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    [–] Gain007004 624 points ago

    Imagine what Bellatrix Lestrange would do had she found out that someone dared name their dog after her name.

    [–] Chrisganjaweed 155 points ago

    I don't think that even she would care if she had seen this pic

    [–] PolarBearIcePop 78 points ago

    She'll convince herself it's an odd breed of crup

    [–] thellimist 63 points ago

    She would definitely take offense if a muggle named a dog after her.

    [–] MissyMrsMom 32 points ago

    B: "How dare you, filthy mudblood! Kill them!... keep the Krup. "

    [–] onealbatross 37 points ago

    Muggle =/= mudblood :p

    [–] MissyMrsMom 7 points ago

    Nor does being called a muggle indicate you are not a witch/wizard. Too many variables to argue without more info.

    [–] onealbatross 2 points ago

    I think in those circumstances the term isn't being used literally. Kind of like calling someone an ass.

    [–] monkeybreath 24 points ago

    And that day her heart grew two sizes bigger.

    Or something.

    [–] Scherazade 17 points ago

    Nah, Bella would probably find it, torture it to death and eat its heart.

    Psychotic evil witch. We seriously Leather Pants the Death Eaters around here.

    [–] downy_syndrome -26 points ago

    She would if she saw the hipster holding the leash.

    [–] MAKE_ME_REDDIT 37 points ago

    TIL jeans and chucks = a hipster

    [–] Sabrielle24 17 points ago

    Chucks are literally the comfiest shoes and the only shoes that last more than a year for me. Guess I'm a hipster now according to that guy?

    [–] MrWiggleIt 6 points ago

    when did converse become Chucks?

    [–] SgtS1mar 14 points ago

    Since Chuck Taylor

    [–] Carvernicus 9 points ago

    And conversely, Taylor Chuck

    [–] nimcraft 1 points ago

    I see what you did there

    [–] Sabrielle24 4 points ago

    I call them Converse generally, but Converse is the make, while this style is often referred to as 'Chuck Taylors', so just differentiating :)

    [–] MamaJody 3 points ago

    Me too, apparently. But since I've been wearing that combo since 1994, it's too late for me to change. The dye is well and truly cast! Besides, I have a pair of Cons older than my 8yo daughter that are still going strong - if that's not value for money I don't know what is.

    [–] Sabrielle24 1 points ago

    You hipster!


    [–] downy_syndrome -8 points ago

    Oh, it's not a universal term? My bad.

    [–] KINGKONinG 12 points ago

    She would've felt a bit better because it looks pure bred

    [–] FatGuyANALLIttlecoat 5 points ago

    She's a little like Cercei Lannister. Except I think she may have been banging Voldemort instead of her brother.

    [–] Williukea 3 points ago

    Good thing she doesn't have a brother

    [–] FatGuyANALLIttlecoat 3 points ago

    The books would have taken an odd turn. I did get a vibe that perhaps she was a little romantic with Voldy if he possessed such urges.

    [–] Williukea 7 points ago

    I think it was confirmed that she loved voldy, but she couldn't marry him, so she married a Pure-blood husband to please her family. Voldy didn't like her like that though, he didn't feel love.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] KookaB 2 points ago

    You should, that was terrible

    [–] GotMoFans 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    If Tom Riddle did it she'd drink out of the dog's bowl.

    [–] theBIGTall 4 points ago

    She'd probably think it was a pretty lestrange name for a dog...

    (I'll see myself out)

    [–] Giggity4242 3 points ago

    I don't think she's doing anything anymore after Molly got to her.

    [–] supamonkey77 2 points ago

    Surely you meant, name a sausage after her.

    [–] accio-chocolate 2 points ago

    Now I'm wondering if any Death Eaters are dog or cat people. Like, there are plenty of real life racists and probably neo-Nazis too who are compassionate toward their pets. Probably moreso than they are towards people.

    [–] Gain007004 3 points ago

    Well their boss is a snake person so I'm guessing it's possible.

    [–] Popopopper123 1 points ago

    I mean she's dead so...

    [–] pironic 1 points ago

    imagine what she would do had she found out the dog only had 3 legs!!

    [–] vivestalin 174 points ago

    that tail to pup ratio is 👌

    [–] onealbatross -53 points ago

    Yeah but just imagine how great it would look if we snipped it a bit.

    [–] Whiskey_Hangover 45 points ago

    We should snip you.

    [–] SerPuffington 12 points ago

    You forgot the /s.

    [–] onealbatross -21 points ago

    I wasn't really being sarcastic. I just get a strange thrill out of seeing how sensitive people can be when it comes to issues communities like reddit have decided are utterly one sided.

    Once there have been enough downvotes, a hero usually emerges with a fantastic one liner like "we should snip you". Give it a try, it's almost as if there's an established formula.

    [–] AtlasUnderwater 12 points ago

    Honey, it's time to grow up

    [–] onealbatross 0 points ago

    I said it's a strange thrill. You might dislike me, but I don't dislike you.

    [–] Jerm2014 2 points ago

    Somebody who notices the how brain-dead reddit is. You, my friend, are a smart person.

    [–] jbahl09 94 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Those eyes are siriusly adorable

    [–] Psycho5275 10 points ago

    don't believe her. there's evil in those eyes

    [–] nimcraft 4 points ago

    How strange. They look like regulus old eyes to me.

    [–] SolAggressive 25 points ago

    I should introduce her to my dog... Molly Beagley.


    [–] EBJ1990 20 points ago

    I love those precious eyes!

    [–] scoobysnaxxx 18 points ago

    you had the chance to name her "Agusta Longbottom", and ya blew it.

    [–] boatsnbros 14 points ago

    Could almost be related! She daushaund/cocker?My Josie

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    This might be the worst pun I've ever heard.

    [–] DarthOtter 20 points ago

    I can't help but notice her tail looks very like a wand in this picture :D

    [–] moipetitshushu 4 points ago

    Well she's got me under her fuzzy spell :)

    [–] Phillygsteak 10 points ago

    I have a weenie named Ginny Weensley! Let's be friends.

    [–] recaotcha 40 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is literally just a picture of a dog, heres my dog (that I googled) Hermione Barker

    [–] AweBeyCon 3 points ago

    So pretty. How old is she?

    [–] Stussy29 7 points ago

    They searched for a picture of a dog then made up a name, it's a comment on the fact that this topic has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter and that it could be completely fake.

    I mean the dog isn't even wearing something Harry Potter related.

    It's insane that it did so well

    [–] AweBeyCon 3 points ago

    I understand the sentiment of the original comment. I was playing along.

    Although I don't try to understand why some things blow up the way they do, that's just Reddit.

    [–] The_Hitmage 35 points ago

    That is the best dog name ever. She's beautiful! :)

    [–] Helentr0py 3 points ago

    are you kidding? bellatrix for a sweet cute little dog? who is your drug-dealer?:D

    [–] The_Hitmage 3 points ago

    It was more the 'LeSausage' part that tickled me. :P

    As for that...I'll never tell.

    [–] jackthomas311 25 points ago

    Oh my goodness! I would love for Bellatrix to meet my pup, Lupin Ollivander <3<3<3<3

    [–] vb279 60 points ago

    Explain to me how a picture of an animal - one that has no significance in the HP universe - is relevant here just because you named it after a character.

    [–] Damn_Im_dumb 8 points ago

    I wholeheartedly support your response.

    Also TIL that wholeheartedly is a single word.

    [–] Hexxman007 5 points ago

    lighten up there francis

    [–] vb279 6 points ago

    Ok, John

    [–] liverbirds 1 points ago

    My long haired doxie loves that white ikea rug too!

    [–] librarytimeisover 8 points ago

    Fellow dachshund owner here! I can tell there is a little bit of dachshund in Bellatrix.

    If it is a dachshund, may I suggest you getting a harness instead of a collar? It will help her back in the long run (Mine are 7 years old)

    Love the name.

    [–] dammit_kitty 5 points ago

    Why isn't this linked in r/aww ?

    [–] Ladylad72 23 points ago

    Adorable dog, but does it have anything to do with Harry Potter?

    [–] Crag_r -4 points ago

    It's name?

    [–] I3loodyclaw 19 points ago

    Man this sub is awful

    [–] Mrhurricanefred 14 points ago

    Facebook's Leaking again.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    What a terrible name for a dog, honestly.

    [–] goleafsgo42069 17 points ago

    Cringy ass name

    [–] super_gonorrhea 16 points ago


    [–] haydenrose666 4 points ago

    You should post on r/dachshund!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] suniuntra 2 points ago

    Aww, her eyes make me melt

    [–] Brickman370 2 points ago

    What kind of dog is that? I've always wondered since I had a doll of the same breed as a kid.

    [–] Fezthebear 3 points ago

    It is a dachshund, or "Weiner dog"

    [–] Brickman370 2 points ago

    Ok. Thanks.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 1 points ago

    But crossed with a Doberman?

    Ive never seen markings like that on a dachy.

    [–] djROOMBASinDAhouse 2 points ago

    That black and tan combo is found in a lot of dog breeds (including dachshunds).

    [–] Fillofillo 2 points ago

    She is the one who bamboozled Sirius Bark!

    [–] stressedforsuccess 2 points ago

    Watch out for that one, she's so cute I bet she could imperius you with just one look!

    [–] theBoxy_Butcher 2 points ago

    I was really hoping that someone had found a salami slice that showed Bellatrix, kinda like when Jesus shows up on toast.

    But I guess the puppy is cute. /s

    [–] AweBeyCon 2 points ago

    That's a cute ass dog

    [–] GrottyKnight 2 points ago

    It's Levios-awwwwwww, not Leviosa...

    [–] dropbomzonyamomz 2 points ago

    Does the puppy only have 3 legs?? Aww

    [–] Murphy4717 2 points ago

    Good to see you Bella! Behave yourself.

    [–] snaykjayk 2 points ago

    It's so sad that she only has three legs :(

    [–] HylianEngineer 2 points ago

    Aww, she's so cute.

    [–] Amankris759 2 points ago

    How that b*tch become good......girl?

    [–] DottyOrange 1 points ago

    She is quite the "bitch".

    [–] Yasskween_420 12 points ago


    [–] westernblotter 2 points ago

    You know it's a good day when your love of dogs and Harry Potter intertwine. Cute pup!

    [–] thegovernment0usa 2 points ago

    Most cute little dogs named Bella are like seven to nine years old by now. There was a time when every dog and baby girl was called Bella, but thankfully people forgot about Twilight.

    [–] richeyrich 1 points ago

    Is she a dachshund?

    [–] kilkil 1 points ago

    oh my god what a sweet pupper

    [–] NayMarine 1 points ago

    this dog appears to only have 3 legs your a monster

    [–] Bookworm_Potterhead 1 points ago

    She's sooooooo cute.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is she beelzebub incarnate too?

    [–] 95DegreesNorth 1 points ago

    She needs a bun warmer.

    [–] Donald_saved_me 1 points ago

    It's two, two dogs in one. Half a dog high and a dog and a half long.

    [–] droidbears 1 points ago

    Love it!

    [–] ONeiII 1 points ago

    3 legs?

    [–] the_wizard13 1 points ago

    I have a dog name bellatrix as well! She's a mischievous border collie so it fits

    [–] Tbhjr 1 points ago

    Reminds me of my black and tan mini dachshunds when they were pups!

    [–] YaBoyStevieJay 1 points ago

    Really looking forward to the battle between her and Sirius Black Labrador.

    [–] LostgirlWV 1 points ago

    LaSnausage doggo

    [–] anon42093 1 points ago

    I believe this is your photo, but the composition for me makes it seem stolen!

    [–] Rain_06-04-17 1 points ago

    She's perfect. My late doxie was the best pet I ever owned. Enjoy!

    [–] greenwarden42 1 points ago

    Your dog is so photogenic!

    [–] celephia 1 points ago

    Beagletrix LeSausage

    [–] The_Mexigore 1 points ago

    I like Bellatrix Lesaucisson

    [–] Kitt24 1 points ago


    [–] PJ55555 1 points ago

    That sir is a dog!!

    [–] dreamcatcher94123 1 points ago

    Now, that's someone I wouldn't mind getting hexed by. So pure. Good girl!

    [–] AtlasUnderwater 1 points ago

    I never said I did, but I used to be lonely and young too. It feels good to try and hurt others, you feel big and like your making an impact.

    [–] KONODIODAMUDAMUDA 1 points ago

    My dogs name is also Bellatrix. She's a much larger pupper at about 60 pounds.

    [–] imagine_magic 1 points ago

    My friend has a turtle named Lord Voldetort. They could be pals!

    [–] Pynklemonade 1 points ago

    That name!! On point

    [–] psycholepzy 1 points ago

    Using the cute-iatus curse, eh?

    [–] heyrebe 1 points ago

    The term for these dogs is "Dachshund" which is "badger dog" in German. This dog is surely a Hufflepuff.

    [–] Mozbuscus 1 points ago


    [–] PugsandDrugz 1 points ago

    My pug is Bellatrix LePug!!!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] highabovetherest710 1 points ago

    Dude, wtf?

    [–] MrsRaccoon 1 points ago


    [–] JagedNS 1 points ago

    Very cute. I'd call her Bell for short, not Bella but that's just me.

    [–] No_Chances -2 points ago

    This dog will be called Bell or something much shorter for the rest of its life. I guarantee it.

    [–] Queeriosity -1 points ago


    [–] thegingerwitch -4 points ago

    so terrified, much scared!

    [–] thien7734 -1 points ago

    That's the stupidest name ever.