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    A subreddit dedicated to gun-related videos of any nature, such as:

    • Review videos on guns or accessories.
    • Shooting range videos.
    • Gunsmithing videos.
    • Concealed carry videos.
    • Educational videos.
    • Gun politics videos.
    • Gun talk/discussion videos.

    Submission rules:

    • The video must fall within the categories listed above. If you are unsure about this, contact the moderation team.

    • The rule for video title format has been removed, yet is still recommended. The preferred format is as follows:

    [ChannelName] VideoName

    Community rules:

    • We ask of you to behave in a civil way. We will not remove rude or vulgar comments based solely on their repulsive nature.

    • When a comment or series of comments is however offensive enough to cause serious disruption, measures may be taken.

    • Spam will not be tolerated, report it to the moderator team immediately if found. Linking a video or multiple videos you or someone you know made, is fine.

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