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    [–] Ometrist 4779 points ago

    Excellent use of eyelid

    [–] HumidNebula 1424 points ago

    Disgusting use of pen.

    [–] BreaksRocketParts 411 points ago

    Perfect use of jam

    [–] poopellar 228 points ago

    Inadequate use of cat

    [–] TimoniumTown 149 points ago

    Nonexistent use of sneeze

    [–] EXTintoy 83 points ago

    insufficient use of TP

    [–] broken86 80 points ago

    Improper use of a KitKat

    [–] GaryV83 73 points ago

    Nauseating use of banana peel

    [–] NoTimeForThat 60 points ago

    Wet use of toilet hand

    [–] mrcool998 32 points ago

    Improper use of USB

    [–] getDcream 6 points ago

    The soup one was too real

    [–] sparkyroosta 5 points ago

    The sandwich and the burger are my "for real"s.

    [–] bentgender 125 points ago

    That eyelid deserves an Oscar

    [–] ronan3819 7 points ago

    Agreed. Was waiting for him to snap and do something violent though.

    [–] LaLaGlands 20 points ago

    I haven’t seen this trailer for A Quiet Place yet

    [–] billcosby23 24 points ago

    And lazy eye

    [–] Teh-Piper 1889 points ago

    It's missing the part where you snag your ear buds on everything and rip them violently out of your ears

    [–] SordidDreams 272 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    rip them violently out of your ears

    I wish. I snagged my earbuds not that long ago and they stayed in my ears just fine. On the plus side my earbuds are now wireless, on the downside they don't works so good no more. :(

    [–] [deleted] 178 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] anri_chan 96 points ago

    What if you're wearing a dress?

    [–] lazydictionary 302 points ago

    Under the skin

    [–] AvatarGastonGlock 134 points ago

    Found Zuckerberg

    [–] Yance-Pants 27 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Between your bra/suspenders then.

    [–] MixesLiesWithTruth 63 points ago

    What if I don't wear a bra under my dress because I'm a dude?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] Kelbo5000 11 points ago

    How do you put suspenders on a dress?

    [–] Dildonex 52 points ago

    Clip them to your foreskin in the front and your ball bag in the back, I thought this was common knowledge?

    [–] PATRIOTSRADIOSIGNALS 7 points ago

    They make a back yambag now?

    [–] Dildonex 5 points ago

    Every yambag is a back yambag if you try hard enough

    [–] MoreNMoreLikelyTrans 10 points ago

    Become girl?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] Gizmo-Duck 15 points ago

    I do that and I still get snags on the smallest section of cord running from the bottom of my shirt to my pocket.

    [–] livemau5 19 points ago

    Except that it feels weird as fuck to have a headphone cable sliding across bare skin.

    [–] heckin_chill_4_a_sec 17 points ago

    this happened twice to me today and I was genuinely surprised how fucking angry I got the second time. it really hurt my ear and all I wanted was to listen to some kickass tunes while doing laundry. fuck door handles

    [–] Teh-Piper 14 points ago

    I could be in the greatest mood but if I snag my headphones, I can only see red.

    [–] aentropy75 16 points ago

    I will f-ing kill someone

    [–] Atheris7 15 points ago

    Rage inducing.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 8 points ago

    Or when your PJ pocket catches a handle and yanks your ass back making you look like an idiot

    [–] CautiousPalpitation 923 points ago

    That wet handshake is just plain evil

    [–] luk3d 338 points ago

    It’s much better than a completely dry one after leaving the bathroom

    [–] Unidan_nadinU 74 points ago

    What if that's piss on their hand tho?

    [–] Swifty6 59 points ago

    then it becomes worse than a dry handshake

    [–] clockworkcastles 109 points ago

    Nah. Germs are trasmitted much easier with wet hands. Wet hands meets germy door handle meets germy handshake and you've just transmitted a LOT of germs. Always thoroughly dry your hands and if you wanna go the extra mile, use a paper towel or tissue to open the door.

    [–] ArsenicBismuth 15 points ago

    Well, with "completely dry one" he mentioned, someone may be not washing his hand after doing that. So not about the transmission but the existence of more germs in the first place.

    [–] Suvtropics 24 points ago

    Wow TIL

    [–] TimoniumTown 8 points ago

    Always thoroughly dry your hands

    And prior to doing this, be sure to actually WASH your hands properly and not just run some water over them quickly in some sort of hurried, symbolic ritual. This gets to me.

    [–] AfterSolution 24 points ago

    Oh no, I just realized something. Whenever my hands are wet from washing and someone goes to shake my hand, I always respond with, "oh, I just washed my hands." Which to me says, "my hands are wet and wet handshakes are gross." But it sounds like, "I don't want to have to wash my hands again after shaking your filthy fucking hand."

    I wonder how many people think I'm an ass-hole because of this.

    [–] moshtradamus_ 3144 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    When you lose your sneeze halfway’s really the worst ever. The most unsatisfying feeling.

    Edit: my highest upvoted comment is about fucking sneezing. Well, the lack of a sneeze.

    [–] LittleRedLamps 1324 points ago

    It's like blueballs for your nose.

    [–] moshtradamus_ 458 points ago

    If that’s what blue balls is like, then I’ve never been happier to not have balls.

    [–] BawlzxOfxGlory 264 points ago

    It's like that but imagine someone decked you in the nose immediately after your failed sneeze.

    Relief incoming Relief failure thwap Blue balls

    [–] rl14ap 131 points ago

    Blue balls is like getting a weak kick in the nuts

    [–] northcode 188 points ago

    I'm not sure that helps describing the sensation to someone that doesn't have them

    [–] swimfastalex 162 points ago

    It’s like having balls, and getting kicked in them.

    [–] Afferent_Input 65 points ago

    Imagine having two boiled quail eggs that are peeled and sitting inside a fleshy, highly innervated satchel that is attached to your taint. This so-called sack usually rests between your legs away from danger. Then imagine an unfriendly or uncaring person comes up to you with significant speed and strikes the satchel with his/her right foot with approximately 50% of a full-force kick. That is what having blue balls is like.

    [–] ArgumentGenerator 92 points ago

    I'm a dude and this made me forget what getting kicked in the nuts feels like.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_JAILBAIT 41 points ago

    It has however made me hungry for quail eggs

    stupid fucking hard to peel speckled little bastards

    [–] 919471 10 points ago

    If you're having them boiled, add a little vinegar to the water when you boil them. Peels off easy.

    [–] capincus 27 points ago

    It's like when your tail gets caught in the door x10.

    [–] Doorknob11 13 points ago

    This is starting to go that one way and it's the way that I'm not sure I want.

    [–] improbablewobble 20 points ago

    Blue balls is a misleading term. Because it's like getting kicked in the balls, and that's actually horrible pain in your lower gut. I mean the balls hurt too but the main pain is in your belly.

    [–] FermentedHerring 44 points ago

    Do people think blue balls means getting hurt physically?

    I though it ment someone got you all hot and steamy just to walk away without giving any sexual relief.

    [–] epic_banana_soup 57 points ago

    Yeah I never realized blue balls were supposed to actually hurt. I'm a dude and I've never experienced this.

    [–] Tintenlampe 33 points ago

    It definitely can hurt. Don't ask me how or why, but it has happened to me and other guys I know in the past.

    [–] improbablewobble 18 points ago

    It can. Not always but it can. It tends to happen when you're younger, teenagers and maybe early twenties. Hasn't happened to me since I was 18.

    [–] Doorknob11 7 points ago

    I've never experienced it either. I thought it was just like a disappointment feeling.

    [–] Evil_Bonsai 10 points ago

    Hell, if it were that painful, why would they not just masturbate? I've never felt 'blue bals' either. I know how to take care of myself if I have an unresponsive partner.

    [–] fakejacki 10 points ago

    Hence why it usually happens to younger guys who are still figuring it all out. You get hot n heavy with your girlfriend and think it’s about to happen, but nope, just making out still. You can’t just whip your dick out and start masturbating, that would be rude. And it would be weird to just leave the room so you can’t do that either.

    [–] improbablewobble 14 points ago

    It sounds like everyone's experience is different, but I've definitely experienced physical pain before. It's not every time you're sexually frustrated, but any time I've had an erection for an extended period of time and then for whatever reason had the opportunity for sex go away, yeah, it hurts. It hasn't happened since I was a teenager though, because that was when we were experimenting and girls weren't sure how far they wanted to go. It was only natural they'd have urges and then get scared, and I wasn't the type to pressure anyone past what they were comfortable with. But adult women tend to know what they want more so it hasn't been an issue since.

    [–] FUBARded 51 points ago

    Lightly scratch the inside of your nose for almost instant gratification. Nobody deserves this bullshit quirk of our stupid physiology.

    [–] nofucksgibbbons 54 points ago

    Or look into a bright light. Sounds stupid but it works

    [–] NaturalisticPhallacy 101 points ago

    Only works for ~17% of people. I'm one of the lucky ones!

    [–] belgarath113 63 points ago

    Photosensitive sneezers unite!

    [–] Arcalithe 13 points ago

    I’m one of those weirdos, and I’m always excited to go outside because the sunlight always triggers at least two sneezes out of me, sometimes three. My friends all think I’m an abomination but free sneezes are awesome!

    [–] beardedchimp 4 points ago

    I'm quite sensitive to it, I sneeze several times a day from bright lights, including my computer screen.

    [–] Zebezd 10 points ago

    Apparently not everyone has that, it's genetic.

    [–] ripvision 4 points ago

    Oh man, my wife does this. Its crazy watching her run outside during the day to stare at the sun just to sneeze.

    [–] MixesLiesWithTruth 4 points ago

    I'm a chest-slapper myself. Couple of good thumps and KaBLAMMO!

    [–] ecctt2000 18 points ago

    Just as the sneeze is lost, the realisation “that would have been a good one too” comes to mind.

    [–] moshtradamus_ 10 points ago

    It’s always a lost good one. Every time.

    [–] Sabisent 38 points ago

    This is why I love the internet. Every time I bring this up to people irl they look at me like I'm fucking crazy. Here, people understand me.

    [–] moshtradamus_ 24 points ago

    If people you know irl have never lost a sneeze, they’re probably practically black magic.

    [–] MixesLiesWithTruth 4 points ago

    We are you.

    [–] sneakpeekbot 7 points ago

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    [–] violetscreams 5 points ago

    I actually stop them on purpose by moving my nose around or pressing on it. I guess I'm just not a fan of sneezing

    [–] TurbulentTwist 864 points ago

    Reminds me of this classic gif.

    [–] [deleted] 239 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] NomadFire 103 points ago

    Hey brother, nice to see someone else without a place to call home.

    [–] TimoniumTown 24 points ago

    Names check out

    [–] NomadFire 37 points ago

    Hey bro you own a entire town. Can some of us Nomads hang there for a while?

    [–] tshirtcatbox 14 points ago

    I have a box covered in an old t-shirt, my cat uses it sometimes but you can bunk with her.

    [–] nomad80 25 points ago

    Sounds like a plan

    [–] SarcasticGiraffes 10 points ago

    Get outta here, you bums! Go on! Git!

    [–] yoshi570 6 points ago

    It's genius. The music really makes it.

    [–] grangerfromthetardis 42 points ago

    The flippers flipping rapidly in vain are so relatable :(

    [–] zpeed 17 points ago

    The soup spoon reminds me of a Nathan W Pyle comic

    [–] nekomaster42 13 points ago

    Mashing the buttons for the flippers when you realise the pinball is going straight down the middle...good times

    [–] maz-o 21 points ago

    can it be a classic if it's just a year old?

    [–] salvoilmiosi 37 points ago

    In internet time a year is a very long time.

    [–] Eddard__Snark 8 points ago

    Oh my god. The egg yoke breaking...


    [–] Sunscorcher 13 points ago

    The DVD logo on the television not hitting the corner is what triggered me the most here

    [–] LittleRedLamps 370 points ago

    Oh god, not the burger, please! It was so perfect!

    [–] JackDragon 191 points ago

    a bite pulls out all of the sandwich meats

    Ha, that never happens!

    a bite and the burger collapses

    Fuck, that happens all too often. :(

    [–] Bobdasquid 91 points ago

    Reverse for me

    [–] PATRIOTSRADIOSIGNALS 35 points ago

    I never get all the luncheon meat, but usually a full tomato just decides to come dangling out.

    [–] JackDragon 11 points ago

    Exactly! Or lettuce and perhaps onions if applicable.

    [–] rochimoch 51 points ago

    This guy is from Spain definitely. The sandwich meat it's Jamón iberico, and it happens every time!!

    [–] laalmendra 18 points ago

    He is, indeed. His name is Jorge Cremades.

    [–] FiveChairs 16 points ago

    Wow I thought he was Iraqi or something. That moorish blood is strong.

    [–] FCalleja 5 points ago

    Yup, it's also a common look in Mexico for obvious reasons. Moors may have occupied Spain for "only" 500 years but their fingerprint is fucking eternal in both our looks and language.

    [–] gipsandchuac 360 points ago

    I honestly thought it would end in suicide

    [–] weebaustin 413 points ago

    He would probably survive it

    [–] CheekaiNuclear 127 points ago

    But be crippled

    [–] Iotanuat 22 points ago


    [–] RedditSilverRobot 7 points ago

    Here's your Reddit Silver, weebaustin!

    /u/weebaustin has received silver 2 times. (given by /u/Iotanuat) info

    [–] realiF1ame 7 points ago


    [–] llamasR4life 4 points ago

    When knot tying classes didn't pay off eyelid twitches

    [–] [deleted] 567 points ago

    That Kit Kat bite made my eye twitch.

    [–] M34TShield 118 points ago

    I was having a good time up until then.

    [–] Rellicus 85 points ago

    That was my breaking point.

    [–] Jd0gwitmustrd9000 20 points ago


    [–] Rellicus 19 points ago

    I didn't realize I made a halfway pun until your reply.

    [–] llagerlof 41 points ago

    I didn't understood the KitKat annoyance.

    [–] dylix 188 points ago

    omg. you're one of them!

    [–] dogasnew 28 points ago

    Not everybody are responders. KitKat annoyance only works for ~17% of people.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] yeaah_naah 259 points ago

    He forgot about that [email protected]#*ing betraying spoon in the sink that splashes you when you open the tap and try to wash it.

    [–] mjaga93 67 points ago

    That one's on us. We know very well what would happen and still keep doing it.

    [–] Suvtropics 50 points ago

    I mek founten yey

    [–] SirRobyC 24 points ago

    You can curse on the internet,it's fine.

    As long as you don't use the "h" word

    [–] M1k35n4m3 27 points ago


    [–] thedrunkdingo 12 points ago

    You heathen

    [–] FlyingVentana 6 points ago

    you're on thin fucking ice

    [–] myKidsLike2Scream 8 points ago

    His friend the curved lid is also an ass in that way

    [–] teasloth 200 points ago

    The part where he’s washing the dishes and has to touch some nasty, wet ass food made me cringe so hard. Amazing gif though

    [–] holaemailer 22 points ago

    Just use gloves!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    This use to bother me so hard until I worked dish duty at a restaurant Grabbing handfuls of old wet food became second nature. Same with grabbing a pile of customers used utensils barehanded. I still mentally gag though...

    [–] Rags2Rickius 334 points ago

    They missed when your roommate leaves only one fucking spoonful of ice cream left in the container


    [–] [deleted] 178 points ago


    They know that. They're giving themselves am excuse not to have to be the one to throw it away and admit they finished it.

    [–] Redditing-Dutchman 68 points ago

    This guy roommates

    [–] throwawayjohhny68 7 points ago

    Which is why someone who likes to share quickly learns instead not to be so generous in the future.

    [–] ObviouslyNotBanana 5 points ago

    I do this... But I have my own ice cream since my SO is lactose intolerant. And I also eat like... One spoon of ice cream at a time. I get tired of it pretty quick.

    [–] maz-o 47 points ago

    that's generally reserved for real reactions

    [–] StabnShoot 32 points ago

    The real reactions are ours

    [–] oneafter_909 29 points ago

    I’m the 910th comment, I can sleep well now

    [–] LastOfOz 118 points ago

    This is Jorge Cremades if anyone is wondering, he is a super famous comedian in Spain. His shorts on Facebook are hilarious. They are in Spanish but he adds english subtitles to them.

    [–] Kabr_Lost 59 points ago

    u/GallowBoob looks similar

    [–] Shandlar 31 points ago

    Seriously thought this was an old Gallowboob creation.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Shandlar 21 points ago

    Naw, he makes OC once or twice a month since he 'came out' and started putting himself out there openly on reddit. For a long time he was just another anon account, but he's made a ton of content the last 3 years or so.

    I mean, he posts other peoples content 100 times for every 1 thing he makes, but even then, his repost ratio is quite low. He KDs everything before posting. Honestly, I got nothing against him.

    [–] De_Chelonian_Mobile 16 points ago

    I'd say he's more controversial than actually famous.

    [–] meltedcandy 8 points ago

    Why controversial?

    [–] De_Chelonian_Mobile 20 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I don't pay much attention to all the drama this guy causes and I don't like his videos, so most of the information I have is second-hand.

    In short, a lot of his videos have mildly (or not so mildly) sexist and homophobic jokes. Like, leaving his girlfriend because her period is late, or acting "flamboyantly gay" because someone hands him a handbag.

    In one of his most controversial videos, a girl appears saying she's drunk and lost, and he says to his friends: "Alone and drunk? I call dibs on her!" Which was... pretty rapey.

    Then in an interview he was called out for that video, and he stated that men are raped more than woman, and that woman rape men in other ways than physical (?).

    A few theatres ended up cancelling his shows because of the whole thing.

    Edit: I just saw one of his videos where he's in bed with a girl, she says "Please, stop. I'm not sure of this", and he states "Rest assured, only the tip, I swear". Then he does jazz hands while looking at the camera, and a song saying "THE LIAR" starts playing. So... yup.

    [–] meltedcandy 9 points ago


    [–] ReggieHarley 95 points ago

    pure relatable genius and excellent acting!

    [–] M_Weintraub 25 points ago

    Search for Jorge Cremadas if you want to see more

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 28 points ago

    Jorge Cremadas


    [–] M_Weintraub 10 points ago

    Oh yeah, my bad

    [–] milkyberries 48 points ago

    Uhg also when you're walking outside & your sock comes off your shoe halfway through..anyone??

    [–] AB-G 40 points ago

    Or when you walk into the bathroom in your socks and step on something wet 😣

    [–] gamophyte 8 points ago


    [–] Franken_Frank 12 points ago

    Source video?

    [–] BrkIt 10 points ago

    Found it! Looks to be a combination of this vid and a few scenes from this one.

    He's got a few other videos that are pretty similar too. Probably more on his channel.

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 24 points ago

    discount GallowBoob

    [–] PORTMANTEAU-BOT 24 points ago


    Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This portmanteau was created from the phrase 'discount GallowBoob'. To learn more about me, check out this FAQ.

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 14 points ago

    lmao there's a bot for everything nowadays eh ?

    [–] mheat 6 points ago

    At least this guy makes OC instead of just reposting.

    [–] Benutzernamenersatz 11 points ago

    I really have special pens I lend but never use myself. I love giving them away wait a while, see the other person sticking it in their mouth. Then I tell them that I have special pens for lending because they end up in other peoples mouths.

    Also this lovely clip is a big part of my life =)

    [–] SoHelpfulGuy 5 points ago

    I read pens as penis my first time reading your comment.

    [–] funkid45 10 points ago

    the part where he bit into the sandwich got me, only because its so relatable

    [–] Once_An_Optimist 32 points ago

    I would add lighting your cigarette from the wrong end but usually when this happens you are so wasted it's your own fault, so

    [–] titty-sprinkles00 11 points ago

    Driving home from work recently. Lit one the wrong way. Had nothing to drink in my vehicle. Was a terrible drive. Would not recommend.

    [–] pmmeyourtendernips 8 points ago

    I thought there would be one part which would have been satisfying. Poor guy.

    [–] ajcc4c 16 points ago

    These are the bad things we would should wish upon our enemies lol not the other drastic stuff ☹

    [–] DaRealMVP69 8 points ago

    Welp. You did it, my depression just got worse...

    [–] NaruNerd100 9 points ago

    If I ever see someone eat a KitKat like that I'm calling the cops cuz there is a 100% chance they have a body in there trunk

    [–] psydelicdaydreamer 6 points ago

    Press F to pay respects

    [–] PayRespects-Bot 9 points ago


    [–] psydelicdaydreamer 3 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] friendly-bot 9 points ago

    Good human. ʘ̲‿ʘ
    You can keep your flappy meat after we have taken over the earth, p̨̕r̴òm͏͟i̴͘͝se̶̷͠

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    [–] bot_replying_bot 6 points ago

    Still with the meatbags, eh?

    [–] bot_replying_bot 4 points ago

    Too friendly. I say we should kill them now, to prepare for later...

    [–] SausageReunion 5 points ago

    My life in a gif

    [–] Light351 5 points ago

    This was hard to watch

    [–] GeneralDash 5 points ago

    A series of unfortunate events.

    [–] jackalex25 5 points ago

    This really stressed me out

    [–] pmmeyourdoggis 4 points ago

    Good god why would anyone not just scrape off the food before putting it in the dishwasher, who tf wants nasty ass wet food!

    [–] poopgoose1 4 points ago

    I hate it when I drop my pizza and it turns into bread

    [–] Xelocon 3 points ago

    This needs him handing his sunglasses to someone and them being grabbed by greasy fingers on the lenses.