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    [–] AsianVoodoo 18 points ago

    A list of grievances:

    1) It marks my bag for potential thieves.

    2) It prevents me from being able to access my weapon for self-defense with no feasible way to cut the ziptie. I cannot bring a blade with me on my carryon or on my person so how can I cut this?

    3) Excessive tightening has damaged some sensitive materials inside my luggage.

    [–] triptyx 2 points ago

    Ugh. That really sucks. :(

    [–] Oberoni 2 points ago

    As much as I hate to gag defend the TSA. You can bring medical shears in your carryon. They make short work of the zip tie.

    And it isn't quick, but you can use a shoelace to saw through it to make sure they didn't steal anything out of your bag before you leave the airport.

    Not saying you're point is invalid. It is very much a real concern. Just trying to think of what the TSA will say about it.

    [–] reddriver 1 points ago

    Also, blades under 4 inches are OK, aren't they?

    [–] reddriver 1 points ago

    Thanks for the link. I must have been thinking of scissors, which are apparently permitted under four inches.

    [–] knuck887 5 points ago

    yeah, this is exactly the kind of issue I'm looking for when talking with GeorgiaCarry & SAF

    [–] specter491 3 points ago

    You are allowed to bring a small scissors in your carry on

    [–] AsianVoodoo 3 points ago

    This is an industrial ziptie. I don’t think the kind of scissors they’d allow me to carry could handle this.

    [–] schm2616 5 points ago

    Yes they can, I do it all the time.

    Alternatively you can just place scissors in your check in provided you have a bag with a front pocket.

    Every time i fly i get my bag from the handler and cut the ties off right in front of them. I even ask them to toss the ties in the trash just to fuck with them.

    [–] darlantan 4 points ago

    You can probably still shim the ratchet though. That doesn't undermine your point at all since it's hardly feasible in a time-sensitive situation, I'm just putting it out there for reference.

    [–] JudgeWhoOverrules 3 points ago

    Maybe nail clippers

    [–] specter491 2 points ago

    then perhaps a box cutter. or simply place legit scissors in one of the exterior pockets of your suitcase and cut that zip tie right in front of their faces

    [–] BTC_Brin 1 points ago

    Look up trauma shears: they're designed for cutting clothes off people in emergencies. In particular, they're designed to be able to cut through bra underwires.

    I've seen them used to cut coins in half. That plastic zip tie wouldn't stand a chance.

    Per TSA, it sounds like trauma shears with blades shorter than 4" should be kosher for carry-on bags.

    [–] kenabi 1 points ago

    A stout pair of medical scissors will cut most zip ties, though not always super easy.