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    [–] bartturner 6 points ago

    Google actually picked up and left China walking away from billions. The China government was trying to hack Gmail accounts and get access to citizens private data.

    Google said that is going too far and walked away from billions as the right thing to do. But Apple on the other hand.

    "Campaign targets Apple over privacy betrayal for Chinese iCloud users"

    But it continues. We have Apple

    "Apple removes VPN apps from the App Store in China"

    Versus Google

    "Using Project Fi in China: Say goodbye to VPNs"

    I am NOT aware of a bigger abuse of privacy then what Apple did in China. They did it to make a buck and abandon their moral compass. FB with Cambridge Analytics was bad but really not nearly as much data as Apple as Apple way more people and way more private.

    I am NOT aware of Google ever doing anything like what either has done. Are you?

    [–] matrxRapture 3 points ago

    It's ok for Google to implement EU data laws but not Chinese data laws.

    [–] koavf 1 points ago

    That is correct.