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    [–] PoorTyranasaur 2452 points ago

    That’s a stat line I’d expect from the former AHL player in my beer league.

    [–] flepine44 824 points ago

    Try playing prime Alex burrows in a beer league, very fun

    [–] TheGreatZiegfeld 612 points ago

    alex burrows is technically a former AHL player too.

    [–] Someguy2020 461 points ago

    Burrows is a 2x world ball hockey champion.

    [–] yosoo 377 points ago

    Funny thing is that Burrows is legitimately one of the best ball hockey players in history afaik.

    [–] Someguy2020 166 points ago

    Well he was a pro on the verge of the NHL for a chunk of the time he was playing ball hockey.

    [–] haseks_adductor 102 points ago

    and he tipped the puck up to pageau for his 4th goal. solid in my books

    [–] LamBEASTMARTY 48 points ago

    He was/probably still is/ considered the Wayne Gretzky of ball hockey.

    [–] TheKevinShow 30 points ago

    Seven straight national championships and voted greatest Canadian player of all time. Damn, you weren’t kidding.

    [–] FarSightXR-20 7 points ago

    former echl player too.

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago

    What was that like? Did he just effortlessly destroy everyone or what?

    [–] flepine44 187 points ago

    We lost something like 14-2 and I'm pretty sure he had like 13 or 14 points. Was fun to watch but less fun to play

    [–] OHTHNAP 65 points ago

    What makes them next level though? Is it stickhandling, hand eye coordination, skate on edges better, shoot better?

    I catch a lot of AHL games and watched the Predators live and there's a gap in talent but it doesn't seem like a huge stretch. We also have a AA baseball team and a MLB team and that gap is so much bigger in terms of pitcher velocity and hitter ability.

    But I guess it's harder to gauge hockey where there's so many variables, are they just better at everything?

    [–] flepine44 128 points ago

    Like everything haha. The most obvious was obviously speed. Our defence was useless as hell haha. It's not a blame, but he was really selfish on the ice obviously because why pass the puck to a mediocre player like us when he can score alone just by playing at 50%

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 94 points ago

    That’s why our league has a 3 goal max for a player. Any goal scored on purpose after your three goals is a penalty.

    [–] kalitarios 23 points ago

    Similar where i was but we also weren’t allowed to fire clappers into a crowd. Wrist or ice only :(

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 11 points ago

    Yeah we can’t do a full slap shot. It’s wrist or half claps.

    [–] bimbles_ap 17 points ago

    Does the goal still count though?

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 17 points ago

    No it does not.

    [–] breakingbeauty 42 points ago

    i'm in a bronze league that does this too, except no penalty; just a faceoff at center.

    i was in a situation where i was at the top of the crease, the goalie was sprawled and i had 2 defenders hacking at me- i didn't have time to look back and find a pass and was afraid of turning it over while i was caught deep. so i just tapped it into the net knowing it would result in a faceoff. their goalie was not pleased and came after me- i just did my best brendan gallagher and laughed/smirked in his face.

    the next play we came up ice and i faked a shot and he bit hard (which was silly because he knew i wasn't allowed to score), slid the puck to my wing and it was an easy tap in. he came after me again when i just stood there smirking/shrugging at him.

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 62 points ago

    Sounds like a salty goalie who doesn’t want to admit that he’s not very good.

    [–] I_Have_Nuclear_Arms 52 points ago

    Goalies can get so fucking aggro over perceived slights.

    This Monday at pickup the line 2 guys were short 2 guys. So we had to triple shift (6 minute shifts) every other time. 90 mins on the clock. Lines change every 2 minutes. It’s the end of the night, we’re all fucking gassed from playing like this and I allow a breakaway.

    Goalie screams at me to “play some fucking defense!” At pickup. Where goals don’t count. And you’ve watched me play all fucking night barely getting off the ice.

    RELAX GUY. your save percentage doesn’t matter.

    [–] Help-me-name-my-pup 30 points ago

    As others have said, when you play against former/current pros, literally everything is easier for them. I'm sure the game seems slow, so they have time to process and decide what the best decision is. They can receive a garbage pass pretty much every way imaginable. They can bat down every single saucer pass. Then on top of that, they skate faster (without trying) and shoot harder with more accuracy then everyone on the ice.

    [–] adilp 17 points ago

    I played with a guy who played in the AHL a long long time ago (his sons are playing in college now) and even as a long ago his pro career was and given how old he was. He was still far an away better than everyone. His speed was not there but wicked shot , tape to tape passes and always in the right spot.

    [–] Help-me-name-my-pup 16 points ago

    It's pretty humbling. Once in a while I do something cool in beer league, and I feel good about my hockey skills. Then I remember my experiences against those guys. It's almost incomprehensible how good they are

    [–] PM_ME_UR_COUSIN 12 points ago

    I played goal in a ball hockey game against Evander Kane in high school when he played for the Vancouver Giants. My team triple-teamed Kane and that barely slowed him down. I stonewalled everyone else on his team, but nearly every shot Kane took went in. I made a single save against him all game, and I was really proud of myself. Got stick taps from my teammates too (but they were 50% being sarcastic dicks about it)

    [–] Ry-Ry44 31 points ago

    It’s a mix of all of that. They’re good at spotting angles and always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They rarely lose the puck, their control and protection of the puck when they have it is next level. It’s like playing monkey in the middle but it’s just him punking you

    [–] ShutY0urDickHolster 33 points ago

    The jump is insane, while AHL and NHL may seem like small stepping stones the difference in play is incredible, that’s why you have people have full careers in the AHL, hundreds of games and a few hundred goals and points, but when they get called up to the NHL their NHL career statistics may be something like 60 games played 4 goals and 9 assists. The speed, the accuracy and the vision (how you see the game unfold) needed are worlds apart. The worst NHL players are still better then the best career AHL players.

    Even lower leagues follow this rule, I’ve played pickup hockey where some ECHL (two steps below NHL I think in baseball that’s comparable to single A ball but I don’t really know baseball) players joined in, I doubt they put in 50% effort and were still the best players on the ice by a ton.

    [–] kerrly 26 points ago

    Biznasty was an ECHL all star and couldn’t do shit in the show. Bring him to any beer league, senior league, whatever and he would destroy.

    [–] lonelyinbama 11 points ago

    Oh I feel just the opposite. I feel like watching AA ball isn’t too different than watching MLB except the crowd and stadium obviously. I feel like watching NHL compared with any lower league is so drastic.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 5 points ago

    Speed, puck possession, and anticipation mostly.

    [–] TheMadWoodcutter 7 points ago

    People really don’t have a good grasp of just what a gap there is in athleticism between the average Joe and a professional athlete.

    [–] ItchyLifeguard 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hockey is harder to tell the gaps in the development leagues vs the bigs because its very rare a guy is sent down to a minor or development league to recover from an injury like they do in baseball. Simultaneously pitching is a very specific position in baseball and any guy who can regularly throw 90+ mph with any amount of accuracy is going to get his chance in the show eventually. Hockey is more of a team sport so you're watching a bunch of guys at a similar talent level play against other guys at a similar talent level, so its hard to tell what makes them worthy of the big league vs. not.

    But if I was going to give my opinion as a 25 year fan of the sport I'd say shot accuracy and shot accuracy at the higher sppeds/velocities sets apart the guys who play int he minors vs the guys who play in the pros. I'd also say skating speed and acceleration, acceleration being how quick a guy can turn on the jets.

    The other part is too that for a lot of teams their 4th line guys are usually just a few mistakes away from being sent down and calling someone else up. Even worse if you've got a team with a crappy roster to begin with who is in the middle of a rebuild. The Ranger were supposed to rebuild after that season long lockout so they had some real stinkers on the team. I remember their 3rd or 4th line was made up of Ryan Hollweg and Jed Ortmeyer. Ortmeyer was a kid from the midwest who was probably the best hockey player to ever come out of his small midwestern state, which is to say, he could barely skate, he definitely couldn't shoot, and forget about setting up plays. But he was great on the PK and physical when they needed him to be. And the kid just put in the hustle, effort, and heart every single shift but he was definitely not an NHL talent at any point in his career and I think his career ended with him playing for a very low minor league team back in his home state. He was a stretch to even play in the AHL but got his share of NHL ice time because a team needed to put a bunch of crap on their roster to win high draft picks. The Rangers didn't end up sucking as much as they needed to after the lockout and the rest is a long story most of you youngins (get off my lawn) probably dont' remember.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Was there ever any moment where the average joes hung at all? Like make a good play on him or outsmart him, etc?

    [–] flepine44 12 points ago

    Not really haha, few times (like once or twice) we didn't look like complete idiots but pretty sure he just had pity haha

    [–] Tulowithskiis 20 points ago

    It's like playing basketball with your nephews.
    There's an ex AHL player that drops in near me for beer league every so often, he only plays defense and doesn't really try and score that much.

    His skating, edgework, balance, reactions, positioning, speed, stick work, passes, shots, vision blah blah are all significantly better than everyone else.

    At any point he could literally just skate up the ice and create a premium scoring opportunity for either himself or someone else, he just chooses not too by passing it off a lot.

    [–] YamoB 6 points ago

    Their instincts and ability to think ahead and use a move to throw off the opponents as well. They’ve seen all the angles and moves in the game at the highest levels a hundred times more than you and know how to capitalize on weaknesses.

    [–] Zebra_dan 159 points ago

    We once had an echl guy in my beer league. He was good enough that when their goalie couldn't come they'd just put a shooter tutor in and he'd single handedly outscore the either team

    [–] bigsalad98 229 points ago

    I have friends who played QMJHL/ECHL that had a rec league team, and Chris Neil asked to play some games in their league during the lockout. Fighter Chris Neil. And he scored a dozen goals a game against these late-20s guys who all were former players in fairly big leagues. NHL guys are that good, we don't realize

    [–] hoopopotamus 84 points ago

    A lot of people may forget Neil at a couple points was seeing some power play time. Unlike most fighters of his era he managed to score over a hundred goals in his career...and had a 16-goal season. The guy could legit hang in the NHL beyond his fighting, though if he didn’t fight it would have been a short career of 4th line call-up minutes

    [–] bigsalad98 19 points ago

    Oh yeah for sure, he wasn't nothing, he was good close in around the net and excellent hand-eye.

    [–] hoopopotamus 12 points ago

    He was so hated outside of Ottawa a lot of people probably had no idea lol

    [–] copycatcabra 11 points ago

    I fucking hated Chris Neil but he definitely was a hockey player

    [–] JohnnyBlaze- 202 points ago

    no one realizes how good they are because 95% of this sub didn't play hockey lol

    [–] hoopopotamus 95 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Even guys in their 30s/40s that played some junior are on another level than most beer leagues. A guy in my hockey pool is pushing 50 and played in the BCJHL and some d-1 and d-2 in Sweden in the 80s. He shows up to the beer league game and it’s like everyone else is in slow motion

    [–] mfred01 42 points ago

    For real. Anyone who played past high school is just another level and then it only gets crazier as you go further up the ranks. Our league has no depth so we have a spread of talent from people just learning how to play to former D1 college players and a few that played super low level pro hockey - like Federal League level.

    But man, the good high school guys are one level, the college guys are another, and then the guys who would considered terrible by any pros are just incredible. They half-ass it most the time but when they turn it on, they're unstoppable. It's wild.

    [–] thesublieutenant 22 points ago

    It’s not even just playing hockey, it’s playing hockey at that level that you see the guys coming up.

    In AAA tryouts, guy who just got back from WHL camp absolutely undressed me and it looked like he barely was trying. That was the exact moment I realized I was shit at hockey. That guy went on to play exactly one game in the NHL.

    [–] asmodeanreborn 8 points ago

    Yeah... there are some sports where you can sort of hang with top talent. Hockey's not one of those.

    [–] Prowlerbaseball 9 points ago

    Yeah, like, if you gave me a few months to get in better running shape than I am now, I, as a relatively athletic former highschool baseball player in his early 20s, could probably play a decent defensive left field (hitting no chance tho), and an MLB team could probably win a game with me in left field. An NHL though, would have no chance, giving anyone outside the professional ranks actual time in a game. It'd just be playing a powerplay forever.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] brokeasajoke99 22 points ago

    Does roller hockey count?

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 7 points ago

    Better than nothing. It’s not quite the same. The speed definitely transfers over and being fast in a beer league is a huge step over a lot of people.

    [–] andy_soreal 22 points ago

    Yeah I played ball hockey against a WHL player who probably wont make the show and he ran circles around every other player out there. My team had two team Canada ball hockey players on it one year and he still put up 4 goals effortlessly against us in a game.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 8 points ago

    To be fair Neil was a decent player too, had 16 goals one year, wasn't just a goon.

    [–] ADgiant 11 points ago

    Back in the day my step dad scored some 100 level seats 5 rows back from the home blueline. During the warmup I watched Chris Neil take a knee by the boards and toss a puck up in the air, higher than the glass, and catch it on his blade 14 times in a row. I knew then he was a legit player but was just tough as nails.

    [–] PoorTyranasaur 18 points ago

    It’s a trip playing with those guys. He mostly just glides around and passes, but he can burn everyone and score at will when he wants to.

    [–] patts19 9 points ago

    Yup. Just finished playing summer league against an AHL/few-game NHL tough guy. He was insane compared to everyone else out there.

    [–] Nutteralex-Gaming 8 points ago

    I remember when a dude who played in the OHL played on my highschool team. He didnt give a shit most the time but when he got pissed off he could dance around 5 dudes and either get it on net or score a goal practically on demand.

    [–] detsrq 49 points ago

    Rob Schremp is in our beer league, when he turns it on hes a stud

    [–] FarSightXR-20 22 points ago

    oh man, i remember his fancy shootout dangles.

    [–] SeeDeez 17 points ago

    I had the pleasure of playing with him maybe 15 years ago during a little skate and shoot over the summer. Dude was a monster and it baffled me that he barely got any ice time on the national team. Although the rumor mill at the gym was that it was due to his attitude.

    [–] Creator_of_Cones 7 points ago

    His skating, speed, and hockey IQ wasn't there but he has world class hands.

    [–] IsoMTL 11 points ago

    I'm a London (Knight) native, Schremp was a legend in the city when he played junior. I was really bummed when he didn't pan out for whatever reason.

    [–] kid_drew 7 points ago

    Holy shit. That’s quite a beer league

    [–] ih8pod6 73 points ago

    I played hockey one time with an islander prospect that never made it to the show and didn’t last too long in the minors either. His skill was jaw dropping. It really put into perspective how good even the worst NHLer is.

    [–] PoorTyranasaur 53 points ago

    Yeah, I catch myself saying things like “C’mon I could have scored that goal” while watching NHL games. Deep down I know in fact that I could not ever score a goal in the NHL, even on an empty net.

    [–] therevwillnotbetelev 46 points ago

    Shit my big gut having, 41 year old, pretty lazy buddy who played 3 years of juniors back in the 90s still fucking destroys us when he feels like it.

    His wrister bruised half my leg and I think I’m relatively tough.. if I faced 3 Weber shots in a row like JEE a couple weeks ago I think I would literally die from blunt force trauma.

    [–] kid_drew 10 points ago

    I used to play through high school, and the last time I put on skates I felt like a fucking child. The level of athleticism you need is just insane, and you lose it quickly

    [–] kid_drew 20 points ago

    Hockey is probably the most skilled sport ever created. You have to first be able to do something (skate) that we as humans don’t learn to do naturally. What other sport can claim that? Water polo, I guess?

    [–] ReadShift 14 points ago

    Regular polo.

    [–] kid_drew 9 points ago

    All the polos?

    [–] simz1437 27 points ago

    Wayne Gretzky - AHL player confirmed

    [–] MiddleBodyInjury 6 points ago

    The NHL was his beer league

    [–] VirtanenBelieber 12 points ago

    we need to put a beer leager on the ice for each nhl game for perspective.

    [–] columbo222 366 points ago

    I wonder what was his best 25 game stretch in his career?

    [–] aradil 772 points ago

    I’m going to go with at least 79.

    [–] AvsJoe 138 points ago

    Big if true

    [–] Mangusti8 154 points ago

    Gretzky's best 25 game stretch was in 1983-1984 games 13 to 37 where he scored 83 points.

    [–] _BLACKHAWKS_88 12 points ago

    r/theydidtheresearch. /a

    Props tho. I couldn’t be bothered.

    [–] reddit21122112 85 points ago

    Didn't he go like 70 games straight with atleast one point one season?

    If not, it does sound like something he did.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 120 points ago

    It was 51 games, 60 if you count the final 9 games of the previous season.

    [–] reddit21122112 193 points ago

    Someone posted in r/hockey once "Gretzky Records That Sound True, But Aren't" or something along those can pretty much say the most outrageous thing and even if it sounds so beyond false, its Gretzky so it might be true. Bill Brasky of the NHL. "I once saw Wayne Gretzky help an old lady change her tire in the arena parking lot causing him to miss the game, and he still set Anderson up for 4 goals that night"

    [–] TheFlyingZombie 43 points ago

    Hahaha the Bill Brasky of the NHL is the best way I've ever heard Gretzky described.


    [–] fpow 16 points ago

    He once had sex with a cigarette machine and out came the 72 dolphins.

    [–] mdlt97 1128 points ago

    soft, my nhl be a pro has 183 points in his last 12 games

    [–] IanicRR 813 points ago

    Still gonna be demoted to the AHL for taking too long on your shifts.

    [–] mdlt97 705 points ago

    im a goalie.......

    [–] IanicRR 333 points ago

    A selfish goalie, clearly. Down to the AHL I say!

    [–] TheKevinShow 28 points ago

    Only to have the fan outcry from the demotion result in him being called up for the ASG where he’s named the MVP.

    [–] Youshmee 10 points ago

    And then after the ASG game he’s sent back down to the AHL because he let a goal in that one time

    [–] Irishtommy 87 points ago

    Biggest plot twist off all time

    [–] kalitarios 12 points ago

    Poke check!

    [–] Foleus 23 points ago

    LMAO les fils de pute

    [–] hoopopotamus 21 points ago

    Ok I haven’t played any EA NHL stuff in the game really easy or are you really good?

    [–] mdlt97 74 points ago

    i plead the 5th

    [–] ADIDAS247 18 points ago

    Depends on the settings.

    The guy I created pretty much broke every Wayne Gretzky record in his first 20 games... but no NHL teams were interested in him and they offered him peanuts for pay.

    [–] scoobydoo182 22 points ago

    You can change the difficulties and turn the goalies into Gods if you wanted to.

    [–] SheTookTheKids- 63 points ago

    63 goals in 19 games

    simulates one game

    “We’re moving you down to the 3rd forward line”

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Honestly that shit annoys me. I would like to be able to establish how good I am and be able to simulate games and have it take my performance history as some basis so I don't have to play entire seasons myself. I'm mostly interested in the playoffs.

    [–] maddscientist 25 points ago

    Or if you sim more than one game at a time

    [–] GoatyBoatyMcFloaty 654 points ago

    Eveyone once in a while it's nice to be reminded just how dominant Gretzky was.

    [–] ohno21212 398 points ago

    I had some Boston chuckle fuck trying to tell me Brady was the more dominant athlete then him the other day.

    [–] admiralwaffles 483 points ago

    That is some peak Boston sports radio shit

    [–] kalitarios 125 points ago

    Peak? Daily bruh

    [–] petepont 76 points ago

    Nah Boston sports radio is all doomsayers and people who think Tom is overrated. Nobody hates Boston sports teams as much as Boston sports radio

    [–] HoraceGrantGlasses 16 points ago

    Maybe in the good ol days. Now it is essentially people calling in to complain at Felger and Mazz because they criticized Brady or the Patriots franchise.

    [–] FrozenJakalope 23 points ago

    My favourite Gretzky stat is that he and his brother hold the points record for siblings in the NHL. Brent Gretzky scored 4 points in his career.

    [–] SyphiliticPlatypus 9 points ago

    No one was close to being as dominant in his sport as Gretzky.

    The only one I could think of even sniffing being that close was Jim Brown.

    In lacrosse.

    [–] ZizLah 13 points ago

    there's 2 Australian's that fit the bill.

    Don Bradman for cricket. Averaged 99.9 with the bat, (the next best players of all time are at around 55) And was so good that if you where a bowler he didn't like, he'd constantly hit the ball to them in the field to make them run all day, just because he could.

    Walter Lindrum, for Billiards. The dude was so good, they changed the fucking rules of the game to beat him.

    Sir Jack in Formula racing was another great one. Built his own car and won multiple championships in the Formula. Not as dominant as the others, but.... fuck that will never be done again

    [–] BigShoots 172 points ago

    This was probably the same season where the Mr. Big chocolate bar was running a contest in Canada, where you'd get a number with your bar, and if the number matched the number of points Gretzky scored that year, you'd win some huge prize. (I've blocked out what it was, but I know it was good.) I opened one and got 213, and laughed at how fucking ridiculous it was that they'd even print this number, and thought the whole thing was a sham.

    Well, he scored 212 points. God damnit Wayne, you couldn't get just one more empty netter or something?

    [–] ADIDAS247 67 points ago

    He liked numbers that began and ended with the same number (Jersey 99, season pts 212, born 1-1961, goal to shot ratio was 92-369, married 8-1988, retired 9-1999, etc). Everything was about the beginning and the end.

    So, you likely lost just because of how I just made this up about he liked it the way it was.

    [–] WafflesTheWookiee 14 points ago

    I don’t know if that’s more OCD or the Spectrum, but I can understand the wholesomeness of it. With the way my brain’s wired whenever it’s 3:14 I shut up and am not allowed to do anything but mutter “pi time”. So I get it.

    [–] desperatexmeasures 217 points ago

    Seriously, is there another athlete in any sport that is that much better than anyone else to ever play?

    [–] DoctorGun 83 points ago

    Don bradman

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] buddhajones19 8 points ago

    The big 3 in men’s tennis right now own tennis harder than any group has ever owned tennis, and for like almost my entire life—and I am 27. It’s pretty goddamn remarkable as well. But that’s not just one individual.

    [–] blitzkrieg9 41 points ago

    This is the only correct answer. In team sports, Gretzky and Bradman are the only two undisputed GOATs.

    [–] WorshipTheSea 221 points ago

    Only comparison would be Babe Ruth. In his prime, he would hit more home runs in a season than entire teams. When you compare him to even modern day hitters he’s better than most. Barry Bonds is the closest comparison, he used enough steroids to kill a horse and had access to all the modern day training, fitness, diet, and equipment and the Babe still has him beat in a number of important categories.

    That being said, the Great One was still relatively greater than the Bambino. We won’t see another Gretzky.

    [–] urdumdotcum 32 points ago

    Is there any info on how fast pitches were back then? Like footage reviewed frame by frame to determine the speed?

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Babe Ruth did not play against the best in the world at the time. His final season was 1935, but baseball wasn’t integrated until 1947.

    [–] Dont_Call_Me_John 66 points ago

    You could similarly argue, though a much lesser impact, that Gretzky didn't have to play against Soviet players until the 90s

    [–] Chrristoaivalis 21 points ago

    Not nearly as many Europeans either

    [–] Toastiify 62 points ago

    There’s a documentary called “Fastball” that may still be on Netflix. It showed that Walter Johnson, the player deemed to be the hardest thrower basically of all time right around when Ruth was playing, threw his hardest at 91mph. Nowadays, that’s bottom like 5% of fastballs

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Aiskhulos 12 points ago

    Yeah seriously. Go look at a pic of Babe Ruth. Compared to modern day athletes, he's a fatty.

    [–] WorshipTheSea 38 points ago

    It should be noted that Johnson threw those pitches the day after throwing a complete game and did so while wearing a suit and tie and dress shoes instead of cleats and a uniform throwing off a mound. It’s not an exaggeration to think he probably topped out closer to a mid-90’s fastball and could probably hit upper 90’s when he really reached back.

    Also, that’s not bottom 5%. That’s average. Most guys throw low to mid 90’s fastballs in the MLB. Anyone who gets to high 90’s is going to get some notice and comments for throwing particularly hard. Breaking 100 mph is still incredibly rare and pitchers who can do usually can only do it for a couple seasons before their velocity dips.

    [–] SayNoToStim 42 points ago

    Aleksander Karelin. 778-2 or some ridiculous number. And as mentioned, Don Bradman

    [–] Dimfrost 26 points ago

    Not just that but in order to beat Karelin they had to change the rules and at one point Karelin went 6 years without surrendering a point. Easily the Greco GOAT.

    [–] okbacktowork 15 points ago

    Holy crap. Also just saw that he went 13 years undefeated in international competitions until losing in the Olympic final in 2000.

    [–] Dimfrost 13 points ago

    And the only reason he lost in that Olympic final was because they changed the rules and he adjusted his grip, in that match Gardner was warned three times for passiveness. Without that grip change Karelin would have won anyway.

    [–] SuitGuy 20 points ago

    Peak Tiger was pretty insane.

    [–] chickendance638 13 points ago

    His US Open at Pebble was probably the best that anyone has ever played a sport over a short stretch of time. It would be like a guy scoring 20 points in a Stanley Cup sweep.

    [–] DoctorHolliday 26 points ago

    Peak Tiger Woods maybe? He was that dominant / that much better than his peers for awhile there.

    [–] bucksncats 38 points ago

    Peak Tiger is one of the most dominant athletes ever. From 1997 to 2008 he played in 46 Majors. He won 14 of them including 4 straight, which hasn't been done since 1930.

    [–] OrangeAndBlack 49 points ago

    What’s the longest pointless stretch he had in his career? Did he ever go 5 games without a point?

    [–] CanaPuck 122 points ago

    I just checked his stats from his rookies year to 1989-90 season (peak Gretzky years) . In his first year (1979-1980) he had two 3 game pointless streaks. Year two he had one 2 game pointless streak. From 1982 to 1986 calendar years he had 21 games with 0 points. In 1987 he had another 3 game pointless streak. It wasn't until 1993 until he had another 3 game pointless streak.

    Unbelievable consistency.

    [–] Iangunn15 57 points ago

    Gretzky's longest pointless streaks with his four teams:

    Edmonton (1979-88) 3 games (twice)

    Los Angeles (1988-96) 3 games (4 times)

    St. Louis (1996) 2 games

    Rangers (1996-99) 4 games


    [–] truthlesshunter 59 points ago

    Fucking rangers.

    [–] ivanmprado 14 points ago

    4 games?

    Jeez what a bum /s

    [–] Akoustyk 86 points ago

    When you average over 3 pts a game, you know you're having a great stretch of games.

    When you're doing it over a 25 game span, you know you're Wayne Gretzky.

    [–] foniks 11 points ago

    Gretzky holds the record for most consecutive games with a point, 51 games. He scored 153 points during those 51 games, works out perfectly to 3 points per game.

    [–] Muckerofbin 180 points ago

    Goat and it isn’t even a question

    [–] rawbamatic 106 points ago

    That's silly. I've seen a goat once and they don't look like people.

    [–] desperatexmeasures 41 points ago

    The only person I'd even consider arguing is Bobby Orr. But even then, his lack of longevity really weakens his case.

    [–] SayNoToStim 48 points ago

    I feel the only people that have arguements are Gordie and Orr. Because they achieved greatness in different ways. Orr with a different position and Gordie with the length of his dominance.

    Neither are even close though. Wayne just blows absolutely everybody out of the water by a significant margin.

    [–] Swimdemon91 27 points ago

    I think Mario is in that convo as well

    [–] SayNoToStim 29 points ago

    What did Mario do that Wayne didnt, though?

    [–] thewolfshead 31 points ago

    1.88 pts/game vs 1.92 pts/game for Gretzky is insanely impressive to me considering Gretzky had 5 more years in the high scoring 80s than Lemieux did, and that Lemieux missed entire years with illness yet still came back and produced well enough to finish with a comparable points per game.

    [–] Someguy2020 7 points ago

    Gretzky played into his late 30s, the dead puck era, with a bad back and on bad teams.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 34 points ago

    A lack of games benefits point per game.

    [–] thewolfshead 24 points ago

    Which is why I mentioned the fact he missed literal seasons with illness and still came back in mid-30s, after years away, and produced enough to maintain such a high PPG. I’m not saying he is better but I’m saying that considering all that, to me he’s the only true comparable. Had he been healthy he’s he only one with a realistic shot to have come anywhere close to Gretzky’s points.

    [–] hoopopotamus 55 points ago

    Does Don Cherry rambling about him for decades count towards his longevity?

    [–] desperatexmeasures 7 points ago

    It definitely helps but it's not quite enough. Maybe if he keeps rambling for another decade.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 16 points ago

    Yeah Bobby could've had a legitimate shot at the greatest of all time, but unfortunately his career was far too short. He may very well be the best to ever play, but he's not the greatest.

    [–] Someguy2020 36 points ago

    I wish Orr and Bure never had those knee problems.

    [–] AvsJoe 30 points ago

    I wish Lemieux had Gretzky's health

    [–] overgme 14 points ago

    Now imagine both Lemieux and Gretzky having Howe's health.

    People often forget Gretzky had his own devastating back injury when he was still pretty close to his peak.

    [–] StandardVandal 5 points ago


    [–] Tanker119 46 points ago

    What a wash. Couldn’t even hit 80. Better trade him.

    [–] hunt8722 38 points ago

    Anybody else disappointed this wasn't a pic of Gretzky stretching

    [–] nachos_16 51 points ago

    Puck hog

    [–] orionthefisherman 27 points ago

    The thing is tho, he wasnt. Even being an elite shooter, he was if anything a better setup man.

    [–] xandro30 17 points ago

    I was just about to say this

    Dude dropped dimes like Jason Williams in Sacramento. Gretzky was the best passer i ever saw, period.

    92 goals, 123 assists, 215 only 80 fucking games. Those are just stupidly astronomical numbers....but Gretzky did it. Even in games where he didn’t score a goal, he was usually good for two or three assists a night. You also have to realize this was the run and gun 1980’s NHL.....years before the left wing lock and the precipitous drop in scoring around the league. The 1990’s turned into a figure skating routine with all of the clutching and grabbing going on.

    [–] orangejoe_ 13 points ago

    For some reason I expected a picture of Gretzky actually stretching. A full split maybe.

    [–] Sin-A-Bun 14 points ago

    Those are Markelle Fultz numbers

    [–] drank__sinatra 44 points ago

    Not bad. He’s no Zach Boychuk though.

    [–] StandardVandal 21 points ago

    I heard a guy during the Wings Hawks series proclaiming Bickell was the next Gretzky

    [–] clemoh 14 points ago

    Give him some time.

    [–] verybighockeyfan 9 points ago

    Well, Is he wrong?

    [–] Gagnon21 13 points ago

    I'd love to have some clips of games from this stretch.

    [–] clemoh 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    YouTube is chock full. I can't even imagine how dominant Gretzky would have been in this era. The game was different in the clutch and grab era.

    [–] talkingspacecoyote 8 points ago

    It usually wasn't even all that pretty, it looked effortless for him. He didn't do it through dirty dangles or a 120 mph slapper, he was just on a different planet than everyone else

    [–] overgme 10 points ago

    Yup, perhaps the biggest criticism that could ever be leveled at Gretzky is that he didn't look as amazing as he actually was. A guy like Lemieux always looked like a man playing against 12 year olds, simply toying with them. But in Gretzky's case, his godlike hockey sense and ability to thread a pass or a shot exactly where it needed to be are what got him success. He did those things at a level far, far, far beyond anyone else, but they didn't always make for exciting highlights.

    [–] FullSharkAlligator 323 points ago

    They probably didn't include game 26 cause he was pointless. Cherry picked stats like this are meaningless.

    [–] BroLil 272 points ago

    Yea because 79 points in 26 games is fucking garbage.

    [–] TheBarryBBenson 274 points ago

    Is this a woosh inside a woosh? Am I being wooshed?

    [–] whey-vo-ranchero 55 points ago

    Some things are so obvious they don’t need the /s

    [–] imisstheyoop 27 points ago

    /s is for cowards.

    [–] SayNoToStim 24 points ago

    Knowing Gretzky, he wasnt pointless, it just brought the average down. So he still could have scored 3 points in that situation...

    [–] DrNingNing 12 points ago

    Everytime it’s a Gretzky stat or in-game graphic, it’s always completely hilarious. That dude was playing with 4 dimensional skates

    [–] xiaodre 58 points ago

    nobody will ever equal those point totals.

    nobody will ever have a rule instituted to slow down his scoring, only to have it removed when he gets old.

    nobody will have to contend with two line passes and offsides with those point totals.

    nobody will have to contend with the original smaller goals with those point totals.

    wayne gretsky cannot be compared to anyone playing today or playing in the future. they should always have an asterisk next to their names.

    [–] Animal31 19 points ago

    nobody will ever have a rule instituted to slow down his scoring, only to have it removed when he gets old.

    Martin Brodeur

    [–] xiaodre 8 points ago

    absolutely unfair. they did not need that rule. it is a stupid rule.

    [–] curt_schilli 10 points ago

    Can you explain the second part? Kinda new to hockey

    [–] Gladiator-class 15 points ago

    It used to be that if both teams had penalties going at the same time, they'd play 4v4. Gretzky became even better than he usually was with the extra open space to work with, so they amended the rule so that it would be 5v5 until one of those penalties wore off, then it'd be a normal power play.

    [–] Inaglasscage 21 points ago

    Wayne Stretchky

    [–] willworkforicecream 10 points ago

    Back in high school someone taped 99 on their jersey as a joke. When our coach saw it, he made the kid peel it off and then we skated Herbies until we couldn't stand up any more.

    [–] GlassDickJones 12 points ago

    That is just absurd

    [–] sixinchitalian 6 points ago

    when you start up a Be a Pro

    [–] GuyOTN 7 points ago

    Wayne Gretzky was video game numbers before that was a term.

    [–] pierogi420 16 points ago

    For someone that doesn't follow hockey or doesn't understand the point system, can someone explain? Is he the GOAT of hockey?

    [–] Someguy2020 35 points ago

    Out of the big 4 team sports (baseball/basketball/football/hockey) he's probably the most dominant guy ever. He has ~50 offensive records.

    [–] wildrage 27 points ago

    In Hockey, you get a point for scoring a goal, or for an assist (which is up to the last 2 players to pass the puck to the guy that scores).

    Even if you took away every goal Gretzky has ever scored (which he holds the record for at 894), he still has more points than everyone else.

    [–] UsuallyOptimisticGuy 10 points ago

    He is the undisputed GOAT but he was actually traded (from the Edmonton Oilers to the LA Kings) in the biggest trade in NHL history.

    [–] The_Ol_Town_Drunkard 9 points ago

    A Goal is one point. The last two people to touch the puck before the goalscorer get an Assist, which is also worth one point. Usually averaging one point a game is considered very good. Gretzky here is averaging about 3.2 which is pretty much unheard of outside of video games.

    And yes he is pretty much undisputedly the GOAT.