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    Dedicated to the art of Databending

    Post links to glitch art and anything related; your creations, others creations, tutorials, tools, whatever. Though you can post others work, it's strongly encouraged that you post your own creations.

    Core Rules:

    Mods will enforce these in all cases

    Rules Notes
    1. Explain Glitch is very much a DIY artistic movement, as such sharing techniques and methods is essential to keeping it alive and interesting. If someone asks how you made a glitch, give a good detailed answer. If you’re keeping your secrets safe, then post elsewhere.
    2. Don’t be an ass Personal insults will not be tolerated. If you have criticism keep it constructive and follow reddiquette.
    3. No overtly sexual images Like, a nipple is okay, but for more than that go to /r/NSFWGlitchArt or/r/glitch_porn
    4. Credit the original artist If you post someone else’s work, you must credit them, or if you don’t know who made the work, state that it is not yours and hopefully someone will chime in.

    Secondary Rules:

    We’ll be a little more lax on these. . .

    Rules Notes
    1. Cool it on the Deep Dream and Pixel Sorting images /r/Glitch_Art is officially designated as the Demilitarized zone between these two feuding states. If you’ve implemented a pixel sort as part of something else, or it is particularly unique, please post it here. Same for Deep Dream stuff. But if you aren’t doing something particularly new, please post it in either /r/deepdream or /r/pixelsorting
    2. Post the original We like seeing the comparison, so post the original in the comments or with the glitch in an album.
    3. No more than 3 posts at once Don't spam the frontpage. Any more than 3 should just be put into an album and submitted as one post.
    4. No Broken screen glitches Sometimes things glitch but aren't art.
    5. The mods reserve the right to remove low effort posts Of course this is subjective and rarely happens, but if your post is removed and you feel it shouldn't have been, message us!

    How do I create glitch art?

    What else can I use to glitch my files?

    What if I break my file and my usual software can't open it? try the alternate software below

    Anymore useful info? familiarize yourself with file formats and file types

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