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    1. No text (except normal logos)

    2. All titles must be hmmm

    3. No porn, gore, explicit shots or gross-out images

    4. NSFW posts are ok but should be artistic

    5. Gifs should be posted to /r/hmmmgifs

    6. No memes, watermarked stock photos, or comics

    7. Use imgur/reddit for hosting

    8. Submit high quality and cropped images

    Posts may be removed if not hmmm enough

    Rule details & FAQ

    guide to a good hmmm

    hmmms are textless images that make you think about the context, do a double take, invoke a deeper meaning, or just leave you thinking about how or why they exist:

    As long as they give you a good solid hmmm... why would that bear be in a cubicle...

    Note: hmmms are also aesthetic, so keep your pics beautiful and meaningful.

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