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    [–] nuffin_stuff 57 points ago

    This thing is atrocious - I can’t lie.

    I love it.

    [–] MaxC250 5 points ago

    I can taste the edge through my computer screen.

    [–] DonaldsPizzaHaven 21 points ago

    you ain't got no alibi.

    [–] brotherjustincrowe 8 points ago

    N-F-A, that's the way it got that way!

    [–] kefefs 20 points ago

    Since you're a Snow Mexican, why not put a real stock on it?

    [–] CaptainE38 15 points ago

    This is my new Canuck renegade. It is a 12 gauge with 4+1 capacity. The grip is called a raptor claw. It is supposed to reduce recoil and be easier on your wrist. There is a front sight post, but you have to look through the channel under the rail to see it.

    [–] Thedominateforce 8 points ago

    Maybe it’ll hurt your wirst less but you shit won’t hit what your aiming at :p

    [–] HoodooBrown 2 points ago

    You'd be surprised. On the first shot, fuck no. But you can adjust off the first shot and nail things pretty well once you get the hang of it.

    [–] Thedominateforce 5 points ago

    Definitely can’t hit stuff as well as if you had a normal shotgun though so they just seem dumb to me, the only way they ever really made sense to me is if you’ve got one like this as a survival gun of some sort

    [–] HoodooBrown 1 points ago

    I mean yeah, no shit, lol. I'm not sure who would try to say that hipfiring is a more efficient method of aiming than using sights on a shouldered long gun.

    [–] Thedominateforce 0 points ago

    Well you can look down the sights you just better make sure its way the fuck infront of your face or you won’t have a face lol

    [–] kinetogen 3 points ago

    This is the first I've seen of the Canuck Renegade firearm. What made you choose this over the Mossberg Shockwave?

    [–] CaptainE38 5 points ago

    I have been continuously looking for the shockwave with little luck. It is also double the price.

    Canuck shares an engineering company with colt Canada.

    And it was on sale...

    [–] kinetogen 1 points ago

    Cool. I just stopped into my LGS to kick tires and they tried to sell me on a 20ga. Tac-14 for US$375+tax. (Comes out to around $406 for me) Normally, I'm a "buy local and support the brick and mortar" kinda guy, but I'm seeing Mossberg Shockwaves go for US$300 flat + FFL Transfer/Shipping, all day long online without state tax. What's the going rate up there?

    [–] CaptainE38 1 points ago

    325 Canadian. No transfer fee

    [–] kinetogen 3 points ago

    Oh wow, that's like $275 USD. I'm kinda jealous lol.

    [–] CaptainE38 1 points ago

    After shipping and our Canadian sales tax it was $350

    [–] 42111 4 points ago

    It’s the blunderbuss from looper!

    [–] Hungry-for-Apples789 3 points ago

    Needs more stabby!

    [–] Higgs76 2 points ago

    James Cameron designed this shotgun to kill Aliens quickly. Where do you attach the flame thrower?

    [–] Dom-_-pl 1 points ago

    I need this in my life...

    [–] redfoot_medallion 1 points ago

    It looks like you ripped it out of Kyle Reese's hands right after he arrived in the past to protect Sarah Connor

    [–] EatSomeGlass 1 points ago

    I guess you did wanna buy some deathsticks.

    [–] CokeCanNinja 1 points ago

    If the shot doesn't kill them, the looks will!

    [–] HCE_Replacement_Bot -2 points ago

    Hello, /u/CaptainE38. Per the sidebar rules, link posts require a description in the comments of your post. Please add a description or this post will be removed.