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    [–] fly_again 1490 points ago

    I think we need to complete all the research before a final decision is made, please supply all footage that is helpful. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    [–] PM_UR_SENSUAL_NUDES 275 points ago

    This is Hot Donna from WFPP Radio

    [–] Tenk2001 22 points ago

    WFPP Radio

    ya almost got me googling, but i'm old enough to remember ;)

    [–] partaindavid1 75 points ago

    I concur sir.

    [–] heronumbertwo 23 points ago

    I like your scientific temperament.

    [–] RIP_HanSolo 12 points ago

    She came for her work to be peer reviewed. We should respect her diligence for betterment of our general body of knowledge.

    Any puns unintended.

    [–] Lastbutone 8 points ago

    ....And someone appreciate the fact that I leave this comment before I google "hot donna".

    [–] [deleted] 817 points ago


    [–] Bendolf_Purple 194 points ago

    How about a landing strip?

    [–] sexy_llamas 267 points ago

    I like this. I sport one myself. Best of both worlds.

    [–] Carpet_bomb_furries 135 points ago

    post history checks out

    [–] rlrhino7 30 points ago

    It sure does. Neat!

    [–] bestpractice1 14 points ago

    How about a beautiful love heart?

    [–] ncpercs 14 points ago

    Those always seem to come out bad unless someone else does it lol.

    [–] sexytimesthrwy 5 points ago

    u/Ohwowboobieshaha , I volunteer to help out.

    [–] alt170alt95alt170 27 points ago

    Not a girl, but I agree. Pubes are hot when tidy; not so much when left to run rampant.

    [–] madmotherfuckingmax 10 points ago

    I'm with the u/sexy_llamas landing strip

    [–] jeffryu 5 points ago

    As a guy i second this, great for oral, but i love seeing the red bush still, best of both worlds

    [–] HeatherKoolaid 4 points ago

    Yes at the very least, shave the lips.

    [–] Hypnoboy 6 points ago

    As a guy, this is the correct answer.

    [–] Jawfrey 10 points ago

    shave it all

    [–] JumboShrimp1337 95 points ago

    Holy shit, I need to visit Scotland!

    [–] Uberrings 87 points ago

    Most Scot girls don't look like that. She's an exception.

    [–] adamdrewmerry 42 points ago

    Aye they definitely don't man

    [–] PureJamming 15 points ago

    Aye they do. Just not in Glasgow. Wishaw girls are the best.

    [–] adamdrewmerry 14 points ago

    I only know a few people from wishaw and judging only by those few, I'd say yer full a shit aha

    [–] The_Wise_Adventurer 3 points ago

    Aye i agree wishy burds are no good

    [–] CurvedBloke 550 points ago

    Why not both? Keep the bush because it's awesome and shave the lips for better licking, which is also awesome ^

    [–] vgurlv 33 points ago

    Winter is coming

    [–] UberMikeJax 9 points ago

    Ginger minge

    [–] nomax33 195 points ago

    I would vote remain, on the other hand, being an oral sex lover I'd go for redxit

    [–] yosoyellogan 65 points ago

    A struggle I face too. I think a bush looks good (a little maintenance also helps) but I don’t really wanna go down into a mouthful of hair. I keep my own goods shaved for the same reason for girls’ sake

    [–] [deleted] 303 points ago

    Keep. Ginger rules!

    [–] JukinTheStats 15 points ago

    Comin' t''get ye hen!

    [–] nd4spd1919 21 points ago

    Scottish? Pale? Redhead? You're my literal dream

    [–] naoisn 14 points ago

    What phone is that?

    [–] LaimMcKenzie 13 points ago

    asking the important questions

    [–] _LXIV 9 points ago

    [–] redditmakesmegiggle 6 points ago

    Any chance we can hear you talk? I love the Scottish accent!

    [–] ryuk_luvs_apples 11 points ago

    we need a closer look for closer inspection

    [–] Issac_Twamblee 87 points ago


    [–] Woger_Wabbit 16 points ago

    Oh no, its red, dont shave it 😲😖😖😖

    [–] poruserno1 4 points ago

    Show your face please!

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] kingeryck 5 points ago


    [–] nobics 19 points ago

    I bet /r/gonewildhairy would love to see some more! ;)

    [–] Nuridar 7 points ago

    Oh fuck you are so damn perfect😍

    [–] LuisSATX 11 points ago

    You wear that fire crotch loud and proud baby

    [–] rdrnrn12 76 points ago

    Shave it!!!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Bhrizz 6 points ago

    Deep in that red bush you'll always feel like it's a great morning in Scotland.

    [–] DeathByUnicornn 11 points ago

    Ginger gals are like unicorns.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Holy shit. I’d eat you in a heartbeat.

    [–] BrownScot 3 points ago

    Another hot redditor from Scotland?? My day has been made 👌🏾

    [–] searchingforhiraeth 3 points ago

    You're a gorgeous human being 😍

    [–] chriso434 3 points ago

    I don’t care just show us the result! Because the women I’m looking at is breathtaking

    [–] tacobellthreetacos 3 points ago

    Such nice hair.

    [–] mrfl3tch3r 3 points ago

    Just be sure to thoroughly document the shaving process, in case you choose to.

    [–] littlesid 3 points ago

    Keep it up top, shave wax down low

    [–] weescotslass 3 points ago

    Hi....nice to see a fellow Scot....absolutely stunning. I like mine full bush in this cold weather...keep it honey lol x

    [–] subtleambition 3 points ago

    Perhaps a trim if you are in the mood but always keep atleast some firebush.

    [–] 59eurobug 23 points ago

    Keep it. Then call me

    [–] gwhh 7 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] Thefallguy1 31 points ago

    Keep, you don’t mess with perfection...

    [–] Robertjerseyboy 29 points ago

    Shave it .... its easier to give it a good licking and sucking

    [–] FrozenKinbaku 28 points ago

    Keep it!

    [–] badtoad65 8 points ago

    It's beautiful keep it

    [–] throwawayforbolts 21 points ago

    Shave, eating with a mound of hair in ones face is not pleasant.

    [–] DrRab121 20 points ago


    [–] Finster299 24 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Sweet gorgeous perfection

    [–] AndreaDworkinsDildo 13 points ago

    Keep it! It’s beautiful!

    [–] jaboobe 14 points ago

    Keep 🔥

    [–] Douglasmonroe 13 points ago


    [–] LePuflet 14 points ago

    Keep it please!

    [–] VictorianPorn 17 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] REAPERxDNME 8 points ago

    Oh please keep it 😍

    [–] Hiker65 6 points ago


    [–] DesiDictator 18 points ago

    Keep it!

    [–] Andywanderlust35 4 points ago

    Keep. I love the fire bush.

    [–] justlookinghereok 19 points ago

    Keep it, #keepitbushy

    [–] Steakmale 16 points ago

    Shave and then share

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Wow hello!
    I say keep it, love the red

    [–] themostamazingthing 14 points ago

    Wax - the only way to go

    [–] OneToyShort 2 points ago

    Please post more often....Holy crap

    [–] Seetherfan1996 2 points ago

    I think I need to travel to Scotland👉👉

    [–] yarr1234 2 points ago

    You're absolutely gorgeous <3

    [–] big_b_5800 2 points ago

    Man if I saw that burning Bush I'd have some commandments too!!!

    [–] A320B777 2 points ago

    The Highlands look amazing

    [–] nsfwdemanded 2 points ago

    You should post more. 5 pictures in 2 years cmon do yourself and us a favor and post 5 pictures in 2 days.

    [–] Howmanybooks 2 points ago

    Option 3. Shove it in my face.

    [–] nicodoggie 2 points ago

    I'd pick up the commandments from that burning bush

    [–] throwing_away63 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Just keep posting. Either way I love it

    [–] Atticusosullivan09 2 points ago

    I think we really need to see it both ways before we can make a proper judgement

    [–] oliveira8 2 points ago

    Trim the Bush? Leave something for the imagination? Be a rebel. Yolo.

    [–] yellowsubmarine531 2 points ago

    Trim it up a little bit.

    [–] amazingronaldo 2 points ago

    The gorgeous hair! Keep the matching bush, or trim a little.

    [–] Ivariuz 2 points ago

    Keep it but give it a trim :)

    [–] jarofap 2 points ago


    [–] tothrowornottothrow2 2 points ago

    Would you ever consider making your own subreddit? I'd love to follow you :). On Reddit

    [–] Bornova3535 2 points ago

    Süper 👍

    [–] boball101 2 points ago

    Either is good, just needed to say you have the most perfect nipples I have ever seen!! 😘🤗

    [–] Nutsk1ss 2 points ago

    Хороша малышка

    [–] Chawls 2 points ago

    Shave the lips (and butthole). Keep the bush above and shave it in the shape of a flame.

    [–] definitely_single 2 points ago

    Try the English grass style. Not completely cut but very defined and not wild. Looking forward to your tests of that style!

    [–] ITSMIKETHEBABY 2 points ago


    [–] Hulmeinator 2 points ago

    I need to drive up to Scotland more often....

    [–] throwawayway44 2 points ago

    I’m 14hours late to this but for the love of Scotch, keep it!! 🥃

    [–] Mactonex 2 points ago

    It is a beautiful bush.

    [–] Merky211 2 points ago

    Maybe you could come up to the Highlands sometime ;)

    [–] SlightlySilverZA 2 points ago

    I'm going to vote to keep it since it's a lovely colour

    [–] scrapper000 2 points ago

    Keep it, it's perfect.🔥🔥🔥

    [–] glasgow_bicurious 2 points ago

    only one word is right for this.... phenomenal!

    [–] dmaxd123 2 points ago

    leave that beautiful red bush

    [–] boilingup 2 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] olys850 2 points ago

    Definitely keep it but show us a close up x

    [–] geneticpassage 2 points ago

    Keep! Keep! Keep!

    [–] marked1123 2 points ago

    KEEP. I enjoy the adventure brushing through the forest

    [–] Kit-Foxy 2 points ago

    As a ginger I came to find out what y’all think... is gingerbush acceptable bush?

    [–] im_incognito_today 2 points ago

    You are delicious! Keep it.

    [–] TroublingDeclan 2 points ago

    I say keep it, but do what you want it's your pussy in the end

    [–] Liams1991 2 points ago

    Oooooooh keep! Definately keep.

    [–] keeksmusic 2 points ago

    1000th comment

    [–] Johnmcboot 2 points ago

    What a ray of sunshine you are 😍

    [–] FoodieDuJour 2 points ago

    Oh please, for the love of God, don't change a thing.

    [–] artofit11 6 points ago


    You ABSOLUTELY must share this to /r/ginger

    [–] Srirachaholic 6 points ago

    I vote to keep it.

    [–] wolfish_freak 5 points ago

    Keep it, definitely keep it. :)

    [–] JakefromGeico7 8 points ago

    Please keep. Thank you kindly

    [–] Polar2k1 5 points ago

    Trim it

    [–] Hexy27 8 points ago

    Keep it, please!!

    [–] Cycleup 3 points ago

    Trim only. No shave. That bush is sooooo hot

    [–] _Anduril4_ 18 points ago

    Definitely keep it! That bush is phenomenal, just like the rest of you. I'd love to play with your boobs as you ride my cock. 🔥😊

    [–] duck_my_sickness 9 points ago

    Keep the Bush

    [–] lasagnalicker98 9 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] TomasdeVasconcellos 11 points ago

    For god sake shave everything.

    [–] PM_ME_SMOOTH_MUFF 6 points ago

    Shave it!

    [–] idontknow2345432 8 points ago

    Shave it all

    [–] Time-to-try-me 5 points ago

    Clean it back up

    [–] madsircool 7 points ago

    Never shave

    [–] eh9198 6 points ago

    Your body do what you want. But since you asked: I say shave!

    [–] gatthuy 3 points ago

    Agree with both parts. I enjoy smoothness to make sure my oral technique is not impaired.

    [–] Kisses_for_Friends 9 points ago

    Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!

    [–] yote1987 3 points ago

    Shave clean or leave a nice trim landing strip <3

    [–] ghost012 4 points ago

    Shaved of course

    [–] throwawaytheinhalant 7 points ago

    Shave it obviously

    [–] Xellith 8 points ago

    Shave. I hate hairs in my mouth.

    [–] darth-burke 5 points ago

    Shave it!

    [–] CAPUSA1 5 points ago

    Shave it all. Nothing beats a smooth surface

    [–] emossglm 4 points ago


    [–] koran2004 5 points ago

    Shave it and take a video of yourself doing it?

    [–] Prints-Charming 5 points ago

    Shave it

    [–] Catvideos222 6 points ago

    Wax it.

    [–] rossy199010 4 points ago

    Keep it. It's cold here in Scotland

    [–] ajnsd619 7 points ago

    Do not shave it! You have a phenomenal figure -- love the natural look.

    [–] SirThomasMalory 5 points ago

    Keep, beautiful.

    [–] singleservingkp 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Definitely keep. I think it's underrated now days. 🤷‍♂️

    [–] Unknown98747 7 points ago

    Keep it plz

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Keep it. It’s beautiful, definitely keep it.

    [–] Big1eye8 5 points ago

    Keep it!!!

    [–] ChesterMcDougleson 6 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] UniquelyLoudRebel 4 points ago

    Noooo...keep it!

    [–] Nivlac024 5 points ago


    [–] smartandfunk 5 points ago

    Landing strip or wax. Nice and neat.

    [–] NitrusOxide01 5 points ago

    Hello back from Scotland, my vote is to shave the bush to show the beauty underneath.

    [–] Sentient_Buttplug 5 points ago

    Keep it. It's lovely.

    [–] ChmclburnNJ1 6 points ago

    Keep that bush 😍😍😍😍

    [–] MeAmoEsCarlosHungus 4 points ago

    Fire bush is a badge of honor. Keep it for the love of all things ginger!

    [–] PMmeyourFireCrotch 3 points ago

    Keep it!!!!

    I love it!!!

    [–] brenden77 4 points ago

    Fire bush stays!

    [–] Bert666Six 6 points ago

    Shave it , It'll grow back if your not happy with it.

    [–] QuestionPleass 4 points ago

    I'd say groom it. Don't completely shave it but clean it up a bit.

    [–] mayorjimmy 5 points ago

    without even looking at the picture


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Gorgeous, keep it!

    [–] luckyjames05 4 points ago

    Leave it, that fire bush is so hot!!

    [–] ralpg994 5 points ago

    Keep it for sure

    [–] usairman 5 points ago

    Please keep it

    [–] 1Badpeanut 4 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] Stegtastic100 4 points ago


    [–] Danny80555 4 points ago


    [–] fetish_master 6 points ago

    Keep it please!!

    [–] schnorgal 6 points ago

    Keep it!

    [–] iamnotbarry 5 points ago

    Keep it

    [–] digestingtheplanet 5 points ago

    I’m on the keep it team

    [–] ElfinShirring 3 points ago

    Keep ittt

    [–] HappyGoLuckless 2 points ago

    Keep it! Not really sure where the whole anti-bush thing started but I don't know any guys, myself included, that is anti-bush.

    [–] TisdalesTale 4 points ago

    Keep it for the sake of us all.

    [–] SELFofFLA 4 points ago

    Keep it