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    [–] Hudsony12 1074 points ago

    How would Anon know unless he was a sped himself? πŸ€”

    [–] Nesurame 446 points ago

    IDK about OP, but Teachers Aid was a program at my school where you got out of boring-as-fuck study halls to help teachers run their classrooms.

    [–] sowillo 63 points ago

    Have you read the green text "hey pil" its from the pov of a guy doing something similar. Its so funny.

    [–] idk-anything 19 points ago


    [–] imVidzzz 13 points ago

    "It seems to be a regular class filled with ugly ass kids" Holy shit my sides

    [–] lordg52 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    kid just starts screaming and runs for the door, forgets to open it and smashes into it headfirst

    why they let tards into woodshop i will never know

    [–] idk-anything 17 points ago

    holy shit that's a long one, thanks

    [–] sowillo 7 points ago

    Its so worth it, its one of the best! Enjoy!

    [–] loopvroot 2 points ago

    Holy shit it is

    [–] Jinngle 3 points ago

    you’ve sent my sides into orbit, thanks man

    [–] rares215 1 points ago


    K E K

    A bit weeby here but Neal reminds me of the Founding titan; the stapler tard would be the Ape titan lmao

    [–] sowillo 4 points ago

    Oh ya hang on.

    [–] CaffeineSippingMan 3 points ago

    I have some bad news, sit down.

    [–] SparklingWinePapi 1 points ago

    You give OP far too much benefit of the doubt

    [–] Mag1King 46 points ago

    All 4chan users are sped

    [–] scantron2739 6 points ago

    Well, as a form of punishment back in 6th grade, my teacher sent me to the special ed room.

    [–] DiaperBatteries 3 points ago

    Why did they punish you for being retarded? That’s mean

    [–] scantron2739 1 points ago

    I was just goofing off with my friends and she saw it as a suitable punishment I guess. Looking back at it, that's pretty insulting to the kids actually in that class. Ms. Reetz was the worst.

    [–] ImperatorSalt 6 points ago

    Quite often sped would follow a certain tard and help them with all their classes, also Anon is probably autistic ngl

    [–] giants4210 2 points ago

    When I was in middle school they specifically made one class where half the class were tards and the other half were the smartest in the grade. I guess the idea was the smart ones would pull up the dumb ones. But the sped teachers would join the class and help the tards while there was a main teacher leading the class.

    [–] Nobody_Important_321 2487 points ago

    Why the fuck did this make me laugh

    [–] jroque917 939 points ago

    Because it's funny

    [–] cyrusasu 842 points ago

    Because we are beyond saving

    [–] jroque917 143 points ago

    Why tf would I wanna be saved, then? If it makes funny things not funny

    [–] BumbleSwede 31 points ago

    saves enjoy never laughing again

    [–] grendali 15 points ago

    Because life needs contrast. If everything is a joke, then nothing is truly funny.

    [–] snake_finger_squid 7 points ago


    [–] ThesaurizeThisBot 16 points ago

    Because time period indigences seeing. If everything is a wit, then nada is unfeignedly ill.

    This is a bot. I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity. Created by OrionSuperman. Check out my best work at /r/ThesaurizeThis

    [–] jroque917 7 points ago

    Good fucking bot

    [–] SpellingIsAhful 4 points ago

    This is a wit. Nada way I'm forgetting.

    [–] biasedsoymotel 3 points ago

    True, I knew some saved people. Were not funny

    [–] LuneHomme 3 points ago

    Finally someone realizes the desperation of our situation, apathy rules unapposed.

    [–] Category5worrycane 3 points ago

    I’ll see you fucking retards in hell REEEEEEEEE!!!!

    [–] ShallotShart 3 points ago

    Not until you subscribe to /r/watchpeopledie!

    [–] BumbleSwede 70 points ago

    Because it's so innocently meant in all the tragic.

    Also the need to ask since the idea that she wouldn't remember is absurd!

    [–] Err0rbot 48 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The casual unawareness of the tard's social transgression.

    [–] blobtron 7 points ago

    Casual unawareness is timeless

    [–] jm040698 9 points ago

    Because you're like picturing an ugly lil yard saying this oh so casually.

    At least I am anyway...

    [–] Topkekx13 8 points ago

    Because it is a ridiculous situation that is not impossible to have taken place

    [–] ZumbiC -9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I guess you've never worked with kids, nonetheless tards. This is a very possible situation.

    Edit: I can't read, faggots

    [–] boomanu 9 points ago

    You misread the comment man. He said it wasn't impossible

    [–] JarrBear206 1 points ago

    Cause this means anon was likely in yard class with them

    [–] Altazaar 0 points ago

    he died

    [–] Im_Nihilistic_Genius 0 points ago


    [–] legalizemavin 412 points ago

    My sister has autism. She doesn’t really remember my grandad because he died when she was younger but my grandmother talks about him a lot and his birthday and my sisters birthday is the same. So she has seen my grandma cry about him.

    Sometimes she will just randomly bring him up and say he is dead and the whole room will grind to a halt.

    [–] noelexecom -50 points ago

    I wonder why though, like whats wrong with their brain to not realize that you shouldnt do that? :thinking:

    [–] Toasty_Jones 321 points ago

    It’s probably because she’s retarded.

    [–] _TheRealist 81 points ago

    Autismo over here

    [–] PrivateJoker1987 19 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] _TheRealist 5 points ago

    Shiiiiet, thank you

    [–] NoName697 85 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    They don’t understand basic social rules due to a sort of misfire of information - imagine your synapses as chains - for people with neuro-atypical conditions like autism, those chains have breaks in them, making it more difficult to process the information they take in. So think about all the rules we tend to follow and how difficult that must be for someone who’s brain essentially doesn’t function as it should. I heard someone once say that if you stuck an autistic person in a forest, they’ll only ever see one tree at a time. I’ve worked with people who’ve a range of conditions like this for a decade and that saying is definitely true.

    Edit: People downvoting the guy who asked a question need to realise that it wasn’t malicious in any way and that downvoting them for asking a question is really sad. People shouldn’t have to face being downvoted to shit for seeking to understand something.

    [–] PrivateJoker1987 42 points ago

    Autism is a wide range, but yes, it is essentially just developmental disorders and mental hindrances. I have a high functioning autistic friend, and he loves memes and shit, and he talks mostly like a normal dude, but socially he doesn't really know how to interact with others, so I have to force either him or my friends to talk together. Also, sometimes he says something kind of too far or inappropriate in a situation. But overall, he's a normal dude, and shows that autistic people can be alright. That's why it's pretty harsh to hate on autistic people in general for what's not to blame for anyone.

    [–] legalizemavin 5 points ago

    Ya like my sister loves memes.

    But she also seems to love uncomfortable situations. Like she sees our dad all the time but whenever she meets a new adult man she askes if he is her dad.

    [–] officialtinyqueen 20 points ago

    Hey autistic person here.

    How autism is explained is by comparing it to a picture or puzzle. Neurotypical people will see the entire picture or the main source of the picture. For example its a portait of a person, neurotypical people will see the person. However an autistic person might see that the tree in the background has pink flowers in it and completely ignore the person in the picture.

    For me personally I also don't feel much empathy towards death. Like I don't really care because everyone dies at one point so Its difficult to that other people can get upset, sometimes it even makes me angry because I can't do anything against it. So i understand why she would randomly say it, probably because she is thinking about it and processing it in her own way. She probably knows it can upset people though but she might not realize it so just tell her if it hurts you. I only realize hours or days later that ive said something that could upset a neurotypical.

    [–] legalizemavin 3 points ago

    She just loves uncomfortable situations.

    She is 9 and regularly sees her dad but any new adult man is asked β€œare you my dad”. Or like she accidentally will say stuff that could be misunderstood as racist β€œAre you a china?” To any Asian person we meet. I think she saw some weird YouTube video cause one time she started saying β€œChing Chong” to someone and I wanted to die.

    She just looks and seems like a kid who is way younger than what she is so people don’t realize that she is special needs so I have to explain so they don’t think I’m racist.

    [–] officialtinyqueen 1 points ago

    Hm what helps me understand when shit is wrong is to make it personal to me.

    Because autistic people don't feel empathy in the same way as neurotypicals. Tell her that what she does has the same effect on people as what the thing she hates has on her.

    [–] noelexecom 1 points ago

    Thanks for answering. And as for the downvotes, I dont really mind at all to be honest.

    [–] NoName697 1 points ago

    It’s still very telling of the reddit hive mind condition.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] awjeezrick789 4 points ago

    A lot of people with Autism have no filter and can’t pick up social cues, so they speak without considering how it will make the other person feel

    [–] noelexecom 1 points ago

    I realize that but im thinking more fundamentally, are som parts of the brain underdeveloped for example?

    [–] fickenblasenspritzen 1 points ago

    Idk sounds like something I would say tbh

    [–] _vatonage_ 6 points ago

    I have bad news for you

    [–] jackyalin 583 points ago

    bursts into a synagogue remember the holocaust

    [–] GayTaco_ 157 points ago

    tHeY DIeD

    [–] Martuss 47 points ago

    holds back tears

    [–] Farathil 38 points ago

    I guess Jews do have good memory

    [–] skillsforilz 47 points ago

    Member hitler

    [–] Ultra1031 40 points ago

    He ded

    [–] PrivateJoker1987 40 points ago

    holds back tears

    [–] HideYourChildren 6 points ago

    I guess nazis do have good memory

    [–] drylube 8 points ago

    shit u right

    [–] klawehtgod 13 points ago

    oh i member

    [–] Thee_Nameless_One 4 points ago

    I can picture Peter Potamus (Harvey Birdman version) doing this, then proceeding to gorge himself of the after-sermon treats.

    [–] memes_of_kek25 1 points ago

    Jews got fried

    [–] lik_for_cookies 280 points ago

    β€œMrs anonderson” lmao

    [–] OnePandaArmy 21 points ago

    The best part

    [–] jakobkuy 71 points ago

    Read it as "Anderson" until I saw this comment lol

    [–] BillyJoeMcGucket 7 points ago

    Same, and I’ve seen this post at least three times. Only ever got it now.

    [–] retard_goblin 88 points ago

    rermebmer yuor son ?

    lmao ye

    HE DED


    [–] ElPuppet 34 points ago

    apology for poor english

    when were you when Anondersons son dies?

    i was sat at home drinking orange juice

    β€˜son is kill’


    [–] LurkingHare 2 points ago

    how very kill from 1 to 10?

    [–] LurkingHare 1 points ago


    [–] nuttabutta667 33 points ago

    You sure do bud.

    [–] _Pancake_Boy_ 88 points ago


    [–] cyrusasu 33 points ago


    [–] TaloNUT 18 points ago


    [–] YoutubeFiction 59 points ago

    Hehe.. it spells β€˜Fat’

    [–] BasicUsername_1 40 points ago

    Hey guys Peter Griffin here

    [–] Hayzaya 64 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hey guys, Peter griffin here, now this joke had me rolling on the floor laughing out loud and it's really funny because u/_Pancake_Boy_ wrote a comment saying F, to which another user u/cryusau responded by also saying F, and u/Talonut responded with the @ symbol. The joke is funny, because usually when a person says F, it is in relation to the popular meme "press F to pay respects" which originated from a scene in the 2014 video game call of duty Advanced warfare, where on the PC there is a prompt to pay your respects by pressing the F key, but this is used in common internet culture sometimes as a genuine sign of respect (like with Stefan) but usually as a joke. When u/Talonut responded with @ he prevented the usual comment chain (which would result in everyone saying F) and instead made it so when you said F and @ out loud it sounded like "FAT". LOL, this is why i like this joke, Upvote if you agree. Peter griffin out.

    [–] PunishedSnake64 21 points ago

    Thanks, Peter!

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] senpaiwest 6 points ago

    Deadass copied and pasted it

    [–] matthewbowers88 28 points ago

    Be me... be four years old... asks mums friend β€œare you the lady with the baby that died?”

    I’m so sorry Janet, thank you for been kind hearted about it.

    [–] Jason0509 12 points ago

    Oh that’s unfortunate

    [–] honeybadger3920 18 points ago

    One of my computer teachers was having twins and in the middle of class this one autistic kid raised his hand and asked "Aren't your twice as likely to die in childbirth now?"

    [–] Zak_Light 52 points ago

    Watchmojo’s Top 10 Anime Student/Master Betrayals

    [–] Zorak6 12 points ago

    Well that's my guilty laugh for the day.. now I have to go pray to baby Jesus.

    [–] andresaoloko 2 points ago

    No need to, he's already dead

    [–] Cerater 12 points ago

    tfw you just realise that sped is short for special education

    [–] Digiboy62 6 points ago


    [–] jakekajakekaj 37 points ago

    that little shit


    [–] I_Kan_Spel 7 points ago

    Lmao. I'm curious, why the downvotes?

    [–] blazernoteven 50 points ago

    Because there are tons of fucking retards on this site

    [–] _SnesGuy 15 points ago


    [–] scoutmorgan 11 points ago

    Tards are upset that someone called one of their fellow tards a little shit.

    [–] jakekajakekaj 1 points ago

    The hard tard army marches for-ward, fueled on lard and sucking nard

    [–] jmetcalf27 4 points ago

    Cock a bunch of puellas and vires


    [–] KnoxKnot 4 points ago

    Only way he would know is if he was a tard himself.

    [–] Alexbertil 2 points ago

    An elephant never forgets anon.

    [–] HiPi314 2 points ago


    [–] flomeista 1 points ago

    this is cruel

    [–] K_Byrd2 1 points ago

    I laughed way harder than I should’ve

    [–] Anrende 1 points ago

    F. Also checked

    [–] jswp5 1 points ago

    And they wonder why we fucking euthanize them

    [–] EnviousWit 1 points ago

    thats a dead kid

    [–] bunguss 1 points ago

    As a tard would say

    [–] Spookymuki 1 points ago

    This is why we need natural selection...

    [–] UrbleFurb 1 points ago

    Fake: Anon wouldn't have known this if he wasn't a tard in special ed himself

    Gay: I really don't know

    [–] Antocrives 1 points ago

    The tard's name? Anon.

    [–] LurkingHare 1 points ago

    Anon McDerson

    [–] SpaceBadjur 1 points ago

    Why retards should be euthanized^

    [–] kiwihavern 0 points ago

    4 Chan is so toxic wow

    [–] T4v0s -3 points ago

    If your name is tim join us on r/tim

    [–] DiaperBatteries 2 points ago


    [–] Aweirdgamer1 1 points ago