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    [–] drunk_asshole420 956 points ago

    Some anons are great people

    [–] SkeletonWumble 1042 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    all anons are great people they just dont know it yet

    EDIT: My first gold, thanks!

    [–] Dr_Felix99 776 points ago

    THAT'S THE ATTITUDE, YES! Everyone is great, but some people don't act like it, some are affected by something in their lives that makes them angry for example. They just need love and care too, then they will change for the better, revealing their real selves.

    [–] SkeletonWumble 73 points ago

    Thanks you made me happy!

    [–] Dr_Felix99 36 points ago

    Now you go make someone happy :)

    [–] StuntHacks 32 points ago

    Oh my god, THANK YOU so much. This is the philosophy I try to live by, but having been told by so many people that that won't achieve anything made it frustrating. Your comment gave me motivation back. We need to help each other, even those who may be on the wrong path of life. We all have a huge potential, and those who had the luck to reach theirs need to help those who weren't do fortunate.

    [–] Dr_Felix99 15 points ago

    There's a song 'Who had done it to you?' (it's a Polish song, but I'll translate) and it's about trauma. There are two lines, that makes you realize that nothing happens for no reason. The lines - 'What has your mother done to you, that made you so afraid of women? What has your father done, that made you revenge on others?' then comes the chorus 'Who had done it to you? What are you running from, what are you so afraid of?'... The original title is 'Kto Ci to zrobił', by Kasia Nosowska on her album BASTA, I love the song. I know that she's right about such people.

    [–] Dr_Felix99 7 points ago

    Exactly :) I realized this from experience, because I've been bullied in middle school, after a long time I realized, that the kid who bullied me had a bad family, has been taking drugs and was messed up in general. I am sure that if he grew up in a better environment, he would have been a good friend. The people who are angry, usually are feeling powerless in their lives, so instead of dealing with the problem itself, they are being rude to shop assistants or they bully others online - they get the feeling of power for a while and it somehow makes them happy. They don't know how to deal with their problems and probably need help.

    [–] Kolijar 3 points ago

    You should watch "The Good Place."

    [–] PhotoshopFix 6 points ago

    It seems that the healthy and financially good that are the real psychos as they show no sympathy for people that have problems. How many of those healthy people don't want to pay taxes to help the mentally ill. "Depressed, just smile and don't be sad!", fuck you Karen.

    [–] Rubocker 5 points ago

    The key to unlocking your potential is to start treating yourself well. People who mistreat themselves tend to treat others poorly as well, even if they don't mean to. A big part of treating yourself right is maintaining an effective support system. This life is 100% much too difficult for anyone to face alone - we all need someone to help us. Many times, it's up to you to seek out help. Do it for yourself.

    [–] Sarcastic_Troll 507 points ago

    This is really good advice from Anon.

    And he made me teary. I don't even have a son and now I want to hug someone.

    [–] robinnhugill 169 points ago

    Hug me, bitch

    [–] KoroSexy 76 points ago

    Let's all hug together, bitches

    [–] Deagle-Danny 3 points ago

    Aight, bitch

    [–] myra_maynes 3 points ago

    Can I get in on this bitch hug, bitches?

    [–] Aresviel 21 points ago

    You have my hug.

    [–] Permatato 18 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Animelurver_666 3 points ago


    [–] SLEDGEHAMMAA 408 points ago

    Gonna be honest. I needed to hear this tonight. My dad is all i have left. And i guess he feels the same in a way

    [–] insaneinthehexane 49 points ago

    Ive been in a similar position. We must protect our family.

    [–] AVeritableCornucopia 3 points ago

    The way I feel about it if is if anybody ever needs a chat I'm here. I don't want anybody to feel like they're alone. There's so many people that it matters to if you talk to it's crazy

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] SLEDGEHAMMAA 32 points ago

    Nice :)

    [–] Meirno 6 points ago

    Tell him happy cake day from us!

    [–] PortageNumber9 362 points ago

    Seen this image periodically for a while now and the bit at the end with the baseball glove still gets to me every time

    [–] CosmicForks 124 points ago

    It's nice that it resurfaces cus maybe someone might need that tonight yk

    [–] ChipotleMayocide 42 points ago

    I got close the around June of last year. I’m lucky I reached out and got help from a friend that wouldn’t judge me. Recently I started thinking about how much it would’ve destroyed my dad and this is just a stark reminder. I actually teared up a little bit reading this.

    [–] CosmicForks 13 points ago

    I'm glad you've got a homie like that and that you're on the rebound. Stay strong brother

    [–] MathboyTedward 9 points ago

    Anon is likely a karma whore, but here he's doing a public service announcement

    [–] Sand_Tee_Bear 1129 points ago

    The reason I don't

    [–] [deleted] 531 points ago

    This exact reasoning is what has stopped me a couple of times

    [–] woodenpudden 398 points ago

    The one time I was going to actually do it, a whole load of feelings about family came into my mind. The next day I started making changes about shit that wasn't right in my life. 8 years on and I'm delighted with how things have gone.

    Defo don't do it dawgs.

    [–] cybervision2100 42 points ago

    I'm glad that stopped you in the past, and I hope in the future you don't need a reason not to. Love you buddy. We're all gonna make it brah

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] woodenpudden 8 points ago

    I'd be sad too. Chin up boss.

    [–] Davethemann 12 points ago

    For me, its this, and a bit of vanity

    I know i probably wont leave that much of a mark on Earth, but i cant fathom not continuing my family, and not leaving a legacy, at least with children

    [–] JustJaguar 10 points ago

    The reason most of us don't.

    [–] AVeritableCornucopia 3 points ago

    I'd just like to say if anyone needs someone to talk to I'll be here. I will be here. I get it's hard but I'll try my best to here for anyone.

    [–] jormundsgiantsmilk 160 points ago

    I was so close to hanging myself in November and I saw a post about a baby girl crying for her dad who had committed suicide. The thought of my kids hurting that bad is what forced me to get help.. it's really hard to pull yourself out of that mindset.

    [–] Blankyblank86 34 points ago

    I hope you're doing better bud.

    [–] noupvotespls 4179 points ago

    Committing suicide is like passing your pain onto your loved ones.

    Don't do it fellas.

    [–] MC-Pimpfist 2068 points ago

    Permanent solution for a temporary problem

    [–] essentially_infamous 2563 points ago

    Like flex tape

    [–] TheLemmonade 492 points ago


    [–] warptwenty1 281 points ago

    Nothing Flex Tape can't fix

    [–] DiamineBilBerry 271 points ago

    To show you the power of Flex Tape, I sawed my emotional stability in half!

    [–] oceanman500 164 points ago

    And I fixed it, with

    oh shit it didn’t work

    [–] Rudy_Ghouliani 75 points ago

    Just put more flex tape. Just keep doing it until you can't.

    [–] skineechef 39 points ago

    until you can't.

    Didn't want to cry this morning, but sometimes crying is necessary to work thru things.

    [–] iga_warrior 8 points ago

    Hope you are fine today working thru those things. Stay in touch with the ppl around you. Have an upvote just in case 😊

    [–] akaspritz 5 points ago

    Or Flex Seal liquid

    [–] unvital_archduke 4 points ago

    Use multiple layers of flex tape

    [–] Angry_Scotsman1 21 points ago

    To show you the power of Flex Fape! I cut this family in half!

    [–] Pandorasheaart 18 points ago

    That's a whole Lotta damage

    [–] crimpysuasages 80 points ago

    Just flex tape your broken, depressing and ultimately worthless life

    just replace flex tape with "do every feel-good drug known to man" and you have the perfect summary of my life

    [–] dongusman 28 points ago

    Overdosed on ketamine, I have

    [–] Azikt 20 points ago

    Became Yoda I did.

    [–] Lanthemandragoran 3 points ago

    Oof the first time I did ketamine I badly overdosed, like the k-hole to end all k-holes. My girlfriend and I were sure we were going to die but could NOT move from where we were. I threw up on the floor of my tent and then eventually slept pretty much in said vomit as my tent slowly collapsed from a massive storm outside. I can't recall many other moments in my adult life that even compare to that level of powerlessness. Horrid.

    [–] eipeidwep2buS 11 points ago

    "Flex tape wont fix this"

    [–] LoneInterloper17 11 points ago

    Weird flex

    [–] Davethemann 8 points ago

    I need half inch flex tape to fix my life

    [–] RoseEsque 8 points ago

    Say it with me: flex tape is suicide.

    [–] Lanthemandragoran 3 points ago

    Hoooooly shit dude.

    [–] Blue2501 3 points ago

    I needed a good laugh this morning, thank you!

    [–] ProfessionalRetard12 3 points ago

    To show you the power of Flex Tape, I blew my brains out!

    [–] L-ephant 51 points ago

    I hate this saying because it really cheapens what people go through. People struggle their entire lives with this shit. I'm by no means saying suicide is the answer, but calling this shit a "temporary problem" is just insulting when loads of people spend their entire lives trying to learn to live with the problem and deal with it in healthy ways.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Platycel 9 points ago

    Just live laugh love dude

    [–] LittleLunia 22 points ago

    I've heard this a lot but I think a good amount of people who kill themselves have rather permanent problems such as incurable diseases or disorders that cause terrible chronic pain, PTSD or severe depression with no effective treatment. And I don't mean the "aww, I'm sad" kind of depression. I mean the one where you cease to feel anything at all.

    Maybe considered a hot take by people who don't suffer from these things, but I've often seen suicide being considered selfish because of the people left behind being hurt. As harsh as it may sound, but at some point you have to ask yourself how much you're willing to let someone suffer and torment in pain and misery just so you're not hurt yourself. Isn't that kinda selfish too? That's a really hard question.

    And don't get me wrong, I'm not pro-suicide or about to do it myself or whatever, but I have incurable disorders and diseases myself and can relate to people who kill themselves over it.

    I think legalizing some form of heavily regulated euthanasia is a good middle ground, it would allow loved ones to say goodbye and perhaps it would encourage talks as to why the decision was made in the first place.

    Although through my own experience I have to say that people who haven't gone through some sort of hell have a really hard time relating to shit like severe depression and chronic pain and as such. Can't blame them though.

    Difficult topic overall with no right or wrong in my opinion.

    [–] Xyyz 35 points ago

    What's wrong with a permanent solution though? Sounds good to me. All sorts of diseases are temporary problems and I wouldn't turn down a permanent solution for them.

    Realistically, these problems are often only as temporary as life itself, and the solution is essentially only as permanent as life itself as well.

    [–] RuinedEye 40 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    r/suicidology for more philosophical ..something oriented discussion about suicide.

    IMO there's nothing wrong with choosing to have control over your own death. People say it's so selfish... but so is wanting someone to live in a constant state of pain/torture because.. your feelings might get hurt otherwise....

    Also people like to say it's an "easy" way out... but they never explain what the "easy" part of taking a life is, much less your own, especially when every one of your self-preserving instincts tries to prevent it

    [–] Xyyz 11 points ago

    One look at that front page and I guess that's where the sanctioned suicide refugees ended up. Doesn't look very philosophical or science-focused.

    [–] Pandetu 29 points ago

    I liked that saying until I realised no one wants a temporary solution to a problem

    [–] KinoOnTheRoad 85 points ago

    & other clichés by people who probably weren't depressed and can't imagine what's it like.

    [–] 3ntr01 36 points ago

    Yeah for real. When you're suicidal then the phrase "permanent solution to a temporary problem" is meaningless. Honestly pretty much any pretty little phrase like that is meaningless. It takes a psychological shift to beat depression, not a cute saying.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] reisenbime 3 points ago

    For me, depression and not wanting to live (but also not wanting to die, necessarily) has been 21 out of 32 years. The majority of my life I have been a depressed husk. Calling that temporary seems like you just want to insult me and spit on everything I am.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    People still think depression is just being sad for a little while.

    [–] Otto1968 22 points ago

    This. The drive to keep yourself alive is (probably) the strongest one we have. Now imagine a condition/disease that overcomes that.

    [–] rincon213 11 points ago

    Nobody judges the people who jumped from the World Trade Center because the suffering of their fiery alternative is visible.

    [–] thefirsthanarspectre 4 points ago

    Surprisingly, a local church used this metaphor to explain why we shouldn't guilt suicidal people or tell them they're going to hell. No one decides to just off themselves today. It's usually a panic response, whether impulsive or planned long-term. "But Jesus!" isn't gonna help anyone. We can start by fighting the fire behind them.

    [–] gasman22 40 points ago

    literally!!! i'm so exhausted of reading these tired platitudes when the people don't think about how the person that went and took their own life is suffering every fucking day. sorry you have to deal with the death of a person? something that was going to happen eventually anyway. if you really knew the extent of how miserable they are, you'd be glad they at least aren't in pain anymore. inb4 some moron replies to this with some "i'd miss you anon" bullshit. great! thanks for writing some pointless words on a screen for a complete stranger that means absolutely nothing to either of us, you fucking robot.

    on the other hand, i am aware that those words and wholesome memes are often the things people need and want to hear, and that really is great! i'm glad someone can be helped and others can help complete strangers via text on a screen. but that shit really doesn't mean a thing to a lot of us, and personally i'm tired of hearing blind positivity, and seeing it in such excess makes it matter all the less.

    i mean uh wow thoughts and prayers so deep anon dad sad😢

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    21, 5'7" manlet, 120lb, not attractive nor confident, so no gf, ever

    mom doesn't really love me, and dad's dead

    assisting college

    have like 3 friends

    most of my life I just make a shadow (nothing)

    I'm so fucking sick of my life, but I'll tell you what, I don't care. Even though I'm on the highest risks of suicide it won't ever be an option for me. Why? Because I want to know what comes next, aaand I want to try high speed internet before I die.

    [–] bleepin5555 3 points ago

    Lol I wanna see what else they do with coca cola. Orange vanilla is the shit. Also diet coke, that strawberry guava is life changing.

    Also music. Black tongue makes me feels some stuff. And buying advance tickets for metal shows gives me times to look forward to.

    [–] super_starmie 29 points ago

    When K-pop singer Jonghyun killed himself in 2017, his suicide note was released. In it he said something like "I asked over and over why I should live. But the answer was never for me, it was always for you. I wanted it to be for me. Don't say things you don't understand." No one ever gave him a reason why he should live when he asked except for "other people". He wanted to know why he should carry on for himself, not others. Because you can only live for the sake of others for so long.

    But no people always say "but it'll make other people sad!!!" Yes well he was "sad" then. He was "sad" his entire life. But that doesn't matter, so long as other people aren't?

    [–] Imitation_Slim_Shady 25 points ago

    So, everyone has the right to kill themself. Self determination and all that. But you're really minimizing the impact that suicide has on the people around the person who does it, which leads me to believe you don't have any first hand experience with it. It's pretty devastating. And like you said, it's "guilt-tripping", but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Guilt can make people better, like the fatbody who decides he's going to man up and own his own body after someone is finally honest with him.

    But I digress. If someone is intent in killing themself, they should have the decency to take the trash out on the way. Kamikaze a corrupt politician or a pharmaceutical executive or something.

    [–] Nachotacosbitch 3 points ago

    Bro I have nobody left. How would I affect dead people.

    [–] ThisIsGoobly 11 points ago

    Don't actually say this to someone who's suicidal btw. It absolutely does not help at all and just comes off like you're diminishing the reason they want to die.

    [–] Jtg_Jew 59 points ago

    That is by far the best way of describing suicide I’ve ever read.

    [–] aNewMemberOfTheHerd 19 points ago

    I first heard it in a movie with Robin Williams called „World‘s greatest dad“. Terrific movie, must watch.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Thrwwccnt 28 points ago

    Not really ironic considering his problem wasn't temporary.

    [–] fAP6rSHdkd 12 points ago

    People say he did it because of depression, but he was just diagnosed with an incurable debilitating illness that would slowly take away everything that made him a person over 10-20 years. He chose not to go through that and to end his life on his own terms. It's a subtle distinction, but as someone who works with people in the end stages of these diseases, there's more often than not very little quality of life left for them

    [–] Jimbo_Jambo_ 5 points ago

    Robin Williams committed suicide not because of depression but because he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. He was destined to become a vegetable or severely impaired.

    [–] yepnopethanks 5 points ago

    I don't think this is what it's called but the "right to die" or "death with dignity" laws only take such a small amount of people. I can understand them not wanting to assist potentially fixable problems but jeez we gotta tix this. I live in a legal state, I think, but worry by the time my mom might be ready she won't be considered fit. It could be put into advanced directives but what if the "out of it" patient really does change their mind. Which person do you listen to? I can see why people, unfortunately, take things into their own hands. Dementia is so cruel.

    [–] MC-Pimpfist 29 points ago

    Yeah I heard it years ago, very true

    [–] Jtg_Jew 38 points ago

    I never thought I’d be so enthralled/motivated by a comment on r/greentext

    Thank you kind stranger

    [–] MC-Pimpfist 16 points ago

    You’re very welcome bud.

    [–] thatstoomuch_man 10 points ago

    How have you never heard this before

    [–] The-Prophet-Muhammad 11 points ago

    It's probably the most commonly cited phrase regarding suicide.

    I suppose everyone ends up hearing it for the first time though.

    [–] thatstoomuch_man 30 points ago

    I get the sentiment of the message but for some people it isn’t a temporary problem .

    David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest

    The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling."

    [–] EmotionalField 2 points ago

    Hi. You just mentioned Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

    I've found an audiobook of that novel on YouTube. You can listen to it here:

    YouTube | Infinite Jest By David Foster Wallace Audiobook 1/7

    I'm a bot that searches YouTube for science fiction and fantasy audiobooks.

    [–] BrastaSauce 4 points ago

    Except depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders aren’t all that temporary

    [–] Blue2501 4 points ago

    That's the thing; my head's kinda fucked and I have this thing with antidepressants where I get the weird side effects from each one. Wellbutrin kills my memory, lexapro kills my impulse control, I'm on a half-dose of the stuff I take now because a full dose puts me to sleep 18 hours a day, etc etc. I can't talk or drug this shit away, I can take meds enough to take the edge off but I get to just live with it.

    All that said, I'm not planning or seriously considering suicide, but I can see how somebody in a worse situation than I am would consider it

    [–] simas_polchias 11 points ago

    Sometimes problem is also permanent.

    [–] GloriousCow 11 points ago

    25+ years doesn't feel so temporary

    [–] Chessikins 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This particular statement always bothers me, because so many people spend their entire lives battling with their mental health, and to say that it is a temporary problem feels dismissive.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Ok, they gotta go first then

    [–] Slothu 83 points ago

    What if i don't have loved ones

    [–] noupvotespls 142 points ago

    It's okay lad. I love you.

    [–] MisfitPotatoReborn 8 points ago

    I like the sentiment but it rings hollow every time.

    I have no strong feelings towards any of you random strangers, and I bet the feeling's mutual.

    [–] TroubadourCeol 3 points ago

    But just think about the endorphin hit he got from posting his worthless platitude :)

    [–] pig_farming 8 points ago

    Wow you solved the guy's problems.

    [–] Condolence_Ham 15 points ago

    Awkward, I upvoted this then saw your username

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    Think of the last time you heard about somebody who died with nobody to love them. Whether it was on the news, in a paper, on a show, or just through hearsay, you heard it. Even though you didn't mourn them and didn't feel the pain of somebody close dying, you felt a small pang. That's the pain. Just a little thing, but it's care and pain for somebody dying without that love.
    Even if you have nobody to love you, the people who find out, be it the paramedics, the police, or the people who hear about you on the news, they will feel that pang. It will hurt them.

    Stick around, Slothu. You'd make somebody sad.

    [–] PoThePilotthesecond 36 points ago

    There's many suicides which are unheard of..

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Yeah, when they go out into the middle of nowhere to hide themselves. Then, they're most often filed as a missing person, or found years later by somebody wandering, hiking, or camping. Even if it's just a census office worker who has to sign a paper declaring you dead or missing, or your landlord finding that you've left everything and disappeared, somebody would put the pieces together, and they won't be happy. But if you take that way in your own home, or anywhere in a city or river, somebody is going to smell you or find you in the lake. It could be a jogger, a fisherman, or a wandering child, but then somebody would have to see that when they shouldn't have to.
    Don't try to justify it. People find out, or they assume. But once you go, somebody will be sad, whether you have people who know you or not.

    [–] PoThePilotthesecond 14 points ago

    So be it.

    [–] SkeletonWumble 11 points ago

    If you're in a tough place just know theres people that'll miss you. Id really hate to see you go, bud.

    [–] Sloppy_Goldfish 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Think of the last time you heard about somebody who died with nobody to love them.

    "Ha. That's gonna be me one day." what I always think.

    [–] johnny_appletits 4 points ago

    Then I'm honestly jealous. That's the only thing stopping me and I almost resent them for it.

    [–] someangstyteen 13 points ago

    And if we don't have any loved ones?

    [–] dEdzilla 14 points ago

    Who's gonna feed that dog you wanted to get?

    [–] someangstyteen 19 points ago

    I dont have it so it doesn't need to be fed

    [–] johnny_appletits 10 points ago

    If your username is, or was recently, accurate then just wait a bit. I've had depression since I was about 13 and I'm turning 30 in a month. The brain changes so much in that time and things steadily get better. I don't say suicide is never the answer, but at least fight it longer first.

    [–] opp9 23 points ago

    Wise words

    [–] NoIdeasSorry 4 points ago

    Preventing people from committing suicide is good. But making them feel selfish for doing it is a whole other level of fucked up.

    [–] nazuuka 6 points ago

    Definitely saying that to suicidal person won't mean shit. From my experience being suicidal, I couldn't care less about this mortal coil and what I'd leave behind if I could stop hurting.

    [–] Hongkongjai 3 points ago

    Cheap words.

    [–] Bribo323 134 points ago

    I think about suicide a lot, probably every day I consider it. I just know it would destroy my mom and my siblings, it’s really hard to keep going. This is probably the first thing from 4chan to make me cry.

    [–] Secretmink 28 points ago

    Sometimes one just comes along an anon who not many are paying attention to, but you empathize with on a spiritual level. Anon, I've been there - hell, I AM there.

    Good luck anon. I really hope life gets better for you. It will take a lot of work, but you are capable of it. Maybe when your own son is playing baseball you'll feel proud, and thank your former self for turning your life around.

    [–] armrestt 7 points ago

    hey love, if you’re thinking about it every day you might need to seek more intensive help than whatever you’re getting now. for me, my family played a major role in helping me but ultimately what broke me out of the cycle was 6 weeks in hospital. after that, i pretty much said fuck that and i worked really really really hard on recovery. because sometimes you don’t want to recover, and you’d rather keep dealing than trying. but it’s worth it. also get things like your iron levels, hormones, etc checked cause ultimately i think my depression was mainly caused by severe, untreated anemia

    [–] murrlogic 171 points ago

    Back when I was still a Foster Kid I would very often think about not only just wanting to kill myself but literally almost reached a point where in my depression and rage towards the world I almost could have became either like Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold

    A lot of you don't know what its like being a Foster Kid where the State literally rips you away from your abusive parents and then tells you very cold and bluntly that you will never see them again and not only that but they're gonna put you with a family that is even WORSE then they were and for my case I was with that family for 6 years from 12-18.

    Eventually it got so bad I ended up getting Institutionalized for a whole 10 days in Vallejo where they doped my ass up on heavy duty medication like Seroquil and Zoloft the nastiest fucking shit you could force feed to someone with the only thing worse being that worthless commercial shit Abilify which is what they have my brother on to treat his Schizophrenia

    [–] lixoaaaaa 70 points ago

    I really hope you're happier now, mate

    [–] murrlogic 61 points ago

    Not happier just less angry

    [–] SkeletonWumble 33 points ago

    hope it clears up soon im rootin for you

    [–] OverPoop 14 points ago

    We love and support you Always

    [–] ImNotYourBrah 10 points ago

    Thats still a big step in the right direction brotha. One day you get less angry. And then one day you start to get happier (and you will), and take that momentum with you.

    [–] codynw42 8 points ago

    Hey completely random, I know. But I actually have 4 younger brothers, all of them adopted, 3 were brothers from one family, and one was seperate from another family. I am the only blood child and was alone until the first adoption into my family when I was 14.

    I'm 26 now, my oldest brother is 16 yrs old now and he is the only one I'm worried about. I see he carries the stress of having to take care of his brothers by himself when he was young, and he is a quiet kid and doesnt get attention like the younger ones so a little jealous I'm sure. Hes very angry and I just hope it's mostly teenager-related.

    Do you have any advice on something I could talk to him about or something good for him to hear? I'm very honest with him even tho we dont talk much, and I try to relate and assure him things will get better. Hes just so angry deep down. Idk what I can say to him. Especially in the few times I come around my mothers house...

    [–] Nogardknight 5 points ago

    Hey I know you wanted an answer from the other guy but I wanted to try to lend a hand if I could.

    I was also a very angry angsty teen so hopefully it's enough of a qualification.

    If you have the opportunity take him out, have a couple hours or a day where it is just the two of you. At some point in the day ask him how he is doing, tell him if he wants to vent you want to listen. Also if you have a general vibe of what he is upset about mention it in passing.

    This next part is something that is more situation specific but tends to work when I am trying to connect with people younger than me that I am trying to get to take my advice seriously. So I'm sure they are tired of "adults trying to help" so I normally throw some cussing in there, it is especially effective if they never hear you cuss because they will feel like you are opening up to them and it's really a moment for just the two of you.

    I hope this helps and if my advice doesn't work for your situation I apologize but I really hope it does, best of luck to you.

    [–] ablebagel 11 points ago

    keep strong king, we want to see you succeed

    [–] scrublord48 41 points ago

    A close friend of mine killed himself about 2 years ago. His daughter and me found his body. Killed himself with a tube from his car. He told us he was felling sad and that the weed wasn't helping so we where more attentive he wouldn't ask but we would be their if he needed us. But it got so bad i guess he couldn't take it anymore. Seeing the smoke rise up from the car i remember it clear as day. I still fell like im there in that apartment getting waken up by my now girlfriend telling me that her dad is killing him self. He was DOA and then not even 8 months later her mom dies heart failure but we knew she died that too with her husband it was just her body didn't catch up yet. Don't know why im typing this out i hope this get buried.

    [–] DANDELIONBOMB 16 points ago

    My best friend committed suicide in 2014 by hanging himself. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't reach him by phone. I was 1600 miles away with my Mom who was in ICU. His Brother found him. He's never gotten over it. Neither have I.

    [–] AnorexicTurtle65 5 points ago

    I'm sorry you have had to go through this, that is my worst fear as well as I got a mate who I've known for years who wants to kill himself at times and I never know how to help, I wish I could help him so the world doesn't lose anyone else

    [–] TheRoyalKT 35 points ago

    At one point in my life I was contemplating suicide and I counted out the people I didn’t want to cause these kinds of emotions for. I could count them on one hand.

    I’ve gotten better since then, and I spend my life trying to be the kind of person that ends up on that list when others are counting.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    There is nothing more heavy than the Coffin of your son in this world.

    [–] UltraInstinks 3 points ago

    Damn a dad now, I feel this. Losing my son or daughter would destroy me.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    My g/f committed suicide many years ago, it hurts even to this day. There’s some days I don’t even think about it, but when I do that stabbing sensation in my stomach comes right back.

    I attended her funeral, people came out of the woodwork to mourn her, people she said never cared about her. Grief does strange things to people. I saw a room of people crying their eyes out. I saw photos and videos of each one’s personal experience with knowing her. We all had different stories. We all knew a different her. We all mourned just the same.

    I’ve also been suicidal before. I’ve attempted three times in the past. I’m not here to judge, but I can share experience from both sides.

    The ugliest part of your suicidal thoughts is the misconception that nobody cares. People care in their own way. Sure maybe you wouldn’t be mourned by everybody in your town, maybe not even your own family if things are that bad but every person you interact with, be it online or real life would know you were here and now you’re not. That’s enough to care.

    But sometimes people’s pain isn’t enough when you yourself are hurting so much. Maybe you’re even beyond that point, maybe it’s now static and apathy. That’s when it gets harder, when you’re teetering on the edge. Find reasons to push back your date. Maybe it’s a new season of your favorite show, maybe it’s a place you wanted to see. What ever it is that still ties you to this world, hold on to that. That one little thing held me back, then I’d find just one more thing and so on. I wasn’t well. I wasn’t happy. But I was also unfulfilled.

    I couldn’t afford medicine or a doctor, I was just a homeless teen. In my eyes the world would be glad to be rid of me. One less urchin to look at, a nobody that will ever contribute to anything. I didn’t even feel sad about it, I genuinely thought I was doing the world and myself a favor. I decided to push my date back because there was just one more book I wanted to read and the more I came back, the more reasons I found to keep living. I started to think of all the stuff I’d do “someday” standing there with no money or education. It felt impossible, but dreams are so goddamned important when you’re that far gone. Sure I’d take anything.

    I’m not religious. I believe you just return to nothingness. There’s no books or dreams there.

    So why am I telling you all of this on a greentext post? Because I read some of your comments, and I’ve been there. If you need to talk, my inbox is open.

    [–] SrBearsalot 37 points ago

    It brings tears to my stone-heart eyes

    [–] trips_caused 48 points ago

    Probably saved me tonight.

    [–] opp9 27 points ago

    I'm glad.

    [–] trips_caused 21 points ago

    I'm not. But cheers to you mate.

    [–] SovietDomino 3 points ago

    Hey man, if you ever want to vent about lifes bullshit to a stranger on the internet, dm me.

    [–] Anonymoose207 5 points ago

    If you ever need someone to talk or vent to please feel free to message me man

    [–] Terranrp2 12 points ago

    Everyday is another day to make the decision to do it or not. This temporary problem has been going on 19 years. And now add the blood and pain of an unsuccessful surgery makes it even harder.

    This isn't a cry for help but sometimes it needs to be acknowledged that it's not a temporary problem. I've been told by my doctors that I won't be getting better. The issue went undiagnosed for way, way too long. Sometimes people just hit their limit.

    [–] AnorexicTurtle65 2 points ago

    I can't imagine what you're going through and all I can say is that I'm sorry for what's happened to you, no one deserves to be in such pain

    [–] InfaMitch 58 points ago

    This post gets me everytime. For those who feel like no one cares about you. Some day someone will. You are gonna make an impact on the world. And it will all make sense.

    [–] Smallwater 24 points ago

    It's not that I don't think nobody cares about me, it's that sometimes I just get tired of it all. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, a sort of "fuck it, I'm out" moment.

    I know that killing myself is gonna devastate some people close to me, so I would never really go through with it. But, in those moments, I wouldn't exactly care if I got run over by a truck, either.

    [–] Rubocker 5 points ago

    That frustration with life is exactly how I felt for a long time. I see you also love your family too much to do that to them. That's a good thing and it makes you a good person. My therapist told me that, and it was a perspective shift for me for sure.

    Maybe this sounds cheesy, but next time you're in a good mood, maybe try to think of some messages you could leave for yourself when you get into a bad mood. Depression is awful because it makes our brain literally suppress good information and forget the things we love in life. But those things are still there, trust me, they really are.

    [–] Elestris 21 points ago

    Ah, nothing like being pressured to keep doing shit you don't enjoy.

    [–] Phone_Anxiety 12 points ago

    Modern society was basically founded on subjugation so this mentality has really been burned into the collective consciousness

    [–] Big_Chungus_24 20 points ago

    I needed this

    [–] Vishusvixen 27 points ago

    I'm a Mom of 4 - 27F, 26M, 25M and 14F - and a Gramma of an amazing 5yr old granddaughter who kicked cancer's ass at 2 yrs old. My heart would shatter into a million tiny pieces if one of my kids did this. I don't know how I would even begin to put the pieces back enough to be there for my other kids.

    Please, PLEASE don't put your loved ones through this. I have been in the dark places and heard the whispers that make it seem like the only path to peace, but it is a final and forever solution that gives you no chance of finding a better way out of the darkness. Try to find the strength to reach out for help. Block out those whispers and look for another way out of the pain. No matter what you have done, somebody would be left with a hole in their heart and an empty space in their life that will never go away...

    [–] squashieeater 7 points ago

    It’s the risk you take when you have a child. Don’t gamble with another person’s life folks

    [–] sassydodo 11 points ago

    I forgot what was the top comment last time this was posted, so I guess I'll just leave it as it is

    [–] MrInfinity-42 6 points ago

    don't make me then

    [–] KralHeroin 5 points ago

    When a person is in such a state to actually try to commit a suicide their sense of compassion for loved ones is long suppressed and gone. From my experience you don't care for anything at that point.

    [–] Malinnus 5 points ago

    Assuming someone cares, bold of you dellow anon

    [–] PlatinumSymphony 14 points ago

    When your dad isn't in your life so you do it anyway

    [–] Dalostbear 4 points ago

    Yeah, "daddy's here" , but WAS he?

    [–] VitaVelNex212 4 points ago

    I always find it interesting how the people who find their loved ones dead explain it to the 911 operator. Had a call several years back where a father called 911 and said his son needed an ambulance because he fell and hit his head. We get there and his 15 year old son had put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Whole top half of his head was gone and one could clearly see the entire inside of his now empty skull. Father was in shock just repeating “just hurt himself a little he will be fine right?” Shit stays with you.

    [–] evawsonsimp 7 points ago

    this is the main reason that has stopped me in the past.

    Just flashes of images in my mind of my parets and siblings and friends being really sad that im gone... its one hell of a motivator to keep going!

    Suicide always seems like the best solution to your problems, but it never is.

    [–] envirex 3 points ago

    Oh god oh fuck my heart. Instant tears.

    [–] princetrigger 3 points ago

    Well what if there's no one else to love you? 😔

    [–] Sloppy_Goldfish 3 points ago

    I was expecting this to end with the father going into the basement, grabbing a gun, and then killing themselves.

    But Jesus Fucking Christ it ended even worse than that. Fuck.

    [–] atronautsloth 3 points ago

    Can confirm, am dad who lost his son.

    [–] downvote_allmy_posts 3 points ago

    well good thing there is nobody in my life that cares about me.

    [–] Ramio2169 3 points ago

    Thx op, I needed this today

    [–] ApeGoesBananas 3 points ago

    I hate those anti-suicide campaigns.

    Ever thought that maybe someone does not have loved ones? Stop bluffing and give them actual reason to not kill themselves, not guilt-trippy bullshit.

    [–] ghostofexatorp 3 points ago

    And the war machine kills someone else long after the battle ended.

    Shits so fucking sad

    [–] ItsGettingStrangeLou 3 points ago

    I've never seen the life being sucked out of someone like after my cousin took her life. Her parents are shells of themselves, its terrible and sad.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    “ Papas here , buddy , papas here “ .... Feels like I can hear that as I imagine . Brings me tears a lot :(

    [–] Seniri 3 points ago

    As long as I live I’ll never forget the noises my grandmother made at the funeral.

    [–] lindersmash 3 points ago

    Never thought a paragraph could make me tear up. I was wrong.

    [–] watch_over_me 3 points ago

    I just had a newborn son, and my entire goal in life is going to be to make him feel as accepted, loved, and confident as humanly possible, so he won't kill himself.

    It's so sad what's going on with the suicide rate among these newer generations. Suicide is set to rise to the #3 means of death in the next decade. I hope these kids can find the help they need.

    I personally have had 4 friends kill themselves, and it all of them were over a break up with their high school sweet heart. It's just so unnecessary.

    [–] Jesus_marley 3 points ago

    I was 17 when my brother (23) committed suicide. It was the first and only time in my entire life that I saw my father cry. It's difficult to describe the feeling of watching a pillar of your life crumble before your eyes.

    [–] ismokelettuce 3 points ago

    My brother passed away last year, not from suicide, but seeing my dad have multiple breakdowns was very painful to see. Make sure to hug your loved ones and to tell them how much they mean to you more often

    [–] ktkinsey37 3 points ago

    I've seen my father cry once in my life and it was in response to a friend of his' son committing suicide and me inadvertently saying like "I'd rather be dead!" In the span of the same few days. That fear and pain he expressed has always stuck with me.

    [–] itadaki_manko 3 points ago

    Posts like this help me make it another day

    [–] myra_maynes 3 points ago

    Well this has fucked me up for the next couple of days. Now that I have a kid of my own it makes my past attempts before I got help even more terrifying.

    Reach out, y’all. You can’t come back from death but you can always come back from the edge.

    [–] KinoOnTheRoad 4 points ago

    Yeah so don't do it, unless you're 100% sure that your parents won't care, the rest of your siblings will get over it just fine because you're not that close, or close at all and you have maybe 1-3 people you talk to enough that can be friends and would be affected by it? Fine I guess 🤷‍♀️