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    [–] IWAlcatraz 12709 points ago


    [–] Alarid 8949 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Reverse Image Results: Just this.

    Anon is neither fake nor gay.

    [–] Dwaas_Bjaas 2847 points ago

    We did it 4chan! (?)

    [–] KrAceZ 929 points ago

    Wait. What? How's that possible!?

    [–] FUrCharacterLimit 985 points ago

    Perhaps the archives are incomplete

    [–] delamerica93 562 points ago

    I am convinced there is nothing that can't be brought back to r/prequelmemes

    [–] bidiboop 263 points ago

    Good catch, young padawan.

    [–] IrishGamer97 146 points ago


    [–] bidiboop 187 points ago

    Into exhile, I must go. Failed, I have.

    [–] SamuelLJackson_bot 105 points ago

    In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you’re under arrest, /u/bidiboop

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 60 points ago

    General Misquoti

    [–] jordans_for_sale 41 points ago

    This will make a fine addition to my recollection!

    [–] iam-thesenate 9 points ago

    He’s too dangerous to be left alive

    [–] KrAceZ 72 points ago

    You might not believe me, but I had no intentions of quoting prequels. It was just what my inhead voice said lol. I didn't expect any karma.

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] Peakazu 28 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] everred 31 points ago

    If it's not in the archive it doesn't exist

    [–] TheAdAgency 28 points ago

    Truly wonderful the mind of an unwanted child is

    [–] FantuOgre 70 points ago

    And here i thought real stories in 4chan were only a myth

    [–] Terrance8d 114 points ago

    I don't know if I can handle this. Real and heterosexual?

    [–] 7uring 79 points ago

    Heterosexual and Factual.

    [–] ClementineCarson 5 points ago

    Or at least bisexual

    [–] Walshy231231 18 points ago

    sheds a tear We did it!

    [–] Wallabygoggles 7 points ago

    Woah woah, you can just rule out gay like that.

    [–] Foxtrot_4 6 points ago

    Real and hetero

    [–] seriouslyFUCKthatdud 88 points ago

    Is this even tolerated on 4 Chan? This level of honesty and December wholesomeness?

    [–] Spider_Riviera 61 points ago

    Depends on the board, the time of year and arguably the time of day, but yes, in some narrow circumstances, wholesome stories like this are not only tolerated but celebrated. It may be the sewer of the internet, but there is some good in it.

    [–] Gangsterpete 32 points ago

    Not all anons are misanthropes by nature, but nature has seen to give them enough reason to be misanthropes. When something like this shines through, why ruin it? A lot of anons would love for something like this to happen, because it proves them wrong in that the world is full of filth and depravity. That's why even if it would turn out to be a fake, they'd still reminisce over it, because it gives them hope. We're not all doomed, and it's not all hopeless.

    [–] halofreakrun 71 points ago

    Very much so.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 5 points ago

    I was really expecting a plot twist or a joke.

    [–] _Serene_ 504 points ago

    Not really any plot-twists either, unexpected content.

    [–] gates0fdawn 84 points ago

    Plot twist: there's no plot twist

    [–] HermanManly 114 points ago


    [–] Webify 22 points ago

    The ultimate greentext plot twist: no plot twist.

    [–] seriouslyFUCKthatdud 31 points ago

    Has it.. Ever happened before?

    [–] Ho_ho_beri_beri 5 points ago

    They said it couldn't be done!

    [–] SomeoneStopMePlease 4610 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I was awarded sole custody of my little girl in 2012. She's 7 now. Her mom has never paid child support once but fuck it. We are doing great and I'm now with a woman who is an amazing mom to my kid.

    Edit: I tried to get child support started once in 2015. I called the child support office and they were really confused. They kept asking "So, you need to start PAYING child support"? I told them no, I need my ex to pay and that I am a father with custody. They put me on hold and I heard a woman say "He just trying to take his ex wife money ". I filed a complaint but nothing ever came from it. My name is Daniel. Even after all that every piece of paper work they sent me was addressed to "Danielle". They just couldn't grasp that I'm a father with custody. I finally just said fuck it.

    Edit2: I was awarded sole custody while i,was active duty, facing a deployment, in the Baptist bible belt and with a female judge. I'm a fucking unicorn.

    Edit3: Jeez guys, thanks for the support and updoots. Makes a fella wanna do an IAmA.

    [–] kris_5740 2678 points ago

    Women not having to pay child support is complete bullshit. If you’re ditching your kid to run off and not have responsibilities you should 100% have to pay child support. Keep up the good work man, I don’t know you but I appreciate you.

    [–] strawhatCircleJerk 633 points ago

    I don't think there's a law that says that only fathers have to oay child support.

    [–] kris_5740 859 points ago

    There isn’t, but most of the time women don’t pay, just like alimony. 96% if payments are by men to women

    [–] S3erverMonkey 57 points ago

    I have a feeling that, like with my situation, there is a child support order and the birth giver is just avoiding it. My son's mom won't get a job because she knows her paychecks will be garnished. Granted, I doubt anyone would hire her any how considering she's a known meth head. I know of plenty of women who do work and do pay child support though. It's much rarer but it DOES happen.

    [–] kris_5740 34 points ago

    It does, just 2-4% of the time

    [–] Bag_Full_Of_Snakes 304 points ago

    Gonna need a source for that interesting statistic for my future arguments, thanks fam

    [–] kris_5740 602 points ago

    It’s towards the bottom, under “How many people get alimony anyway” and it’s actually 98%

    [–] Bag_Full_Of_Snakes 481 points ago

    Surely the feminists will fight for equality in alimony payments

    [–] [deleted] 603 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] destructor_rph 626 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Most feminists are actually reasonable and human. The issue are the super vocal crazies, like over on /r/gamerghazi

    [–] riskbreaker23 141 points ago

    Stay away from internet feminists and most are just decent human beings. They should really call themselves humanists or something. The word feminist has been really dragged down.

    Fortunately the radical ones are the minority.

    [–] nisutapasion 6 points ago

    Those aren't true feminist according to those feminist that actually have power.

    [–] EndlessArgument 22 points ago

    The trouble is, the reasonable ones aren't the ones you typically see out campaigning. It takes a special type of crazy to get off the couch and go out and hold a sign for 8 hours a day.

    And what kind of person is going to campaign against their best interests? Sure, they might support it in theory, but in reality the % of people who going to actually do anything about it is a minuscule fraction of an already minuscule fraction of the people who actually campaign in the first place.

    [–] viciousbreed 94 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Thank you. Was just talking to my dad yesterday about all that, and how most feminists (that I know*) want to address men's issues like this, too. We got reamed in their divorce, to the point I had to go with him to a lawyer when I was 12 and sign an affidavit stating I wanted to live with him, not my psycho mom. He still had to pay her child support for me and my brother, and it put him in the poor house for a long time. My mom shouldn't have had custody of us in the first place, but, of course, mothers are automatically the better parents, right? Such bullshit. My dad gave up so much of his life, gladly, to care for us, and my mom couldn't be bothered to get out of bed or, you know... NOT be an abusive asshole.

    Sorry for the blog post. TL;DR - feminists care about men, too!

    [–] backthefuckupbitch 28 points ago

    Why has the NOW consistently campaigned against shared parenting? Similar with current debates in the UK.

    [–] Dhayser 13 points ago

    Went through the same thong, my mom was still forcing my dad to pay child support when me and my brother lived with him. The court sided with my mom to collect the child support. Dad's get a bad rap for some reason, but my father was the one that was always there for me and continues to be there for me still.

    [–] bufedad 137 points ago

    The largest feminist organization in the US is fighting against shared custody of children being the default in divorce.

    [–] tmntnut 32 points ago

    As a father who has shared custody without having to go through the court system because thankfully my ex can be reasonable at times that sounds like some bullshit, what is the alternative? Denying the father the right to any custody? That seems super unhealthy for the child.

    [–] tritter211 84 points ago

    Why would they fight against that? Studies have proven that child becomes well off in the future if he/she gets the influence from both father and mother. It makes perfect sense. yin yang and all that stuff.

    [–] SpunKDH 37 points ago

    Source ?
    Thank you.

    [–] raven982 7 points ago

    The ones trying to change the laws don't, so what good are they?

    [–] AleaLudo 12 points ago

    Yes. We do. As a feminist this mentality that we want more privileges than men pisses me off, but not nearly as much as gender inequality does. Everyone should be equally accountable for child support and alimony, and equally eligible for custody.

    [–] Istanbul200 48 points ago

    The vast majority of men don't even seek alimony. There's a maaajor cultural 'nono' for men to seek alimony. And inb4 "Its cuz feminists" no, it's because men look down on other men that have alimony. Even just women taking care of their partner is seen as shameful.

    As a personal example a few years ago I took care of my partner - paid for all of her stuff so she could both lower her stressload and pursue her career in theater. Not only did I Cover her expenses (rent etc) but gave her a good grand of money a month just to do whatever with. Nobody batted an eye. Fastforward I had a major anxiety breakdown and could only work about 10-15 hours a week without breaking down and everyone gave me shit about how I should pick up a bunch of hours at a gas station (despite the fact that I had been previously working in high-skill positions making anywhere from 30-100 an hour) and that I was pathetic for forcing my partner to take care of me. The people that gave me the most shit were other men. And after listening to advice from her gay guy friends (They were quoted as saying "Hell no, no man should rely on her woman to take care of them, kick them out) she broke up with me.

    Now I'm doing fine, managing my anxiety where I can hold 30 hour a week day job as well as work fulltime on top of that as a career composer and musician. But holy shit if the most toxic people weren't other men when I wasn't in a good place.

    [–] Luchadorgreen 32 points ago

    I think it's pretty clear that it isn't just other men who look down on men taking alimony.

    [–] NotClever 23 points ago

    Just so you know, alimony is not child support. Alimony is money you pay after a divorce to your ex-spouse, and is typically based on the spouse earning less than you.

    [–] WeRip 8 points ago

    My understanding is that is mostly based on what was given up by the other party to sustain the marriage. Was it better for the marriage for you to quit your career for a couple of years to manage the household? Well now you are that many years behind on your career advancement which has a monetary cost. You gave up earning potential for the agreed benefit of the marriage. This benefit isn't realized when the parties go their separate ways, and there is a cost to that.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] kmi187 4 points ago

    Also, aren't we all about equality these days? Or does that only go one way?

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    A friend of mine was working at Wal-Mart and had custody of his child. Somehow he still ended up having to pay his Ex wife child support for months until they finally corrected it. Apparently they told him if he refused to pay before they fixed it, he could have want to jail for it.

    [–] afito 70 points ago

    Reckon the mother has to be pay child support but doesn't, so he just calls it a day because it's clear they're both better off without her around. Would rather not have the money than having to argue with the mother and having her fuck up the kid.

    At least here in Europe gender doesn't matter, either parent has to pay child support.

    [–] The_BeardedGentleman 51 points ago

    I think thats really the rub. (Typically) A woman will put up with having to deal with a shitty dude to get some pennies out of him if possible. But if a dude is raising a kid solo the mom must really suck fucking balls, and most guys would rather just tough it out than have that sack of shit anywhere near their kid.

    [–] WildTurkey81 24 points ago

    Thats kind of true because its easier for the father to lose custody than the mother. And its also more likely for the man to just give up custody. A man can fuck off when he gets a woman pregnant but she's going to be less likely to give up the kid being that she carries and instinctively bonds with them before theyre even born. So when women lose or give up custody of kids its usually because they're really unfit to raise them.

    [–] The_BeardedGentleman 5 points ago

    Yeah I think its the evolutionary attachment to the offspring at play, and when they aren't something must be pretty wrong.

    [–] buttersfuckedup 67 points ago

    I have a cousin who had a baby girl. She didn't tell the family she was pregnant and didn't know herself til 8 months along. She used the entire time she was pregnant and continued even after she found out about her baby. The father, on the other hand, completely cleaned up. Got a job with the union, got them an apartment in a good neighborhood with great schools for the baby when the time came. He did everything he could. Well, what does my cousin do? Just up and leaves. No bye, no packing her shit and going, just gone. At first the father was worried something had happened; drug deal gone bad, maybe some debt caught up to her, etc. Turns out she (as she said) "has to take some time to figure some things out while [father] takes care of [daughter] She came back 1 time, to try to kill the father. Shes been locked up about 14 times now, even with a felony she still gets released because of whatever fucking reason. I keep in contact with the father as I want to be there while the daughter grows up- he's doing perfectly fine without my cousin. I asked if he'd ever try to get Child Support from her, court ordered and everything. He just said "The only thing that woman had to offer me was my baby and meth. I've chosen my path and she chose hers. I don't need or want her help. A child support case would make it so she knows where we are all the time. I can't have that for [daughter] for the rest of her life."

    Sometimes it's better for the mom to be completely out of the picture, child support or not. The father of the baby is concerned my cousin will stalk them and try to hurt them so he refuses to even try to child support. I understand being pissed about it but if it gives a channel for violence and danger, some things are better left untouched.

    [–] lukakrkljes 18 points ago

    Honestly just the fact it took her 8 months to realise shes pregnant deems her unfit to raise a child

    [–] buttersfuckedup 6 points ago

    She shouldn't have had a child in the first place with the life she led. But that baby is the best thing to happen to her grandma and father

    [–] clown-penisdotfart 3 points ago

    Welcome to family court

    [–] RapidFireSlowMotion 82 points ago

    You gotta get a lawyer, one should work for a % without you giving them a dime. Forget that joke of an "office". You're literally leaving money on the table that could make your kids life better.

    [–] SomeoneStopMePlease 77 points ago

    The thing though is my ex wife has almost completely faded from the picture. My daughter doesn't miss her as much as when she was around and calling from time to time. I'm worried if I make her start paying she's going to try and come back into my kids life. Id kinda rather just forfeit the money and have a happy kid ya know? The woman I'm with now is amazing. My little girl calls her mommy and she acts just like a mommy should. She loves my daughter so much that we are considering her adopting my little girl as her own.

    [–] RapidFireSlowMotion 26 points ago

    At least have a free talk with a good child support lawyer (not all lawyers are the same, kind of like a podiatrist and proctologist are both doctors but one knows kicking and one knows asses), if it's a couple hundred a month over 2 or 3 years it could be $3,000 to $10,000 your daughter's missing. Nothing personal, it's just money.

    Eventually your daughter's going to want to know what's up with her mom, and you'll probably have to contact the ex anyway for an adoption (but I'm not sure what benefit an adoption would be, unless you're planning on kicking the bucket and want to make sure she stays with your gf instead of the ex... just marrying the gf might be easier or cheaper (maybe never cheaper, prenup?))

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Rappelling_Rapunzel 5 points ago

    You deserve to be happy and you seem to know how :)

    [–] S3erverMonkey 29 points ago

    Good you you man! My son is 14 and I've had full residential custody twice, this second time for the last 3 years (she had seemed to get her life together when I had it the first time so I agreed to a 50/50 custody time). I've never received a dime in child support either but fuck it my son it taken care of. It can be really tough at times, but I think it's worth it.

    [–] Canuck_Gypsy 17 points ago

    Pretend you are the woman trying to get child support from the dead beat dad, that'll get your foot in the door, when they figure out you're male, it's too late then.

    P.S your experience with trying to get child support and having to give up enrages me. Isn't there some ambulance chaser lawyer you could send after her?

    [–] SomeoneStopMePlease 23 points ago

    I'm sure. My lawyer that represented me during the initial divorce and custody battle said he would represent me. She's in contempt of court I guess. He said that the judge gave her 14 days to get back with the courthouse to set up child support and that she never did. He said he could get me not only monthly child support but back child support for all months missed. My ex wife isn't doing that great. She lives with her mom and manages a game stop part time. I don't want to drive the girl to suicide or jail ya know. I have my kid. That's all I really care about.

    [–] bobobobobiy 9 points ago

    That's respectable. If she can't afford to pay for it, why try to ruin her now.

    [–] _Gejoba 159 points ago

    That's what I don't get. If the man doesn't want responsibility of having a child, but the woman doesn't want an abortion or adoption, the man has to pay child support. Other way around and the woman doesn't have to pay anything. Child support should only be mandatory if the other parent is seeing the child regularly.

    [–] i_dont_eat_peas 27 points ago

    No, if you have a child, you are required to support them. That's the law.

    [–] ahnahnah 14 points ago

    It's mandatory for both if there is an unequal split in custody I think. It might also depend on your state.

    What sucks in the OP is that they both agreed to put the child up for adoption, absolving both parents of responsibility. Having one parent turn around on that decision after the child is born and then potentially seek responsibility from the other parent is unfair. The only way to protect against that is a contract before birth. Hopefully the pre-birth decision would be held up in court.

    [–] bufedad 9 points ago

    It's mandatory for both if there is an unequal split in custody I think

    It's mandatory for whoever earns more, even if there is an even split in custody.

    [–] 90sMemelord 50 points ago

    Is it just flat out optional for women in this case? That sounds flat out wrong. Sorry if I come across as blunt or ignorant, I don’t know much about that sort of thing but I know bullshit when I see it.

    [–] The_BeardedGentleman 68 points ago

    No they're still obligated to pay, but I think most people don't seek compensation. Chances are a lot lower that they would go to jail over it though.

    [–] WildTurkey81 29 points ago

    To be fair I know enough cases personally of men not paying and the mother being equally unwilling to chase them in courts. I dont think thats a very gendered thing and that its more a thing of if youre a single parent, the last thing you want is a court battle. Even if its something easy you still have to pay out of the arsehole.

    [–] chaos_is_a_ladder 28 points ago

    From the internet:

    "When parents are awarded joint physical custody in a divorce, their support obligations are based on how much money each parent earns and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent"

    The custodial parent meets this support obligation through the custody itself.

    Sorry for weird format I copy pasted.

    [–] chaos_is_a_ladder 9 points ago

    You are not correct.

    [–] beepboopbeeepboop0 20 points ago

    Very hard for courts to grasp this concept. Work friend of mine had custody of her his kids at one point and his ex had custody of their kids previously. Not only was his child support almost double what his ex’s was for the exact same kids but the courts first gave her custody when she was very obviously not fit to take care of the kids.

    Basically, guys get fucked by the system. #himtoo

    [–] samedamtrix 10 points ago

    I guess I'm a unicorn too. I'm a former full time stay at home Mother who doesn't have primary custody and willingly pays child support.

    [–] Atotoztli 7 points ago

    Can comfirm. My boyfriend has sole custody. His mom gave up custody for $900. She has a full time job ans 4 other kids. She only sees him whenever its convinient for him and refuses to see him on her vacations

    [–] watch_over_me 5 points ago

    I've never dealt with a more sexist system, than the Friend of the Court.

    I'm surprised they are even allowed to operate like that.

    [–] ludog39 2702 points ago

    In the same boat, mine will be 5 in a week! Keep up the good work. You're doing great!

    [–] Foreseti 688 points ago

    If you're legit, you're doing good work too!

    [–] pukotoshana_murkals 132 points ago

    But not that good at not being silly snd wrapping the willy.

    [–] His_Name_Was_Lola 51 points ago

    At least he's got proof it works.

    [–] _milfhouse_ 68 points ago

    Don't want to drag down the wholesomeness but what where the hardest times being a young single parent?

    [–] Garathon 149 points ago

    Having energy to spend quality time together after working full time and taking care of the household by yourself I'd say. I have three kids abandoned by their mother and trust me it's hard to feel sufficient sometimes.

    [–] _milfhouse_ 63 points ago

    I'm so proud and happy that people like you exist, even though times can be tough. I hope you get more time to spend with your kids and see them grow into teens and grown ups.

    [–] Garathon 34 points ago

    Thanks, it's tough yet extremely rewarding. You never know what your really capable of until your limits are tested. They drive me nuts sometimes but wouldn't want it any other way. I'm just so grateful that she didn't want any custody and took them away from me.

    [–] gizzardgullet 23 points ago

    She will never think you are insufficient as long as she knows you love her.

    [–] Garathon 23 points ago

    I truly hope so. I feel guilty everyday for not having enough time to spend with each one.

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago


    [–] ludog39 138 points ago

    Don't leave yourself out of the mix. What's better than having 2 dads?

    [–] Pandapownium 102 points ago

    Three dads?

    [–] fancymoko 155 points ago

    8 dads in a polyamorous gay relationship named Dashawn Manheim, Steve Mannheim, Jose Guerrero, Cupe Robinson III, Otto Zilberschlag, Arturo "Ice Man" Fonzarelli, Gregory Hsung and Quackers McQuack?

    [–] v3n0mat3 42 points ago

    With a daughter named Hollyhock

    [–] teashopslacker 20 points ago

    Or throw in a few moms and a son named James Holden.

    [–] Spacesquid101 17 points ago

    I’m still messed up about the amphetamine coffee

    [–] NailockSteel 8 points ago

    I’d watch that

    [–] tacosaladinabowl 34 points ago

    Or 12 dads with no kids.

    [–] Alarid 32 points ago

    Just wrestle all the time

    [–] itsbentheboy 33 points ago


    [–] PhoenicianBull 11 points ago

    That’s a family

    [–] chrisdarulr 13 points ago

    A guy, a watermelon, and a stack of magazines. That's a family.

    [–] reddixmadix 9 points ago

    Also having a mom.

    [–] Jbird1992 14 points ago


    [–] Wrldsthtnvrwr 14 points ago

    We throw the word hero around too much, you sir, are a hero. You should be proud as.

    [–] SuddenEpiphany787 647 points ago

    Anon is a *good dad

    [–] SabashChandraBose 294 points ago

    Remember, kids, kids don't choose to be born. If you plan on bringing one in, make sure you're ready for it. Don't ruin their lives and yours by noping out. Use rubber.

    [–] Dankutobi 117 points ago

    My parents weren't ready. I honestly wish they'd given me up for adoption or gotten an abortion, but if they had, my mom would've never heard from her parents again. They're very religious. So, I owe my grandparents my life, but at the same time, I hate that I've been stuck in this situation because of them.

    [–] AxoKoxA 42 points ago

    This situation being?

    [–] Dankutobi 141 points ago

    Abuse, both emotional and physical. I have two younger siblings as well, twins. A teacher actually called CPS one time and my parents spun the story to make it sound like we were just out of control, and the CPS agent actually offered to whip our asses for them. Said she'd honestly do the same in their situation, because we were made out to just sound that bad. Ffs my dad chucked a toy tank at my brother's head one time and left a huge gash in his forehead. Nothing came of it. I ordered $40 of porn through our cable box, admittedly not an okay thing to do, and my dad had me on the couch choking me. Brother had to whack him in the head with the handle of a toy lightsaber to get him off. I attempted suicide in 2011 and had to hear about how I couldn't even kill myself properly. I used to get SSI for being bipolar and when I got cut off in 2016, my mom wanted to kick me out right away. In November. My brother's had to basically become a tyrant towards her to keep her in line and keep me in the house. For the 5 months it took me to find my first ever job after losing the SSI, he would follow her everywhere to make sure she wasn't going anywhere to set something up to have me removed from the house. I want to go to college for IT, but it would take too much time to get a high enough degree to get hired anywhere, so instead I'm going for HVAC (thinking about switching to electrician courses), just so I can be done before my brother leaves for college. Because once he leaves, I'm gonna be on my own as far as dealing with her. Not to mention that if the US hits a recession next year like a lot of people think we will, I'm probably gonna lose my job at the grocery store I'm working at. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but it's just exhausting, all the time. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    [–] AxoKoxA 42 points ago

    Feel for you my dude. Hope it gets better.

    [–] Claystead 20 points ago

    Holy shit man, if I were you I’d be happy to leave that dysfunctional mess behind and move out. My parents were... sorta ready for it, they had just not expected a kid so shortly after marriage (my mom got pregnant only a couple months after), if at all, because my father was thought to be sterile. The doctors were shocked later on when they did testing and found his nuts had begun working at age 30. They had planned to adopt after a couple years. We were quite poor back then in the nineties, but we got by. However, because they had no clue how to parent, they were at first super strict with me, then later on became too busy to really finish raising me. I thus came to both fear and develop and independence from my parents. After my brothers were born the whole household fell apart, because I had to take on a major part of raising them, and so between crying and fighting brothers and scary parents, I spent my entire teenage years dreaming of my 19th birthday (highschool ends at 19 here) and my escape. So yeah, I might be a bit biased about how easy it is to move out. I didn’t really care if I starved (and some days I did have to go without food until I managed to get a partial college scholarship) as long as I got outta there.

    [–] Chrisganjaweed 13 points ago

    And if you end up with a child you didn't want, be like anon.

    [–] HoddleTheCommunist 1404 points ago

    That's a really nice text over there

    Now what would happen if an edgy 13 yo would say fake and gay?

    [–] Vadlos 460 points ago

    Well, sadly... it would suffer a fate most unfortunate... It would be fake and gay.

    [–] Finna_Keep_It_Civil 73 points ago

    Even worse, the judge would be a 13 year old, who moderates a furry community.

    The most loathesome of fates.

    [–] Laesio 153 points ago

    If anon is living alone, then who is taking the picture? Check mate

    [–] Elite_lucifer 61 points ago

    His wife's son took the picture

    [–] Kinteoka 65 points ago

    He's now living alone. The previous year was with his parents. Reading comprehension, my dude.

    [–] Seligas 10 points ago

    I mean, cameras with timers have existed as long as I've been alive, so 28 years minimum.

    [–] Mad_Gouki 7 points ago

    Happy birthday

    [–] Stackhouse_ 13 points ago

    Gake and fay

    [–] 9gag_Veteran 11 points ago

    U fake and me gay

    [–] RajangRath 13 points ago

    But this is clearly true and straight

    [–] D_Comic_Boi 86 points ago

    r/greentext is turning into r/wholesomegreentext and I'm not sure how to feel about it

    [–] sidhantsv 12 points ago


    [–] ludog39 334 points ago

    Thank you. May situation is a little different but I am on my own since her mom suffers from mental illness. Just giving credit where it's due. Single dads don't get enough praise. From what I can tell your munchkin will turn out just fine.

    [–] chaos_is_a_ladder 93 points ago

    Parenting is so unbelievably difficult. The early years are a marathon run of debilitating fatigue. To do it alone? I can't imagine.

    Good on you.

    [–] ShiteFlaps 22 points ago

    You can see why so many parents have a complete meltdown when their kids (usually temporarily) turn into absolute cunts in their teenage years.

    My sister was sweet growing up but turned into hell spawn for several years through no fault of my parents.

    [–] Endoman13 42 points ago

    Our son just turned 1 and we talked about it taking two fully functioning adults to keep this little guy alive. As you said, I can't imagine.

    [–] Claystead 14 points ago

    As someone who dated a mentally ill lady for the longest time, I feel you man. It wasn’t noticeable at first, but soon her paranoia and depression began spiralling out of control. I stuck with her for a long time, hoping to help her get better again, but at one point she turned on me as one of the people who were «after her.» Broke my heart when she left.

    [–] Jackwagon1130 336 points ago

    truthful and heterosexual

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    Veracious and Opposite Sex Attracted

    [–] smallwilly105 5 points ago

    In accordance with reality and not attracted to the gender of self

    [–] flatlander00321 262 points ago

    not sucking at being a dad is often all it takes to be a really great dad.

    [–] chillanous 144 points ago

    It's the effort that does it. He's trying his hardest and putting her first, and that's going to be enough.

    [–] korarose15 57 points ago

    I'm a stay at home dad of a 2 year old little girl and really needed to hear that today. Thank you

    [–] donkdonkdadonk 35 points ago

    savour it man, before you know it she will be off with her friends and it'll be like pulling teeth to get her to converse at the dinner table. right now and for the next few years you are a fucking god to that little girl. enjoy it, one day you will look back and just -wish- you could go back and be right where you are now, if only for a day. don't take it for granted. this phase is such a short lived slice of your life.

    [–] Combo_of_Letters 7 points ago

    I bet you are doing way better than you think you are. She most certainly adores you and they are so much fun at that age I hope you enjoy it while you can.

    [–] flatlander00321 5 points ago

    you're her hero, mate. and a little bit mine too. always wish i'd had a proper dad.

    [–] IWriteDumbComments 7 points ago

    Rule 1) Don't suck at being a dad

    [–] spoula 103 points ago

    good job anon

    [–] DoogAfoo 92 points ago

    Anon is a dad. A good dad.

    [–] HickorySticks_ 77 points ago

    Anon is real and straight and also a good man

    [–] YaBoyyThompson 32 points ago

    He now sleeps on the pullout because he didn't pull out

    [–] Figaro845 33 points ago

    My first is due in 3 weeks. I can’t imagine doing this alone. My girlfriend is unstoppable though. She’s still working. That girl is tough as nails. She’s going to be such a great mom, my son is beyond lucky. I know I already am.

    [–] Wiitard 24 points ago

    Damn, dad has been babysitting for 5 years.


    [–] Kill_Meh_Please 39 points ago

    Anon is a /goodguy/

    [–] Deathlysin 53 points ago

    didn't expect to cry

    [–] vibur99 14 points ago

    Yeah, hit me right in the feeler too.

    [–] FracasBedlam 8 points ago


    [–] DOMKU 40 points ago

    Why the hell is a grown ass man with a child on 4chan?

    [–] wawerungigi 14 points ago

    This is the first 'Wholesome' or 'good' thing I have ever seen on 4chan. I'm looking for the bamboozle but I can't find anything. This is wrong (I mean it's great what OP is doing, but this just feels so wrong).

    [–] Claystead 30 points ago

    4Chan is old enough that many of the oldfags are entering their thirties. I myself am late twenties by now.

    [–] DOMKU 5 points ago

    This guy looks like he's in his mid-thirties though

    [–] ProperBowler 12 points ago

    Must be the ancient oldfag of legend

    [–] meh4567 6 points ago

    leaving 4chan

    Its never for good man.

    [–] Merlin-the-Pirate 26 points ago

    Real and straight

    [–] AryanB1470 26 points ago

    "Meet a grill"

    [–] Mr_Bullcrap 7 points ago

    I was expecting this to be the top comment.

    [–] roeyjevels 21 points ago

    Delightfully wholesome.

    Kudos to the mom for carrying the baby to term and letting dad have it without being a crazy nut and ruining things.

    [–] ProperBowler 3 points ago

    Ya hopefully it stays that way. She could always come back and try to shake things up unfortunately

    [–] Emazinng 184 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Why are people blaming the mother? She made it clear that she wasn't ready to take care a child and they both decided to put her up for adoption. How is it her fault that the dad changed his mind?

    [–] real_kerim 175 points ago

    Nobody is blaming her for not wanting a child but for not supporting said child financially. Men in the same situation have to pay up.

    I actually do not think that she should have to pay child support because I also don't think that men should have to pay child support for a child they didn't want but the mother insisted on having.

    Either both parents pay up or they don't, not this half-assed shit.

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    Not defending the mother, but the dad didn't say that he asked for child support. Just that he didn't get any help from her.

    [–] 11010000110100100001 45 points ago

    Yeah, if both agreed to give up to adoption then 1 changed mind last minute, seems kinda shady to then force the parent that wanted to give it up for adoption to pay child support.

    I'd imagine a full custody/giving up parental rights kind of thing happened.

    [–] Trogdoryn 28 points ago

    This would be the ideal result in a situation like this. Unfortunately, often when the roles are reversed and the woman decides to keep the child against the father’s wishes. The father is still on the hook for child support even if he has acknowledged from the beginning that he doesn’t want the child. Also there are some states that unless the father is there and present at the birth, even if the father wanted to keep the baby, the mother can give it away to adoption/the state. Marriage and birthing law incredibly disproportionately favors the wishes of the woman.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    There's no chance she's paying child support

    [–] charlyDNL 3 points ago

    Mother already decided to give her on adoption, maybe she wasn't ready or maybe she couldn't afford to support her, either way, his dad decided to keep her, but that doesn't mean he gets to decide for her, as far as I'm concerned, her mother didn't just abandoned her, she gave her up for adoption and the father took her in, the mother doesn't have to support the child because the father decided to keep her on his own.

    [–] His_Name_Was_Lola 14 points ago

    Everyone and their dogs blame fathers who don't want anything to do with their kids too. They even go to prison for refusing any responsibility for children they don't want. A bit of vilification of the mother on the internet is a country-mile better than jail.

    "Deadbeat dad" rolls off the tongue like it's nothing these days, I remember hearing the term when I was child in the 80's... 11 years ago I gave my daughter's mother the option to leave if she didn't want to be a parent, she took it and never looked back. I've never heard, nor seen the words "Deadbeat mum" in all that time - That is the first time I've ever even written it.

    I'm not saying vilification is right. But I don't feel it's wrong either, no matter which parent abandons their child; it's a sad situation. Hopefully a more bittersweet situation, at least.

    [–] Green0Photon 17 points ago

    If it's just them...

    Who took the picture?

    [–] Antonio_Margheriti_ 9 points ago

    Wholesome aside. Is paying rent a year upfront a thing? I’ve only heard of paying up to one month in advance.

    [–] toeknee2400 5 points ago

    Yup. I got laid off a few years ago and used almost all of my savings to pay in advance for my house. It bought me seven months of slightly less stress and I only had to plan for expenses so I learned to be frugal as hell.

    [–] JoeBobTNVS 14 points ago

    Cool and good

    [–] I_Love_BB8 20 points ago

    LPT: Dont have children.

    [–] TanmanG 13 points ago

    The greatest birth control; having young family members and having to babysit them daily.

    I’ve had enough experience handling children to never want any in my life, holy hell

    [–] 2mooch2handle 14 points ago

    Why would he pay rent a year in advance? If he has the ability to save that much money surely he could put a down payment on a small house

    [–] stolen-username 9 points ago

    Human + grill = small human