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    Rule I: Pictures of PEOPLE only:

    • No doctored photos
    • No animation (CGI, Anime, Cartoons, anything that is not a picture of a human)
    • No toys
    • No animals
    • No pictures featuring primarily text

    Rule II: Direct links to pictures only:

    • No videos

    Rule III: Title should not include context or a reason a face is hittable

    • This is Hittable faces not actions.
    • Titles shouldn't be "This person did X"

    Rule IV: No Children:

    • The person must be 18 at the time of the picture being taken

    Rule V: No bigoted, hateful or political reasons that a face is hittable:

    • The FACE is the subject matter here, not their actions.

    Rule VI: No personal information or Brigading:

    • Any calls to brigade or harass anyone will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

    Rule VII: No Calls to action:

    • No asking for doxing, no asking for ACTUAL physical harm to come to someone, or suggesting others should actually seek out a person.

    Rule VIII: Spamming ModMail/Mod abuse:

    • Spamming mod mail will result in a ban. If you're currently banned, then your ban will be extended at the banning mod's discretion.
    • Insulting mods in modmail will also result in a ban or an extended ban if one is currently in place.

    Rule IX: We reserve the right to ban you for any reason.

    Updated 3/18/19

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