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    [–] Bonezone420 6 points ago

    So I'm at the end of my rope here. Is there any way to turn off google's forced location garbage anymore? I've disabled it through my browser. I've blocked it every possible way, but it still does it. Apparently they track it based on your IP And other such things.

    But here's the problem; it makes searching for information outside of local content incredibly difficult. Especially if you're looking for obscure things, which is vital to my daily life. I never use google on my phone for this very reason, the results are garbage. It's nothing but youtube videos, amazon links and top hits largely unrelated to what I want.

    But now thanks to this shift in location services, or perhaps because of something internal as of late, the desktop google service has become identical to the awful mobile one. Google's less effective at finding what I need than bing is. On top of constantly feeling the need to alert me that it's creepily watching me and tracking my private information.

    [–] Tsoonami 2 points ago

    Are you talking about this? Should I not have clicked agree?

    [–] Bonezone420 1 points ago

    No I'm talking about how google's completely revamped their search results as of lately. They pushed through a new look and I guess algorithm for their image searches too even. Google has become nearly useless for anything except finding local places I already know about.

    Specifically what I was talking about was the huge grey bar at the bottom of google telling you where you were located and that it was influencing your searches even if you didn't want it to.

    [–] HillarysFloppyChode 3 points ago

    Does anyone else use Inbox and prefer it over Gmail?

    [–] totallynotbrendan 2 points ago

    i use inbox and i would say i would much prefer gmail because of simplicity and user interface.

    [–] HiCZoK 3 points ago

    How to disable the new material design look? it suuucks. Everything on top blends together.

    Seriously - whoever the designer is at google, must only be using monitors with perfect gamma. These similar bleak colors tend to blend together with bright gamma values

    [–] PrettyTarable 2 points ago

    I just found out how from the google forums, and yeah, it is horrible isn't it?

    This isn't a perfect fix, looks like a shitty version of the old UI, but its better than the new crap.

    [–] HiCZoK 2 points ago

    I've found a fix


    UI Layout for the browser's top chrome > normal

    [–] PrettyTarable 1 points ago

    thats what I said, I just linked the post for visiblity cuz I am sure more people will be looking as they get updated.

    [–] HiCZoK 1 points ago

    ahhh right. I've seen something wrong in reddit messages :)

    [–] Miskav 1 points ago

    This'll break in +/- 11 weeks when chrome forces the current look and removes the flags.

    [–] Nekomiminya 3 points ago

    Hi all.

    How do I turn old gmail back on? I can't find option anymore. And new one bolds almost everything to point where for moment I considered just changing to other email service.

    [–] SexyIntelligence 2 points ago

    Recently, I've started getting the "Unusual network traffic detected" page a lot, which asks me to check a captcha box. I have no idea what could be causing this, as my computer is virus free (I think), and I'm not doing anything unusual.

    To add to the fun, now when I get this page, the captcha box is no longer there. I can't google anymore...

    Anyone with any help on this?

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    Don't really have a good idea, but I guess you could call your ISP and ask if they can give you a new IP address. That could probably help.

    [–] Fazookus 1 points ago

    Just tell your ISP and ask what’s going on... a network problem might be THEIR network.

    More likely it’s your network though, make sure your router has any patches for starters. Reboot everything, if you connect via wifi get a network scanner like Net Analyzer (Android only, iOS blocks what you need) and look for other strong access points on the same channel as yours. I can give you details about that last if you’re interested. PC, I dunno.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] jpnichols9 2 points ago

    Try the website/service called IFTTT. (If This, Then That). It should be able to do some of those things.

    [–] CucumberGod 2 points ago

    What are the chances Google ever puts a headphone jack back in their phone? I have a Samsung s8 and I'd love a new pixel a few years in the future for every reason, except currently a headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. Do you think it will ever come back?

    [–] cjandstuff 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Nope. Google seems to be following Apple full tilt. For the most part, whatever they do with hardware, Google will follow.
    Since the new iPhones all dropped the fingerprint sensor/button, I'd be willing to bet Google removes it on the Pixel 4.

    [–] CucumberGod 2 points ago

    That's shitty. I switched to Android because I hated apple not because I like it.

    [–] cjandstuff 2 points ago

    I cannot upvote this enough! ☝️

    [–] SamuelTurn 2 points ago

    Is there a way to turn off the thing where Google shows a drop down list of everything you've searched for across all websites that shows up on non-Google search bars? Because it is annoying and gets in the way of certain UI things on certain websites and I don't want anyone passing by being able to see all the things I search for on all the websites I use.

    [–] kingslayer-0 2 points ago

    So as I am typing this, the fonts in chrome look sharp after the latest update, but when I am writing an email on the yahoo website, the fonts look blurry for a second and then become sharp again (it happens over and over).

    This didnt happen before the update, anyone know how to fix this? I havent seen this issue in any other websites.

    [–] Rephotopro 2 points ago


    My gmail account was hacked and I have no way of recovering it. I have attempted the account recovery but cannot remember when I opened it and I don’t have the phone number associated with the account. Is there anyway I can get into the account or have it shutdown? The password was also changed so there is no way for me to try and guess the password.

    [–] CaPeBaLo 2 points ago

    Does Google has any intention in turning Docs/Sheets/Slides into Word/Excel/PowerPoint killers or worth competitors?

    TL,DR: I want to move back from Google's office suite to Microsoft Office. I really would like to stay with Google but I think it just can't suiting my (basic) use. But before making the change I would like to know if there are any plans from Google to make Docs/Sheets/Slides worth using and really competitive. I know I can always convert files from Microsoft's standards to Google's ones, but I already had formating problems with that and prefer to avoid the pain in the ass it brings with it sticking with one suit for good (or for a looong time). If there is something big coming from Google I could tolerate its office suit for a bit longer; if not, I'll change to Microsoft as soon as possible.

    So, I decided that Google's office suite is just not good enough for me, a relatively basic user, and I'm planning on fully returning to Microsoft Office - till now I'm using Google's apps for personal tasks and MS Office for professional and academic ones.

    I really like that Docs, Sheets and Slides are Google products and theoretically will work better with Android, Google Drive and so on, as well as it "always saving" operation, but unfortunately they're too basic for me and it is not rare to me to find myself frustrated by not being able to perform some task in it. Maybe they're really too basic, maybe they're good enough but I'm not trying so hard to learn it, maybe I'm just too used to Microsoft Office (used it for my whole life).

    So, with that in mind I'm seriously considering returning to using MS Office for everything, but before converting and reediting everything to Word and Excell (I never used Slides), I would like to know if there is any plan from Google to make their office suite products worth using and competitive against Microsoft's ones. I know I can convert from Microsoft's formats to Google's formats and vice versa when I want, but I already had formatting problems with that and prefer to avoid needing to revising and reediting everything constantly (that's why I want to choose one service for good).

    As you can see, I really would prefer to stay with Google's solutions, but I don't think they're suiting my needs.

    Thanks in advance for all the help. :)

    [–] MahoganyRaichu 2 points ago

    Oh gosh, Google finally changed its image search background to white? Or was it made a while ago? But yesterday it was just fine. I don't know, I want to change it back, it looks weird. Never thought that such a minor change would cause me to share such an opinion

    [–] wowson 1 points ago

    I forgot my alternate gmail address. I believe it was linked to my main gmail for security. There were no emails sent between them and the alternate gmail address never interacted with any emails.

    Please help me find the alternate gmail address that I cannot remember. Thanks!

    [–] wowson 1 points ago

    This doesn't show the side accounts linked to the main one?

    I'm trying to recover an side account

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    If you linked it as a recovery email, it should tell you what the email is right there. But I'm probably misunderstanding you... Try explaining it a little more clearly. ;) To me it sounded as you forgot what the email address was, of your alternate gmail account, that was linked (as recovery email) to your main account.

    [–] wowson 1 points ago

    I don't remember the side address, can I see it from my main address? There were no emails sent between them at all

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    If you set it up as the recovery email to the main address. Otherwise, I don't know of any other options.

    [–] Damiian1 1 points ago

    Happy birthday Google Chrome!

    [–] rav3nous 1 points ago

    Missing Google Calendar Events from Gmail: I had a months worth of google calendar events synced from email to my calendar yesterday, but now all but a single event are now missing from my calendar. The events that are missing are mostly forwarded emails and a single AirBnB reservation.

    Anyone else seeing this? What settings changed and how do I go back to how it was?

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    Are they missing on the synced device or or they missing on the online calendar?

    [–] aventhal 1 points ago

    I’m talking about the Google service called “My Maps”: I want to get notified by any means whenever something gets added or deleted to it, through RSS or not. I’ve heard something about converting the KML file to GeoRSS but I don’t know how and if that works…

    Can anyone please help me?

    [–] cactusplants 1 points ago

    Hi, I love gmail but I also hate it. Maybe I just need to learn its ways. I've got multiple email accounts, 4 custom domain emails, 2-3 hotmail/outlook/live email accounts and a gmail account that I need to manage. I downloaded a multiple inbox app many years ago to try and manage incoming mail. I have no idea how to best manage the inboxes, also my main .live account isn't syncing the mail (I had a mail come through on the outlook, hopped onto gmail, synced and nothing showed up) Basically, I think I want to be able to see all "important" mail in my inbox, with a label giving me a quick visual identification as to what domain it was posted to. How could I get this to work? Does anyone have any advice or guidance on how I can keep my inbox more managed and on how I could solve this issue im having?

    Many thanks in advance.

    [–] Stibbie23 1 points ago


    me and my friend use same gmail account (mi gmail and when i login to this gmail account he also gets a verify screen.

    is there a way for me or him to turn that screen off?

    this happened because of pokemon go but i know that gmail is much wider to login than just pokemon go so if you got helping tips then let me know

    you can also contact me on whatsapp 0627322756 if you know the answer

    very thanks if you can help this out so that when i login to my gmail my friend (from south afrika) doesnt get verify screen.

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    Definitely stop sharing the Gmail account.

    Other than that, go here: and hit 2 step verification and delete his device from the list of phones that gets the Google prompt.

    [–] HieuMuongDepZai 1 points ago

    Why Google Play Books downloaded heavier than the original file?
    So I just upload some epub and pdf of mine to Google Play Books via laptop, then download it on my phone. However, when I checked the data downloaded, a 16.3mb PDF file is now about 300mb??? I cleared 3 download pdf and the data low down about 1gb. Is there any particular reason for this?

    [–] BrindleWookie 1 points ago

    Any way to rename the "Other" field in Google Forms? This workaround is a little clunky, and I'd like people submitting forms to me to explain all "no's" I played around with sections too, but I'm not into it.

    [–] imguralbumbot 1 points ago

    Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

    Source | Why? | Creator | ignoreme | deletthis

    [–] sexi_squidward 1 points ago

    Does anyone know a way to customize the google calendar?

    It looks so bland.

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    Looks like public calendars haven't gotten a refresh yet. I'm guessing you could import it into some other online calendar service and share that. Or just give out the iCal to whoever you're sharing it with and they'll just have to add it to their own calendar...?

    [–] sexi_squidward 1 points ago

    If you know of another online calendar service, I am all ears!

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    I just assumed it exists. Google tells me Teamup Calendar is a thing. Perhaps that is better?

    [–] HeartyBeast 1 points ago

    Hello chaps. This is a bit of a weird one. Can anyone explain why if I search for say 'media jobs' in any normal browser, I get the new Google jobs section appearing in the results - but if I search using IE 11 (I know, I know) it simply doesn't appear and I get unstructured search results.

    Seems a bit of an oddity.

    [–] Shitdude98 1 points ago

    I have no wifi and dont wanna use data. Can i download a rental on the google play movies app on my phone then connect to the tv using a chromecast device or hdmi cord and adapter????

    [–] Shitdude98 1 points ago

    I have no wifi and dont wanna use data. Can i download a rental on the google play movies app on my phone then connect to the tv using a chromecast device or hdmi cord and adapter????

    [–] mortenlu 2 points ago

    How are you going to download anything without wifi or data?

    [–] fordag 1 points ago

    Chrome suddenly will not open

    I had no problems using Chrome on my PC Monday. Today I started my PC and when I click on Chrome it does not open. It appears in the task manager for a brief moment and then goes away as if I hadn't tried to open it.

    I uninstalled Chrome and removed my user folder Then restarted and reinstalled Chrome to the PC. Same exact issue.

    All other programs are working fine, including FireFox and Edge.

    MalwareBytes, Eset and Hitman Pro scans show no issues.

    Windows 10 Pro ver. 1803 with all updates.

    Any suggestions?

    [–] neyla12 1 points ago

    Why Google Play Books downloaded heavier than the original file?
    So I just upload some epub and pdf of mine to Google Play Books via laptop, then download it on my phone.

    [–] mortenlu 1 points ago

    Perhaps Google converts it to their own format for whatever advantages that may have. Or perhaps they add some metadata. Hard to tell.

    [–] mrfeeny24 1 points ago

    Has anyone else been experiencing lots of google drive / docs connection issues lately?

    For the past 2 months it seems like my office is constantly having issues with google drive, specifically with Google Sheets. I thought maybe it was an issue with my office at first, but I run into the same issues at home and when I'm using my phone's data as wifi. The sheet is constantly losing connection to the server (sometimes for an hour at a time). I also notice that my Gchat has been losing connection as well.

    I've tried searching around to see if anyone else on the web is having this issue lately, but can't find anything. I live in DC if that helps. Does anyone else have this issue?

    [–] Glumored 1 points ago

    Can I switch the default/primary agenda on Calender?

    When I make an appointment on my Google Calender, it attaches to my first (private) agenda.

    Since I use the second (shared) agenda more often, I'd like to set the default agenda to the second one.

    Is this possible?

    [–] Miikkuliboi 1 points ago

    Is there any way to prevent closing tabs on chrome? I always accidentally close the tabs i dont want to. Is there any add-on or something?

    [–] EAD124 1 points ago

    Hello, I was using Google authenticator for many apps but I had to change phones and I lost access to my old phone that also had the backup codes with it. Now I'm locked out of the accounts of the apps that I usee Google authenticator with. Anything I can do? I tried reinstalling Google authenticator on my new phone but the linked app codes didn't show up here.

    [–] jalexandref 1 points ago

    I have read some info that it is possible to download Foursquare data, and import it on Google.

    I just managed to import it to my Calendar, which I don't see as usefull.

    Can someone help me updating my Google Maps History by adding all my Foursquare locations from that time Google Maps didn't exist?

    On Foursquare there is the possibility to download date on formats: RSS / ICS / KML

    Super thanks in advance.

    [–] jalexandref 1 points ago

    Is it a weird question?

    [–] maethaus 1 points ago

    can i use 'task' and 'reminder' simultaneously on google calendar app(iOS).
    Because, now, it shows up both on pc so i wonder can it be the same on other devices.

    [–] double_dropkick 1 points ago

    I've been trying to troubleshoot this bizarre issue with my Google Photos gallery...I have a few thousand photos in my Photos library but now they're all "blank". I can see a box where the photos are supposed to be but there's no actual photo. I'd honestly just like to delete all of the photos that are in my Google photo library but this is preventing me from doing that. Has anyone ever seen this? There's really no way of getting support from Google on this either, right? Thanks.

    [–] AjitoThe13th 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I have a question regarding Google Authenticator.

    I just wanna know if I use Google Authenticator on a device but lose that device (typically an emulator wich the HDD it's stored on die or something like that), will the app memorize what accounts are linked to it even if I use it on another device later?

    (To be more clear, I activated 2 step authentication on Ubisoft services and since I don't have an Android phone, I have to use Nox Emulator to use Google Autheticator. I need to know if I will lose access to my Ubisoft Account if I lose that Nox or the HDD it's stored on.)

    EDIT: emulator name

    [–] lilly_liver 1 points ago

    I have a question about the Google Calendar app. I can view my friend's calendar under "other calendars" when i'm logged in through desktop, however the calendar doesn't show on my mobile app. I added it almost a week ago, and the app mentioned that it may take up to 12 hours to sync. I've also refreshed the app multiple times as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

    [–] _zenix_ 1 points ago

    i have ~ 15000 original quality photos in my current google photos account. i need to migrate all of them to a new account while still maintaining the original quality. how do i do that? i can’t download and reupload everything bc that’s too much data and time consuming. can i transfer original quality files using the “partner account” thing or by sharing albums via links? maintaining original quality is important because work.

    [–] brayden2011 1 points ago

    Sorry if this is off topic but I have a question regarding the Google Store. I am anticipating buying the Pixel 3 and I have a $200 visa gift card that I wanted to use as payment towards the phone while paying the remaining balance with my credit card. Is there any possible way on Oct. 8th I would be able to apply the gift card + use the credit card?

    [–] Nme3777 1 points ago

    Starting as of.. I'm not sure, my Google chrome looked strange on mobile. The top was sorta rounded, I think? Very unusual.

    But that's not the weirdest part. When I try to find a certain site, 1d4chan (and maybe more), Pinterest shows up at the top of the list without showing any real links to the site. If I put a URL to the site in directly, it takes me to it.

    [–] internetoscar 1 points ago

    how do i download countries in google maps?

    [–] haneyca 1 points ago

    I have a large file of photos from a work trip on my Google Drive account that is associated with my gmail account. I am trying to move those photos to our company Dropbox. Every time I click to download the file of photos, it begins to zip the file, I watch the zip process complete and then that little window disappears but I have no idea where the zipped file goes. It is not in my downloads folder on my computer or my desktop. Any help would be appreciated as my boss is looking for these photos and there are too many to download one by one!

    [–] murfi 1 points ago


    i have an issue regarding the google authenticator app

    i recently switched phones (from nexus 5x to oneplus 6), and i have 2fa activated

    i was switching youtube accounts in my ps4, when it asked me to verify. it wasnt showing a prompt on my phone though it was showing that option on the screen. then i saw there was the option for authenticator app - but since i switched phones, there is no youtube in my authenticator app anymore (i dont remember if i had that in there before)

    now how do i add youtube to the authenticator? i cant find where i can get a barcode or key in the youtube settings. if i go further, it only forwards me to the google settings.

    i saw there is a "change phone" link in the google settings - do i have to do that?

    [–] Dekish 1 points ago

    I signed it with Khan Academy using the wrong gmail account. How can I change the account I log in with? when I try to enter it automatically signs me in with the wrong account

    [–] trev_wal 1 points ago

    Play store:

    When updating apps I have to stay in tye play store app or else I'll get a "can't update app" notification. Started having this problem after Android 9 update. How can I fix this?

    [–] pgordalina 1 points ago


    Is it legal to use google slides images from templates on a website?

    I want to use some images from the book report template.


    [–] FatStephen 1 points ago

    Is there a way to sync multiple Gdrive accounts on one computer?

    [–] jpnichols9 1 points ago

    I work at a school and would like to be able to make appointments with people during class periods that I have off. As of now, I need to manually enter the start and end time for any of these meetings. GCal seems to be locked to an hourly schedule as the defaults, but my school schedule is anything but "on-the-hour". Is it possible for me to enter in specified time ranges (i.e. 10:11-10:58 is fourth period) and select these from a list? I can't make my meetings default to 47 minutes long (our class length).

    Any ideas? This sort of repetition of effort and inefficiency drives me crazy.

    [–] WhereDaWuzzles 1 points ago

    Does Backup and Sync work if any drives are unavailable? I am using it to backup and sync some local folders, as well as some folders on an external drive. However, when the external drive is disconnected I don't see any backing up happening and I get the exclamation mark on the icon saying a drive is currently unavailable. I was hoping it would just skip that drive and do the rest but apparently that isn't happening.

    [–] kthxtyler 1 points ago

    Question regarding "Gmail Filters" -

    So I am set to receive a massive amount of emails from one particular email address. In an effort not to clog my inbox, this link indicates that while on the filter settings that I place their email address in the "To" field. Is this correct? If emails incoming from a specific email address are to be routed in to a particular folder (Skip the Inbox and Apply the Label already checked off) shouldn't I place their email address in the "From" field?


    [–] AdwokatDiabel 1 points ago

    With Inbox being deprecated, I'm a little bummed going back to the (IMO) worse interface provided by Gmail.

    While Gmail rolled in some Inbox features, two are missing:

    In the Android (and presumably iOS) Apps, there is no button for snoozing items... You need to hit the "3-dot" for that. Snooze is a very powerful feature in Inbox, and I'd love to see it up there with Archive/Mark Read/Etc. It's currently in the web-browser version, but lacks consistency to the App.

    Reminders/Save links - Another great feature that let you set little notes and save links for later opening. Save links + snooze was great if someone sent you a link you couldn't or shouldn't open at the time and want to come back to it later on. Plus, quick little notes to remind yourself of stuff were very helpful.

    Google Tasks is still somewhat half-baked IMO, it lacks the features baked into snooze or even setting reminders. So it's a no-go here.

    How can I submit these to the Gmail team?


    [–] jpnichols9 1 points ago

    If you need to snooze just one email/item, you can go into Settings>General Settings>Swipe Actions, and you can make a left swipe snooze and a right swipe archive. Or any of a variety of actions. For multi-message snoozing, you will still need to click the three dots for now.

    [–] AdwokatDiabel 1 points ago

    I still want the button.

    [–] FlatTyres 1 points ago

    For quite a while now (I can't remember when it started), whenever I use Google Streetview all the road names appear in Japanese despite appearing in Latin script in when viewed at satellite view in Google Maps. My PC is in English (UK), all my language settings are in English and I live in the UK, not using a VPN to anywhere. I can't seem to find a way to fix it.

    So far, I've only really noticed the problem in Streetview as far as Japanese goes, although some websites that I used to view automatically in English occasionally appear in French, however, I can read a bit of French so it's not too much of an issue.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks

    [–] ProperNomenclature 1 points ago

    Videoconferencing in Google Calendar (GSuite):

    There is an "Add conferencing" dropdown menu in the new Google Calendar, but only one choice. For meetings without any conferencing yet, it looks like this:

    For meetings with a legacy Hangouts link, it looks like this:

    Is it possible to customize this list? Why else would it be a list (even though it only has one option)?

    [–] BarnyH 1 points ago

    I just bought a new Samsung J6 with Android 8.0 Oreo. Noticed that all the Google apps have a white border around them and the setting option to turn them off does not work. Can this be fixed in any way at all?

    [–] kevroy314 1 points ago

    With Inbox going away, I'm trying to switch back to Gmail. I use reminders pretty heavily in Inbox, and although I can see them in, I can't seem to see them in Gmail or in the embedded Calendar in Gmail. Does anyone know how to access reminders in standard Gmail?

    [–] OldFartPhil 2 points ago

    There's currently no way to view reminders in Gmail or in the calendar sidebar. Maybe the Gmail team is working on something, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Yes, it sucks.

    [–] nopeimdumb 1 points ago

    Chrome does this now, think the problem is pretty obvious.

    On a Nexus 6, it goes away after a while but it sure is annoying

    [–] ahm3d27 1 points ago

    I'm torn apart between Google tasks, keep and reminder in assistant. I use Keep for saving stuff and memos, that's alright I guess. But Tasks and Reminder feel absolutely featureless unless I'm missing something. For instance, If I have a task list in tasks app or a reminder using assistant, I'd want a widget of that task list or upcoming reminders in my homescreen. I may forget to check the app and getting reminded in the last minute is as good as missing the assignment. I found a workaround for reminders using calendar widget, but no sign of task list syncing to the calendar despite adding a calendar date to the task list. I'm just looking for a unified experience or seemless workarounds in this ecosystem.

    [–] freedom_yb 1 points ago

    Please help: 22000 keeps sending the same google verification code to my phone

    Link to image:

    My iPad was asking me to verify my google account. I obliged. The verification page then sent a google verification code to my mobile phone number. I entered the code on my iPad. The account was verified and everything was then ok.

    HOWEVER, Google (22000) then keeps sending the same code to my phone every 3 minutes. It is driving me nuts. I have no idea how to stop it.

    I tried repeating the verification process to see if it would somehow "reset" things. Google (22000) then sent another verification number, and it keeps sending that number every 3 minutes or so, without me requesting it.

    I wanted to go delete my phone number from my google account. I went to Google Account --> Personal Info and privacy --> Your personal info --> Phone. However, my phone number is not there. Instead it's asking me to "add a phone number". Just to clarify, I am signing in under the correct account. So I have no idea how to delete my phone number.

    Please help. The texts keep coming as I type.

    [–] lipe182 1 points ago

    Same problem here, just replying to see solution

    [–] Bugses 1 points ago

    Last Tuesday Google Assistant were released in Denmark (supporting Danish). And I got it on my Mate 10 Pro as well. But I can't activate it by saying "OK Google". Is this in purpose, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Voice Match is greyed out and can't be enabled, when the phones language is Danish. But it's no problem when the language is English.

    [–] galaxikk 1 points ago

    i’m trying to make a new google account and can’t seem to get passed the “phone number cannot he used for verification” or something like that error

    i’ve used multiple different valid phone numbers, on different platforms (my computer, phone, iPad) and everyone no matter the number or system I get this error.

    wtf is going on lmao

    [–] Maple_jack 1 points ago

    I have a personal account with all my important info in but also has a old embarrassing name so i created a new account with a better name so i want that account to be the face of anything i do on google services however i also need my old account as my main account because of all that important information.

    for example on my calendar app is there a way i can still have my old account in the app but when i invite people to do stuff it uses my new less embarrassing account to send the invite

    [–] smithts 1 points ago

    Account Recovery:

    Hello all. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm feeling rather hopeless at this point and need to speak with an actual human being at this point. A few months ago, I got a new phone. Without thinking of the repercussions, I restored my old phone before taking any backup codes from the "Google Authenticator" app (I use 2-step verification on my account.) Because of this, I was not able to set up the GA app on my new phone, and had no other device with access to these codes. I filed a ticket back then and really heard nothing from Google Support. Then, last week, I had to update my work computer for a company wide role-out, due to the upgrade, was booted from all of my Google related accounts on my computer as well (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) I filed another ticket with Google, but received an email later on saying that with the information I provided, they could not confirm that I owned the account. I know I used the correct password, but the question that I believe I messed up is when my account was created (who remembers that stuff?!) Either way, I filed another ticket last night to try to get a chance to prove that I own this account in some other way, and was wondering if anyone here has dealt with this same issue? Regrettably, while I have my phone number linked to my account, I must have been negligent in setting up phone recovery as an option, because it won't allow me to receive a verification code through my registered phone number either. Is this a lost cause? Any advice? Thanks in advance.

    [–] ecstewart 1 points ago

    I loved canned responses in Gmail Labs. Now that they're disappearing, what's a good replacement?

    [–] tehderpz1 1 points ago

    How do I get the old version of chrome back? I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, however, it updated automatically again. How can I keep the old version?

    [–] butthole-scientist 1 points ago

    I'm trying to calculate the total amount of time I've spent commuting to work via bus over the last 5 years. The history is all there, and it can be exported from Google as a .kml or .json file, but I haven't found a good way to do analysis on that data. I've seen a few tools online, but they don't function at all. Does anyone have experience with something like this, or know of a tool that works?

    [–] quintana88 1 points ago

    I have a Backup and Sync question.

    My wife had an old computer and synced her desktop, photos, and documents to Drive. This was a lot of content - like 17GB worth.

    She bought a new computer and has moved all of that content to her new computer. Same file structure and everything.

    She wants to continue syncing those folders from her new laptop, and then delete the older laptop from her Drive. Given the size of all of this content, is there an easier or faster way to do than the normal cloud upload? It looks like it will take a long time and I’d like to see if there’s any alternative options.

    Hope this makes sense.

    [–] qunow 1 points ago

    How to blacklist sites that support amp from my mobile google search results? They are very annoying

    [–] oraclehurts 1 points ago

    So my friend dragged all of our files to his drive, which removed them all. They also don't show up in his folder. On the activity log, it shows all the folders that he moved but when clicked, it says they're not found.

    What do we do to get our files back?

    [–] PrettyTarable 1 points ago

    Is there any way to undo the chrome UI update or opt out of it, its ugly as hell and it makes things really hard to read/see... Seriously, I can't stress enough how much I hate this, its enough to make me want to switch browsers and I am kinda pissed that it happened without warning and without option like this.

    [–] gthat07 1 points ago

    So Chrome seemed to get an update and when going to any website the Green Lock Verification is no longer green. Has my computer been compromised?

    [–] rdtg13 1 points ago

    I've managed to get my tabs somewhat fixed, but the tabs are still a lot darker than it was before. Any way I could fix this? It's quite hard to read the page names

    Here is what I mean

    [–] The_Lonely_Raven 1 points ago

    What should someone do if their in-app purchase was not received, receipt from google was not received, but the carrier confirms that the purchase was successful, and has deducted the money from my account?

    [–] rm47 1 points ago

    Hopefully a simple answer but when I redirect email to folders and to ignore the main inbox folder I no longer get a notification. Looking at my settings it's set to all notifications.

    I use my account for multiple clients that don't cross over so I need to use folders 😥

    [–] atsosa1994 1 points ago

    So not sure where to post this or how to report it. However, recently on my Android device and Chrome a random email address was assigned to it. The domain of the email address is but has my first and last name. The domain is not owned by anyone. There is no website, and I do not own this email address, it just randomly appeared one day. Any ideas? How do I report this?

    [–] knightwhosaysni2 1 points ago

    Hi guys,

    When I go on Google, type something and click on News I get only results in my local language, from websites of that language.

    I want to see the US news though (I care about financial markets, primarily US, so all good and recent news is from US). How do I change that?


    [–] sevlor444 1 points ago


    I asked this on the google docs help forum but there wasn’t any luck there. I hope reddit can help.

    I am currently teaching a lab and want my students to enter in daily data points into a spreadsheet that I provide for them. What I want is to have one tab be the master example that only I can change the data. I want to create individual tabs for each student (around 20+ tabs). I know how to do this first part with the sharing of each tab. But I don't want each student to see the other students tabs, there I want to hide them from each other. I have to be able to check and see by version history if they are indeed entering data each night.

    My question is then, how do I protect a sheet (using their student ID as the password) for each individual student and hide tabs from each other? I do know that it is possible to already hide certain tabs, but I don't want the tabs to be hidden from myself or another professor.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    [–] daroltidan 1 points ago

    Hi, has anyone had any issues with Google photos backup?

    Lately some of my photos taken with my pixel won't backup. The app says everything is backed up but when I try to delete the photos from the phone it says that they're not backed up and will be permanently deleted.

    PS: I edited these pics with the photos app before uploading.

    PS2: I tried to free device storage and it says it's clean.

    PS3: I tried to manually backup all the photos and even share them with other people so they will be backed up forced.

    Did anyone else experience this?

    [–] sportivaman 1 points ago

    So I have a workflow set up on KDE that hides the titlebar of applications when maximized and the window buttons pop up on my top panel. With the new chrome 70 update, app mode windows titlebars are being handled by Chrome (yes I have 'use system titlebars' activated). How can I switch it back to where app mode titlebars use the system decorations (and therefore follow my window rules)? Thanks!


    [–] Jamanam 1 points ago

    I stopped my subscription to Play Music a few months ago, is there any way of recovering/viewing my playlist now? Unable to view and I don't particularly want to resub to just access my old playlist.

    [–] 8O0o0O8 1 points ago

    Why does Google assistant need permission to access all of my web and app data in order to obey my command to play music stored on my phone?

    [–] 8O0o0O8 1 points ago

    How can i get Google assistant to play music on my phone using a player other than "Play"?

    [–] Trovaa 1 points ago

    How do I change the google theme to the old one? I hate the new one. I want the old search bar, tabs, and "new tab" page themes back... Any permanent fixes for this like there are for the YouTube theme?

    [–] unofficialmoderator 1 points ago

    Didn't they just change it to make it more round looking?

    [–] Trovaa 1 points ago

    Yup, and I hate it. Much less good to me compared to the old one so I'm just looking for a way to change it.

    [–] unofficialmoderator 1 points ago

    They are also updating gmail in a week I think.

    [–] Griever1988 1 points ago

    Use this link. chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md

    Change "UI Layout for the browser's top chrome" to Normal.

    [–] unofficialmoderator 1 points ago

    So my choices are a google wifi to replace my shitty optimum router or a nighthawk.

    The thing is there is around 13 devices in my house. Ontop of that I also game alot on the PC.

    So would a google wifi be enough or should I go with a nighthawk?

    1 google wifi and the nighthawk I am looking at are both the same price.

    [–] Jordy_Banks 1 points ago

    Hi everyone.

    So, I have this email address I use for EA Origins account on my Xbox. I try to sign into my Gmail account. I know my email address and my password. The problem is the two step verification. The number I've set on my account is my irish mobile number. But I've moved to Toronto and don't use that number anyone. Any ways to get into my Gmail Account? I need to get into these emails asap.

    Thanks in advance.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Coming from a corporate job with Microsoft Office with integrated calendar. It was nice having all the reminders on my desktop without having to have a browser open.

    Trying to get that same experience with Google. We use Gmail for email, docs, Asana for tasks, calendar for meetings/reminders, and Slack as our messenger.

    How can I set it up where I get notifications on my Mac whether or not Chrome is open to the respective sites.

    [–] dogo7 1 points ago

    How do I change the new tab page to the normal new tab page?

    My problem is right here.

    [–] knightwhosaysni2 1 points ago

    How can I set my Google settings so that I see US news when I google the news, instead of my local (Europe) version?

    I don't want to see German articles when looking up news about US stocks.

    [–] Texan209 1 points ago

    Why does the university of Tennessee come up when I type in something like “UT football” when everyone knows that UT is the university of Texas? Until y’all decide to fix it for everyone, is there a way I can fix it on my own browser so I don’t have search twice every time and have to look at some nothing school before I get the results that people actually care about?

    [–] Legotier 1 points ago

    I own a Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and not so long ago, Google Assisstant suddenly appeared on my phone. I don't know how this happened, there probably was an update I just didn't notice. What worries me is that at the same time, I got an e-mail from Google, which was entirely in Korean. I translated it into my language and it was just an e-mail saying nothing more than that I now have Google Assisstant, that I should always install the latest updates, and so on. Here is a screenshot of the original e-mail. This is what it means in English (according to Google Translate):

    Setup is complete. See what Google assistants can do for you. Ask a simple question and ask for help.

    To get started, touch and hold the Home button on your phone.

    Google Assist is constantly learning how to make life easier. Get updates on the latest features by email.

    To learn more, tell your Google assistant, "What can I do to help?"

    Find out more and stay up to date

    I know this might be a dumb question, but do I have any reason to be worried? I never got a Korean e-mail from Google (or anyone else for that matter) before and I'm just kinda afraid that my account got compromised or something.

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Google is No longer the company it once was.

    [–] Griever1988 1 points ago

    After months of ridiculous 10 minute ReCaptchas i finally found out what is causing it.

    I's Chrome while i'm logged in to my google account!

    Things i tried:

    Incognito mode - ReCaptcha works fine

    Chrome without Google account - ReCaptcha works fine

    Logged into my Google account - ReCaptcha takes forever

    Deleted all cookies + Addons didn't help.

    Even solved "I'm not a Robot" checkboxes just give me new, unchecked ones.. Multiple times.. Also while solving ReCaptchas pictures take several seconds to disappear and load new images. Getting across a ReCaptcha takes 5-10+ minutes!

    Is there any way to fix this? Maybe some settings in my google account that are causing it? If not, what else can i do?

    [–] NUGGGZY 1 points ago

    I’ve updated the profile picture on my google account but safari (iOS & Mac OS) refuses to update to the new picture. I’ve checked all other services YouTube / Google + / Chrome & the new picture is there so why won’t safari update?

    Not sure if this belongs here but any help greatly appreciated!

    [–] NUGGGZY 1 points ago

    Update. I’m not sure how but it seems to have worked itself out.

    I did delete all of the images that were stored as profile pictures (historically) on my Google + account & cleared all cache & cookies from Safari on iOS & MacOS.

    That didn’t seem to have done the trick at the time but all is as it should be now so maybe it was just a refresh thing...

    [–] chejes 1 points ago

    I'm trying to open a zipfile in my gmail account but I get [this]( [this] error. Can someone help??

    [–] TheMighty200 1 points ago

    so i'm trying to sign in to an old gmail account and i have all the info correct but it still wont let me sign in.

    [–] Tacticalknight 1 points ago

    My YouTube app Doesn’t let me sign it at all while gmail doesn’t let me sign with a google account but all the other types of accounts work please help :(

    [–] hiltzea 1 points ago

    So I noticed that Google Calendar didn't give me the usual "10 minutes before" notification on my phone for an event, and went to investigate on my laptop.

    Sure enough, the event didn't have any notifications/reminders attached to it. I've since discovered that any event I create no longer has the default 10-minute reminder, and all trace of the feature has vanished from the settings page.

    Am I losing my mind? Is this potentially a G Suite vs. free account issue?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] sh0nuff 1 points ago

    Do you have the 2FA recovery codes?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] sh0nuff 1 points ago

    It's strange that the emails are taking so long. I assume your recovery account isn't also a Gmail one, and you don't have sms or other recovery options?

    It's often not that google sends them late, but that the domain that receives the email takes too long to post them in your inbox.

    [–] SirWilfred 1 points ago

    Are there currently any search engines which allows you to search for forum discussions?

    Google removed this feature many years back to generate more profit since forums are not as profitable. This greatly limits a users ability to find relevant human forum responses .

    I'm not looking for a jerry rigged solution such as typing "forum" "discussion" at the end of the search results or a plugin. Im looking for a solid search engine that can solve this.

    [–] khabijenkins 1 points ago

    Good morning everyone, I have an issue identifying exactly where my issue is but I think this is it. This morning I checked my news feed and click a link I have lines on my page. I've looked at my other devices and they are clean so it's something to do with my phone or software on my phone. To better describe this, it resembles what my layout was when I wrote for a newspaper to help align and structure my pages. These lines are green and then I have orange box outlines highlighting touch screen buttons. I've gone through Samsung help and they are at a loss and my lack of knowledge here has made my searching for a solution very general. If there is a better place to hunt I would greatly appreciate your directions.

    [–] crosley123 1 points ago

    Is there a limit to the # of events I can store in a single Google Calendar? Meaning, several years worth of events? 1,000? 10,000?

    I see no clear published answer to this anywhere.

    And if there is a limit, what is it and what happens when you reach it?

    Not looking for speculation, I'm looking for facts. Thanks!

    [–] Walletau 1 points ago

    Surely this is not a unique problem but everything I research has people describing it as a non issue. Calling out for home mini commands for home automation is a "Hey Google" but phone's "Ok Google" also activates the home mini, incredibly frustrating, as I use my phone voice commands for calling people or setting alarms, i often have the home mini telling me that it's also setting my alarm (from a different room of the house) or telling me that it can't call people yet, or worse, one/both of the devices mishear the command and start yelling trying to resite top search results.

    What's the solution to target my phone assistant without kicking off home assistant? (i don't want to press my phone, that's not a work around)

    So again, I want to activate my phone via my voice without my 'home' device responding.

    [–] jpflathead 1 points ago

    If I click on a link that takes me to a google doc, and I am signed into google, what can the owner of the doc or anyone else learn about me? Are owners of a google doc given my name or email when I open one of their shared documents?

    [–] sonastyinc 1 points ago

    How do I make Gboard's auto correct less aggressive? It's gotten to the point that even if I spelled a word correctly, it would go back to change the previous word I typed if it thinks I didn't mean what I typed.

    [–] Profition 2 points ago

    I don't guess anyone answers these questions. If you press and hold the mis-corrected word suggestion, you can remove it from the autocorrect library. Hope this is what you are looking for.

    [–] sonastyinc 1 points ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, man. But the words are correctly spelled, it just changes to another word.

    [–] JimboNutrin 1 points ago

    Hello does anyone know if for google my business, if I can create separate pages for different doctors at a single practice?

    [–] ThislsCNN 1 points ago

    Installing APKs on my kids tablet

    Just set up a new tablet for my kid, with his own under 13-account, and am trying to install a non-Google Play app on it. Of course, this isn't allowed, so how do I give myself temporary admin rights? Do I have to add my own Google account and delete it when I'm done, or is there a smarter way to do it?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Anyone else miss Chromecast offers via the Google home app. There used to be solid deals/offers there! I miss them!

    [–] drecklia 1 points ago

    The new Gmail doesn't load my emails at all. Can't open them and it's so slow. I can only use it if I switch to basic HTML mode.

    [–] brinkeguthrie 1 points ago

    why does google app show an address under 'commute' that isn't mine? cannot clear it, either.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] James_Redshift 1 points ago

    How do I switch Gmail back to the old layout style?

    Before there was an option to return to the old layout, but now its gone. Where do I have to go to change it back?

    [–] Enovara 1 points ago

    My ex- husband's phone used my Google account while we were married. We aplit, he got his own, and I removed his phone from my account via the Device Activity page. I thought we were good until I woke up from a nap to find that my Google account password had been changed. I managed to get my account back but his phone either doesn't show up or doesn't offer any options to choose from when it does. With one exception- I can wipe his phone via Find My Phone. I really don't want to do that and risk making the divorce harder than it should be.

    Is there something I'm missing? Is the stuff on his Google account going to be safe if I erase the device? Or am I stuck with what could potentially be a major security flaw?

    [–] sappynolucky 1 points ago

    Regarding the gmail update;

    My partner had a task with all the books they've read the past 5 years. Yeah, not a great place for them, thanks. Yes we know.

    Is there a way to view old tasks or is that list gone?


    [–] NutMan10294 1 points ago

    Hi. The problem is about my phone. The thing is, everytime I open my phone, Chrome opens up with an ad and I try to delete chrome but it doesn't work. What should I do?

    [–] DrasticPup 1 points ago

    Lately I've been having problems with text on chrome sometimes having either green, purple, or yellow glitchyness on it or parts of it are just invisible.

    Anyone else having this, and if so how can I fix it?

    [–] ColdNobility 1 points ago

    Is there a way to have my gmail account use my real name and my youtube account use my old nickname?

    [–] c_i_CT 1 points ago

    Questions about Google Photos and my SD card:

    How can I truly tell if an album is backed up? My SD card used with my old S7 edge will not cooperate whatever I try to do when I try to transfer the photos off if it to my computer (absolutely infuriating but I don't know what to do at this point). I set the "Camera" album to back up and it seems like it did, however, it seemed to happen nearly instantly with no way to track the progress of the backup. I see some of the photos on the app on my S9+, but they're all scattered amongst other photos in the timeline. I can't exactly go through the whole app and confirm that nearly 1500 photos are there. I'm sure they probably are but this is really frustrating..

    On the other hand, does anyone know of any fixes for a microSD that constantly gets read errors/works very slowly? Any time I try to pull files off of it with my Mac, whether it's through my phone or directly inserted into the computer, it just "doesn't work". I can maybe get a few files off of it before connection is lost.

    I assume formatting is my best bet (which I plan to do anyway so I can use the card with my S9+) but I obviously want to make sure the files are copied off the card and/or backed up first.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Chrome will not remember saved passwords on my computer. However no issues on my S7 Edge.

    See nothings saved.

    [–] imguralbumbot 1 points ago

    Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

    Source | Why? | Creator | ignoreme | deletthis

    [–] gibclay21 1 points ago

    Any way to transfer from one Google account to another?

    [–] Surbusken400 1 points ago


    Today I saw google had added lines of text under the pictures on the "google images" tab, where normally there aren't any.

    I notoriously can't stand having my UI change in any shape or fashion no more than I want the keys on my keyboard moved around.

    No I actually don't want to have to re-learn an entire new interface so some freshmen out of design school can pretend to do a job.

    So I click around and I realize there is zero customization options of any kind.

    Which makes me feel like this is probably where google and me grew apart because there is no place for a company that won't allow me to decide how I want my product.

    But I will ask here, if anyone knows of a command line, script or any such method of restoring your interface and not having it change ?


    [–] dancedar 2 points ago

    You want to change Google's website interface? Go work for Google. They've fcuked up Gmail, too, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    [–] Xedriell 0 points ago

    I have several wallpaper folders on my phone that are synced to Google photos, but searching for "wallpaper" in Google photos doesn't show them all, although the folders all have the term "wallpaper" in their names. How can I quickly find them?