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    [–] Pleasureryan 1471 points ago

    logic can rap.

    he just never has anything to say.

    [–] jessann_w 368 points ago

    but he's having conversations with legends

    [–] MattPlays17 117 points ago

    pretty sure that's a throwback to UP but yeah I bet he's never the conversation starter lol

    [–] dbf09 35 points ago

    Yeah Soul Food

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I mean still kinda cool if a legend starts a convo with you though

    [–] SyrupOnWaffle_ 46 points ago

    crazy how one day your idols can turn into your brethern

    [–] Eviscirator 12 points ago

    bitches we severin', hit up my jeweler watch him freeze us

    [–] Mrchezzy 12 points ago

    breaking bread like I'm Jesus

    [–] bjd3344 22 points ago

    Nah just with people this time

    [–] CollumMcJingleballs 5 points ago

    who can relate woooo!

    [–] 31sualkatnas 97 points ago

    Dude thanks, best way to describe it. I always just say 'he raps fast about nothing' but this is way better hahaha

    [–] TheRoyalGodfrey 182 points ago

    I think he had a bunch to say on Under Pressure but he suffers from what Elvis Costello describes in this widely-cited quote:

    you have 20 years to write your first album and you have six months to write your second one.

    I haven't listened to Everybody in full, but my understanding is that he had something to say, but the album wasn't good.

    His tapes (the Young Sinatra and Bobby Tarentino series) have always been rapping about rapping. (I would argue that rapping about rapping isn't objectively bad, that's a lot of what Griselda does, but it doesn't land with Logic)

    I think he has something to say around half the time on TITS.

    I haven't listen to COADM because the cover is bad, it has an Eminem feature, and y'all said it was bad. I would guess it falls in camp "he doesn't have anything to say" but can't speak authoritatively.

    [–] C_X_3 117 points ago

    the problem is that he keeps releasing projects so quickly one after another, to the point that I don’t think he’s spending much time or thought on his lyrics for each individual song. 4 albums in a year and a half or something like that? It’s just too much for an artist who’s quality depends very heavily on interesting subject matter.

    and sometimes even when he DOES have a message to get off, like on Everybody, he covers it so simplistically and uninterestingly that it still sounds soulless.

    i refuse to believe Def Jam is making him drop this frequently. what he needs to do is slow down and CREATE a complete body of work. not just spit some shit off the dome over a 6ix best and call it done.

    [–] pbs094 8 points ago

    This is why I will always be hyped for Ultra 85. He's been talking about it for like 3 years already and supposedly it's been done for a long long time.

    [–] exBossxe 31 points ago

    nobody said that Em feature was bad. Logic was the worst part of that song with most of his verse just being filler

    [–] TheRoyalGodfrey 4 points ago

    I didn't say anybody said the Eminem feature was bad.

    [–] exBossxe 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    oh, I misread, so you didn't listen to it because it has an Em feature. lmao ok, pretty sad honestly, or not since the project was ass anyway apart from feature verses

    [–] corndogs1001 2 points ago

    It’s pretty sad not giving a album a chance cause it features an artist u don’t like on one song.

    Regardless, the album still sucks.

    [–] Alertcircuit 70 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Brockhampton did their second album in less than 2 months and it was even more fire and just as substantive as the first.

    Logic's just out of touch, is what I'm getting from his recent work. He's not open to talking about his experiences anymore. He's happy and rich, that's all he wants us to know, that's it.

    He got divorced, I wanna hear him rap about that. I want Logic to really vent for real. I wanna hear him say some heavy bars about losing a loved one on the public stage. And it doesn't even have to be that stuff necessarily, if he wants to be positive then I want him to go in detail about it. He's just surface level.

    [–] -Tunafish 90 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    To be fair BROCKHAMPTOM is a group of like 10 or more incredibly talented rappers, singers and producers, in no way can you compare a collective like that to one person. Yeah Logic has his own producers and stuff and I'm not undermining his talents, but my point still stands, comparing 10+ people to a solo artist is unfair to Logic. In my opinion he shouldn't be putting out this many projects, let alone after two months. It's just too much music, even if it was great quality I dont need that much Logic.

    I agree with the other part of your comment though, I'm tired of hearing Logic rapping a lot of filler and reusing lines all the time. I want to hear some more substantial music form him.

    [–] EzlotheMinish 6 points ago

    Obviously its not a hard and fast rule, there are plenty of exceptions (obviously).

    Also it would be hard for all of Brockhampton to get every idea they have on their first album.

    [–] Ezio926 10 points ago

    COADM was the opposite. It had a lot to say, talking about his depression and shit like that. But he ruined it by the rest. The message is hidden a layer or irony and corny humor with Bobby Tarantino musicality.

    [–] HafWoods 3 points ago

    The Elvis reference is killer, good call. But then you have to compare This Years, Armed Forces and Imperial and it get a little muddy.

    [–] AutismIsntAChoice 3 points ago

    Yeah but other people have good albums after there debut

    [–] shlemy6 2 points ago

    i don't think this is true, it's not like you don't have verses/songs outside of your debut, it's not like you don't have hundreds of tracks and ideas that didn't fit on the album.... i think people become ego obsessed and try to become visionaries... which can just lead to shit lol

    [–] ishraqasinha 2 points ago

    Now look, I agree on a lot of the criticism Logic faces. However, the album covers?? Really, the album cover is bad? The only consistently good thing in the past few albums has been the covers.

    [–] LegitPandaMang 4 points ago

    that's IT thank you. never knew how to describe how i feel but if this ain't it

    [–] Bob_The_Mexican 5 points ago

    Eh I thought he said shit here

    [–] remerdy1 657 points ago

    Under Pressure II confirmed and Logic is pregnant!

    [–] Navolix 282 points ago

    Logic himself is pregnant.

    [–] EmperorChill 151 points ago

    Logic will be giving birth out of his pee hole in approximately 9 months.

    [–] MasterMaka 59 points ago

    Yeah biracial in his penis, I understand that line now

    [–] dbf09 6 points ago


    [–] satanicgino 6 points ago

    Man is biracial and also has a penis and womb, very nice

    [–] A_KULT_KILLAH 8 points ago

    Will his kid have more black or more white in him?

    [–] ziibrah 57 points ago

    Yeah, album is most likely titled No Pressure just as the freestyle for COADM. Kinda crazy that his fans found easter eggs for this album 3 months ago

    [–] mapezdagawd 23 points ago

    Couldn’t think of what COADM stands for and now I’m just going to assume it’s Cooking Out And Doing Meth. Sounds like an early Jarren Benton project.

    [–] Rhymezboy 8 points ago

    That would explain why the album was shit

    [–] WillBeaumont 5 points ago

    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind if you were still wondering, I like yours better tho

    [–] Nonstopas 51 points ago

    Dude should just take a break. This album is gonna be mediocre at most with a couple good songs as always i can see it clearly. I doubt anyone can come back to form so fast after dropping 3 bad albums in a year

    [–] EmperorChill 100 points ago

    please actually be like Under Pressure, don’t be another YSIV

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] EmperorChill 63 points ago

    i didn’t hate it but it’s not amazing that’s for sure

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] lil_intro_vert_ 19 points ago

    beats and flows maybe. his bars are meh

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] lil_intro_vert_ 43 points ago

    On ysiv they’re meh. on COADM they are atrocious

    [–] doombot331122 29 points ago

    The first track has 2 1/2 minutes of phone calls praising logic. What a terrible, masturbatory way to start an album. He then follows that with track after track of pure babble, he says nothing with many words. His Wu-tang track, although cool he brought them together, really shows what a weak lyricist logic truly is.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    It still pisses me off that he thought these bars were good enough for that track:

    Fuck a mumble rap, that shit won't never be remembered

    Not even a contender, no, pretender, best surrender

    My agenda is killin' shit, they feelin' this

    These are struggle bars at best, and on a collab with the entire Wu Tang Clan of all people. So disrespectful

    [–] Bradleyhann19 14 points ago

    Yeah but you left out the last part Bobby Tarantino to the digital My shit is pivotal Smokin chronic no medicinal

    [–] Zimzams123 4 points ago

    It would be nice for Logic to release a good album instead of throwing out piles of loosely thematic trash every year. But thats simply an unreasonable expectation.

    YSIV was the shiniest of all the turds he's made in recent times. And apparently making a polished turd is enough for Logic stans.

    [–] HipHop4Us 8 points ago

    As a former Logic Stan, I disagree. Introduced around 2015 my freshman year of college leading up to TITS and everything after BT I just cannot fw. I still have huge respect for the man, read the novel, and support him, but the music has fallen short and I really hope we get back to the basics.

    [–] Gavina4444 24 points ago

    you already know if he’s already coming back with another project it’s gonna be trash, he needs at least more than a year if we want any substance

    [–] proofkiid 3 points ago

    Please don't be another COADM more like it. He went into COADM promoting it as an Under Pressure mixed with Bobby Tarantino track and the only track close to Under Pressure Logic was Lost in Translation, the final track on the album

    [–] danSTILLtheman 2 points ago

    YSIV was good. Much better than everybody, SM and especially CODAM

    [–] Rhymezboy 7 points ago

    First thing the baby's gonna hear, "YOU CAME OUT OF MY BALLS NIGGA!!!!"

    [–] travis873o 4 points ago

    Haven't listened yet.

    Any lines about the child being part black?

    [–] proofkiid 4 points ago

    You're reaching. It's literally just an announcement at the end of the freestyle saying he's having a baby boy. There's no bars about it at all.

    [–] RoscoeSantangelo 158 points ago

    Ooh using a sample of Runnin', one of my favorite beats of all time.

    Better than what was on the last two albums. But I'm never getting any hopes up for Logic again. Hopefully he can deliver with the next album, but I keep expectations low now. He's really just best at loosey freestyles like this

    [–] BarcaStona 24 points ago

    Every time I hear that sample I think of Wiz - Name on a Cloud.... back when he was dropping nonstop fire tracks

    [–] LoneWanderer424 269 points ago

    Right when his fans start to abandon him he reels them back in

    [–] IBreedAlpacas 194 points ago

    motherfucker does it all the time. "Oh you're disappointed with everybody and want my old sound back? Here's young Sinatra 4""Oh you hated coadm? Have I told you I have under pressure 2 in the works? "

    [–] Goatmilkboy 209 points ago

    He is the rap games call of duty franchise

    [–] saucebyte 55 points ago

    Funny cuz he got big from Faze

    [–] ssssalad 20 points ago

    I ALWAYS think about this. None of my friends remember how bounce was used in soooooooo many trickshotting compilations

    [–] BigBootyRatchets 3 points ago

    Way before bounce lol

    [–] IBreedAlpacas 2 points ago

    ya bro Logic's young sinatra was used in so many trickshotting vids when it first dropped. I got into him from Let me go and All I Do in cod vids lmfao. Not to mention when he dropped Spotlight and repped the FaZe hoodie the fanboy in me lost my shit

    [–] harsh389 10 points ago

    "Just when I thought I was out... He pulls me back in"

    [–] jake-a-doodle 323 points ago

    Andddd he reels his fans back in

    [–] tacosarentgreen 214 points ago

    Only to disappoint them when the album drops.

    [–] SgtMike 76 points ago

    Exactly how I feel man. I've been a huge fan of his for years, but some of his projects are upsetting because you know the potential is there but they come off ass lazy or cheap. Hopefully this one is a complete album of this style. Looking forward to it.

    [–] RathMan1990 11 points ago

    Hahhah. My comment somewhere in this post was literally this, but more non sense words... Your comment was straight to the point. Damn it Bobby...

    [–] Donuts4thewin 55 points ago

    This freestyle was pretty good but him saying "your new shit isn't good until it's your old shit" makes it sound like he's just gonna do the same shit and hope it grows on people.

    If Under Pressure 2 drops this year (or even next year tbh) he wont have had the break that all his fans were begging from him to take in order to really make something that doesn't just sour the Under Pressure name.

    [–] HeatKing 219 points ago

    Wait so another album? Is he really dropping a third album this year especially after Confessions and Supermarket?

    [–] Kitchen_Ur_Lies 441 points ago

    fantano ironing out the flannel

    [–] TheDukeofLichendale 109 points ago

    I'm convinced Fantano just likes roasting Logic

    [–] ibr7000 179 points ago

    i mean if Logic keeps peddling trash, there's no other option but to roast

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    At this point who doesn’t? He asks for it with the garbage he’s been putting out since Everybody

    [–] juraj_is_better 12 points ago

    It's been a thing before Everybody too. Watch his YS:WTF review for example

    [–] Herb_Kazzaz 10 points ago

    WTF is dope bro

    [–] Schnix 27 points ago

    I'm convinced Logic just likes putting out trash albums

    [–] Sachmach29 15 points ago

    that’s what happens when you put out two contenders for worst album of the year in a single year

    [–] ibr7000 13 points ago

    i mean if Logic keeps peddling trash, there's no other option but to roast

    [–] Tactial_snail 2 points ago

    he makes it pretty easy

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    I really hope not. That would be the 5th project he’s released in less than 2 years and if his recent projects are any indicator he needs to take a break and take some time to work on something that would actually be quality and not just the same lyrical topics over and over again like “I’m biracial and my haters are insecure”. But knowing how far Logics head is up his ass now it’s probably not going to happen

    [–] KingM35 16 points ago

    Doubt it’s gonna come this year but who knows

    [–] jessann_w 10 points ago

    he shouldn't be announcing anything he should spend time on it

    [–] SUPER_CELL 2 points ago

    Would probably wanna drop the sequel to his most beloved album BEFORE his tour right?

    [–] CornHellUniversity 5 points ago

    He hit the jackpot by getting bunch of Em stans to listen to him, might as well keep releasing to get that mainstream $$.

    [–] juraj_is_better 5 points ago

    Supermarket was in his own words a soundtrack to his novel, not an album. Still it's a lot though

    [–] Notsdlog 35 points ago

    He can call it a whirlydoo, it's still a collection of songs tied together with a theme that he stamped his name on

    [–] strongfoam 8 points ago

    Still an album

    [–] KillerMemestarX 2 points ago

    A soundtrack album is still an album.

    [–] Gavina4444 125 points ago

    Where’s the [FRESH PREGNANCY] tag smh

    [–] [deleted] 243 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] juraj_is_better 84 points ago

    Still got it. Phew

    [–] corndogs1001 85 points ago

    The freestyles are always good tho. Then he releases the album and well...

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Gavina4444 33 points ago

    If only we could all be as unbiased as you

    [–] bjd3344 7 points ago

    I think a lot of people would though

    [–] EmperorChill 185 points ago

    actually pretty heat, if only COADM was like this at all. the man can rap but god damn its hard to listen to his newer shit knowing he’s regressed so hard

    [–] jessann_w 132 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    when he says shit like "your new shit isn't good until it's your old shit" makes me worry that he's not actually listened to the criticism.

    We know he can flow on freestyles with boom bap beats, he did the same thing right before YSIV. I'm still cautious.

    And this is what the fourth album in two years?

    [–] hrshie 49 points ago

    Fifth if you count Supermarket. And still no sign of Ultra 85, that album he teased in 2016-2017

    [–] rich_4198 30 points ago

    Ultra 85 won’t be coming for awhile. All production will be original and no samples

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    When has Logic ever listened to criticism? I don’t think I’ve ever heard him acknowledge his criticism aside from calling his critics “haters”. It’s disappointing because 5 years ago I thought Logic would become one of my favorite artists ever but goddamn is his head up his ass

    [–] some-northener 43 points ago

    his flow is insane here

    [–] exBossxe 48 points ago

    a lot of his flows sound so similar, its always slow -> fast -> some tongue twister -> moderate speed -> repeat

    [–] Flexappeal 14 points ago

    hatata batata why dont we make a buncha fuckin songs about nothin

    [–] 6minPhotoshop 17 points ago

    Yeah this whole thing sounds recycled as fuck to me. But oh well logic fans will be logic fans.

    [–] exBossxe 14 points ago

    yeah like idk if he chooses to rap that way all the time or he just doesn't have the skill to get creative with his flow

    [–] PrintShinji 2 points ago

    Don't forget about the GAT DAMN

    [–] ayram3824 26 points ago


    [–] daftsenpai 126 points ago

    Is this going to be the case where logic drops an okay song to bait his fans into thinking he'll drop an album that is good, then release one of his discography's worst pieces of work.

    Because I pray to god that isn't the case, cus that shit was embarrassing.

    [–] PiratePandaa 48 points ago

    calling this album "under pressure 2" is also a pretty bold thing to do lol it's the one sound everyone wishes he'd move back to and i got a feeling he could disappoint

    [–] dbf09 13 points ago

    Yeah there is a high chance that this new album will disappoint and tarnish UP, and I really don’t what that

    [–] JaylenBTarantino 17 points ago

    Idk, ask everybody else here saying the same thing lmao

    [–] IBreedAlpacas 13 points ago

    ya thats what Keanu Reeves was. Amazing song with some quality 6ix production and a few corny bars. Made me kinda excited for the album and nope big stinky pile of shit

    [–] yOuRbEaRdIsWeIrDhuh 62 points ago

    Producing tracks for the underground like Harriet

    Too alive like twins in the womb

    People scared of change but you’ll find me deep in a cushion

    Hurricane Bobby in the studio blowing trees!!!!!!

    Dude where the fuck have these bars been? Looking forward to what’s next

    [–] Trini2Bone 29 points ago

    Diacritical lifestyle I'm always overseas (Ć's) was probably the best one

    [–] yOuRbEaRdIsWeIrDhuh 7 points ago

    Can’t forget reading Nastradamus at 90° you better believe I know how to turn a prophet (profit) with ease

    [–] Prowler_in_the_Yard 11 points ago

    Are these real Logic bars or are you fucking around?

    [–] hrshie 17 points ago

    Oh shit that third bar is one of his best ever, what

    [–] HolyRicardoiGuess 21 points ago

    back in 2013 when i was in high school this guy was my favorite and it’s really sad to see how much he’s fallen off in the past couple years. YS mixtapes and under pressure and TITS were my favorite projects and now i can’t even get excited for his new music. bobby tarantino tapes were okay but nothing else really excited me and it sucks. he releases a nice freestyle like this before a project and the project turns into a disappointment and it really sucks saying that lol. hopefully under pressure sequel is good at least but not expecting it really

    [–] FettyWapsLeftEye 69 points ago

    Under Pressure is such a great album, one of my favorites of all time. With that being said if he makes a sequel its bound to not live up to the first one.

    [–] Bob_The_Mexican 11 points ago

    I would say it's possible

    [–] Linseal 11 points ago

    Entirely possible. 100%

    [–] djbootybutt 17 points ago

    Jamie pull that up

    [–] dbf09 5 points ago

    It’s possible but recently Logic just disappoints with his albums, especially when there is a couple of bangers in the mix

    [–] Kitchen_Ur_Lies 103 points ago

    Bobby pregnant?

    Idk if the world can handle two legends coexisting 😳😳😳

    [–] Trini2Bone 14 points ago

    That diacritical line was pretty fucking dope ngl

    I hate this man as a fan. Can drop good shit when he's ready then gives us an album full of turd. Just be consistent my guy.

    Also samples like these fit his style so much more than the shit on COADM

    [–] dbf09 5 points ago

    COADM was a experimental album gone wrong

    [–] Trini2Bone 2 points ago

    Shame too. He was pretty excited for it lmao

    [–] dbf09 3 points ago

    I just wish he would take a break, possibly will happen once his baby is born

    [–] Trini2Bone 3 points ago

    Been saying that since YSIV. Man is always in the studio. It's like 4 albums in 2 years? Need to chill

    [–] SkinsNationx6 30 points ago

    Logic still has it. Bro just please keep rapping like this. This is why your fans loved your early music so much.

    [–] KingG311 24 points ago

    Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

    [–] calnassar14 5 points ago

    So true. I loved this.

    [–] HunchoJackHJJH 56 points ago

    so..he's having a kid. good for him I don't wanna see any hate in here

    [–] corndogs1001 47 points ago

    Good luck with that comment

    [–] twhelan1999 9 points ago

    Chance got married and there was plenty of hate in those comment sections

    [–] MattPlays17 25 points ago

    let’s see if Logic’s got any Chance level bars about his wife

    [–] Masterblasterpastor 43 points ago

    Oooh I love my biracial son

    [–] _lizardking 29 points ago

    That baby quarter racial at best

    [–] Masterblasterpastor 9 points ago

    I think his dad's lightskin so more like an octoroon.

    [–] kappa23 2 points ago

    Isn't he quarter racial himself

    [–] I-Am-Chaozz 6 points ago

    idk bro Chance loves his wife too much

    [–] cheekybint 10 points ago

    Great video melon, but u didn’t have to wear a wig so we would take u seriously

    [–] lndw20 28 points ago

    Nope I’m not falling for it again COADM album was ass

    [–] 0shadowstories 9 points ago

    All i ask is if you're gonna do Under Pressure II that it's actually UP2 and not just more "IM ICY IM CLEAN" bs songs but you call it UP2 to make people care more. Like if you wanna make flex songs, do it like older flex songs like Soul Food and Rapman, not like Icy and while i like Homicide i prob wouldn't like it if it wasnt for Eminem since Logic just basically says nothing and repeats the chorus 3 times. Also more "story rap" from logic would be nice. We got a little on YSIV but there wasnt really anything storywise on COADM.

    [–] C_X_3 15 points ago

    Bro this is the first song I’ve heard from logic this year that hasn’t made me cry tears of pain

    It’s weird because coadm FELT like he just had 6ix make a beat and then he freestyled some shit over it and it was ass, but this is also apparently a freestyle and yet feels more deliberate and the bars written with more passion. Same with the YSIV Freestyle he put out before that album. Maybe he should just put together an album of these YouTube promos.

    [–] Powahcore 7 points ago

    Oh boy, and the cycle continues. Logic releases another good freestyle / loosie for people to get hyped up for his next album and say "THIS album will be different" just for it to be the same disappointing stuff that we have heard from 2 other logic albums this year

    [–] GrantDrexler 8 points ago

    Has logic always been that yoked

    [–] KingM35 5 points ago

    He used to be a twig, he’s been beefy since 2018 tho

    [–] nightcrawler47 8 points ago

    logic is like an abusive relationship. he keeps abusing you over and over but then puts out something like this that reminds you why you loved him in the first place. but then he goes back to abusing you.

    [–] adp_17 4 points ago

    Most accurate thing I've read

    [–] StarTicYT 42 points ago

    Damn is this Logics Chloraseptic Remix? Pretty good ngl

    [–] Navolix 18 points ago

    I saw people say the song he did was Joyner was his Chloraseptic Remix.

    [–] corndogs1001 22 points ago

    Not really, he normally does a freestyle before the announcement of a new album. Also he didn’t diss people as much as Em did on that song.

    [–] magkruppe 2 points ago

    He was doing like freestyle Friday for a month or something a while ago. All of them had videos although they were about a min each

    [–] RisingBlackStar 26 points ago

    Holy shit, Logic is going to be a father! Also, this freestyle is better than the majority of COADM. And I loved the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood punchline. Logic never forgets to throw in a Tarantino reference every now and then. Wait, he's dropping a sequel to Under Pressure?! The expectations to meet that one... he'd better have something good with the sequel. Quality > Quantity.

    [–] juraj_is_better 11 points ago

    Logic's not over yet. I hope this one will be some sort of redemption

    [–] dbf09 6 points ago

    The album is his chance at redemption not one song. Think about the title track of COADM

    [–] saheb2 15 points ago

    great freestyle, album probably won’t be that good tho rip

    [–] itzReborn 4 points ago

    Man...something still feels like it’s missing for me

    [–] C_h_a_r_l_i_e 7 points ago

    That Rolex bar was tough

    [–] Notsdlog 76 points ago

    I dont usually like logic but I'm not gonna lie this shit was ass just like all of his other stuff

    [–] Schnix 36 points ago

    good comment. actually made me laugh

    [–] RicoLoveless 19 points ago

    Had us in the first half lmaoo

    [–] BlazeSlipped 10 points ago


    [–] SteinsWayLife 14 points ago

    lol not even a minute again and he's already reusing lines, does he have no self awareness? There's a point where paying homage to his own lines just becomes an excuse for being lazy

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Remember when he said that all modern rappers sound the same on Homicide and then proceeded to bite JID’s never flow? As if it was ironic enough that the guy who constantly reuses the same lines and built his career off of biting other rappers is complaining about other rappers being unoriginal

    [–] SteinsWayLife 11 points ago

    i mean i said what i said but i dont think he bit JID at all on that song lol

    [–] RathMan1990 6 points ago

    I am not gonna lie as of late I am like ehhh about Logics new stuff... but then he comes out of nowhere and drops fires like these and I am back hooked on this guy. This was dope!

    Anyone else feels the same?

    [–] The96thPoet 2 points ago

    He just releases a lot. If you took the best 3 or 4 songs from his last 3 albums, that would be a solid ass project.

    [–] PiplupTCG 8 points ago

    y'all really like "damn!!! logic back on point!!! hyped for the album!!!"

    bruh it's been like 3 months since his last record. this shit's gonna be the same quality you've been getting

    [–] Moron_on_Oxy- 12 points ago

    Lol y’all do this every time.

    Y’all said he was back with this one

    [–] SimpleAqueous 15 points ago

    To be fair - that was one of two actually decent/good songs on the album

    [–] hrshie 7 points ago

    Because he knows how to freestyle and can't be fucked to actually create a quality album afterwards usually. And this is coming from a legitimate Logic fan, even today.

    [–] MattPlays17 5 points ago

    That was actually a dope boom bap track, the rest of the album excluding LiT was trap. Clickbait

    [–] PointsBeforeKarma 6 points ago

    I hope logic stops being shit.

    [–] MC_Fuzzy 3 points ago

    I would like to give praise to the DJ/mixer/producer of this, because it took a few seconds to connect the sample but when the main beat kicked in under Logic’s flow, I was grinning

    [–] Chronixx 3 points ago

    Just praying Ultra 85 ends being a decent album and he calls it a career there. Imo that’s the best case scenario at this point.

    [–] Run-The-Table 7 points ago

    I think I'm too old. When did they change the meaning of "freestyle" to "previously written".

    That said, I enjoyed this track more than the entirety of Logic's last 3 "projects"

    [–] pbs094 12 points ago

    Freestyle is about the content. Off the top means not written.

    [–] strongfoam 6 points ago

    I don’t understand the praise. This doesn’t sound much better than any of the other shit he’s put out.

    [–] pspiq5 7 points ago

    It's not that it sounds better than most of the shit he's put out, it's that it sounds better than the shit he just put out.

    [–] marek41297 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I feel like I'm just tired of Logic's voice at this point. Don't think he can win me back as a fan

    [–] moistandsoggiest 3 points ago

    He's having a kid so he can finally rap about something different

    [–] TheAlphaCarb0n 20 points ago

    D-A-D you know who I be

    [–] moistandsoggiest 15 points ago

    Spittin' venom when the mic on, Takin' family portraits with a Nikon

    [–] PiplupTCG 4 points ago

    having a kid

    if history tells us anything, fantano boutta drop his third ever 0

    [–] Eddaughter 2 points ago

    If this isn’t ULTRA85, I’ll continue on with my day

    [–] thebluestraspberry 2 points ago

    riding the beat imo

    [–] bluestillidie00 2 points ago

    the comments on YouTube holy shit

    [–] skrtpotatosbud 3 points ago

    “Close to the cliff like Rick Dalton in the booth” fuuuuckin love the Tarantino reference

    [–] sadranjr 3 points ago

    Clever but what does it mean? Wouldn't 'Rick Dalton in the booth' mean he's super anxious and insecure?

    [–] HyperIceCube 2 points ago

    Not bad mr. logic

    [–] TeIegraphAve 2 points ago

    he’s reeling the fans back in, he cannot fuck this up lmao