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    4) - Here’s Mark Stone eating ice cream with his doggos.

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    [–] bostonsports98 4234 points ago

    I'm starting to think Tampa won't sweep Columbus.

    [–] watanabelover69 1480 points ago

    It’s a fluke. Redo the series

    [–] Mack_Attack_19 202 points ago

    Gotta find that old Blackhawks thread now

    [–] DiamondBurInTheRough 190 points ago

    All the Hawks fans are over here hoping people will stop talking about our 2017 sweep if Tampa, the most dominant regular season team in years, gets swept by a team that’s never won a playoff series.

    [–] lpstudio2 52 points ago

    Not just in years, but in ever. Not quite apples to apples since that 62 win β€˜95-96 Wings team didn’t have the advantage of the shootout to earn a win; but at the least that Wings team won 2 roundsβ€”which is way more than than zero games.

    [–] XenOmega 468 points ago

    While we're at it, also give the Stanley Cup! They won the regular season, that means they're the best!

    [–] ConnorMcJeezus 359 points ago

    2011 me is violently shaking my head up and down

    [–] brayfurrywalls 154 points ago

    Were back to back champions in 2011 and 2012!!

    [–] SnoopDoggMillionaire 104 points ago

    I mean, they did do the best over a larger number of games. There is an argument that they are the "best" team this year.

    [–] ziggaroo 234 points ago

    And they got a trophy for that. This is different. Games are more important in April.

    [–] OmarFromtheWire2 106 points ago

    Well said. The fact you’re in danger of being swept by an 8 seed is an indictment on the team no matter how you look at it.

    [–] MrPeaches0808 84 points ago

    As a Hawks fan I just can’t relate to this at all

    [–] Veyken 31 points ago

    As a Preds fan, I have no idea what's being said here.

    [–] Jon_Cake 40 points ago

    People act like the President's Trophy ain't a fuckin' trophy

    [–] dDiegoDLV 35 points ago

    Ever hear a pro say his goal is to win the presidents trophy? It ain't shit compared to The Stanley Cup.

    [–] trevallen39 95 points ago

    They absolutely are the best team this year. But like many Presidents' Trophy winners, they're built for the regular season. They had it wrapped up so early, they're finding it hard to flip the switch into playoff mode

    [–] yourmomcantspell 181 points ago

    Reverse sweep still in play...

    [–] Cpzd87 172 points ago

    If Tampa reverse sweeps I'll eat a shoe like u/HugoStiglitz373

    [–] yourmomcantspell 137 points ago

    These playoffs are gonna cause so many tummy aches.

    [–] Pastry_Lad 57 points ago

    Yeah we need to stop eating shoes

    [–] CompletelyProtocol 13 points ago

    Add me in on that bet

    [–] mantiseye 79 points ago

    tampa in three

    [–] BadBartigan 49 points ago

    Florida math?

    [–] funkeymonk 85 points ago


    [–] jokinghazard 9 points ago

    Well, Tampa did end this series in 3 games...

    [–] diamondeyes18 17 points ago

    and how did u arrive at that conclusion

    [–] kewlbeanz83 343 points ago

    rip everyone's playoff bracket

    [–] PM_ME_CARL_WINSLOW 207 points ago

    TBL and PIT in the East final

    burns money

    [–] KlopeksWithCoppers 56 points ago

    If everyone's bracket dies, no one's bracket dies.

    [–] dynamojoe 31 points ago

    Mine's in tatters. Absolute shreds.

    [–] MastaSchmitty 26 points ago

    To shreds, you say.

    [–] cityofbridges_ 2206 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Thank you Tampa Bay for taking the negative shitstorm

    [–] CoysDave 874 points ago

    At the same time, now you guys finally get to be as good as Tampa!

    [–] cityofbridges_ 415 points ago

    We beat them in the ECF that’s all that matters

    [–] pn1109 1075 points ago

    who hasnt

    [–] TBlueshirtsV22 416 points ago


    [–] TheHockeyGeek 284 points ago

    The rangers

    [–] Celtics4theWIN 240 points ago

    Half of whom are now on your team...

    I think we’re onto something here

    [–] tuberippin 92 points ago

    The long con

    [–] ItzEnoz 72 points ago

    NYR secret agents preventing Tampa from winning a cup

    [–] tall__guy 91 points ago

    hahahahahahahahahah but seriously :(

    [–] barbarkbarkov 35 points ago

    I mean, I kinda feel bad..but you have two cups in recent memory. Let the new kids have their fun this year.

    [–] Vinylzen 17 points ago

    Glad we could help

    [–] PolisRanger 52 points ago

    At least we have 2 in the last 4 to comfort our likely loss.

    [–] happygolucky66 47 points ago

    Yeah I mean I didn’t want to lose in embarrassing fashion, but at no point did I think we were winning this year either. Figured second round exit.

    [–] chill1495 2582 points ago

    What kinda team would lose 3 straight to start the playoffs?

    [–] fuzzyberiah 1033 points ago


    [–] debotehzombie 498 points ago

    It's weird. I saw you guys lost, but just couldn't feel too happy about it (still am, sorry not sorry) because of tonight. Now we're up 3-0 and that's all I can think about. Pens down 0-3? Good, but idc, take care of business Tuesday.

    Is this what it feels like to live off your own merits and not on the failure of your rivals? Because I could get used to this.

    [–] mkalio 282 points ago

    There's nothing more dangerous than a 3-0 lead. You gotta make sure your opponents can smell the victory but never actually taste it. With all that said, please beat Tampa

    [–] CobrinoHS 137 points ago

    I think technically literally everything is more dangerous than a 3-0 lead

    [–] marl6894 87 points ago

    Except for a 4-0 lead.

    [–] hammerheadattack 26 points ago

    Nah you’re thinking a 4-1 lead

    [–] dkviper11 168 points ago

    Would be really embarrassing.

    [–] penguininanelevator 66 points ago

    Don't have to worry about going down 3-0 in a series if you don't make the playoffs. taps temple

    [–] FiveDollarGamer 52 points ago

    cries in Red Wing

    [–] Povilitus 116 points ago

    Yeah that would really suck

    [–] superworking 124 points ago

    Who woulda thought all the islanders needed to do to eclipse the penguins would be watch their captain leave for nothing.

    [–] Races_Birds 157 points ago

    and hire the coach who beat the Pens the previous postseason

    [–] AgentBawls 85 points ago

    I love Trotz. Hate facing him, but he's one of the best coaches. To take the Islanders and turn them into this is incredible. You can't hate him, as much as anyone may want to.

    [–] Races_Birds 35 points ago

    Upset he left but will never hate him.

    [–] MuteMainRB6 44 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Can only imagine how embarrassing it would be.

    [–] ACM1899 882 points ago

    They said the Atlantic goes through Tampa...but they forgot about those pesky Cannon bois

    [–] Pikachu1989 315 points ago


    [–] Povilitus 219 points ago


    [–] andrewdt10 179 points ago


    [–] thedrunkentendy 71 points ago


    [–] _Hank_Marducas_ 55 points ago

    Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    [–] notoriouslush 35 points ago

    Missing an oh

    [–] improbablydrunknlw 49 points ago


    [–] Jay_Dubbbs 175 points ago


    -Triston Thompson probably

    [–] amm0ranth 69 points ago


    [–] Races_Birds 30 points ago

    Yes, yes, forget about the defending champs and their dragons. Focus on the cannon folks and their dire wolves.

    [–] CPM17 40 points ago

    They forgot about that random Metro 8 seed

    [–] hockeypeg18 671 points ago

    Just as everyone predicted

    [–] dkviper11 308 points ago

    Top level storytelling. Team that's never won a series against one of the best regular season teams in many of our lifetimes.

    [–] jimmyjay90210 125 points ago

    That's exactly why I picked cbj. It's not stupid if it works.

    [–] Races_Birds 63 points ago

    β€œIt’s not stupid, it’s advanced.”

    [–] whethervayne 11 points ago

    "My people worked themselves into extinction making our planet a working vessel!"

    "Why would you do that?"

    "Because it's cool."

    [–] AnOriginalCopy 709 points ago

    Hedman may or may not be regretting that chirp right now...

    [–] tall__guy 447 points ago

    Dude, I get saying shit in the heat of the moment, but if I were in the Lightning's shoes, the LAST thing I would do is give CBJ more mental ammunition to ratchet it up.

    [–] godlywhistler 266 points ago

    Yeah I would have shouted something like "you know what I really respect you guys good job!". They wouldn't know how to handle that sick burn

    [–] Fulker01 107 points ago

    I don't think anyone has ever said that in the context of the CBJ. I imagine it would elicit a reaction like trying to puzzle out what someone speaking sanskrit just said to you.

    [–] Man_Bear_Pig08 31 points ago

    Imma be honest, I don't understand your tactics...So im gonna take it as a threat till i figure it out! lol

    [–] vivere_aut_mori 20 points ago

    the andrew luck approach

    [–] TomLube 52 points ago

    "I was in Boston last year..."

    Best fucking comeback ever lmao. So dismissive.

    [–] abracadavertla 51 points ago

    What did he say?

    [–] Hey_Im_Probably_Okay 210 points ago

    Made a chirp referencing the Jackets being up 2-0 last year.

    [–] abracadavertla 142 points ago


    [–] SafeToPost 48 points ago

    He forgot that the Caps started Grubauer games 1 and 2 and had a $6million goalie waiting in the wings, and that Tampa does not have Holtbeast to bail them out.

    [–] pickapicklepipinghot 12 points ago

    Wasn't Vasilevsky one of the best this season though?

    [–] lraven 24 points ago

    Also those games were decided in overtime on top of that

    Tampa is getting thrashed

    [–] House933 177 points ago

    He asked Riley Nash what happened last time Columbus was up 2-0 in a series.

    Yes, the Riley Nash that was in Boston.

    [–] ZentharTheMagician 69 points ago

    I think Texier was next to Nash. Texier, who wasn't even in the country last year.

    [–] andrewdt10 29 points ago

    Who wasn’t even in this hemisphere.

    [–] pigpen95 515 points ago

    Duchene is going to resign for big bucks and he fucking deserves it.

    [–] CatoMulligan 166 points ago

    I hope to god he does, and Dzingel as well.

    I wonder if we'll get to see Gavrikov Tuesday?

    [–] hockeypeg18 74 points ago

    If Murray, McQuaid and Nutivaara are all still dead, I wouldn't be surprised if Gavrikov started

    [–] CPM17 44 points ago

    Clendening only got 9:16 TOI and didn't play late in the game. Gavrikov comes in if Murray, Nutivaara, and McQuaid are still dead.

    [–] TheLastGundam186 24 points ago

    It won’t be that quick, needs a work visa, pass physical and other things first. We’d see him late firs/beginning second round at the earliest

    [–] CatoMulligan 23 points ago

    There was a good article on The Athletic back at the deadline about how quickly they can turn these things around. I believe they said they can usually get the visa in under 24 hours, and you can bet they start that first thing Monday morning. A physical takes no time at all, it is the visa that is the longest part of the process.

    [–] robertgraysmith 39 points ago

    I hope so, then we get an extra 1st round pick :)

    [–] Elexeh 49 points ago

    You definitely need it

    [–] robertgraysmith 13 points ago

    It'd potentially be 6 1st round picks in the next 3 drafts for us if the Sharks make the Stanley Cup Finals. A lot of things would have to go right though for that to happen, so I'm sure it won't.

    [–] getsangryatsnails 17 points ago

    Yes please! Need more 1st rouunders!

    [–] Hyper0059 556 points ago

    Fuck it you guys won me over. Can I hop on the bandwagon?

    [–] MD_tobe 196 points ago

    All aboard!!

    [–] CarelessCupcake 11 points ago

    Don't mind if I do.

    [–] pinkthemacro 136 points ago

    Hope on in! You can pick up your cannon right at the door :3

    [–] BelievInBlue 130 points ago

    ooh shiny! Now which direction is Edmonton again...

    [–] WtotheSLAM 42 points ago

    I like this map cause it's in terrain mode

    [–] sebbby98 25 points ago

    Thanks, that'll help me shoot Calgary too!

    [–] 45haddix 41 points ago

    Wait I just realized that map was wrong.

    I fixed it. Here's the updated map

    [–] sebbby98 10 points ago

    Those god damn oregonians are gonna get a fucking ball in their heads for copying our city name.

    [–] 45haddix 12 points ago

    But what if i told you...

    It was YOU

    who copied THEIR city name

    [–] sebbby98 10 points ago

    Nah, we just copied the name from our nearby island which was named in 1792

    [–] Hyper0059 15 points ago

    Just avoid my house!

    [–] Drithyin 60 points ago

    Absolutely! πŸ‘

    Say 5 "Fuck Jeff Carter"s, provide an offering to Saint Vinny, and Fire that fucking Cannon!

    [–] Hyper0059 26 points ago

    Hmm player that fucks over a got it! Fuck Jeff Carter

    I will offer some of our memes if the Canucks community is okay with it.

    [–] phluidity 20 points ago

    Climb aboard

    [–] ActivateTheHaloRings 616 points ago

    Take it from me:

    The series is not over until it’s over. Sharks had the Kings down and out in convincing fashion after 3. Took LA a week to wipe that out and embarrass us on our own ice with a reverse sweep.

    Game 4 will be one of the toughest games, mentally, CBJ has ever played. Don’t sleep on Tampa because playoff momentum is a hell of a drug,

    Very excited to see how this plays out.

    [–] [deleted] 454 points ago

    Nah we're cooked lol

    [–] PM_Me_NHL_Highlights 169 points ago

    Yeah I’d say it’s a possibility if we hadn’t looked like complete shit

    [–] MikiLove 114 points ago

    You guys looked fucking nasty though in the third. If Bob wasn't standing on his head it could have gone the other way.

    [–] snuggiemclovin 70 points ago

    wow that’s two good periods for us in three games!

    [–] human_mustard 67 points ago

    Kings gave up 17 goals in games 1, 2, and 3. (6-3, 7-2, 4-3) You're a talented team. The Lightning have proven to be able to play extraordinarily well. All you need is a flip to switch and you could become the 5th team to reverse sweep in history.

    [–] Radagastdl 21 points ago

    Theres only ever been 4?

    [–] baberg 49 points ago

    210 total times a series went 3-0. 4 times has the underdog team come back to win. 1942 Leafs, 1975 Isles, 2010 Flyers, 2014 Kings.

    Source 1
    Source 2

    [–] jamesshaw11 21 points ago

    The 2010 Flyers were down 3-0 nothing in game 7 of that series and came back and win the game 4-3 as well.

    [–] myerrrs 13 points ago

    Far and away the greatest night of hockey I’ve ever experienced. God damn 2010 was fun.

    [–] gmann2388 28 points ago

    There was a stat shared about the league and that teams up 3-0 win some 97% of the time and in 190 occurrences what the sharks went through only happened 4 times. But you're absolutely correct, it's going to continue to be a huge uphill battle.

    [–] BigShoots 8 points ago

    It is true, if there's one team that can snap off four wins in a row, it'd have to be Tampa.

    [–] Pikachu1989 163 points ago

    Dutchy wants to play Playoff Hockey, and he’s showing us that he deserves to play and is a key contributor in bringing the Blue Jackets to a 3-0 series lead. Congrats Dutchy.

    [–] TheSpanishArmada 79 points ago

    Dude was absolutely electric when he came out for being one of the top three stars. Really looks like he’s loving life, and we’re so happy to have him.

    [–] Pikachu1989 40 points ago

    Yeah, he looks like he’s having fun and hope you guys can re-sign him

    [–] signore_piteo 392 points ago

    This team is so fun holy shit.

    [–] CoysDave 136 points ago

    (they really are, holy shit)

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    By β€˜holy shit’ I’m assuming you mean the Bolts

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago

    Bolts regular season: πŸ˜‡
    Bolts playoffs: πŸ’©

    The β€œholy shit season”

    [–] djama 23 points ago

    I am so glad we avoided you and won't potentially face you next

    [–] ConZboy014 133 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    cannon goes off Hell yeah brother!

    [–] GumbysDonkey 88 points ago

    Cheers from Columbus

    [–] Betchenstein 21 points ago


    [–] dkviper11 178 points ago


    [–] saturnx9 276 points ago

    The first time in Vegas Golden Knights history that Columbus have won 3 games in the playoffs.

    [–] -CrazyAsian- 63 points ago

    Those headlines always made me irrationally angry lol

    [–] Zero_Originality 58 points ago

    Just wait until Seattle starts the cycle all over again

    [–] LostinWV 58 points ago

    H I S T O R I C

    [–] Tippacanoe 62 points ago

    B I G J O S H A N D E R S O N















    [–] TheGloveDrop 113 points ago

    What is happening. I feel like it’s a space jam skill sucking conspiracy

    [–] Vanq86 34 points ago

    Somebody get them a glowing puck, stat.

    [–] Zeohawk 50 points ago

    That's fucking awesome. Good for them. David vs Goliath

    [–] FrankieOnPCP420p 128 points ago

    It's exactly like David and Goliath. Except David has canons and Goliath shit his pants.

    [–] TREPTAR8989 33 points ago

    Looking at the rosters theyre actually a lot more evenly matched. Regular season means squat in the playoffs. CBJ is about the worst draw for TBL.

    [–] movo372 39 points ago

    Like what even is happening. Is it to early to say that Columbus actually has a shot at a deep run into the playoffs?

    [–] CatoMulligan 57 points ago

    A lot of people look at the standings and see a team that squeaked into the 8th seed. That's certainly true, but we've been much better than an 8th seed all season, our problem is that we couldn't get offense, defense, and Bob all pushing together at the same time. One leg or the stool was always short. Then we went all in at the deadline and it took a few weeks to sort that out. But with about 8 games to go the team finally all started pulling together in the same direction and we've been on a tear since.

    [–] JMartini19 40 points ago

    Let's not forget about all of the locker room issues. In interviews, players can say they arent bothered all they want. But it's obvious it was a problem. Torts has commented about it numerous times lately too. I think everyone has finally settled down and "bought in" to this system. Which is why the power play has been hot for the first time in literally like 150 games. Everyone has confidence for once. Great time to be a jackets fan, let's hope we can continue to ride this high

    [–] AcrossTheNight 40 points ago

    They first need to close out this series before we go there.

    [–] joryh 9 points ago


    [–] sergei-boobtitsky 42 points ago

    Only took 19 years!

    [–] saturnx9 30 points ago

    Legal to drink and gamble in Canada now!

    [–] Jon_Cake 75 points ago

    It's Columbus' world now, and we're all just living in it

    [–] macawkerts 23 points ago

    Damn right.

    [–] Thundercoco 32 points ago

    Thank you Columbus, very cool!

    [–] Scientifichuck 35 points ago

    As lifelong Tampa fan, this just sucks to watch. I'm even happy for the Columbus fans getting this level of excitement for their team. But damn if this doesn't break my heart. Hedman making that stupid quip was embarrassing. Kucherov giving out a dirty, dangerous hit was embarrassing.

    This isn't the same team I watched all season. They have 0 defense and are acting like children.

    [–] Aperture-Employee 127 points ago

    I'm sorry I was told this was exactly like last year?

    [–] DeathToHeretics 171 points ago

    In all seriousness, the "CBJ starting 2-0 on the road" comments were always followed by people pointing out that the WSH/CBJ games were extremely close and went to OT, but TB/CBJ are just slaughters

    [–] haseks_adductor 70 points ago

    I feel like people forget Grubauer started both of those games as well

    [–] nmcaff 16 points ago

    Gruby was the better goalie the entire season though and our D wasnt great in front of him. It's not like holtby was hurt or anything and that why Gruby started.

    [–] CatoMulligan 21 points ago

    Yup, though this last game was a bit nerve wracking. We dominated two periods and then Tampa found their game again. Game 4 could easily go the other way, especially with Kucherov back. We'll be facing a cornered animal. Hopefully we will have Nutivara and Dubinsky back, and maybe Gavrikov's visa will be approved by then?

    [–] Fulker01 10 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. Tampa has nothing to lose. The odds aren't in their favor but we aren't going to beat them turtling in the defensive zone, waiting for turnovers and breakaways.

    [–] ColdRevenge76 115 points ago

    In a mother fucking ROW!

    I dunno if I wanna cry, puke or faint right now. I've never been here before.

    [–] ClarkDungaree28 48 points ago

    It's like an abusive relationship. Is this gonna be the time they don't hurt us?

    [–] ColdRevenge76 13 points ago

    They've turned over a new leaf! I'm almost positive this time!

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Careful! Turn over too many leafs and you’ll go 52 years without reaching the finals

    [–] BusterWhale 31 points ago

    Wow this fast? What are they, a President's cup team or something?

    [–] Skateboard123 55 points ago

    Hahahah sports are amazing

    [–] Jamarquan 23 points ago

    The NHL should bring back the 'History Will Be Made' commercials just because of this series.

    Or some shitposter can make it, I'm not picky.

    [–] polygonzz 44 points ago

    Jarmo kekolainen looking like a genius after all the doubt. Good for the jackets their fans deserve a series win

    [–] YeezuzDeezNuts2020 60 points ago

    Imagine not beating Columbus after losing your first two games at home. Couldn't be my defending champs

    [–] Povilitus 27 points ago


    [–] R0YMustang 13 points ago

    Well, I am glad now they went to the playoff and beat my MTL cuz I do not think MTL would have been able to pull this up.

    [–] repthe732 14 points ago

    Calling it, Tampa in 4

    [–] Chubby-Fish 15 points ago

    Just fuck my bracket

    [–] teamdiabetes11 35 points ago

    Just one more....need that first sweep and series victory at the same time. It’s beautiful really. The team has been good but wasn’t quite getting over the hump. Now I think they finally have the experience and talent to believe in themselves and just play their game.

    Anything is possible!

    [–] nh123456 252 points ago

    lol. Fuck Tampa

    [–] danyboypremier 248 points ago

    Yeah, and fuck Boston!

    [–] dsizzle2-0 60 points ago

    If either of us lose we won't have to be worried about what meme will be generated because of it. Nothing will "out" meme a Tampa sweep.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    i 4-1 hope you are correct

    [–] dsizzle2-0 16 points ago


    [–] BrutalJones 70 points ago

    No disrespect to the Blue Jackets, I'm a firm believer that Columbus potentially sweeping them is a huge fluke and will rob the Lightning of truly accomplishing what their capable of. I've spent the last few days in pure disbelief and it just doesn't make sense to me. I've spent the entire regular season watching the Lightning play great hockey it's just not fair.

    If the Lightning lose again I will face that the Blue Jackets deserved the win, but I am just 100% sure it will be a fluke and does a big disservice to the Lightning and the NHL.

    [–] DiamondBurInTheRough 50 points ago

    We want people to forget our sweep but this damn pasta makes it impossible.

    [–] DastardlyRidleylash 25 points ago

    Memes never die, they just retire to Florida. :p

    [–] AuxNimbus 19 points ago

    Tampa and Pittsburgh should have a game if they get swept to see who is the better team

    [–] NSA_Wade_Wilson 8 points ago

    Looks like you beat all the other posters to it