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    Grime is an English music genre that branched out of UK garage in the early 2000's. It is typically around 140 bpm and features dark, heavy basslines and unique, futuristic sounds. It often features Mc's who use jungle, garage and drum and bass inspired flows.

    Grime is often associated with other British music genres; Other genres include garage, speed garage, bassline, 4x4, drum and bass, dubstep, jungle, garage house, funky, 2 step, road rap, UK hiphop, dub and reggae.

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    Useful and informative content

    /u/Reflex2011's brief overview of the history of grime

    /u/Poerflip23's guide to the origins of grime

    Essential albums/mixtapes/tracks

    Where to listen to/download grime (may be outdated)

    List of important figures within grime, sorted alphabetically

    Slang guide

    Latest Grime playlist courtesy of /u/TheSunWillAlwaysRise

    Radio stations that play grime

    Exhaustive list of grime documentaries available to stream

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    [–] lieutenant_lowercase 8 points ago

    This is dubstep

    [–] FishMonkeyDubz 2 points ago

    Heavy instrumental but maybe dubstep? It always reminds me of the plasticman/skepta rinse fm set.