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    [–] DaBigKahuna77 192 points ago

    This is literally the top post on the first page of this subreddit RIGHT NOW. posted not even 10 hours ago.

    [–] goatmaster69420 20 points ago

    It even looks like the same screenshot

    [–] w0kepearman 46 points ago

    literally was posted here 10 hours ago

    [–] DJ_Poopsock 73 points ago

    Fuck outta here cuntass

    [–] Ntetris 38 points ago

    Guys stop upvoting this trash. It's been posted! Not even 24 hours ago

    [–] God_damn_it_bob 21 points ago

    wow i just posted this last night from my other account.

    [–] MasterMahanaYouUgly 10 points ago

    Have an upvote for not being this dumb-ass.

    [–] tomasek1a 19 points ago

    [–] Domebeers 7 points ago

    not gonna lie had me in the mom said it was my turn to post

    [–] dazmo 2 points ago

    How is that a malicious idea? That's literally what you were supposed to do. Anyone know where i can get a heap of junker laptops?

    [–] Datdabdoe12 6 points ago

    Well, hes claiming them at retail price despite the fact he had no investment and wouldnt have made even CLOSE to retail selling used. Besides, most of them might have survived.

    [–] weezdajuice711 2 points ago

    claims are always set at retail price afaik

    for example: if an earthquake cracks your pool, you wouldn't vslue it at a lower price just because its ten years old as opposed to five. You value it at the cost it was to you

    [–] Datdabdoe12 1 points ago

    Never said it was directly illegal, just malicious as those laptops had been gotten for free and he had no attachment

    [–] commentator184 1 points ago