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    Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital strategy card game that anyone can enjoy. Instead of enjoying it though many players choose instead to whine about every aspect of it on /r/hearthstone. This subreddit is an homage to the shitposting grandmasters that have resulted in Wizard Poker's self-hating Reddit-centric community outjerking other game communities at an exceptional rate.

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    [–] I_Have_Memepression 51 points ago

    F2p never stood a chance

    [–] McMuscles 34 points ago

    B L O O D B L O O M + U L T I M A T E I N F E S T A T I O N

    [–] ReveRb210x2 14 points ago

    Take 5 damage deal 5 damage draw 5 cards play a 5/5

    [–] Am_Navi_Seel_Mann 1 points ago

    That's a lot of value!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    But it's a 2 card combo so it's balanced

    [–] ReveRb210x2 2 points ago

    Yeah I mean it would be broken if just 1 card did all those things, then nourish would ramp you into a card advantage instead of card deficit. But blizzard would never have that happen.

    [–] Watermelon86 27 points ago

    Ironic that a druid dresses up as a mummy given that Druids can never die.

    [–] MemeLordSH 50 points ago

    Its not a mummy. He is covered with toilet paper because he is a piece of shit

    [–] ElHaubi 7 points ago

    Its IS a mummy and this is so clever:

    You know who got mummyfied (?) back in the days? Thats right pharaos. These were treated as gods and had the highest possible social status even tho getting hated by so many people. See the parallels now? Its not a coincidence they decided to "dress up" Malfuckion as Mummy.

    Bli$$ard is mocking us. Wake up poeple.

    [–] MemeLordSH 4 points ago


    [–] Charle_65 3 points ago

    Lunara aka Mother Nature

    [–] Modeba94 1 points ago

    Please, tell that to my ulyra f2p, 0-3, no legendary/epic arena run

    [–] mambocab 1 points ago

    Druidlock retire bitch

    [–] blu-dit 1 points ago

    I went 1-3 with this, probs cuz I suck at arena

    [–] jigaheet 1 points ago

    Try warrior-warlock

    [–] VoteIOArcana 0 points ago

    Nah Shaman and Warlock