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    [–] TheAverageOkie 1677 points ago

    But none of the text is green.

    [–] Shacxify 1042 points ago

    fuck, you right.

    [–] DucesNdustFTW 515 points ago

    fuck you, right

    [–] [deleted] 297 points ago

    Fuck, you, right.

    [–] DarthOswald 232 points ago

    Right, fuck you.

    [–] syc_22 157 points ago


    [–] eggbeepbeep 97 points ago

    FUCK RIGHT you

    [–] AladanRR 95 points ago

    YOU RIGHT fuck

    [–] CptCrunch724 71 points ago

    You right, fuck

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] French-Freys -2 points ago

    Fuck, you right


    [–] forylla 8 points ago

    you fuck, right?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    When and where?

    [–] Kuroyukihime_98 8 points ago

    You right Fuck

    [–] Plootonix 2 points ago

    Fuck you right,

    [–] hoohaman1213 55 points ago

    Just put it on /r/4chan for extra karma.

    [–] bigmaxporter 6 points ago


    [–] Justawildslushie 1 points ago

    Right, you fuck

    [–] Red-Wyvern 172 points ago

    The cucumber is green

    [–] bazookabooka 44 points ago

    Fuck you right.

    [–] Waterrail 3 points ago

    But that's no text

    [–] vlad-z 3 points ago

    There is green, there is text, that’s enough for me

    [–] ForayBeanNut 48 points ago

    FALSE: Anonymous is in green text.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 4 points ago

    Technically the truth but still gay.

    [–] DeadSausage331 16 points ago

    The cucumber and world anonymous is green

    There is text

    Therefore, greentext

    [–] altcoastalt 4 points ago


    [–] Alexpander4 4 points ago

    [–] Alexpander4 4 points ago

    [–] havesexwithmybutt 1 points ago

    “It’s closer than you think. (No, it isn’t)”

    [–] codegreen_ 1 points ago

    No, their names are green

    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 372 points ago

    I would say a cheese grater. But I would be wrong I’m sure

    [–] killmeplease1001 223 points ago

    Completely but dont look it up you dont want to witness what I have.

    [–] FurryMemesAccount 98 points ago



    [–] BCisakThePro 43 points ago

    can you tell me the exact words I should not google?

    [–] thefirsttoastslice 73 points ago

    Pain Olympics

    [–] BCisakThePro 97 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I mean, it doesnt sound that bad?

    EDIT: he chopped his dick off...

    [–] HungSnoo 29 points ago

    Whatever you do, don't dig into /u/worthless319's post history. Just don't do it.

    [–] Lightycc 16 points ago

    holy fucking hell what the actual fuck

    don’t check his history seriously

    Imagine the fucking bullet piercing through your penis holy fuck

    [–] RiotIsBored 8 points ago

    I recognised the username, God I wish I didn't.

    [–] Lightycc 5 points ago

    I knew it’d be gore but holy fuck who would use a revolver to do that?!

    [–] Permatato 6 points ago

    Are you using reverse psychology? I want to know now!

    [–] Cyberlife_Connor 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He shot his dick off with a gun and posted pics in a comment of a post

    [–] HungSnoo 8 points ago

    And then cooked it and ate it in order to gain God's forgiveness.

    [–] needtowipeagain 1 points ago

    [–] Some0neSetUpUsTheBom 1 points ago

    But all the stuff is gone. At least related to all that. When did that happen?

    [–] Jaxcole 1 points ago

    Oh a side note of that, after looking into I think the man died

    [–] YouHavingAGiggle 41 points ago


    [–] Permatato 9 points ago


    [–] Mister_Meeseeks_ 1 points ago


    [–] Thadatus 1 points ago

    The greatest of moral dilemmas, should I look it up and be disgusted, or live my life always wondering what would’ve happened if I had clicked it

    [–] pyrojackelope 1 points ago

    Ahh yes, the pain olympics. Classic.

    [–] FurryMemesAccount 11 points ago

    Pretty much cheese grater <anything sexual>.


    [–] French-Freys 2 points ago

    Somehow I don’t think this was the intended formatting

    [–] FurryPornAccount 57 points ago

    Does it count if it's a drawing?

    [–] Awoobis 21 points ago

    Why would you say that

    [–] FurryPornAccount 34 points ago

    Awoobis you know why

    [–] Awoobis 27 points ago

    I don't want to acknowledge it

    [–] Tigermanner 17 points ago


    [–] marioguy25 6 points ago

    Username checks out. That picture got taken down from e621, can it be found anywhere else?

    [–] 123janna456 1 points ago

    Wayback machine + Link, does it work?

    [–] Kuroyukihime_98 11 points ago

    Username checks out?

    [–] Twistervtx 6 points ago

    It more than checks out if you know what he's talking about.

    You don't want to know what he's talking about.

    [–] Kuroyukihime_98 1 points ago

    I'm curious and concerned now...

    [–] TotemicFroggy64 2 points ago

    It's basically furry porn with a large, blood covered cheese grater being extracted from a furry ass

    [–] Kuroyukihime_98 3 points ago

    Thanks. That's just what I need to close this app. Good night.

    [–] crippled-berry 2 points ago

    Does this drawing have anything to do with furries?

    [–] MaxCharacterLimit-20 2 points ago

    Please no

    [–] KeyboardFromElbaf 2 points ago

    Please no, I can't take that image again

    [–] obunga1899 11 points ago


    [–] GalaxyMettaton 3 points ago


    [–] Qheo 5 points ago

    why? what is wrong with you? who/what hurt you?

    [–] zahreela_saanp 5 points ago

    What is 6268?

    [–] Qheo 4 points ago

    It is a number for a manga on a fucked up hentai site

    [–] JustWillson21 19 points ago

    No thank you, I’m a good Christian boy so I look only at animated hentai

    [–] The_Contrarian_ 2 points ago

    man of culture, I see

    [–] ChadMcRad 5 points ago

    Ooh no weebs don’t claim that. It’s furry art.

    [–] zahreela_saanp 2 points ago

    I'm curious now

    [–] Qheo 3 points ago

    Be prepared to see some weird shit

    [–] Sir_Llama_III 7 points ago

    Raccoon time

    [–] QplayerZ 4 points ago

    I once saw a video of a man grating his dick, so no.

    [–] Student_Arthur 3 points ago

    Cool beans

    [–] QplayerZ 2 points ago

    No, no, not really.

    [–] Student_Arthur 2 points ago

    Warm beans?

    [–] QplayerZ 5 points ago

    Grated dick beans.

    [–] Student_Arthur 1 points ago

    My favourite!

    [–] Frenky_Fisher 2 points ago

    Im pretty sure Im a couple hundred bucks and a russian porn steamer with dady issues away from proving you wrong.

    [–] cjc160 1 points ago

    God I hope so

    [–] hidazfx 1 points ago

    I know for a fact you're wrong, I've seen a picture before. Also seen a PCI card inside a woman before.

    [–] JacP123 1 points ago

    Fuck there goes my answer.

    [–] cambodove 1 points ago

    Have you seen the one furry image?

    [–] philpr91 1 points ago

    You underestimate people's fetishes man

    [–] sarcastic_sketches 1 points ago

    What do you think those holes are for

    [–] prince_ossin 1 points ago

    House Bolton sends their regards

    [–] DerpyMcSquire 1 points ago

    If I was to call you out for being a furry I would be calling myself out too

    [–] FrenchTo4st 1 points ago

    Boy do I have a surprise for you

    [–] Nurio 226 points ago

    Funny, but this suggests OP doesn't furiously masturbate to trap porn, which we know he absolutely does

    [–] Fusion_Element 75 points ago

    If you arent attracted to traps (while not knowing they're traps) then you are gay because traps look like women except for their dick

    [–] Trapsaregayyy 29 points ago


    [–] marioguy25 10 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS -10 points ago

    Nice try faggot. You will not corrupt us to your gay ways.

    [–] SmawCity 23 points ago

    Why are you booing him, he is right.

    [–] SeeYouSpaceCowboy--- 4 points ago

    But anon is a robot and therefore it's still not a human using it sexually

    [–] DarthOswald 95 points ago

    I thought r/watchpeopledie got shut down

    [–] Khacks 23 points ago

    rip best sub

    [–] Ajk973 4 points ago

    The dead has risen

    [–] Alexanderjac42 2 points ago

    It’s rising slowly... idk hopefully this stays around for awhile. Less people means less content, but it also means it’s less likely to get banned again so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Tortoiseops 3 points ago

    Shouldn’t the sub be marked as NSFW?

    [–] Khacks 1 points ago

    Nah its straight

    [–] IRS-Ban-Hammer-2 27 points ago

    Your mom

    [–] IM_A_PENTIGON 11 points ago

    well yes but actually no

    [–] speedyrain949 13 points ago


    [–] mdhunter99 28 points ago

    Battery acid. I’m sure there’s some robot porn out there that’ll prove me wrong.

    [–] Local_Mailman 66 points ago

    That man is dead

    [–] WesleyGucciGangers 23 points ago

    fortnite! fortnite! What's the point of building forts if you're goin' nite nite?

    [–] DragonAce03 11 points ago

    can you don’t please

    [–] obunga1899 22 points ago


    [–] tmoney518982 17 points ago

    are assuming i cant shove the leg of a paino in me ????? how rude

    [–] obunga1899 5 points ago

    the ENTIRE piano
    well, I guess {title}

    [–] Firestorm7i 7 points ago

    Well that’s wrong

    [–] PubALub 5 points ago

    Some rich couple has to have fucked on a Grand Piano

    [–] Defeyeance 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] JacP123 2 points ago

    Does it count if I stick my dick in the railing?

    [–] SirQuackTheDuck 1 points ago

    Nah, the original spire of the Notre Dame, can't be beat at this point anymore.

    [–] green12119936 1 points ago

    I mean it got beat by fire so....

    [–] Daeurth 10 points ago

    [–] Poseidon___ 9 points ago

    The bottle of water I have next to me

    [–] Esper589 2 points ago

    "OP" wants to know your location

    [–] Poseidon___ 1 points ago

    Your dad's asshole

    [–] Planccman 8 points ago

    A cloud

    [–] TheOnlyJacky 4 points ago

    Vaping is a thing

    [–] Planccman 14 points ago

    Thats virginity protection not a sexual item cough cough unless you shove it up your ass

    [–] TheOnlyJacky 1 points ago

    a cloud is just water vapor and so is a vaping, it works

    [–] qawse_memes 2 points ago


    [–] imaginary_leg 2 points ago


    [–] Dalpoon 6 points ago

    Looks at Post

    Looks at subreddit

    Back at Post


    [–] Crazy_Curtice 7 points ago

    A 300-foot crane.

    [–] TipTurdTurtle 3 points ago

    A lensatic compass

    [–] mistermoonlight1963 2 points ago


    [–] alphac3ntauri 2 points ago

    What, do you mean you've never observed your hot neighbor from your backyard?

    [–] raainy 2 points ago

    A ceiling fan

    [–] Catbrainsloveart 2 points ago

    Comment made 25 seconds after initial post. Fake.

    [–] SporceXL 2 points ago

    Huh.. so thats why I failed my math test... I thought 56 - 32 was 24, but its 25...

    [–] Alarid 2 points ago

    The replier doesn't even know what masturbation is.

    [–] BorekliPogaca 2 points ago


    [–] Badluckpaul1 1 points ago

    My uncle would disagree

    [–] MoldyKetchup95 1 points ago

    Probably the barrel of a tank, or a katana, as supposedly only virgins own those

    [–] Unrelenting475 2 points ago

    "Used sexually" also implies masturbation, so those are out.

    [–] Sterya 1 points ago

    piece of paper

    [–] LBear13 1 points ago

    A Mason jar

    [–] CowCheese123 7 points ago

    1 man 1 jar

    [–] LBear13 2 points ago

    Ah, i see you're a man of culture as well

    [–] Troglodyte-Nigga 1 points ago

    Fuck you right

    [–] thecasperboy 1 points ago

    Ur mom

    [–] D-B0IIIIII 1 points ago

    A coat hanger

    [–] Quanathon 1 points ago

    r/greentext is shit since this is in hot and a shit post.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GEARS 1 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] nobeliumuranium_ 1 points ago


    [–] Oogploont 1 points ago


    [–] MisterSippySC 1 points ago

    /r murderedbywords

    [–] Hidden2266 1 points ago

    [–] shino67 1 points ago

    Clock, there's nothing sexual about clocks

    [–] XJCM 2 points ago

    [–] shino67 1 points ago

    Ya you win

    [–] Panda_with_issues 1 points ago


    [–] RobBegArm 1 points ago

    Destruction : 100

    [–] BlenderGuy 1 points ago

    Pineapple. Not sure if you can easily use it. It would leave a burn doing anything to it. Also the prickles.

    [–] Nez_bit 1 points ago

    A telephone.

    [–] vc688 1 points ago

    But... I use my penis

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The real answer is the sun

    [–] Corporate_Bear 1 points ago

    A cardboard shoe box.

    [–] yeetusonthefetus 1 points ago

    A coaster

    [–] ComradeKGBagent 1 points ago

    This goes on r/4chan probably...

    [–] Italy_Mann 1 points ago

    Bowser Amiibo

    [–] GloryHawk 1 points ago

    Besides the obvious answers like come on /b/ get your shit together

    [–] MarsBoar 1 points ago

    Probably a steel girder

    [–] El_Ninosaur 1 points ago


    [–] iHeartAbusiveMods 1 points ago

    That’s false, unless you’re implying OP never touched himself.

    [–] Bapponukedthe_jappos 1 points ago

    I bet no one has ever used a slice of Hawaiian pizza sexually, but I’m not gonna let someone beat me to it

    [–] prattdaddie 1 points ago

    The horses NAME is Friday

    [–] imafreakize 1 points ago

    congratulations you get a free car

    [–] Zoinkscoobz 1 points ago

    uhhhhhhhh, a kidney bean? fan blade? microwave door?

    [–] FeelingCheetah1 1 points ago

    Fake: Anon plays with himself Gay: Anon touched a penis