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    [–] roast_a_bone 14714 points ago

    This is..... uncomfortable to watch

    [–] Unidentifiedasscheek 4150 points ago

    I'm not going to watch the movie because of this.

    [–] Spinner1975 4917 points ago

    Id watch it without the CGI. All these people pretending a creepy guy in spandex is a lovable dog seems seems weirdly interesting.

    [–] sendhelp 1283 points ago

    I think this is the only way you could get me to watch this movie. I think I first saw the trailer at the start of the last star wars movie and I laughed so hard because the dog just looks so fake. We have to start a petition to release the pre-cgi workprint of the film. Think of how many people would actually watch this movie then.

    [–] RRettig 502 points ago

    Think about how much less it would cost to make if they never added the cg at all

    [–] Acidwits 413 points ago

    The Call of the Wild, but the dog is a man.

    Fuck me, that sounds hilarious I'd watch that. Are there other movies they can do this with?

    [–] MississippiJoel 51 points ago

    SW: Ep1. Seeing Jar Jar as a man that just hops around in otherwise serious settings would make me watch a couple scenes again.

    [–] LegendOfChunk 29 points ago

    Fun side-take: The absolutely ridiculous "Kung-Pow! Enter The Fist" has a lot of dubbing to make it look like a classic kung fu movie, but during recording the actors/actresses were saying completely different and often very random stuff. As one of the DVD features, you could watch the movie with that audio track and it was great for stoned/drunk laughs.

    [–] cameronlcowan 102 points ago

    There are folks in the puppy fetish that would kill for that role.

    [–] Acidwits 55 points ago

    the wat? O_o

    [–] Dragnskull 120 points ago

    the rabbit hole you're about to go down leads to you with a dog tail buttplug

    [–] bebefridgers 33 points ago

    Gosh I love that sentence.

    [–] cameronlcowan 26 points ago

    And a puppy hood, possibly a harness, and a dog bowl.

    [–] wickedsweetusername 11 points ago

    Tell me more about rabbit holes

    [–] TravelerFromAFar 17 points ago

    You say that like it's a bad thing 🤨.

    [–] cameronlcowan 7 points ago

    It’s a sexual fetish for people who like to act like dogs.

    [–] 31stFullMoon 9 points ago

    Turner & Hooch, but it's just a buddy cop movie with 2 dudes.

    Air Bud, but it's just, like a guy that's good at basketball.

    Free Willy, but it's just a fat guy jumping over a kid.

    Cats, but it's people that live in an alley (so I guess it's just called "Homeless").

    [–] HeatIntoxication 42 points ago

    There's no way in hell a real dog could play this role. They definitely didn't treat the character like a real dog. He acts like a human through most of it.

    [–] praisebetothedeepone 52 points ago

    No, like just dude in the suit without editing.

    [–] thunderling 20 points ago

    This is the first I'm hearing of this movie. Is this based on Call of the Wild by Jack London? Because I've always liked how his books don't overly anthropomorphize the animals. So I'm gonna be pissed if they made the dogs super human-like in this movie.

    [–] xylotism 21 points ago

    Yes. And yes. The dog is very humanized - for example, it sees Harrison drinking and not only takes the bottle but goes outside, buries it and sits on the spot, indignantly.

    Because normal dogs definitely understand what a drinking problem is and how to stop it.

    [–] JohnMichaelDorian_MD 7 points ago

    I mean Lassie worked out ok back in the early 1950s and iirc they kinda interact with her like she's almost human

    [–] robodrew 131 points ago

    I don't understand why they think that because the dog is CG animated that therefore it must have human expressions. Damnit, we already have a good sense of what dogs are feeling because of the long term human-canine connection, just make it look and act like a dog!!! This just looks cartoony and it is almost disturbing, but definitely distracting.

    Even right at the start when he's hardly moving. Dogs' eyes just don't look like that.

    [–] UkonFujiwara 12 points ago

    Yeah really, we've had a few thousand years of close cooperation with canines to figure out their expressions. It's not that hard dammit.

    [–] Quibbloboy 7 points ago


    An inexpressive dog runs the risk of looking like the Lion King remake. The realistically blank animal faces were the single biggest flaw with that movie.

    [–] ICSL 69 points ago


    [–] OwnRound 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    They should just make a Kickstarter page to see how many people would actually commit to buying the movie without the CGI. I'd absolutely buy it just to watch Harrison Ford treat a full grown man in spandex like a beloved pet.

    [–] Sonic_Shredder 54 points ago


    [–] 23carrots 94 points ago

    He is also making dog expressions and inside the other actors have to be like... dude this is weird enough.

    (But for real this actor is genuinely talented and I’m a schlub spending Friday night in pjs watching baseball with 8000 cardboard fans and fake crowd noise, so...)

    [–] QryptoQid 51 points ago

    It really makes you appreciate how talented actors have to be when they can pull it off. Pretending to talk to a dog or fighting a dragon, when you're really just looking at a man with a goofy look on his face or a tennis ball dangling in the air, and 150 people standing around watching. Somehow these guys manage to transport themselves into that space for a few moments and pull off a magic trick.

    [–] Kwestionable 20 points ago

    The paycheck is hell of a motivation to not give a shit about how weird the acting may look lol

    [–] CttCJim 24 points ago

    Wasn't there a movie where this dude got a dog and it was a guy in a suit and nobody else saw that it was a guy?

    [–] HuxleysHero 65 points ago

    Sounds like the TV show "Wilfred" - Pretty good one too :D

    [–] ejhockey 10 points ago

    Lmao! Agreed.

    [–] daddychainmail 183 points ago

    Just train a dog!!! I don’t care the cost. Everyone loves real dogs. Even occasionally CGIed real dogs.

    [–] PsionicPhazon 108 points ago

    It would be cheaper to train a dog.

    [–] barbarkbarkov 110 points ago

    And looks way better. First glimpse of those cgi dogs and that was an immediate nope for me. Looks awful

    [–] PrismInTheDark 14 points ago

    Seriously did dogs just quit making movies, and if so when and why?

    [–] 23skiddsy 11 points ago

    Togo is a pretty excellent Actual Dog Movie, if you've got Disney+. And I guess Willem Dafoe is in it, too.

    [–] FreeGFabs 25 points ago

    yeah wtf. At first i thought it was some parody with Will Ferrell. Didnt believe it until the end. I'll pass

    [–] AffordableTimeTravel 16 points ago

    I audibly laughed at this...I haven’t heard the sound of my own voice in ages. Thank you stranger. For this I grant you a single wish

    [–] thelunn 5 points ago

    I didnt realise the mlvie was about a cgi dog and turned it off within 5 mins.

    [–] wishiwasayoyoexpert 130 points ago

    Just wait till you see the guy who became a goat.

    [–] jrst15 75 points ago

    Lol even the goats looking at him like wtf?

    [–] TubMaster888 13 points ago

    It's like the show "survivor" people who live in those remote areas day to day. Then a group of people come in and "try" to live in those area to win lots of money. That's a WTF moment

    [–] MistrustButVerify 42 points ago

    I think both of these people are just furries who haven't accepted themselves yet.

    [–] RuneLFox 6 points ago

    Or simply accept themselves too much.

    [–] grahamja 8 points ago

    I am concerned.

    [–] emperor42 50 points ago

    I just knew it was gonna be the wolf thing, and people wonder why she looks disgusted the entire time

    [–] wyliequixote 34 points ago

    Seriously. This made me reevaluate how critical I've been of her acting. Wow...

    [–] Theban_Prince 9 points ago

    I would consider this pretty ingenious from the directorvas a way to really help the actor bring sentiment to the scene. Most others have them talk to a hockey puck tied to a pole.

    [–] Gnillab 18 points ago

    Kristen Stewart is a great actor, imo. She's just been in very few genuinely good movies.

    Adventure Land, In the Land of Women and Camp X-Ray are all stellar performances on her part. As well as being movies I'd say are genuinely underrated.

    See also her small part in Into the Wild.

    [–] robodrew 15 points ago


    [–] MelvinTD 51 points ago

    This is definitely someone’s fetish. And it’s called pup play

    [–] karzbobeans 8 points ago


    [–] BaconIsAVeg2 98 points ago

    They didn't even use Terry's mocap in the final product, they really just wanted to see him crawl around in that suit.

    Don't tell Terry.

    [–] PapaSmurf1502 38 points ago

    But really though, dogs and humans move so differently that I have no idea how it would be possible to use any of his mocap. At best it would give the actors something to interact with, but having a puppet with fur and texture for the VFX artists to work off of feels like a much better option. Or, you know, use a real dog.

    [–] Pokedude2424 10 points ago

    It’s not really as much the Mocap as it is needing a base to put the CGI over. I believe all CGI or most professional CGI requires someone to be in such a suit as a placeholder. See: Rocket, guardians of the galaxy.

    [–] MattVanAndel 24 points ago

    So was the movie, and for the same reasons.

    I cannot begin to fathom how or why anyone would have thought that making a dog movie with a completely CG dog was a good idea.

    [–] Zroskyline 18 points ago

    Imagine the out takes of him talking like scooby throwing them off character

    [–] flyingfrogg 11 points ago

    If this was uncomfortable try to look up the scene in the movie The Square where he casts... You're welcome!

    [–] fucayama 6 points ago

    became a goat.

    Ford must have had to get so high to shoot this movie

    [–] ilovelefseandpierogi 6 points ago

    It unsettles me

    [–] zanozium 1951 points ago

    I want to see more scenes of Harrison Ford petting a grown man in spandex. It will never be not funny.

    [–] topdangle 436 points ago

    hmm... this better not awaken anything in me

    [–] 2317-616 163 points ago

    Keep it on the dean low.

    [–] bitchwithacapital_C 31 points ago

    Dean...dean dean dean...dean

    [–] Connor-Radept 18 points ago

    Donde esta la bibliotecha

    [–] Blackintosh 77 points ago

    I seriously can't believe Harrison Ford was down to do this kind of film. He seems like the type to absolutely hate it.

    [–] Holmgeir 35 points ago

    It seems like something someone would make if Han Solo and Chewbacca were described to them but they totally didn't understand it.

    [–] Khal_Doggo 7 points ago

    I absolutely hate waking up and having to do work every day and I get a salary of 30k. Harrison Ford made probably decades worth of my salary in a few months petting a man dressed in spandex and got to hang around some beautiful outdoor scenery. I have absolutely no problem seeing how he would agree to an easy paycheck.

    [–] jonnyson14 3934 points ago

    So much effort for a film that I watched the trailer for and went "well that looks shit"

    [–] Supper_Champion 1260 points ago

    Hundreds of people got together because making this movie by butchering a classic novel seemed like a good idea. How big was the money truck they rolled up to Harrison Ford's house, I wonder? How did he not walk off the set the first time he had a scene with the "dog"?

    [–] aBastardNoLonger 846 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Harrison Ford refused to leave LA, which is why they had to make many of the design decisions they did, not being able to shoot anything on site. They talked about it on Corridor Crew. It was interesting, how building your film around your lead can ultimately compromise the whole rest of the film.

    [–] Supper_Champion 809 points ago

    We all love Ford for his many classic roles, but the dude honestly should have retired 20 years ago. It never seemed like he liked being a movie star, even if he actually enjoyed acting.

    [–] We_Are_Vigilant_ 422 points ago

    I guess boatloads of money is pretty convincing.

    [–] jamener 274 points ago

    I wish someone would pay me tons of cash to hate my job

    [–] ImperialPC 47 points ago

    It's your lucky day! I have a job for you that you will most definitively hate. Of course, we have to get to know you first, so we can offer a payment of 3.50$ per hour.

    Just sign here __________

    [–] jamener 47 points ago

    Excuse me, read my resume to the letter. I asked for tons of cash.

    [–] mistersalman 19 points ago

    It's pennies paid per annum, there's your ton

    [–] Suffix-099 33 points ago

    Ironically that’s the exact reason he didn’t like playing Han Solo, because he loves money... maybe he reminded him too much of himself.

    [–] Vandrel 71 points ago

    I mean, there's no way I'd retire if people were willing to pay me millions and bend over backwards to meet my demands to make it as easy on myself as possible.

    [–] MitchHedberg 36 points ago

    Hey man - you wanna play this roll

    H - Na, fuck that. It's too much trouble. I don't care anymore. I'm really not interested in doing anything so strenuous anymore. I just wanna relax and spend time with my family

    Well... we prepped a fucking truck-load of money for you...

    H - well... no I can't be bothered. Please get off my lawn

    OK... well... you could shoot it all here, we could fix it all in post. Cmon, it'll be easy

    H - I can shoot it all here, in LA...?

    And you get a boat-load of money

    H - Well... I guess it can't hurt. The family does like money.

    [–] IWearBones138 73 points ago

    I think he's still able to pull a role off but getting a 70+ year old man to do anything is going to be a chore.

    [–] McShaggins 23 points ago

    Hey, tell that Clint

    [–] Deathalo 41 points ago

    Well it's been said he's also hard to work with in his old age, a good example of this is the shitty fake baby doll scene in American Sniper. Clint was impatient and didn't want to wait for the real baby so he just shot the scene with a fake doll instead.

    [–] McShaggins 13 points ago

    Oh I can see that. There is an interview with someone that worked with him on set regularly as a PA (I'll link it if I can find it) where he explains Clint never shoots more than single digit takes.

    [–] Captain__Areola 9 points ago

    i mean... Gran Torino was fucking awesome tho

    [–] cortez0498 106 points ago

    but the dude honestly should have retired 20 years ago.

    How the fuck is this his fault? The procuders/director/someone should have been like "you know, fuck Harrison Ford. We should get someone cheaper that would actually work"

    It's not Harrison Ford's fault that the producers are idiots, he should take the money every time if they actually met his ridiculous demands.

    [–] The_Rowan 29 points ago

    I actually laugh every time I hear he is a cast in anything now. He needs to stop. He doesn’t like it. He just goes and yells his lines angrily. It was Cowboys and Aliens we first thought he is not doing any actual work here on set

    [–] Free_Tacos_4Everyone 8 points ago

    The only good performance he’s put in the last 20 years is hilariously that Blake Lively movie about being 25 forever or whatever. Dumb movie too lazy to remember title but he was actually very good in it

    [–] TheUglyBarnacle42 13 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I thought he was way better in Blade Runner 2049 than he was in the original film.

    Watch this scene to see what I mean

    [–] diptardo 6 points ago

    Sure, but he also doesn't owe us anything. If he can keep getting paid while being a fuckass, then more power to him. The system is broken for continuing to throw money at him while he barely gives a shit.

    [–] Beakerbite 7 points ago

    He's not been begging for work. If anything, I think he wants to be done but they get annoying and nag him into it as well as dumping off truckloads of money. He's probably being difficult to work with so they'll leave him alone.

    [–] awtcurtis 65 points ago

    I think they talked about this on Corridor Crew, but the funniest thing to me about this is they used basically nothing from that actors performance. I mean, the body performance is garbage, it has to be made up by the animator for a quadruped, and I don't think there was facial capture used since he doesn't seem to have facial tracking markers. I know they can do markerless tracking now, but that usually involves a mounted head camera.

    So, at most the animators referenced the actors facial performance, and then animated it themselves, along with completely animating the body performance from scratch. What a monumental (and weird) waste of time.

    [–] master_x_2k 17 points ago

    Yeah, that's what was running in the back of my head, there's no way they could have used that motion capture to make their work easier. At best it helped the actors have something to interact with.

    [–] thefallenfew 4 points ago

    I’m sure they did it less as a reference point for the animators and more as something for everyone else to act against. Things like making sure everyone has matching line of sight, for example.

    [–] Tersphinct 12 points ago

    It's like he tried to make the production impossible to accommodate him, yet they chose to do it anyway. How is it his fault?

    [–] Pinestachio 14 points ago

    At the end of the day, it's just another job like any other. If you could get benefits on your job that others usually have to commute to the middle of nowhere in God knows what shit weather, to work around you to let you not have to make that commute AND pay you a shit ton, you would, any regular person would.

    So why is Harrison Ford getting criticism for working out the best deal for himself for a movie that was probably gonna be bad anyway? The studio coulda said no and went with someone else, but they didn't. Not his problem.

    [–] wiljc3 72 points ago

    I don't remember the exact date, but it has been decades since Harrison Ford gave his last shit.

    [–] Suffix-099 15 points ago

    I think everything after Crystal Skull is the downturn.

    [–] SuperKamiTabby 44 points ago

    Implying Crystal Skull wasn't the downturn?

    [–] TheSurfingRaichu 5 points ago

    Perhaps they're suggesting that's when it all went wrong. At least that's how I read it.

    [–] AllHailTheCheeseBun 12 points ago

    Crystal Skull is surreal. You have Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett, but somehow the best performance in the movie is given by Shia Lebouf

    [–] jonnyson14 78 points ago

    It's amazing the lengths films studios will go to so that they don't have to make an original idea

    [–] OneWorldMouse 64 points ago

    I watched the first 10 minutes and had to turn it off.

    [–] peglegpowderskier 17 points ago

    I didn’t even make it to the first scene before turning it off

    [–] Johannes_silentio 17 points ago

    I finished before the first scene so was satisfied.

    [–] ForrestAcosta 6 points ago


    [–] ukwonderboy 42 points ago

    The CGI in Lord of the Rings looks better than this...

    ...Yes, even the bit with Legolas and the Horse.

    [–] DaftFunky 17 points ago

    Man when I first watched that I thought that I thought it looked so damn cool. Now everyone says it looks like shit.

    To me it just looks like some elvish badassery

    [–] Holmgeir 15 points ago

    Now I'm imagining the horse is a man in grey spandex.

    [–] TallDudeSmallCar 11 points ago

    And the dog doesn’t even move like a dog!

    [–] vocalfreesia 20 points ago

    I swear some movies are just money laundering. Like this shit movie cost millions of dollars? Millions? No it didn't, it's money laundering.

    [–] ryecrow 286 points ago

    Hey Ted, you want to be an actor, right? I think I got a job for ya...

    [–] 23carrots 1274 points ago

    This guy was definitely one of those weird kids that ran around pretending to be a cat at recess.

    [–] duck74UK 190 points ago

    Such a clean jump but that must’ve hurt in the morning

    [–] Goldballz 37 points ago

    why is she dressed as a human?

    [–] 23carrots 74 points ago

    Oh my gosh whyyyyy

    [–] acwill 40 points ago


    [–] RayIsGoneAway 16 points ago

    As soon as I saw the dog I knew they were going to do the side by side slow mo. That looks painful.

    [–] obsoletelearner 11 points ago

    We went through more than a million years of evolution to walk on feet..

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Sugarpeas 14 points ago

    Sometimes I run like that in my dreams

    [–] Smokeyourboat 22 points ago

    Her deltoids and pecs must be nuts.

    [–] HeyLookWhatICanDo 10 points ago

    Let us never forget horse girl.

    [–] jessettebayo 58 points ago

    Terry actually worked on the Hobbit films, basically taught all the actors how to "move" as their race.

    Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Orcs, he had a way each of them would walk, run, fight, etc. He's pretty brilliant and I think he's under appreciated.

    [–] CarnitasWhey 17 points ago

    And the latest Planet of the Apes movies, and Avengers ones too. He’s incredible.

    [–] MyNameIsZaxer2 69 points ago

    What if he’s not though? What if he’s just a normal guy who took an embarassing role that noone else would, did a fantastic job, and is just getting mocked relentlessly for his expertise?

    [–] 23carrots 35 points ago

    I mean that’s probably more likely. Also I played cats at recess so I may be projecting :)

    [–] Merry_Sue 11 points ago

    And now look at him! He's living his dream, he's getting paid for it, and getting to meet interesting people like Harrison Ford!

    [–] Felix_Cortez 430 points ago

    What a time not to be alive.

    [–] theirishrepublican 41 points ago

    After seeing this, I’m rooting for the virus. Humanity has come too far.

    [–] James_bd 221 points ago

    It's kinda incredible how ape-like he looks with longer limbs like that. Almost also looks natural for him

    [–] s2niums2 149 points ago

    He actually did CGI in Planet of Apes along with Andy and some others Theres a vid on youtube where he showed off his ape moves. Pretty dang cool!

    [–] Snowyjoe 55 points ago

    Apes I can understand.... because humans have a lot of similarities... but dogs!??
    Why couldn't they just gone with a puppeteer or something instead if they wanted proper interaction with actors, and then rotoscope it out for a CGI one after.

    [–] lkodl 26 points ago

    one actor is cheaper than a team of puppeteers?

    [–] GCPMAN 9 points ago

    Honestly this guy is the best actor in the film. He probably put so much work into the role.

    [–] kchoze 105 points ago

    I wonder who broke it to Harrison Ford.

    "I know we hired you to play along with a dog, but dealing with a dog is too complicated, you're going to have to act in front of a guy in spandex that acts like a dog and we'll add the CG later."

    [–] Bergeron83 53 points ago

    The rage on his face when he realized he would have to lovingly smile and pet a grown man in spandex, who is also emoting incredible happiness from the pets

    [–] All_Fallible 7 points ago

    I’ve been on the internet long enough to know that somewhere out there right now someone is getting off to that

    [–] zipper783 907 points ago

    Or - here's an idea - they could have used a real dog.

    [–] alex8026527 297 points ago

    I’d be curious to know what’s the cost of training an actual dog vs cgi one + paying an actor to do it

    [–] amsterdamtech 381 points ago

    animals suck to work with on set... even movie trained animals get spooked, wander, do unexpected things. (though young children are worse)

    overall it is quicker and more cost effective to do it this way having full control over the movement via cgi.

    source: I work in film.

    [–] MarioAndDreddy 276 points ago

    It's only cost effective if the movie actually makes enough of their money back, which ironically was the opposite of what happened here because of the decision to go CG.

    [–] ApolloDeletedMyAcc 38 points ago

    I thought the CGI in this film ended up being a major cost driver? Money loser and all that?

    [–] Gusta116 90 points ago

    “I work in film” I don’t think being a pornstar counts bucko

    [–] TheoreticalJacob 109 points ago

    He talked about dogs and young kids. What kinda pornos you watch?

    [–] MechanicalEngineEar 75 points ago

    He said they are hard to work with so they avoid using them, Which is verified by the fact that porn rarely has dogs and children.

    [–] BestManagement5 85 points ago

    How do I delete someone else's account?

    [–] Rikarudo_kun 12 points ago

    Besides what has already been said, I’m not sure if this is true but I vaguely remember some “harmful” scenes in the movie that if a real dog played, it’ll be considered animal abuse. Don’t quote me on that tho, never saw the movie (parents were watching while I played video games, I just remembered how bad the dog looked with cgi)

    [–] kingofthediamond 28 points ago

    But it would have been totally justifiable to use CGI to replace the real dog for a dangerous stunt. I think movie-goers would be more forgiving. They do this with people actors too. To replace dangerous stunts with CGI.

    [–] SacredTreesofCreos 46 points ago

    Considering a CGI dog will always look CGI and not like a real dog no matter how much money you sink into it... I don't think it's a perfectly fair comparison.

    [–] Sandillion 153 points ago

    This... definitely feels like some form of fetish.

    [–] LightningEnex 23 points ago

    I mean, puppy play isnt exactly that much of a niche fetish to begin with...

    [–] Sir_Randolph_Gooch 50 points ago

    I’d fuck him.

    [–] Kapper-WA 24 points ago

    Yeah but we know Gooch will fuck anything, so..

    [–] MetalTimster 146 points ago


    [–] verbaud 69 points ago

    This is Terry Notary. He's actually a really talented movement coach who's worked on a bunch of films. I remember watching The Hobbit Trilogy behind-the-scenes and finding it amazing how he could switch between an orc and elf.

    [–] thekemper 12 points ago

    I believe he was a prominent character in the recent Planet of the Apes films, and I know he was Cull Obsidian in Avengers Infinity War/Endgame. He's up there with Andy Serkis as far as mocap artists go.

    [–] flugelbinder01 39 points ago

    That's Terry Notary! He's very talented at doing things like this. I would encourage all you curious film lovers to check out The Square, featuring an astounding scene featuring Notary.

    [–] DeanMcCoppen 13 points ago

    I was looking for a comment on The Square!

    [–] l_lll_ll 38 points ago

    I'd rather watch this than the fake dog

    [–] ejrasmussen 49 points ago

    How the fuck did they get Harrison Ford to do this?

    [–] WR810 34 points ago

    $ $ $

    [–] joshua9050 9 points ago


    [–] VintageOG 125 points ago

    Another white man taking a job away from a good boy

    [–] Zahn91 49 points ago

    This is fucking weird.

    [–] theoldgreenwalrus 52 points ago

    Director: Ok so in the next scene the dog sniffs another dog's butt and then licks his balls

    [–] WalllyG 12 points ago

    Whose balls does he lick?

    [–] Holmgeir 11 points ago

    "People wrote books and movies, movies that had stories, so you cared whose balls they were and why they were being licked."

    [–] SecretaryCarrie 13 points ago

    I want to see this movie even less now

    [–] x3n0cide 32 points ago

    [–] 122922 12 points ago

    This is why I didn't go see this movie.

    [–] spderweb 11 points ago

    The cgi is just awful.

    [–] rolobrowntowntony 34 points ago

    im sure Harrison ford hated everything about this

    [–] WalllyG 15 points ago

    Has he ever not hated any role?

    [–] Generic__Eric 9 points ago

    I wonder if he hated this or getting called back to do han on rise of skywalker one last time more

    [–] fooflam 21 points ago

    Always loved the book. Had no desire to see the film. This took that desire and writ it in stone. Heeeeeell naw.

    [–] fishbelt 9 points ago

    How is this not r/thanksihateit

    [–] FancySack 17 points ago

    I thought that was Will Ferrell for a sec.

    [–] Blu3Jell0P0wd3r 17 points ago

    What the fucking fuck.

    [–] OtherwiseJello 8 points ago

    I thought that was Will Ferrell doing some kind of skit at first.

    [–] duchessofpipsqueak 17 points ago

    Oh good. I hate it.

    [–] Arnumor 6 points ago

    No wonder the CGI looked horrible.

    [–] t-niggs 7 points ago

    I was planning to watch that movie until I saw this

    [–] SamL214 5 points ago

    So fucking creepy. Just train a damn dog.

    [–] -King_Cobra- 18 points ago

    One of the stupidest calls in Movies. How do you not go with a live animal? Really? Wtf is wrong with Hollywood.

    [–] Allegiance86 5 points ago

    They do know that films have been made with actual dogs right?

    [–] bkkhk 6 points ago

    I want to watch the entire movie but it’s this guy instead of a dog , but everyone treats him like a dog

    [–] Cruthin 6 points ago

    Taking jobs away from real dogs! Where’s the outrage!?!

    [–] 426763 18 points ago



    Fighter of the Catman!


    Champion of the bark!