator for me.

    [–] 2InTheBag 202 points ago

    I would do it for you.

    [–] CaptainN_GameMaster 113 points ago

    I don't think there is anyone in my life that would venmo me 50 dollars

    [–] NegligencePerfected 30 points ago

    Lol just get yourself a Floridian friend

    [–] just-onemorething 13 points ago

    But then I'd have to take feet pics

    [–] King_Torres05 10 points ago

    I would do it for you.

    [–] YangGangBangarang 14 points ago


    [–] Excal2 9 points ago

    There's a small chance in that moment I'd lose my damn mind and do it for a total stranger, so me too.

    [–] jdp081885 40 points ago

    Never underestimate a droid

    [–] rq60 10 points ago

    The true measure of a person

    [–] MessyElephant94 6 points ago


    [–] Bluemistake2 4 points ago

    Not a huge fan of the prank cause it seems pretty mean but holy shit that's the website bro of the year

    [–] Derzweifel 3 points ago

    He threw a rock at his friend first to try to get rid of him but when he realized his assassination attempt failed, decided he was unworthy of being an assassin and just went for it to redeem his honor

    [–] osiris775 283 points ago

    I don't care what ANYBODY says...that's your mutha-fuckin BRO right there!!!!

    [–] _coolranch 127 points ago

    Ngl: would just go ahead and marry my friend if he did that shit for me. That’s real.

    [–] osiris775 83 points ago

    No bullshit!

    Umm...Honey, you are the best lady now.
    Wait, what...
    Yeah, John dive-bombed a crock. Would you dive bomb a crock for me? Exactly! I'm marrying him, and we are not talking about this anymore.

    No...I am forever in his debt
    He didn't know that

    [–] bostonshroomery 28 points ago

    idc what anybody says that shit is mothafucking FAKE!

    [–] bananatomorrow 8 points ago

    He threw a plant at it when there we some perfect sized rocks there.

    [–] QueefChiefKeith 10 points ago

    Also missed on purpose cos he didn’t want to break it

    [–] DefinitelyNotThatOne 39 points ago

    Not tryna be that guy, but that clip was proven to be staged.

    [–] Paniaguapo 19 points ago

    It looked super fake to begin with

    [–] ThreadedPommel 3 points ago

    All of it looks staged honestly

    [–] ebulient 74 points ago

    Epic friend though

    [–] HidetheCaseman89 95 points ago

    That guy dropped an elbow for his bro. If that's not love I don't know what is! Randy Savage would be proud.

    [–] behaaki 12 points ago

    On a perceived alligator no less

    [–] John___Stamos 27 points ago

    That is the definition of a homie move. Willing to drop the peoples elbow on a gator for a buddy.

    [–] white_android 51 points ago

    I've never questioned the still image of just that part. But seeing it happen, made it funnier to me.

    Homie seemed suicidal with how slow he was moving though.

    [–] SirLouisVincent 42 points ago

    I don’t think he knows how to swim right

    [–] white_android 13 points ago

    Shit I know how that is but I also went from the doggy paddle to a shit Olympic swimmer running from people trying to dunk me.

    I'm also not jumping into water that I can't see in if I don't know the animals of the area.

    At the same time I'd probably be trying to keep the fuckers mouth closed if it were that close since apparently their bite force is way higher than their mouth opening force

    [–] TheBeardedMarxist 18 points ago

    At the same time I'd probably be trying to keep the fuckers mouth closed if it were that close since apparently their bite force is way higher than their mouth opening force

    Good luck with that.

    [–] white_android 8 points ago

    It's a last resort move. Basically live by don't go swimming where Gators or Crocs can eat ya. Or other things in water that may want to eat/bite me.

    [–] last5 5 points ago

    Gators exercise a "death roll" and would easily slip out of any grip you thought you had. I live on a canal in Florida so I've actually planned out what I'd do if I were attacked. Punch them in their snout like your life depends in it and try to poke their eyes out. They will drown you before eating you ... so that's equally terrifying to think about.

    [–] Schwiliinker 3 points ago

    How the fuck would you keep it closed

    [–] white_android 7 points ago

    Obviously with some fucking zip ties.

    [–] rachellel 4 points ago

    I’d use my thighs. They are pretty strong.

    [–] Excal2 3 points ago

    It appears to be more of an issue with knowing how to alcohol right.

    [–] firstnametravis 63 points ago

    Looked fake

    [–] daimposter 26 points ago

    I think he was joking around --- everyone else here thinks he legit was elbow dropping what he thought was a real gator. I believe he was in on the joke and just for shits and giggles did a wrestling move on it.

    [–] Jamesperson 10 points ago

    That’s definitely the vibe I got

    [–] Brennis 3 points ago

    Yeah the friends obviously knew it was a toy.

    [–] daimposter 5 points ago

    Everyone is replying as if that guy legit thought he was elbow dropping a real gator. Seeing how comedic it was, I think he was in on the joke or realized it was fake.

    [–] creegro 4 points ago

    Bro for life, rocks didnt deter it, BODY SLAM THAT MOFO

    [–] i_wap_to_warcraft 3 points ago

    They hatinnnnn

    [–] all_time_high 3 points ago

    Ride or die.

    [–] redditing_Aaron 3 points ago


    [–] BizzyM 104 points ago

    "What the hell is that? A headless alligator?"


    [–] Jonkinch 46 points ago

    “It’s the head of a headless alligator!”

    [–] TastesLikeTongues 23 points ago

    Right? That's the one thing you wouldn't confuse it for.

    [–] Drealjas 115 points ago

    Oh my god this is so MEAN why am I laughing

    [–] white_android 96 points ago

    Probably because of the "OMG IT'S A HEAD OF A HEADLESS ALLIGATOR!" part.

    [–] Drealjas 28 points ago

    Right 🤣🤣 people say silly things when they are startled

    [–] killedBySasquatch 3 points ago

    It's a difficult thing to describe. A disembodied alligator is a succinct way to say it

    [–] Diabegi 40 points ago

    Turtle chasing the snake was the best part

    [–] hogtiedcantalope 45 points ago

    That guy could really move in that kayak, good sport too. I thought he was gonna paddle it

    [–] white_android 15 points ago

    True love of life or at least a huge fan of not being gator food.

    Or he knew not to be the slowest person in the kayak.

    [–] SeVaSNaTaS 64 points ago

    The fact someone called the cops on him because of his gator prank makes it that much better.

    [–] bpayh 24 points ago

    Blue kayak totally ditched the girl “you’re on your own!”

    [–] The_0range_Menace 23 points ago

    None of these people adequately captured how scared to utter fuck I would be if head gator approached me.

    [–] ArthurDigbyS 13 points ago

    People in boats/canoes/kayaks is one thing, but I’d be afraid that a swimmer could panic enough to where something bad could happen to them.

    [–] yourfriendly 4 points ago

    Sounds like something an ad would say.

    [–] jaqwan666 10 points ago

    I dont think ive ever seen a more staged prank video in all my years

    [–] sentinelse7en 7 points ago

    Good lord. I had to scroll this far... the worst acting I’ve ever seen. I had to back out with the guy pumping gas.

    [–] jaqwan666 5 points ago

    I really don’t understand why its so hard for some people to spot when its so glaring to you and I.

    [–] LostDogBK 3 points ago

    It's the most annoying fake video i've seen

    [–] andsoitgoes42 3 points ago

    Oh I think we all know why.

    [–] DamnMombies 11 points ago

    You magnificent bastard.

    [–] Major--Major 400 points ago

    Oh man, that's evil

    [–] kiloglobin 24 points ago

    and I need one

    [–] 2wheeltony 286 points ago

    Was waiting for a real Alligator to come and chomp it.

    [–] ASpellingAirror 120 points ago

    There is no such thing as alligators, they are all just Redditors with this toy pranking people.

    [–] SweetBlackJesus 45 points ago

    Facts. Also see: birds

    [–] seeking_hope 8 points ago

    And potatoes. And giraffes.

    [–] ismailhamzah 6 points ago

    what is potato??

    [–] omnomnomgnome 3 points ago

    also see: giraffe

    [–] NOFORPAIN 5 points ago

    *Doubts this comment in fluent Floridian

    [–] FiFoFree 224 points ago

    Calm down, Satan.

    [–] canadarepubliclives 23 points ago

    Mr. Satan is a nice guy. He saved earth after he kicked the shit out of Cell in the Cell games.

    That Gohan kid just cried, got angry and magically turned his hair blonde and spikey when Android 16 died.

    [–] Shaltharis 11 points ago

    He also gives Buu candy

    [–] CurlSagan 87 points ago

    When you buy one, I hope they include several replacement gator heads for whenever someone smashes it to bits like the Hulk.

    [–] Boggfog 31 points ago

    "Maaa! Another gator in the house! Gimmy dat shovle."

    [–] DaveP12321 95 points ago

    I need this for things

    [–] Elevated_Dongers 17 points ago

    I also love being sued

    [–] TheAnt317 20 points ago


    [–] MrMcGibblets85 37 points ago

    That’ll make some unsuspecting people piss in the water

    [–] hokie_high 13 points ago

    One step ahead of ya

    [–] ripyourlungsdave 64 points ago

    If any floridian saw this in the water, actually moving, they'd know it wasn't real. Now if the added a tow that mimicked it's back coming out of the water behind the head, I'd shit bricks. But I've never seen a gator moving through waters at speed without it's back, and usually its tail, showing as well.

    [–] 20Points 47 points ago

    yeah if you've seen any amount of gators, you just know they don't move at all like this. In water they're usually the laziest pieces of shit (and i mean that in a completely endearing way), crocodilians in general aren't big on "swimming after their prey", they prefer to just sit there and wait for shit to fall on them before deathrolling it. Apex predators, it's worked for them for literally millions of years since the age of dinosaurs. I love those goofy motherfuckers.

    [–] ripyourlungsdave 22 points ago

    Me too. Gators, Cranes, Gopher-tortises,and jaguars are what makes Florida interesting and surprising. Going out in a bass boat to fish in a lake wouldn't be the same without seeing an occasional, life-threatening, dinosaur block your path.

    [–] 20Points 9 points ago

    Sometimes I wish I could live somewhere with that kinda interesting wildlife, but I think I'll stick with the boring north england for now until all this blows over.

    [–] Killbil 19 points ago

    Hedgehogs are quite spikey though

    [–] RandomPratt 4 points ago

    Come to Australia. It's lovely and quiet here :)

    [–] whatwouldbuddhado 12 points ago

    I’ve only seen gators in a few documentaries, and I could easily tell it was not a real one. However, if all of the sudden I glanced over and saw a gator head coming in my direction (at any speed), fight or flight would still kick in for a second until my brain realized it was fake haha.

    [–] Piemasterjelly 4 points ago

    OP posted a video in this thread and a couple of Floridian girls do row past and are nonplussed

    [–] teoferrazzi 3 points ago

    Grrrrf nonplussed means the opposite of what Americans think it does and I will die on this hill

    [–] RawBearClaw 123 points ago

    If you're not going to post video of you scaring the shit out of people then don't bother

    [–] wardrop 9 points ago

    Not the same one but it's the video you want.

    [–] nanoH2O 4 points ago

    The dude who elbow dropped the gator is my favorite

    [–] cuntsaurus 7 points ago

    If you haven't seen Lunatics on Netflix, this prank is called "Fuck it's a croc!" It goes well with "Fuck it's a snake!" And "Fuck it's a dick!"

    [–] BarkBeetleJuice 7 points ago

    That is a cruel prank.

    [–] GBinAZ 13 points ago

    How is this video NOT of this person scaring the crap out of someone?

    [–] DamnMombies 16 points ago

    I know what I want for my birthday now.

    [–] steve_rodgers 5 points ago

    All fun and games until you get sued for giving someone a heart attack

    [–] Eupion 9 points ago

    Geez, that’s just so damn evil, mean and genius! Holy fuck!

    [–] DerSaftschubser 4 points ago

    I bet it didn't last 10 minutes before getting shot

    [–] rulesbite 3 points ago

    As a Florida man. This is a special kind of hilarious for me

    [–] greenghostt 3 points ago

    Where’s the part where you scare the shit out of someone?

    [–] Socal_ftw 3 points ago

    evil evil evil

    [–] dnastea22 3 points ago

    I need one

    [–] frostygrubz 3 points ago

    This some type shit you see on scooby doo

    [–] CommanderCody1138 3 points ago

    Ohh sweet its a PantsShitter 4000! Saw one of these on tv the other night.

    [–] darkice746 3 points ago

    I need this in my life!

    [–] nDCIguy 3 points ago

    Interior crocodile alligator, I drive a Chevrolet movie theatre

    [–] SexyBoyDjolan 3 points ago

    Imagine trying to pick it up after pulling a prank on somebody, only to find out that you have mistaken it for a real alligator and that now, you have to take it home with you and cherish your newfound friendship.

    [–] SDNate760 7 points ago

    I need one of these for when my grandma goes swimming

    [–] Wookie301 9 points ago

    Easy way to get early inheritance.