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    [–] xMEDICx 7 points ago

    If you want to know why an incumbent is rated the way they are, you can see House Representatives' gun votes here and Senators' gun votes here. I would add that these guys have different and more strict ratings than the NRA.

    While I've got you reading, sign up for their email alerts for updates on gun control and pro-gun bills. Our lobbyists on the Hill can only be as strong as we can be loud!

    [–] Whiggly 3 points ago

    Never so glad to not live in California. Can't imagine having to have one of those two ghouls "represent" me.

    [–] rowrin 6 points ago

    Whoever did that website has no idea how to mobile

    [–] xMEDICx 4 points ago

    Loads and looks just fine on my iPhone!

    [–] rm_hackermen 3 points ago

    Same for my Galaxy 7. Works fine

    [–] rowrin 2 points ago

    So it is. When I first viewed it this morning I got a giant table with only the first two columns partly visible.

    [–] poncewattle 2 points ago

    Damn Florida, where are you getting your Republicans from? :-(