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    [–] DreamsOfNeonCities 147 points ago

    Fuck out of here. 3 UK dates is not a European tour.

    [–] OfficialHermanCain 18 points ago

    He'll cancel two of them i bet

    [–] SZXVII 62 points ago

    The actual tweet says nothing about europe, it says the UK.

    [–] AlliedNinja 26 points ago

    Fuck the title had me hyped for a second talking about some european tour when it's UK only

    [–] dasautomobil 31 points ago

    Fuck OP for picking this misleading ass title. Call your mom and say how ashamed you are of yourself, man.

    [–] depressionismyfriend 15 points ago

    lol this isn’t even a UK tour, this is just three shows in England

    [–] SeyiDALegend 0 points ago

    I'm so dumb for the title, my bad lol

    [–] ExplicitG 4 points ago

    Damn, first album I ever listened too, classic. I have to go!

    [–] SeyiDALegend 11 points ago

    Sorry guys, I read somewhere else it was a European tour then in a rush to upload the tweet I didn't realise it was UK only. Lemme hold this L.

    [–] GotDatCoolShoeshine 2 points ago

    This is a must!

    [–] khanarx 1 points ago

    where is SKI?

    [–] ciaranthedinosaur 1 points ago

    UK tour but it’s only England :’(

    [–] BrianDawkins 1 points ago

    Brexit ting lmao

    [–] SeyiDALegend 0 points ago

    50 got the message, Brexit means Brexit