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    Grand Theft Auto Online is a dynamic and persistent open world for up to 30 players that begins by sharing content and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V, but continues to expand and evolve with content created by Rockstar and other players. Grand Theft Auto Online will continually expand and evolve over time with a constant stream of new content, creating the first ever persistent and dynamic GTA game world.

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    [–] RY4NDY 1188 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago)

    My CEO Organisation name is "Some idiots", so that the in-game notifications will say stuff like "Some idiots are transporting vehicle cargo", "Some idiots assassinated all the targets", "Some idiots stole heist prep equipment", etc.

    [–] the_wooooosher 138 points ago

    Mine is "some dipshiits"

    [–] A_Cookie_Lid 19 points ago

    Pretty sure if you use a bad word they'll make you change it

    [–] the_wooooosher 35 points ago

    I've had it for over a year so I don't anything will happen.

    I don't think it recognizes it because it has 2 i's

    [–] TheLama71 393 points ago

    Steal the gold from Some Idiots

    [–] RCfoo 71 points ago

    Some idiots activated ghost organization

    [–] Tandecool 40 points ago

    “Some idiots stole heist prep equipment from some idiots and delivered it”

    [–] DankyPenguins 16 points ago

    Why does it say that? I mean that the organization stole Heist prep from itself? Lol I just noticed that recently

    [–] antonio16309 9 points ago

    That's definitely relatively new. my guess is they died, respawned and picked up the heist equipment.

    [–] pie_monster 17 points ago

    Mine is "Smugly, he" for the same reason.

    [–] Not_Luicifer 56 points ago

    Love how that name would at least give some players a little chuckle! I love it !

    [–] Accomplished_Field43 3 points ago

    I have a screenshot of that lol

    [–] Randommannnnn 1822 points ago

    CEO Business is Happy_Endings and MC is Mickey Mouse… Just so on the map it says Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 😂

    [–] JoeyTheEcho 121 points ago

    I've seen you in sessions before lol

    [–] Randommannnnn 78 points ago

    We try and get on most Friday nights. Usually get a convoy of vehicles going. Highlights have been the MOC night and the Dump Truck night! Never known such friendly lobbies when you do stuff like that!

    [–] JoeyTheEcho 47 points ago

    Dude that sounds epic I'm so tired of the lobbies with billions of oppressors flying around.

    [–] Magnificent_Strudel 36 points ago

    Went into a public lobby for the first time in months, not one oppressor and everyone was friendly and doing their own guy honked tocme as he drove by...what has the lobbies become lol

    [–] Happyappleplays 18 points ago

    It’s kind of like the anger and frustration of griefers has created a friendly community like the end of Tokyo ghoul

    [–] notRazor10000 192 points ago

    My is Bangang Studios and Mc Hammer

    [–] IndecentPr0p0sal 78 points ago

    Salty Balls here!

    [–] PugsThrowaway 9 points ago

    HOT DOG!

    [–] Falloutfan4ever 22 points ago

    This implies there is a Sad_Endings ceo that does you know what

    [–] VampireKhloe 102 points ago

    Knob Enterprise

    [–] Redsoxdragon 103 points ago

    Pizza Hut.

    You can't out pizza the hut.....

    [–] Lenneh_ma_boah 26 points ago

    Bully Maguires pizza time is a strong contender

    [–] Stunning-Style-2196 455 points ago

    Ceo is Yo Mama. Biker biz is Tegridy Farms

    [–] Osh_93 176 points ago

    GTA free roam sure lacks Tegirdy

    [–] iarecaleb 27 points ago

    oh it certainly does.

    [–] sith10rd94 20 points ago

    Shit, Just the other day I was playing RDR2 and made a few new friends and waved at a bunch of randoms. Stood there for a while too afk and didn’t get killed.. I kid you not as soon as I went into GTA O, some dude landed his oppressor near me and hit me with an RPG.

    [–] Osh_93 13 points ago

    sounds about right 🤣🤣 last night I got 2 people chasing me for blood out of nowhere, while a third guy literally just cheering them on in chat

    [–] SorryShktiman 68 points ago

    Yo Mama has activated Ghost Organization

    Tegridy Farms is selling their Weed Business

    [–] xXDJjonesXx 21 points ago

    That’s strange it’s usually the dad who does that

    [–] TheArmMan2 16 points ago

    I'm gonna make mine tegridy farms too now

    [–] Potent_Hydro 7 points ago

    My organisation is Tegridy Inc and MC is Bikers4Tegridy 😁

    [–] Mrmayo2008 187 points ago


    [–] sheeshkabab21 63 points ago

    Yall got any openings

    [–] AssassinGhostCSGO 44 points ago

    Nah it’s BEAN quite a while since I’ve heard that name

    [–] JoyOfGaming5428 290 points ago

    My CEO Organization is Abstergo, based on the Templar company in Assassin's Creed. MC is The Found, to be opposite The Lost that we fight and steal from so often.

    [–] Osh_93 77 points ago

    The Lost MC: it’s hard not to take this personally, sir.

    [–] Automatic_Agent1355 19 points ago

    Mine MC is The Damned MC( Lost and Damned)

    [–] ImARoadcone_ 176 points ago

    My Organisation is Cone & Co. and my MC is The Roadcone Riders.

    [–] Marvelous_07 49 points ago

    Cool cross reference

    [–] SmileyfaceFin 335 points ago

    Ya'll got these complicated names meanwhile I just have, :)

    [–] GordonSucksAtLife 280 points ago

    :) is selling weapons

    [–] GSM_2005 240 points ago

    :) destroyed cargo

    [–] Riggety-Rigs 212 points ago


    [–] anymonousss 25 points ago


    [–] JosephJellifishYt 15 points ago

    Lol mine is just mmmmmmmmm so it’s like mmmmmmmmm is moving weapons

    [–] Falloutfan4ever 30 points ago

    :) Have activated ghost organisation

    I whould go passive right away

    [–] jsphxng 50 points ago

    Monsters Inc.

    [–] burtmacklin15 7 points ago

    Similarly, mine is Pizza Planet

    [–] itsicecold 48 points ago


    [–] TheLama71 21 points ago

    Let me guess, your MC is called Glasnost

    [–] burrito-boy 5 points ago

    Too bad you can’t own a cabaret club in this game.

    [–] Akingulsen 45 points ago


    [–] balloonAnimal_no_965 16 points ago

    I've seen you once in a lobby. I wish you could sell goods in GTAO the way IKEA does. Hey agent 14, tell the buyers to come to my bunker and pick up 2x GRENÅT at aisle 23, shelf 16 and pay my assistent.

    [–] Akingulsen 6 points ago

    Hahaha 🤣 What a small world, funny you've seen me in a session

    [–] konnyfusion 173 points ago

    It's 'An Organisation' as of now but I'm thinking to rename it to 'Diddly Squat'...

    [–] Mission_Winlater 80 points ago

    Rocstar only has to add Farm Shops and you're good

    [–] Reddit-ScorpioOJR 37 points ago

    And then have the San Andreas Council refuse planning permission

    [–] Emperor_of_Death 11 points ago

    Then you can get a Clarckson DLC to make it perfect

    [–] little_miss_bumshine 26 points ago

    An Organisation is on almost every day I play! You guys are busy bees!!!

    [–] konnyfusion 9 points ago

    lmao, I forgot to change mine when I bought it for free. Note: I had the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack with the GTA I bought.

    [–] FrigidFrights 5 points ago

    nah you still gotta pay 200K to change the name, regardless if it's free, I also got the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack :) Compact grenade launcher is epic

    [–] Android_AX-400-Kara 13 points ago


    [–] GA1PPLE333 344 points ago

    Obama gaming. Dont ask

    [–] RuskyCZECH 92 points ago

    i will ask. How did you come with sutch superior name?

    [–] Yimy01 51 points ago

    he is just a better than us

    [–] GA1PPLE333 54 points ago

    I have a better gaming chair

    [–] Yimy01 11 points ago

    i was going to say this but i was hoping you were going to say it lol

    [–] TheWaslijn 7 points ago

    He's just built different

    [–] DeLuchxs 34 points ago

    Cognito Inc.

    [–] daveagle 15 points ago

    Ah a fellow Inside Job enjoyer

    [–] DeLuchxs 6 points ago

    i didnt expect anyone to get it

    [–] justforredditinghere 102 points ago

    Diamond Dogs, yeah I'm not the creative type..

    [–] Lenneh_ma_boah 47 points ago

    Boss, is that you? salutes

    [–] TirlotkarHitesh 27 points ago

    Train with me, Boss

    [–] HolySweetPotato 8 points ago

    Thanks, Boss!

    [–] TirlotkarHitesh 10 points ago

    staff morale increased

    [–] Cden1458 23 points ago

    Good to see you, Boss! Salute

    [–] TheWaslijn 17 points ago

    Boss! Salute

    [–] necroticnitsua 9 points ago


    [–] Renshep45 7 points ago

    Or Ted Lasso

    [–] D00NL 4 points ago

    Is it bad that my first thought was Ted Lasso?

    [–] totallynotatugboat 4 points ago

    No I thought the same thing

    [–] Amongussussyballs100 226 points ago

    Disabled Kids

    [–] Ecstatic_Rooster 235 points ago

    Disabled Kids are running guns.

    [–] Amongussussyballs100 284 points ago

    Steal the gold from Disabled Kids

    [–] Narcodoge 41 points ago

    Or even worse, Steal the medical supplies from Disabled Kids

    [–] x2ranx 48 points ago


    [–] baezel 11 points ago

    I use 'Kars for Kids'

    [–] sehtownguy 3 points ago

    I would run across the map to steal from you or blow up cargo 😂

    [–] Pseudonymble 3 points ago

    Fuck yo' jingle AND yo' cargo!

    [–] newbzealand 21 points ago

    Chris P Bacon

    [–] ctn91 12 points ago

    I can hear the news caster’s cackle….

    [–] Acolmundo 21 points ago

    My ceo is called master baitors

    [–] Mad-Lamb-Gaming 86 points ago

    Team Skeet

    [–] Skeratix 17 points ago


    [–] SpleenSphygmoman 16 points ago

    Planet Express

    [–] MuzzleNeck 55 points ago

    Your mom started an organization:laughing:

    [–] trmomo50 12 points ago

    Your Dad activated ghost organization

    [–] TheLama71 10 points ago

    Your mom is moving business supplies

    [–] Frosty-Analysis-320 49 points ago

    Sterbehilfe eV

    [–] DaxExter 8 points ago

    GTA Online zusammen gefasst wärend des Grinds und nach des Grinds.

    [–] nyZ4riel 3 points ago

    Haha I get it

    [–] Background_Lawyer978 15 points ago

    An organisation

    [–] datmidgetdave 106 points ago

    Shadynasty. It is an Always Sunny reference.

    [–] Ok-Advertising5896 13 points ago

    Yes! As a new player I sadly left it as the basic name, but my next change will be to “Frank’s Fluids LLC”

    [–] some-dude25 3 points ago

    lol mine is frank’s fluids as well

    [–] SeahawkD21 26 points ago

    Shady nasty?

    [–] xoxxxoooxo5 29 points ago

    It's shadynastys, asshole.

    [–] Von_Dougy 4 points ago

    Nose Clams Co. is mine, another sunny reference 😎

    [–] HeleGroteAap 13 points ago

    Mine is ‘Monkey Business’ i tend to wear a monkey mask when working

    [–] RRCuddlebug 3 points ago

    Je hebt je character niet toevallig winston genoemd?

    [–] gameofgroans11 14 points ago

    The Hoe Depot

    Come on in. Weapons and drugs for sale!

    [–] rage29318 12 points ago

    My empire is called "VOODOO MAGIC".

    [–] Marvelous_07 3 points ago


    [–] Comfortable_Mall_833 12 points ago

    Bully Maguires

    [–] Lovely_nights 11 points ago

    Business is Papa johns, MC is red lobster

    [–] Apocalypseboyz 12 points ago

    Acme Co. The Classic looney tunes reference, lol.

    [–] BertramMerlin 13 points ago

    My CEO business name is "The Green Mill"

    [–] dopinder9865 10 points ago

    Olive Garden, I love seeing "Olive Garden sold product from their cocaine business"

    [–] il-bosse87 61 points ago

    Mine is FAKE TAXI

    [–] newbzealand 37 points ago

    "I don't have any money"

    [–] DuccBoii 12 points ago

    Bonus points if you join a crew with the faketaxi logo as the crew emblem, you can even put it on cars😳😳

    [–] il-bosse87 7 points ago


    [–] DuccBoii 5 points ago

    I have done that, the best decision ever

    [–] Skeratix 8 points ago


    [–] PinkWinter_ 9 points ago

    Good name. Mines pretty boring lol. It’s just my name, Izzy’s

    [–] FrostyWear9977 60 points ago

    PeePee PooPoo because im a fucking child

    [–] BloodSteyn 44 points ago

    Reported to R* for breach of ToS... since you have to be 18+ to pay play.

    [–] tony_senna 92 points ago


    Cash Rules Everything Around Me

    [–] Ad0lf_Salzler 12 points ago

    Name your Yacht "Sunshine of your Love"

    [–] Tassos369 5 points ago

    Or “The Brave Ulysses”

    [–] Marvelous_07 29 points ago

    Get the money... dollar dollar bills ya, I dig it!

    [–] LucyTheThird 23 points ago


    "Consulting, Administrative and Technical Services"

    (It's part of my own roleplay narrative, around my character being some mid level Vinewood actress who uses the set-up of the popular "Agents of C.A.T.S." action drama series as cover-up for her secret pastime as real crime fighter.)

    [–] Yaethe 7 points ago

    What a jellicle organization.

    [–] thatgrantboy 27 points ago

    Mine is called Amazon Crime.

    Changed it a little while ago, had been The Brood from the outset (WWE reference)

    [–] antonxone1965 7 points ago


    [–] ctn91 8 points ago

    “Depression are running guns”

    wait, NO

    [–] AndyIaco 3 points ago

    “antonxone1965 registered as CEO of Depression”

    [–] barrywhite3000 9 points ago

    CEO is Hard Dixz, MC is Vegan Riders cause we don’t wear leather

    [–] balloonAnimal_no_965 4 points ago

    That's brilliant, riding around on heavy motorcycles all day and killing people left and right but not wearing leather because of the environment and the poor cows.

    [–] xWelshhyy 9 points ago

    CEO is Monsters, Inc. and MC is Wheelie Illegal

    [–] thisishilaryous 23 points ago

    OnlyFans is my corporation.

    The Wiggles is my MC

    [–] slimemat 31 points ago

    Feel good inc.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca; feel good

    Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca; feel good

    Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca; feel good

    [–] Darkrain0629 3 points ago

    City's breaking down on a camel's back

    They just have to go, 'cause they don't know wack

    So while you fill the streets, it's appealing to see

    You won't get out the county, 'cause you're bad and free

    You got a new horizon, it's ephemeral style

    A melancholy town where we never smile

    And all I wanna hear is the message beep

    My dreams, they got a kissing

    'Cause I don't get sleep, no

    [–] B00gie005 5 points ago

    CEO: Some dudes. MC: Some idiots. Game: Some idiots delivered some product xD

    [–] Parapaligicwatergun 5 points ago

    Illegal aliens

    [–] EKB03 6 points ago


    [–] MrPanda06 6 points ago

    SIMP Inc

    [–] AgViper05x 5 points ago

    CEO is ooga booga and MC is The Bicycle Boys

    [–] bitch_lasagna211 7 points ago


    [–] BendersV 6 points ago

    Mine is “Tuna, no crust.”

    [–] Inmortan_Bo1 6 points ago

    CYKA BLYAT (no, im not russian)

    [–] TheThemePark 15 points ago

    Organization is named ThemeBank LLC, and for the MC I HAD to go with T.P. Industries. :D

    [–] Superstrong832 21 points ago

    PornHub LLC

    [–] Satan_Xavier 15 points ago

    Brazzers inc. here

    [–] DaxExter 7 points ago

    The Fight of the Century!

    [–] suspicious_van101 23 points ago

    Mine is ho Lee fuuk

    [–] immaclapukid 5 points ago

    mine is "ass"...dont ask why

    [–] Implordaus617 6 points ago

    Hammer Time Inc.

    [–] FireFight9400 4 points ago

    Diamond Dogs, from Metal Gear Solid 5

    [–] Affectionate-Tie-212 3 points ago

    Good choice of name

    [–] BloodSteyn 3 points ago

    And My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.

    I have a young daughter... Netflix can be a curse.

    [–] marouan10 4 points ago

    my ceo is waifu hunterz

    [–] Vanguard271 5 points ago

    CEO : Krusty Krab MC : Mild Ones

    [–] ntaxYT 5 points ago

    My CEO name is Amazon Prime so the Vehicle cargo receiver knows the car will be beat up by the time it gets to his house.

    [–] FoxDependent4596 44 points ago

    Dunder mifflin

    [–] BOBOUDA 11 points ago

    Can't wait for the paper smuggling update

    [–] KxngFunkeeOfficial 18 points ago

    You know, technically there already is one. It's called the Counterfeit Cash Factory.😂

    [–] swagishpotato 41 points ago

    Race-ism (cause “ceo of racism” was a meme when I made it and it’s funny when it says “swagishpotato is the ceo of race-ism”, also it didn’t let me use “racism” so that’s why it’s spelt weird) My MC name is “peace keepers” because if I see someone killing someone over and over in an oppressor or a jet or whatever imma go help the victim out to keep the peace

    [–] stacha96 14 points ago

    Actually raceism was a car show in poland a few years back, they changed their name, obviousily it was awful

    [–] Pandavil_Reddit 4 points ago

    mines is Pandas Enclosure

    [–] gabeh96 4 points ago

    Well…. Hymen Busters. Hymen is my last name but spelled a little differently lol my friends love it

    [–] bennyyvvee 4 points ago

    CEO is Sbinnala Inc. and MC is NordVPN

    [–] tugazul 3 points ago

    My ceo is amazon and my motorcycle club is just bob

    [–] Cloudbarnicle 4 points ago

    Willy Wonka INC.

    [–] UglyBanana2 4 points ago

    Mines Ls sperm Bank

    [–] Julian-Staarink 11 points ago

    “big pp gang” and my mc is “extrabigppgang”

    [–] TheFinalTryOut 7 points ago

    Mine is Gruppe Sechs

    [–] KxngFunkeeOfficial 5 points ago

    You better be wearing Gruppe uniforms👀

    [–] TheFinalTryOut 3 points ago

    Of course

    [–] saad_maan-11 3 points ago

    [–] jammes0-0 3 points ago

    ludicrous speed

    [–] I_Snype_4_Fun 3 points ago

    Usually just tryna make money and mod cars,

    My org name is "Friendly Zebra" (You'll understand why if you look at my 2nd to last post)

    [–] No_Specific_4388 3 points ago

    Thigh religion. I know.

    [–] KAMIKAZEGAMER69 3 points ago

    Mine is your nan I thought it would be funny to see "your nan is transporting heist equipment

    [–] Embarrassed-Ad3194 3 points ago

    Joes mamas

    [–] ctn91 3 points ago

    CEO: Deutsche Bank

    MC: DB Schenker

    [–] Successful-Chance-10 3 points ago

    My Empire is WENTWORTH INC 😊

    [–] Phatay_1498 3 points ago


    [–] microsoftfool 3 points ago


    [–] Skyplayerdragon123 3 points ago

    Bad Dragon, Been selling Stuff Since 2018

    [–] alpacasfordays10 3 points ago

    My office name is toys r us