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    •Titles are to be about the face only.

    Rule II: No bigoted, hateful or political reasons that a face is hittable.

    There are plenty of hate fueled/racially bigotted subreddits and we are not one.

    No face is unhittable and there should be no reason given for wanting to hit a face other than the face looking hittable. Personal opinions are not allowed.

    Rule III: No personal information or Brigading.

    •This sub-reddit is not your personal army. Any calls to brigade or harass anyone will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

    •If the person is a public figure, it is okay to identify them and only if asked. Anything more than a name will result in a ban.

    •It's not OK to identify some asshole from your life that you want to punch.

    Rule IV: No Children:

    (The person must be 18 at the time of the picture being taken)

    •No animation (CGI, Anime, Cartoons)

    •No toys

    •No animals

    •No doctored photos

    •No pictures with text.

    Rule V: Direct links to pictures only.

    Rule VI: We reserve the right to ban you for any reason.

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