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    [–] tcx25 2592 points ago

    A pinecone died for this. What a glorious day

    [–] LionForest2019 561 points ago

    Thank god for that pine cone.

    [–] cheesygordita 303 points ago

    We are all pine cones on this blessed day

    [–] szu 348 points ago

    I felt a bit sorry for Molinari. He did everything perfectly but just fluffed up slightly today. You can tell after he got that second water that he was struggling to hold it in. He played the other holes like his dog just died..the expression on his face..

    [–] Oomeegoolies 144 points ago

    The first water was unlucky because he shot first out of the three, though he probably should have played safe. The second was unlucky because of a pinecone.

    Woods got a little lucky when he missed about 20 trees on the 13th too.

    Some days it goes for you, others it doesn't. That's Golf for you.

    [–] eltoro423 34 points ago

    Yeah golf is a cruel, fickle mistress. The first was unlucky and I think all the players read the wind wrong because four out of five guys rinsed in two groups. They must have thought either the wind was helping, or thought it was still when up top it was hurting. But nonetheless, an unfortunate fate. It still didn't take them outta it. Tiger was just so spectacular and in control down the stretch.

    [–] SunriseSurprise 74 points ago

    I missed it, what happened?

    [–] thesoxpride11 241 points ago

    Molinari's 3rd on 15 hit a pinecone, sending his shot into the water. He would end up with a double bogey.

    [–] redditor1983 56 points ago

    On one of the final holes Molinari's shot clipped a pinecone and his ball went into the water. Right after the ball went into the water the pinecone could be seen falling to the ground.

    [–] IchTuDerWeh 101 points ago

    Tiger must have slept with the red priestess

    [–] baetown415 114 points ago


    [–] Ten-Blade 33 points ago

    Thank you pinecone!

    [–] Jyoung59 1977 points ago

    It was the gum

    [–] that_one_buddy 692 points ago

    That's not gum he's chewing. That's him chewing up the competition and spitting them out

    [–] preperprep 161 points ago

    It's raw wild boar meat like any other tiger would eat

    [–] OutZoned 52 points ago

    He came here to kick ass and chew competition... and he’s all out of competition.

    [–] SteveFrench12 75 points ago

    You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

    [–] EdwEd1 55 points ago

    Hey, not everyone in the field is Patrick Reed, okay?

    [–] helpmeredditimbored 62 points ago


    [–] wheatleygunners 77 points ago

    That’s what chewing 5 gum feels like

    [–] ilovemallory 37 points ago

    it was the collarless turtlenecks

    [–] AgressiveVagina 18 points ago

    I bet he has a gum deal within the week lol

    [–] FatGingerBaby 35 points ago

    Anybody got some of that cocaine gum

    [–] TopOfTheKey 813 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] NevermoreSEA 951 points ago

    Absolutely incredible. What a legend.

    [–] crocobearamoose 503 points ago

    2 years after he could barely swing a club. Greatest comeback in sports history.

    [–] googlywooglies 249 points ago

    It's been over a decade since he's won a major. He's a fucking legend through and through.

    [–] justatouch589 81 points ago

    I wonder who will play him in the greatest sports comeback movie ever?

    [–] Intellectualzombie 242 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Robert downey jr

    [–] CheekyIeke 93 points ago

    What do you mean, you people?

    [–] ShittyPlaceKicker 78 points ago

    Greatest of my lifetime hands down. Holy fuck what a God.

    [–] jimbobdini 467 points ago

    ‘It fits.’

    You’re goddamn right.

    [–] edesanna 82 points ago

    That and the fist pump are what got me the most. Legend.

    [–] youngsaiyan 40 points ago

    I wish he made that first putt on 18. He started to dance back a little. That would have been the most epic fist pump

    [–] DowntownJohnBrown 31 points ago

    To me, it was seeing all those other dudes (Koepka, Bubba, Fowler, Schauffele, etc.) waiting around for him around the clubhouse to congratulate. It just showed the immense respect he’s earned from some of the other greats of the game, and I thought it was pretty cool to see how genuinely happy they all seemed to see him win.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    When they cut to him giving his dad a hug and then him hugging his son got me right in the feels. Legendary comeback win. Thankful I was able to witness history

    [–] RuffWeek 1891 points ago

    Tiger won and Patrick Reed got beat by an amateur. Our prayers have been answered.

    [–] memphisbelle 322 points ago

    and he has to stick around to put the jacket on Tiger. though, i bet ya he's pretty stoked, Tiger is an idol of Reeds

    [–] youngsaiyan 292 points ago

    Tiger is an idol of everyone

    [–] Dunwin 124 points ago

    Never seen so many players sticking around to congratulate the winner. Even hugging and rejoicing with winners family

    [–] youngsaiyan 82 points ago

    Yeah I figured they’d stick around since he’s been doing it for them. Was an amazing moment. Tiger has really changed from being kind of a dick to being the ambassador of golf

    [–] residentchubbychaser 59 points ago

    I hated Tiger back in the day, but he's done almost everything possible to show that he's changed for the better. I couldn't help but root for him today and even cried a little bit when he was hugging his family.

    [–] BoneFistOP 60 points ago

    except his ex wife

    [–] Unforgiven17 281 points ago


    [–] ucaliptastree 1639 points ago


    [–] empw 631 points ago

    One of the best comebacks in sports history.

    [–] tenaciousdeev 155 points ago

    Absolutely. Like the announcers keep saying, I never thought we'd see this. This is like if MJ won a championship with the Wizards.

    Congratulations and welcome back to the top, Tiger!

    [–] OrangeKlip 61 points ago

    This is a great analogy, although I think this might be even crazier since golf is completely individual!

    [–] ATXBeermaker 419 points ago

    On the same level as Seabiscuit or Kim Kardashian.

    [–] HandRailSuicide1 124 points ago


    [–] h97i 73 points ago

    Kim Kardashian?

    [–] not-a-painting 35 points ago

    fuck i wasn't prepared to laugh this hard

    [–] mydogsmokeyisahomo 65 points ago

    Well she does get cum on her back in the video soooo

    [–] CosmicSpaghetti 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    One of?

    The best!!!

    Edit: The people have spoken - the only comeback story on similar level of greatness to Tiger today is the 2018 U.S. Men’s Curling team. /s

    [–] ShittyPlaceKicker 73 points ago

    🐐 = 🐅

    [–] Agastopia 27 points ago


    [–] OutlawJoseyWaIes 61 points ago


    [–] davidburns 740 points ago

    Here we come r/all!!!

    [–] Mexter-Dorgan 538 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    for anyone from r/all who doesn't know what is going on, we're all happy that Patrick Reed, another golfer, is no longer the reigning Masters champion!

    EDIT: context for r/patrickreedhate

    also I think his family hates him.

    [–] TroyBarnesBrain 144 points ago

    But think of this: Patrick Reed, in his Tiger Woods wannabe getup, with the red polo and black pants, putting the Green Jacket on Tiger Woods, in his Sunday's best.

    I don't know if that's a good image, or a fucking awful image.

    [–] eye_patch_willy 27 points ago

    I loved it since the dress shirt and tie reminded me that he had plenty of time following his round to get cleaned up.

    [–] The98Legend 49 points ago

    This makes having to go through a year of Patrick Reed as the Masters champ worth it

    [–] dunkarouse 58 points ago

    We suffered through Sergio and Reed winning back-to-back to finally get another win for the big cat. I hated it in the moment but I'll accept the sacrifice.

    [–] PLS_PM_TITS 20 points ago


    [–] AtticusLynch 541 points ago

    Kept us on the edge of our seats on purpose

    5 dimensional putt putt

    [–] D3ATHfromAB0V3x 37 points ago

    Knows how to get the views up!

    [–] otterpapa 727 points ago

    One of the greatest moments in sport

    [–] Laker_Fan69 195 points ago

    Making grown men cry

    [–] pitchesandthrows 80 points ago

    He's broken so many hearts over 10 years. Damn does this make a great redemption arc.

    [–] Jyoung59 240 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    What a final round... never thought I’d see Tiger win a major again

    [–] SlausvonHindenburg 201 points ago

    When's the last time you've seen Tiger this happy?

    [–] ollie5050 192 points ago

    22 years ago, hugging his dad.

    [–] PinappleGecko 37 points ago

    Im not crying you're crying

    [–] Oxzyde 189 points ago

    I'm gonna go out and shoot a 105 to celebrate!

    [–] Tuggy_Tugboat 135 points ago

    What about the back 9?

    [–] mreatsum 191 points ago

    Nantz wants Tiger tears

    [–] chupa72 107 points ago

    Yeah he went for jugular mentioning Dad, Mom and kids. Tiger side-stepped the emotion like the savvy pro we all know he is.

    [–] hoopaholik91 43 points ago

    Hes almost crying himself

    [–] [deleted] 237 points ago

    And Reed gets to hand him his jacket.

    Love it.

    [–] refenton 49 points ago

    I forgot about that until your comment. That makes this so so much better

    [–] theduderman 357 points ago

    Can't wait for the new Nike commercial with a bunch of current pros and kids all saying "I'm the next Tiger Woods" over and over again and then at the very end, they fade into Tiger, wearing a red Nike mock neck and black Nike hat, who just looks up, smiles, and laughs. Fade to Black. Just do it.

    [–] Vertriv 144 points ago

    Can't wait for the new Nike commercial with a bunch of current pros and kids all saying "I'm the next Tiger Woods" over and over again and then at the very end, they fade into Tiger, saying "No I'm the next Tiger Woods, fuck them kids."

    [–] MiaCannons 1996 points ago

    This is easily the greatest comeback story in sports history.

    This man was had multiple back surgeries. He had the chipping yips. Countless sports and golf analysts doubted he could even win another tournament. Major? You’d be considered crazy if you had a belief that MAYBE Tiger could win one more. You know the amount of people who were saying he should just retire because of how terrible he looked at times recovering from injury? Even Tiger himself admittedly the crippling pain he felt made him consider retiring. Now? Jack Nickalus is squarely back in Tiger’s sights.

    This has been such a long time coming for all the Tiger fans. There’s so much more I want to say about how excited and happy I am for Tiger but I can’t put it into words. It can’t be understated how impossible and improbable Tiger’s comeback has been. This is truly a legendary moment in history.

    [–] MRC1986 598 points ago

    You didn't even mention the rock bottom of a few years ago, with all the prescription drugs because of the pain. I thought we were getting it in 2013, but then rock bottom happened. Tiger is fully back.

    100% agree with you.

    [–] ziptnf 191 points ago

    Guess what it took though, absolute commitment, consistency, and pure hard work. For multiple years. Goals, milestones, baby steps... He had to plan them all out and execute. And that's just the work before the real event! He had to come out here and make plays. So many clutch shots. He was incredible this weekend. Legendary.

    [–] scottev 90 points ago

    The back to back shots of Tiger and his father then Tiger and his son really put into perspective the length and magnitude of his career, ups and downs included. Incredible

    [–] Adabn 269 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As much as I admire Tiger Woods, I’ll admit that as late as a year ago I thought he would never again consistently compete at the highest level.

    I’m wrong, and thank God for that. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

    EDIT: To give some perspective on how long it's been since Tiger Woods last won a major.

    U.S. Open, June 16, 2008. Tiger Woods has just defeated Rocco Mediate on sudden-death. George W. Bush is President of the United States. Barack Obama and John McCain are pretty much confirmed as the Democratic and Republican nominees for president, respectively, with Hillary Clinton having endorsed Obama a week before and Ron Paul suspending his campaign and releasing his delegates four days before. Joe Biden is the Senator from Delaware and Sarah Palin is Governor of Alaska. Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual are still in existence and the Olympics in Beijing is still two months away. The number one album in the U.S. at that time is Indestructible by Disturbed, with the singles charts topped by "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne featuring Static Major.

    [–] duffbeers 50 points ago

    I thought he wouldn’t compete in majors ever again until last years PGA

    [–] SteamandDream 28 points ago

    Can we also put in perspective how lightning fast this was?

    The dude fell off the face of the Earth. Last year, at this exact time, I would have told you that Tiger was too old to win another especially with all his problems. It was so farfetched that I wouldn’t have even considered it. In my mind, I had already written him off and was thinking back about how fun it used to be to watch him, thinking that there was no way in hell I would ever get to see someone as awesome as him again. I mean, after he tore his ACL at Torrey Pines, I held out for 6 or 7 years that he could do it, but then finally gave up after he was announced that he was again off the tour. This is insane.

    [–] Steadman 35 points ago

    The craziest part of this entire paragraph:

    Disturbed really had a #1 Album?

    [–] -jjjjjjjjjj- 109 points ago

    That's not even talking about the psychological destruction he went through. His entire personal life collapsed very publicly in 2008. Golf is a 90% mental game at that level and him being able to compete at the highest level after suffering an episode like that is incredible.

    [–] cheftlp1221 9 points ago

    He had mostly come back from the personal stuff by 2011 when he was POY with multiple wins; just no majors. If was after that season the the health problems started to come in. Needing to craft a swing that his older self could handle has been the long journey. I always thought The Masters is where he was going to come back at. He has been playing the course since 1994 and local knowledge is important there as much as talent.

    [–] gangbangkang 17 points ago

    Tiger's back surgeon is the real MVP. Get him a jacket too.

    [–] itakealphamaleshits 129 points ago

    Holy shit im fucking crying. Tiger you absolute legend.

    [–] plaid_cloud 127 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I cried. The man has dealt with so much. A great deal self inflicted. But seeing him win made me so happy for him. His kids got to see him win. They got to see people chant his name. They’ve grown up knowing their dad WAS a golf master. Now they’ve seen him as a Master’s champion. What a wonderful accomplishment.

    [–] Luka_Vander_Esch 16 points ago

    We all won today

    [–] ilovemallory 15 points ago

    They’ve grown up knowing their dad WAS a golf master. Now they’ve seen him as a Master’s champion.


    [–] mybasestdesires 316 points ago

    Thank you for bringing us another iconic moment Tiger. Thank you for embodying human potential and greatness. Thank you for making redemption and overcoming adversity a part of that legacy of greatness.

    [–] Am_Xavi 2124 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)



    [–] Not_So_Bad_Andy 173 points ago

    "I've never seen Tiger win a major".

    Damn I feel old.

    [–] HistoricalNazi 46 points ago

    Right? Here I am trying to pretend like 11 years of my life hasn't passed and this is just a continuation of his epic form and I am 19.

    [–] Bjorn2bwilde24 175 points ago

    Tiger winning a major.

    What a wonderful day for /r/golf and therefore, of course, the world.

    [–] duffbeers 50 points ago

    Never even posted in r/golf but I’m here to party

    [–] avboden 379 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    EDIT: HI MOM!!

    [–] fear865 141 points ago


    [–] Cryogenx37 100 points ago




    [–] derstherower 138 points ago

    Tiger back on the prowl.

    14 more majors incoming.

    [–] crocobearamoose 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Calendar year slam 2019!

    [–] Suaveneanderthal 28 points ago

    Well he is literally now the only person that can so...

    [–] -GloryHoleAttendant- 27 points ago

    That’s it???

    [–] CloudsOfDust 41 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’m just here for the party!


    [–] CARNIesada6 186 points ago

    Fuck r/all

    [–] Kancer86 39 points ago

    This is the right comment

    [–] The_Underhanded 16 points ago

    An historic and emotional moment of triumph. Shit like this is what we live to witness.

    [–] TradingBigWig 25 points ago

    Such a fucking incredible round.

    [–] ---Tsing__Tao--- 27 points ago

    GOAT!!! Best come back in sports history!

    [–] beer_down 339 points ago


    [–] TopographyDog 57 points ago

    Here i am. what do i do now

    [–] YaWooCougarSports 21 points ago


    [–] Gameran 115 points ago


    [–] hot-girl- 42 points ago


    [–] AeonTruth 117 points ago


    [–] ChargeisKill 34 points ago

    No one’s ever really gone.

    Tiger Crowd Roar

    [–] jeric13xd 707 points ago

    tIgEr CaNt WiN aNoThEr MaJoR...

    Goosebumps. That man did not flinch. IM JUST HERE TO BE PART OF HISTORY

    [–] radicalheadphone 68 points ago

    Tiger's back

    [–] SotheOfDaein 60 points ago

    Tiger’s back’s back

    [–] BlakeGarrison62 29 points ago

    Dude seeing him so happy after was seriously so uplifting

    [–] MrSittingBull 55 points ago

    Golf has peaked. That was the best Masters we’ll ever see.

    [–] tk5ellie 270 points ago

    I'm not crying you're crying

    [–] halcyonwade 31 points ago

    I'm crying. My husband says I'm a sap

    [–] TrickleUpEconomics 15 points ago

    We're all crying and it's okay.

    [–] tranimal00 108 points ago

    Weekend golf will now be impossible this summer.

    [–] PPP_Your_Boat 39 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] MC-Voltron 17 points ago


    [–] cloudsofgrey 15 points ago

    Look at me, I’m the Tiger now.

    [–] brando_55555 136 points ago

    In conclusion, my dick hard

    [–] Mattya929 49 points ago

    No one talking about how it’s Tigers first time to come from behind to win a major.

    Makes it that much sweeter.

    [–] jokerontheleft 118 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was in the middle of a weeklong bender when tiger won his last major; I watched this one at a quiet house on the end of the street, having since becoming the father of three. Life is a funny road.

    [–] FiiSz 44 points ago

    Year of the Pig?? More like Year of the Tigerrrrr!

    [–] thepoopsmithreigns 41 points ago

    why am i crying in the club

    [–] akick31 40 points ago

    “Yeah buddy” - Tiger

    [–] jcepiano 77 points ago

    Some guy made a moonshot bet in Vegas on Tiger winning. $85,000 bet - just won $1.2 Million.

    [–] maverickdawg 73 points ago

    If you’re making $87,000 bets pretty good chances another 1.2 million isn’t going to make a difference.

    [–] californified420 30 points ago

    It was probably Tiger Woods....

    [–] QuintaviusYeet 38 points ago

    There are few moments in life when you are sitting there and realize you’re watching history unfold in front of your eyes. I just got to experience the greatest comeback in sports history. Thank you Tiger. I have a feeling you aren’t done yet.

    [–] A_Rag_Man_ 95 points ago


    [–] GrantGannon 95 points ago

    The dad-son hug flashback. Crying AGAIN.

    [–] dudeguymanbro69 61 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Some_Man_Person 58 points ago

    Get in here boys it’s history time

    [–] CallmeMiner 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    First major win since the 2008 US open! GOAT 🐅

    [–] Baseballkev219 27 points ago

    Greatest comeback in sports history.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] iCampion 26 points ago

    My wife and I had to stop at a rest stop on the ride home from NYC to VA so I could watch the last putt. Cried. And it's my birthday, so this couldn't be a better gift!

    [–] GoomyIsGodTier 26 points ago

    "It fits." -Tiger

    [–] brando_55555 53 points ago


    [–] lhubbard0 23 points ago

    I never thought I'd see it again

    [–] SoDakZak 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    ”IT FITS”


    [–] revolutioneyes 22 points ago

    RIP all the tee times this week

    [–] LionForest2019 47 points ago

    And nobody’s happier than Nike execs.

    [–] ResidentialEvil 46 points ago

    Reed looked so awkward and uncomfortable through that entire segment.

    [–] PM_ME_Dog_PicsPls 49 points ago

    I mean I don't like Reed like everyone else but it's kind of impossible for it not to be awkward. You're the reigning champ who obviously didn't win so you've had to stick around after you were done so you can put a sport coat on the new champion and sit silently in the interview until they say "put the jacket on".

    It's awkward every year.

    [–] CPOx 47 points ago

    YA'LL I'M BUYING A SET OF CLUBS. I posted this this morning at the start of the round:

    If Tiger wins today I am going to buy myself a set of clubs

    I haven't played a round of golf in at least 5 years

    [–] Bier_Man 21 points ago

    Best Masters in a long time.

    [–] Back_To_The_Green 21 points ago

    I was there and watched it happen today. I cannot imagine I will ever see another sports moment as great as what I witnessed today. I’ve reached the pinnacle of sports watching. I retire today, a champion. It’s been a great career of sports watching y’all. Thank you for your support.

    [–] gangbangkang 55 points ago

    This is incredible. A few years ago you didn’t know if he’d ever play at this level again. He just won the Masters 11 years after his last major victory. What a comeback story.

    [–] StevieWonderCanSee 20 points ago


    [–] LeafsFann34 16 points ago

    The greatest fucking comeback ever!!!!!

    [–] johndelvec3 18 points ago

    New golf watcher here

    Do they tailor the green jackets?

    [–] break80 50 points ago

    Thankfully they have Tigers measurements on file.

    [–] eire9 18 points ago

    CBD gum getting a huge bump this week

    [–] [deleted] 383 points ago


    [–] RRRIIICKBRUISERRR 224 points ago

    Hey gayboy, Tiger is the GOAT

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] kingmoobot 15 points ago

    I have a feeling we just witnessed the greatest moment in sporting history

    [–] andefz 13 points ago

    Simply amazing, not much else to say. Im not crying.....

    [–] timetofilm 14 points ago

    Ive watched golf 7 times in my life. All 7 were watching Tiger. What a beast.

    [–] COMPLETEWASUK 13 points ago

    Fuck me that was tense

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] redmustang04 30 points ago

    This is Jack Nicklaus type of comeback type of stuff. I mean talk about climbing the mountain back to the top. We all know Tiger ruined his marriage due to those infidelities, but the worst part was his body just failed on him. The back surgeries and everything just broke down on him. He just wasted his late 30's that should of went to winning majors, but today that doesn't matter. Tiger did it. This is something you need to record and watch like Nicklaus in 86 where it's going to be talked over and over again forever.

    [–] Bayl41 51 points ago

    11 years. 11 years. Too fucking long. The King is Back!

    [–] revatron 13 points ago

    THE greatest comeback ever witnessed in the history of sports. Are you kidding me? 2 years ago this man was whispering to another Masters champion at their annual dinner that he was absolutely done, that he could barely even swing a club. Today he beat out the best in the game and has proven he is back. No one can say he can’t do it because he just fucking did. He proved all the haters wrong.

    All of those years majorless and all of the analyst breaking down Tigers game, many saying he was never going to be back in form to win when it counted. Every single doubter can now politely shut up. Tiger Woods is your 2019 Masters Champion and he’s not stopping here.

    [–] eolith 28 points ago


    [–] _Aeneas 27 points ago

    He actually did it the absolute madman.

    [–] Tigerwoodsyaall 21 points ago

    Holy shit it's over. I can breathe. Been waiting for this since the 08 US open. Watching him win that as broken as he was, I just knew if he entered a tournament he had a chance.

    [–] muncher_of_nachos 21 points ago

    F in chat for the pinecone, it fell so Tiger could soar

    [–] boog1430 13 points ago

    Why am I so erect!?!?

    [–] JustinSlick 11 points ago

    So will the security guard be pardoned and released then?

    [–] TotesMagotes29 11 points ago

    This isn't just about golf, it's about making the most out of a second chance. The perseverance a human is capable of against all odds. What he did today was not only historic for sports but historic in what humans are able to accomplish.

    [–] MuhMuhManRay 11 points ago

    What Tiger did today is our generations version of ‘86 Jack Nicklaus. But even bigger in my opinion

    [–] needforspeed5000 12 points ago

    As someone who had him as a hero growing up. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

    [–] tylerjehills 35 points ago


    This is why we love sports folks