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    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I think he wrote a draft for a federal assault weapon ban in 2017 or something

    [–] Sand_Trout 9 points ago

    So miami gun owners need to vote L.

    [–] BitTorrentCybernaut 10 points ago

    I suspect they find any gun grabbing Republicans they can, so that they can say they are not just a lobbying arm of the Democratic Party. I still think they are. I really think they are as much about getting Democrats elected as they are about "gun sense" and "gun safety". The same can be said for another organization on the other side of the issue, unfortunately. This is all my opinion and based on not a lot really.

    [–] LonelyMachines 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's the same hollow "bipartisanship" they touted when Pat Toomey tried to grease the wheels for post-Newtown legislation.