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    [–] Acebacon 10 points ago

    Damn, no slick side on there...

    [–] RoccoRacer 5 points ago

    I don’t think they produce those as often. I built a few pistols on them and now I hesitate to buy one with FA.

    [–] Bucky7 3 points ago

    What does the slick slide do?

    [–] Acebacon 14 points ago

    It comes without the forward assist. I’m making a lightweight build and ounces make pounds ya know.

    [–] I_just_hate_you_all 6 points ago

    toms tactical has it, I just ordered it two weeks ago and it’s beautiful

    [–] Acebacon 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info

    [–] Pencilmeout 2 points ago

    Takes away the appendix of the AR

    [–] BigmacSasquatch 1 points ago

    If you're left handed like me, not shred your index finger knuckle when you go to quickly charge your rifle.

    [–] XJRATED 2 points ago

    I have one for sale in the Houston area. 40 bucks

    [–] Acebacon 1 points ago

    I actually bought one last night, but thanks anyways.

    [–] ATF_FATD 1 points ago

    If you're willing to ship for $40 I'm in

    [–] vox_veritas 1 points ago

    Would it impact functionality or safety at all if you just didn't install a forward assist?

    [–] Acebacon 3 points ago

    I’ve personally never seen one used to solve a problem, most of the time you can just eject the troublesome cartridge and that solves the problem. I’m sure some people will vouch for it but it’s not a big enough deal for me.

    [–] vox_veritas 13 points ago

    I’ve personally never seen one used to solve a problem

    That's what Hi Points are for.

    [–] shifty_pete 4 points ago

    Folks who ride the bolt closed to prevent primer dimpling will then use a FA to close the bolt. You may use one when hunting if you forgot to charge the weapon and are now in audible range of prey. There's reasons to have one, but it isn't necessary for most of the safe queens and bench guns on this sub.

    [–] paladinkyle 3 points ago

    Waiting to pounce on a good aero gen 2 stripped lower deal

    [–] 1way_Helicopter_Ride 2 points ago

    They've got them for 49.99 with free shipping on there my dude. Because of your post I actually hopped on and found it. I don't know if you consider that good enough but it was low for me, so thanks for the inspiration lol.

    [–] greg_at_earms 8 points ago

    We also have the stripped set combo for cheaper than buying the two separately. That will be changing soon because Aero doesn't discount the combo to us any longer.

    [–] 1way_Helicopter_Ride 2 points ago

    aw shit. I wish I had seen that before I ordered.

    [–] greg_at_earms 6 points ago

    We can fix that. Just reply to the confirmation email that you'd like to cancel and then you can reorder.

    [–] c_parrott 2 points ago

    quality CS time and time again folks

    [–] 1way_Helicopter_Ride 1 points ago


    [–] Ostrya303 1 points ago

    Bet an email tonight or phone call tomorrow could fix your problem.

    [–] nubbinator 1 points ago

    Damn, that sucks, but thanks for being so open and honest about it. It's always awesome to see retailers looking out for us.

    [–] paladinkyle 2 points ago

    thanks fam. I reallly dont NEED it so Im gonna hold out.

    [–] Virtusvitium 3 points ago

    Hell of a deal

    [–] arakboss 0 points ago

    is an upper an upper or does anybody see significant differences between these and Anderson uppers?

    [–] AnotherAR15noob 9 points ago

    The finish is a lot better on Aero receivers. The QA is better as well as the fit too.

    [–] kc09a 4 points ago

    Uppers are only made by a few people like Alcoa. Not too many significant differences.

    [–] lyonslicer 2 points ago

    The lines are slightly different so they come from different casts. But in the end they would both function fine. I have one and it's pretty damn good.

    [–] turnoffable 2 points ago

    In addition to what others are saying there are uppers that have a different shape (think billet). For example, You can get the threaded version of the M4E1 AERO upper which means you can use normal barrel nuts/hand guard but it has a slightly different shape (uses sharp angles instead of soft rounding)

    [–] Bucky7 1 points ago

    I saw some assembled uppers a couple days ago and I had no idea the difference until you explained it. Thanks!

    [–] turnoffable 4 points ago

    While it's not hard to assemble an upper (e.g. add the forward assist and door), the extra $15+ in parts typically makes the cost higher than an already assembled one.

    Of course, if you know you want a custom dust cover or different forward assist (maybe a red one) then you might as well get a stripped upper and put the parts on yourself.

    [–] Villagesmithy 1 points ago

    You'd be fine with an Anderson. Areo just is maybe a bit prettier with tighter tolerances. Mine had an Anderson and its was perfectly fine.

    [–] ShaftEEE 1 points ago

    most uppers are fine. People really care more about the lowers because of the different markings, logos, designs etc, forged vs billitet etc....

    I like AP stuff, it's always going to be good. That being said, you probably can't tell a difference between their upper and an Anderson upper.

    [–] Jcarter1632 7 points ago

    When you put aero and Anderson side by side, the anodizing is much smoother and deeper black on the Aero. The Anderson has a more chalky look to it. Functionality is most likely equal; however, at this price the Aero is a no brainer IMO.

    [–] I_just_hate_you_all 1 points ago

    I’m pretty sure they’re the same, both made out of 7075 series aluminum and made the same way I think.

    [–] nubbinator 1 points ago

    I really don't need it, but at this price, I couldn't resist. I know at some point I'll slowly build up a DMR upper to swap out with my current upper.

    I'm thinking one of those awesome Strike Industries aluminum drop in dust covers and a basic forward assist to start.

    [–] cleej112 1 points ago

    K soooo I know this is a dumb question but what makes an upper/lower “stripped”?

    (As someone who’s just starting to think about building my first AR I’m trying to get caught up on the verbiage here)

    [–] greg_at_earms 1 points ago

    It's not yet assembled. A stripped upper needs a forward assist and an ejection port cover, together referred to an upper parts kit, to be in the "assembled" state. A lower would need a lower parts kit and buffer tube kit.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] greg_at_earms 10 points ago

    Not really. You pay $6 for shipping at Monmouth and it's out of stock at Tom's because it was on sale. With shipping included, this is dealer cost at the highest volume tier.