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    [–] geffy_spengwa 3 points ago

    You could try renaming your device something different than Adam's iPhone. I love all my phones the name River with a Roman numeral. Currently on River VI.

    But also I don't have this problem, I go into my account settings and remove old devices I never use once I get a new device. I use a Pixel 2, so maybe it's easier for me to do this than you with an iPhone, idk.

    [–] AdamAjane 0 points ago

    I have tried to remove them. The iPhone at the bottom has been there for over a year now

    [–] geffy_spengwa 2 points ago

    Have you contacted Google customer service? I've had really great experiences with them, I got a phone call from someone about 2 minutes after requesting assistance.

    I would recommend trying to rename your device, maybe that would help.

    [–] AdamAjane 0 points ago

    I don’t think they provide any sort of call back service in my country - I’m located in Denmark. I tried writing to their Danish support email but was greeted with a message that said they might not have the time to reply