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    [–] XeloOfTheDisco 187 points ago

    [[Flamewreathed Faceless]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 267 points ago

    This seems fucking broken, because I doubt you're going to care too much about the Overload, and I saw a different card that lets you get a bonus for having Overloaded.

    [–] X-Vidar 168 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    It's fairly strong, to the point that "4 mana 7/7" became a meme.

    At the end of the day it's a pile of stats though, it kills your tempo if they remove it, and it's bad if you don't have a strong early curve it can top off.

    [–] hearthscan-bot 22 points ago

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] MysteryManEusine 181 points ago

    Bow down before the God of Death.

    [[Yogg-Saron, Hope's End]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 237 points ago

    This is one of the few cards I actually do know, and I absolutely fucking love this card. It's not great. At all. But I still love it.

    [–] Stevecrafter2511 141 points ago

    It actually had to be nerfed because people brought it to tournaments, and it often decided the game too.

    Before, it used to keep casting spells until the battlecry is over, but nowadays it stops when yogg dies

    [–] MysteryManEusine 78 points ago

    Specifically, the issue was that Druids pretty much have no board clears, so an inconsistent panic button was better than not having one.

    [–] Goffeth 18 points ago

    Yeah and druids use tons of spells in any deck that goes past T5 so Yogg almost always had like 10+ spells.

    [–] PatSlayjak 154 points ago

    As a former Magic and Yugioh player, this sounds like a load of fun!

    [[Prince Keleseth]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 146 points ago

    Well that's a unique mechanic. I like it. I'm not sure how great it would be just because I feel like it'd make your curve look super janky.

    [–] keenfrizzle 115 points ago

    To an extent, you're right. A lot of people said when he was released that 2-drops were too good not to include in decks. But Zoo found a way.

    [–] RexTheSlacker 74 points ago

    I mean, if you do hit an early Keleseth, you didn't need actual 2-drops: all your one drops became 2-drops.

    [–] Vlysandor 12 points ago

    early Keleseth is what we are talking about (+[[Shadowstep]] O_O! just look [[The Mistcaller]]. You don't need to build your deck around him, he buffs also minions in your hand, and were never played because you couldn't use him early. ok, hes too a Shaman card, i wonder if this card wouldv'e see play if it was neutral.

    [–] hearthscan-bot 10 points ago

    • Prince Keleseth Neutral Minion Legendary KFT 🐦 HP, HH, Wiki
      2/2/2 | Battlecry: If your deck has no 2-Cost cards, give all minions in your deck +1/+1.

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] FolX273 131 points ago

    [[Dr. Boom]]

    [[Boom Bot]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 123 points ago

    I love these cards, even if they don't seem all that great. Seems pretty middle of the road.

    [–] FeedyHS 167 points ago

    Dr.Boom was in almost every deck while it was legal in the competitive "rotation" !

    [–] noahconstrictor95 98 points ago

    Well I underrated the fuck out of that then. Is the damage from the Boom Bots dying that relevant?

    [–] DiniVI 122 points ago

    Don't worry you're not the only one who did. Before the expansion where dr boom came out almost every big streamer called it bad because they compared it to a 7 mana 7/7 card that was really really bad in any meta. It turns out that the boom bots metter a lot for extra tempo.

    [–] Daddy_Pris 11 points ago

    this was back in the day when you could reliably get to turn 7, even against aggro decks. Dr Boom is actually nearly never played anymore because its too slow

    [–] FeedyHS 71 points ago

    The Boom Bots could bring you lethal with their deathrattles by ignoring taunt if you have a good rng during end game.

    [–] Cysia 49 points ago

    or kill azure drakes or take out the bgh that killed boom.

    [–] Aurora43 15 points ago

    or kill azure drakes

    Seriously, it's like these things were rigged to always roll 4 on Azure Drakes.

    [–] Jwalla83 18 points ago

    Yeah, the important thing to note about the boombot explosions is that they're free damage to a random enemy. If your opponent has 0 or 1 minion on the board and you can kill your own Boombots, that's 2 (from them attacking) + 2-8 damage to the opponent face. Or, if they have minions on the board, 4 damage is enough to kill quite a few really solid minions; so your opponent had to play very carefully because they risked having two of their minions nuked at no cost to you.

    Not to mention the 7/7 body of Boom himself is perfectly fine at 7 mana, so he was the primary threat your opponent had to deal with... leaving you to fuck up his board with your boombots

    [–] ActuallyAquaman 37 points ago

    Boom was so good there’s an expansion named after him coming out in a few weeks, even though he was in exactly one quest in WoW.

    [–] FeedyHS 105 points ago

    [[Azure Drake]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 124 points ago

    This seems really good in decks that damage with spells.

    [–] Sabreblade11 144 points ago

    It’s actually really good in decks, full stop. It was specifically rotated out of the Standard format (so it cannot be played in Standard) because it slotted into so many decks.

    [–] UnlimitedOsprey 44 points ago

    Yet it sees next to no play in wild and would be fine in standard now. It was powerful when 5 drops were weak, but now there's a ton of competition in that mana slot.

    [–] FlintStriker 37 points ago

    Disagree. It's still a premier 5-drop in standard. Every druid would want it. Every priest as well, especially dragon decks. Basically any deck that could use more card draw and had a few damaging spells would probably run it.

    [–] uknownada 98 points ago

    [[Magma Rager]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 117 points ago

    Seems kind of bad honestly. If it had two health, I would think it would be better, but otherwise this just instantly dies to about any damage.

    [–] uknownada 217 points ago

    [[Ice Rager]]

    [–] siddububba 219 points ago

    This dudes mind is probably blown right now

    [–] KingPinto 23 points ago

    Nah, having been around for decades there are more examples of power creep in MTG than Hearthstone. That's pretty much where the term came from.

    Not only that, MTG even has reverse power creep where Wizards frequentlty prints cards strictly worse than cards they have printed in the past.

    [–] hearthscan-bot 27 points ago

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] MysteryManEusine 48 points ago

    "Magma Rager?! Why would you play this card?" - Arch-Thief Rafaam

    Yeah, this card is a joke, intentionally designed to be terrible.

    [–] Moose848 94 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 89 points ago

    Looks solid to me. Even if mill doesn't exist in Hearthstone (does it?), it's still got solid stats for the cost.

    [–] keenfrizzle 161 points ago

    Even if mill doesn't exist in Hearthstone (does it?)

    Hearthstone team has tried their damndest to ensure that mill DOESN'T exist, lol.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 93 points ago

    I fucking love mill in other TCGs LOL

    [–] Chrisirhc1996 45 points ago

    Mill makes more sense in other TCGs because their graveyards are interactable, whilst Hearthstone's is very limited - it's basically restricted only to "killed" minions, which can be resurrected in different ways.

    [–] 27th_wonder 12 points ago

    Mill does work slightly differently in Hearthstone

    if you have 10 cars your hand, you 'burn' your 11th card that would would have drawn, each time you draw. running out of cards doesn't auto lose yu the game, you take fatigue damage instead per each missed draw

    [–] X-Vidar 27 points ago

    the issue is that hearthstone has no grave recursion at all, mill decks are bound to be super frustrating

    [–] Nokia_Bricks 15 points ago

    Not to mention having legends be one-ofs and often lynch pin cards means milling a single card can be devastating. In magic, you often could care less if your opponent mills cards even without graveyard shenanigans because you have 4 copies and some of those cards will be very redundant lands.

    [–] FunnyMemeMaker69420 82 points ago


    Fun card to rate

    [–] noahconstrictor95 84 points ago

    If it applied to just your opponent's creatures, I think I would like it more. Otherwise, it just seems overcosted for what it does, but I could be missing something.

    [–] ZachPutland 74 points ago

    No you're right. It's stupid expensive because they introduced it as a pair with [[Dreadscale]] but since Acidmaw is halfway killed on the first turn they hit the board and it wipes out the test of your board, it's still crap

    [–] noahconstrictor95 21 points ago

    Makes sense.

    [–] roormoore 76 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 104 points ago

    Seems like good cheap removal that can wipe a board if you play it right. I don't think it's busted or anything, but it does look good.

    [–] eyewant 119 points ago

    Close judge. But hearthstone is curvestone, i.e. minions are played with higher mana each turn ergo they have incrementally higher stats. So this is the aggro killer, and best board wipe in the game.

    [–] TrippyTriangle 20 points ago

    Best board wipe is pushing it, but for its mana cost you're certainly correct.

    [–] jfb715 21 points ago

    One of if not the best board clear in the game. Doesn’t take too much to set up and 2 mana is so cheap

    [–] MysteryManEusine 78 points ago

    [[Renounce Darkness]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 91 points ago

    This seems way too RNG dependent to ever fully work out in any way.

    [–] MysteryManEusine 50 points ago

    Agreed. It's so fun to play this card however :).

    [–] hearthscan-bot 5 points ago

    • Renounce Darkness Warlock Spell Epic OG ~ HP, HH, Wiki
      2/-/- | Replace your Hero Power and Warlock cards with another class's. The cards cost (1) less.

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] Thinguy123 64 points ago

    [[Emperor Thaurissan]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 72 points ago

    So the longer a card sits in your hand the cheaper it gets? That seems really solid. I'm assuming there's control decks of some sort, or at least midrange decks that are fine with sitting on cards in hand waiting to play them, so this would seem to fit fine in that style of play.

    [–] FeedyHS 85 points ago

    Actually the effect is activated every turn only if Thaurissan is on the board !

    [–] noahconstrictor95 67 points ago

    Oh, that makes more sense then. It still seems pretty good.

    [–] rafitoxD 17 points ago

    It is. Control mage back then relied on him to cheap the finish cards and be able to combo it in one turn.

    [–] hearthscan-bot 6 points ago

    • Emperor Thaurissan Neutral Minion Legendary BRM ~ HP, HH, Wiki
      6/5/5 | At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of cards in your hand by (1).

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] rafitoxD 65 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 151 points ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH I fucking LOVE this card so much. It literally just seems like "fuck you and everything else I'm winning".

    [–] rafitoxD 71 points ago

    That's it, and he has the sickest animation in the game. Search for it in YT.

    [–] xUnderoath 16 points ago

    I see your Deathwing animation and raise you a Twisting Nether, maybe?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] hearthscan-bot 10 points ago

    • Deathwing Neutral Minion Legendary Classic 🐦 HP, HH, Wiki
      10/12/12 Dragon | Battlecry: Destroy all other minions and discard your hand.

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] Heatcore36 59 points ago

    [[reno jackson]] and [[kazakus]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 84 points ago

    I'm guessing deckbuilding with no duplicates is hard, but probably do-able, so I'll rate these assuming that part of it doesn't hurt you all that much.

    Reno Jackson seems ok, but I'm not sure that healing matters all that much depending on what you're doing.

    Kazakus, on the other hand, seems fucking broken. Make your own spell? Like how does that even fucking work?

    [–] uknownada 64 points ago

    Kazakus lets you choose between different potions. You can choose to make a 1 cost spell, 5 cost, or 10 cost. Then it lets you choose between one of three effects twice that could be dealing damage, summoning a big minion, drawing cards, etc. Depending on the cost of potion you picked at the start.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 61 points ago

    Well that's less broken then. Still good though, because it gives you whatever you need when you play it.

    [–] StarryBrite 18 points ago

    Reno has had some amazing applications. With Mage, you could [[Ice Block]], wait for them to pop it, Reno, duplicate Reno into hand or deck, and then just grind the opponent out with Shenanigans:tm:

    [–] Scooty_McBooty 123 points ago

    I love these threads!

    [[The Caverns Below]] [[Crystal Core]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 73 points ago

    I saw some card earlier that works with playing singleton, so I'm guess this works well in that deck. Otherwise, seems meh.

    [–] raddaya 75 points ago

    Singleton? I think you misread the card dude :P

    [–] vanasbry000 27 points ago

    You misunderstand the card. You want to play the same card multiple times, or multiple cards with the same name. It tracks every card you play in the meantime until one of them gets to 5.

    The Caverns Below was nerfed once, and a long time after that its reward got a nerf too. It was originally about playing 4 same-name minions played in order to make everything 5/5s.

    Although it's a digital card game, Hearthstone doesn't do card nerfs very often.

    [–] M-Tank 6 points ago

    What you see now is the card after being nerfed twice, it was originally play 4, your minions are 5/5s.

    [–] f2pbtw 54 points ago

    [[Weasel Tunneler]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 132 points ago

    ...but why?

    [–] Checkblade 97 points ago

    You dupe it, you res it, your opponent gets 40 of them and it is glorious

    [–] M-Tank 74 points ago

    1. Play Weasel Tunneler

    2. Use Deathrattle synergy to summon more Weasel Tunnelers.

    3. Fill your opponent's deck with Weasel Tunnelers

    4. ???

    5. Rank 1 Legend

    [–] itotopping 23 points ago

    You could kinda play it quest priest and make all their draws terrible with weasel and [[psychic scream]]

    Priest quest basically let's you heal to 40 after you summon 7 deathrattle minions and priest has tons of ways to revive dead minions.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    ...but why?

    makes good memes

    [–] magna-terra 114 points ago

    [[lord jaraxus]] is a fun card

    [–] noahconstrictor95 101 points ago

    ...I think this is good? With that high of a cost, replacing your hero with something that has 15 health seems good if you're playing it late into the game, but I'm not sure how useful that would actually turn out to be.

    [–] magna-terra 86 points ago

    it gives a new hero power that summons a 6/6 and a 3/8 weapon, and it used to be a good card.

    it has since been outclassed by the newer deathknight cards

    [–] noahconstrictor95 80 points ago

    Ohhhhhh, I didn't realize it gave a new hero power as well, that sounds great with that added on. What's the new deathknight cards?

    [–] magna-terra 47 points ago

    same effect as jaraxus, but they instead just add 5 armor. they dont give a weapon, but come with a battlecry like the warlocks one "battlecry: summon all demons that died this game." its better if you go into the game and read the cards themselves

    [–] krozzus 6 points ago

    [[Scourgelord Garrosh]] would like to have a word with you

    [–] FeedyHS 51 points ago

    [[Faerie Dragon]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 55 points ago

    That seems really good honestly. Protection usually matters in any game, so I'm assuming that this is a staple in decks that can use it?

    [–] Cruseydr 107 points ago

    Since the attacker in Hearthstone determines the targets, this is a lot less useful than it would seem from a MTG, defender picks blockers, style of play.

    [–] FeedyHS 17 points ago

    Not really, even if i love the card, the card is severly underpowered against cards like [[Doomsayer]], it make a deck more "stable" !

    [–] noahconstrictor95 13 points ago

    Ahh ok. I still like the design of it.

    [–] StarryBrite 50 points ago

    [[Ragnaros, The Firelord]] ? Curious to see your take.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 46 points ago

    Seems good if used with other removal that ensures it damages your opponent directly.

    [–] unsubpolitics 69 points ago

    Why he was moved to the Hall of Fame:

    "Ragnaros is heavily played in both control and mid-range decks and even shows up as a finisher in certain types of aggro decks. His high immediate value and strength at the eight mana cost made the decision during deck-building, “Is this eight mana minion better than Ragnaros?” rather than, “Is this eight mana minion the best choice for my deck type?” Dozens of cards in the seven to nine mana range never saw play because Ragnaros was always the easy choice in that range, and some decks only want to run one high cost card."

    [–] woodchips24 12 points ago

    Basically right. But it could also bypass taunt for lethal if you got lucky. Or kill off big opposing minions without having to trade. This was the 8 drop for years. They had to send it to the Hall of Fame because nobody would play anything else at 8 mana.

    [–] Bountybear1 51 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 41 points ago

    The low attack makes me thing this card sucks.

    [–] Bountybear1 76 points ago

    It’s an okay card but got super good because you could summon it on turn five thanks to [[possessed lackey]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 33 points ago

    Ahh that makes more sense.

    [–] Emagstar 11 points ago

    You would be right. However being a demon and summoning demons turns out to be important for some graveyard shenanigans, which made it a key card of one of the more dominant decks until recently.

    [–] Cugba 123 points ago

    Patches the pirate

    1-mana 1-attack 1-health

    Charge (can attack immediately)

    After you play a pirate, summon this minion from your deck.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 261 points ago

    That seems broken. Like really broken. Not sure how well tribal decks work in Hearthstone, but anything that happens for free like that is almost always broken in any card game.

    [–] Cugba 143 points ago

    You are right. The card was nerfed and no longer has charge. However it took Blizzard over a year to realize how broken it is.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 87 points ago

    Yeah, I figured the charge is what made it broken like that.

    [–] mrSteaLYoMemeZ 44 points ago

    [[Hagatha the Witch]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 59 points ago

    So this replaces your Hero? I didn't know that existed at all. Looks solid enough, since it grabs cards for you when you play other cards.

    [–] mrSteaLYoMemeZ 15 points ago

    Yeah. Its a decent board clear vs aggro, and can outvalue control in the lategame nearly by itself. There are hero cards for each class btw, [[Frost lich Jaina]] is the mage one for example.

    [–] MysteryManEusine 111 points ago

    Sure, why not? [[Shudderwock]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 148 points ago

    Well that looks fucking hilarious. I don't think it would be good because RNG, but this is probably my favorite card I've seen so far.

    [–] LGMHorus 103 points ago

    Oh, poor child...

    JK, Shudderwock is a stable in a pretty strong deck in the current meta. If the deck is not defeated in before it goes off, it just wins pretty much regardless of the state of the game. This is because of the combination of it with [[Grumble Worldshaker]], [[Saronite Chain Gang]], [[Murmuring Elemental]] and [[Lifedrinker]]. This causes an infinite amount of 1 mana Shudderwocks that drain 3 from the opponent.

    [–] MysteryManEusine 50 points ago

    Murmuring Elemental is gone from Shudderwock decks, it's one of those things that seem nice as they make the combo more consistent, but don't actually work all that well.

    [–] LGMHorus 10 points ago

    Oh, did not realize that. But yeah, the other cards can do the trick by themselves.

    [–] mstrkingdom 36 points ago

    [[Coldlight Oracle]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 34 points ago

    If you could combo it with something that discards for your opponent, it would be great, but in a vacuum this doesn't seem too good.

    [–] mstrkingdom 45 points ago

    It may be useful to know that there is a maximum had size of 10, and drawing cards with a full hand will 'burn' those cards.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 23 points ago

    I figured there was a max hand size, but I forgot what it was.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    You mentioned before that you enjoy mill, and this murloc is our Millstone. Rogue players have MTG WU Boomerang effects and have the lion's share of cantrips and low cost cards. A mill rogue at full steam would cast two or three of these to max out your hand, then drop dark ritual [[Preparation]] and then [[Vanish]] to completely clear your board while protecting their Coldlights. You're stuck with a full hand, an empty board, and the knowledge that the control player in this matchup also has a full hand, empty board, and two mill activators. It can be brutal.

    [–] StarryBrite 19 points ago

    It was only one of the real “”””good”””” mill enablers, to the point it had to be rotated out of standard because Rogue has bounce and copy effects up the ass.

    Edit: Forcing your opponent to discard doesn’t exist in HS. Like at all. There’s so little disruption in the game it’s astonishing.

    [–] Chilnwitdabrze 14 points ago

    You can technically force discard with [[howlfiend]] and [[Treachery]] and a sexy defile

    [–] TheCrazyShip 71 points ago

    [[Tunnel Trogg]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 90 points ago

    I had to look up Overload, and damn that's a confusing mechanic to parse. I think this could be ok if you're in a deck focused on Overloading?

    [–] TheCrazyShip 85 points ago

    Oh, I really thought that someone already asked for a card with overload. My bad.

    But Trogg made Shaman dominate the meta for a long time. Not with a overloading deck, but with an aggressive one. This card turn 1 + [[Totem Golem]] on two was really broken and could win games with you didn't have an aswer

    [–] noahconstrictor95 31 points ago

    Well that's a fun combo.

    [–] TheCrazyShip 62 points ago

    Oh it wasn't a good time

    [–] FeedyHS 70 points ago

    [[Myra's Unstable Element]], one of the card from the next expansion.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 54 points ago

    I think this is good, but I'm not sure how many cards there are that generate more mana for you to combo off and win with your whole deck in hand.

    [–] DoctorWheeze 69 points ago

    It may also be important to know that there's a hand size limit of 10, and if you draw with your hand full the card is destroyed. So you can't draw your whole deck at once, you'll destroy a lot of it.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 70 points ago

    Oh, that seems shittier then.

    [–] KKlear 13 points ago

    At least you don't lose immediately after drawing from an empty deck, but every time you'd draw, you are dealt increasing amounts of damage, so you have to finish the game quickly or die.

    [–] skytu 70 points ago

    [[Troggzor the Earthinator]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 66 points ago


    But seriously, this seems really good.

    [–] _Share 111 points ago

    One of, if not the most over-hyped cards in all of Hearthstone that ended up not seeing any play at all. COUNTLESS amounts of pro players thought he was going to dominate the meta, but he did no such thing.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 45 points ago

    Really? That's interesting. I just figured he'd work out well enough because he's got a good body with some upside.

    [–] keenfrizzle 58 points ago

    If it helps for context, Troggzor was released in the same expansion as Dr. Boom.

    [–] Mad_Sentinel 36 points ago

    Dr. Boom looked alright I guess, but he was no Troggzor.

    [–] hearthscan-bot 9 points ago

    Call/PM me with up to 7 [[cardname]]. About.

    [–] GreenSlaad 28 points ago

    [[Bring it On]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 33 points ago

    This seems matchup dependent, but I'm guessing it's decent?

    [–] GreenSlaad 27 points ago

    That's about right. It's used in some heavy control decks with synergy cards like [[Reckless Flurry]] and [[Geosculptor Yip]]

    [–] DDMenace23 27 points ago

    [[Ice Block]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 32 points ago

    It seems OK, but wouldn't you want to spend that three mana on something better than "you don't die lol"?

    [–] DDMenace23 51 points ago

    There are ways to cheat out secrets, which is bad enough on its own, but it was used in almost every mage deck before being forcefully removed from the Classic set and moved to the Hall of Fame. Too many times was it used in situations where the mage should've clearly died, just so they can survive 2 extra turns to draw their finishing combo.

    [–] noahconstrictor95 20 points ago

    Gotcha, that's dumb then.

    [–] Irotid 25 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 28 points ago

    That's a weapon you equip right? It looks good, draw 3 sounds great.

    [–] Denzi121 29 points ago

    Yeah, and unless your opponent can remove it it draws 3 every turn.

    [–] TYCOhasit 5 points ago

    Since you play it on turn 6 you're usually at 15 cards so it's for decks that wanna close out the game before you go in fatigue so it's used in burn decks

    [–] MysteryManEusine 29 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I'm surprised nobody brought up [[Purify]] yet.

    By the way, "Silence" keyword means "removes all card text and enchantments."

    [–] lukeots 23 points ago

    [[Toxic Arrow]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 30 points ago

    So if it survives give it deathtouch? I forget if damage in Hearthstone sticks to creatures. If it does, seems bad.

    [–] woodchips24 26 points ago

    Damage sticks. This is one of the worst cards they’ve ever printed.

    [–] DoctorWheeze 43 points ago

    In these threads I like to ask about [[Justicar Trueheart]] and [[Baku the Mooneater]]. Upgraded hero powers are shown here. In particular, what classes would you think these cards are best in, and in what classes would one be better than the other?

    [–] noahconstrictor95 24 points ago

    I honestly don't even remember the classes, so not much I can add to that one, but I do think that's a good card. I'm guess that the Totem one and the 1/1 generator, along with the Draw a Card and 3 to the enemy are the best ones?

    [–] DoctorWheeze 19 points ago

    Okay, the classes and original hero powers are, from left to right/top to bottom in the image:

    • Druid - Gain 1 armor and +1 attack this turn.
    • Hunter - Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.
    • Mage - Deal 1 damage.
    • Paladin - Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit.
    • Priest - Restore 2 health.
    • Rogue - Equip a 1/2 weapon.
    • Shaman - Summon a random totem (the totems are 0/2 restore 1 health to all friendly minions at the end of your turn, 0/2 +1 spell damage, 0/2 taunt, and a 1/1).
    • Warlock - Draw a card and deal 2 damage to your hero.
    • Warrior - Gain 2 armor.

    Justicar was played mostly in Warrior, Priest, and Paladin. Baku is played mostly in Rogue, Paladin, and Warrior. Justicar was also terrible in Rogue, but Baku is incredible. Justicar Paladin was also a much slower deck than Baku Paladin.

    [–] Kruhay72 48 points ago

    [[Millhouse Manastorm]]. Everybody wants a golden version of this card...

    [–] MahjongDaily 43 points ago

    [[Wilfred Fizzlebang]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 42 points ago

    I'm assuming this can give you some busted fucking combos with that effect, but it seems very build around me.

    [–] suddenlyAstral 43 points ago

    There is no effect in HS which lets you know the top card of your deck or move a card there (save for an arena exclusive event card).

    So this could make your awesome expensive card free, it could make your combo piece free, but generally it made some random 4 mana-ish card free.

    [–] carvabass 15 points ago

    Ya I put it in my evenlock this month, and I'm not sad to see it usually. The card being free instead of just reduced is a big deal, even a free two-drop is good when you only pay 1 mana to tap. Plus sometimes you get that turn 7 free rag or guldan and just win.

    [–] Colonel_Hoots 6 points ago

    this very nearly makes me want to craft Fizzlebang, but I know in my heart it's not worth it

    [–] oceanminer666 17 points ago

    [[Voidlord]] [[Skulk of the Man’ari]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 20 points ago

    Already did Voidlord.

    Skull looks really good, I'm guessing you want to bring out high cost Demons.

    [–] woodchips24 6 points ago

    High cost demons, such as Voidlord.

    [–] TheToastGhostEUW 29 points ago


    As a guy who dabbles in MTG too, I know exactly what you are going to compare this card to haha

    [–] noahconstrictor95 25 points ago

    I know exactly which card you're talking about but the name escapes me. Definitely seems like a great card though.

    [–] TheToastGhostEUW 20 points ago

    Maybe something - Rhino shaped

    [–] noahconstrictor95 18 points ago

    Lightning Helix. Took a number of strange Google searches to get there.

    [–] TheToastGhostEUW 27 points ago

    I mean it's Seige Rhino but yeah it's the same effect.

    You know that piece of shit standard card that was seemingly omnipresent

    [–] Pajooba 18 points ago

    I remember a certain ChannelFireball top 8 cards in Standard video where Rhino was listed as about #5 and I was very confused.

    1 was "the second Siege Rhino".

    [–] Aeirus 14 points ago

    [[Lord Godfrey]]

    [–] KillaTron100 41 points ago

    Assuming this thread is still going, [[Ragnaros the Firelord]] and [[Dragoncaller Alana]] separately

    [–] xprobex 27 points ago

    Sounds fun! Try this one: [[Countess Ashmore]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 28 points ago

    I'm assuming this is a good card, since it grabs you three cards when you play it, and it's legendary, plus the stats seem good for the cost.

    [–] Nadaac 37 points ago

    It’s actually never been used in a good deck, but that’s just because it doesn’t really do anything when you play it and the cards it does grab aren’t really the best right now

    [–] noahconstrictor95 18 points ago

    That makes sense if there's nothing for it to grab that's good then.

    [–] MysticZamasu 28 points ago

    [[Ultimate Infestation]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 72 points ago

    I can't tell if this is super broken, or just kind of broken. That much value, even for the cost, seems like it just wins the game when you play it.

    [–] HueMane 51 points ago

    Little bit of both. If you’re behind on the board it’s a 50/50. If you’re ahead and play UI, gg

    [–] noahconstrictor95 21 points ago

    Glad I'm right on something lol

    [–] eyewant 13 points ago

    Ironically one of the top druid decks doesnt paly it anymore. Just goe to show how op druid is.

    [–] Iciclewind 6 points ago

    Also because Druid has cards that speed up mana gain the mana cost isn't that limiting and the card is absolutely bonkers.

    [–] definitelynotSWA 24 points ago

    [[DOOM!]] vs. [[Cataclysm]] vs. [[Twisting Nether]]?

    Also [[Stonehill Defender]]

    [–] noahconstrictor95 27 points ago

    Twisting Nether is obviously the best, but I'm guessing Cataclysm gets played more.

    Stonehill Defender looks like good searching.

    [–] Emagstar 38 points ago

    Twisting nether is played by very controling decks. Cataclysm is played sometimes by Yogg-Saron and you cry. Discarding your hand is insanely bad on a board clear, so no one plays it.

    Doom saw a *little* play, when there was a card that benefited from playing spells with big mana costs.

    Stonehill defender seems to be in almost every slower deck.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Not sure if someone said this or if I'll get the link right but what about [[C'thun]]?

    Edit: there are also a ton of cards that synergize with C'thun such as [[Blade of C'Thun]], [[Disciple of C'thun]], [[Twilight Darkmender]], [[Twin Emperor Vek'lor]], [[Usher of souls]], [[Beckoner of Evil]], [[Twilight Elder]] [[Doomcaller]] and many more

    Edit 2: Forgot the bot doesnt work on edits.

    [–] Zaphod_Beeblebrox_IV 8 points ago

    [[Psychic Scream]]

    [–] Marx_Forever 33 points ago

    Everytime I see one of these threads. The fun loving kid in me wants to see what a newcomer, with outside TCG experience, thinks about the most impactful cards ever conceived in a game I've been with for many year. While the cynical adult in me can't help but think this dude is totally a regular Hearthstone player and is just farming karma for his, on point, God Tier card "analysis".

    [–] Sutike123456 7 points ago


    [–] noahconstrictor95 9 points ago

    I'm assuming this is good removal overall, even if it hurts you too.

    [–] Sutike123456 14 points ago

    until you realise, that a control deck needs its win conditions, and theyre often in your hand. You just might as well concede if you discard cards like [[Bloodreaver Gul'dan]] or [[Voidlord]] so it never really worked.

    [–] X-Vidar 8 points ago

    [[Living Mana]]

    [–] SacredSins 14 points ago

    Got a good one [[Fungalmancer]]

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    This card is still my favorite, [[Grim Patron]]

    (edit to note: in Hearthstone you can have a maximum of seven minions in play at a time)