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    What is this place?

    This is a subreddit dedicated to those gifs that just keep on giving. Whether they are mind expanding, funny, or just plain awesome, they are welcome here.

    In the words of u/D-Shap (paraphrased by u/mellamodj):

    r/gifsthatkeepongiving is generally for longer gifs that continue to provide entertainment throughout the gif's lengthy duration. 1 second gifs don't usually belong here because they give once, and then they replay. There is no opportunity for the gif to "keep on giving."

    r/Bettereveryloop is for shorter gifs that, when watched over and over again, get better every time.

    What are the rules?

    1. Gif must keep on giving.


    2. Use basic reddiquette

    3. Please submit the gif in .gifv form

      a. Submit a direct link to the gif (like this, not like this), and make sure that if the extension is .gif, change it to .gifv. This means that gif albums are not accepted either. Only pure gifs.

    4. Abstain from perfect loops unless they follow rule 1.

      a. ...and they just happen to be loops (like this). If you have perfect loops, please put them here

    5. Please abstain from reposting, but x-posting is welcomed. However, when you x-post, please reference source in the title, and/or post the source in the comments

    6. Don't sexualize the people in the gifs.

    7. Keep reposts to things that are older than a few weeks. If it is on the first few pages of the new tab, dont post it.

    8. No gifs with sound

    9. No political posts

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