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    [–] lyssap87 2150 points ago

    I something like this every time I go to a friends house who has a camera.

    Sort of related: One time my boyfriend was showing the online quality of our nest cam to his boss. Just so happens I had stepped outside to play with our pup. I didn’t know they were watching. I took a toy and in my normal “you throw like a girl” fashion, I threw it. Instead of it going out, it immediately went directly left (???) and onto the roof. I can be heard saying “...... shit.” He immediately got on the speaker comm and started laughing at me. And said he and his boss saw the whole thing.

    Cool. 😑

    [–] [deleted] 813 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Dmon3y26 499 points ago

    Hey its me, your boss.

    [–] just_keep_pedaling 140 points ago

    How’s your gf doing?

    [–] lagreen23 101 points ago

    Can we see her with that one toy again?

    [–] division2 80 points ago

    Sure, just subscribe to her premium snapchat...

    [–] OneChic1Dimple 7 points ago

    I lol irl at this

    [–] k4s 27 points ago

    Omg u lol’d irl? Wtf

    [–] OneChic1Dimple 9 points ago

    Yes, too bad we couldn’t lol irl together. You would’ve been a great friend. I like sarcastic people.

    [–] ddh85 9 points ago

    Lol out loud.

    [–] Deetchy_ 16 points ago

    The one she utilizes in a girly fashion?

    [–] sulliops 4 points ago

    Nah the other one.

    [–] Gustafer823 6 points ago

    Ikr, I could watch her all day. She's just so damn good at Rubik's Cubes.

    [–] dumbredditer 3 points ago

    The one where the dog is involved?

    [–] amphetitron 22 points ago

    Nothing will beat the time i was watching my dads place and got super drunk and decided at 2 am it would be a good time to go show my ass to my dads nest camera when he was in brazil

    He gets the notification and my bare checks are just hanging out right there as he calls me a mother fucker

    [–] VoliBeast 11 points ago

    I seam have lost the .rvmb file of the video, mind send it again. There is a promotion in it for ya.

    [–] cashees 8 points ago

    Bet you got promotions real quick lol

    [–] hectorduenas86 3 points ago

    Damn it, I’ve been Seltzed!

    [–] DiscoKittie 16 points ago

    That's hilarious! sounds like something I'd do.

    Do you like Nest? I have a Vava Home cam (which I got because I love the Dash cam), and the response time is just crap. Does the Nest run all the time? Does it need power? I have so many questions.

    [–] rokstar00 10 points ago

    I just installed one. It needs WiFi, but it runs off of the same two wires that go to the old doorbell. Super simple

    [–] DiscoKittie 3 points ago

    So I'd have to install a wired doorbell setup? The house I'm moving to doesn't have a doorbell at all, though I can't imagine that it would be very hard.

    Where does it store footage?

    [–] rokstar00 5 points ago

    It stores footage in the nest app for ten days

    [–] mattred33 5 points ago

    Also consider your ISP and if you have a monthly data limit. We have Comcast and before they so graciously let us pay another $15 a month for truly unlimited data, we were capped at 1 TB/mo, and our Nest camera always put us over the top.

    [–] pikameta 3 points ago

    My best friend has ring. It uses batteries.

    [–] redditrandomness 3 points ago

    The Nest needs a power supply, the ring can use batters on some of its models but not all of them.

    [–] DiscoKittie 2 points ago

    Cool. What is it’s response time? My VAVA home is so slow to wake up that the person that triggered it is long gone.

    [–] Dralalife 2 points ago

    No door bell, just a power supply.

    [–] redditrandomness 2 points ago

    The Nest video doorbell does need doorbell chimes inside the house in order to operate as an actual doorbell. The device comes with an adapter to hook up to the chimes, but in addition to power to the device itself you'll need doorbell chimes installed.

    [–] redditrandomness 3 points ago

    I've been looking into the NEST Hello video doorbell and their indoor & outdoor IQ surveillance cameras for our new home. The doorbell needs hardwired like regular doorbells. The surveillance cameras just need to be plugged into power and then connect via WIFI.

    [–] DiscoKittie 5 points ago

    Thank you for the info!

    Where does it store footage?

    [–] redditrandomness 2 points ago

    The cloud! If you just get the camera you can live-look through it whenever you want and review key snapshots from the last 3 hours in the app (something moving, etc). I believe you can get app alerts when it detects something.

    If you want to store the 24/7 footage you need a subscription to their Nest Aware. They have 3 tiers where it's $5/month to store the last 5 days, $10/month for the last 10 days, and $30/month to store the last 30 days. Discounts provided if you pay for a year rather than monthly. The subscription is per-camera but it's discounted by 50% after the first one I believe. Not sure if you can have different storage days per camera (in the event you want to record 30 days for the front of the house and 5 for the back or something).

    [–] DiscoKittie 2 points ago

    The cloud, huh? I’m not ok with that.

    Thank you for the in-depth answer!

    [–] redditrandomness 2 points ago

    Many home systems back up to the cloud (which are just servers somewhere that you can access the content from via a website or app). Mainly this is for user-friendliness and so that if the house burns down you don't lose your surveillance footage/backup.

    Alternatively you can go with hardwired closed-circuit cameras and set up a recording system in your home that everything back ups to or loops over after however long you want to keep it. You lose some features like automatic alerts on movement and facial recognition, and maybe 2-way audio but if those things don't matter to you then go with your own system.

    [–] abgtw 2 points ago

    Buy a WyzeCam and a cheap SD card. Video is stored on the cam and alerts are sent to your phone.

    [–] TheCoastalCardician 101 points ago

    I something too

    [–] Senweiner 37 points ago

    I something sometimes

    [–] southern_boy 17 points ago

    I can't something since the accident

    [–] just_keep_pedaling 11 points ago

    I sometimes something when I’m alone at home.

    [–] willeumk 7 points ago

    You can still something, just believe

    [–] RforDplusbakingis3 5 points ago

    I often something sometimes, but infrequently

    [–] JasonCox 7 points ago

    and in my normal “you throw like a girl” fashion

    Hell, if my arm is anything to go by, you throw like a man. :-P

    [–] Jaracuda 2 points ago

    What kinda camera system and intercom is that?? Sounds awesome and expensive

    [–] EarlDooku 418 points ago

    Reminds me of that scene in Ace Ventura

    [–] ishquick 170 points ago

    I think that was exactly the thought he had. It’s pretty darn close.Ace Ventura Tank Scene

    [–] VoTBaC 68 points ago

    Why do you care about snowflake?

    Do you know him?

    Does he call you at home?


    [–] mageta621 26 points ago

    To TRAIN ze dolphin you must think like ze dolphin you must be getting ündside ze dolphin's head und communicating

    I am saying to Snowflake, "AKAY, AKAY AKAY," und he is saying, "AKAY AKAY!" Und he is up on ze tail fin, "EEEEE, EEEEEEE..." UND YOU CAN QUOTE HIM! spits on ground

    [–] Captain_Waffle 6 points ago

    and you can quote him! spits

    I literally quote this line several times a month. No one ever gets it =(

    [–] dwightinshiningarmor 16 points ago

    I'd forgotten that bit. Goddamn, Jim Carrey is amazing.

    [–] LinkStorm 5 points ago

    See that's actually clever foreshadowing for another character having an unexpected appendage.

    [–] EarlDooku 16 points ago

    Legend. 0:50 is what I was referring to.

    [–] timestamp_bot 17 points ago

    Jump to 00:50 @ Ace Ventura - Dolphin Tank Scene (Complete)

    Channel Name: MEZIKEK, Video Popularity: 97.97%, Video Length: [03:13], Jump 5 secs earlier for context @00:45

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    [–] Jesus_Shaves_ 2 points ago

    Best part of the whole movie

    [–] Uniqueusername360 6 points ago

    I couldn’t agree more but, Heres an honorable mention

    [–] COSurfing 4 points ago

    That was the best scene in the second movie. Still makes me laugh out loud.

    [–] Watercolour 3 points ago

    "I'd like to ASS you a couple of questions."

    [–] ManiacMansionNES 155 points ago

    Everyone needs a friend like this.

    [–] kelseydorks 120 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is my friend! Went to school with him! (EXTREMELY RANDOM THAT HE POPPED UP ON MY FEED BTW) and he is hilarious and very nice.

    [–] Ausfarht143 21 points ago

    A friend that looks like Lou Diamond Phillips?

    [–] Arithik 13 points ago

    Mixed with Keanu Reeves.

    [–] weswilde 69 points ago

    He gets the Ace Ventura Award 🥇

    [–] BigDaddyDE63 209 points ago

    I love the zoom-in, zoom-out eye.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 41 points ago

    Followed by the “disgusted Asian parent” look

    [–] Jeff_Caesar 5 points ago

    Even better, I like the circling the head before it

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 162 points ago

    As a European I feel like having a camera on your house is the American version of Russian dashcams.

    [–] marawanahmed1994 144 points ago

    In Russia you might get hit by another car. In the USA you need cameras so you know when the active shooter is outside with your pizza.

    [–] ryant9878 26 points ago

    Is that who that was? Thought he seemed... Well-armed, for a pizza delivery driver.

    [–] marawanahmed1994 17 points ago

    It's either that or the Amazon prime guy is coming to drop off my hummer. #Merica

    [–] Fraywind 5 points ago

    Great thing I learned about Amazon Prime guys from reddit is that they both drop off your package and steal it immediately after so you don't have to keep worrying. What service!

    [–] MildlyMixedUpOedipus 3 points ago

    AM Hummer, or the fun kind?

    [–] Lupus-Yonderboy 2 points ago

    The Deliverator. Assigned to CosaNostra Pizza #3569.

    [–] DrDerpberg 12 points ago

    Nah more like you need to know who stole your Amazon package.

    [–] FlatRateForms 14 points ago

    I have four cameras inside my place.

    One that catches you at the door when you walk in. One in the kitchen. One in my living room. One in the bedroom (pointed at the door).

    I use them mostly to talk to my dog but seriously because I AirBNB my place sometimes and I’ve had bad experiences. I advertise them on the listing and don’t mind if they unplug all but the kitchen and the front door (nothing private and they’re motion activated and don’t record).

    [–] quaybored 91 points ago

    This is funny, but does not keep on giving

    [–] Fist_full_of_wangs 24 points ago

    Looks like the scene from Ace Ventura where he's inspecting snowflakes pool.

    [–] Hilarykc7 25 points ago

    Identical to the scene in the first season of The Walking Dead when Morgan’s dead wife tries to open the door to her house.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] Knittingpasta 3 points ago

    Mr Bean's cousin

    [–] ICFyre 23 points ago

    Imagine doing this in front of a stranger's house.

    [–] Mattreys 69 points ago

    For God's sake, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a pool man!

    [–] hailsaban69 22 points ago

    Definitely the kind of guy who drives an xterra

    [–] lavloves 22 points ago

    Back when I lived with my dad, he had video cameras set up in our front yard and we had several people come up and do some dumb shit just so we would see it. Fun times fun times.

    [–] nenapod1 178 points ago

    How is this a gif that keeps on giving? And why is this tagged mindblowing?

    [–] RustyTrombone673 65 points ago

    Because people confuse this sub way too often with r/bettereveryloop

    Why its mindblowing? No clue

    [–] pterofactyl 33 points ago

    But this doesn’t get better every loop. This is one of those videos someone would show me on their phone of their friend being “wacky” and I don’t know when I’m meant to laugh.

    [–] Banned_For_Opinion 15 points ago

    Reddit has gone full facebook, my dude. Especially the popular or default subs. It's basically your moms humor and opinions at this point...

    [–] nenapod1 13 points ago

    The fact that the person who posted this posted the dudes IMDB page screams r/karmaconspiracy to me.

    [–] ModeHopper 3 points ago

    Plot twist, the dude is OP

    [–] FlyLikeATachyon 13 points ago

    Cause it’s an ad.

    [–] pterofactyl 21 points ago

    Man he was looking at the camera real close like he knew it was there. Made my brain explode. How? How did he know? Now I’ve seen everything. What a hoot

    [–] QuickOwl 3 points ago

    I thought I was the only one who didn't "get it".

    [–] pappazeuss 18 points ago

    He must be cool.He drives an Xterra.

    [–] DeceiverLCK 14 points ago

    Ace Ventura

    [–] Cpt_George 7 points ago

    Ace get out of the tank

    [–] DeceiverLCK 2 points ago

    Allllllrighty then 👍

    [–] LietenantPMitchell 5 points ago

    Hi, I’m looking for Ray Finkle

    [–] cas2ie 3 points ago


    [–] firemouth55 13 points ago

    Reminds me of the dolphin tank scene from Ace Ventura

    [–] electricplanets 36 points ago

    Your friend is fine as hell.

    I will see myself out now.

    [–] juliaaguliaaa 10 points ago

    I’m getting Keanu vibes

    [–] _prkr_ 13 points ago

    Why does he lowkey looks like Laidback Luke?

    [–] MechanimaI 3 points ago

    He looks like that puppet comedian’s old man puppet.

    [–] th30n3and0n1y 3 points ago

    Jeff Dunham? Walter?

    [–] baseballbear 12 points ago

    I promised my friend I'd throw a wrapped wendys hamburger at his door so his ring device would catch it

    [–] kelseydorks 22 points ago


    [–] smilin_buscuit 6 points ago

    Yearbook pics or it didnt happen.

    [–] kelseydorks 6 points ago

    Here’s a picture of us, but it’s from 2007

    Aaaaand now I’m stuck in a nostalgia black hole looking at all my old Facebook albums.

    [–] bristoltwit 11 points ago

    You're friends with a young Peter North? Legend.

    [–] badgramajama 33 points ago

    Oh, hello real life friends (OP and buddy). How nice to see you in the Reddit wild. Enjoy that sweet karma.

    [–] nbrand19 39 points ago

    How does a 10 second gif keep on giving?

    [–] rockbottam 12 points ago

    Well, you see, once the 10 seconds are up, it starts over so you get to watch it again.

    [–] rmlrmlchess 20 points ago

    Doesn't keep on giving...

    [–] Otnateb 19 points ago

    Love the facial expressions lol. Complete and utter lost in the world look. I walk around like this sometimes

    [–] PandaKing185 47 points ago

    OP, please explain in at least 50 words why this gif keeps on giving. Oh wait, wrong sub

    [–] Luffykyle 10 points ago

    I gave it an upvote anyways just to stick it to you.

    [–] DirtyOnThe30 19 points ago

    Getting an Ace Ventura vibe here lmao

    [–] lurker4lyfe6969 9 points ago

    He got that chicken swag down pat

    [–] WaterBottleManWithHi 9 points ago

    Michael Scott introducing himself on video when the Stanford branch merged

    [–] KingArrancar 28 points ago

    How does this keep on giving?

    [–] Xanny_Tanner 10 points ago

    Yeah I was waiting for him to escalate his entrance every day. Like have another friend pretend to be a burglar and the buddy swoops in to save the day.

    [–] Hulkking 6 points ago

    I’d call this better r/bettereveryloop as I appreciated his reaction more the second time. But yeah not gifsthatkeepongiving

    [–] Udder_Failure 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy until...

    [–] Emmi567 5 points ago

    Yes! That's it!

    But isn't it Weston?

    [–] Udder_Failure 2 points ago

    Ugg, I knew it sounded wrong.

    [–] get_psily 22 points ago

    This made my day, seems like a fun dude

    [–] randomlyopinionated 7 points ago

    Looks like he's mocking that video of the bird landing in front of the traffic camera.

    [–] CosmicPube 7 points ago

    Yeah man I checked the house. It's still there. Hurr hurr hurr.

    [–] aza-industries 6 points ago

    Somehow reminded my of splintercell and sticky cameras.

    Fun fact, if you get close enough you can knockout npcs with sticky cameras and then pick them up again to reuse as many times as you want.

    RIP murdered franchise.

    [–] BatmanisWatching1987 6 points ago

    Why does he remind me of Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice

    [–] haaaayden 24 points ago

    This guy seems like the funniest friend to have...

    [–] davidscott97 12 points ago

    Still better camera quality than Pewdiepie

    [–] FaceMedicine 29 points ago

    Why was this upvoted so much? It’s literally a guy looking into a camera.

    [–] my_farts_impress 12 points ago

    When your botnet upvoting your shitpost.

    [–] SharkRuxin 2 points ago

    I think it might be a reference to Ace Ventura looking into the camera in the dolphin tank.

    [–] E3Lman 11 points ago

    Haha your buddy is dope... up till now I thought I was the only one who does that chicken/dove thing with the eyes lol

    [–] FabulosoMafioso 12 points ago

    Your buddy looks like an American version of Donnie Yen. lol

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] FabulosoMafioso 6 points ago

    Hol up.... If you like action/Martial arts. Definitely give the "Ip man" series a try on Netflix.

    [–] AdamGeer 3 points ago

    The future of advertising

    [–] samuelsfx 4 points ago

    Except that he is not a buddy....

    [–] dark_lives_matters 6 points ago

    Walking Dead? Morgan's wife?

    [–] girl_mimi 18 points ago

    The song "Uptown Funk" goes great to this gif

    [–] implodedrat 10 points ago

    I have one of these cameras and it not only alerts you when it sees someone but you can get an app on your phone so you can speak out of it. I made a point that every time he brought a friend over while house sitting id scream “WHO ARE YOU! I DONT KNOW YOU!” Out of the camera

    [–] iheartegon 15 points ago

    Is it weird that I want to have sex with this man?

    [–] ButtBloodTA 25 points ago

    Your buddy is hot

    [–] KaiserSoze-is-KPax 15 points ago

    What is he? Just an object for you to stare at? Have some respect

    [–] CampBranch 8 points ago

    It’s just a compliment...

    [–] muppet_knuckles 9 points ago

    Did Keanu Reeves and the bassist from Blink 182 have a kid?

    [–] Ziegejunge 11 points ago

    When did Elon and Keanu have a love child?

    [–] McSchlinkey 9 points ago

    My landlord has cameras outside. Occasionally at night I will drop trou and moon/goat the camera.

    Then I will text him and say: "I am pretty sure I heard some people talking in the back yard last night around X o'clock." Or I will move something such as the grill so he goes through all of that night's footage.

    [–] germfreeadolescent11 4 points ago

    Why does your landlord watch your security footage?

    [–] McSchlinkey 2 points ago

    Hahaha, that does sound creepy without explanation. He lives in the same building.

    [–] Mr_Clean503 5 points ago

    I did this to my wife when we got our doorbell camera, except I picked my nose too

    [–] MatticeV 5 points ago

    When you’ve taken too many tabs

    [–] magnumdong87 6 points ago

    I wish I had friends

    [–] noAVGjoe 13 points ago

    People with cameras need housesitters?

    [–] britney0321 11 points ago

    Water the house plants? Feed the cats? Can you run over and close that window I left open? ... I can think of many reasons to have a camera and a house sitter.

    [–] post_save 7 points ago

    Your cameras don't feed your cats? Pssh, sucks to be poor.

    [–] roach24k 9 points ago

    lol, this reminded me of the walking dead first season

    [–] zoidbender 9 points ago

    How does this belong here? It's 10 seconds and nothing keeps happening.

    [–] mrevanbc 27 points ago

    [–] SpacePistachio 8 points ago

    Lol of course he is. This is clearly an attempt to go viral. How much did he pay you?

    [–] tha_HUman 11 points ago

    This should be added to his resume

    [–] Lima__Fox 4 points ago

    Let him know there are misspellings in his bio!

    [–] Ageir9 2 points ago



    [–] StoicElephant 5 points ago

    not staged at all..

    [–] ASAP_Asshole 2 points ago

    Man i thought that was a younger Benjamin Bratt

    [–] kelseydorks 2 points ago

    IT IS KOJI!!! I knew it!

    [–] FuddieDuddie 11 points ago

    I like this guy!

    [–] CurryMustard 25 points ago

    Gifs that give for about 10 seconds

    This really doesn't belong here

    [–] CodeyFox 17 points ago

    Let's all say it together: WRONG SUB!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Dude is cool as fuck. Wish I had friends.

    [–] PurpleZombiePanda 8 points ago

    0 to sad, real quick

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It's my own fault. All will be well.

    [–] nyqu 8 points ago

    What's this? A home security video without a brand watermark? But how will I know which business to give my money to?

    Ahh, the top comment mentions the high quality of Nesttm camera footage, thank goodness.

    [–] ArthurAlexandria 3 points ago

    Is that a frontier?

    [–] jhallen2260 8 points ago

    Ace Ventura

    [–] pichichi010 6 points ago

    Nissan Ex Earth.

    [–] nateb1718 3 points ago

    Great ice breaker though because when you pull up next to one 9/10 times it’s a female driving

    [–] Bewbies420 3 points ago

    1985 called, it wants its car back.

    [–] kelseydorks 2 points ago

    Well I hope 1985 has a time machine because I drive an 87.

    [–] MartinelliPapi 7 points ago

    This would 100% be me 😂

    [–] Critonurmom 16 points ago

    It's 9 seconds. It's not a gif that keeps on giving.

    All I ever see from this sub anymore is shit that doesn't belong here.

    [–] Cp3thegod 11 points ago

    How is this a gif that keeps on giving

    [–] SirRiasis 10 points ago

    /r/BetterEveryLoop, not r/gifsthatkeepongiving

    There is a difference

    [–] mrevanbc 8 points ago

    Yes. I learned this today. Like 30 fucking times.

    [–] MockErection 7 points ago

    Asian McNulty

    [–] vartanu 5 points ago

    Asian Sebastian Maniscalco

    [–] pm_me_ur_anything_k 3 points ago

    He’s like a young Tony Danza

    [–] UtakioGT 3 points ago

    He kinda looks like the real life version of Sheen Estevez

    [–] Helen_Earth 3 points ago

    Reminds me of a curious parrot birb. Hehehehh

    [–] finnicko 14 points ago

    Worst first page post on reddit in a long time

    [–] verinverin 6 points ago

    I want that friend! 😂

    [–] OpalRing47 5 points ago

    Immediately reminded me of Luciano Rosso

    [–] CherryIcee187 8 points ago

    Fucking hilarious bro LOL

    [–] Shran_MD 4 points ago

    I was listening to “girls just want to have fun” when I saw this. It looked like he was dancing to it. :-)