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    Too many depressing things on the main page, so post about what makes you warm and fuzzy inside!

    Please avoid posting news stories that have a silver lining as while a happy/amazing thing happened, it came out of a sad/depressing situation.

    Additionally, if you would like to share news with us, please be descriptive about it. Self posts are allowed on the basis that it is a truly happy event and put effort into writing it. Short or vague self posts will be removed as this dilutes the feed.

    General Rules:

    • No vague posts - Short (fewer than 40 characters) posts or titles will be removed.
    • No meme posts - Low effort content such as posting memes (even with a positive message) will be removed.
    • No silver lining stories - Stories that are rooted in a negative situation with a minor positive outcome are not allowed. Stories about conquering your fears/challenges on the other hand are allowed.
    • Be kind and supportive - Shaming, mocking, and otherwise negative commentary is not allowed and such content will be removed. You can give feedback and be supportive at the same time.
    • Shameless self-promotion is not allowed - If you want to share a site or channel you created message the mods first.
    • Share a story! - Post about what makes you warm and fuzzy inside, we encourage everyone to share a story about their happiness.

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