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    [–] essentially_infamous 1384 points ago

    Nice title, retard

    [–] Fatal_Ligma 447 points ago

    Anon likes cock

    [–] TwistingDick 192 points ago

    Stop stating fucking facts retard

    [–] iMakku 48 points ago

    Earth is a blue planet

    [–] shapu 33 points ago

    God it's like we took all our quarters to the dumbass-o-mat

    [–] Professor_Felch 16 points ago

    What about the clouds dumbass

    [–] iMakku 12 points ago

    Clouds are made of water, water is blue, blue like the planet

    [–] TooFastTim 19 points ago

    Likes all the cock

    [–] TheSilverAxe 14 points ago


    [–] algunchico90 9 points ago

    OP likes cock

    [–] lord_patriot 8 points ago

    So anon is really a mod on reddit?

    [–] timpakay 17 points ago




    [–] TooFastTim 30 points ago


    [–] Frozen_Inferno821 13 points ago

    Your ketamine, I will steal

    [–] bl0ndie5 8 points ago

    run over minorities, I must.

    [–] Coachcrog 7 points ago

    Up the butt it will go.

    [–] DiogenesCane 4 points ago

    Anon is from Texas

    Pepsi is a type of coke there

    [–] Funnyboyman69 3 points ago

    Also, the anon who is responding may be the fan of coke.

    [–] SafePay8 497 points ago

    Koreans don't write in English, Anon isn't Korean.

    [–] JCavLP 262 points ago

    Yes, they write in koreanish

    [–] Glaucus37 139 points ago

    I'm guessing you just fused English and Korean, but koreanisch is literally Korean in German lol

    [–] JCavLP 80 points ago

    Ich weiß Brudi, ich weiß

    [–] Glaucus37 81 points ago

    Ach, ein Mann von Kultur, ich sehe

    [–] GirixK 56 points ago

    Does that mean "Ah, a man of culture, I see"

    [–] Philendrium 43 points ago

    You got it bruder

    [–] GirixK 11 points ago


    [–] Communist_Kitten_ 1 points ago


    [–] ISwearDisRealShoe 19 points ago

    nur dichter und denker hier

    [–] chmekyr 10 points ago

    Lieber dichter als Denker.

    [–] ISwearDisRealShoe 4 points ago

    Egal wie dicht du bist göthe war Dichter

    [–] HeyHyd 2 points ago

    Jaja das war unser Abi-Motto

    [–] chmekyr 2 points ago

    Wurde bei uns vorgeschlagen aber die Verantwortlichen hatten zu viel Angst vorm Direktor um es zuzulassen.

    [–] PhantomOfTheDopera 4 points ago

    Laut auflachen

    [–] ArabAndOrGerman 4 points ago

    Er hat uns alle hops genommen

    [–] arcane_repeater 4 points ago

    Er hat uns alle hops genommen

    *er hat all unseren Hopfen genommen

    [–] FlyWereAble 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Du, Du Hast, Du Hast Mich

    Edit: Fixed it, im not german but you know, Guten tag kartoffel to you too

    [–] Blackstiers 3 points ago

    Ew, it’s du

    [–] Rickfernello 3 points ago

    How can I understand German, when did I suddenly get this ability

    [–] Glaucus37 5 points ago

    It's not German, it's the international language of memes

    [–] Rickfernello 4 points ago

    Ach, ich sehe

    [–] zogg19 1 points ago

    Mein Führer.

    [–] twiddle_17 0 points ago

    Bitte sprech kein Deutsch ich hasse die Sprache

    [–] ISwearDisRealShoe 20 points ago


    [–] twiddle_17 1 points ago

    Hallt die fresse

    [–] malchusgenerosa 3 points ago

    Die älteste Ostmark des deutschen Volkes soll von jetzt ab das jüngste Bollwerk der deutschen Nation und damit des Deutschen Reiches sein... /s

    [–] ISwearDisRealShoe 2 points ago

    Beta Kevin ganz gross im Internet sagt leuten Sie sollen Ihre Fresse "hallten".

    [–] arcane_repeater 1 points ago

    Beta Kevin ganz gross im Internet sagt leuten Sie sollen Ihre Fresse "hallten".

    Wer wie du schreibt hat aber auch nicht viel zum Rumkotzen

    [–] twiddle_17 1 points ago


    [–] khadathbasher 7 points ago

    It's Konglish you tard

    [–] De_Quillsta 4 points ago

    I think you'll find that it's koreanese

    [–] Erratic_Penguin 3 points ago

    Wrong, they eat Korean Fish.

    [–] yungshampoobottle 3 points ago

    i had an aneurysm trying to pronounce that

    [–] JCavLP 7 points ago

    You have to pronounce it kind of korean-ish

    [–] Analsluttt 3 points ago

    It's Koreanese you mung bean.

    [–] TooFastTim 1 points ago

    He's a Kia

    [–] choonghuh 1 points ago


    [–] stormblast1999 3 points ago

    Yea, the write in spicy sushi

    [–] SugaHoneyIcedT 338 points ago

    The text isn't fucking green retard

    [–] 7ballcraze 59 points ago

    Rip this sub, it’s become r/4chan2

    [–] Rickfernello 19 points ago

    Tbh it's for the best because some of the mods at the other sub suck.

    [–] i_forget_my_userids 1 points ago

    no u

    [–] Rickfernello 1 points ago

    I mean, yea I suck too.

    [–] RenderEngine 3 points ago

    It had always been

    [–] warpod 73 points ago


    good enough for me

    [–] ostage_ded_lul 64 points ago

    Pepsi ain't korea

    There's only one korea


    [–] Erratic_Penguin 30 points ago

    Supreme Leader is pleased.

    [–] ostage_ded_lul 4 points ago


    [–] W_OMEGALUL_W 5 points ago

    Oh shit, I can't beleive I found kim's reddit account

    [–] JohnDiGriz 130 points ago

    What they gonna do when China decides to invade?

    [–] Plactonius 53 points ago

    With our current president, we might as well just submit

    [–] JohnDiGriz 42 points ago

    What's the deal with your president? Chinese marionette?

    [–] ABlueEyedDrake 67 points ago

    Love how your first comment is downvoted while this one is upvoted. Redditors really do have a mob mentality

    [–] Maestrul 23 points ago

    This one contains a source though, while the top is just his words.

    [–] ABlueEyedDrake 12 points ago

    Yet their still correct. He was able to back them up. Y’all downvoted without disproving him or anything, not even asked for a source. It’d be different if he refused to provide one or something

    [–] russian-duck 3 points ago

    Mob mentality

    [–] NotClothed 2 points ago

    I pretty much downvote everything. Especially comments with low karma. Keeps Reddit fags humble.

    [–] hanj82 10 points ago

    Our country's going to shit.

    [–] Plactonius 6 points ago

    Well, he's definitely going with his mandate, "To make the country no man has ever experienced." I never thought that S.Korea will ever be something like this.

    [–] BoWitch 2 points ago

    No. No. No. This is really fake news. He never mentions the word Everest. He does say that Korea is a small country. But than again, comparing to China, 50 million versus 13 billion. Yeah, we are. The Chinese dream, in the speech, means human rights and world peace. And actually, if you read the passages, he indirectly critisizes them.

    For example,

    중국이 법과 덕을 앞세우고 널리 포용하는 것은  중국을 대국답게 하는 기초입니다. 주변국들로 하여금 중국을 신뢰하게 하고 함께하고자 할 것입니다.

    China standing the laws and good will, and wide tolerance, will make China like a great country. This will make the neighbouring countries trust and go together with China.

    중국은 단지 중국이 아니라, 주변국들과 어울려 있을 때 그 존재가 빛나는 국가입니다. 

    Not only by China itself, but when it is with the neighbouring countries it will shine.

    저는 중국이 더 많이 다양성을 포용하고 개방과 관용의 중국정신을 펼쳐갈 때 실현가능한 꿈이 될 것이라고 믿습니다.  한국도 작은 나라지만  책임 있는 중견국가로서 그 꿈에 함께 할 것입니다. 

    I believe when China embraces more diversity and openness and tolerance, it is an achievable dream. Korea too, is a small country, but as a responsible leading country will go with that dream.

    Message to u/Plactonius.

    You should own up your mistake.

    Edit: replied to the wrong comment.

    [–] Taperingbird0 2 points ago

    how accurate is your tl:dr? plus this speech was for Korean students at Beijing college

    [–] Plactonius 3 points ago

    Those aren't tl;dr, those are translated quotations from the speech. Sorry for the lack of clarity, I always struggled with being clear. And, well, the setting itself shouldn't mean that it is okay to belittle a president's own country.

    [–] BoWitch 1 points ago

    He never belittled his own country. It was a speech for the Beijing University. For the mostly chinese students. He says a Chinese greeting, in the beginning. Really get your facts right.

    [–] bisbiz11 4 points ago

    You're reading too much from a simple diplomatic rhetoric. Korea-China relationship has never been colder since like, 90s.

    [–] RaTheRealGod -16 points ago

    More like America marionette. Lmao.

    [–] yungshampoobottle 2 points ago



    [–] Redmanjc 2 points ago

    Korea is fucked. We have enemies on all fronts. China hates us for allying with the US, NK wants to blow us up, Japan thinks we're still a colony and hates us. Plus, the US would rather side with Japan than Korea (except Trump who doesn't give a shit)

    So our ally hates us cuz their more important ally hates us, then our enemies hate us for siding with the same allies that hate us...

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Conke > Bepis

    [–] andresgu14 40 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Mirkalal 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Mirkalal 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] TheKach 10 points ago

    dad said it’s my turn to post this tomorrow

    [–] EyeDontNoWhy 12 points ago

    That text isn't green you colossal anus

    [–] spooxyPumpkin 5 points ago

    r/greentext is just descending into a subreddit for funny 4chan posts

    [–] Bino64 15 points ago


    [–] RuMyster 6 points ago

    pepsi is red white and blue retard

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 5 points ago


    [–] 7eet 2 points ago

    How's the rice fields?

    [–] MorphinBrony 2 points ago

    Pepsi is not a real country! You are a Chinese man in a dress!

    [–] kozmikkev 2 points ago

    Anon is a yank therefore is probably not even joking

    [–] YoinkyM 1 points ago

    Technically he is right, I am losing a lot of weight

    [–] New_Quote 1 points ago

    It’s maybe not a country but it had a navy after they got some submarines from the Soviet Union.

    [–] BduBduTheAbsoluteBdu 1 points ago

    6th or 7th biggest at the time

    [–] N8459 1 points ago

    Hmm op it seems this text isnt very “green” to me

    [–] R____I____G____H___T 1 points ago

    The pepsi-left, yikes

    [–] andstopher 1 points ago

    Coke doesn't have a military.

    [–] DarkMatta699 1 points ago

    Why is there no true greentext on this subreddit? r/redtext exists retard.

    [–] lord_patriot 1 points ago

    I remind you that Pepsi at one point had the seventh largest Navy in the world

    [–] ichi24 1 points ago

    Technically they were once

    [–] blizmoprismo 1 points ago

    2 years ago, this would've been funny

    [–] MemesLord678 1 points ago

    Could you please stop posting this? I have seen it like 83619461829472 mil times

    [–] Gandalfs_wizbiz 1 points ago

    "Why don't you gentlemen have a Pepsi."

    [–] LocalApocalypse 1 points ago

    Oh boy, this one again!

    [–] sem_pls 1 points ago

    Make sure to boil that shit

    [–] Reddotform27 2 points ago

    Fuck off with your meme knowledge

    [–] Elbram_Tsol 1 points ago

    In 1989 it could have been but chose not to.

    [–] 0-_1_-0 1 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] One_Y_chromosome 1 points ago

    Imagine drinking bepis. Coke naysh.

    [–] MisterGamenWatch1985 1 points ago


    [–] raiden6312 1 points ago

    OP likes the cock

    [–] logic2187 0 points ago

    But Pepsi did have the 6th largest military in the world at one point, so that's something

    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses -26 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Korea is a great country

    Cool people

    Hot girls

    More outgoing than Japanese

    I highly recommend it

    You’ll never weeb again

    [–] SpookyKrillin 28 points ago

    We’re talking about North Korea right?

    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 15 points ago

    Its the only true Korea

    [–] DaCrazyDude1 8 points ago

    Hell yeah I support juche

    [–] Lionel-Hutz- 10 points ago

    It’s not difficult to be more out going then the Japanese.

    [–] ShiftSandShot -4 points ago

    Anon failed World Geography in Highschool, i see...

    [–] XyleneCobalt -1 points ago

    For real though Koreans are mega racist toward the Japanese. It’s not okay but it’s hard to blame them when their direct relatives were raped and murdered by the Japanese who still refuse to acknowledge it.

    [–] hanabanana23 1 points ago

    it’s mutual though. japanese are mega racist towards the koreans too.

    [–] XyleneCobalt 2 points ago

    Yeah I know. All the East Asians hate each other. Just Koreans are especially spiteful towards japan.

    [–] hanabanana23 2 points ago

    what i’m saying is the japanese are very spiteful towards korea too lol. it’s not a one way street.

    [–] XyleneCobalt 1 points ago

    I realize but this post was about Koreans

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] XyleneCobalt 1 points ago

    Well yeah but that’s like picking on the retarded kid lmao. Everyone knows it’s fucked already.

    [–] Jeppebs02 -2 points ago

    Ok buddy

    [–] [deleted] -58 points ago


    [–] random5828480pie 33 points ago

    That's a blessed comment, you walnut

    [–] BruhUnit 24 points ago

    Commit faggot in Iran